Poezzhaeva, Maria Vasilievna


Poezjaeva Maria Vasilievna

Born March 3, 1989.

In 2012 she graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School (workshop of K. Serebrennikov).

Since 2012 - actress of the Gogol Center.

Bela, Princess Mary, Mother of the Cossack - M.Yu. Lermontov “Hero of our time”,
Lucifer, Angel, Eve - “Cain”,
Hera - "Gerontophobia",
The Red Branch.

Moscow Art Theater A.P. Chekhov:
Ronan Chenot "Fairies",
Jeanne - Jean Anui "The Lark".

The rally - "Fuckers" based on the play by Zakhar Prilepin and Kirill Serebrennikov,
Germany - W. Shakespeare "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (dir. K. Serebrennikov),
Cook / Nanny / Servant - Alexander Vvedensky "The Christmas Tree at the Ivanovs" (dir. Denis Azarov),
Beaver - Lewis Carroll "Snark Hunt".


Maria Poezzhaeva was born on March 3, 1989. In 2012, she graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio (workshop of Kirill Serebrennikov). After graduation, she played on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov in two productions: Ronan Chenot “Fairies” and Jeanne in the play “The Lark” (Jean Anui). Then Maria became an actress of the Gogol Center.

For the first time, Maria Poezzhaeva appeared on TV screens in 2010 as Lisa (as a child) in the first two episodes of the serial film “Voices”.

Photo: Maria Poezzhaeva

Childhood of Maria Poezdzhaevoy

Maria Poezzhaeva was born on March 3, 1989 in Perm. She spent her childhood in the neighborhood known as the "Merganser". From an early age, the girl was engaged in figure skating at the local Sports Palace "Eaglet", but then the sport faded into the background - the girl became interested in theater, largely thanks to her mother. It was she who led her daughter first to the Perm Palace of Youth Creativity, then to the theater studio "RCD".

The actress still wonders how they took her there, because she even incorrectly named the author of the poem she recited (Baudelaire with an emphasis on the first syllable). But, apparently, the commission members noticed a spark of talent in a teenage girl, with such rapture reciting a poem about a wounded albatross and the difficult fate of the poet.

Studied Maria Poezzhaeva in school number 124, was an excellent student and showed great promise. Therefore, the decision of Mary to devote her life to the theater was very upsetting for the teachers - they assumed that the medalist would choose a scientific path.

Immediately after graduation, the girl left for St. Petersburg with the firm intention to become a student at a theater institute. But the attempt was unsuccessful, and frustrated Poezzhaeva returned to her native Perm. But the girl was not used to giving up and the next year she left to conquer the capital. But here, failure was waiting for her, and Mary again had to return home. This time, she decided not to waste time and took the documents to the local theater institute, where she entered without any problems.

A year later, she nevertheless made another attempt to conquer the alluring capital, and this time her efforts were crowned with success - she was accepted into the Moscow Art Theater School. The girl considers her first day of study special: after classes, she and her fellow students went to the dining room, which was located in the theater building, and at the entrance, she ran into Andrei Myagkov. The famous artist opened the door for Mary with the words: "Hello, welcome!" This meeting became a sign for Poezdzhaeva from above: now, if the actress doesn’t succeed, she remembers that day - not for nothing that on September 1, Myagkov himself opened the door to the Moscow Art Theater!

Theatrical roles of Maria Poezzhaeva

In the fall of 2013, the actress took part in the musical Awakening of Spring, and the next season she played Lyubochka in the play Little Hero based on a play by Valery Pecheykin.

In 2015, Poezzhaeva appeared on the stage of the Gogol Center in the image of the giant Sofron Bobov, the hero of the grotesque musical Harms. Myr. "

Film career of Maria Poezzhaeva

In the same 2013, Poezdzhaeva was lucky to work on the same set with Sergey Bezrukov. Together they played in the film “Alexander Vampilov. Chulimsk forever ”, and then - in the film adaptation of the play“ Last Summer in Chulimsk ”.

The first main role of Maria is the wheelchair girl Lena Chekhova in the film “Correction Class”, the best debut film “Kinotavra-2014”.

Maria Poezzhaeva now

In May 2016, a new Zvezda project was launched at the Gogol Center, within the framework of which the performance Pasternak. Sister is my life. " Poezhzhaeva was actively involved in the production - she got the role of Spring.

In August 2016, TNT hosted the premiere of the series “Crisis of Tender Age,” where Maria played the role of a veterinarian student, Shura Ermakova, who fell in love with her teacher, whom Evgeny Tsyganov reincarnated. Other young domestic actresses, in particular, Ksenia Surkova and Kristina Isaykina, also showed their acting skills in the series.

Childhood and youth

Theater and film actress Maria Poezzhaeva was born on March 3, 1989 in Perm. The girl grew up in an incomplete family. Mom raised a daughter, a teacher by profession. From childhood, she inspired Masha with the idea that her future depends on education, so Poezzhaeva studied well at school.

Maria Poezzhaeva in her youth (frame from the movie "Moths")

In early childhood, the future artist visited the figure skating studio, but then left the sport. At 12, she came to a theater studio for children. The girl still wonders how they took her there. A teenage girl appeared in front of the strict commission and, with a serious expression on her face, recited “Albatross” by Charles Baudelaire. Maria found the poem in the textbook of literature and learned it.

In parallel with the classes in the theater studio, the future actress studied at school. She graduated with a gold medal and submitted documents to the Theater Institute in St. Petersburg. The decision of Mary upset the teachers - they hoped that the medalist would choose science.

To enter the theater the first time failed. The next year, she tried again, but already in Moscow, and again failed. The girl returned to Perm and entered the institute. A year later I went to Moscow, where I passed the entrance exams to the Moscow Art Theater School - this time successfully.

Maria studied with Kirill Serebrennikov and considers her course special. It was rumored in the institute corridors that the director had gained an experimental course - his students were different in age and social status, but they were all “wild and obsessed” with the scene.

The educational disciplines were also special: at plastic lessons they showed a clean and dirty body, at lectures on musical education they learned to perceive music as music, and not as notes. At the same time, they passed tests and exams in general subjects, and the teachers believed that the experimental course was promising.


Miniature Maria (the weight of the actress is 49 kg and height is 161 cm) looks like a girl, which determines the characters of her heroines in the movies. She plays schoolgirls and young girls. The film debut Poezdzhaevoy took place in 2010. The cinematic biography of the actress began with secondary roles. Maria played Lisa in her childhood in the psychological drama Voices. A year later, the role of Zlata Kalinina in “Kamenskaya-6” was.

Maria Poezzhaeva (frame from the series "Kamenskaya")

The popularity of the actress brought the main role in the film "Moths". It was released in 2014. The picture is based on the real events of the Chernobyl tragedy. In the empty Pripyat, amid human grief and death, the love story of 17-year-old Ali Shirokova and conscript soldier Pasha Derzhavin begins. Alyu was played by Maria Poezzhaeva, and Pavel was played by actor Yuri Borisov. The audience appreciated the true story and the sincere play of the actors.

In the same year, Poezzhaeva starred in the drama "Last Summer in Chulimsk." The film was an adaptation of the play Vampilov. The image of Valentina came out with an authentic and harmonious actress. She played the role of a girl who works in a teahouse. Critics noted the successfully created on-screen acting duet of Maria Poezzhaeva and Sergey Bezrukov.

Maria Poezzhaeva (frame from the movie "Last Summer in Chulimsk")

In the same year, the artist appeared in a documentary film dedicated to the author of the original play, Alexander Vampilov. Biographical film “Alexander Vampilov. Chulimsk forever ”talked about the fate of the writer’s last play, set after the author’s death. Maria appeared on the screens as an actress of the film adaptation.

In 2014, Poezzhaeva starred in the drama “Correction Class”. The premiere took place at the Kinotavr Film Festival in Sochi. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Ekaterina Murashova. In addition to Maria, other promising young actors shone in the frame: Philip Avdeev, Nikita Kukushkin, Artyom Markaryan and others. To more clearly convey the character of her heroine, Maria talked with people with special needs for a long time.

Maria Poezzhaeva (frame from the film “Correction Class”)

The following year, the actress played a minor role in the melodrama Smiley, which is an almanac of three independent romantic short stories. The film tells about acquaintances and love on the Web and how the smiley icon accidentally appearing on the screen can provoke fateful meetings and changes in a calm and measured life.

In 2015, a new science fiction film was shot with the participation of Masha - "He is a dragon." The producer of the film was Timur Bekmambetov. The fantasy film is based on the novel of the famous science fiction writers Sergey and Marina Dyachenko. Matvey Lykov became the partner of the girl on the set and the performer of the main male role.

Maria Poezzhaeva (frame from the film “He is the Dragon”)

In 2016, the actress starred in the comedy melodrama Crisis of Tender Age. The series tells about the life of three 17-18 year old girlfriends. Girls have not yet left adolescence, but already face adult problems: they have to choose what to do in life, whom to love and how to communicate with their own families.

In 2018, with her participation, the biographical film “Mayakovsky” was released, in which it was about events from the life of the great poet. Then the comedy “Call Myshkin” was presented. The images of the main characters on the screen were embodied by Mikhail Trukhin, Irina Pegova, Elena Valyushkina and others.

Personal life

Maria Poezzhaeva does not talk about heart matters. At film festivals, premieres and other events, the girl appeared for a long time alone.

“Work is work, and personal life is a personal life,” said the actress.

After the premiere of the fantasy film "He is the Dragon," she was credited with an affair with the partner on the set Matvey Lykov, but the actors denied these rumors. In addition, Matvey is already married, which clearly does not contribute to the novels on the set.


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