Minister of science with icons: how Mikhail Kotyukov helps Orthodoxy


Mikhail Kotyukov
Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
May 18, 2018 - January 15, 2020
(acting since January 15, 2020)
Head of the governmentDmitry Medvedev
The presidentVladimir Putin
Predecessorposition established
Olga Vasilieva as Minister of Education and Science
Head of the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations
October 25, 2013 - May 15, 2018
Predecessorposition established
Successorposition abolished
himself (as Minister of Science and Higher Education)
Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation
June 13, 2012 - October 25, 2013
Minister of Finance of the Krasnoyarsk Territory
July 15, 2008 - April 5, 2010
GovernorAlexander Khloponin
Edham Akbulatov (acting)
Lev Kuznetsov
Predecessorposition established
SuccessorRoman Odintsov
BirthDecember 21, 1976 (1976-12-21) (aged 43)
Krasnoyarsk, RSFSR, USSR
Childrenson daughter
  • Krasnoyarsk State University
Activitieseconomist, politician

Mikhail Mikhailovich Kotyukov (born December 21, 1976, Krasnoyarsk, USSR) - Russian statesman. Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation from May 18, 2018 to January 15, 2020 (acting from January 15, 2020).

Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of the Krasnoyarsk Territory (2008-2010). Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation (2012-2013). Head of the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (2013—2018). Member of the Supreme Council of the United Russia Political Party.


Born December 21, 1976 in Krasnoyarsk.

In 1999 he graduated from Krasnoyarsk State University with a degree in finance and credit.

Since 1997, he worked in the main financial department of the administration of the Krasnoyarsk Territory as an economist, then as the head of the department.

Since 2001 - Head of the Finance Department of OJSC Krasnoyarskagropromdordorstroy.

Since 2002 - Chief Specialist, Head of the Department of Investment Resources and Ecology of the Administration of Krasnoyarsk.

Since 2003 - in the administration of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, he was the deputy head of the main financial department, and then the first deputy head of the finance department.

In March – July 2007, he served as vice-rector for economics and finance at the Siberian Federal University.

In July 2007, he was appointed Deputy Governor of Alexander Khloponin, Head of the Finance Department of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Since July 2008 - Minister of Finance, since December at the same time Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

In April 2010, he headed the budget policy department in the social and science sectors of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

On June 13, 2012, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov.

On October 25, 2013, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev dismissed Kotyukov from the post of Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation and appointed the head of the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FANO), established as part of the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Member of the supervisory board of the Olympstroy Group of Companies.

Since August 2012 - Member of the Presidential Commission on Disability and Veterans.

Included in the presidential reserve of management personnel.

Kotyukov's declared income for 2012 amounted to 13.9 million rubles, for 2011 - 26 977 467 rubles, for 2010 - 5 946 341 rubles, for 2016 - 14 million 207 thousand rubles.

December 8, 2018, on the basis of a decision taken by delegates of the XVIII Congress of the United Russia political party, Mikhail Kotyukov was included in the Supreme Council of the party.

Bracelet with icons

This is not the first time that Mikhail Kotyukov put on the sensational bracelet: he regularly wears it at least since February 2018. It was this month that the first photos of Kotyukov with a bracelet in the photo bank of RIA Novosti were dated. At that moment, Kotyukov worked as the head of the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations. Apparently, since then he wears this bracelet without taking off.

On Orthodox sites you can find discussions about bracelets with icons. Some commentators consider them to go beyond the framework of the Orthodox tradition. “Such accessories are not sanctified by the Christian tradition, because their appearance can be explained by the spread of magical and occult views in our society,” said, for example, on the website of the online store of church goods Axios.World. - Unfortunately, most people see a kind of amulet or amulet in such a bracelet, and therefore they can successfully combine a bracelet with icons on their wrist and a magical red thread. From the Orthodox point of view, this will not bring them any benefit, but rather the opposite. ”

On the site “God's Law” in 2011, the section “Question to the priest” gave the following answer to the question of how to wear a bracelet with icons: “Honestly, dear Elena, I personally don’t like the tradition of wearing a bracelet with icons, in principle, because, as it seems to me again, this tradition is fraught with the loss of reverential attitude to icon-paintings as such, and moreover, you can see traces of a magical attitude to sacred images like talismans or so-called “charms” in it. And if it is said that it is impossible to remember the name of God in vain, then probably the sacred images should be handled accordingly, and not dragged into them, carried anywhere and anyhow. However, if your faith and taste accept such a tradition, then your right to wear this kind of bracelets on any hand is no longer decisive, ”said the priest, answering questions (his name is not given).

Mikhail Kotyukov and the Church

Mikhail Kotyukov became Minister of Education on May 18, 2018. Since then, he has been mentioned several times on the website of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. In particular, on July 12 of that year, he met as the chairman of the Interagency Coordination Group for Teaching Theology in Universities, Metropolitan Illarion of Volokolamsk. The meeting was also attended by Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Andrei Fursenko (former Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation). “The meeting was devoted to the working issues of the development of theology as a branch of knowledge and a modern system of theological education,” the Moscow Patriarchate said. “The meeting participants discussed a number of issues related to supporting the work of universities that implement educational programs in theology, the activities of an expert council of the Higher Attestation Commission on theology, the topic of determining a strategy for training theological personnel of the highest qualifications taking into account the needs of religious organizations, as well as some other aspects of the development of the industry.” After the meeting, Metropolitan Hilarion said that the Minister "promised to provide all possible assistance to the development of our industry."

Mikhail Kotyukov also joined the Supervisory Board for the publication of the Orthodox Encyclopedia. On March 19, 2019, at the next meeting of the Supervisory Board, he was introduced to other members. A message on the website of Patriarch Kirill, who conducted the meeting, said that Mikhail Kotyukov made a report on the deliveries of the Orthodox Encyclopedia to the libraries of Russian universities. Apparently, before that there were problems with the delivery of copies of the encyclopedia to universities: “In 2018, the delivery program was interrupted, and subsequent volumes were not received in the libraries. The appeal of the Church Scientific Center to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, unfortunately, did not bring any results, ”the patriarch complained at the meeting of the Supervisory Board. According to him, earlier, according to the program, 3,000 copies of each volume of the Orthodox Encyclopedia were delivered to universities (at that time, the publication of volumes from the 49th to the 52nd was already discussed).

The very next day, March 20, TASS reported that the Ministry of Education and Science recommended that universities use the "Orthodox Encyclopedia" in training. “In accordance with the positive conclusions of the federal educational and methodological associations in the higher education system in the areas of“ History and Archeology ”,“ Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies ”and“ Theology ”, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation sent a letter containing information on recommendations for using the“ Orthodox Encyclopedias “in the educational process of the educational directions listed by the FUMO,” the press service of the ministry said Kotyukov. Znak.com could not find procurement data for the Orthodox Encyclopedia of the Ministry of Education and Science, but, for example, the Ministry of Culture in 2018 purchased this publication for 20 million rubles. On the site of the Orthodox Encyclopedia, a publication is sold for 1,000 rubles each, that is, the delivery of 3,000 copies of one volume to universities should cost about 3 million rubles.

How Mikhail Kotyukov became Minister

Mikhail Kotyukov is a native of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. He graduated from Krasnoyarsk State University with a degree in Finance and Credit in 1999. While still at university I became an official. Dean of the faculty Valery Zubov in 1993 was elected governor of the region and invited his third-year student to work.

Kotyukov worked in the administration of the region, then, after changing the governor to Alexander Lebed, he went into private business - he worked in the company Krasnoyarskagropromdordorstroy, which was engaged in the construction of roads. After the death of Alexander Lebed in a plane crash, Alexander Khloponin became the governor, and Kotyukov returned to the administration as a specialist in the department of financial and credit resources and budget policy. Its chief was the current Minister of Energy, Alexander Novak. From that moment, Kotyukov was considered a member of the team of Alexander Khloponin (until 2018 - Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation). In the regional administration, Kotyukov rose to the rank of Minister of Finance, but for four months he also managed to work as vice-rector of the Siberian Federal University.

In 2012, he, along with other members of the Khloponin team, moved to Moscow and became Deputy Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. And a year later, at the age of 36, he headed the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations. Kommersant wrote that Olga Golodets, who was also a “claponine” protege, a former deputy director of Norilsk Nickel, might have advanced his candidacy. It was Olga Golodets who oversaw the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Many believed that the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladimir Fortov, would head the new agency, so the appointment of a little-known 36-year-old official who did not even have a degree caused shock in the scientific community. “We were simply invited to the prime minister’s office and introduced,” Fortov later told reporters about his first meeting with Kotyukov. “We talked. In total, they were at this audience with the prime minister for three minutes. ”

In 2018, Mikhail Kotyukov joined the new government of Russia, heading the new Ministry of Science and Higher Education (before him, the joint Ministry of Education and Science was headed by Olga Vasilyeva).

According to the latest declaration, Mikhail Kotyukov earned 17.8 million rubles in 2018, he owns a land plot, a residential building and four apartments. The minister owns the BMW X3 and X5.

Minister's letter

Mikhail Kotyukov for the second time in recent years has attracted the attention of bloggers and journalists. A few days ago, the indignation of the scientists was caused by the order of Kotyukov, which states that the head of the scientific organization five days before the meeting with his foreign colleague-scientist should notify the ministry, indicating all Russian participants. At the same time, employees of the organization can participate in meetings only according to a pre-compiled list, and employees of other organizations - in agreement with the leaders of their organizations. After the meeting, the head should send a report on the meeting, certified by a round seal, to the ministry. The ministry said that "the document is of a recommendatory nature and reflects the global practice of interaction with foreign organizations."

Early years

The first educational institution with which Mikhail Kotyukov began his path to scientific knowledge was school number 68 in his native Krasnoyarsk. After completing 11 classes, he entered the finance department of a local state university. In 1999 he became a certified specialist in the field of finance and credit.

The labor activity of a young man began in his student years. Dean of Mikhail, Valery Zubov, in 1993 became governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. He decided to conduct a kind of experiment and attracted his students, including Kotyukov, to the public service. So already in his third year, Mikhail began his career in the Financial Department of the regional administration with the post of chief economist of the credit department, and by the graduation course he took a leading position in the control and audit department.

Childhood and youth

December 21, 1976 the future Minister of Finance of Krasnoyarsk was born. Mikhail was raised by his mother and grandmother, his father did not participate in the life of his son. Kotyukov received primary and secondary education at school No. 68.

Mikhail Kotyukov

After receiving the certificate, Mikhail enters Krasnoyarsk State University. As a future profession, Kotyukov chose the economic sphere, so the young man takes exams for the specialty "Finance and Credit".

Even before graduation, in 1997, Mikhail held the position of chief economist at the credit department of the Financial Department of the Administration of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The patronage of the talented financier was made by Dean of the University Valery Zubov.

Mikhail Kotyukov in his youth

A man who recently returned from the United States decided to conduct an experiment in Krasnoyarsk. Zubov appointed young specialists to important posts in order to add more modern technologies to the regional administration.

Michael graduated in 1999 with honors. After completing his studies, Kotyukov receives a new position. The young man is appointed to the post of head of the control and audit department of the Main financial department of the regional administration.


In 2001, the biography of Michael makes an unexpected turn. A man changes public service to work in private business. Kotyukov heads the financial department at Krasnoyarskagropromdorstroy. The company specialized in road construction and became one of the developers of the M-53 Baikal highway.

Statesman Mikhail Kotyukov

A year later, Kotyukov returned to the administration. The new governor of Krasnoyarsk, Alexander Khloponin, suggested that the man become the chief specialist of the analysis of FC resources and budget policy of the Main Department of Economics and Planning. In 2003, Mikhail was already waiting for an increase, the official took the chair of the deputy chief financial department of the regional administration.

In 2007, a career that was gaining momentum was interrupted. After the scandalous poisoning of students at a ball for excellent students, Mikhail falls into the ranks of those officials who were forced to leave their posts. A similar version circulated in the local press, but no evidence was found confirming the relationship between the two events.

Mikhail Kotyukov

The second event that could have caused Kotyukov to leave the service: checking the financial data of the Krasnoyarsk Territory by the employees of the Accounts Chamber. The investigation revealed unreasonable wastes and debts to employees of the organization.

In March 2007, Kotyukov began work at the Siberian Federal University. Mikhail was offered the chair of vice-rector for economics and finance. True, in a new region for himself, the man did not stay long - in March of the same year, the official returned to the regional administration.

Mikhail Kotyukov at the Siberian Federal University

In 2010, leaving the job of the Minister of Finance, which the man receives over the next 3 years, Kotyukov moved to Moscow.The first post in the capital was the position of head of the budget policy department in the social and science sectors of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

After 2 years, the official was promoted to Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation. Kotyukov's responsibilities included overseeing the financing of the social sector, which included, among other things, science. In 2013, Kotyukov heads the newly formed department - the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FANO).

Head of the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations Mikhail Kotyukov

The main task of Mikhail in a new place was the development of principles through which the FANO should evaluate the effectiveness of scientific institutions in Russia. After working out the estimates, the FANO took up an inventory of property belonging to the Academy of Sciences. The result - officials identified 600 buildings that did not match the profile of the facilities.

Such active interference in the affairs of academics caused a stream of negative criticism. The official was accused of excessive bureaucracy and interference in scientific research. In addition to working within the framework of the FANO, the man was involved in work on reforming the pension system and in the Olympstroy corporation. The last of these is a government organization involved in the construction of facilities for the Sochi Olympics.

Personal life

According to the politician and political scientist Oleg Pashchenko, Mikhail Kotyukov is absolutely not a public person. A man prefers not to talk about personal topics with colleagues and journalists. It is known about the spouse of the taciturn official that a woman realizes herself in raising children and organizing a household.

Mikhail Kotyukov with his family

Together with his wife, the official raises a son and daughter, whose names are not disclosed. Despite the tight schedule, the man finds the opportunity to spend time with family and friends. The family prefers to get out on a weekend in the countryside or attend cultural and recreational events.

Mikhail Kotyukov now

After the presidential election in 2018, the new government of the Russian Federation was replenished with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Ministry of Education: they appeared through the separation of the Ministry of Education and Science. In May 2018, it became known that the newly formed position of the Minister of Science and Higher Education went to Mikhail Kotyukov.

Mikhail Kotyukov in 2018

In the struggle for the government seat, the politician bypassed Grigory Trubnikov - acting Heads of the Ministry of Education and Science. One of the first tasks of the new minister will be updating the instrument base and creating new research and educational centers.


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