Ustinova, Tatyana Vitalievna


Tatyana Ustinova is a well-known Russian writer, author of detective works, as well as a television presenter of such programs as “My Hero”, “Hour of Judgment”. Leading fans are often interested in the details of her biography and personal life. That is why in this article you can find answers to questions: who is Tatyana Vasilyeva’s husband, whether she has children, how Tatyana Vasilyeva’s personal life has developed, what kind of relationship prevails in the family of stars, etc.

Personal life of Tatyana Vasilyeva

In 1983, the wedding celebration of Tatyana Ustinova. Her husband was a student at Moscow State University Evgeny Ustinov. At that time, the newlyweds studied at one educational institution. According to the woman herself, initially she did not feel serious feelings for her husband, but later she realized that it was this man who should be with her throughout his life.

Tatyana Ustinova has two children. With a difference of ten years in the family, two sons were born - Timothy and Michael. According to the presenter, for the first and second time, when her husband found out about his wife’s pregnancy, he directly wore it in his arms with happiness.

In the photo: Tatyana Ustinova, her husband and sons

When Ustinova began her writing career, her marriage was on the verge of collapse. For some time, Eugene and Tatiana lived separately. Fortunately, soon the relationship of the lovers got better. A new period began in their married life.

On the Internet there are many photos in which the presenter is captured in the company of her beloved men - sons and spouse. You can also often find photographs in which a woman appeared before the public during work.

Biography of Tatyana Ustinova

The biography of Tatyana Ustinova began on April 21, 1968 in a family of Moscow engineers. According to the writer herself, she received a love of reading and literature from her mother, who herself almost never released any interesting book from her hands. It’s known that little Tatyana absolutely did not like to attend kindergarten and a general educational institution. But, despite this, she completed school with honors.

Writer and TV host Tatyana Ustinova

After receiving the certificate, Tatyana Ustinova became a student at the Physicotechnical Institute, which, according to the woman herself, was a real waste of time. After some time, the future celebrity realized that she would never work by profession, since she absolutely did not like this one.

After graduation, the heroine of this article was in a kind of confusion. Due to the fact that she could not find work, she was soon overcome by mild depression. Later, a sister came to her aid, who at that time was already working at the VGTRK. So, Ustinova became the owner of the post of secretary on television. But in this position she did not work long. Seven months later, the girl was offered to work on the translation of American television programs. Tatyana agreed, and soon she with pleasure started a new job. After some time, Ustinova became an editor. At that time, she began to write her first novels.

In 2000, Tatyana Ustinova presented to her large audience her first collection of short stories. After this, a break occurred in the career of the writer, which was associated with work in the Press Service of the President of the Russian Federation. The woman worked in her new position for several years, but due to large-scale changes in the political system of the Russian Federation, she was dismissed from her post.

After that, she again began working on television, but after some time, due to insufficient funding, her department was closed, and she herself had to leave her previous place of work. At that time, she again began to engage in writing.

Already in 2003, her first novel, “Personal Angel,” appeared on the shelves of bookstores. This book was successful, so representatives of the publisher, with whom the writer collaborated, invited her to write several more books. Tatyana decided to do just that. Soon, the books of the writer began to be published one after another.

Tatyana Ustinova currently

Since 2015, Tatyana Ustinova has been conducting the television program My Hero on the television channel TVC. The guests of the writer are popular actors, writers, politicians, directors and other public figures. Tatyana is able to build a conversation so that the hero can appear on the side that is completely unknown to the public.

In addition to working on television, Ustinova continues to delight fans with new works, not only in the romantic genre, but also in the detective story. In 2016, two books were published: “Wait for the Unexpected” and “The Ecumenical Conspiracy. Eternal date. " Already in 2017, a writer’s book entitled “Selfies with Fate” appeared on sale.


Angel flying 2006—2008 Storybook: “An Angel Flew”, “Magic Light”, “That's the Story”, “I've Never Been on the Bosphorus”, “My Phone Rang”, “Clock with a Secret”.
Close people 2003 In the morning, deputy Chernov phoned him and informed him that he had found the corpse of handyman Murkin at a supermarket construction site.
Prime time goddess 2003 Well-known TV presenter Arina Khrabrova begins to receive letters with threats. Criminals are looking for some kind of video.
Big evil and petty dirty tricks 2003 The Minister of Press and Information Potapov decided to go to the evening of former graduates unexpectedly for himself.
Always say always" 2010—2012 In 4 parts. The story of the rebirth of a woman after the collapse of her world.
Somewhere on the edge of the world 2013 Lily Molchanova goes to the ends of the earth, in Anadyr, on a business trip to the radio station.
The genius of empty space 2006 Four namesake friends - Dmitriev, two in business, two in science. One is killed.
Dowry Phantom House 2005 On two girlfriends living in a strange house on Chistye Prudy, the corpse of a neighbor falls.
Life is rumored to be one! 2008 In St. Petersburg, Gleb Zvonitsky unexpectedly met Katya, whose father he served for a long time.
Law of Reverse Magic 2004 Anfisa Korzhikova works in a pharmacy and unravels crimes.
Reserve instinct 2003 The murder of the deputy director of a web design firm owned by Arseny Troepolsky.
Well of Forgotten Desires 2007 The murder of an antique dealer, theft from the museum of the Demidov collection and the icon of Seraphim of Sarov.
Blood relatives ("AST")
The myth of the perfect man (Eksmo)
2002 Surgeon Sergei Mertsalov is found dead. Recently, someone has been following him, just like Klava Kovaleva, a poor single woman, a former orphanage.
My general 2002 Thirty-five-year-old unmarried Marina Evgenievna Korsunskaya, after defending a dissertation in mathematics, goes on vacation.
My personal enemy 2003 It seems to TV journalist Alexandra Potapova that there are only enemies around.
In one breath! 2009 After the death of rich Vladimir Razlogov, his widow Glafira, whom he loved less than his dog, is trying to figure out who is to blame.
Uncut edges2011 Alex Shan-Giray No. 2. Decides that he must regain himself and regain freedom. And so she parted with Manya Polivanova, a woman of her whole life. And the head of the IT department of the publishing house is in trouble, having brought Dan Stoletov’s magazines to the dacha of a famous TV presenter.
One day, one night 2012 Alex Shan-Girey No. 3. They kill a vulgar columnist who pinned himself without inviting him to visit Mana.
One shadow for two 2003 The protagonist of the novel is a fashionable architect, a big bore.
Big Dipper Oligarch 2004 Lisa Arsenyeva, the head of a successful advertising agency, is acquiring a suspicious neighbor resembling a homeless person.
From the first to the last word 2007 In the hospital, the scandalous writer Evgeny Gritsuk dies, and the TV presenter practically accuses the surgeon Dmitry Dolgov of the death of a literary celebrity.
Hotel of last resort 2006 The hotel, where Nadezhda Zvonareva, abandoned by her husband, is working, is getting ready to receive the king.
Queen's first rule 2003 Inna Seliverstova, head of the information department of the Beloyarsk Territory, in trouble - the governor was killed.
Special Purpose Friend 2002 An elderly and ugly Varvara Lapteva works as a secretary, lives poorly, but calmly, until visitors begin to die in the office of the authorities.
Vices and their fans 2002 Vladimir Arkhipov calmly lived in a luxurious bachelor flat, until a neighbor died and left his apartment and his foster “orphan girl” as his inheritance.
Five steps in the clouds 2005 The famous detective writer Melissa Sineokova was kidnapped during a trip to St. Petersburg.
Divorce and maiden name 2002 A year ago, Kira divorced her husband. Their thirteen-year-old son, Tim, dreams of reconciling them. And such an incident presented himself to him when someone shot the chief Kira, right on the landing of their house, and she was suspected of murder. Tim calls to the aid of his father.
A bag with a bright future 2005 The famous detective writer is forbidden to go to Kiev, threatening the children of his secretary.
Big game ("AST")
Seventh heaven (Eksmo)
2003 Lidia Sheveleva, correspondent for the newspaper Vremya, go!!, Received incriminating evidence against Yegor Shubin, head of the legal service of the oligarch’s holding, Timofey Koltsov.
From heaven to earth 2011 Alex Shan Giray No. 1.
Immediately after the creation of the world 2013 The oligarch, having discovered that his wife is cheating, is hiding in a cottage in the Tver region, where he does not pick up the phone, bears roam from a nearby storage room, and the neighbors know everything about each other.
Where we are not 2009 Story. An old friend died, falling out of a window, relations with his beloved wife completely went wrong.
Tverskaya, 8 2009 Story. About the Moscow bookstore.
Third Thursday of November 2010 Story. The heroine, an employee of a large company, travels from Moscow to St. Petersburg to find out the reasons for the disappearance of an employee of the company and documents that disappeared with her. An old friend appears in her life again, and a new lover begins to annoy ...
Chronicle of the vile times 2002 Cyril helps Nastya investigate the death of her grandmother.
I am a judge. God's gift 2010 In collaboration with Pavel Astakhov. Judge Lena Kuznetsova conducts two cases simultaneously: the first is about the rights to a child born by a surrogate mother, the second is about the deprivation of parental rights.
I am a judge. Credulity credit 2013 In collaboration with Pavel Astakhov. Judge Lena Kuznetsova will decide the fate of Viktor Malyshev and his children, who are about to lose their apartment, which was once bought on a mortgage. At the same time, her sister falls into the clutches of credit fraudsters.
Thunderstorm over the sea ("AST")
Personal angel (Eksmo)
1999 The first mention of Timothy Koltsov. Journalist Katerina Solntseva began her own investigation to find out the truth about a powerful man.
One hundred years of travel 2014 An expert at the State Duma, Doctor of Historical Sciences Dmitry Shakhovskoy understands the murder of the director of the museum on Vozdvizhenka, next to which they found an old cup of Meissen porcelain and several letters from the beginning of the 20th century. To understand what happened at the crime scene, Shakhovsky needs to restore the events of almost a century ago - the history of the First Duma, the defeat of a terrorist cell, the arrest of bombers.
Ark Brand 2014 In the mountains of the circumpolar Urals, Buran catches a group of poorly prepared tourists who have gathered on a trip "over the Internet." A freezing group is found by Mark Ledogorov and escorts to a taiga cordon, more like an ark
Shakespeare is my friend, but truth is dearer 2015 On a business trip to Nizhny Novgorod, director Maxim Ozerov and his partner Feda Velichkovsky will record a performance for the radio. However, a crime occurs in the theater, and not one.
Your works are wonderful, Lord 2015 As soon as Andrei Ilyich Bogolyubov assumes the post of director of the Museum of Fine Arts in Pereslavl, truly strange things begin to happen around him.
Ecumenical conspiracy, continued:Eternal date 2016 Maroussia and Grisha begin an investigation into the murder of a ufologist committed at the Planetarium.
Wait for the unexpected 2016 Tasha sets off on his last vacation on a motor ship along the Volga. On the very first evening, a man and a dog are left overboard, Tasha bravely and recklessly rushes after them. And this is only the beginning of strange, sinister and love affairs.
Selfies with fate2017 A rich lady was found strangled in the shop "Folk Craft" in the village of Sokolnichy. She often visited the village, generously sacrificed to restore the bell tower and was respected. The culprit - a drunkard staggering nearby - was detained in hot pursuit ... Professor Ilya Subbotin arrives in the village to establish the truth.
Gravity2017 There are four of them. A pilot from Anadyr, a famous art critic, a shaman from the Altai village, a fashionable Moscow artist. Each of them has their own life, but an emergency situation arises, and these four come together. More precisely - they are collected for the task. The director died in the Tambov library, and after this strange events took place - the library was crushed, as if all the treasures of the world were trying to find in it, and clearly someone was watching the staff. What exactly was hidden among the books. And why is it so important to find it.
The Phantom of Kant (Eksmo) ISBN 978-5-04-091624-5 2018 Engineer Vasily Merkuryev goes on vacation and does not want any adventures. But they begin: a murder takes place on an abandoned lighthouse ...
Stars and Foxes (Eksmo) ISBN 978-5-04-104942-3 2018 The famous rapper Alexander or Sandro Galitsky, better known as ParaDon’tOzz, wakes up after a stormy party due to the fact that brave policemen come for him. But the servants of the law didn’t enter to scold the violent youth, which troubled their neighbors. They handcuffed the singer, taken to the police station, and then charged with murder! Soon, Alexander’s brother, Nikolai or Nick, an employee of one of the Moscow research institutes, was also brought to the police.
Beauty ("Eksmo"), (together with Pavel Astakhov) ISBN 978-5-04-101977-8 2019A new novel from the series “Judicial Cases” from one of the most famous creative duets - Tatyana Ustinova and Pavel Astakhov - tells about beauty and youth. Is it worth resorting to the help of plastic surgery or is each unique in its peculiarity, the very wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, huge cheeks, the non-classical shape of the nose - all that makes a person one in a million? Is it worth keeping youth at all costs or can one age beautifully? Judge Elena Kuznetsova is confronted with these issues at the trial of Eleanor Sushkina, who, she herself claims, was disfigured in a well-known plastic surgery clinic. But was it really so.
Moscow detective (Eksmo), (Ustinova T.V., Garmash-Roffe T.V., Litvinov A. and S. et al.) ISBN 978-5-04-101921-1 2019No wonder Moscow is called New Babylon. Many languages, human destinies and passions intersect in this amazing city. But sometimes the clash of the traditional way of life, hospitality, hospitality and the cruel laws of modern life leads to unexpected consequences ... Recognized masters of the detective genre - Tatyana Ustinova, Anna and Sergey Litvinovy, Tatyana Garmash-Roffe and others - reveal all the secrets and mysteries of the capital's life in their action-packed stories. .

Marriage of convenience

- This year will be 25 years since we Eugene got married, says Tatyana Ustinova. - When in childhood I listened to a song Valentina Tolkunova “Silver weddings - an extinct bonfire, silver weddings - a heartfelt conversation,” I always imagined two old men who go hand in hand along the boulevard in felt bots and old coats. Remember the past. I could not imagine that in my silver wedding I would adore looking at my husband and wondering what kind of jeans he would buy so that his long athletic legs looked beautiful.Every time I see Zhenya to work, I think exclusively about how I would not be taken away by young female employees. Although with Zhenya we had a classic marriage of convenience.

Married to avenge

In fact, Eugene was not even my gentleman! He just needed blood from his nose to go to graduate school. And it was easier to get a place if you didn’t apply for a hostel. His marriage proposal is a completely plain story. Eugene escorted me home - we had a common company. He brought me to the porch and said: "Actually, I would marry you." I asked: “If only what?” - “Well, if you had agreed.” I said, "I agree." And he married me. Although I did not like him at all! If you saw a photograph of my husband at that time, he would not have excited you either. It looked awful. And according to the horoscope Taurus, the picture is very important to me.

He was terribly combed, he had yellow hair, sleek on one side, like Hitler’s. Then, he fought in a boarding school, and he had no tooth. (Zhenya studied at a special boarding school for gifted children, who, by the way, graduated and Konstantin Raikin) My wife always had short pants. Hairdresser Misha, who cut my hair and the young bridegroom before the wedding, then told my aunt: “This is some kind of horror. The girl, too, in general, is not very. But even she could have found better. "

And then I was very in love with another young man. He was beautiful, we read some books with him, recited Homer. And this young man treated me badly - he left me, and so disgustingly. We met for a year and a half, and then he told me: "I will never marry you, I better eat my passport near the registry office." I began to do everything that 17-year-old girls do when they are abandoned by their beloved. I searched in myself for flaws, vices, found them. I thought that this was all because of my huge growth, because of the bust of the 18th size, because I am wearing glasses, that I am not a good student, I cannot be interesting to him. For many years terrible complexes gnawed at me: I am "not like that." And then I had the thought: I should take revenge on him. Marry. So that he does not think that he rejected me. At that moment, Zhenya turned up. I say this, not at all embarrassed or worried that my husband will read it now. Because neither he nor I neither then nor now deceived themselves. We understood that we did not have any universal love.

But the man who saved me from the crazy complex was just my husband. Eugene from the moment he married me, never doubted me. Always with the stubbornness of a maniac he repeats: "You are the best." At first I did not believe him, over the years, I began to laugh. Then she began to believe. And then I became the best of all.

“I was overwhelmed with depression”

At first I was just wondering: how is it to be married. But our family life did not deliver joy to me. To celebrate our honeymoon, we went as follows: my newly made husband, me, my sister and her friend. We didn’t go somewhere, but to my mother-in-law in the city of Kaliningrad. Due to his postgraduate studies, Zhenya had to leave this newlyweds paradise earlier. I came back a week later. I remember how the train takes me to Moscow to my young spouse. I look out the window and think: “That would be happiness if I were a widow now.”

Everything was very difficult in family life. Highly. Oh my god, he did the opposite! Eugene was terrible, he is now terrible. He never listens to me, he is always engaged exclusively in what interests him, and never in what interests me. And during the honeymoon, it was a nightmare. He got drunk with his neighbor in the country when we went to the seaside. I remember: my husband, completely drunk, crawls into the sea and shouts: "Come here, shakes less here." So now, when I hear from the girls about how all the men in the world owe them everything, I am having a lot of fun.

To please my eye, having received my first salary in my life, I went to the posh Stockmann store and bought a jacket for my husband. For what I was horribly hit by my mother: “Why are you putting him on all the time? In figs do you need this? Dress yourself! ”But I remember the postulate Coco Chanel: “A woman, in order to feel confident, must wear black trousers, a black turtleneck and go arm in arm with an interesting man.” For me, this is absolutely true. I know for sure that before I buy boots or a dress for myself, I have to buy Zhenya a suit and tie. And then everything will be fine with us.

Although the thought that I should change this terrible share for some better did not occur to me. I knew: the choice was made, and he is. Therefore, further it is already necessary to proceed from this choice. As a matter of fact, the exact same upbringing is in Zhenya’s family. It never occurred to him to divorce me. For which I am grateful to him just incredible.

My first pregnancy came in 1991. It was a disaster in that hungry time. But there was no way out: I am allergic, and the doctor, a friend of our family, said that in no case should pregnancy be terminated, the next one might not be. From the first minute of pregnancy to the last minute, and I'm not exaggerating now, I was tormented by terrible toxicosis. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t drink, I couldn’t breathe either, I couldn’t. It was a difficult period, not at all joyful, not at all romantic. When the baby was born, I was struck by severe depression. Honor and praise to my husband that he did not pay attention to any of my moans, cries and snot. Although he never comforted me, I was very angry with him and offended. I sobbed for several months. No one knew why, instead of the joy of motherhood, such an ambush. Plus, add absolute lack of money, lack of work, food, etc.

The child screamed day and night, not closing his mouth. I rocked it until three at night, and then until the morning, Zhenya. To our son Bear now 21 years old, he continues to scream, not closing his mouth day and night, he has such a temperament. Second son Timothy, also turned out to be unplanned. But we were very happy with this news. I have a sister, Zhenya has a brother. And we both wanted our Bear not to grow alone.

“We met in traffic”

I always wrote and everything. Some fantastic stories, letters from my mother-in-law on 12 pages. My boss Sergey Vladimirovich Skvortsov, whom I worked as an assistant on television, looked for some papers, but found my love stories. He said: “Ustinova, you must write!” I did not attach any significance to his words. Then I was fired again from work - this is the television and journalistic life. I ended up with nothing. My husband said: "You write all the time, let's try to print it." I wrote. We took this story to the publisher, whose phone was found in the directory. It was printed. Since then it has gone ...

Actually, because of my sudden popularity, Zhenya and I broke up. My life then changed a lot, and at some point I thought that I deserved something more. I wanted to punish Zhenya for never listening to me, I did not want to delve into the complexity of my life. He was always the same as he was when we got married. At first I snorted, made him some remarks. Then she could not stand it and said: "We must live separately." (He speaks very quietly.) It was the worst day in our life, I will never forget it. At that moment, when I agreed on the phrase “to live separately”, I understood, looking at Zhenya: something absolutely irreparable happened. The final one. We both died at that moment. He moved out the next day. I returned from work - there is neither him nor things.

I stopped sleeping. Terrible insomnia did not let me go for a very long time. To somehow pass the time, I watched a movie about Fantomas. There were three films on the disc with Louis de Funes and Jean mare - I now know these comedies by heart. And so, watching the film for the hundredth time, I suddenly realized that I had to call Zhenya. Time - three in the morning. Eugene picks up the phone, completely sleepy. And I absolutely peppy voice: "Zhen! You know, I'm watching Fantomas! ”-“ So what? ”-“ Can you imagine, here people shoot cigars, holding them in their teeth? ” - "Yes. So what? ”-“ So what? ” But this is impossible! From any shot is recoil. Can you imagine the impact on their teeth? ”How he laughed at these three o'clock in the morning! Just flooded. “Ustinova, you are the best,” he told me, “only you can call at three o’clock in the morning and say that the cigars in the Fantomas film cannot work, because it’s good for the teeth.” (Smiles.) A funny story, yes.

Once we met with him on a bridge on Volgogradsky Prospekt. Zhenya rode in one direction, I in the other. We slowed down opposite each other - there was a traffic jam. And parted. Like in some bad spy movie. And then each of us went in his own direction. And then I realized: for what everything was up to - for my husband to start paying attention to me, to watch a TV program with my participation or to take an interest in my business trip to Chelyabinsk - it makes no sense. Because we parted on this bridge, and then it makes no difference - I’m going to give an interview or to Chelyabinsk.

I was terribly lonely without him. Actually, I called Zhenya every day, finding different pretexts. And he also called me every day. My sister scolded me for this: “Ustinova, you are doing something completely different from what you need. Your plan should start a new life! But you have no new life beginning! You just do what you sob, and during breaks you call him all the time. ”

I began to make cunning plans for how to make peace with Zhenya. And somehow so as not to look like an idiot at all. I must say that nothing came of smart plans - my husband saw me through and through, as he does now. He understood everything. By the way, Zhenya always invited me on dates, but I refused all the time - I brought up Zhenya. How am I going to date him when the upbringing has just begun ?!

“Woman's footprints were everywhere.”

And then I found out that a young researcher is encroaching on Zhenya. She knew her name, who she was. Everything is clear - a young man who has remained unowned will not remain such for a long time.

Then, when I began to agree and come on dates, traces of the presence of a woman in Zhenya’s apartment were everywhere. Not that the second toothbrush was in a glass. But there were some gifts, postcards, souvenirs for February 23, Valentine's Day. Everything was clear and incredibly painful. And I'm a pathologically jealous person. With a vengeful sense of ownership, I threw all these gifts! Zhenya did not mind. He had a lot of fun.

When we began to meet again, it seemed to us that we should do it secretly from our parents - so that they would not condemn us. We seem to have broken up, adults: we parted, so parted. Why did we all lie - by golly, I don’t know! Such insanity! Once my mother caught us in a car. And Zhenya and I then lied that he was on a business trip, and I spend the night with my girlfriend. Mom pretended not to see anything. A huge role in the fact that we went "underground", played Natasha Bondarchuk. She invited me to the play “The Snow Queen”. Having made an independent voice, I called Zhenya: “Natalya Sergeevna invites us to the Moscow Art Theater. Maybe we’ll go out with the children? ”-“ Yes, of course! ”

Our reunion - oh, that's a great story! Zhenya flew away on a business trip to Yugorsk. We agreed that after her he would come to our home in Kratovo, where I lived with our sons and my parents. This was already a period when, with a quiet glanders, we went to each other with might and main dates. I say: “Dear parents, Zhenya will come to dinner today after a business trip.” They answer: "Yes, of course." Mom pretends that she did not see us hiding in the car. And dad was delighted. The children were also happy. It is evening. Zhenya calls: “Our flight from Siberia is delayed. It’s not clear when I’ll come, but if you’re waiting for me, then I’ll come. ” “We are waiting, come, of course.” Time is very late, he calls again: “We are only now flying out. And fly another three hours. But can I come anyway? ”“ Of course, come! ”I remember how I was waiting for him, how the taxi stopped. In the morning, our son Mishka came to our bedroom and said: “Ah, dad!” And he immediately began to ask him some questions. The upsurge of feelings that arose at that moment continues to this day.

You know, I don’t believe in passion marriages. Most likely, they are doomed to failure. People need to understand what and why they are doing to be together 5 minutes after marriage, 5 months, 5 years or 50. Marriage is work. And both should do this job. Both! If one does not want to do it or cannot, due to some circumstances, everything will fall apart. The team will lose because no one defends its goal.


The first book of Tatyana Ustinova “Personal Angel” was published in 1999 and immediately sold out in a large print run. Thanks to the successful debut of the writer, Eksmo Publishing House has entered into a long-term contract with Ustinova. Following the first novel, the books Chronicle of Heinous Times, Vices and Their Fans, Divorce and Maiden Name are sent to the press.

Books by Tatyana Ustinova

In 2003, another 8 detective stories were published by Ustinova, among whom the most popular were My Personal Enemy, Big Evil and Petty Mischief, Close Friends, One Shadow for Two. The heroes of Tatyana Ustinova’s books are recognizable, their problems are close to a large circle of readers.

Haircut by Tatyana Ustinova

For the heroes of some novels, the writer chooses recognizable prototypes. The image of the TV presenter Arina Sharapova is guessed in the detective “The Goddess of Prime Time”, the features of the pioneer of Russian web design Artemy Lebedev are similar to the portrait of the hero of the book “Spare Instinct”. Having met with the former vice-governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Lyudmila Selivanova, Tatyana Ustinova, impressed by her personality, created the work “The First Queen's Rule”.

In the works, Tatyana Vitalievna combines a love story with a detective investigation, so Ustinova’s books have so many fans. In total, 42 books were published by Tatyana Ustinova. The writer collaborates with Eksmo Publishing House. Detectives come out in series of 3-4 books: “Russian bestseller”, “Crime story”, “Panther”, “Angel detective”.

In the collection of publications you can also find a large series of "Tatyana Ustinova. The first among the best ”, which includes the 14 best detective stories of the author, including the novels“ Where We Are Not ”,“ Somewhere at the End of the World ”,“ Immediately after the Creation of the World ”,“ Seventh Heaven ”.

Tatyana Ustinova at the bookstore

In 2010, in collaboration with lawyer and human rights activist Pavel Astakhov, Tatyana Ustinova creates a mini-series “I am a Judge”. The writing tandem was established after Pavel and Tatyana worked for several years on the judicial talk show “Hour of Judgment”, which was broadcast on REN TV.


In films and on television based on the works of Tatyana Ustinova, screen adaptations were repeatedly created, the first of which was the series “Always say“ always ”, released in 2003 for showing on the Russia-1 television channel. Tatyana Vitalyevna received the TEFI Prize in 2004 for creating a script for the television movie. In this picture, she participated as an actress of the episode. The main roles in the film were played by Maria Poroshina and Daniil Strakhov.

Screenwriter Tatyana Ustinova

In 2005, seven films based on Ustinova’s books were released. In the Prime Time Goddess series, the main roles went to Olga Lomonosova and Alexander Dyachenko, in the film "Close People" to Sergey Gorobchenko and Natalia Lesnikovskaya. In the crime drama "Special Purpose Friend", Irina Pegova and Sergey Chonishvili played.

In the 2006 film “Seventh Heaven”, which was created with the participation of the STS channel, the main roles were played by Alexander Lazarev Jr. and Olga Sutulova.In the same year, on STS, the four-part detective “Spare Instinct” was shown, in which the stars of Russian cinema appeared: Anna Banshchikova, Maxim Averin, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Alena Bondarchuk and Nikita Vysotsky. In the painting “The Queen’s First Rule”, the image of the main character was created by Julia Vysotskaya.

Julia Vysotskaya on the set of the movie "Queen's First Rule"

No less stellar were the casts and other series shot on the plots of Tatyana Ustinova this year. Tatyana Arntgolts and Kirill Pletnev were invited to work in the mystical film “The Phantom of the Dowry”, and Elena Obolenskaya, Yan Tsapnik and Maria Shukshina were invited to the detective “A Traveling Bag with a Bright Future”. In the film "My General", Lyubov Tolkalina and Sergey Zhigunov played, and in the series "Vices and Their Fans" - Vladislav Galkin and Glafira Tarhanova.

Glafira Tarhanova and Vladislav Galkin on the set of the film "Vices and Their Fans"

In 2008, the company “Profit” released two detective dramas “The Genius of an Empty Place” and “Five Steps in the Clouds”. In 2009, the film "Dirty Work" was shot for the NTV channel, in which Vladislav Galkin played one of his last roles.

In 2014 and 2015, the TVC channel hosted the premiere screenings of four detective series, two of which - “In the same breath” and “Uncut pages” - were created based on works that brought the author the main awards of the “Electronic Book” contest. A total of 38 television films were shot based on the plots of the novels by Tatyana Ustinova, the scripts for which were created with the participation of the author himself.

Tatyana Ustinova now

Since 2015, Tatyana Ustinova has been running the “My Hero” program on the TVC channel. The guests of the writer are famous actors, politicians, writers, directors and other public figures. Tatyana Vitalyevna manages to build a conversation so that the hero appears on the side that is least known to the viewer from numerous publications in the press.

Tatyana Ustinova and Igor Nikolaev in the show "My Hero"

In addition to working on television, Ustinova continues to delight fans with new products of the detective genre. In 2016, Exmo Publishing House released two novels, The Ecumenical Conspiracy. Everlasting date ”and“ Wait for the unexpected ”, and in 2017, the next novelty“ Selfie with fate ”was released.

Tatyana Ustinova in 2017

On June 10, the TVC channel starts showing the film “Rumored One”, in which the main characters were played by young talented artists Eduard Trukhmenev, Ekaterina Tarasova, Olga Pavlovets and Anton Batyrev.

Character Images

When creating her characters, Tatyana Ustinova actively repels from real people, her contemporaries:

  • “Prime-time Goddess” - the prototype of the main character of the novel was the TV presenter Arina Sharapova.
  • “The first rule of the queen” - the prototype of the main character of the novel is Lyudmila Selivanova, the former vice-governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.
  • "Spare instinct" - the prototype of the protagonist of the novel is the owner of the web design firm Artemy Lebedev.


▪ TEFI Prize for the script of the series “Always Say“ Always ”(2004)
▪ Sherlock Holmes Golden Tube Award based on the results of an all-Ukrainian survey among book publishers and distributors (2006)
▪ Award "Electronic Letter" for the novel "Uncut Pages" (2011)
▪ Third place in the ranking of the most circulating Russian authors according to Rospechat (2011)

Apartment Tatyana Ustinova

In 2006, Tatyana and her family moved to the city of Zhukovsky, Moscow Region. Here she acquired a two-level apartment in a small four-entrance brick house.

There are no extra rooms in the apartment: three bedrooms, bathrooms, as well as a living room, dining room and kitchen all rolled into one. Ustinova did not deal with the purchase of some expensive accessories, curtains, vases, cutlery, paintings, and she considers this occupation a waste of time. The apartment should be comfortable and practical.

In the office, in addition to a desk and a bookshelf, there are paintings painted by Tatyana's grandfather. Grandfather was an engineer by profession and painted for the soul.

Ustinova ordered the only expensive furniture in the living room. The floors in most rooms are made of wood, only in the kitchen "corner" tiles are laid and the carpet is covered in children's beds.

Near the stairs to the second floor there is a huge bouquet of silk peonies. Ustinova bought this expensive bouquet in every sense in the elite furniture salon, even though her sister dissuaded her. But Tatyana adores peonies since childhood, and this bouquet especially sunk into her soul.

A very small kitchen is located in the corner of the dining room. In the middle of the room are proudly a leather sofa and an armchair, and next to a large dining table.

The rooms of the sons are made in a more modern style and in bright colors. The oldest in blue, and the youngest in soft green.

Duplex apartments in small houses in Zhukovsky cost from 5 to 12 million rubles.

Country House Tatyana Ustinova

In addition to the apartment, Tatyana Ustinova has a country house in the village of Ilyinka, Moscow Region. Ustinova’s sister Inna constantly lives and takes care of the house, and Tatyana herself comes here only on vacation.

The house is quite large brick, around a large area planted with pine trees. Cones from these pines in the summer Tatyana drowns the samovar of 1871, which she inherited from her great-grandmother. In the courtyard there is a barbecue, which the Ustinov family uses all year round, without fear of cold or heat.

On one of the tall pines a large basketball hoop was installed, in which a husband and two sons of Tatyana like to throw a ball. Ustinova also plays basketball, but without much pleasure.

On the ground floor of the house is a magnificent fireplace, which Tatyana loves to melt on her own. And opposite a large TV, a rocking chair is installed, which Tatyana presented to her sister's husband.

The kitchen is made in light milky greenish and very delicate colors, and unlike the apartment, the kitchen in the country house is very large and roomy, because the whole family here likes to gather at dinner.

According to TsIAN, houses in Ilyinka cost about 7-15 million rubles.

Only 2 sites remained at a price of 1.8 million rubles. Hurry up!

Photo: Tatyana Ustinova

The early years, childhood and the family of Tatyana Ustinova

Lying around for a long time on the couch, Tatyana Ustinova’s mother read aloud to her a variety of works - Onegin, The Three Musketeers, Sherlock Holmes Notes and many others. Little Tanya listened to them and constantly asked her questions of interest regarding what caused this or that step or act of the protagonist. In response to them, the mother of our heroine today usually snorted with displeasure. So how to answer the questions something more or less intelligible turned out far from always.

However, despite this, the future writer was still very fond of spending time with her mother and even admitted once in her interview that her favorite time in those years was someone else's sick (usually her or her mother).

Only those days could be compared with this blessed time, when Tanya and her younger sister, together with their parents, went out into the city somewhere. On such days, the whole family usually visited museums and children's theaters. Perhaps it was during such periods in the soul of a future famous writer that love for art first began to appear.

But she did not like kindergarten and school at all. The thing is that because of his great growth, a future celebrity often became the object of ridicule from peers. However, despite this, the girl graduated with honors from school with in-depth study of English.

After that there was a period of study at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, which, according to the writer herself, was a complete waste of time. The thing is that her assessments have always been distinguished by great contrast. She received fives in English and literary essays, but over and over again heaped up core subjects - physics, mathematics, etc. etc. During this period, in fact, she came to understand that she would never work in the profession.

After graduating from the university for some time, our today's heroine was in complete dismay. There was nowhere to work, and therefore confusion very soon turned into a mild depression. However, the younger sister, who at that time already worked at the VGTRK, came to the rescue very soon. So, Tatyana Ustinova received the position of secretary on television. But in this capacity she did not work long.

Just seven months later, her then boss invited the young girl to work on translating American television programs. Tatyana agreed and very soon began to work on creating adapted versions of the projects “Rescue 911”, “60 minutes” and some others.

Soon, Ustinova began working at VGTRK as a permanent translator, and after that she got the post of editor. It was during this period that our today's heroine began to write her first novels.

Careers of the writer Tatyana Ustinova

After that, she began working on television again, but after some time, due to insufficient funding, her department (public relations department) was closed, and she herself was forced to leave her previous position. During this period, she began for the first time to seriously engage in writing.

And already in 2003, her first novel, Personal Angel, appeared on the shelves of bookstores in Russia. The book was successful, but because the publisher, with whom the writer collaborated without hesitation, invited her to write several more books. Tatyana did so. And soon, the writer's books began to appear on the shelves one after another.

Tatyana Ustinova today

Currently, Ustinova’s bibliography includes about forty books, most of which are written in the detective genre. About twenty of them are filmed.

It is noteworthy that the woman works on the creation of many paintings as a screenwriter. The cinematic adaptation of the novel “Always say“ always ”even brought the writer a TEFI award. In addition, in the personal collection of Ustinova there are also some other awards. One of the most notable among them is the "Electronic Letter" award for winning the "Detective of the Year" nomination (novel "In the Same Wind").


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