Karpovich, Miroslava Olegovna


Miroslava Karpovich - Russian film and theater actress, successful model. Her biography recalls the story of Cinderella - one beautiful morning, a simple girl woke up famous and beloved by the audience. But this can only seem at first glance, since the history of Mira is the result of constant and hard work.

The actress is the owner of several awards, including "For Successful Comprehension of the Actor's Profession" and "For the Best Actress", which confirms her abilities and talent. In the magazine "Maxim" Miroslava Karpovich was named one of the hundred sexiest women in Russia.

Actress Miroslava Karpovich

The girl acts in films, takes part in theatrical productions and is engaged in modeling business. Fame brought her a role in the series "Daddy's Daughters", where she played Maria Vasnetsova.

Miroslava Karpovich was born in the fall of 1986 in the Ukrainian city of Berdyansk. She has a sister Christina and brother Andrew. The future star spent almost all her childhood in the village: she recalls these years with special tenderness and warmth, and the garden, in which there were many apple trees and cherries.

Little World had a pretty strong character. Among her friends and classmates, she took a leadership position, could defend herself, for which others and respected her. I'm used to getting what I want.

Model business

Miroslava began to attend the Model Show children's studio at the age of 8, and five years later she became a real star of the studio.

Miroslava Karpovich worked as a model

In 1998, Karpovich concluded her first contract with the Russian Silhouette modeling agency. She managed to become a popular model, despite the podium growth (170 cm) - the famous brands Centro and Calvin Klein invited her to participate in the filming.

Miroslava Karpovich

Full name: Miroslava Olegovna Karpovich

Date of Birth: 03/01/1986 (33 years old)

Place of Birth: Berdyansk, Ukraine

Zodiac sign: Fish

News with a star: 39


In 2006, Miroslava Karpovich graduated from the School-Studio named after Vl. Nemirovich-Danchenko at the Moscow Art Theater. Its artistic directors were Honored Artist of the Russian Federation I. Ya. Zolotovitsky and Associate Professor S.I. Zemtsov.

Even during her studies, Miroslava Karpovich participated in the performances of the Moscow Art Theater. She played the doll “Mademoiselle Fifi” in “Pyshka” by Georgy Tovstonogov and Madeleine - directed by Victor Ryzhakov “Do not part with your loved ones.”

Miroslava Karpovich in the theater

Experts praised the role of the young actress in the play "You" by Viktor Ryzhakov. For this work, she received the Golden Leaf Award in 2006.

Among the latest theatrical works of Miroslava - the role of Julia in the play by Eduard Radzukevich “Vorozheya or Session of Love Magic”, Jane Worzington in the play by Sergei Efremov “Number 13”.

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Karpovich Miroslava Olegovna

Born March 1, 1986 in Berdyansk (Ukrainian SSR).

In 2006 she graduated from the Nemirovich-Danchenko School-Studio at the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov (course of S. Zemtsov, I. Zolotovitsky).

She played in the performances of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov, the "Contemporary Theater of Entreprise", the theater agencies "Art Partner XXI" and "Lekur", the theater of Sergei Bezrukov and the Moscow Independent Theater.

Moscow Art Theater Chekhov:
“Do not part with your loved ones” A. Volodin - Madeleine (dir. V. Ryzhakov
"Pyshka" V. Sigarev - doll "Mademoiselle Fifi" (dir. G. Tovstonogov)
"1002nd Night" - Dinarzada (director Robert Manukyan)

Theater Agency "Art Partner XXI":
The commotion in Dovecote - Muriel (director Nina Chusova)
"Lucky Smith" by Ray Cooney's "Too Married Taxi Driver" - Wicca (director Alexei Kiryushchenko)

Production Center Panorama:
“A good deal” - Adriana Clorence (director Artyom Bibilyurov)

Theater Agency "ACTER"
The play "Gray hair in a beard" - Snezhana "(director Irina Mikheicheva.

Modern Theater "Entreprise":
“Couplets” - Dasha (director O. Anokhina)

Theater Agency Lekur:
"Elegant Wedding" - Rachel (director Vladimir Ustyugov)
“For family reasons” - Lida (dir. Renata Sotiriadi)

Moscow Independent Theater:
“Once Upon a Time in Paris” - Kiki (director Natalya Leonova)

Theater House Millennium:
“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” - Snow White (director Materinskaya L.I.),
"Trap for the husband" (director Vladimir Ivanov)
"8 women and." - Catherine
"Hanuma" - Sona (director A. Enukidze)
"What do men want?" (director Olga Shvedova)

Theater of Entreprise.ru
“Do not believe your eyes” - Jasant (director Robert Manukyan)
"Women in Search of Love" - ​​Sylvia (director Alexander Fedorov) -
"Four in Petersburg" - Victoria (director Dmitry Astrakhan)

Theater of Sergey Bezrukov:
"PE Boulevard" - Anna (director Sergey Mezentsev)

“Charming Cuckolds” - Louise Cherrutti (directed by Sergey Kunitsa)
“7, 14, 21, ... or the Arithmetic of male adultery” (director Valery Yaremenko)
“Adventure Stories” (director Sergey Efremov)
Julia - “Healer or Session of Love Magic” (dir. Eduard Radzukevich)
Juliette - “Bobsleigh for an Adult Man”, (2014, dir. Yuri Popovich)
Josephine - "You Are Not Here" (2016, dir. Roman Samgin)

Moscow comedy theater
Little Red Riding Hood - “Little Red Riding Hood” (2014, directed by Sergey Efremov)
Jane Worzington - Number 13 (2015, Sergey Efremov)

Theater of the moon
Vasilisa - “Ordals”, A. Zvyagintsev (2017, dir: Dmitry Bikbaev)

2006 - Winner of the Golden Leaf Award in the nomination "For Best Actress" for his role in the play "You."

2007 - Laureate of the Prize named after M. Tsareva in the nomination "For successful comprehension of the profession of an actor."

Personal life

Miroslava Karpovich rarely talks about his personal life. In one of the interviews, she admitted that she had disappointments in her life, as well as relationships with a man who saw her only in the role of an alternate aerodrome.

He said that in her life there was a man who offered her a connection, despite the fact that he has a wife and children. At the same time, this fan was not going to leave his family, because he loves his wife and children.

It is known that Miroslava has no children yet, and she has never been officially married. The girl is convinced that her husband should be alone and forever, apparently for this reason she never hurried to get married.

During the filming of “Daddy's daughters”, rumors appeared about the close communication of Miroslava with Philip Bled, who played the role of Broom.

However, the star denied these rumors, saying that they are only connected by close friendships.

In the same period, information appeared about her romance with Sergei Lazarev.

According to the plot of "Daddy's daughters" Masha Vasnetsova was a passionate fan of Lazarev. Therefore, for public relations, it was decided to do their joint photo shoot. Fans immediately suspected a romantic relationship, but they were not confirmed by anything.

According to rumors, a serious affair began between Miroslava Karpovich and Yegor Creed, who is 8 years younger than her.

The relationship began after filming the actress in the Creed video. A popular rapper wrote songs to her, paid a lot of attention, but Miroslava’s busy schedule interfered with their relationship. Lovers saw each other rarely, so they had to end the relationship.

Miroslava allegedly had a relationship with Aristarchus Venes, a partner in the film Corporate.

The actors did not comment on rumors about their connection, so there is no exact information about this novel. Some sources claim that Aristarchus left Miroslav for another girl and that he was the man who used her as a backup airfield.

Journalists and fans do not know anything about who the star is currently dating. Although the media from time to time there is information that Karpovich spends time in the resorts with his chosen one.

In her Instagram, the star writes that she is an excellent hostess, and invites fans to ask her man about this. However, the man’s name is not disclosed.

Hobbies and hobbies

One of the star’s hobbies is travel. She speaks 5 languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, French, Italian.

Participates in the volunteer movement - helps orphanages and children with serious illnesses, arranges photo shoots, just communicates with children.

Miroslava is engaged in self-development, spends a lot of time with family and just enjoys life.

With brother

With parents and sister

With mom and grandmother

Sport considers its second life. Her grandfather and grandmother were professional athletes. Every summer, the girl spent with them in the village, where she was actively involved in sports. She loves skating, skiing, running, but most of all she likes swimming.

Grandfather taught little Miroslava to raw food diet. However, the star cooks excellently and with pleasure when she has time for this.

She likes Ukrainian cuisine, as well as gourmet dishes from Asian countries.

"Father's daughters"

The debut of Miroslava Karpovich as a film actress took place in 2007. Then she got the role of Katyuni in the comedy film Dmitry Koryavov called "Holy Work". Despite the fact that critics gave the film a weak mark, the picture nevertheless received a special award at the comedy festival "Smile, Russia!" - the prize was awarded for a successful triple debut in comedy.

Miroslava Karpovich in the series “Daddy's Daughters”

In the same year, Miroslava was approved for the role, which made her the favorite of millions of viewers. In the series “Daddy's Daughters,” the 21-year-old actress played 17-year-old Masha Vasnetsova, the eldest daughter of the protagonist. The age difference between the actress and her heroine did not become an obstacle, on the contrary, hardly anyone would have looked in this role more harmoniously and naturally.

The plot of the sitcom told the story of a single father, who was played by Andrei Leonov, raising five daughters of different ages and with completely different characters: in addition to Miroslava, the roles of "father's daughters" were played by Anastasia Sivaeva, Daria Melnikova, Elizaveta Arzamasova and Ekaterina Starshova. The bridegroom of Masha Vasnetsova, a journalist, Felix was played by Kirill Kaganovich.

Miroslava Karpovich

Miroslava herself is pleased with the way she managed to create in the sitcom. According to the actress, in order to better convey some of the qualities of Masha’s character, she adopted a lot from her mother, whom she considers immensely feminine. In addition, Miroslava often observed the behavior of the girls who traveled with her on the subway.

The series "Daddy's Daughters" became so popular that it was shot until 2013 - a total of 20 seasons were shot.


In 2008, the filmography of Miroslava Karpovich replenished with three more roles. The actress starred in Oksana Bychkova’s film “Plus One,” in Sergei Oldenburg-Svintsov’s melodrama “Dove” and in Yevgeny Bedarev’s film “New Year’s Rate”.

In 2010, the actress got the role of a friend of the hotel on-call at New Year’s Matchmakers. In 2011, Karpovich pleased the fans with the appearance in the comedy “All inclusive, or all inclusive” and in the thriller “Manticore”.

Miroslava Karpovich in the film "New Year's Rate"

Miroslava appeared in several music videos. In 2011, she starred in the video for Leonid Agutin’s song “Still Returning”, and in 2012, she took part in the filming of the video clips “Starletka” by Yegor Creed and “Elevator” of the group “Sky No. 7”.

For 2012, roles were played in the mini-series “My Favorite Genius” and the short film by Alexander Guz “Salute”. In the same year, Miroslava took part in voicing the cartoon “Alice knows what to do” - the character Natasha (one of the closest friends of the main character Alice) spoke in the voice of the actress.

Then Miroslava appeared in Oleg Zakharov’s short film, Believe in Yourself, that was released in 2013. In 2014, with the participation of Miroslava Karpovich, the picture of the comedy genre Corporate was released. In 2015, the actress starred in two short films - in the film “Sprint” by Yuri Sysoev and in the work “A Good Beginning” by Anton Yelshevich.

In 2016, Miroslava gave her voice to the characters of two Russian-made cartoons. Karpovich voiced the sorceress Alena from the “Fairy Patrol” and the princess from the cartoon “Bogatyrsha”. In the same year, Miroslava played in the social drama Outcast, which became the first picture of the Moral Cinema Department project.


Russian theater and film actress Miroslava Olegovna Karpovich (erroneous version: Miraslava Karpovich was born in the Ukrainian city of Berdyansk on March 1, 1986. The future celebrity spent almost all her childhood in the village.
“In my yard there were a lot of apple trees and cherries. And in the spring, when everything bloomed, it was very beautiful. It was such a cloudy courtyard, ”recalls Miroslava.

In childhood, Miroslava was a fighting girl. All the time the future actress spent with friends. The morning began at four in the morning, after which a company of girls and boys fled to the river. And on the way to the reservoir, says Karpovich, watermelons and corn were stolen. Teenagers got it because they constantly climbed the roofs.

Among her friends, by the way, Mira (the name Miroslav sounds so diminutively) was a leader. Often, she stood in front of others, not only for herself, but also for her younger brother and sister. For this very reason, her friends respected her and were sure that Miroslava would achieve everything she wanted.

Movie career

In the theater, Miroslava Karpovich often played strong and dedicated heroines. What are Jeanne d'Arc or touching Sonia Marmeladova worth. However, in the movie, the actress was waiting for completely different characters. The debut role was in 2007. Miroslava played Katyunya in the comedy “Holy Work” by Dmitry Koryavov. This film was awarded a special prize at the VIII Open Russian Film Comedy Festival "Smile, Russia!" "For a successful triple debut in comedy."

The young and promising cast played pretty well, however, in general, the picture, according to critics, turned out to be weak. In the same year, the young actress took part in the filming of the film “Plus One” by Oksana Bychkova and the melodrama “My Dove” by Sergey Oldenburg. However, Miroslava Karpovich became truly popular after the “Daddy's Daughters” sitcom appeared on the STS channel.

In the situational comedy, Miroslava Karpovich played Masha Vasnetsova - the oldest of the five daughters of the protagonist - a psychotherapist, who was abandoned by her husband, Sergey Vasnetsov (he was played by the son of Evgeny Leonov - actor Andrei Leonov). At the time of filming, the girl was 21 years old, while her heroine Masha was barely 17 years old. However, thanks to the miniature actress, the age difference is not at all striking.

Miroslava Karpovich, according to critics, played very naturally and organically. The glamorous beauty, who after school dreams of a rich bridegroom, quickly won the hearts of viewers. “While working on the image of my heroine, I take a lot from my mother, because she is immensely feminine, and I take something from friends or from girls in the subway,” the actress says about her work.

It is worth noting that in the sitcom Miroslava Karpovich first appeared in front of the audience as a blonde with long hair. Gradually, the image of the heroine, and after her and the actress, changed. The girl dyed her chestnut color, and then became a brunette with a bob haircut.

Masha Vasnetsova brought Miroslava Karpovich huge popularity and became a kind of springboard in a big movie.

In 2008, two films were released with the participation of the actress. Mira played Rimma in the film “Plus One” and Olechka in the “New Year's Tariff”.

Due to the constant filming, Miroslava Karpovich has very little free time. However, the girl manages to read, listen to music and even go to exhibitions, discos, cinema and theaters. However, the actress can carve out a couple of minutes for roller skating and swimming.

The girl knows English, French, Italian and, naturally, Ukrainian. Miroslava does not believe that he is different from others and tries to meet and communicate with fans as often as possible. The girl herself admires the work of Chulpan Khamatova, Inna Churikova and Galina Tyunina.And as a director she is impressed by Nikita Mikhalkov.

“This is a man who does his job perfectly. I watched his paintings many times. It would be great to work with him, ”says the actress.

In 2008, MAXIM magazine named Miroslava Karpovich one of the hundred sexiest women in Russia. The rating was compiled based on the results of the readers' vote. The actress walked around such recognized beauties as Masha Malinovskaya, Alena Vodonaeva, Tatyana Kotova, Arina Makhova.
“Miroslava Karpovich is the oldest of Daddy’s daughters, she brings an erotic degree to the series. And, it seems, the men are secretly watching him. What else can explain such a good start in our rating? ”Commented the publication’s staff on the appearance of Miroslava in the rating lines.

In February 2011, Miroslava Karpovich appeared on the pages of the men's magazine “MAXIM”. The girl first undressed for a glossy edition.

Miroslava is not indifferent to raw meat. The girl recalls how she and her grandfather, living in the village, went fishing. As a bait for fish was raw meat. And instead of sticking it on a hook, Miroslava ate small pieces.

“And I also really love raw fish. Grandpa and I butchered it and ate it. For all these addictions, grandmother jokingly called us cannibals, ”laughs Miroslava.


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