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Who and how wins the lottery - Russian Lotto? Reviews of real winners


Luxurious penthouse in Moscow LCD business class, as well as 10 million rubles a resident of Karelia won it at the Housing Lottery for its arrangement Valentina Prenkova. A three-room apartment with an area of ​​more than 100 square meters with a spacious terrace went to a pensioner in August. The monetary equivalent of the apartment is 33,000,000 rubles.

- I could not believe my eyes when all the numbers were crossed out on my ticket! The host announced that the winner is from Karelia, but I still could not believe it! I ran to my granddaughter, we began to check the results together on the Internet, and then called the Stoloto contact center. They only believed in the reality of what was happening when they arrived in Moscow and entered the apartment they won, ”said the winner.

Wake up a multimillionaire

Muscovite is even more lucky Olga Seliverstova. In September, she won the Gosloto Lottery Super Prize “4 of 20” - almost 300 million, or more precisely - 286 147 104 rubles.

It is surprising that for the Seliverstov family this is the second major gain. Back in the 90s, they won the lottery the amount for which they made repairs in the apartment.

- Our family love lotteries. On the one hand, this is a pleasant time, and on the other, an opportunity to fulfill dreams, Olga shares. - On my birthday, I made a wish: to win a super prize. And it has come true! Now you need to correctly manage the money.

The winner planned to spend the winnings on charity, real estate and a car. Also, the woman wants to go on vacation to Spain and fulfill her son's dream - to open a family restaurant.

Billion for two

Two of the biggest winnings this year came in the New Year's run of Russian Lotto.

January 1, 2019 live was raffled off billion rubles, which was shared by two winners.

First owners half a billionOksana Miroshnichenko and her husband Nikolai from the Sverdlovsk region. They bought just one ticket for the New Year edition and became multimillionaires.

- It so happened that since the summer we still have a winning ticket for Russian Lotto. We all forgot to go get a win. Before the New Year, I was returning from the store and decided to change the ticket for a new one. The seller of the lottery kiosk offered me several options, but I didn’t even know that there was a billion rubles at stake. She put a ticket at home and forgot about the date of the draw, ”Oksana shares. - We checked the results only on January 5th. They did not believe in the amount that was displayed on the screen.

The second half-billionaire - Lyubov Dogorova. Lyubov and her husband Sergei from St. Petersburg also learned about the win a week after the draw.

- We had about 10 tickets. To check the results, I went to a neighbor. At first I thought that it was 500 thousand, and was very glad that I was lucky. Then she counted the zeros and was shocked. I called my husband to see it too. He reacted more calmly, as if we won half a billion every day, ”adds Lyubov Feodosievna.

The size of these winnings is not a record for state lotteries. The largest amount - 506 million rubles - also went to the woman. The jackpot of “Russian Lotto” in November 2017 was won by a pensioner from the Voronezh region Natalia Vlasova.

By the way, a new record of state lotteries can be set in a month and a half. Indeed, on January 1, the New Year's drawing of the Russian Lotto will take place live, according to the results of which the first lottery billionaire may appear in the country. It is possible that, by tradition, the largest gain will go to the representative of the weaker sex, but with strong intuition. Check, maybe it's you? Tickets on sale. In addition to a billion rubles, 100 prizes in a million will be drawn. Every second ticket wins.

"Russian Lotto" for Russians has long been not just a lottery, but a real family tradition. Since childhood, we know how to participate in the raffle, what are “felt boots”, “geese-swans”, and “drumsticks”. In October, the popularly beloved lottery turns 24 years old, but, as before, every Sunday the next draw attracts the attention of millions of Russians.

Photo courtesy of Stoloto

In “Russian Lotto” they win, and this often happens, which is eloquently confirmed by the statistics. Only from October 2017 to October 2018, the amount of winnings amounted to more than 8.3 billion rubles, which is 45 million winners.

According to a GfK study, Russian Lotto is the most popular state lottery in Russia. Its organizer is the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. The organizer approves the conditions of the lottery and controls the drawing of lots.

We regularly tell you about the favorites of fortune, whose life has changed dramatically thanks to winning the state lottery. In this article we have collected the most striking victory stories and reviews of the real winners of the “Russian Lotto”, and most importantly, we will answer the most exciting question: how did these lucky ones manage to “hit the jackpot”?

Multimillion-dollar wins in the Russian Lotto lottery. Real winners reviews

How to win 506 million in the lottery

In November 2017, news broke out all over the country: "A resident of the Voronezh region won 506 million rubles in a lottery! "The lucky winner of a grand jackpot was searched for two weeks.

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On November 17, federal television channels showed the winner, it turned out to be a modest pensioner Natalya Vlasova from the village of Panino, Voronezh Region. She came to Moscow to arrange a win with her daughter. Embarrassed by the cameras, the women told the whole country how they bought a state lottery ticket for 100 rubles at the post office, how they forgot about it, leaving them gathering dust on a shelf. And as, finally, they saw a shocking win of 506,000 million rubles, checking later the results on the Stoloto website.

The win of Natalia Vlasova is the largest in the history of Russian lotteries. Natalya is an ordinary pensioner who lived all her life in a small village 80 kilometers from Voronezh. Her life was measured and understandable: in the morning she baked cakes and drove to the bus station, where her ruddy pastries were grabbed literally in a couple of hours. The country's most successful pensioner had neither a strategy, nor conspiracy to succeed, nor special signs foreshadowing tremendous luck. Natalya bought lottery tickets regularly, but without fanaticism. She liked to watch NTV lottery draws. She always sincerely rejoiced for the winners, read with great interest and reviews about the "Russian Lotto", where the lucky ones shared their victory stories. She could not even think that one day she would become the country's most important lucky driver and news hero.

Who did win: pensioner from the Voronezh region.

The secret to success: regular participation in lotteries.

How to win 209 million. Review of "Russian Lotto" from the real winner

On May 13, 2018, an engineer from the Tver Region won 209 million rubles in the 1231th draw of the Russian Lotto Lottery. The winner did not want to advertise himself, which is not surprising after the story of Natalia Vlasova, who was literally overwhelmed with letters asking for financial assistance.

From the interview with the lucky guy and his review of Russian Lotto, we know that he is 44 years old and has been participating in state lottery drawings for only six months. A successful engineer analyzed the pattern of numbers falling out, tested the theory of probability, but as a result I came to the conclusion that all this does not work and you can only rely on the case in the lottery.

The owner of the fabulous jackpot believes that faith in victory is the main component of his grandiose success. He had never doubted that fortune would smile at him, and so it happened. Now the favorite of fate is already managing his grandiose win, fulfilling his cherished dreams.

Who did win: engineer from the Tver region.

The secret to success: absolute belief in victory.

Who wins millions against Russian Lotto? Reviews of real people

“When my parents told me that they won a large sum in the Russian Lotto lottery, I thought that they were talking about a maximum of 100,000 rubles. But it turned out that we became millionaires!” - from the review of "Russian Lotto" by Maxim Vedernikov.

Photo courtesy of Stoloto

For the Vedernikovs from Kirov, Russian Lotto is a favorite tradition. Since childhood, the head of the family, Sergey, has been participating in lottery drawings, he bought the lucky ticket that turned him into a millionaire. Sergey Vedernikov is an entrepreneur engaged in cargo transportation. His professional activities are associated with regular financial risks, where you have to rely only on luck. Sergey is attentive to symbols, signs and signs. On the day of the purchase of the “same ticket,” he heard his horoscope on the radio, which foreshadowed him tremendous luck. Sergey decided that this is a sign and he must buy lottery tickets with his favorite "magic" numbers, which he did. The lucky numbers that accompany Sergei all his life are 15 and 22. 15 is the number of his kindergarten, and the school number, and the date of the wedding, and 22 is the number of the bus on which the hero regularly goes to work. Sign numbers and horoscope did not disappoint: in the 1218th circulation of the “Russian Lotto” Vedernikov and his family became millionaires.

Who did win: businessman from Kirov.

Secret of success: attention to symbols, numerology, horoscopes.

The biggest jackpot in the world

On January 13, 2016, the organizers of the popular Powerball lottery in the USA announced that they won three $ 1 billion 586.4 million jackpot tickets in the suburbs of Los Angeles. This is the largest jackpot in the world in the history of lotteries, but not the largest single taxable gain. The winners were two couples from the cities of Manford (Tennessee) and Chino Hills (California), as well as a pensioner from Melbourne Beach (Florida).

According to Powerball rules, the winner can receive the jackpot in installments for 29 years or become its owner immediately. In the latter case, the amount of winnings becomes approximately two times less, excluding taxes, which vary from state to state. Thus, if all three winners decided to win the win immediately, each of them would receive $ 327.4 million, and taking into account taxes - only about 40-50% of this amount.

Before the Powerball lottery in January 2016, the largest jackpot was played in the Spanish Christmas lottery (Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad) - it amounted to € 720 million with a total prize pool of more than € 2.5 billion. However, then the jackpot was divided between 180 winners.

Biggest Sole Lottery Winnings

At the same time, the January 2016 record is not absolute in terms of winnings for an individual winner. The largest single-ticket win in U.S. history was $ 758.8 million. This amount was won on May 23, 2017 by Powerball, 53-year-old Mayvis Wonchik from Chicopee, Massachusetts.

In May 2013, a resident of Zephyrhills (Florida, USA) became the sole owner of the Powerball lottery jackpot in the amount of $ 590.5 million. She chose a one-time prize, receiving $ 370.9 million excluding taxes.

Taxes included the largest one-time winnings (£ 148.7 million or € 190 million) received in the EuroMillions lottery in August 2012 by Adrian and Gillian Bayford from the British city of Haverhill in Suffolk County. The same amount in euros in October 2014 was won by a resident of the Portuguese city of Castelo Branco, however, in accordance with the law adopted in 2013, he had to pay 20% of taxes from this amount, that is, he received only € 152 million in hands.

358 million rubles

February 27, 2016 in the Gosloto lottery 6 out of 45 was played a jackpot of the size of 358 million rubles. This is currently the largest lottery win in Russia. Its owner was a resident of Novosibirsk Nikolai, a 47-year-old doctor. The multi-million prize was brought to him by the numbers 11, 13, 45, 42, 1, 7.

Nicholas did not play the lottery for the first time and set the numbers himself, and did not use the automatic number selection function. With the money won, the man wants to move with his family to Moscow, buy a house there, organize his own business in the field of a healthy lifestyle. He also intends to provide financial assistance to his friends.

184 million rubles

The previous record was set two years ago when Victor T. from Omsk won 184 million rubles. He also played in Gosloto 6 out of 45. After such an event, he did not even leave his house for three whole days. He planned to spend the money from the winnings on moving to other warmer places, getting a house on the seashore or ocean, as well as on “feeling happy every day”.

100 million rubles

On March 19, 2009, the well-known Albert Begrakyan became the owner of a huge prize. This happened only in Gosloto’s 36th edition of 6 out of 45. He planned to spend the funds he won on buying an apartment and investing in a business. Of course, up to Albert won big lottery winnings in Russia, but it was he who became the first owner of the largest prize in the history of lotteries in Russia, since the tsarist times!

Later this record was broken by other players, and Begrakyan himself, although he owns expensive property, also became a debtor himself, taking money to build a hotel.

10. Yuri Ivanov from Tolyatti - 952 thousand rubles

In 2008, a resident of Togliatti, Yuri Ivanov, unexpectedly almost became a millionaire. This happened on the eve of Baptism, when a man was playing in the next lottery. According to the owner of the amount of 952 thousand rubles, he saw winning numbers in a dream. Yuri has been waiting for 23 years for Fortune to knock on his window. Throughout all these years, the player thought over different strategies for victory and now the day has come when the lucky man was able to guess all the numbers. Ivanov did not say what he would spend the won amount on, but assured that he would use it reasonably. Togliatti is going to play the lottery further, as he is confident that he will be able to win even more. Well, we wish him good luck.

9. Uralets from the village of Vargashi, Kurgan region - 1 million rubles

The Ural from the village of Vargashi in the Kurgan region did not expect that on Christmas Eve he would become a millionaire. It happened on January 6, 2008. It was on that day that a resident of the village decided to play the lottery and hit a jackpot of 1 million rubles. In an instant, the man became the richest in the village. By the way, this is the biggest lottery win in such a remote area from the Russian capital. Prior to this, the villagers managed to win no more than 200 thousand. The owner of the million chose not to disclose his name, respectively, and nothing is known about how the money was spent either.

8. Alexander Osterenko from the Samara region - 2.5 million rubles

In 2011, a resident of the Samara region, Alexander Osterenko, unexpectedly became a millionaire, winning 2.5 million rubles. The idea to get a lottery ticket in the mail came to the young man spontaneously. When Alexander began to remove the protective layer, he was very surprised to see the printed amount. Osterenko disposed of money wisely, having bought an apartment for himself.

7. Unknown passenger of the train - 11 million rubles

As practice shows, you can become a millionaire simply by buying a ticket for the Russian Railways company. So an unknown passenger of the train, having indicated the number of his train ticket in the lottery ticket, became the lucky winner of 11 million rubles. The winner of the lottery was searched for about two weeks to present a cash prize. This is the biggest win in the Russian Railways lottery in Russia. True, a little later, a considerable amount was won in Russian Railways - 8 million rubles. If nothing is known about the first lucky guy, then there is some information about the second winner of millions: the money went to a pensioner in the Kemerovo region, who asked not to disclose any media information about her.We can only say with complete certainty that these passengers purchased lucky tickets in the literal sense.

6. Nadezhda Mukhametzyanova - 29 million rubles

Nadezhda Mukhametzyanova together with her husband in 2001 on December 30 became the owner of 29 million rubles, breaking the jackpot in the Bingo Show. One of six tickets purchased by the family on the eve of the game brought luck. Such a fabulous amount to unemployed spouses did not even dream of. Alas, one of the biggest lottery winnings did not bring happiness. The money was spent on the purchase of housing and the purchase of two cars of the domestic automobile industry, but the spouses managed to lower most of the amount to slot machines and drinks. Bought cars were broken during the accident, the apartment burned out in a fire. Soon, the millionaire who appeared on television screens turned into a beggar. Five years later, Nadezhda died, earning a trophic ulcer. After that, the husband of the deceased quit drinking and now leads a reclusive lifestyle with his remaining sons.

5. Moskvich Evgeny Sidorov - 35 million rubles

In the spring of 2009, Muscovite Evgeni Sidorov won 35 million rubles in the Gosloto lottery. The rate cost the man 560 rubles. An ordinary locksmith in an instant became a millionaire. The man decided to manage his winnings very reasonably: together with his family, he went to his homeland, in the Lipetsk region, where he decided to do business. Now Eugene has his own farm, in addition to this, the millionaire is engaged in the farming of carps. The man spent the win not only on his needs: in his native village, Sidorov repaired the road, and also cleaned the local cowsheds and ponds. The newly-minted businessman lives happily with his family in a new house and drives a Nissan Navara car, which he had dreamed of buying for so long.

3. Valery T. from Omsk - 184 million rubles

Valery T. from Omsk hit a jackpot of 184 million rubles on February 10, 2014. This is one of the biggest lottery winnings of all time. Valeria was fortunate with the Gosloto 6 of 45 lottery when he made a multi-run bet in the amount of 810 rubles. The winner was in no hurry to receive the prize, as he was dumbfounded by the announced amount of the win. It is known that after the jackpot, a resident of Omsk was going to move from his native city to warmer regions and buy housing there for himself and his family.

2. Mikhail from Nizhny Novgorod - 200 million rubles

The biggest lottery win went to Mikhail from Nizhny Novgorod. Lucky plucked a big jackpot in the amount of 200 million rubles, in the fall of 2014. A rate of only 700 rubles helped a man to instantly turn into a millionaire. It was not possible to find out any specific data about the lucky one.


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