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The richest people in Russia 2012


So, despite the small growth of the Russian economy in 2012, the general condition of the 10 richest people in Russia decreased from 160.5 billion. dollars to 140.3 billion dollars, which may mean not only the loss of the position of Russian oligarchs among the world's wealthiest, but also unhealthy trends in the Russian economy as a whole. We present to your attention a list of the 10 richest people in Russia in 2012 according to the Forbes magazine.

10 richest people in Russia in 2012

In 2012, Leonid Mikhelson, the owner of Novatek and Itera, earned his billions primarily in the gas and petrochemical industries, in tenth place on our list of the richest people in Russia. This year, his condition has increased compared to last year from 9.1 billion. dollars to 11.9 billion Doll.

The ninth place among the richest people in Russia in 2012 is occupied by Roman Abramovich, who made his fortune in oil and is currently engaged in investments in various sectors of the Russian and Western economies. His condition decreased this year from 13.4 billion. dollars to 12.1 billion Doll.

The eighth place in the list of the richest people in Russia in 2012 belongs to Viktor Vekselberg, the owner of Renova, as well as one of the largest shareholders in the oil giant TNK-BP. His condition in 2012 decreased from 13 billion. dollars to 12.4 billion Doll.

In seventh place in the list of Russian billionaires in 2012 is Mikhail Prokhorov, the owner of Norilsk Nickel, and, more recently, a politician. This year, his condition markedly decreased from 18 billion. dollars to 13.2 billion Doll.

The sixth place among the richest people in Russia this year belongs to Mikhail Fridman, the owner of the Alfa Group group of companies (oil, finance, telecommunications, retail). His condition for 2012 is 13.4 billion. dollars, which is significantly less than last 2011, when his condition was estimated at 15.2 billion. Doll.

The five richest people in Russia in 2012 are closed by Vagit Alekperov, the owner of the Russian oil giant Lukoil, whose current state is 13.5 billion. dollars, last year his condition was estimated at 13.9 billion. Doll.

The fourth place among the richest people in Russia in 2012 is occupied by Vladimir Potanin, the owner of Interros and a shareholder of Norilsk Nickel, whose fortune declined over the past year from 17.8 billion. dollars to 14.5 billion Doll.

The top three richest people in Russia in 2012 included Aleksey Mordashev, the owner of the Severstal group of companies, whose fortune decreased from 18.5 billion. dollars to 15.3 billion Doll.

In second place in the list of the richest people in Russia this year, is Vladimir Lisin, the owner of the largest metallurgical plants in Russia, whose condition has noticeably decreased from 24 billion. dollars to 18.1 billion dollars

And in first place among the richest people in Russia in 2012 is Alisher Usmanov, the owner of Metalloinvest holding, as well as a number of telecommunications and Internet companies, which, one of the few in our ten, was able to increase its fortune by increasing it from 17.7 billion . dollars to 18, 1 mln. Doll.

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The richest businessmen of Russia - 2012

A placeNameCompanycondition
$ million
In the past year
$ million
Source of income
1Alisher UsmanovMetalloinvest18 10017 700metallurgy, internet, telecommunications
2Vladimir LisinNLMK15 90024 000metallurgy, transport
3Alexey MordashovSeverstal15 30018 500metallurgy, mechanical engineering
4Vladimir PotaninNorilsk Nickel14 50017 800metallurgy, media
5Vagit AlekperovLukoil13 50013 900oil investment
6Mikhail FridmanAlfa Group13 40015 100oil, finance, telecommunications, retail
7Mikhail ProkhorovOnexim Group13 20018 000metallurgy, investments
8Victor VekselbergRenova12 40013 000oil, metallurgy, investments
9Roman AbramovichMillhouse capital12 10013 400metallurgy, investments
10Leonid MikhelsonNovatek11 9009 100gas, petrochemicals
11Andrey MelnichenkoEurochem, SUEK10 8008 600fertilizers, coal
12Gennady TimchenkoGunvor, Novatek9 1005 500gas, oil trading, petrochemicals, transport
13Dmitry RybolovlevAS Monaco9 0009 500investments
14Oleg DeripaskaBase element8 80016 800metallurgy, energy, engineering
15Herman KhanAlfa Group8 5009 600oil, finance, telecommunications, retail
16Iskander MakhmudovUMMC8 2009 900metallurgy, mechanical engineering, coal, transport
17Mikhail GutserievRussneft6 7002 500oil, coal, real estate
18Alexey KuzmichevAlfa Group6 7007 500oil, finance, telecommunications, retail
19Suleiman KerimovNafta-Moscow6 5007 800fertilizers, gold, investments
20Leonid FedunLukoil6 5007 100oil, finance
21Vladimir EvtushenkovAFC System6 0007 700telecommunications, oil
22Sergey PopovMDM Bank5 7007 900bank, coal
23Victor RashnikovMMK5 60011 200metallurgy
24Alexander AbramovEvraz Group5 4007 500metallurgy
25Sergey GalitskyMagnet4 9005 500retail
26Filaret GalchevEurocement group4 4003 500cement, fertilizers
27Peter AvenAlfa Group4 3004 500oil, finance, telecommunications
28Andrey SkochMetalloinvest4 2003 900metallurgy
29Andrey GuryevPhosagro3 5002 300fertilizers
30Vasily AnisimovCoalco3 4003 600construction, land
31Igor ZyuzinMechel3 1008 900metallurgy
32Alexander NesisICT Group3 1002 500metallurgy, banks, fertilizers
33Nikolay TsvetkovUralsib3 0005 300finance
34Vladimir BogdanovSurgutneftegas2 9003 300oil
35Zarah IlievKiev square2 4001 100the property
36Year of NisanovKiev square2 4001 100the property
37Victor NusenkisDonetskstal2 4000coal
38Alexander FrolovEvraz Group2 4003 300metallurgy
39Vyacheslav KantorAkron2 3001 600fertilizers
40Alexander MamutEuroset2 1002 300investments
41Ziad ManasirStroygazconsulting2 1002 100construction
42Vladimir GridinSiberian Business Union2 0001 400coal, transport, mechanical engineering
43Dmitry PumpyanskyPipe Metallurgical Company2 0003 200pipe production
44Anatoly SedykhUnited Metallurgical Company2 0001 900pipe production
45Danil KhachaturovRosgosstrakh2 0001 500insurance, bank, real estate
46Mikhail BalakinSU-1551 9002 300construction
47Andrey KlyamkoSmart holding1 9002 700metallurgy
48Vadim NovinskySmart holding1 9002 700metallurgy
49Alexey AnanyevPromsvyazkapital1 8001 900finance, IT, real estate, media
50Dmitry AnanyevPromsvyazkapital1 8001 900finance, IT, real estate, media
51Alexander DzhaparidzeEurasia Drilling Company1 8002 100oil service
52Lev KvetnoyNovoroscement, Vnukovo Airport1 8001 800cement, airport, bank
53Igor KesaevMercury Group1 8001 800wholesale and retail trade
54Vadim MoshkovichRusagro, Scale1 8001 600agriculture, construction
55Anatoly SkurovSibuglemet, Uralkali1 8002 300coal, fertilizers
56Dmitry MazepinUralchem1 7001 500fertilizers
57Andrey MolchanovLSR Group1 7003 200construction
58Alexander PonomarenkoTPN1 7001 700investment, real estate
59Alexander SvetakovAbsolute Group1 700950real estate, investment, trade
60Alexander SkorobogatkoTPN1 7001 700investment, real estate
61Aras AgalarovCrocus Group1 6001 500real estate, trade
62Igor AltushkinRussian copper company1 6001 100metallurgy
63Samvel KarapetyanTashir Group1 6001 400real estate, construction
64Valery KoganDomodedovo airport1 6002 000an airport
65Igor MakarovItera1 500750gas
66Zelimkhan MutsoevUralkali1 500750fertilizers, real estate
67Rustam TarikoRussian standard1 5001 900bank, alcohol
68Mikhail AbyzovRu-com1 3001 200power engineering
69Roman AvdeevMoscow credit bank1 300950bank, land, real estate
70Konstantin GrigorishinEnergy standard1 3000mechanical engineering, energy
71Nikita MishinN-trance1 3001 100transport, port, real estate
72Konstantin NikolaevN-trance1 3001 100transport, port, real estate
73Gleb FetisovAltimo1 3001 600telecommunications, finance
74Andrey FilatovN-trance1 3001 100transport, port, real estate
75Yuri KovalchukBank of Russia1 2001 500finance, media
76Andrey KozitsynUMMC1 2001 500metallurgy
77Peter Kondrashevinvestments1 2001 200investments
78Andrey KosogovAlfa Group1 2001 200oil, telecommunications, finance
79Anatoly LomakinIWC1 2001 200investments
80Nikolay Maximovinvestments1 2001 200investments
81Megdet RakhimkulovVelhim1 2001 600investments
82Nikolai SarkisovRESO-Warranty1 2001 500insurance, investment
83Sergey SarkisovRESO-Warranty1 2001 500insurance, investment
84Leonid SimanovskyNovatek1 200950gas bank
85Gavril Yushvaevinvestments1 2001 200investments
86Elena BaturinaInteco Management1 1001 200investments
87Oleg BoykoFinstar1 1001 000real estate, retail, gambling
88Valentin Gapontsev and familyIPG Photonics1 100800industrial lasers
89Alexander LebedevNational Reserve Corporation1 1002 100bank, investment
90Vladimir Gruzdevinvestments1 000950investments
91Dmitry KamenshchikDomodedovo airport1 0001 100an airport
92Yuri MilnerDST Global1 0001 000the Internet
93Maxim NogotkovConnected1 000950retail, bank
94Arkady RotenbergSMP Bank, SGM Group1 0001 100bank building
95Mikhail FedyaevSiberian Business Union1 000700coal, transport, mechanical engineering
96Sergey TsikalyukVSK1 000800insurance
97Arkady VolozhYandex950900the Internet
98Yuri GushchinGuta Group950600real estate, confectionery industry
99Andrey KomarovChTPZ Group9501 000pipe production
100Vyacheslav MirilashviliIn contact with9500the Internet
101Dmitry NikolaevStroyservice950950coal
102Alexander PutilovEurasia Drilling Company9501 100oil service
103Alexey SeminASG950950the property
104Roman TrotsenkoAEON Corporation9500transport, real estate
105Victor KharitoninPharmstandard9501 500pharmaceuticals
106David YakobashviliBioenergy950950investments
107Andrey AndreevBadoo9000the Internet
108Farhad AkhmedovNorthgas900950gas
109Andrey BokarevKuzbassrazrezugol, Transmashholding900800mechanical engineering, coal, transport
110Sergey KislovSouth of Russia900600agriculture, oil refining
111Ziyaudin MagomedovGroup Amount900750port, gas, construction
112Boris MintsO1 Properties, FC Discovery900600real estate finance
113Jacob GoldovskyPetrochemical holding8500petrochemistry
114Rustem SulteevTAIF850550petrochemistry, oil refining, construction, finance
115Radik ShaimievTAIF850550petrochemistry, oil refining, construction, finance
116Albert ShigabutdinovTAIF850550petrochemistry, oil refining, construction, finance
117Andrey Borodininvestments8001 000investments
118Alexander VaginRaspadskaya8001 300coal
119David DavidovichMillhouse8001 600investments
120Vyacheslav ZarenkovEtalon Group800850construction, real estate
121Telman IsmailovAST800600the property
122Gennady KozovoyRaspadskaya8001 300coal
123Dmitry KorzhevOk group8001 000retail
124Andrey KuzyaevPFPG8001 100telecommunications, oilfield services, real estate
125Dmitry TroitskyOk group8001 000retail
126Ayrat ShaimievTAIF8000petrochemistry, oil refining, construction, finance
127Denis BazhaevAlliance Group750900oil, gold
128Musa BazhaevAlliance Group750900oil, gold
129Andrey BlochDanone-Unimilk750700dairy industry
130Vyacheslav Breshtinvestments750700investments
131Vladimir KostylevSK Bridge7500construction
132Nikolay Olshanskyinvestments750550investments
133Serik RakhmetovGlobalstroy Engineering750900construction
134Andrey RogachevX5 Retail Group7501 200retail, real estate
135Evgeny SurSK Bridge7500construction
136Grigory BerezkinESN Group700800power engineering
137Andrey BeskhmelnitskyDanone-Unimilk700650dairy industry
138Nikolay BortsovPlant Progress700700juices, water
139Eugene KasperskyKaspersky Lab700800software
140Vladimir MakhlaiTogliattiazot700950fertilizers
141Sergey PetrovRolf700550car trade
142Rustem TeregulovBig city700550finance, real estate
143Alexander TynkovanM Video700600retail
144Vitaly YusufovNordic yards7000shipyards
145Dmitry BosovAlltech650750coal investment
146Valentin BukhtoyarovSybuglemet6501 800coal
147Alexander GirdaX5 Retail Group6501 000retail
148Boris ZingarevichIlim Group650750woodworking
149Vladimir MelnichenkoSybuglemet6501 800coal
150Dmitry NikitinEurosib6500transport
151Zakhar SmushkinIlim Group650500woodworking
152Konstantin StrukovYuzhuralzoloto650800gold mining
153Vladislav TetyukhinVSMPO-Avisma650650investments
154Alexander SchukinSybuglemet6501 800coal
155Yuri AntipovAriant Group600700metallurgy, food industry
156Oleg BurlakovBurneftegaz600600oil, finance
157George GensLanit600650information Technology
158Alexey GudaitisICT Group600500metallurgy, banks
159Nikolay DobrinovICT Group600500metallurgy, banks
160Arsen KanokovSyndica600500construction markets
161Mikhail KusnirovichBosco di ciliegi600550retail, real estate
162Oleg Leonovinvestments600600investments
163Vitaly Malkininvestments600600investments
164Mikhail SlipenchukMetropol Group600500finance, real estate, metals
165Alexander Smuzikovinvestments600600investments
166Vladimir ScherbakovAutotor6000car manufacturing
167Alexander AristovAriant Group550650metallurgy, food industry
168Alexey BogachevMagnet, Bank System550500investment, bank
169Boris VolchekOk group550750retail
170Vadim VikulovAston5500Agriculture
171Andrey DobrovBank Interaction550550investments
172Vladimir Koganinvestments550550investments
173Peter KolbinYamal LNG550500gas
174Kirill MinovalovBank Vanguard, Russian malt550700finance, agriculture
175Mikhail NikolaevRosprombank5500investments
176Vladimir PolyakovConcern Energomera550700electronic materials, electrical engineering
177Igor KhudokormovProdimex550500Agriculture
178Evgeny ShevelevUnited Metallurgical Company550500pipe production
179Mikail ShishkhanovBinbank, Inteko550550finance, real estate
180Ruben VardanyanTroika Dialog500500finance
181Sergey GeneralovIndustrial investors500850transport
182Sergey GlinkaTransmashholding, Transgroup500500mechanical engineering, transport
183Sait-Salam GutserievBIN Group500650the property
184Maxim LiksutovTransmashholding, Transgroup500500mechanical engineering, transport
185Ural Rakhimovinvestments500550investments
186Boris RotenbergSMP Bank500550bank, pipe supply
187Igor RudinskySIA International500900pharmaceuticals
188Ivan TavrinUTV Holding5000the media
189Igor YakovlevEldorado, Sulpak5000retail
190Vadim YakuninLeaked5001 000pharmaceuticals
191Leonid Boguslavskyru-Net4500the Internet
192Nikolai GreshilovGrinn Corporation450700retail
193Yuri ZhukovPEAK450550construction, investment
194Andrey ZubitskyCoke450800metallurgy
195Boris ZubitskyCoke450800metallurgy
196Evgeny ZubitskyCoke450800metallurgy
197Andrey KobzarNational Container Company450550logistics
198Pavel MaslovskyPetropavlovsk450550metallurgy, finance
199Grigory Group450500the Internet
200Vitaly YuzhilinNational Container Company450550logistics

How was the rating considered

Forbes is not the first decade to evaluate the largest state of the world. For this, the magazine uses a specially developed technique, the basis of which is as follows:

1. Our assessment of the state of the entrepreneur is the value of his assets: shares of companies, land, real estate, as well as personal property, etc.

2. All public companies are valued at market capitalization. Closed companies are evaluated on the basis of information on sales volumes, profits, equity, and comparisons are made with similar companies trading on the stock exchange or, in the recent past, the former object of sale. We try to be conservative and evaluate the property of entrepreneurs on the principle of "at least not cheaper."

3. In this list, the price of companies is fixed as of February 14, 2012. The age of the list is indicated on April 19, 2012.

4. Russian entrepreneurs often record the shares of their enterprises on the next of kin. Given this circumstance, Forbes ascribes all the assets that the family of entrepreneurs disposes to the head of the family - if the relatives do not actively participate in the management of the company, which they are co-owners.

5. The list includes only those citizens of Russia who have earned the bulk of their capital privately, without being a civil servant.

6. The list includes only 200 of the richest businessmen in Russia, the lower rating bar is $ 450 million. If you did not find any of the well-known entrepreneurs in the list, then Forbes estimates his condition at less than $ 450 million.

The information provided in the Forbes ranking is an expert and journalistic assessment of the total amount of ownership of property by these persons.This information is not official and can only be used privately.

Top 10 richest people on the planet

Changes in top 10 Forbes, as usual, the most important and attract the maximum attention. These people are closely watched by the world press and the public: the main rich people of the planet literally look into their mouths, expecting what they will say or do. But, as always, here many positions remained unchanged compared to the previous year: in the first place the Mexican multi-tycoon majestically rises Carlos Slim Elu, on the second - the founder and largest shareholder of Microsoft Bill Gates, the third is an elderly American investor Warren Buffett, on the fourth - the head of the world Luxury, French Bernard Arnault. Further interesting: on the two lines from last year's seventh place went up the owner of the Zara network, the Spaniard Amancio Ortegabut the sixth place was lost by the Indian mining tycoon Lakshmi Mittalhaving flown out already beyond twenty. On the sixth line now Larry allison, head of Oracle, and in the seventh - Brazilian oilman Eike Batistathreatening to conquer the whole world and become the main rich. So far, apparently, it does not work out.
From the unlucky thirteenth place Forbes rankinghaving won as many as five positions, the owner of the Swedish H&M network rose Stefan Persson, and on the ninth line was the richest Chinese - a native of Hong Kong Lee Ka Shing. Closes the ten Karl Albrecht, head of the German industrial concern Aldi (not to be confused with Audi!)
Total on top ten Forbes ranking accounts for: one Mexican, three US residents, four Europeans (France-Spain-Sweden-Germany), one Brazilian and one Chinese.

Of top 10 Forbes in addition to the metallurgist Mittal, another Indian went away - Mukesh Ambanidealing with oil and gas. A Canadian businessman also experienced a severe fall David thomsondescended from 17th place to the 35th and Russian industrialist Vladimir Lisinwho has lost 27 positions and title the richest citizen of Russia. Now it, like a rolling banner, has been entrenched in Alisher Usmanov, in recent years, competently diversifying their income.

Rating of the richest people in Russia 2012

Generally among Russian billionaires strong movements occurred in Forbes list, and for the most part in the negative direction: representatives of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy experienced the most severe decline. Victor Rashnikov lost half his fortune and as many as 113 lines of the rating, Igor Zyuzin also dropped by more than 100 positions, going beyond the considered 200 richest in the world. Destroyed the fate of the aluminum king Oleg Deripaska and the "Golden Prince" Mikhail Prokhorovwalked through wallets Alexey Mordashov and Roman Abramovich. But the representatives of the oil and gas industry rose a lot: almost twice as rich Gennady Timchenkoraising almost a hundred lines of the rating, the oil tycoon appeared in the field of vision Mikhail Gutseriev, strengthened its position by 27 specializing in gas Leonid Mikhelson. The same Usmanov, having adjusted his affairs by only half a billion, overtook four competitors and broke into first place Russian Forbes rating.

Who got the most wealth and who lost the most in 2012?

In other countries, it’s as if they hadn’t heard of oil: an elderly Brazilian Antonio Ermirio de Moraes It has diversified income associated with trade, for the year rose by 126 lines of the rating, and now occupies the 67th position. American Harold Simmons engaged in investment and, apparently, successfully enough to overtake 79 billionaires in a year and take the hundredth position in Forbes ranking. Retail, media, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and fashionable clothes: all this brought in abundant incomes and allowed their owners to improve their situation in Forbes list for 50-70 lines.

Considerable the number of billionaires in 2012 noticeably poorer: in addition to Russian industrialists, Germans, British, Indians and immigrants from other countries lost their positions. Builder Nasser al-Harafi left Kuwait 77th place and left first two hundred rating, thus making a fall of more than 125 positions. The number of those who left two hundred was 25 people, that is 12.5%. First hundred forbes 11 people left, that is, the percentage of outsiders is 11%. IKEA owner experiences the biggest drop in two years Ingvar Kamprad: in 2010, he was 11th in Forbes list (fifth year earlier), in 2011 it was already 162nd, and in 2012 it completely went beyond the first two hundred. The wealthiest Swede has declined from $ 23 billion to less than $ 3 billion, or almost 8 times.

The richest people in the world

The largest number of billionaires, traditionally, in the USA: among the first two hundred lines of the rating of immigrants from the states are 62 people (31%), and their total capital almost reaches a crazy trillion dollars.
Russia takes an honorable second place: 24 dollar billionaires among the first two hundred Forbes. Total capital is a little less than a quarter of a trillion dollars.
In third place, China, if you do not separate it from Hong Kong, is 14 members of the list (7%) with a total capital of 145 billion dollars.
Next comes Germany with 12 billionaires (6%) with a total weight of 137 billion dollars, India with 11 people and a total capital of 120 billion, followed by Brazil, Italy and France. The remaining countries have less than 5 representatives among the first two hundred members of the Forbes list.

The age of the richest people in the world

Oldest Forbes members - american Anne Cox Chambers and representative of Saudi Arabia Suleiman Al Raji. In 2012, they turned 93 years old. The creator of the social network Facebook remains the youngest rich Mark Zuckerberg, which in 2012 turned 28 years old. Former once the youngest members of the Forbes ranking Google co-owners Sergey Brin and Larry Page 11 years older than him and in 2013 they will be forty years old.
Average age of rating participants - 66 years, and in Russia this indicator, as before, deviates towards young entrepreneurs: average age of Russian billionaires - 52 years old.

1. Alisher Usmanov Burkhanovich

Date of birth: September 9, 1953. Born in the Uzbek SSR. Education: graduated from MGIMO and the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation.

Manager and entrepreneur, billionaire. It has a stake in the largest metallurgical enterprises: Ural Steel, Lebedinsky and Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Combines, Oskol Electrometallurgical Combine, which are merged into Metalloinvest. CEO of Gazprominvestholding. The main shareholder of the DST fund, which owns shares in such Internet projects: Yandex, VKontakte,, Facebook, Odnoklassniki. He was one of the first to realize that the secrets of wealth and success are hidden on the Internet. He is a co-owner of Arsenal football club and the owner of Kommersant.

His fortune is 18.5 billion dollars.

The richest man in the world or Bill Gates changes position

And yet, who is he? Surely you have repeatedly asked this question and received mixed answers from friends, acquaintances and a search engine. Let's try to figure it out. Every year, the famous Forbes, the leading business magazine in the world and economic columnist, poses the exact same question-task for itself. According to the rating published in it for 2012, the richest man in the world - some mexican Carlos Slim Elu.

As of December 2011, his fortune is estimated at $ 69 billion, and his monthly income is equal to $ 1 billion. Such impressive figures allowed the entrepreneurial businessman to strengthen himself at the top of the ranking of the richest people in the world, taking the leading position for the third year in a row. So, if someone tells you that the richest man on the planet is Bill Gates, feel free to convince your ignorant interlocutor. Microsoft’s notorious father was removed by the aforementioned Carlos Slim to an honorable second place.

The richest women in the world

As always, in list of the richest people in the Forbes world in 2012 most are men. Women in 2012 Forbes ranking only 17 out of 200, that is, only 8.5%. The richest woman in the world - Christy Walton, heiress of the Walmart Empire. For years, her position in the general list has been on the verge of the top ten, in 2012 she stopped at 11th place. Second place in ranking of the richest women takes Liliane Betancourt, head of the Loreal Empire. Her place on the general list is fifteenth. First the twenty richest people on the planet hit another woman from the Walton family - Alice Waltonthird among the richest women in the world. Also among the richest women appeared Loreen Powell Jobs, which inherited the capital of the well-known in 2011 Steve Jobs. Among the newcomers to the rating, Italian Miuccio prado, head of the company of the same name.

If you want to study the distribution of forces in the global financial arena in more detail, download the table below that contains data on the first two hundred participants in the Forbes rating.

2. Vladimir Lisin Sergeevich

Date of birth: May 7, 1956 Born in Ivanovo of the RSFSR. The main assets of the Russian entrepreneur are the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant and the transport and logistics holding Unirsal Cargo Lagistics Holding. He graduated from the Siberian Metallurgical Institute in 1978 (metallurgical engineer), in 1990 he graduated from the Higher Commercial School, and in 1992 the Academy of National Economy (Economics and Management). President of the Shooting Union of the Russian Federation, owner of the online store

Fortune 16 billion dollars.

Rating of the richest people in our country. The wealthiest Russian - who is he?

No less interesting is the attempt to answer the question of wealth and wealth regarding our country in particular. In March 2012, the aforementioned Forbes magazine published another ranking of the richest people in the world, based on which a list of the richest Russians was formed. So, the list of the richest compatriots is as follows:

  1. According to the rating, the richest man in Russia is Alisher Usmanov. This was the first time a businessman took such an honorable position as a headliner. He is the owner of Metalloinvest, the general director of Gazprominvestholding, and a shareholder in many Internet projects. Valuation: $ 18.1 billion
  2. Vladimir Lisin is the owner of a controlling stake in NMK and the owner of Universal Cargo Logistics Holding. Valuation: $ 15.9 billion.
  3. Alexey Mordashov - General Director of Severstal. Valuation: $ 15.3 billion.
  4. Vladimir Potanin is the owner of the Interros holding. Valuation: $ 14.5 billion.
  5. Vagit Alekperov - President of Lukoil. Valuation: $ 13.5 billion
  6. Mikhail Fridman is Russia's largest banker and co-owner of Alfa Group. Valuation: $ 13.4 billion.
  7. Mikhail Prokhorov is the president of ONEXIM holding, the owner of the largest media publications and the American basketball club Brooklyn Nets. Valuation: $ 13.2 billion
  8. Viktor Vekselberg is the chairman of the board of directors of the Renova enterprise and the president of the Skolkovo fund. Valuation: $ 12.4 billion
  9. Roman Abramovich is the owner of the Chelsea football club and the Millhouse Capital holding. Valuation: $ 12.1 billion
  10. Leonid Mikhelson - President, Novatek. Valuation: $ 11.9 billion.

However, since the publication of this rating, something has changed significantly. Less than a month ago, the media announced the purchase by Rosneft of half of the shares of a large oil company TNK-BP, of which the executive director is Victor Vekselberg. Thus, the entrepreneur increased his fortune by $ 1.5 billion and overtook Alisher Usmanov by $ 700 million, depriving him of the status of the most wealthy person in the country. Now it is Vekselberg mostrich man of Russia.

This fact has already been recognized as a popular index of Bloomberg billionaires - now it remains to wait until the end of 2012 and the announcement of a new Forbes rating. And its results can be extremely unexpected. After all, business is such an unpredictable business ...

3. Alexey Alexandrovich Mordashov

Date of birth: September 26, 1965. Born in the Vologda region. General Director of Severgroup, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Severstal. He graduated from the Leningrad Engineering and Economic Institute named after Togliatti. The owner of the residence of President Boris Yeltsin "Shuyskaya Chupa."

Fortune 15 billion dollars.

7. Prokhorov Mikhail Dmitrievich

Born May 3, 1965 in Moscow. President of the ONEXIM investment fund, president of the Russian Biathlon Union, has been engaged in political activities since 2011, dabbled as president of the Russian Federation, in May 4, 2012, took 3rd place with 8% of the vote. In 1989 he graduated from IFI. Owner of the NEW Jersey Nets basketball team, RBC media, Russian pioneer magazines, Siob, Spark, F5 newspaper, Fit TV channel.

The state of 13.2 billion dollars.

8. Vekselberg Victor Feliksovich

Born on April 14, 1957 in Drohobych (Lviv region). In 1979 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Railway Engineers, graduated from graduate school at the Computing Center of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Renova Group of Companies, President of the Skolkovo Fund. The largest collector of Faberge jewelry eggs.

The fortune of 12.4 billion dollars.

10. Mikhelson, Leonid Viktorovich

Born on August 11, 1955 in Kapiysk. In 1977, he graduated from the Kuibyshev Civil Engineering Institute, General Director, Novatek, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SIBUR Petrochemical Holding.

The state of 11.9 billion dollars.

As you can see, the top 10 richest and most successful has changed compared to the list of the richest people in 2011 in Russia.


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