Rostislav Chait


Rostislav Chait
Ukrainian Rostislav Valeriyovich Khait
Birth nameRostislav Valerievich Chait
Date of BirthSeptember 21, 1971 (1971-09-21) (48 years old)
Place of BirthOdessa, Ukrainian SSR, USSR
Citizenship Ukraine
Career1991 - present
IMDbID 3136748
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Rostislav Valerievich Khait (born September 21, 1971, Odessa, USSR, USSR) - Ukrainian actor, screenwriter, producer. One of the founders of the Quartet I comic theater. He gained fame after the role of Glory in the performances “Radio Day” and “Election Day” and in the films of the same name, as well as in the films “What Men Talk About,” “What Men Still Talk About,” and the Internet series “The Quartet And According to Amstel.” Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (2018).


Father - Valery Khait - captain of the Odessa KVN team 1967-1970. Brother - Eugene Khait - member of the OVU KVN team, from 1991 to 1999, artistic director of the "Gentleman Show".

In 1978, he studied at Odessa school number 119, along with Leonid Baraz, who became his colleague in the Quartet I.

In the early 90's starred in the gentleman show program.

In 1993 he graduated from the variety faculty of GITIS, then V. Korovin was the artistic director. Leonid Barats, Alexander Demidov, as well as Kamil Larin and director Sergei Petreikov studied with him, who, after graduating from GITIS, created Quartet I.

Rostislav's best friend is Leonid Barats. They know each other from first grade.

In a 2013 interview, he declared a tolerant attitude towards homosexuals, praised the activities of Boris Yeltsin and Mikhail Gorbachev, expressed a negative opinion about Stalin’s personality and the policies of the current Russian authorities.

Rostislav Chait

Rostislav Valerievich Chait. Born September 21, 1971 in Odessa. Ukrainian actor, screenwriter. One of the founders of the Quartet I comic theater.

Rostislav Chait was born on September 21, 1971 in Odessa.

Father - Valery Khait, captain of the Odessa KVN team of 1967-1970.

Brother - Yevgeny Khait, member of the KVN OGU team in 1991-1999, artistic director of the Gentleman Show.

He studied at Odessa school number 119 together with Leonid Barats, who later became his colleague in the Quartet I. They are friends from first grade. “Personally, I don’t know how to quarrel with Alex, because I’m very impatient. And if we quarrel, it’s mainly because of work,” he said.

In the early 1990s he starred with his brother in the program "Gentleman Show".

After school, together with Leonid Baraz went to Moscow to enter the theater. Both successfully entered.

True, Mikhail Zhvanetskiy helped Rostislav become a student. As Hait admitted, he was poorly prepared for exams and when it became clear that he couldn’t do it, his father Valery Hait asked a long-time acquaintance - the famous comedian Zhvanetsky - to put in a word for his son in front of the admissions committee. And that naturally helped.

Rostislav Khait and Leonid Barats in their youth

In 1993 he graduated from the variety faculty of GITIS, artistic director of the course V. Korovin.

Leonid Barats, Alexander Demidov, Camille Larin and director Sergey Petreikov studied with him. By the way, they became friends in the first year, when they were sent for potatoes to the collective farm. Together after graduating from GITIS they created Quartet And.

On the stage of GITIS there was a debut performance - “These are all cliches”. The performance was successful, they continued to work together. Soon new performances were staged, with which they began touring first in the capital, then in Russia and the CIS countries.

He gained wide fame after the role of Glory in the performances “Radio Day” and “Election Day”, and then in the films of the same name - the Quartet I projects.

Rostislav Chait in the film "Election Day"

She also starred in the films “What Men Talk About,” “What Men Still Talk About,” “Wonderland,” and the Internet series “The Quartet And According to Amstel.”

Filmed in video clips. In particular, the Agatha Christie group. For example, in “Sailor”, Barats and Chait played orderlies carrying a stretcher with the corpse of a sailor, and in “Merry World” they played riots in straitjackets.

Often leads various events, corporate parties.

He visited Ukraine on tour during the military events in the Donbass.

"I follow all the news and I can say that everyone lies. When I get sick of everything I see, I turn off the TV. But the situation is definitely terrible. At the moment, my father and mother have become very pro-Ukrainian people, and my brother, on the contrary, it is leaning in the opposite direction. I adhere to a fairly balanced position and understand that everyone is wrong in this situation. It is insanely sorry that innocent people are dying. But it’s one thing when those who come to earn money in the war die another - when among the dead are ostye mobilized or civilians ", - he said.

Rostislav Chait in the program "Evening Urgant"

The growth of Rostislav Chait: 178 centimeters.

Personal life of Rostislav Khait:

Not married. No children.

“I don’t know when this can happen. But I’m not going to get married in the near future. As well as becoming a father,” he said in a recent interview.

At the same time, Rostislav admitted, he is very sensitive in relations with the female sex: “I cry if I find out relations with women. It is in such situations, although rarely, that I can cry. I have had this five times in my life.”

Consists in a relationship with Olga Ryzhkova. She is a dancer, performs (and very successfully) in competitions in the air sports balancing act (pole dancing).

Rostislav Chait and Olga Ryzhkova

He is fond of football (just like his friend Leonid Barats), from childhood he was an avid fan, was a fan of Odessa's Chernomorets and Dynamo Kyiv, and after moving to Russia he became a fan of St. Petersburg Zenit.

Filmography of Rostislav Khait:

1990 - Pimp Hunt - Episode
2002 - Money
2003 - Radio Day (film production) - Glory, DJ
2007 - Election Day - Glory, political strategist-creator
2008 - Radio Day - Glory
2010 - What Men Talk About - Glory
2011 - What else are men talking about - Glory
2013 - Faster than Rabbits - Glory
2015 - Wonderland - Victor Nikolaevich, Auditor
2015 - Election Day 2 - Glory

Director's work of Rostislav Khait:

2003 - Radio Day (film production)

Scenarios of Rostislav Chait:

2007 - Election Day
2008 - Radio Day
2010 - What men are talking about
2011 - What else are men talking about
2013 - Faster than Rabbits
2015 - Wonderland
2015 - Ivan Tsarevich and Gray Wolf-3 (animated)
2015 - Election Day 2

Production work of Rostislav Khait:

2008 - Radio Day
2010 - What men are talking about
2011 - What else are men talking about
2015 - Election Day 2

Life path, career, family.

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Name and surname:Rostislav Chait
Middle name:Valerevich
Name in English:Rostislav Hait
Year of birth:1971
Birthday:September 21st
Place of Birth:Odessa, Ukraine
Occupation:actor, russian actor
Height:178 cm.
Weight:81 kg.
Eastern horoscope:Boar
Social network:Wikipedia

Childhood and family

Rostislav was born and raised in the recognized capital of humor - sunny Odessa. His father, Valery Khait, once played for the Odessa KVN team. In his footsteps went the eldest brother of Rostislav, Eugene, who also successfully played in KVN during his student years, and later headed the “Gentleman Show” program, popular in the 90s.

Rostislav Chait in childhood

Rostislav warmly recalls his childhood and still comes every year to visit his hometown. In the first grade, he met Leni Baraz, who became his bosom friend and like-minded person. The boys played football together in the sports section at the local Chornomorets, attended a theater studio and dreamed of conquering Moscow after graduation.

Rostislav Chait with mom

And so it happened: Barats and Chait easily passed all the stages of the competition and the first time they were enrolled in the variety faculty of GITIS, which they successfully graduated in 1993. True, it is rumored that Mikhail Zhvanetsky put in a good word for Rostislav, whom Valery Khait in a friendly manner asked to pat for his son.

Creative way

In his student years, Rostislav and Lenya made friends with Alexander Demidov and Kamil Larin. The guys decided to organize their own humorous project like the famous "Gentleman Show", in which Rostislav participated several times at the invitation of his brother. Having infected Sergey Petreikov, a fellow student, with their idea, they created their own impromptu humorous mini-theater, which they called Quartet I.

Rostislav Chait and Leonid Barats are familiar from school

The premiere of the debut performance “It's All Stamps” took place on the educational stage of GITITS and was a great success. Inspired students immediately began to create new performances, which were also warmly received by the public. Gradually, Quartet I began to conquer other metropolitan scenes, and soon the young artists went on their first tour of the country.

Rostislav Chait in his youth

In parallel with theatrical activities, Hait tried his hand at cinema. In 1990, he first appeared on the screen in the film “Hunting for a Pimp,” in which he played a small supporting role. Then, after a long break, he, along with Barats and Demidov, starred in the comedy series Ivan Dykhovichny “Money”.

Rostislav Chait in the movie "Pimp Hunt"

Having accumulated a sufficient amount of unique material, Hait and the guys from Quartet I decided to film his play Radio Day, which by then had already gathered full halls in the capital’s theaters. Rostislav played the role of DJ Glory in it, and also acted as a producer, screenwriter and director of this project.

Rostislav Chait as part of the Quartet I

The success of the film-performance exceeded all expectations, and it was decided to shoot a full-length picture. Almost simultaneously, “Radio Day” and “Election Day”, saturated with topical satire, appeared on the screens, which became absolute hits of the box office and glorified Rostislav Khait and the rest of the Quartet I in the entire post-Soviet space.

This was followed by an equally successful painting, “What Men Talk About,” which finally cemented their success. The following pictures with the participation of Hait and the company were accepted with a bang by the audience: “What else are men talking about”, “Faster than rabbits”, “Wonderland”.

Personal life of Rostislav Khait

Despite the frenzied popularity among women, Rostislav Khait was never married, has no children and positions himself as a convinced bachelor. Recently, however, he has more and more appeared in public with a young dancer and champion in equilibristics Olga Ryzhkova.

Rostislav Chait and Olga Ryzhkova

Lovers have been dating since 2012, and in February 2018, for the first time, they took part in a joint photo shoot for OK magazine. Perhaps this blond beauty will be able to drag a stubborn bachelor into the registry office.

Quartet And

The creative biography of Rostislav Chait began in his student years. At the invitation of his brother, the beginning artist from the beginning of the 90s participated in the recordings of the program "Gentleman Show". The programs were aired on RTR, ORT, and Ukrainian Inter. In 1995, the creators of the show received the TEFI Award. But Rostislav dreamed of his own project. In 1993, Khait together with Leonid Baraz, Alexander Demidov, Kamil Larin and Sergey Petreikov created a humorous theater called “Quartet I”.

Camille Larin, Leonid Barats, Alexander Demidov, Rostislav Khait. Quartet And

The Quartet's debut took place on the GITIS stage: the guys staged the first performance “These are all cliches”. The performance was successful. Artistry and humor were worthily appreciated by classmates and teachers. The guys, inspired by their first success, continued to work together. Soon, the artists staged new performances. At first, Muscovites appreciated the work, but then crowded rooms and constant full houses pushed Quartet I to tour the country. Then the theater-goers presented an opportunity to enjoy performances and spectators in the CIS countries.

Rostislav Chait, along with colleagues from the humorous quartet, is known not only as an actor, but also as a wonderful host of celebrations and concerts. Together with friends, Rostislav participated in the broadcast "Mexican villains", which was broadcast on the air of Our Radio.

Actor Rostislav Chait

Fame Rostislav Chait and colleagues brought performances, scripts for which the artists wrote together. First of all, it is Radio Day. Sparkling humor and a brilliant game of charming young actors, the audience appreciated immediately. Hait and colleagues continued to work in the direction that brought success. Soon the performances "La Comedy, or We will entertain you with all the means that are good." Then on stage were played "Acting Games" and the continuation of "La Comedy." A new project called “Election Day”, in which the emphasis was on politics, also brought success.


The film debut of Rostislav Chait took place in 1990. The young artist appeared in the episode of the crime drama Vadim Derbenev “The Hunt for the Pimp”, where the main characters were played by Andrei Sokolov, Igor Vernik, Aristarkh Livanov, Vera Sotnikova, Tatyana Dogileva. The next time, Rostislav starred after 12 years in the comedy of Ivan Dykhovichny “Money”. This was the first film in which members of the Quartet I comic theater appeared together on a movie screen. The producer of Our Radio Mikhail Kozyrev and the stars of the comedy genre Andrei Krasko and Nonna Grishaeva also participated in the film.

Rostislav Khait and Leonid Barats in the film “Election Day”

In 2007, a new stage in the cinematic biography of Rostislav Khait began. The Quartet decided to transfer creativity to the big screen. So the audience of the country saw the comedy directed by Oleg Fomin “Radio Day”, and a year later - “Election Day”, which was shot by Dmitry Dyachenko with the participation of the production center Alexander Tsekalo. Rostislav Chait and colleagues woke up famous.

The children succeeded in strengthening stellar success by means of the adaptation of the remaining performances. The theater project “Middle-aged Men Talking about Women, Cinema, and Aluminum Forks” turned into a hit of Russian cinema, and the actors won the fame of the stars. In 2010, participants in the comedy theater became producers and screenwriters of the film "What Men Talk About", in which they played the main roles. The comedy was shot in the genre of road movie and in the Russian box office raised $ 12 million. The musical accompaniment for the film was created by the forces of the Bi-2 group.

A year later, the artist’s filmography was replenished with a new work - a continuation of the sensational comedy entitled “What else are men talking about,” in which already familiar characters were shown in the New Year’s setting. Rental fees exceeded the previous record by $ 7 million.

In 2013, the actors began filming the next theatrical masterpiece of the same name, “Faster than Rabbits.” In the new project, Rostislav acted as a screenwriter and lead actor. Music for the comedy was written by the participants of the Agatha Christie duet - brothers Vadim Samoilov and Gleb Samoilov.

These tapes received the love of the audience for their easy and truly subtle humor. Films are filled with witty dialogues that you want to memorize and quote. In these tapes, Rostislav Chait appeared in the image of a hero named Slavik. He is a radio presenter and creative creator in the elections.

In many of the projects in which Rostislav Chait participated, there is a sharp satire on modern politics. In "Election Day" and its continuation there are many attacks against current politicians. But the comedy “Faster than Rabbits” is a story about three friends-revelers who spent such a stormy day that in the morning the merry men took a lot of effort to recall the events the day before.

One of the last comic projects in which Rostislav Chait appeared is the comedies Election Day 2 and Wonderland. The premiere of the second film took place on January 1, 2016. Once again, the authors of the script were Rostislav Khait, Leonid Barats and Sergey Petreikov. In the film, Rostislav got the role of the auditor Viktor Nikolaevich.

Football and scene

At first they dreamed of becoming footballers. The older brother taught him to kick the ball, after which any more or less spacious ground could become a football field for him. The Odessa apartment in which Chait lived with his parents, brother, grandparents, consisted of two adjacent rooms, the opening between them became the gateway to which he aimed, but regularly got out the window.

Grandmother called him a “sanctuary” for this, but Slava did not know more severe punishments - and continued to do whatever he wanted with the ball.

The realization that football players wouldn’t work out came to them with Baraz in middle school. Then they drew attention to the scene: to play and parody classmates was their second favorite pastime. After school, it was decided to go to Moscow, to enter GITIS.

Even in Odessa, friends agreed: if one does not enter, the second also picks up the documents and leaves. The surname of Baraz was named the second of the fifteen applicants. To the fourteenth point, Slava looked at Pale Lesha and frantically wondered what he would say to his friends in Odessa. Fortunately, the fifteenth was called Chait.

Now he is not embarrassed, he admits, - he did it by pulling, thanks to a call from Mikhail Zhvanetsky to the institute, about which Father Rostislav asked. Zhvanetsky was visiting their Odessa apartment, but only a few years ago he realized for whom he had once requested the leadership of GITIS.

“Zhvanetsky began to identify me five years ago. Before that, I greeted him about thirty times. But he did not remember me. Well, some kind of bald young man greets him - how many of these pass before him, ”Chait said.

At the variety faculty of GITIS, from a duet with Leonid Baraz turned into a quartet.

From potatoes to the theater

They met with Alexander Demidov on the collective farm, where they sent the course to dig potatoes. Before meeting with Odessa residents, Demidov did not drink alcohol, but then he immediately had to drink ginger tincture. The last to join the company was Camille Larin, who had previously entered GITIS three times, but only in the fourth - successfully.

When an acting teacher once noticed that their joint studies are always successful, the guys first thought about creating their own theater.

“In general, the idea of ​​creating a theater arises for each course of graduates. But there is a great distance between the idea and the embodiment. We did it, ”says Hait.

Before the performance, which made them famous - “Radio Day” - everything happened. The four of them were looking for sponsors for performances, worked in night clubs and host weddings. Once at a corporate party, tipsy drivers literally drove artists off the stage - this was the shortest performance of the Quartet in history.

The production of “Radio Day” was the first when Hait and friends did not see empty seats in the hall. After this, things went uphill: “Election Day,” “Talking to Middle-aged Men,” and their other works invariably became hits first on the stage and then on the screen.

Now Rostislav has all the attributes of a successful, successful man. Except family.

“Unmarried Glory”

His hero in most of the performances and films of the Quartet And is largely attributed to Rostislav himself. Since the time of their first popularity, fans have been closely watching his personal life and see in her luxurious beautiful girls replacing one another.

But Chait had serious novels. The first happened in the institute years and lasted until the premiere of Radio Day. The actor does not name the girl, but calls their relationship one of the most important in life.

They met on the Odessa beach and continued to communicate in Moscow. Together with Slava, she experienced periods of lack of money, lack of work, and sometimes food. Having overcome all this, they could not save their love.

“It became terrible when I started quarreling with my girlfriend. These are the first serious negative emotions that I experienced in my life. Before, we never had a fight with her at all, ”Chait admitted.

After their separation, he did not seek a serious relationship. Remember the scene from the movie “What are the men talking about?” In which Slava introduces all his mistresses to his wife? There were no fewer women in Hait’s life, but there was no one to meet them. The place of the wife of the 46-year-old actor has been and remains vacant so far.

They say that he can be occupied by a friend of Rostislav Olga Ryzhkova, with whom they have been together for five years. The second longest relationship also began on the beach in Odessa - Hait began to care for the girl, despite the fact that she was not free. Recently, Olga’s finger flaunts a golden ring that looks like a wedding ring. But the couple is in no hurry to disclose their wedding plans.

Childhood and youth

Rostislav, like many legendary comedians, was born in Odessa. The boy was born on September 21, 1971 in a creative family where father Valery Khait, a Jew by nationality, was the captain of the Odessa KVN team from 1967 to 1970. Later, Valery engaged in prose, drama and poetry, published several books.

In addition to Rostislav, the family grew up his son Eugene, who followed in his father's footsteps and for 8 years was the art director of the popular "Gentleman Show". Eugene taught his younger brother to play football, so from the age of 4 Rostislav had been chasing the ball on the street and around the apartment. Studying in elementary grades, the boy enrolled in the football school of the Odessa club Chernomorets.

In the 1st grade of school No. 119, where Rostislav Khait went, the boy met Leonid Barats. This friendship was decisive in the life of students. Together, the children drove football and attended the theater club, which operated at the school. Here they went on stage, playing in amateur performances.

Rostislav Khait informed his relatives about the dream of becoming an artist, being a 3rd grade student. Even then, the boy knew that the acting profession was the only one he dreamed about. Therefore, at the end of school, Chait did not think where he would go: there was no alternative to a theater university.

The question was which institute and where the future artist will be storming. Rostislav decided not to trifle and went to conquer Moscow. He arrived in the capital with his faithful friend Leonid Baraz. The youths first entered GITIS, where they attended the course of Vladimir Korovin. A diploma was awarded to Rostislav Khait in 1993, after graduating from the variety department.


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