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“I am now a star,” decided the 27-year-old actor Pavel Maykov after entering the screens of the cult TV series The Brigade, where he played one of his four friends. The gangster saga about ordinary yard boys from the 90s has been a hit since the first series. And the actors literally woke up famous. It seemed to Maikov that now there would be no end to offers. However, the phone was treacherously silent. And his personal life also did not go well. Then Paul was already married, a small child grew up in the family. But relations with his wife are at an impasse. According to the actor, she did not understand him at all.

Mom, grandmother and aunt Pavel Maykova are talented artists. But his dad worked as a simple driver. Apparently, this is why his parents divorced soon after the birth of his son. The initiator of the divorce was then my mother. Pavel rarely saw his father; they did not succeed in communicating what should be between father and son. And in 2002, Pope Paul died, they did not have time to talk and forgive each other. “Now it’s too late. I can’t turn to him now,” admitted Maykov to Boris Korchevnikov. Pavel’s mother married a doctor for the second time, the family moved to Kiev. Papa Sasha, as Paul called his stepfather, worked very hard, while he managed to take part in the life of his adopted son. He instilled in the boy a love of music. Paul had a younger sister and brother - Anastasia and Gregory.

After school, Pavel came to Moscow. He wanted to enter the Shchukin school, but he was kicked out from the first audition. The young man went to work in the puppet theater "Green Carriage", they performed in schools, in kindergartens. The following year, Pavel submitted documents to all theatrical universities, reached the competition, but here, in the end, he flew away. “Then I realized that I’m not mediocre. And I need to try again,” said Maykov. In 1994, he entered GITIS. And after graduation, he was taken to the theater "Sphere", where the actor worked for a year. And then his rehearsals began in the musical Metro. “I have everything with a creak. They took me to the musical for an even account. After all, the final competition, which I reached thanks to Evgeny Stychkin, I failed,” recalls Maykov. The director then considered that thirteen is an unlucky number. They began to look for the fourteenth, and Paul turned up.

The first time Mikov fell in love with 14 years. True, the girl very quickly announced to him that she loved another. "First love must be unhappy so that you want to love further. But how else?" - the actor is sure. Pavel met Katya at work, she also played a major role in the musical Metro. “You confuse the relationship on the stage with the relationship in life. And you’re doing some things. So I did ...” - said Maykov. Katya and Pavel quickly got married, two years later Dania was born. Now the actor admits that it was immediately clear - they are not made for each other, they are "from different planets." Four years, Katya and Sasha lived together. They divorced when his son turned two years old. And seven years ago, Danya wanted to live with dad and with his new wife, mom allowed.

The whole year after the "Brigade" Paul sat without work. And then his friend, Mikhail Gorevoy, offered him the main role in his play "Where Gingerbread Man Run". Gorevoy’s beloved woman, Maria Saffo, played there. Maikov fell in love immediately, he still remembers what Maria was wearing at the first meeting. A year and a half, they were just friends of families, Mary became the godson of Paul and Katya. “Misha behaved disgustingly with Masha. And the second when I realized that our feelings were mutual, I didn’t give a damn about everything,” admitted Pavel Maykov in the studio “Fates of a Man”. And then the press was full of headlines: “Betrayal of Pavel Maykov,” “He took the girl from his best friend,” “Threw his wife and little son” ... Neither Mikov nor Saffo could control their feelings. Due to the wave of convictions, the lovers were forced to marry secretly. And for the wedding, they chose the birthday of the sister of the actor - the famous singer Anastasia Stotskaya. So they wanted to distract the attention of journalists.

Today they have been together for almost 15 years. Viewers know Pavel Maykov not only as a Bee from the Brigade, he played in such films as Cadets, Soldiers, Olga, Ice. And in the series "Cheating", he brilliantly entered the role of a husband who is cheating on his wife ...

How did an actor cope with a star fever? Does his guilt torment him? At what point did he "give a slack"? How did Maykov and Gorevoy sort things out? And was it worth it then to take this step, which changed the fate of several people? The answers to these questions are in the program “The Fate of a Man with Boris Korchevnikov”.

Pavel Maykov was born in Mytishchi, but after his parents divorced, he spent most of his childhood in Kiev.

The guy grew up with a versatile personality; he was engaged in sports, music, he was seriously interested in history and literature.

When the time came for the young man to enter the university, at the family council it was decided that it would be theatrical and certainly in Moscow. For the sake of this, Paul's stepfather had to leave a prestigious job in a large cardiology center in Kiev and the family moved to the capital.

However, from the first attempt to enter the theater university, Pavel did not succeed. It did not work out the next year. The young man dropped his hands, but there were loving parents nearby, who supported his son more than ever. On the third attempt, he was still enrolled in GITIS.

His “lucky ticket” in his career, Maikov considers the musical “Metro”, where he ended up by chance after graduation.

Not getting into the main list of lucky after casting, he was taken as a backup artist in the backup team. But after a few months, the main director began to try the guy for the main role.

And the recognition of the wide audience brought him a role in the serial film "The Brigade", where the actor played one of the main roles - a crime boss nicknamed "The Bee". After success on television, Pavel left the theater, focusing on his film career. He starred in films, conducted information and educational programs - "Main Road" and "Moscow Pros".

Maikov twice worked together with his half-sister on mother - Anastasia Stotskaya. The first time, as an actor, taking part in her video, and the second, acting as a director, shot a video on the composition “Criminal”.

One of the possible reasons for Paul’s estrangement from acting is the unacceptability of negative messages to society. Fifteen years after the release of the "Brigade", Maykov criticized the tape, calling it a "crime against Russia", pushing young people into a criminal way of life. And the main characters of the picture are "complete scumbags."

Faced with similar aspects of the acting profession, Paul decided to turn his attention to other types of creativity. At different times, he organized three musical groups - 7 percent, ButterBrodsky and Magrit.

43-year-old Pavel Maykov did not distinguish himself by a large number of romance novels, but earned universal condemnation for following the call of the heart.

According to him, he passionately fell in love only twice in his life - at 14 years old and with his last wife.

The first serious relationship developed with a classmate, now a radio presenter Maryana Berezovskaya . Three years later, the couple broke up, never having time to register the relationship. According to Maykov, they were completely different people in all respects. In addition, the girl earned much more than Pavel in the musical, and this painfully hit the guy’s pride.

With his first official wife Ekaterina Maslovskaya , Pavel met during the preparation of the musical Metro. The wedding was hasty. According to Maikov himself, he didn’t even understand if he loved Ekaterina. There was no mutual understanding in the family, and after the birth of a son, the child became the only joy in the life of the couple.

According to him, his last love, Paul first saw at the joint play "Where did the bun." Maria Saffo was the wife of the director of the play Mikhail Gorevoy, in combination he was also a friend of Paul.

A year and a half, Maykov secretly had tender feelings for the red-haired beauty, but he was stopped by his own marriage, friendship with Gorev and the fact that Masha was the godmother of his son Daniel.

Ultimately, the lovers left their families and created a new one. When the newlyweds announced that they could not have children because of immunological incompatibility, rumors spread in the press that this was a retribution for their sins.

However, Maikov himself claims that he and his wife believe that God will give them a child, at least they will ask him about it.

Despite the scandals and condemnation, lovers have been happy for over 13 years and do not allow the absence of children to influence their lives. Pavel and Mary try to easily look at the hardships falling upon them, joking that together they make up one good person.

Photo: Pavel Maykov

Biography of Pavel Maykov

Pavel Sergeevich Maikov - Russian artist, TV presenter, director, singer and musician, brother (by mother) of the singer Anastasia Stotskaya, star of the legendary TV series “The Brigade”.

The actor, a descendant of a noble family of Maikovs, said in an interview that he did not accept half-truths and falsehoods. Having discovered their presence in the Russian film community, he did not appear on the screen as often as his partners in the cult television series - Sergey Bezrukov, Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Dmitry Dyuzhev.

The childhood of Pavel Maykov

So that his son would not hang out on the street, his mother initiated his sports and music. He was engaged in freestyle wrestling and played the violin. But, not wanting to walk down the street with an instrument and look like a “nerd,” he subsequently changed it to a piano.

Pavlik was an active participant in amateur performances, an avid KVN worker and soloist of a musical group. He loved history and literature, read a lot, but could not stand the exact sciences.

At about age 12, the teenager realized that the scene was his true calling, and decided to become an artist. He enthusiastically and enthusiastically dreamed of a future profession, collected the Soviet Screen magazine with photographs of his idols.

Relatives supported the intention of the son. In 1992, when he graduated from high school, the whole family moved again to Mytishchi, rightly reasoning that the country's best theater universities in the capital.

The beginning of the career of Pavel Maykov

The debut in the actor’s movie took place in the third year of study at GITIS. He played in the movie "Mercenary Ivan" produced by Korea and received a fee of $ 200. Maikov studied in the group of Professor Chomsky, at the same time he earned extra money, periodically playing on matinees in kindergartens.

After graduation, the aspiring artist served in the Sphere drama theater, in particular, was busy with the performance of the West Side Story based on the play by Arthur Lorents.

The artist’s first major achievement was his participation in a 1999 performance in the Broadway musical performance Metro. It is known that he was not going to go to the casting of the project, there were too many applicants, but his friend Evgeny Stychkin persuaded him to pass the test. Initially, Paul was taken on a secondary role, but before the premiere, he was approved for the main role of the musician.

The performance, made according to all world laws of the genre, allowed to develop the natural gift of the artist, brought him recognition and invitation to the Mossovet Theater. Later, he performed in a performance based on the rock opera of the same name “Jesus Christ is a Superstar”, in a fairy tale “Scruffy Upside Down”, a theatrical work based on the novel by Boris Vian “Foam of Days”, and the lyrical comedy “Manifestations of Love” in partnership with Stychkin.

Further work of Pavel Maykov

Later, in 2012, the actor noted that the fee received for the series of 3 thousand dollars was then perceived by him as incredible luck and a miracle, but on the day of the interview he already earned the same amount per day.

After the "Brigade" Mikov became a sought-after artist. He starred in many projects - "Cadets", "Soldiers", "Barin", "Unofficial assignment", "Alibi for two" and others.

Two years later, on the TV Center channel, he led the Moscow Pros cycle of programs, which revealed the professional secrets of various professions. At the same time, the artist starred in a video clip for the musical composition of his half-sister, singer Anastasiy Stotskaya, “Cool”, and in 2012, as a director, he shot a video for the song “Criminal” free of charge for her in Kiev.

In 2008, in partnership with Sekirin (Stotskaya's ex-husband), the artist created the musical group “7 percent”.

Personal life of Pavel Maykov

The actor’s first wife, Ekaterina Maslovskaya, whom he met while working on the musical Metro and married in 2001, was also friends with Maria. Moreover, Sappho was their godmother with Katya the son of Daniel.

Subsequently, both the ex-husband of Masha and the ex-wife of the actor found their true soul mates.

In his student years in the life of the artist was another love, Maryana, the granddaughter of Boris Berezovsky. He lived with her for 3 years before meeting with his first wife.

Pavel Maykov today

The artist also realized himself as a theater director, putting on the phantasmagoric comedy “To Stay Alive or on the Raft” based on the work of the Polish playwright Mrozek “On the High Seas”. The general producer at the same time was Valery Levushkin.

In 2012, Maikov shone as an ophthalmologist Denis in the television series Dragon's Syndrome, as well as in the television movie Hounds: A Trap as Colonel Reznikov, in the project of KinoTrest Izmena, which premiered in 2015. In the creative piggy bank of the actor, for whom his profession is inspiration and dedication, more than 40 films and series.

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Pavel Maykov and ButterBrodsky - Follow me. The housekeeper at Margulis (the song was not broadcasted)

Pavel Maykov - Formula of Love - Inter

Pavel Maykov - biography

Most of all in life, Pavel Maykov does not accept falsehood and half-truths, therefore, having encountered them in the domestic film community, the artist almost disappeared from the screens. But disappointment in the cinema does not prevent him from realizing in other forms of art - he goes on the theater stage, goes on tour with his musical group, writes albums, leads programs on TV, is the author of scripts and song compositions. Pavel Maykov puts truth and universal values ​​at the forefront.

Incredible fame came to the artist along with the premiere of the series "Brigade", in which he played one of the key roles.

Childhood and youth

Pavel Maykov was born on October 15, 1975 in Mytishchi near Moscow. His father, Sergei Sergutin, worked as a driver, and his mother, Anna Maykova, is a famous porcelain and textile artist. On the maternal side, Pavel is the great-great-grandson of the famous Apollo Maykov. Vasily Maikov, an artist, and another Apollon Maikov, poet and director of the Imperial Theater, also glorified their family.

Pavel Maykov in his youth

The boy’s parents divorced when he was five years old, and his mother took him to Kiev. There, a woman married a second time to the resuscitator Alexander Stotsky, and Pavel’s sister Anastasia Stotskaya was born in the family, a future singer.

In addition to the ordinary school, Maikov also studied music, in the class of piano and violin. In 1992, after receiving a school certificate, he decided to enter a theater university, and submitted documents to the Shchukin school. Together with his mother, he settled in Moscow, but the guy failed the entrance tests.

For two years, Maikov interrupted by casual earnings and tried to find his calling. He got a job as a salesman on the market, then worked as a courier, and even tried his luck in “thimbles”. However, all this time he was firmly convinced that he wanted to get an acting profession. His sister Anastasia Stotskaya, who had become a famous singer by that time, was of the same opinion. She invited her brother to take part in the filming of her own video for the composition "Cool".

Young Pavel Maykov

In 1994, Pavel got a job in a mobile puppet theater, then moved to the Zerkalo theater studio. In parallel with this, he attended preparatory courses at the Moscow Art Theater, and only after that his efforts were rewarded. Maikov became a student in the acting department of GITIS, and appeared on the course of teacher Pavel Chomsky.

Pavel Maykov took up the coveted diploma in 1998, and began his theatrical biography with cooperation with the Sphere theater. He went on stage for one year. At the same time serving in the theater, Mikov is conducting programs on TV - Panopticon and Find Me.


In cinema, Maykov appeared in his student years. A third-year student, he starred in the Korean film "Mercenary Ivan." This picture did not affect his popularity in any way, because in Russia she was not at the box office.

The first recognition came to Paul after filming in the musical film "Metro", which was released in October 1999. This project has become one of the most popular in post-Soviet countries, in addition, Maykov played one of the key characters.

Pavel Maykov in the series "The Brigade"

But the incredible, deafening success came to the artist after the release of the cult TV series "The Brigade" in which he played one of four friends - Bee. Offers fell on the young artist as if from a cornucopia.

The consequence of this popularity was the key role in the films "Soldiers", "Your Honor", "Barin", "Unofficial mission", "The landing is the landing" and others. Paul was often called into the pictures of the war and army everyday life due to his external data. He is quite tall - 184 cm, in addition, the directors see a good guy or a classic hero in the features of his face. But appearances are deceiving, and as proof of this, the images of fraudsters and villains that Maykov had a chance to play.

In 2008, in collaboration with Alexei Sekirin, Maykov created the musical group “7 percent”. In 2010, at the B2 club, they performed their first concert, and the audience was very pleased.

In 2011, Pavel became the founder of another group called ButterBrodsky (ButterBrodsky). He wrote songs for her himself and acted as a performer. The group’s repertoire included songs by poems of Byron, Brodsky, John Donne.

Pavel Maykov in the film “Pil. Kuril

In the same 2011, Maikov was invited to the set of the film “Peel. Kuril ", where he reincarnated as Poker. This tape was never completed, and it was not at the box office. But Pavel lit up in the new criminal project “Two”, which the audience saw in the same year. In this picture, he played the main character.

In 2012, Pavel Maikov was again invited to the main role in the Russian-Cuban film “Gloria's Gold”. His hero, a fighter and treasure hunter, sets off in search of the Gloria ship, which sank in the Caribbean in 1673. Together with other crew members, he fell into the past, in the year when the ship crashed, and he himself participates in all the events of that time.

In the same 2012, Maykov appeared in the role of the central character in the detective project “Hounds: Trap”. Pavel became the head of the department of investigation of the Federal Penitentiary Service. In parallel, the shooting of the Russian-Ukrainian thriller “Dragon Syndrome” was conducted, which was based on real events that took place in the city of Kirovograd in 1993. The simple electrician Ilyin discovered ancient values ​​that were valued at a fabulous sum.

Pavel Maykov in the series "Cheating"

In 2013, Pavel was invited to shoot the series "Detectives", two years later he appeared in the scandalous project "Treason", where he got the supporting role. The plot develops around the husband, wife and her three lovers.

In the same 2015, Pavel was offered a role in the melodrama Princess from the North, which was released in the form of a mini-series.

Personal life

It can not be said that Pavel Maykov is distinguished by constancy in his personal life, but he did not observe numerous stormy novels. The artist had a serious relationship with three women.

Pavel Maykov with his first wife Maryana Berezovskaya

The first time the actor seriously fell in love with Maryana Berezovskaya, with whom he studied on the same course. Their relationship lasted three years, then the young people broke up. Currently, Maryana is working at Radio Liberty.

Pavel Maykov and Ekaterina Maslovskaya

In 2001, Pavel married Ekaterina Maslovskaya, who once played the maid Marina in the film “Thank you for everything”. They met at a time when Pavel was busy filming the musical Metro. Soon he offered his beloved hand and heart, and she agreed. In 2003, the couple became parents of the son of Daniel, but soon after this joyful event, they divorced.

The reason for this decision was Paul's love for Mary Saffo. It was later that he confessed that he had feelings for her for a long time, but he could not confess her love. The fact is that Maria’s spouse was the best friend of Pavel Mikhail Goreva, moreover, she was a close friend of his wife and godmother to his son. However, feelings prevailed over the circumstances, and they began an affair. Maykov left the family; Maria left Gorevoy. They soon got married. This is the second official marriage of the artist.

Pavel Maykov with Maria Saffo

In this marriage, Maykov has no children, and most likely will not. Doctors found immunological incompatibility in them, when conception is impossible at all, even though they are both healthy and really want to have children.

Despite the great desire to strengthen the family with a common child, the spouses do not recognize IVF and are not going to use the services of a surrogate mother. Pavel believes that if there are no children in the family, then this is not a reason for suffering, you just need to live on and enjoy each other’s day and society. According to Mary, God knows better whether to let the baby go to the ground or not, and if this does not happen, then there is no need to resist the higher forces, why doom the child to an unhappy life.

Pavel Maykov now

Periodically, Pavel Maykov appears in various projects, although not as often as his fans would like. In 2016, he starred in the film "ROVD", in which he appeared in the image of Butonov’s neighbor.

At the end of the same 2016, his group ButterBrodsky split up. Members of the team wrote about their decision on the page on Instagram.

In 2017, Maikov created the new Magrit band, which is based on the work of the disintegrated ButterBrodsky, but supports a different idea in music.

In early 2017, Pavel appeared in the comedy series “You Enrage Me All,” in which he got the role of manager Arseny.

In the spring of 2017, Maykov was invited to the OUR 2.0 music show, where he became one of the experts. The artist left his comments about each of the participants, and also shared useful tips with them.

And again, Pavel Maykov was invited to the set. In 2017, several films with his participation were released. He got a role in the film "Spitak", showing the whole tragedy of the Spitak earthquake, in the film "Ice", about the injury of the skater, which blocked her path to her future career and the film "Fish business".

Selected Filmography

  • 1998 - The Siberian Barber
  • 2002 - Team
  • 2004 - Unofficial task
  • 2007 - Barin
  • 2012 - Dragon Syndrome
  • 2012 - 2013 - Hounds-5
  • 2015 - Change
  • 2016 - You all infuriate me!
  • 2017 - Maximum Impact
  • 2018 - The man who surprised everyone
  • 2018 - Ice
  • 2018 - Olga
  • 2019 - Bender

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Participation in the project

  • In 2003, he participated in the Fort Boyard program and received the following teams and participants: Ernest Matskevichyus, Ekaterina Guseva, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Dmitry Dyuzhev and Elena Vykhodtseva win 90,030 rubles.
  • January 17, 2004 - Participated in the Bluff Club program with Dmitry Dyuzhev and Maria Poroshina
  • December 3, 2004 - Participated in the program "Natural Selection"
  • February 6, 2019 - Guest of the program "My Hero"
  • March 25, 2019 - Guest of the program "The fate of man"

A family

  • Grandmother - Tatyana Pavlovna Maykova (born September 27, 1924)
  • Mother - Anna Semenovna Stotskaya (virgin Maikova) (born February 22, 1957) - artist
  • Father - Sergey Dmitrievich Sergutin (1957-2002) - driver, originally from Kiev
  • Stepfather - Alexander Dmitrievich Stotsky (born December 18, 1957) - resuscitator
  • Sister - Anastasia Alexandrovna Stotskaya - singer, actress, fashion model

Theatrical work

  • 1998 - “Two Veronets” William Shakespeare - Proteus. Graduation performance.
  • 1998 - 1999 - West Side Story - Riff. Director: Ekaterina Elanskaya. Theater "Sphere".
  • 1999 - 2002 - the musical Metro - Ivan. Director: Yanush Yuzefovich. Theater "Moscow Operetta".
  • 2000 - The Foam of Days. Director: Sergey Vinogradov. Theatrical company of Sergey Vinogradov.
  • 2000 - 2005 - the musical "Jesus Christ is a superstar" - Simon Zealot. Director: Pavel Chomsky. Mossovet Theater.
  • 2001 - 2005 - “Scruffy-Back” - The Nightingale the Robber. Director: Vyacheslav Bogachev. Mossovet Theater.
  • 2003 - 2004 - “Go crazy” based on Jean Cocteau’s play “Terrible Parents” - Michelle - with actor Dmitry Dyuzhev. Director: Dmitry Gornik. Theater Agency "Lekur".
  • 2003 - “The Devil” based on the play by Israel Horowitz - Steve. Director: Mikhail Gorevoy. The theater under the direction of Mikhail Gorevoy "Factory of theatrical events."
  • 2004 - “Where did Kolobok run” based on the play by Natalia Shaposhnikova. Director: Mikhail Gorevoy. The theater under the direction of Mikhail Gorevoy "Factory of theatrical events."
  • 2004 - the musical “Warriors of the Spirit” (dedicated to the feat of the 6th company of the Pskov Airborne Division in Chechnya in 2000). Director: Andrey Sychev. Sports complex "Olympic".
  • 2004 - “Flooring” based on the play of the Presnyakov Brothers - Macho. Director: Olga Subbotina. Center for Drama and Director A. Kazantsev and M. Roshchin.
  • 2005 - “Manifestations of love” based on the play by Ksenia Dragunskaya “With each other”. Director: Olga Subbotina. "Another theater."
  • 2005 - “Election Day” L. Barats, S. Petreikov, R. Khait. Director: Sergey Petreikov. Quartet I.
  • 2016 - “... there is nothing in Borenka” S. Petreikov, L. Barats, R. Khait. Director: Sergey Petreikov. Quartet I.
  • 2007 - “Treasure of the Pelican Island” based on the play by John Boyton Priestley. Director: Boris Morozov. Creative Association "Television".
  • 2007 - 2008 - "Shuler" based on the play by N. V. Gogol "Players". Director: Alexey Kiryushchenko. Modern theater of entreprise.
  • 2009 - “Two rooms” based on the works of Alexander Vampilov, “The Story with a Metrange” and “Twenty Minutes with an Angel”. Director: Pavel Maykov. International Theater Center "Chance", together with "Honest Theater".
  • 2012 - “Inside” based on the works of Slavomir Mrozhek. Director: Pavel Maykov. Cafe Tchaikovsky in the building of the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall.
  • 2015 - “The Invention of Waltz” V. Nabokov - Colonel - in the composition with actor Sergey Larin, Waltz - composed by actor Denis Rozhkov. Director: Pavel Maykov. Autonomous non-profit organization "Theater Marathon".
  • 2016 - “The Battle with Psychic” based on the play by Olga Nepakhareva. Director: Mikhail Police. Production Center "MAK-ART".
  • 2017 - “The Perfect Style” based on the play by Vladimir Dzhurdzhevich. Director: Denis Filimonov. Theater "YES!" On Arbat in the Central House of the actor named after A. A. Yablochkina.

  • 2008 - “To survive, or On a raft” based on the play by Slavomir Mrozhek. Theater and Concert Center "New Art".
  • 2009 - “Two rooms” based on the works of Alexander Vampilov, “The Story with a Metrange” and “Twenty Minutes with an Angel”. International Theater Center "Chance", together with "Honest Theater".
  • 2012 - “Inside” based on the works of Slavomir Mrozhek. Cafe "Tchaikovsky" in the building of the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall.
  • 2015 - “The invention of the Waltz” V. Nabokov. Autonomous non-profit organization "Theater Marathon".


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