Dmitry Lysenkov, biography, news, photos!


Name: Dmitry Lysenkov (Dmitry Lysenkov)

Middle name: Olegovych

Birthday: July 6 1982 (37 years old)

Place of Birth: Leningrad

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Eastern horoscope: Dog

Career: Russian actors 631 place


The childhood of Dmitry Lysenkov

At first, Dima dreamed of becoming a professional shipbuilder, but after playing in a small play, his desires radically changed. In a future interview, he admitted: "I liked the applause and the attention of the audience, so I finally decided to become an actor."

At the age of 17, the young man received a certificate and became a student at a local theater university. His mentor was the famous and talented actor Vladislav Pazi.

Theatrical career of Dmitry Lysenkov

In just 3 years, Dmitry managed to play many different roles, and most importantly to be honored to receive prestigious awards. For example, in the play “The Elder Son”, he reincarnated as Sarafanova and received the Vologda Governor's Prize for this, and for his role in the work “Conspiracy of Feelings” he was awarded the Vladislav Strzhelchik Prize.

He was also remembered by many viewers thanks to his roles in the productions of Wojciek, Bullfinches and Measure for Measure. Despite his young age, the guy was nominated three times for the highest theatrical award - Golden Spotlights. At the age of 25, he received an interesting offer and moved to the Alexander Theater. The first significant work was the role in the play "Double". Literally a year later, he entered the main cast of The Marriage. The main role brought him another Golden Spotlight.

A little later, critics and viewers appreciated the reincarnation of Dima in the loader Galey Gay in the work "Man = Man." Despite the fact that not everyone liked the performance, Lysenkov’s game was called excellent. In 2009, he could be seen in The Examiner, Ksenia, and Uncle Vanya.

At the age of 28, an ambitious actor could boast of a gorgeous award presented by Sberbank of Russia. It is noteworthy that only one actor gets it, who managed to achieve unprecedented heights over the past year.

Acting career of Dmitry Lysenkov

Despite a brilliant career in the theater, Lysenkov wanted to get on television. Debut work is considered his insignificant role in the television series "Deadly Force" (2000). In 2003, he can be seen in the comedy Chelyabumbia. In the story, three classmates decide to enter a theater school, but for this they will have to sacrifice something very valuable.

In 2005, Dima got a key role in the crime drama “Everybody Dance!”, Which tells about the St. Petersburg region Ligovka. It was here that in the 1950s there was a punks trying to survive without adults.

In 2006, the actor got the main role in the crime drama "Drive". According to the plot, the Russian military fell in love with an American pilot. The film tells about the war and the North Pole, where the Eskimos can not understand why people kill their own kind, because they are used to hunting animals that are needed only for food and high-quality skins. The main roles were played by Daniil Strakhov, Alexei Serebryakov, Anastasia Nemolyaeva and Svetlana Stroganova.

In the period from 2008 to 2010, Lysenkov played exclusively secondary roles. He starred in three television series - "Streets of Broken Lights 8", "Live First" and "Obsessed", as well as the crime melodrama "Decoy". The film introduces viewers to the so-called informers, without which the police would hardly have been able to unravel at least one high-profile case.

Dmitry Lysenkov today

After some time, Lysenkov took part in the Nevsky Prospect theater project. Having reincarnated as Eugene Arbenin in the play “Memoirs of the Future,” the actor amazed the audience with his penetrating and sensual play. The last work this year was a minor role in the television series Sherlock Holmes, which tells the story of the most outstanding private detective. At the beginning of 2014, Dima could be caught briefly in another detective television series “Bounty Hunters,” and in the summer, already in the title role in the series “Kuprin. In the Dark

Literally a year later, he appeared in the detective "Mentor." Get ready to meet the corrupt police major Kravtsov and the “green” trainee Sergei. The guy demonstrates his devotion to the cause, so he tries in every possible way to punish the criminals. The situation takes an unexpected turn after the owner of an underground casino that roofs Kravtsov shoots an operative.

Childhood and youth

The future actor Dmitry Lysenkov was born in St. Petersburg in July 1982. In his family there were no theater and cinema artists, but already at school Dima decided for himself that his adult life would be connected with the acting profession. To this thought, as he himself said in an interview, he was prompted by vanity, caused by applause in school productions in which he participated. Before that, he was thinking about entering the shipbuilding institute.

Dmitry Lysenkov

For some time, Lysenkov even attended preparatory courses and had every chance of becoming a shipbuilder, gaining the required score for admission. But life decreed otherwise.

After graduating from secondary school in 1999, 17-year-old Dmitry Lysenkov becomes a student at the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theater Arts, where he enters the course of Vladislav Pazi.


Despite the enormous employment in the theater, which Dmitry Lysenkov considers to be the main one, he appears more and more often on movie screens. The actor made his debut in the crime series "Deadly Force" in 2000. Then there were roles in the popular films “Princess and the Pauper”, “Lost the Sun” and “Streets of Broken Lights”.

The artist was remembered by viewers after the release of the mini-series "White Guard", filmed by director Sergei Snezhkin in 2012. Here Lysenkov played with the stars of Russian cinema Konstantin Khabensky, Sergey Garmash, Fedor Bondarchuk and Ksenia Rappoport.

Dmitry Lysenkov in the movie "The White Guard"

Vivid images performed by the St. Petersburg artist can be seen in the crime-dramatic films “Everybody Dance!” By Parkhomenko and “Rush Hour” by Fesenko. The episodic role went to Dmitry in "Sherlock Holmes" by Andrei Kavun.

In 2013, the military drama of Fyodor Bondarchuk “Stalingrad” was released, where Lysenkov appeared in the image of a sniper Chvanov. The film, which won several Golden Eagle awards, was also played by Maria Smolnikova, Peter Fedorov, Andrey Smolyakov, Alexey Barabash.

Dmitry Lysenkov and Andrey Smolyakov at the premiere of the film "Stalingrad"

In 2016, the filmography of Dmitry Lysenkov was replenished with the comedy series “Poor People” directed by Zhanna Kadnikova (director of the rating sitcom “Real Boys”). The actor played Veniamin Subbotin, a loser writer, literary slave Olga Buzova. Soon Lysenkov appeared in the guise of an expert criminalist in the 2nd season of the series Major.

Dmitry Lysenkov and Olga Buzova

The actor also participated in the filming of Vladimir Khotinenko’s film “Demon of Revolution”, where the main characters were represented by Fedor Bondarchuk, Evgeny Mironov, Maxim Matveev, Paulina Andreeva. Dmitry played the operative in the detective melodrama “Excellent student”, where Yana Gladkikh, Taisiya Vilkova, Nikita Efremov and Alexander Yatsenko became his partners.

Personal life

The actor carefully hides the details of his personal life, preferring to discuss with journalists only the working moments of his work. To communicate with fans and friends, the artist opened a personal profile on Facebook. It is only known that the actor has a wife and two children. Wife of Dmitry - actress of the Alexandrinsky Theater Maria Zimina, a native of Nizhny Tagil. On the screen, she appeared in episodes of the series “Pessimist”, “Sea Devils 5”, “Alien”.

Dmitry Lysenkov and his wife

The young people met at work and soon decided to start a family. The wedding was not magnificent, the newlyweds just went to the registry office and signed.

Soon Dmitry and Maria became parents. Judging by the photo on the Internet, Maria often accompanies her husband at the premieres that are significant for Dmitry. According to Lysenkov, he considers himself among the adherents of the traditional attitude towards marriage. In the family of the actor, he is the main earner and protector for domestic ones.

Dmitry Lysenkov now

In March 2018, it became known that Dmitry Lysenkov was leaving the theater. He informed the leadership of the Alexandrinsky Theater six months before the expiration of the contract. In the fall, the actor switched to one-time work. So far, the performances “Crime and Punishment”, “Optimistic Tragedy” and “Krum” have been assigned to him. The artist announced his decision from the personal profile page on Facebook.

Dmitry Lysenkov on the set of the series "Major" in 2018

Another loud premiere pleased the artist of fans at the end of October 2018. On Channel One, the show of the 3rd season of the series "Major" began. Dmitry Lysenkov again transformed into a hero Ilya Semenov. Starring already familiar from previous seasons Pavel Priluchny, Karina Razumovskaya and Dmitry Shevchenko.

Now Lysenkov starred in the historical drama about the Decembrists "Union of Salvation" and the thriller "Ninth".


Dmitry Lysenkov is a Russian theater and film actor. During his creative career, he managed to work with many famous theater and film directors, including Yuri Butusov, Konstantin Bogomolov, Vladimir Khotinenko, Fedor Bondarchuk and others. Masters note the high professionalism of the artist and the versatility of his talent.

How was the career of an artist

Dmitry's acting debut took place in the Lensovet Theater. The directors fully appreciated the guy's talent and his incredible character. A skinny young man (180 cm tall) looked harmonious in any role.

After graduating from the academy, the aspiring actor worked on his native stage for another three years, and then moved to the Alexandria Theater.

The most striking performances with the participation of the artist:

In 2018, the actor left the theater and devoted himself to cinema. Dmitry received his first film experience on the set of the series "Deadly Force." Then there were many episodic and secondary roles.

The popularity came to the artist after the release of the picture "Stalingrad", where he masterfully got used to the role of a sniper. Since then, Dmitry regularly appears in new multi-genre projects.


In the creative piggy bank of the actor, 49 roles. He shared the set with such celebrities as: Konstantin Khabensky, Fedor Bondarchuk, Andrey Smolyakov, Nikita Efremov, Pavel Priluchny and Ksenia Rappoport.

Dmitry Lysenkov, films with his participation:

  1. "Princess and the Pauper"
  2. The Limit of the Angel
  3. "Sherlock Holmes",
  4. "Abyss",
  5. Kuprin
  6. "Mentor",
  7. “Non-random meeting”,
  8. "Poor people."

Today, the actor is very in demand in the theater and cinema, so in his work schedule there is practically no free time. At the beginning of 2019, the premiere of the culinary sitcom IP Pirogov took place, where the young man got the role of an accountant.

Dmitry has no time to rest, because he starred in five projects simultaneously: “Ninth”, “Storm”, “Careless Waiting”, “Chased” and “Union of Salvation”. These films will delight viewers throughout 2019.


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