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He played the legendary Austrian rider and was a contender for the Golden Globe. In the artistic biography of Daniel Bruhl, there are roles of a Spaniard-robot engineer and a “terry” Nazi, a Catalan anarchist and a Polish young violinist. And all because he is a child of an international family and is fluent in several languages.

Spanish german

He has a very long “bi-national” name: Daniel Cesar Martin Bruhl Gonzalez Domingo. The son of a Spanish mother and a German father was born in Catalonia on June 16, 1978. The fact is that his mother did not want to give birth in a foreign land and arrived in Barcelona in advance. But Daniel's childhood passed in Cologne, Germany. It is clear that with such parents, the boy began to study both Spanish and German from birth. He also speaks excellent English, French and Catalan, which, of course, helps Brühl in his work.

The family was intelligent (the father tried to make films and worked a little for TV, and the mother worked as a teacher), so they did not interfere with his son in his aspirations. And Daniel from his youth liked acting. He upholstered the thresholds of large television studios and was able to “break through” into the popular German shows “Crime Scene”, “Police Telephone Number 110”, “Special Commission” and others.

European Film Academy Award

The guy already had several main roles in the author’s cinema (the drama White Noise, the comedy School), when he was invited to star in Wolfgang Becker’s film Goodbye Lenin! The film was nominated for the main prize of the Berlin Film Festival, and the award of the European Film Academy appeared in the creative biography of Daniel Bruhl. The touching story about how the son protects his mother from shocks (she was in a coma when the historical changes took place, and both Germany united) was pleasant to the public, the low-budget tragicomedy gatherings approached $ 80 million. Incidentally, in the film, one of the main roles was played by our Chulpan Khamatova.

Violinist, anarchist, cybernetic

The debut in English-language cinema took place a year later - in 2004. The famous British actor Charles Dance wanted Bruehl to play the main male role in his drama Ladies in Purple. His hero, the young Pole Andrea, was saved after a shipwreck by two old maidens (the magnificent Maggie Smith and the equally stunning Judy Dench). The guy seemed to return both of them to youth, only you can’t fool them for years.

The actor did not forget about his second homeland. In Spain, he starred in the Salvador biopic (played the title role of the Catalan anarchist who fought with the dictator Franco). And in 2011, he appeared in the image of a cybernetics engineer in a fantastic film with a powerful philosophical message “Eve: Artificial Intelligence”.

Legendary racer and German sniper

One of the most striking and famous landmarks in the film biography of Daniel Bruhl is Frederick Zoller from Inglourious Basterds. The handsome sniper, it seems, has nothing to blame: he just honestly serves his Fuhrer. On the other hand, on account of this young man are dozens of lives of Soviet soldiers. So anti-fascists are unlikely to spare the hero.

But for the role of the famous participant in Formula 1 (Nick Lauda), the German was nominated for a Golden Globe and an award from the British Film Academy. He could also claim an Oscar (Ron Howard's film “Race” “swept” the world with success), but Daniel did not enter the shortlist.

Jury Member of the Berlinale

One of the last notable works of the artist is his namesake Daniel Berg, first an ally and then an antagonist of media magnate Julian Assange (Benedict Cumberbatch) in the fifth power biopic.

Bruhl will be on the cast of the blockbuster Captain America: Civil War, and most recently, he was a jury member of the prestigious Berlinale.

Something he is dark!

In 2001, the personal life of Daniel Bruhl was changed by the melodrama "Do not regret about anything." In this picture, the actor played in tandem with the German Jessica Schwartz. Soon she became Daniel's girlfriend. The novel lasted until 2006.

Recently, at the premieres of his films, Bruhl often appears with the model Felicitas Rombold, but refuses to comment on the relationship with the beauty. Another love or just a good friendship?


He was born in June 1978 in the Catalan capital in the family of Spanish teacher Marisa Domingo and German documentary filmmaker Hanno Bruhl. Daniel's mother went to give birth to a son in Spain, as she was suspected by German doctors. When the child was in infancy, parents again began to live in Cologne. In the German city passed the childhood of the future actor. Parents raised him with his sister and brother, who, like Daniel, from a young age mastered Spanish and German. Also, the future Hollywood star was studying Catalan and Portuguese.

First roles

As a child, Bruhl took part in school theater performances. In 1992, he made his debut as an actor in the multi-part film Friends for Life. Three years later, Bruhl became homeless in Forbidden Love.

In 2003, Daniel received an invitation from director Wolfgang Becker to star in the main role in his tragicomic film Goodbye, Lenin! The film takes place in the late 80s in the GDR, before the unification of the two Germanys. In this picture, the young actor became Alexander - the son of the main character of the tragicomedy. The European Film Academy awarded him a prize for his role in Goodbye, Lenin!

In 2004, after the premiere of the film by Wolfgang Becker, Bruhl was offered for the first time to star in the English-language film "Ladies in Purple." Then he could be seen in the German "Love in Thoughts." The picture tells of two young men - the creators of the suicide club, according to the rules of which any member must lay hands on themselves in case of loss of ability to love.

Breakthrough to Hollywood

In 2006, the next Cannes Film Festival was held, where Daniel became a member of the jury. At the same time, he first starred in Hollywood in The Bourne Ultimatum. In the espionage thriller, the German actor was called for a supporting role.

In 2007, Daniel spoke three languages ​​in the film "Merry Christmas", which takes place in 1914 on the eve of the holiday, when the British, French and Germans were in a truce. In this film, Bruhl became Lieutenant Horstmeyer.

Two years later, at the Cannes Film Festival, Quentin Tarantino presented his Inglourious Basterds. In this picture of the famous director, the German actor played a small role. Bruhl’s partners in the shooting were Hollywood stars of the first magnitude - Christoph Waltz, Michael Fassbender, Til Schweiger, Brad Pitt and many others.

In the status of a star

In 2013, the premiere of "The Fifth Power" took place. In this Belgian-American biopic, the main roles were played by Daniel Brühl and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Further, the German actor was waiting for the shooting in the "Race". In sports drama, he turned into the legendary Formula 1 racing champion Nicky Laudou, whom Daniel met the day before. For participation in this film, Bruhl was waiting for the Golden Globe nomination as the best supporting actor.

In 2014, a German actor starred in Captain America: Civil War. In the superhero action movie of the Russo brothers, he became the villain Helmut Zemo.

A year later, the premiere of Dignidad Colonies took place. In this picture, Daniel was waiting for the role of the German photographer, who was kidnapped by the Chilean police and he ended up in a Pinochet political prison. The creators of the film entrusted Emma Watson to the role of the girl of the protagonist. She is trying to rescue the photographer from the colony and, for this purpose, penetrates the prison. The German edition of "GQ" awarded Daniel the title of best actor of the year.

Daniel Bruhl with his wife

Daniel Bruhl

Daniel Brul is one of Germany's most sought after actors, but Hispanic by birth. He gained fame and public recognition after the release of the film Goodbye Lenin! Other most popular paintings with his participation are Inglourious Basterds, Race. In 2015 one of the German magazines declared Brühl the actor of the year. Daniel was repeatedly nominated for various prestigious film awards, was one of the jury members of the 65th Berlin International Film Festival.

Biography of Daniel Bruhl

Daniel's parents are Spanish by birth. He himself was born in Barcelona, ​​but grew up in Cologne. In addition to him, the family had two more children.

In his school years, Daniel was pleased to participate in theatrical productions. As a teenager, he turned to one of the acting agencies, which marked the beginning of the actor's further career.

In 1992 Bruhl made his debut in the series Friends for Life. Over the next 10 years, Daniel played only episodic and secondary roles that did not bring him popularity.

The breakthrough happened in 2003, when Bruhl played the main role in the film “Goodbye, Lenin!”. The actor received an award for Best Actor; the film itself was repeatedly nominated for various awards. After that, offers from directors rained down on Daniel. He played in “Educators”, “Why thoughts of love?”, “The Bourne Ultimatum”.

In the summer of 2006 the comedy “2 Days in Paris” was released. Bruhl's partner was Julie Delpy, she was also the director of the film.

In 2008 in Germany, a film with his participation "Krabat" was released. In 2009 the film "Inglourious Basterds" was shot, which received high marks from critics "and brought the actor worldwide popularity.

In 2013 he starred in the drama Race, which tells about the sports career of Austrian racing driver Nicky Lauda. Bruhl was extremely responsible for his role, visited a speech therapist to create an Austrian accent. Critics consider "Race" the best of the actor’s works. He was nominated for the Golden Globe Award, as well as the United States Screen Actors Guild Award.

In 2014 played a minor role in the movie "The Most Dangerous Man." Also appeared in the thriller "The Face of an Angel", the picture was criticized and failed at the box office.

In 2016 came out the picture "Colony Dignidad" and "First Avenger: Confrontation." Bruhl got the role of an antagonist hero. In total, 42 films are included in the filmography of Daniel Bruhl.

The personal life of Daniel Bruhl

From 2001 to 2006 the actor met with Jessica Schwartz. They met during the filming of the picture "Do not regret about anything."

In 2010 Daniel began a serious relationship with Felicitas Rombold. His chosen one is not connected with the world of cinema, she works in the field of medicine. In the fall of 2016 the couple had a son.

Daniel Bruhl and 11 of his most significant roles

Today, Cinemafia congratulates Daniel Bruhl on the anniversary and talks about 11 iconic roles in his career.

Today 40 years marks the prominent German actor Daniel Brühl, who in recent years has been at the peak of popularity. Having started his career in modest projects, Bruhl is now very much in demand in Hollywood, although he does not refuse from auteur cinema. The actor appreciates his profession and is always diligent in choosing roles and creating images. Intelligent, charming, charismatic, well-mannered, modest, educated, talented, extremely pleasant in communication - many more epithets can be found on the Internet in materials devoted to Daniel. We believe that all these flattering words are true, and we tell you, by the example of which actor’s works, at least you can see Bruehl’s talent!

Alex - “Good Bye, Lenin!” (Good Bye, Lenin !, 2003)

Family tragicomedy, the center of which is the relationship between mother and son, and a significant part of the film is mother is seriously ill - it would seem that everything is known in advance, and there is no need to wait for any revelations. It is all the more surprising that the film stands out against its own kind not only thanks to the original camera and editing techniques, characteristic of European cinema of that time. The authors manage to submit in this shell a statement about the situation in Germany immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall, when it was impossible to live as before, but they had not yet figured out how to live on. You can, of course, try to live as if nothing had happened, but the more time passes, the harder it is. Socialist Germany leaves with people who firmly believed in it, and all that remains is to hope that things will get better slowly.

Alex is an ideal son, and watching him literally break into a cake in order for his mother to believe that nothing has changed around her, she can only be envied. What is it - envy Alex's friends, envy Alex's sister, envy Alex's girlfriend, because people like him do not lie on the road. Let him and a little gouging. It is customary to consider such roles uncomplicated and even claim that the actors in them often play themselves, but Bruhl was lucky, and a year later he was able to prove the opposite.

Paul Kranz - “What are you thinking about love?” (Was Nutzt die Liebe in Gedanken, 2004)

Another reflection on the fate of Germany on the threshold of a historical turning point is based on real events and carries a much more tragic implication. If in 1990 there was hope for a bright future, then in 1927 there was a dead chasm ahead. Young decadents could not have foreseen the impending catastrophe, but they also did not see anything good ahead, so they could only play with death.

It is difficult to call the quiet and pinched novice writer Paul the soul of the company. He is easily influenced by others, is quite closed, and often does not live on his own head. Bruhl is just as easily accustomed to the image of an introvert as an extrovert the year before, and again forces the viewer to fully associate himself with the character, although from similar moments there is perhaps the position of the narrator. Thanks to these roles, the actor received the prize of the European Film Academy for two consecutive years, and this was completely deserved.

Andrea - Ladies in Lavender (Ladies in Lavender, 2004)

In Bruhl’s career, this is the first British-made film, because earlier the actor was involved mainly in German projects. The only director’s work of Charles Dance (now known to many rather thanks to the role of Tywin Lannister in The Game of Thrones) came out very tender and sincere, it perfectly recreated the atmosphere of the British province of the mid-twentieth century with its unhurried rhythm of life, collective participation in the fate of everyone and joint simple joys, whether it's a harvest party or listening to radio concerts.

Daniel got the role of the young Andrea, whom the sisters Ursula and Janet one morning find ashore after a severe storm. The ladies receive an unexpected guest in their home and take care of him, simultaneously learning that Andrea does not speak English at all, he comes from Poland, and he also masterfully plays the violin and dreams of leaving for America to start a new life there. The young man awakens long forgotten warm feelings in elderly ladies and changes his usual measured rhythm of life with his presence.

The main roles in this picture were played by the magnificent Judy Dench and Maggie Smith, whose appearance on the screen is in itself a guarantee of success. The sisters of Ursula and Janet are so different in character, but at the same time they are always together and ready to support each other. Daniel Bruhl perfectly complemented the acting duet of the great British actresses, by and large, not at all inferior to them in mastery.

Well, and besides everything else, the film contains wonderful music - the classical melodies played on the violin will certainly not leave the audience indifferent.

Chief Lieutenant Horstmeier - Merry Christmas (Joyeux Noël, 2005)

Christmas in 1914 was clearly not the time to think about the holiday: a few months after the start of World War I, it became clear that everything would not end quickly, that there was nothing but lice, blood and death in the mud and trenches at the front, and glory - In general, it’s not worth dying for. Therefore, the ceasefire on one small section of the front precisely at Christmas was a miracle - and showed that something more can be united in people than a country and a uniform.

Apparently, Bruhl’s fate is to replay characters from all the time periods of the 20th century that are important for Germany. In European pacifist co-production, he got the role of a German lieutenant participating in the unauthorized command of a temporary armistice at the front. His lieutenant Horstmeier is not the protagonist of the film, but in the background is more than noticeable.

Frederick Zoller - Inglourious Basterds (2009)

That's why for some it was given to some: not to go beyond, work very efficiently, while not oversaturating the space of the film. In “The First Avenger”, you can’t take away the violin from Cap and become an ordinary villain, in “Race” share the screen with Hemsworth, go through a vivid background in Chastein’s benefit performance, and even manage not to get lost in Tarantine’s short stories teeming with characters that are often more interesting.

In “Bastards” Tarantino who just did not appear on the screen is replete with the names of celebrities for every taste and color. Daniel got the role of Frederic Zoller, Nazi Germany sniper hero, Goebbels' favorite and the entire Reich, about whom the propaganda film “Pride of the Nation” was shot, with Zoller in the title role, designed to inspire the soldiers of the retreating Nazis.

But here's the bad luck - Zoller is fond of the Frenchwoman, the mistress of a small cinema. The hero is trying to conquer the young lady (by very controversial methods), but all his attempts are doomed to failure, and you remember the culmination of these relations if you watched the film (I will not spoil those who did not watch).

The relationship between the Jewish Shoshanna and the Nazi sniper Zoller became one of the pillars of Tarantino’s history. Although, of course, the role of the first Nazi harp in “The Basterds” belongs to Christoph Waltz, for there can be only one “Jewish hunter”, for which the villain got what he deserved, and Waltz left with an Oscar. But this is a completely different story.

And the “hero of the Reich” also does not lag behind, for a very modest screen time we see different Frederic Zoller: arrogant, repenting, obsessed, inspired and all this on the shoulders of Bruehl, who became a bright page in the Tarantino album, and this already says something . The film can be watched endlessly, for which thanks to Bruhl as well.

Daniel Domsheit Berg - “The Fifth Power” (The Fifth Estate, 2013)

The film is based on real events and was shot on the basis of the autobiography of Daniel Doshmeyt-Berg "WikiLeaks from the inside", so that, we can say, the character of Bruhl acts here as the main storyteller. The creation of WikiLeaks, the first years of the site’s existence, the exposure of financial crimes, the unveiling of the US secret archives - there are a lot of events in the picture that unfold around Assange and Domschait-Berg, acting here as two central characters.

Julian and Daniel during the film go from friendship and trust to complete misunderstanding and breakup. Cumberbatch and Bruhl cope with the tasks and both show a high-quality acting, although Assange’s personality ultimately comes to the fore. But the hero of Daniel evokes much greater sympathy, because despite his desire to reveal the truth to the world, he does not forget about his moral principles and tries to be a voice of conscience for a determined friend. Bruhl embodied on the screen the principle of Domsheit-Berg and his faith in a just cause allow you to get a very clear idea of ​​the prototype, and, apparently, the plot of the film did not require more.

Nicky Lauda - The Race (Rush, 2013)

Ron Howard undoubtedly succeeds in biographical films: the Oscar-winning “Mind Games” nominated for the Frost vs. Nixon Academy Award, and here is the “Race”, which prestigious awards may have bypassed, but no one will take away the recognition of viewers and critics from the film.

Many agree that in the "Race" Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl played their best roles so far. In the 70s of the XX century, two irreconcilable rivals reigned on the race track: James Hunt and Nicky Lauda. Thanks to the acting skills of Hemsworth and Bruhl, these important people in the world of motorsport came to life on the screen in their entirety - each person who watched notes the painstaking work of the actors in creating the images, incredible attention to detail and the highest possible historical accuracy.

And although at first the audience’s sympathies turn out to be on Hunt’s side, during the viewing the opinion is constantly changing, but in the end you understand that the image of Lauda is much deeper, more tragic and many-sided. Daniel Bruhl not only wore a special device during the filming to imitate Niki's bite, the actor also did a tremendous job on the Austrian accent, for which he personally talked to Lauda. Bruhl showed the determination of his prototype, his restraint and prudence, his steadfastness and fortitude, his desire not to give up and fight to the end. The actor was able, with Lauda's almost constant external calmness, to show the depth of his character (often with just a glance), and this is especially clearly seen in the scenes after the fatal accident.

I think one of the important things that everyone should learn after watching the movie: even if you remain rivals for everyone around you, you can have great respect for each other, learn from each other something new and important and honor each other for your choice.

Daniel - The Colony of Dignidad (Colonia, 2015

The plot of the film was based on the story of a real place - a settlement of sectarians, officially called "Dignidad Charity and Educational Society". This colony gained a sad reputation, but the terrible events taking place there that destroyed thousands of lives are difficult to show in a feature film lasting two hours. Therefore, the director Florian Gallenberger found a different approach - he told the story of a couple in love, journalist Daniel and stewardess Lena, who, by chance, were captured by Paul Schaefer, who was the head (if I may say so) of the Dignidad colony. Through the prism of the relationship of the main characters, the viewer sees all the horrors that are happening behind the high walls.

Objectively, the strongest role in the picture is with Michael Nyquist - he plays the unprincipled Schaeffer, showing the sadist and child molester of young boys absolutely not capable of sympathy and humanity as a monster. But Daniel Bruhl had the role of the very journalist who experiences all the horrors of torture in a prison cell. The character demonstrates the strength of character and the will to live, even in an extreme situation without losing his wit and inventing a way to avoid death. And even if this image is more like a template, the actor managed to show everything that the plot required of him - the skills of getting used to the role cannot be taken away from Bruehl, since even the sketchy images in his performance turn out to be so memorable.

Helmut Zemo - “The First Avenger: Confrontation” (Captain America: Civil War, 2016)

«I have experience and patience. A person with these qualities can achieve everything."," Zemo reports in one of his scenes, and he turns out to be right. The big bad of this series of Avengers adventures turned out to be so clear and consistent in pursuit of its goal that it could achieve its goal: it really ruined the Avengers from the inside. All that was needed was knowledge of one case to which the Winter Soldier was sent in December 1991.

If the comic baron Zemo was a Nazi, and his son was not far from him ideologically, then the hero of Bruhl, who inherited from the comics a name but not a title, looks more like a tragic character, who on the other side of the barricades from the Avengers was not due to megalomaniac plans to capture the world, but because of revenge (quite justified, by the way). The former commander of the special forces from Zakovia, having fulfilled his plan, planned to commit suicide - but was stopped by the Black Panther. Perhaps we will see him again?

But in the promotional materials for the film, Daniel demonstrates much less seriousness: what is the story alone about how he treated Robert Downey Jr. to “real Berlin cuisine”.

Lutz Heck - “The Zookeeper's Wife's Wife” (The Zookeeper's Wife, 2017)

The story of the Zhabinsky couple, during the war, secretly rescuing people from the Warsaw ghetto and giving them refuge in their zoo. The situation was complicated by the constant presence and inspections of the Nazis, as well as the falling in love with the wife of the zoo keeper Lutz Heck - the head of the zoo in Berlin, the zoologist and the high rank of Reich all rolled into one.

It’s rare that anyone has the qualities of Bruhl - he is a talented supporting actor and artist who can take on all the hatred of the audience and become a bad guy. This, too, needs to be able to, it is not without reason that Daniel often plays German villains, not only because of his origin or knowledge of the language (if only Daniel would be offered more interesting and non-standard roles, so that all German officers and villains become just a springboard to something more interesting).

Well, to become the second violin in a duet with Chastain - yes, no problem.

Laszlo Kreutzer - The Alienist (The Alienist, 2018)

Alienist is a specialist in nervous and mental diseases, as he was called at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, it is precisely such an "Alienist" who becomes the head of a special group of the New York police aimed at finding a maniac killing boys.

The film adaptation of Caleb Carr's novel boasts first of all a very cool acting ensemble: unfortunately, the film adaptation itself turned out to be very uneven, but there are no complaints to the actors and can not be. Daniel Bruhl, playing the actual Alienist Dr. Kreutzer, flaunts a somewhat deliberate accent - but at the same time does not go into the image of a funny crazy scientist. Despite the fact that the book allows such an interpretation, Kreutzer Bruehl is a restrained, albeit very intense, hero.


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