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“At the forefront” of the dance music of the “noughties” there were several pop groups, but “Disco Crash” was one of those that entrenched for the next decade. The country met the Millennium under the “New Year's Eve”, and nine years later, at corporate parties, led round dances under the “Fashionable Dance Aram-deputy-deputy”. The activities of the group, which began with the duet of Aleksey Ryzhov and Nikolai Timofeev, continue to this day, despite the fact that only Ryzhov is left from the "gold composition" of the team.

History of creation and composition

It is not known whether Russian dance music would have been replenished with hits from the “Disco Crash”, if the founders of the group were better off. At the end of the 80s, perestroika gave a second wind to rock bands, the songs “Cinema” and “DDT” were no longer played in apartment houses, but in clubs and festivals, and students of the Ivanovo Energy Institute Nikolai Timofeev and Alexei Ryzhov were not averse to following in their footsteps Nautilus or Alice.

Alexey Ryzhov

However, beginner musicians who are familiar from high school KVN do not have enough money for instruments and equipment, and the creative tandem decides to start with discos. Since 1988, the duo has been holding parties both within the walls of the institute, and in the Ivanovo club "Crash". The history of the group gaining a name has long become a legend. According to her, at the time of the concert, the wiring was closed, and the light went out. The panic had hardly begun, but Timofeev managed to defuse the situation as a joke:

"Calm, everything is fine!" After all, we - "Disco" Crash "!"

In the early nineties, Timofeev and Ryzhov were invited to review new songs, first on the Ivanovo Regional Radio Ivanovo, and then on the regional radio station of the Europe Plus network. DJs gain the sympathy of the public not only by broadcasting, but also by covers of foreign hits, as well as parody compositions.

Oleg Zhukov fought the disease

On the radio, artists perform under the name Disco Crash. In 1992, Oleg Zhukov joined the duet. Having an acting education, a new member successfully joins the team.

Alexey Serov

The fourth “accident” of the “golden composition” of the team Alexei Serov studied with Timofeev in the same school. He joined the group after the release of the first record of "Disco Crash" in 1997. In this composition, the team has been working for five years.

The first composition of the group "Disco Crash"

The year 2002 was a tragic event for the group. Zhukov, whose recitative became a peculiar visiting card of the hits of “emergency workers” (“New Year's”, “Attraction”, “H.H.H. and R.N.R.”), dies after a long struggle with cancer. After a short break, the three of the artists resume their performances. In an interview, the musicians deny rumors of casting in place of the fourth member, emphasizing that Oleg was a friend to all three and it is impossible to replace him.

Nikolay Timofeev

Ten years later, “Disco Crash” leaves the soloist Nikolai Timofeev. The musician, commenting on the decision, says that he does not see in the collective further creative development. In 2012, the artist begins a solo career. Between him and Ryzhov go the courts on the rights to joint creativity. In the end, the court takes the side of the songwriter: Timofeev is forbidden to sing compositions written by Ryzhov at his concerts.

Anna Khokhlova and the Disco Crash group in 2018

Three months after the departure of Nikolai Ryzhov, on the recommendation of rapper Seryoga, Anna Khokhlova is accepted into the team. A native of Chelyabinsk participated in the third season of the Ukrainian X-factor project, but could not get to the final. But the artist entrenched in the "Disco Crash." Ryzhov, Serov, Khokhlova - the composition has remained unchanged since 2012.


The start of the team’s biography can be considered 1997: the first album “Dance with Me” was released on cassettes. They distributed it through music stores and kiosks in Ivanovo and neighboring regions. “Avarians” began to listen in Kostroma, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl. The conquest of the capital began with cooperation with the Soyuz studio. Representatives of the record company include compositions of the Ivanovo collective in their corporate collections.

The song "Drink beer!" Of the group "Disco Crash"

In 1999, the albums “A Song About You and Me” and “Marathon” were released, but the real success comes to the artists with the fourth disc. “Crash Against!” Concentrated the dance charge of the group.

In 2000, discotheques played both original compositions, for example, “Drink beer!”, As well as remix versions of pop hits: “Attraction” (remix for the song of the group “Beetles”), “Chao, Bambina!” (Remix of the group’s song "Brilliant") and others. At the same time, New Year is gaining popularity - a song released six months before the release of the fourth album.

Song "New Year" of the group "Disco Crash"

With the video for the song “Attraction”, the collective begins fruitful collaboration with the director Hindrek Maasik. In the future, the Estonian music video maker will remove 26 more videos for “Crash”. And six of them - on songs from the fifth album "Maniacs", which the musicians will release a year later after the success of the previous disc.

In the new release, dance hits with ironic and hooligan lyrics are combined with lyrical, melancholic compositions in mood, such as Sky and Disco Superstar. The latter resembles a dedication to Oleg Zhukov: he dies three months after the release of "Maniacs".

Song "Sky" of the group "Disco Crash"

The tragic event in the biography of the team coincides with the triumph deserved by the hits from "Maniacs". Since 2002, members of the group have repeatedly received awards from Muz-TV, Russian Radio, Avtoradio and other channels and stations. But the main thing is the MTV Music Europe Awards - in 2002, the music channel calls "Disco Crash" the "Best Russian performer".

In 2003, the "emergency" make their debut in the frame. In December, the New Year’s musical tape “The Snow Queen” is released on the Rossiya channel, where artists play a band of robbers. The song they sang comes out in the sixth album of The Four Guys, which is being released in 2006.

The song "If you want to stay" of the group "Disco Crash"

The disc is dedicated to Oleg Zhukov. Leading hits "If you want to stay" and "Opa!" Collect the next crop of awards.

By the beginning of the "tenths" "Crash" is increasingly creating duets. The group collaborates with the Moral Code, Zhanna Friske, Nastya Zadorozhnaya, Kristina Orbakaite and others. In the former role of the robbers, the "emergency workers" appear in the New Year's project "New Adventures of Aladdin", created by order of "Russia-1".

Song "Fantazer" of the group "Disco Crash"

After the departure of Timofeev, the group is in a creative search, the result of which in 2014 is the album “Girl at the wheel”. Clips were shot on seven compositions of the record, including the hits “Feet-legs” and “K.U.K.L.A.” In 2017, the group gives a grand concert at Izvestia Hall, returning iconic hits to the repertoire and performing fresh compositions. On "YouTube" was a live broadcast of the event.

Disco Crash Now

In 2018, the radio rotation was replenished with another hit of the group: the musicians, together with Nikolai Baskov, recorded a cover of the retro composition “Fantazer”. The song used the vocals of the original version.

Song "Welcome to Russia" of the group "Disco Crash"

In July 2018, the song Welcome to Russia was released during the World Cup in Russia. The group continues to tour, performing not only solo, but also in projects dedicated to the music of the 90s and "zero".

Photo: Disco Crash

Group Creation History

Alexey Ryzhov and Nikolai Timofeev are old school friends. Together they participated in KVN, and in the late 1980s decided to create a group. At first, the guys acted as disc jockeys at club discos. And in June 1990, Alexei and Nikolai sang. The first group of the Disco Crash group was a duet. The collective did not immediately receive its sonorous name. Before this, options such as “Fire Extinguisher” and “Interviews” were tried. The guys worked in the walls of the club "Crash". It was this institution that subsequently became the source of the name of the group.

Initially, Nikolai Timofeev and Alexei Ryzhov chose the rock direction. But due to lack of money and high-quality equipment, they had to take up another matter, namely holding discos.

New members

In the early 90's, few people knew what “Disco Crash” is. The composition of the group replenished in 1992. Its new member was the former actor Oleg Zhukov. After 4 years, the trio turned into a quartet. Alexei Serov joined the guys. In this composition, the "emergency workers" performed at discos and public events in the city of Ivanovo.

In 1997, their first album, “Dance with Me,” was released. Disks instantly bought up by the residents of the Ivanovo region. The guys were happy, but continued to dream of all-Russian glory.

In 1999, Alexei Ryzhov contacted representatives of the Soyuz studio and offered them several compositions. Producers from Moscow became interested in the group. And soon the “emergency workers" were expected to tour the country, high fees and crowds of fans. They were invited to television and radio broadcasts.

In 2001, "Disco Crash" released the album "Maniacs", the entire circulation of which was sold out in a few days. The guys were awarded the prestigious Record Prize.

In February 2002, the group lost one of the members. After a long illness Oleg Zhukov left this world. For the rest of the emergency workers, this was a real blow. Therefore, it was decided to suspend the activities of the group for a while.

Since 2003, Disco Crash began to flicker on music television channels. The composition of the group was still a trio. Nobody wanted to look for a replacement for the dead Oleg Zhukov.

The main stages of creativity

Since there were a lot of achievements, one after another the non-numbered albums “Song about you and me” (1999), “Marathon” (1999), “Crash against!” (2000) “shot”. Their track list contained the original compositions of “Accidents”, but most of them presented remixes of songs by other artists: “Mumiy Troll”, “Brilliant”, “Beetles”, etc.

But the album "Maniacs" released in 2001, which included 11 tracks and included the "New Year's" bonus. Songs “H.H.H.I.R.N.R.” (which stands for “hip-hop, house and rock and roll”) and “Sky” came out with maxi-singles, both of them took top positions in music charts. The clip for the latter was called the best music video of the year by Muz-TV.

Collaborations with other artists

  • Pasha Face Control - feat. Dj smash
  • Labyrinth - feat. Batishta
  • Moher - feat. "Bread"
  • “Electro Music” - feat. E-not
  • Malinki - feat. Jeanne Friske
  • Weather Forecast - feat. Kristina Orbakaite
  • Bright I - feat. Philip Kirkorov
  • Fantazer - feat. Nikolay Baskov


"Disco Crash" is very difficult to break off relations with team member Nikolai Timofeev. Many unpleasant words were said towards each other on both sides of the conflict. In late 2013, Ryzhov even sued the ex-colleague for copyright infringement. A similar lawsuit from Timofeev followed in response. Litigation lasted for several years. Everyone was unhappy with the decision: Nikolai was forbidden to perform the songs for which he claimed, but Alexey did not receive the compensation that he insisted on initially.

In August 2018, Alexei Ryzhov was unable to travel with his family to rest in Italy. The artist was deployed at the airport: he was not allowed to leave the country because of debts and tax evasion.

New music video for Disco Crash - LikeMi

The Russian group Disco Crash has released a new video for the song LikeMi. In this video work, the team, with its inherent humor, talks about communication between users of social networks. The heroine of the clip begins to publish notes on social networks immediately after waking up. She takes off her breakfast, takes a selfie in the gym and in the kitchen. So she is trying to attract ...

Katy Perry's new karaoke video - Birthday

The Russian group Disco Crash has released a new video for the song LikeMi. In this video, the team, with its inherent humor, talks about communication between users of social networks.
The heroine of the clip begins to publish notes on social networks immediately after waking up. She takes off her breakfast, takes a selfie in the gym and in the kitchen. So she is trying to attract the attention of a mysterious visitor to her page on a social network. Musicians of “Disco Crash” stimulate the girl with their singing. They also got on the Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki networks.
“Disco Crash” has been performing on stage since the beginning of the 90s. The group recorded seven studio albums and made more than three dozen videos. "Disco Crash" is a multiple winner of various music awards. The group represents the genres of "dance music" and "pop music."

Other news

During the show "The X Factor", the premiere of the new video clip Britney Spears.

A favorite of the Russian public, singer Nyusha released a video for the song “It's New Year”.

Listeners of Love Radio spent Sunday in the company of the Disco Crash group.

Alexey Ryzhov

Was born on September 5, 1970 in Ivanovo. His parents are middle class. At school, Lesha was an active Octobrist, a pioneer, and then a Komsomol member. Teachers and parents did not look for souls in him. From the age of 5 he attended a music school in piano. Having received a certificate of secondary education, he entered the energy university. Further, he was engaged in the development of a musical career. Since 1996 - member of the Disco Crash group. Married, has a daughter and a son.

Alexey Serov

Born November 15, 1970 in Ivanovo. Father and mother are professional musicians. From early childhood, Alex decided to follow in their footsteps. He went to a music school, performed in a pop ensemble. And in his teens, he became seriously interested in football. Alexey Serov graduated from Ivanovo State University, receiving a degree in Law. In 1992 he was invited to the "Disco Crash".

Nikolay Timofeev left the group

In 2012, one of the founders of Disco Crash announced his retirement. Nikolai Timofeev gave work in this team for over 22 years. The news of the departure of a pretty brunette was a real blow to his fans. Soon Timofeev admitted to reporters that he did not leave the group at his own request. He was literally forced to do this. With each year, relationships with colleagues became increasingly unbearable.

Nikolai announced that he did not plan to pursue a solo career. Today he makes a living by writing songs and creating phonograms for various events. Unlike his colleagues in show business, Timofeev does not prohibit Ryzhov and Serov from performing compositions written by him.

The new composition of the group "Disco Crash"

The place of Nikolai Timofeev who left the collective was taken by the talented vocalist Anna Khokhlova. 22-year-old girl did not pass the casting. The children were recommended by the famous rapper Serega. Anna Khokhlova participated in the Ukrainian show “X-Factor” (season 3), where she demonstrated excellent external and vocal performance.


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