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Name: Andrey Birzhin

Middle name: Alexandrovich

Birthday: April 12 1981 (38 years old)

Place of Birth: Shuya, Ivanovo region

Eastern horoscope: Cock

Childhood and education

Hometown of Andrei Birizhin - Shuya, Ivanovo region. It was here that the future founder of the Glorax Group was born on April 12, 1981. However, later his family moved to Khotkovo near Moscow.

In 1998, Birzhin received a school certificate and became a student of the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University (specialty "Management"), which he successfully graduated in 2002.

Career path

After graduation, he took part in local development programs in the Moscow region.

In 2001, while still a student, he headed Geostroydesign LLC. Four years later, a similar post of general director was offered to him at Zhilstroy LLC. Until 2009, he was engaged in the integration of innovative projects in the field of construction and reconstruction.

For nearly 10 years of work in the construction industry, Andrei Birzhin gained impressive experience, which helped him found and lead the Tekta Group investment and construction holding. Under his leadership, for a relatively short period (2010–2011), the development company has become one of the leaders in the Moscow region, having increased its investment portfolio of projects by six times.

In 2013, Birzhin decided to expand the area of ​​responsibility - by selling a 30% stake in Tekta Group, start-up capital was obtained to establish a direct investment fund Glorax Capital.

Among the main tasks of the newly formed company was the development of development and infrastructure projects and industrial enterprises, financial support for copyright projects in the field of information technology. By 2014, the value of the investment package owned by the Mr. Birzhin fund surpassed the $ 1 billion milestone.

For a long time, Glorax Capital focused on real estate construction (residential and commercial) in the Moscow region and abroad (hotel business), as well as on supporting companies engaged in industry. The interests of the investment fund cover a wide range of industries, while the Glorax Group gained the greatest popularity in the role of a developer.

In 2014, within the framework of the Glorax Group, a structural unit was founded - Glorax Development, the main specialization of which was residential, commercial and municipal construction, as well as the construction of municipal infrastructure.

By 2016, the total volume of only Moscow Glorax Development projects exceeded the mark of 700 thousand m2. In the St. Petersburg real estate market, the company entered the top ten leading developers. The Glorax Development Land Fund is over 80 ha.

For achievements in commercial and social activities, Andrei Birzhin was awarded several awards, including the RREF Awards 2012, Person of the Year, and the Order of St. Sergius of Radonezh, II class. In 2012, the reputable business publication Kommersant included Birzhin in the list of Russian top managers in the construction industry.

Hobbies and charity

Among socially significant programs, charity holds a key place - as an Orthodox Christian, Andrei Birzhin has been assisting the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra for more than five years. With his assistance, the educational buildings of the monastery were repaired, a dormitory for students of the seminary was developed, new outbuildings were built and old ones were restored.

Andrey Birzhin is fond of extreme sports (racing, expeditions) and inspires the sports team Glorax Life to win victories.

The entrepreneur is married. Spouses raise two children.

Tekta Group Development

In 2009, Andrey Birzhin founded the company Tekta Group, which to this day is a significant developer in the Moscow region. The company developed rapidly, for example, during Birzhin's work in 2010-2011. Tekta has increased its investment portfolio by 6 times.

In 2012, Tekta took 5th place in the rating of the largest developers of the Moscow Region according to the Expert magazine. In addition, the company received the “Company of the Year” award according to RBC in the nomination “For Contribution to the Development of the Development Industry”.

Creation of Glorax Group

Expanding the scope of his business interests, Andrey Birzhin sold his stake in Tekta to a third-party investor and founded the Glorax Group with the private equity fund Glorax Capital. The group of companies is focused on the full-scale development of various business areas: construction, IT, energy, HoReCa, infrastructure management. In addition, in the summer of 2016, Andrei Birzhin announced plans to create a network of fitness clubs.

“We are acquiring company shares in the respective industries. It can be either a startup or an existing business. We invest and manage the process, we run the whole chain: from the idea to the creation of the product and further from the product to the consumer. ”

In addition, Andrei Birzhin Group of Companies pays great attention to social and charitable initiatives, such as, for example, urban landscaping, construction and reconstruction of churches, support for children's sports, and other socially significant events and events. To create and support projects to promote the values ​​of a healthy, vibrant and eventful life, a separate direction of Glorax Life was created.

Glorax development

In the area of ​​interest of the Glorax Group, various areas of business that are not related to development, despite this, the real estate sector remains one of the priorities.
Glorax Development, part of Andrey Birzhin's Glorax Group, was founded in 2014.

The main activity is multi-format development. The company specializes in the construction of residential complexes, commercial real estate, as well as social infrastructure facilities. Currently, the Glorax Development project portfolio is about 2.5 million square meters. m. Among the regions where the company operates - St. Petersburg, Moscow and the Moscow region.

The main tasks solved by Glorax Development specialists are the implementation of modern projects in the field of residential and commercial real estate, the creation of a high-quality, balanced and marketable product. Among the principles of the company’s work, responsibility for fulfilling its obligations and emphasis on the quality of the final result of work. In 2017, Glorax Development entered the TOP-5 developers of St. Petersburg.

Andrey Alexandrovich Birzhin

Andrey Alexandrovich Birzhin. Born April 12, 1981 in Shuya, Ivanovo Region. Russian businessman. Founder and president of the Glorax Group.

Andrei Birzhin was born on April 12, 1981 in the city of Shuya, Ivanovo Region.

Then the family moved to the city of Khotkovo near Moscow, where the childhood of the future businessman passed.

Father - Alexander Pavlovich Birzhin, worked as an engineer at the Electroisolit plant, which was the city-forming enterprise of Khotkovo. Today, Alexander Pavlovich - General Director of PJSC "Electroisolite", one of the leading manufacturers of electrical insulation equipment.

Education Andrei Birzhin:

In 1998 he graduated from a school in the city of Khotkovo. After that he entered the Moscow State University. Lomonosov at the Faculty of Economics and Management.

In 2002, Andrei Birzhin successfully graduated from the University and received a diploma in Management. Immediately after this, he entered the magistracy, studying in which he combined with the beginning of entrepreneurial activity. Later he decided to focus on business development.

The beginning of the career of Andrei Birzhin:

Andrey Birzhin gained his first entrepreneurial experience in his student years. These were projects for the reconstruction and development of the Moscow region, the construction and repair of buildings - both residential and commercial, industrial use.

Since 2001, the entrepreneur has headed the company LLC Geostroydesign.

Since 2005 - General Director of Zhilstroy LLC.

Andrey Birzhin and Tekta:

Having gained the necessary managerial experience, in 2009 Andrey Birzhin founded the Tekta Group.

Already in 2011, Tekta became one of the largest developers in the Moscow Region. In 2012, the company was awarded the title “Company of the Year” according to the RBC rating. Moreover, over the course of several years, Birzhin’s efforts increased the company’s portfolio by six times.

Andrei Alexandrovich Birzhin at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

Expanding the interests of Andrei Birzhin:

After Birzhin made Tekta the leader in the development market of the Moscow region, he decided to develop new areas. In 2010, the entrepreneur acquired the Electroisolit plant in Khotkovo, where a significant part of his life has passed, and is investing in its development. Under the leadership of the entrepreneur, the enterprise is rapidly increasing production, concluding major contracts in the domestic and international markets and becoming the leading manufacturer of materials used in mechanical engineering, electric power, aviation and railway industry, and the military industry.

At present, PJSC “Electroizolit” is successfully working on the issue of import substitution in various industries.

Rosbalt Agency: “Today, most of the small-tonnage chemistry products on the Russian market are imported substances. The reason is that in recent decades practically no attention has been paid to the development of the corresponding industries. As a result, the output volume has collapsed dozens of times, and needs began to close due to imports, the share of which ranges from 70 to 100% for different groups of goods. Moreover, the company "Electroisolite" has enough capacity to develop a promising industry, "- said Andrei Birzhin.

In 2012, Andrei Birzhin buys the company Mosavtodor and Partners, and thus becomes the owner of the largest company in the Moscow Region, engaged in road infrastructure construction. For two decades, Mosavtodor & Partners coordinated the full scope of road construction works in the Moscow Region, implemented construction, reconstruction of roads and artificial structures in the Central, North-Western and Southern districts of the Russian Federation, as well as in Ukraine . In 2017, Birzhin, as part of a change in strategy, announced that the group would refuse to participate in future tenders for state construction contracts, and non-core assets for the group, including one of the largest construction companies of Mosavtodor and Partners OJSC, would be implemented in favor of strengthening the main direction group activities - construction of real estate.

According to Vedomosti, about 450 thousand square meters are currently under construction within the framework of Glorax Development. m. in St. Petersburg and the Moscow region, and in the current portfolio of projects - 1 million square meters. m with the prospect of increasing, which will allow the construction business of the group for several years to enter the top five largest federal developers.

Also in 2007, Andrei Birzhin purchased the Energia sports complex in the city of Khotkovo and is financing its large-scale reconstruction. Already in 2008, the Olympus fitness center opened its doors with an area of ​​8.5 hectares and 5000 square meters. premises. Later this complex, as well as previous acquisitions, will become part of the Glorax Group structure and will become the basis for the whole direction of the group of companies.

Foundation of the Glorax Group:

In 2013, Andrei Birzhin sold his stake in the Tekta Group and founded Glorax Capital, a private equity fund. This fund will become part of the Glorax Group, whose mission is to combine the interests of different business fields.

“My principled position was to create an investment company Glorax, which would not just buy economically profitable projects, but invest and improve. Only through the development of projects can we achieve a truly good product that people need. There is little economic perspective, you need to work on quality, idea, value, and also do not forget about the social responsibility of business. Glorax Group has become just such a company. We never stop, always looking for development paths and exploring new horizons. Only in this way can we successfully compete with other companies, grow and develop, ”commented Andrei Birzhin.

Andrey Birzhin takes part in SPIEF 2017

Currently, the Glorax Group combines projects in the field of construction, IT, energy (PJSC Electroisolit), road infrastructure (Mosavtodor and Partners OJSC), sports facilities (Olimp fitness center) and HoReCa. Alexander Andrianov has been appointed Group Director General.

Glorax Development:

One of the main directions of the Glorax Group is the development of the company Glorax Development, founded in 2014. It is one of the largest developers in St. Petersburg with a portfolio of projects of more than 2 million square meters. real estate. Regions of presence of Glorax Development are St. Petersburg, Moscow and Moscow Region. Following the results of last year, the Kommersant publication included the company in the ten most active and stable development organizations in St. Petersburg. For this, the activities of the builder were analyzed in detail: experts evaluated it by fourteen basic parameters, which included, in particular, data on the execution of construction works.

Andrey Birzhin and his company Glorax Group have undertaken a significant social mission - to provide housing for deceived participants in shared construction in St. Petersburg. In place of the compromising materials thrown up by the bankrupt and victim of the war, the developer Chesma-invest, the objects will be erected two complexes Main House and Twin House, in which 285 apartments are reserved for families of interest holders who have been waiting for housing for many years. Now, instead of reading incriminating evidence about the old developer, future equity holders have confidence and hope.

Andrey Birzhin at the opening of a new facility

Currently, the largest Glorax Development project is the construction of a large-scale Golden City complex in the alluvial territories of Vasilievsky Island in St. Petersburg. 450 thousand sq.m. residential and commercial real estate is already called the future visiting card of the city. Dutch and Russian architectural bureaus worked on the appearance of the complex.

In 2017, Glorax Group announced negotiations with large investment companies from China. It is planned to implement a number of projects in the field of industry and commercial real estate (offices, warehouses, retail facilities). Andrei Birzhin said that the Russian side is ready to provide a platform for the development of joint investment programs.

Glorax Life:

A significant part in the biography of an entrepreneur is sports.

Andrei loves extreme sports and occasionally participates in various expeditions, in particular, he was a member of the famous Snow Challenge project in Alaska, participated in Unstoppable races in Mongolia.

The entrepreneur is also interested in racing, and has repeatedly participated in the FIA ​​GT series, won the Blancpain Endurance Series, and also created a team of automotive pilots Glorax Racing.

Andrey Birzhin as part of the Glorax Racing racing team

“Passion for extreme sports helps in business, where quick reaction, constant control over the situation and a cold head are also needed. Business decision-making must be approached as carefully as starting a competition. The whole of Glorax is based on this, ”comments Andrei Birzhin.

In 2016, the entrepreneur founded the Glorax Life division, headed by Alexander Andrianov, responsible for supporting the active initiatives of the Glorax Group employees, as well as for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Gradually, the project began to gain momentum - a corporate running team was formed, the participants of which take part in many marathons in Moscow and the Moscow region. In 2017, a group of company employees took part in the climb to Mont Blanc.

Andrey Birzhin also decided to support professional athletes. In particular, since 2017 he has been financing the preparation for Russian and international competitions of professional swimmer Andrei Kurnosov.

Andrey Birzhin - member of the extreme expedition

The personal life of Andrei Birzhin:

Little is known about the personal life of Andrei Birzhin and his family.

Wife - Sofia Birzhina, brings up two children with her husband. It is also known that Sofia is engaged in charity work, paying particular attention to social and educational projects.

Values ​​and Views

Andrei Birzhin calls people the greatest value for business: “The basis of the basics is a professional and creative team. Competent, peppy and ambitious people with burning eyes. "

Andrey Birzhin is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also the holder of various prizes and awards, for example, “Person of the Year” in the nomination “Innovations in Business”. In addition, he was awarded the Order of St. Sergius of Radonezh II degree, and the Association of Russian Managers in conjunction with the publication Kommersant included Birzhin in the rating of the best leaders in the field of construction.

Andrey Birzhin is a participant in the extreme expeditions of the Snow Challenge (Alaska), and the Unstoppable race (Mongolia).

“Both in extreme races and in business, you need to prepare properly before starting. Assemble a motivated and experienced team. On the way to your goal, it is important to be attentive to details. Demonstrate perseverance, where it is justified. Show restraint where risks are inappropriate. Move forward and do not forget to look around »

Andrei Birzhin is married, has two children.

Andrey Birzhin

Glorax Development (part of Andrei Birzhin’s Glorax Group) received permission from the Gosstroynadzor service to commission the Main House residential complex. The new building is located in the Kalininsky district of St. Petersburg on Civil Prospect 107.
Show in full ... This project has been given special attention, since we are talking about deceived equity holders who have been waiting for their apartments for almost 20 years. In the near future, about 240 families will receive the keys.

The new building was erected on the site of "long-term construction", the construction of which began in the distant 2000 by the company "Chesma-Invest." Glorax Development committed itself to a problematic facility in 2016, promising all deceived equity holders to provide apartments. As a result, more than half of the apartments in the complex belong to the defrauded real estate investors. New project documentation was developed, the necessary contracts were renegotiated, and as a result, a four-section house was built from scratch. The erected 23-storey building consists of 4 sections, the total number of apartments is 402, and the underground parking is designed for 152 parking spaces. The total area of ​​Main House is 34 thousand square meters.

Andrey Birzhin, head of the Glorax Group, notes: “Glorax Development is a socially responsible company that has taken on a number of obligations under other people's“ long-term construction projects ”. Main House is the third facility with defrauded equity holders that we put into operation. Earlier, Sherlock House was commissioned, and in May this year, the Twin House residential complex. In total, in three projects, 285 deceived equity holders received keys to their apartments. It’s extremely important for us to maintain a reputation as a reliable developer who is delivering quality properties on time. ”

The Main House residential building, like all Glorax Development projects, is distinguished by an original architectural solution, thoughtfulness and a comfortable living environment. The architectural solution was developed by the Asadov Bureau - towers of various heights with decorative elements characteristic of the Stalinist classics became the architectural focus of the district.
More details: https://gloraxgroup.com/news/zhiloj-dom-dlya-obmanuty ..

Career, family, life.

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Name and surname:Andrey Birzhin
Middle name:Alexandrovich
Name in English:Andrey Birzhin
Year of birth:1981
Birthday:April 12th
Place of Birth:Ivanovo region, Shuya
Eastern horoscope:Cock

Education and career start A. Birzhina

Andrei studied at Moscow University. Birzhin chose the Faculty of Economics for himself, which he successfully completed several years later.

A graduate of the country's main higher educational institution, Andrei Birzhin, began implementing small projects, the essence of which was the development of the lands of the Moscow Region. In 2001 he headed the Geostroydesign company, in 2005 he became the head of the Zhilstroy society. Thanks to these positions, the young leader Birzhin contributed to the promotion of a number of projects. New residential buildings, office buildings were built and previously built ones were restored. One after another appeared sports complexes, industrial and other facilities.

Business activities

After Andrey Birzhin became the managing partner of the Tekta Group in 2009, the company's investment portfolio increased six-fold. Andrei Aleksandrovich was able to achieve this for only a couple of years. In 2013, he decides to sell 30% of his shares in this company.

The goal is to establish a private equity fund - Glorax Capital. The purpose of the Andrei Birzhin fund was to finance projects for the development of territories, the development of industry, and infrastructure. Funds were also allocated for IT startups. Since 2014, one billion dollars has been allocated for these purposes. Such an impressive amount was needed for various projects in Moscow and the region, as well as in St. Petersburg. In addition, the fund invested in the construction of a chain of luxury hotels in Italy, France, Turkey and even in the Maldives, as well as industrial and social projects.

Glorax Group mainly supported development initiatives, but at the same time paid attention to other interesting and promising projects. In 2014, Andrei Birzhin was at the forefront of the Glorax Development, which complemented the Glorax Group. The company specializes in the construction of residential buildings and offices, social facilities.

The company's portfolio of projects expanded every day, until it reached one million square meters and continues to grow. At the end of last year, experts recognized Glorax Development as one of the leading Russian developers and made it one of the ten largest developers in the Northern capital.

Edit Professional activity

From 2001 to 2005 - General Director of Geostroydesign LLC. From 2005 to 2009, he worked in a similar position at Zhilstroy LLC. In 2009, he became the managing partner of the investment and construction company Tekta Group. During his work in 2010-2011, the Tekta Group increased its investment portfolio of projects by 6 times.

In 2013, Andrei Birzhin sold a 30% stake in the Tekta Group and founded the direct investment fund Glorax Capital, which invests in development and infrastructure projects, IT startups. Glorax Capital's investment volume in 2014 amounted to about $ 1 billion, among the projects - integrated development of 20 hectares in St. Petersburg, residential and commercial real estate projects on 70 hectares in Moscow and the construction of a five-star hotel chain in Turkey, Italy, France and the Maldives.


Since 2010, it has been implementing a charity program to support the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra, within the framework of which the educational buildings in the village of Lyapino and at the equestrian center were repaired, a dormitory construction project for students of the Moscow Orthodox Theological Seminary was prepared, a vegetable warehouse was built, historical shopping arcades were restored, where later sewing, ceramic, carpentry and locksmith workshops were moved. Helped in organizing events for the anniversary of Sergius of Radonezh.