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Since the situation in Ukraine is only getting worse, we have to repeat: the public consciousness, formatted by the current Kiev authorities, is very unhealthy. It feels like normal people are losing their bearings.

Many Ukrainian citizens abandoned the past, and even sometimes the participants of the Great Patriotic War, who liberated Ukraine from the German Nazis as part of the multinational Red Army, today bless their great-grandchildren to kill fellow citizens in the ATO zone. ...

The phenomenon of a change in consciousness is especially noticeable on cultural figures. For a quarter of a century of “independence”, or rather, from the second half of the 1980s, from Gorbachev’s “perestroika” itself, they successively “ousted” the “scoop” from themselves, plunging into “Svidomo” and reaching Russophobia and encouraging the massacre that it arranged Kiev junta in the Donbass.

People's Artist of the USSR since 1978, Ada Nikolaevna Rogovtseva (aka Rogovets, a native of the town of Glukhov, Sumy Region), whom in 2007 the Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Viktor Chernomyrdin awarded the Russian Order of Friendship - “for his great contribution to strengthening Russian-Ukrainian cultural ties” , once again "lit up" in late August in the occupied by Ukrainian Nazis Mariupol, where she arrived with a delegation of Poroshenko. The 79-year-old popular Kiev actress gave a performance there.

The pictures where she motherly cuddles with the right-wing man and kisses the red-black neo-Bandera cloth (pictured) were taken - presumably in Mariupol - on August 28.

This was reported on Facebook by ex-people's deputy-regional Elena Bondarenko. There is also a video recording the actress’s story of why she doesn’t go to Russia. Ada Nikolaevna claims that she is afraid, since she is allegedly in danger of being arrested in Russia on charges of "helping the Nazis and punishers."

On the air of the Inter TV channel, Rogovtseva reported that she had starred in Russian cinema for 60 years, but now she “stopped working there.” Her problems in the Russian Federation began after collecting money at one of the performances, which were then transferred to the military hospital, where the participants of the ATO were treated. Rogovtseva admitted that she "traveled a lot around the troops" taking part in the suppression of the uprising in the Donbass. “Some State Duma deputy submitted a request, what is it possible for the artist to work in Russia, and give the money she earns to the fascists, punishers? I don’t have any documents, supposedly some kind of absentee court passed, and they sentenced me to three years. If I cross the border, I will be immediately shackled, ”she said.

This is a lie; no business has started on it in Russia. Moreover: surprisingly, even now Mrs. Rogovtseva periodically appears in the series of Russian television channels!

Rogovtseva emphasized that she would no longer act in Russian films, and the audience present at the television studio greeted her words with applause.

Last year, A. Rogovtseva spoke to Ukrainian soldiers in the "ATO" zone, in the "October" recreation center in Konstantinovka, Donetsk region. Then the actress said that she had arrived in a city controlled by the security forces in order to maintain the morale of the Ukrainian military. About 800 soldiers of the 90th separate battalion, 57th and 81st brigades came to the creative evening. At the beginning of that meeting, the actress presented the order “For Courage” to the military personnel, who, by the way, surrendered the Donetsk airport to the Donetsk militia.

Together with her daughter, actress Yekaterina Stepankova (recall that USSR People's Artist Konstantin Stepankov (Voloshchuk-Stepanko), the spouse of Rogovtseva, once played the role of the legendary S. Kovpak, a fighter against the German fascists who occupied the Ukrainian SSR, Ada Rogovtseva played in the spirit of military propaganda brigades sketches from the plays of Pierre Palmad and Christoph Duturon. She also read poems by Ukrainian poets Lesia Ukrainka, Lina Kostenko and her own.

Ada Nikolaevna did not limit herself to recitation, delivered a fiery speech on the topic of love for Ukraine: “I am proud of you, our guys. Because you are heroes, made the right choice, united around the Ukrainian idea. ”

“I am interested in giving concerts to Ukrainian fighters, talking with them on serious, timeless topics,” added a member of the CPSU since 1967, who has been elected member of the party bureau and secretary of the party committee of the Kiev Academic Russian Drama Theater named after him for more than 20 years. Lesia Ukrainka and a delegate to the 27th CPSU Congress ...

Freed from the bonds of slavery and tyranny, Ada Rogovtseva also stated: “For no money I will not give up my own position. I support my homeland in front of the aggression of a colossal monster. I do not want me and my children to be made slaves again. There is aggression in our country, I have no other choice. You can’t call the brother of someone who goes to war with you. ”

The Soviet actress gave many autographs on blue and yellow flags and promised to survive until the victory over the militia.

Viewers remember that Ada Rogovtseva became famous in the 1970s after her role in the TV series Eternal Call. I also remember the film "Salute, Mary!" And others. In the 2000s, the actress is still starring a lot, the most famous films with her participation are Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno, Prescription Happiness, Euphrosyne, Fern Flower.

“I’ve played all my life in Russia,” confirms Mrs Rogovtseva. - They say to me: "Ada, you are ours." And I reply: “I am not yours. I’m mine, I’m Ukrainian. ”

People are wondering: why did the actress not refuse fees for participating in Russian TV shows, and did she feel like a slave when she received the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and the Badge of Honor during the Soviet Union?

In an interview given shortly before last year’s performance in the Donbass, Rogovtseva also commented on the position of fellow artist Joseph Kobzon. She said that “a native of Donetsk region did not have anything Ukrainian in his soul”, and he is a typical example of a “pro-Russian Ukrainian”. “Kobzon has long been detached from everything. He has been involved in politics for so long, politics is spinning him back and forth. He is a very pro-Russian Ukrainian, he has everything connected with Russia, ”the“ anti-Russian ”actress noted. “Why he came, I know.” He came to people to sing. He has a good impulse. But did he play the anthem of New Russia ?! E ** your mother! I do not want to hear or talk about it. Because, apart from “e ** your mother”, you won’t say anything! ”Ada culturally noted.

There were other reports last year that former party organizer A. Rogovtsev spends creative evenings in the cities of Donbass freed from "Russian terrorists".

“Yesterday, on the basis of the PSK (Volunteer Ukrainian Corps" Right Sector ", a terrorist organization banned in Russia - P.M.), a creative evening of the most popular artist of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine and just a magical woman Ada Rogovtseva took place. One can only envy the energy and cheerfulness of this person, ”wrote the volunteer Miroshnichenko. According to him, Rogovtseva arrived at the Right Sector base late in the evening, having played a charity performance in Dnepropetrovsk before. The actress, according to the volunteer, managed to talk with the fighters, and to speak in front of them, and also ride a quad bike at night, and in the morning went around the training camp for the right-handed people, had breakfast with porridge, hugged and took pictures with the fighters, and then gave a concert. Clearly, it inspired the killers to further crimes against their own people.

As Olga Talova ironically wrote on the Antifascist website: “Ada Rogovtseva decided to appear in front of the audience in a new role - a real citizen and patriot, hoping to remind her of her creative potential, and at the same time to remove the stigma of the communist and beloved actress of the Soviet party bonzes of the late Brezhnev period - after all, Ukraine passed a law banning communist ideology and symbolism, and cooperation with the CPSU is equated to aiding Nazism. ”

Then the Kiev journalist Maxim Ravreba, who saw the published photo, in which the USSR People’s Artist poses with pravoseki on the basis of the armed forces of the "Right Sector" DUK, wrote on Facebook (we omit the unprintable vocabulary): "Do not even think about forbidding films with her participation! Still not enough because of ... to lose the series "Eternal Call"! But it is clear that with invitations from Russia she will now have a strain. And those who invite ... I think you know what to do with them. But Rogovtseva died for me. ”

“Tense” with the appearance of Rogovtseva on Russian central television channels in the new series, we did not notice: it is present.

In particular, on the First Channel the series “The Red Queen” was shown, another melodrama with an anti-Soviet scent, and one of the roles in the film was played by Ada Rogovtseva, an ardent patriot of Ukraine and sponsor of the ATO.

Rogovtsev - not to remake, but there are questions to the producers of Channel One. “When the Vremya program tells us about new shelling of Donetsk with civilian casualties, and then we show a series where a staunch supporter of such shelling shines, how do we perceive this? - Muscovite Tatyana Sukhova, an employee of the Russkiy Mir Foundation, is interested. - Is this: subtle mockery, or, conversely, fat trolling, or schizophrenia? Or maybe this is the good old Karl Marx with his quote about the percentage of profit and capital? I would like an answer and failed ratings. ”

In fact: with the figures of Ukrainian culture - the question is not easy. Their campaign against Russia ends on their own wallet. Many of them manage to combine the declaration of Russophobia with successful earnings in Russia. This applies to both rock pop musicians and artists starring in Russian TV shows. The same can be said about writers such as Yu. Andrukhovich, S. Zhadan, O. Zabuzhko, etc., who are abundant and paid for money more than once, not two, not three, they are published in Russian thick literary magazines, moreover, according to the program and with funding from the Federal Press and Mass Media Agency, it seems that Mr. Seslavinsky no longer has other Russian writers. Or someone set tasks to replace values.

As an afterword, we quote from Rogovtseva’s interview with Radio Liberty. Question: “You visited the base of the Right Sector. Who were these people for you? Answer of Ada Rogovtseva: “Golden people! There is such a discipline! You go into this huge barracks ... I hugged and kissed the battalion commander. They gave me the Ukrainian flag, on which the guys signed and indicated - gunner, mortar. This is my biggest relic in the house now. ”

"Golden people" in the People's Artist of the USSR - the gunner and mortar "Right Sector" ...

Photo: Ada Rogovtseva


Ada was born into the family of an agronomist and a security officer. Her childhood passed in wartime. Rogovtsev met the beginning of the war in Odessa. There, her dad organized the sending of people to evacuate. Despite this, Ada and her family were unable to evacuate. They were late for the ship, however, fortunately, since it exploded right before their eyes. The Rogovtsevs had to leave for their native Glukhov.

Ada Rogovtseva recalls that the most vivid childhood memory for her is the new 1941 year. Then the girl was 4 years old. On December 31, she smelled an unusual smell at home, went into the room and saw a Christmas tree there. Then Ada realized that a real fairy tale was coming. To the Christmas tree, mom drew white “snow” tracks with chalk, and put toys underneath. That New Year's night, by the way, the mother of the future actress felt bad, then she was diagnosed with doctors - a combined heart defect.

Before the war ended, his father moved his family to Kiev, and there he found Ada and her two brothers Victory Parade. By the way, the existence of the girl overshadowed then - the drunkenness of her father. Unfortunately, the brothers of the actress were also addicted to alcohol early. This affected the health of mom. At 49, she was paralyzed, and at 53 she died.

Ada Nikolaevna is sure that from her mother she received the gift of forgiveness, and from her father - an easy attitude to money and life.

Ada planned to enter the journalism department, but her friends dissuaded her from such a decision. And they made her go to the theater institute for exams. By the way, the girl constantly performed in the evenings at school, sang and played in plays. In 1954, Rogovtseva was in the first year of the Kiev Theater Institute.

At the university, the artist met with her future husband - Konstantin Stepankov. This is a favorite student of Ambrose Buchma, he was taken to the post of teacher at the institute. In 1959, the couple got married.


After graduating from the institute, Rogovtseva got a job at the Lesya Ukrainka Kiev Drama Theater. Then she served for 35 years. The actress made her debut in the production of "Youth Paul Vikhrova" in the title role. Already in the first performance, the spiritual structure of Ada became clear, which determined the moral stamina of her heroines. In general, on the stage of this theater, the artist played in a number of productions, for example, “Mashenka”, “104 pages about love”, “The Last”, “I Go to the Thunderstorm”, “Sacred Monsters”, “At the Bottom”, “Mother Courage ", "Russian people".

She played Ada Rogovtseva in the famous play “Warsaw Melody” by Leonid Zorin. This was one of the star works of the actress. In the production of Ada participated more than 700 times. And each time, the audience, with bated breath, looked at the love story of the Russian guy Victor and the Polish Gelena.

After leaving the theater, Rogovtseva began touring with chamber theaters and concert programs. For example, she played in the productions of Roman Viktyuk. The actress admits that he extended her creative life, and also allowed her to play in a number of interesting performances.

40 years after the release of Warsaw Melody, Ada Rogovtseva again met with Helena in the continuation of the play. In the new version, the play is mixed with modern realities. By the way, the production was played by the daughter of Rogovtseva, Ekaterina Stepankova.

Ada Rogovtseva in the movie

Ada Rogovtseva made her film debut in the first year of the institute. Then Alexey Shvachko shot the film "Bloody Dawn", the film was consulted by Ambrose Buchma. He then blessed Hell for the role of the Gafiyka. Following was a series of small roles, the brightest, perhaps, Christina in the film "Pavel Korchagin."

Well, followed by a major success of the actress. She appeared in the role of Maria Tkacheva in the film "Salute, Maria!" By Joseph Heifits. For the role, Ada was awarded the prize at the 7th international film festival in Moscow for best performance of the female role.

Two years later, the audience saw the painting "Taming the Fire", where Rogovtseva played a girl named Natasha. The heroine was first in love with a talented young man, then already with a great man. The male role was played by Kirill Lavrov. Ada Rogovtseva was expecting a child at that moment, so her colleague patronized her.

But in the television series "Eternal Call" Rogovtseva did not plan to act, at that time her daughter was still small. But the actress was persuaded, she was promised that they would provide a nanny. As a result, actors who worked in the film watched the baby. By the way, the shooting took place in the Urals, in a remote taiga capture. Ada says that her heroine Anna, as it were, retold the fate of her mother and grandmother.

It can be emphasized that the work in the films “Taming the Fire”, “Salute, Mary!” And “Eternal Call” became the most important in the creative fate of Ada. After them, the recession came and in the last few years, the actress began to act again. She played in the films Winter Romance, December 32, Moscow Elegy, Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno.


Ada Rogovtseva is one of the favorite actresses of Soviet cinema. Her heroines on the screen are sincere, proud and internally aristocratic women. The artist’s creative biography began in Ukraine, and she never cheated on her homeland, was not seduced by the opportunity to move to Moscow. Now Ada Nikolaevna is one of the ten most famous Ukrainian grandmothers, still acts in films, and also participates in the political life of the country.

Actress Ada Rogovtseva

When relations between Russia and Ukraine broke down, Rogovtseva in the studio of the Inter channel said she would not accept invitations from her Russian colleagues in the future. Allegedly she was sentenced to 3 years for listing the earned fee in support of the Ukrainian army.

This information was not confirmed, but Ada Nikolaevna remains true to her position. The actress speaks of Russia as an aggressor country, is afraid that she and her children will be “made slaves again”, in an interview with Radio Liberty she admitted that the main relic in the house is a flag autographed by participants in the Right Sector.

Ada Rogovtseva with Ukrainian fighters

Nevertheless, Rogovtseva starred in the series "Flower of Fern", staged by the Russian director.


Ada Nikolaevna began participating in the film industry while still a first-year student. In 1956, the first film was released with the participation of the actress - the film "Bloody Dawn", where Rogovtseva played a secondary role. For a decade and a half, Ada participated in a number of projects, appearing on the screen for just a couple of minutes.

Ada Rogovtseva in the movie "Bloody Dawn"

In 1970, a film was released that made Ada Rogovtseva famous throughout the USSR - the two-part military drama "Salute, Maria!" There, the young actress reincarnated as an underground Maria, a girl with a difficult and tragic fate. Ada became so popular that readers of the magazine "Soviet Screen" awarded her the title of best actress. The picture itself in cinemas was watched by 17 million viewers.

In 1971, the young Rogovtseva participated in the film adaptation of the play "The Stone Master". Bogdan Stupka became her partner on the set. In the taming of space "The Taming of Fire," Ada played the wife of the general designer (Kirill Lavrov). The film was awarded the main prize of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

Ada Rogovtseva and Kirill Lavrov in the painting "Stone Master"

Then came the work that is still considered the brightest in the filmography of the artist and by which she is primarily recognized - the multi-part drama "Eternal Call". Rogovtseva starred in the role of a woman humiliated by her father, who married an unloved woman and hiding feelings for another man all her life.

In the melodrama “My Father Had Three Sons,” Ada Nikolaevna appeared in the image of the mother of the family, within which a conflict erupts, and only the tragedy unites its members.

Ada Rogovtseva in the melodrama “My Father Had Three Sons”

The actress often had to play mothers, wives, grandmothers, in general - heroines who live in the care of others, who understand everything and forgive everything.

These characters, if they do not sacrifice their own interests, then push them far into the background. For example, Moscow Region Elegy, Seventeen Left Boots, Tomorrow Will Be Tomorrow, Hunt for Manchurian Deer.

Ada Rogovtseva on the set of the melodrama "Two kilometers from the New Year"

However, in the drama “Winter Romance”, the heroine of Rogovtseva is bored of such an existence, and her decision to leave the house to a random acquaintance shock her close ones. The same strong-willed women who decided to drastically change their fate were obtained by Ada in the melodrama "Caucasus" and the melodrama "Two kilometers from the New Year."

Personal life

Young Ada met her husband Konstantin Stepankov by entering the university - the future spouse taught her course. Feelings between the young people broke out quickly enough, but the couple waited until Rogovtseva graduated from the walls of the institute, and only then Konstantin made a proposal to his lover. In 1962, the son Kostya was born into the family, and another 10 years later the daughter Catherine was born.

Ada Rogovtseva with her husband Konstantin Stepankov and daughter

5 years Konstantin Petrovich did not live to see the golden wedding. The actor died long and painfully, the family fought for his life, but in 2004 Stepankov died. After 8 years, another tragedy occurred: Konstantin Jr., the son of Rogovtseva, died of lung cancer. This loss crippled the actress. According to Ada Nikolaevna herself, she only survived thanks to her daughter and three grandchildren. Later, about the personal life, the movie star wrote the book "My Kostya", based on her husband's diaries.

In 2018, according to a number of sites, the name of the famous artist was introduced into Ukrainian history books, along with the name of a young colleague, Akhtem Seytablaev.

Ada Rogovtseva and Akhtem Seytablaev

With him, Ada Rogovtseva plays in the play "Make yourself at home." In addition, the man is known in Ukraine for the film “Cyborgs” about the defense of the Donetsk airport, which set a box office record.

Ada Nikolaevna said that in her youth she did not like pretentiousness, and even with age, she believes that there is no need to flaunt diamonds. The actress, of course, loves all sorts of "female things", but only about. In the photo, she tries to look restrained elegant.

Ada Rogovtseva now

2019 began for Ada Rogovtseva with a new theatrical production. Together with satirical writer Viktor Shenderovich, the actress played in a play called “What the hell !?”.

Viktor Shenderovich and Ada Rogovtseva

The premiere of the company took place in London, as the producer and co-author of the play lives there.

In February, Ada Nikolaevna spoke at the All-Ukrainian Forum “Open Dialogue” in support of Petro Poroshenko as a candidate for president.

Petro Poroshenko and Ada Rogovtseva in 2019

The actress called for judging applicants for the country's top state post in specific cases, and in the baggage of the current head, Rogovtseva believes, there are many achievements.

Height, weight, age. How old is Ada Rogovtseva

In April 2018, a show program about the fate and creative activities of Ada Rogovtseva was released. In the program, her friends and colleagues told about the fate of a woman, she told some facts about herself, including her height, weight, and age. How old Ada Rogovtseva is is not a secret.

Recently, the popular Soviet film actress celebrated her 80th birthday. The artist wants to live up to 90 years to help her daughter and grandson. If she is destined to die soon, the woman will be grateful for that too.

Ada Rogovtseva, a photo in her youth and now presented in large numbers on the World Wide Web, weighs 65 kg. Her height is small - only 163 cm, but the woman cherished the dream of having a height of 180 cm. She jokes that she hung on the bar and expected her legs to become longer, but this did not happen.

Filmography: films starring Ada Rogovtseva

Immediately after the institute, the star of Soviet cinema began to work in one of the best Kiev theaters. Soon after, she begins to act in films with the best directors of the country.

The filmography of Ada Rogovtseva soon began to replenish at a fast pace. Especially the audience loved the role of the actress in "Taming the Fire", "Ermolov", "December 32" and many others. Ada Nikolaevna herself says that the film “Eternal Call” became her favorite work.

Family and children of Ada Rogovtseva

The family and children of Ada Rogovtseva were happy for a long time in Ukraine. Currently, the star of the Soviet cinema screen lives with his daughter in Moscow. The woman is worried that incredible events are happening in her native Ukraine, which led to the ban on the entry of the popular film actress into the country. Ada Nikolaevna hopes that life in the country will soon return to normal, and she will be able to visit the graves of her beloved husband and son, who are in one of the Kiev cemeteries.

The actress is currently helping her daughter's family. She often recalls the happy years lived with her wife Konstantin, with whom they lived for almost 50 years.

The son of Ada Rogovtseva - Konstantin Stepankov

When beloved husband Konstantin passed away, the popular film actress was inconsolable for a long time. Her son, who, like his father, was called Konstantin, helped to cope with depression.

Ada Nikolaevna lived with her son’s family, educated his son and daughter. Soon the man became very sick. It turned out that he developed radiation sickness caused by excessive doses of radiation during the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident.

Despite feeling unwell, the son of Ada Rogovtseva, Konstantin Stepankov, was involved in ecology. He dreamed that there would no longer be such accidents as in Chernobyl. A young man shot a television movie about the tragic days of 1986.

Stepankov wrote many lyric works that were published shortly before the author died.

Ada Nikolaevna believed that her son would succeed in defeating oncology, but this did not happen. In mid-2013, Konstantin passed away. His grave is in Kiev.

Daughter of Ada Rogovtseva - Ekaterina Stepankova

In early 2014, a Soviet movie star decided to move to her daughter in Moscow. She hoped that a change of scenery would do her good. In addition, the film actress decided to help Katya with the education of her son.

The daughter of Ada Rogovtseva - Ekaterina Stepankova was born in the early 70s of the last century. Her dream was to become an artist and play on the stage. The first time she played in a theatrical production dedicated to the story of the life of the Ukrainian poetess Lesya Ukrainka. Then the girl began to constantly perform in the productions of the school theater.

Having received a certificate, Katya decided to become a philologist. Shortly before graduation, she becomes the wife of Taras Tkachenko, who devoted all his free time to painting. A year later, the young spouses decided to move to one of the Israeli cities. Soon the grandson of Ada Nikolaevna appears.

After living in Tel Aviv for several years, Catherine divorces her husband and decides to return home, where she receives the profession of an actress. Then he moved to Moscow, where he studied directing. Currently, Stepankova’s life is taking place in the Russian capital. A woman back in 2007 was invited by Roman Viktyuk to work in his theater, where he still works.

Ada Rogovtseva’s husband - Konstantin Stepankov

The meeting of Ada Rogovtseva with Konstantin Stepankov occurred during the admission of the girl to the theater institute. The man worked as a teacher in him and took her an exam in Russian literature.

The husband of Ada Rogovtseva - Konstantin Stepankov, a few months after their meeting, began to show signs to the girl. She became his wife after 5 years.

The artist calls her life happy. There were never quarrels in their family. Stepankov also took part in films. The audience loved the role of the actor in Roksolan, The Duma of Kovpak.

In 2004, the husband of Ada Rogovtseva passed away. The actress was very worried about his death. Saved her work, children and writing a book about her husband's life.

Wikipedia Ada Rogovtseva

Wikipedia of Ada Rogovtseva gives an idea of ​​the life and career of a popular movie actress. Here you can find out how old the artist is, what her family was, in what films she took part, what she is currently doing. The page provides information about why Ada Rogovtseva cannot visit her native Ukraine, visit the graves of her beloved people.

Ada Rogovtseva about Russia and Russians speaks out only in a positive way. She hopes that fraternal peoples will be able to overcome all difficulties.

On social networks, the star of the Soviet cinema is not registered, although there are pages of her name. They are led by fans of the actress, reporting only reliable information about Ada Nikolaevna Rogovtseva.

Public position

In August 2014, in a conversation with the Gordon publication, Rogovtseva criticized the reaction of public opinion in Russia to the speeches of Andrei Makarevich:

After all, Russia does not fight with us, from its point of view. Then why are they so angry with Makarevich? If there is no war, and the person went and accepted one of the parties to the conflict, then why should Russia react to this ?! What did he change and whom did he betray ?! Against whose will he went ?! He can’t ride and perform ?! I don’t even see the subject of conversation ... All this causes bewilderment and great, great bitterness.


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  • 2008 - Blessed - Prokhorov's wife
  • 2008 - Yermolovs - Antonina Ermolova
  • 2008 - Clowns - former trainer
  • 2008 - Mavka - Dulcinea
  • 2008 - Inheritance - Svetlana Petrovna Prokhorova
  • 2008 - Unequal - Violetta Pavlovna
  • 2008 - Adventures on a farm near Dikanka - Baba Ganna
  • 2008 - Provincial - Igor's mother
  • 2008 - Black Dress - Zinaida Fyodorovna, mother of Natasha
  • 2008 - I'll be back - grandmother
  • 2009 — 1941 — Baba Katya
  • 2009 - Shark - Lidia Petrovna
  • 2009 - It's Me - Oksana Nikolaevna, obstetrician
  • 2009 - In open water - Dulsineya Polikarpovna
  • 2009 - Taras Bulba - wife of Taras Bulba
  • 2010 - Herbarium of Masha Kolosova - Misha’s mother
  • 2010 - Brand - Olga Lugansk
  • 2010 - Mom
  • 2010 - I won’t give you to anyone - Rimma Ivanovna, teacher of a music school
  • 2011 - Cedar pierces the sky - Olga Ivanovna (Helga Schloss)
  • 2011 - Hangout Lights - Efrosinya Petrovna, mother of Lyuba
  • 2011 - Dance of our love - Valentine
  • 2011 - Dark Water - Aunt Nyura
  • 2011 - Smile of Fate - Vera Sergeevna
  • 2012 - Lovers in Kiev (movie almani) (short story "Dog Waltz") - Nadezhda Georgievna
  • 2012 - Defender - Serafima Ivanovna
  • 2012 - Efrosinha - Maria Leontyevna
  • 2012 - Waiting list - Vera Yakovlevna
  • 2012 - The personal life of investigator Savelyev - Aunt Savelyeva
  • 2012 - My Mommy - Galina Ivanovna
  • 2012 - Dreaming is not harmful - Anna Ivanovna
  • 2012 - Silver ringing of a stream - Shura's grandmother
  • 2012 - Happy Ticket - Anna Grigoryevna
  • 2013 - Agent - Ada
  • 2013 - Bad Blood - mother Efimia
  • 2013 - Late remorse - florist
  • 2013 - Rare blood type - Olga Igorevna
  • 2013 - Where there is happiness for me - Vera Ivanovna
  • 2013 - Crooked mirror of the soul - Claudia G. Makarova, Terentyev’s grandmother
  • 2013 - Police Chief - Maria Grigoryevna, retired chemistry teacher
  • 2013 - I'm near - Seraphim
  • 2014 - Boatswain Chaika - Lydia, mother of the Boatswain Chaika
  • 2014 - Lyalya Pooch - Evgeniya Semenovna Cherkasova
  • 2014 - Personal file - Nina Danilovna
  • 2014 - Dangerous Love - mother of Ivan
  • 2015 - The Red Queen - Augusta Leontyevna Florinsky
  • 2015 - Orlova and Alexandrov
  • 2015 - Bad Neighbor - Spark
  • 2015 - Fern Flower - Baba Katya
  • 2016 - The Tale of the Old Miller - Adam's mother
  • 2016 - Ask the Autumn - Oksana Timofeevna
  • 2016 - I love my husband - Pauline
  • 2017 - Ring with ruby ​​- Ekaterina Dobrovolskaya
  • 2017 - Recipe for Love - Baroness, mother of Edward
  • 2019 - 11 days from Morshin
  • 2019 - Saga

Awards and titles

  • Hero of Ukraine with the award of the Order of Power (July 12, 2007) - for selfless service to Ukraine in the field of theater and cinema, the establishment of the ideals of spiritual beauty, human dignity and kindness, many years of selfless creative work
  • Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR (1960)
  • People's Artist of the Ukrainian SSR (1967)
  • People's Artist of the USSR (June 16, 1978) - for great merits in the development of Soviet theater art
  • Honorary Citizen of Kiev (2007)
  • Honorary Citizen of Glukhov (2008)
  • The best actress of the year according to the survey of the magazine "Soviet Screen" (1971)
  • Order of Merit, I degree (January 16, 2009) - for a significant personal contribution to the consolidation of Ukrainian society, the restructuring of a democratic, social and legal state and on the occasion of the Day of Unity of Ukraine
  • Order of Merit, III degree (July 21, 1997) - for significant personal merits in the development of national culture and art, significant creative achievements
  • Order of Princess Olga of the III degree (August 22, 2002) - for significant personal contribution to the socio-economic and spiritual development of Ukraine, significant labor achievements and on the occasion of the 11th anniversary of independence of Ukraine
  • Anniversary medal "25 years of independence of Ukraine" (August 19, 2016) - for significant personal merits in the formation of independent Ukraine, the assertion of its sovereignty and the strengthening of international authority, a significant contribution to state building, socio-economic, cultural and educational development, active socio-political activity, conscientious and impeccable service to the Ukrainian people
  • Order of Friendship (July 9, 2007, Russia) - for his great contribution to the strengthening and development of Russian-Ukrainian cultural ties
  • Order of the Red Banner of Labor
  • Order of the Badge of Honor
  • Medal “For Valiant Labor. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin ”(1970)
  • Medal “In memory of the 1500th anniversary of Kiev” (1982)
  • Veteran of Labor Medal
  • State Prize of Ukraine named after Alexander Dovzhenko (September 7, 2017) - for outstanding contribution to the development of Ukrainian cinema
  • State Prize of the Ukrainian SSR named after T. Shevchenko (1981) - for performing the roles of Lyubov Andreevna Ranevskaya, Lesia Ukrainka, Nadezhda Gavrilenkova in the performances of “The Cherry Orchard” by A. P. Chekhov, “Hope” by Yu. Shcherbak, “Mistress” M. Garaeva
  • Prize of the Lenin Komsomol of the Ukrainian SSR named after N. Ostrovsky (1971)
  • Prize of the VII Moscow International Film Festival for Best Actress (film "Salute, Maria!", 1971)
  • “Kiev Pectoral” Award in the nomination “Best Actress” (Paola in the play “Lady without Camellias” by T. Rattigan) (1991-1992)
  • Crystal Elephant Award in the nomination “Outstanding Acting Family” (1996)
  • “Kiev Pectoral” Award in the nomination “Best Actress” (Rosalie in the play “Deceived” by T. Mann) (1997)
  • Kiev Pectoral Award in the nomination "For a Significant Contribution to Theater Art" (2004)
  • Winner of the nationwide Star of Ukraine promotion in the Star of Ukrainian Art nomination (2004)
  • International festival of producer films “Kino-Yalta” (Special prize “For loyalty to the profession”, 2007)
  • International N.V. Gogol Prize in Italy (2012)
  • “Kiev Pectoral” Award in the nomination “Best Actress” (Claude in the play “Looks Like Happiness” by P. Palmad and K. Duturon) (2015)
  • Prize of the Union of Theater Workers of Ukraine named after M.K. Zankovetskaya

Literary works

  • Ada Rogovtseva. My Kostya. - K.: Alterpres, 2006 .-- 284 p. - ISBN 966-542-291-X.
  • Ada Rogovtseva. Certificate of life. - Chernivtsi: Meridian Czernowitz, 2013.
  • Poetic collections: “Mother's prayers” (in Ukrainian), “I kiss your voice” (in Russian).

Filmography: films starring Ada Rogovtsev

For 35 years, the famous artist worked in the Kiev Drama Theater. In parallel, she starred in various films. After the death of her husband and beloved son, Ada Rogovtsev moved to Moscow, where he still lives with his daughter.

The filmography of the artist includes several dozen movie roles. Her most successful roles are in Bloody Dawn, Eternal Call, Pavel Korchagin and others.

Now Ada Rogovtseva is not removed. She recently wrote a book that she dedicated to her deceased son Konstantin and to people she had known throughout her life.


Watch the video: Укрощение Огня - Taming of the Fire 1972 Film English Subtitles 158 minutes (April 2020).