Star of the show - 6 frames - Irina Medvedeva gave birth to their first child in - Paris


Name: Irina Medvedeva

Middle name: Alexandrovna

Birthday: August 14 1982 (37 years old)

Place of Birth: Bobruisk, Belorussian SSR

Height: 169 cm

Weight: 51 kg

Eastern horoscope: Dog

Career: Russian actors 238 place

Photo: Irina Medvedeva

The childhood of Irina Medvedeva

Irina Medvedeva grew up in the Belarusian city of Bobruisk. From childhood, the girl was distinguished by artistry and amazing activity. She attended dance, music, pop and classical vocals. She simply did not have free time - they always and with pleasure did something.

The same energetic future actress showed herself at school. Even then, she played in theatrical productions, diligently attended music school, and in high school she could not decide who she wanted to be - an actress or a singer.

Irina Medvedeva - TV star

After the premiere of "6 frames" Irina increasingly began to offer interesting roles in the movie. For example, she successfully starred in the action movie “The Agony of Fear” (2007), and viewers also positively evaluated her characters in the films “New Year’s Marriage”, “Mistakes of Love”, “Big Rzhaka!”, Which were released in 2012 - the actress showed herself in favorite comedic role.

At the very end of 2013, Medvedev performed with the skater Povilas Vanagas in the fourth season of the television show "Ice Age". A little later, the girl was noted in the talk show "On the most important thing", where Sergey Agapkin became her partner.

Personal life of Irina Medvedeva

Alas, the couple lived in marriage for only two years and broke up. The reason for the break was the rapidly growing popularity of the talented actress: the couple often quarreled, her husband became jealous of Irina, which led to the sad end of the relationship.

Nevertheless, according to Irina, they dispersed in a civilized manner, without offense and mutual insults. In an interview, Medvedev said: “If you feel that together you can’t be happy, it’s better not to torture each other. You will be unhappy, the other person will be unhappy, will swear, quarrel, everything will come to very poor results. ”

Irina Medvedeva today

Also in 2015, the actress worked on the dramatic film "Little People" by Oleg Asadulin. This film was supposed to make viewers take a different look at their lives and seriously think about many things.

In 2016, Irina Medvedeva devoted much time to theatrical productions. So, she shone on the stage of the 3D musical “Pola Negri”, playing the main role - the Hollywood sex symbol of silent films. The production could be seen in three cities of Russia: St. Petersburg, Moscow and Sochi.


Irina Aleksandrovna Medvedeva, a Belarusian actress, singer and TV presenter, is best known as a participant in the popular sketch show “6 frames” and starring in the comedies “Big Rzhaka!” And “Husband of a happy woman”.

Ira was born in Bobruisk, where she grew up and graduated from high school. Since childhood, she studied in a huge number of circles - athletics, dance, music, classical and pop vocals. In general, the child did not have free time. In high school, Medvedev began to play in amateur performances and by the end of school was torn between the desire to become an actress and the dream of a vocalist career.

Actress Irina Medvedeva

When Irina arrived in Minsk to apply to the Belarusian State Academy of Arts, she saw that an incredibly large passing score had been announced at the vocal and pop department. Frightened that it would not work, the girl decided to enter the theater faculty and only after the first exam she learned that the competition in this area was even higher. Nevertheless, Medvedeva succeeded on the first attempt to become a student at the Academy, where Irina received her specialty “Drama Theater and Cinema Actress”.

After high school, Irina falls into the troupe of the newly created theater of the Belarusian Army. But a year later, realizing that in Minsk there are practically no prospects, the actress leaves for Moscow. Medvedev began to collaborate with the theater agency "Good evening", thanks to which she began to perform in entreprise performances in various theaters in the capital. For example, Medvedev could be seen in the play “The Eldest Son” and in the 3D musical “Pola Negri”.


Almost immediately after entering the theater university, Irina Medvedeva began working with television. First, the girl starred in the video for the song “Yes!” By disco-singer Sergei Minaev, and then began to host the Velcom SMS TOP10 show program on the First Music Channel.

Irina Medvedeva in the sketch show "6 frames"

In the spring of 2004, the girl participated in the reality show "Faculty of Humor" on the Ren-TV channel, reached the finals, where she was ahead of other competitors. It was on this project that Irina met people who soon invited the actress to the new comedy show “Expensive Transfer”. But on Ren-TV, this project did not last long, and soon Medvedev, together with actors Fedor Dobronravov, Sergey Dorogov, Eduard Radzyukevich, Andrei Kaykov and Galina Danilova, transferred to STS and continued joint work in the comedy sketch show “6 frames”.

Each issue was a series of short videos in which the actors transformed into completely different characters. This program has become incredibly popular, first of all, because of absolutely vulgar humor, which is very rare for modern show business.

“6 frames” lasted almost 10 years, but in 2014, after the release of the 8th season, the shooting of the show stopped. The TV show positively influenced the actress’s creative biography: Irina Medvedeva gained all-Russian popularity, which made her in demand in big films.

At the end of 2013, Irina Medvedeva, together with professional skater Povilas Vanagas, performed in the 4th season of the rating television show “Ice Age”, and later, along with Sergey Agapkin, hosted the talk show “On the most important thing”.


In the feature film, Irina Medvedeva made her debut in 1999, playing the Komsomol member in the comedy series "Accelerated Assistance." Then there were many small roles in the films “Team”, “Men Do Not Cry”, “Cadetism”.

Irina Medvedeva in the movie "The Agony of Fear"

In the 2006 film “Infidelity” about the affair of a general with a young Moldavian, Irina Medvedeva turned into a minor character - an employee of the laboratory. The main cast of the film includes Russian cinema stars Alexei Guskov, Sergey Makovetsky, Irina Rozanova, Julia Rutberg.

Irina Medvedeva in 2007 received a role in the detective thriller "Agony of Fear." The partner on the working platform of the Belarusian actress was Igor Vernik, the lead actor. According to the script, the actors had an upright scene in which the actress appeared naked to the waist. In the same year, Irina appeared in the popular series “Trace”, which was broadcast on the “First Channel”.

In 2008, Medvedev tried on a gypsy costume, presenting herself in a colorful image in the comedy "New Year's Tariff" about miracles and new meetings that happen on the eve of a winter holiday. The film with the participation of Valeria Lanskoy and Maxim Matveyev in the lead roles brought the creators $ 3.8 million. A year later, the actress played Edika's unfaithful wife in the detective story “Capercaillie. "New again!".

Irina Medvedeva in the film “Still, I Love. "

More serious work awaited the actress in the melodrama “And Still, I Love. "And the comedy" Guy from Mars. " In 2011, with the participation of the actress, the family comedy “Swallow's Nest” was released.

And in 2012, when the popularity of the “6 shots” television project exceeded all records, Irina Medvedeva began to receive one proposal after another.

In the same year, Irina got into the main cast of the stunt comedy "Big Rzhaka", where also the popular comedians Sergey Pisarenko, Evgeny Nikishin, Sergey Dorogov, Alexander Semchev also appeared. In the film, it was about two provincial TV presenters who decided to raise the ratings of the local TV channel due to a report on the search for Kolchak's gold.

Irina Medvedeva in the movie "The Jungle"

The pictures “New Year’s marriage”, “Jungle” were light and cheerful, uplifted the viewer, and the actress remained in her favorite comedic role. In the lyrical comedy “I Will Give Kittens to Good Hands”, Irina reincarnated as the main heroine Ira, in the melodrama “Mistakes of Love” - in the character Zinaida. In 2013, with the participation of the actress on the Domashny television channel, the melodrama Luck for Rent was launched, where the girl appeared in front of the audience as Christina.

In recent projects, Irina decided to try herself in a more serious genre. The melodrama "Husband of a happy woman" opened to fans of Medvedev as a dramatic actress.


Irina Medvedeva from her youth acts as a performer of romances. At the age of 18, at the Belarusian festival “Actors Read and Sing” Irina received the prize “For the Best Debut” for poetry by Bella Akhmadulina for the performance of the novel “And finally I will say”. Two years later, at a similar competition in Moscow, Irina performed the songs "Polish" and "Suffering" and received the Grand Prix of the festival.

Unfortunately, Medvedeva is now unable to devote too much time to vocal activity. Although Irina has plans for the future - the creation of a musical concert program and the recording of her debut album. The singer has already prepared musical material, and conditions have been established for the implementation of these projects. The only thing left is to find time.

Irina Medvedeva now

In 2016, the premiere of the melodrama Memory of Autumn, created based on the play by Alexander Zvyagintsev, directed by Andrei Sokolov, took place. The film dealt with the life of the widow and sons of the statesman of the Soviet period Ikonnikova. The main roles were played by Inna Churikova, Alexander Lazarev Jr., Pavel Trubiner. In the dramatic film, Irina Medvedeva got the role of Ikonnikov’s granddaughter.

In 2017, with the participation of Irina Medvedeva, the shooting of the comedy “The Adventures of the Nutty Professor” about the brilliant young scientist Max (Petr Fedorov), which as a result of his own experiments turned into a tiny little man, was completed. The main cast of the film also included Mark Bogatyrev, Irina Rozanova, Yuri Stoyanov. Irina Medvedeva got a supporting role in the film.

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36-year-old singer and actress became a mother. The birth took place in a Paris clinic.

A joyful and long-awaited event happened in the family of Irina Medvedeva and her husband, French businessman Guillaume. The actress gave birth to her first child. The boy was born in Paris. After marriage, the singer most of the time lives in France. Medvedev published a photo with a baby in her arms. "Mother. Son, ”she wrote succinctly.

Devices that monitor its state are connected to the star’s body. However, judging by the contented smile, the young mother feels well.

"6 frames": how did the fate of the stars of the popular show

Irina Medvedeva has played in dozens of films and series. Her most memorable work is the roles in the sketch show "6 frames." She played in the popular STS project from 2006 until the close in 2014.

Many colleagues congratulated Irina on the completion of the family: singer Nyusha, actor and presenter Alexander Oleshko, actress Elena Zakharova, singer Alexey Goman, actor Alexei Chadov ... A touching message for Medvedeva was made by actor Vyacheslav Manucharov: “Congratulations, my dear! What a blessing. "

Irina was also congratulated by her ex-husband, singer Ruslan Alekhno. They got married in 2009 after five years of romance. In 2011, the couple decided to divorce. Irina and Ruslan maintained a warm relationship. “Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! Health to the baby! ”Alekhno addressed to his ex-wife.

The actress married the Frenchman on July 5, 2018. They met thanks to a mutual friend. Irina agreed to show Guillaume and his friends Moscow during their trip. The wedding was played in Paris.

Recently, the singer Sasha Savelyeva gave birth to a son. For a 35-year-old star, this is the long-awaited first-born. Sasha and her husband Kirill Safonov gave the baby an unusual name.

The beginning of the career of Irina Medvedeva

Already in her student years, the girl worked out an impressive portfolio for the beginning actress. In the first months of study, she starred in the video of Sergey Minaev for the song “Yes!”, And at 17, Irina Medvedeva made her film debut - she got the episodic role of a Komsomol girl in the TV series “Accelerated Help” of Russian-Belarusian production. Two years later, she starred in his sequel. In 2002, she became the host of the Velcom SMS TOP10 chart on the First Music Channel.

Komsomol member from "Emergency Aid" - the first movie star of Irina Medvedeva

Irina also proved to be a talented performer of romances. At 18, she won the prize "For the Best Debut" at the festival "Read and Sing Actors" (Minsk). Four years later, the young singer won the grand prix at a similar competition in Moscow. Alas, due to the tight schedule, the girl had to temporarily abandon her vocals.

Upon graduation, Irina was accepted into the troupe of the Theater of the Belarusian Army. However, the ambitious girl did not see any prospects in the theatrical life of Minsk and decided to go to Moscow, where she was noticed by representatives of the theater agency “Good evening - in the fall of 2004, the beginning actress began to play on the stages of the capital’s theaters in entreprise productions. For example, Irina successfully played in the play "The Eldest Son", stepping on the same stage with Nelly Uvarova and Viktor Dobronravov.

Irina Medvedeva in the play "Education of Rita"

A significant role in the career development of the young actress was played by the reality show “Faculty of Humor” (2004) - the girl became one of the finalists and met very important people who contributed to her participation in new projects: the series “Team”, “Men Don't Cry”, sketch show "Dear transmission."

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