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Anna Yakunina
Anna Alexandrovna Yakunina
Birth nameAnna Alexandrovna Yakunina
Date of BirthOctober 9, 1968 (1968-10-09) (51 years old)
Place of Birth
  • Moscow, USSR
  • USSR
  • Russia
Years of activity1990 - present
  • Satyricon
  • Lenkom (2003 - present)
IMDbID 3397787


Born on October 9, 1968 in Moscow in a creative family.

After school, she entered GITIS. Father - Alexander Yakunin (passed away in 2011), graduated from the directing department of the GITIS named after A. V. Lunacharsky with a degree in Directing Drama (course by Yuri Zavadsky) in 1975, was an actor of the State Academic Theater named after Mossovet, then worked as a theater director and artist , staged and designed performances. Mother - Olga Vladimirovna Velikanova (b. 1946), actress, graduated from the directing department of the GITIS named after A. V. Lunacharsky with a degree in Directing Drama (course by Maria Osipovna Knebel) in 1972, director of the Moscow Drama Theater named after K. S. Stanislavsky ( now - the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre) (from 1973 to the present). Parents married as students, and divorced a year after the birth of Anna. The girl was brought up by three women: mother, grandmother Lyalya (Elena) and aunt Tanya.

The family dreamed that Anna became a ballerina, therefore, after graduating from the eighth grade of secondary school in 1983, she tried to enter the Moscow Choreographic School, but despite the complicated number for music from the piano cycle “Seasons” by P. I. Tchaikovsky, prepared by her aunt Tanya, a ballerina and a graduate of this school, failed. Upon completion of the exams, a member of the selection committee Sofya Golovkina came out and told Tatyana Vladimirovna: “She is a very good girl, she needs to go to the theater”. However, my mother’s desire to teach her daughter a ballerina outweighed, and she took Anna to Leningrad, where she entered the A. Ya. Vaganova Leningrad Academic School of Choreography, studied for almost four years, but returned to Moscow without finishing it.

In 2003, at the invitation of artistic director Mark Anatolyevich Zakharov, she was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow State Theater Lenkom, where she still serves.

Photo: Anna Yakunina

Childhood and adolescence

Unfortunately, they broke up when little Anya turned one year old. Grandmother Lyolya, an actress of the theater on Malaya Bronnaya, and Aunt Tanya, a ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater, helped raise the girl. Sometimes a grandfather, also an actor, joined the educational process.

Anna spent all her childhood behind the scenes, watching the actors play and absorbing the magical atmosphere of the theater, and in the evenings she took part in home gatherings, where representatives of the capital's creative elite gathered.

Grandmother really wanted her beloved Anya to become an actress, and even several times brought the baby to the stage in various performances. So, just as a baby, she took part in the production of “Marriage”, later she appeared on the stage in the performances of the Stanislavsky Theater (“Cyrano de Bergerac”, “Noah and His Sons”). However, the aunt insisted that the girl go in for ballet, discovering excellent data from her niece.

The girl was not accepted to the Moscow Choreographic School, but they easily accepted her to the famous Vaganovka in St. Petersburg, where she studied for four years. Anya showed great hopes and was in good standing with the teachers when she made an unexpected decision to leave the walls of the school. Excessive physical activity and constant starvation affected her, because of which she earned herself anemia for her whole life.

Actor career

Anna was involved in leading performances, went on tour with the theater and even participated in the entertainment program "Satyricon Show", with which young actresses performed on cruise ships to earn extra money.

Relations with the artistic director of "Satyricon" Konstantin Raikin deteriorated during the second pregnancy of Yakunina. Raikin harbored a grudge against her and six years after leaving the decree did not give her serious roles.

Therefore, when in 2003, Mark Zakharov, impressed by her performance of Kukushkina in the production of "Apartment Building", suggested that she go to Lenkom, Anna did not hesitate for a long time and still has never regretted her decision.

In addition to the main - theatrical - activities, Anna often appears in the movies. She started acting “in a big way” relatively late - in 2004. Basically, she is offered roles in TV shows, and most often these are images of bright charismatic women, endowed with a wonderful sense of humor.

At first, these were episodic roles in the series (“My Fair Nanny”, “Silver Lily of the Valley-2”, “Viola Tarakanova). In 2009, Anna appeared in the New Year comedy “A Man in My Head”, and in 2010 she played astrologer Vika in the TV series “Zemsky Doctor” and investigator Vasilisa Zhdan in the 24-episode detective “Chasing the Shadow” with Kirill Safonov.

In 2011, Anna took part in the show "Dancing with the Stars." She performed in tandem with the artist Mukhtar Gusengadzhiev.

Anna came to popularity after the premiere of the first season of the series Sklifosovsky, in which Yakunina played the nurse on duty Nina Dubrovskaya, a woman who was simple and strong. Apparently, having seen in her heroine a true reflection of life, Anna was loved by millions of viewers. Anna's character appeared in all subsequent seasons of Sklifosovsky.

Yakunina Anna Alexandrovna

Born on October 9, 1968 in Moscow.

In 1990 she graduated from GITIS (course of B.G. Golubovsky).

She played in the theater "Satyricon". In 2004, at the invitation of Mark Zakharov, she moved to the Lenkom Theater.

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (2006).

Jin - “Such Free Butterflies,”
Kukushkina - “Profitable Place”.

Marcelina - “Crazy Day, or The Marriage of Figaro”,
Bianca - The Tamer of the Tamers
Box, Manilova - "Dead Souls",
Glafira - “All-in”
Speech - "Flight over the cuckoo's nest."

Childhood and youth

Anna was born on October 9, 1968 in Moscow. At that time, her parents were students of GITIS. Mom Olga Velikanova studied on the course of the famous Maria Knebel and subsequently became the director of the theater named after Stanislavsky. Father Alexander Yakunin mastered the basics of acting at Mikhail Zavadsky, and after high school he played on the stage of the Mossovet Theater.

While the parents of Anna Yakunina studied, the girl was engaged in by her grandmother - actress of the theater on Malaya Bronnaya Elena Dmitrieva, who always took Anya with her. In childhood, Yakunina Jr. was even entrusted with small roles in the productions of The Marriage of Figaro and Pokrovsky Gates.

Aunt Anna Yakunina was a ballerina and performed on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater. The dancer wanted her niece to follow in her footsteps. Anna entered the Vaganovo School of Choreography in St. Petersburg, but after 4 years she dropped out. Returning to Moscow, the girl entered the school of Igor Moiseyev's studio, and in 1986 - to the directing department of GITIS. In 1990, Yakunina graduated from high school and came to the theater.


A GITIS graduate was invited to the famous Satyricon Theater, and Anna devoted 13 years to him. Yakunina was lucky - the actress worked with talented directors Konstantin Raikin, Alexander Gorban, Valery Fokin. In Satyricon, she played Lisa in Cyrano de Bergerac, Jill in Such Free Butterflies, White Chicken in Chauntecleer.

In 2004, Satirikon staged "Profitable Place", in which Anna Yakunina played Cuckoo. View the performance came Mark Zakharov. After that, he invited Yakunin to Lenkom. The actress says that she was afraid to even appear in this theater, was sure that they would not take it. But fate decreed otherwise - Anna still serves in the Lenkom. She played Bianca in the production of The Taming of the Tamers, Glafira Firsovna in the play Va-Bank, Recid in Flying Over the Cuckoo's Nest and other roles.

First husband - Sergey Stegailov

The first husband of Anna Yakunina was her classmate Sergei Stegailov. The actress married him in her youth, and soon a daughter Anastasia was born in a young family. Yakunina admits - in her first marriage she was not easy. The husband practically did not bring money to the family, so Yakunina had to work as a dancer in entertainment venues.

Former husband of Anna Yakunina Sergey Stegailov

Sergei was happy that Anna provided them, but the relationship of the spouses did not get better. Over time, the actress realized that she had no desire to communicate with her husband. In addition, the girl had a fan - Alexei, with whom Yakunina began a romantic relationship. After a serious quarrel with Stegailov, she finally decided to leave him.

The current husband is Alexey Svirid

The acquaintance of Anna and Alexei Svirid was quite romantic. Her future husband was incredibly fond of the theater. He saw Anna on the stage of the Satyricon, and the girl charmed him. The man began to regularly attend performances with the participation of Yakunin.

Anna Yakunina and Alexey Svirid

Once he decided to wait for Anna at the front door with a bouquet of roses. The actress did not remain indifferent - so their romance began. After Anna broke up with her husband, a fan invited her to live together.

Actress with husband and daughters

The girl agreed and moved with her daughter to him. Anna finally found happiness in her personal life. With Alexei Svirid Yakunin is still together. She gave birth to her husband another daughter.


The beginning of Anna's creative biography falls on the first years of the new millennium. In 2003, Yakunina appeared in an episode of the crime drama “Firebugs” about the work of the capital’s fire department, and a year later she appeared in the ironic detective Viola Tarakanova. In the world of criminal passions - 1 ".

Anna Yakunina (frame from the series "Two Fathers and Two Sons")

With the participation of Yakunina, the second part of Tigran Keosayan’s musical comedy “The Silver Lily of the Valley” was released with Yuri Stoyanov, Alexander Tsekalo, Alena Khmelnitskaya, Nonna Grishaeva in the lead roles. In the comedy Anna introduced the singer, the soloist of the ensemble "Star Couple".

In 2007, the series “The Personal Life of Dr. Selivana” was released with Olga Budina in the title role, in which Anna Yakunina played the girlfriend of the main character, gynecologist Kira Korchegin.

Anna Yakunina in the role of Kira Korchegina (frame from the series "Personal Life of Dr. Selivana")

In the same year, the actress appeared in the military comedy of Alexei Kiryushchenko, “The Adventures of a Soldier Ivan Chonkin” based on the story of Vladimir Voinovich. The main characters were played by young artists Anatoly Gushchin and Alexandra Blednaya. Anna Yakunina reincarnated as a heroine with the ancient Greek name Aphrodite.

In 2008, work followed in the detective series Lawyer-5 with Andrei Sokolov as Alexei Zimin, in the melodrama Virtual Alice, in the family film Two Love Stories. In 2010, Anna Yakunina got the character of an astrologer in the series "Zemsky Doctor."

The true love of the audience came to Anna after the series "Sklifosovsky", where Yakunin since 2012 plays the registrar Nina Dubrovskaya. The artist calls this role a huge success, says that she became Nina, and Nina - her. In the company of actors, leading actors - Maxim Averin, Elena Yakovleva, Vladimir Zherebtsova, the actress feels like in a strong and friendly family.

Anna Yakunina in the role of Nina Dubrovskaya (frame from the series "Sklifosovsky")

It seems to Anna that for 4 years of filming she really worked in Sklif. And the audience fell in love with the heroine Nina because real life is reflected in the character of the registrar. Dubrovskaya also wants to be a princess, but she has to remain a strong woman and confront circumstances.

At the same time, in the filmography of the actress, work appeared in large projects. Anna starred in the comedy thriller The Bait Man, the drama Time of the Daughters, the crime detective Umelets.

Anna Yakunina (frame from the series "Pearls")

In 2013, the actress took part in the filming of the multi-part film “Two Fathers and Two Sons”, which was broadcast on the STS channel for 3 years. Yakunina's partner on the stage was the showman Dmitry Nagiev.

In 2016, Anna Alexandrovna pleased fans with new works in the series “Pearls” with Alexander Domogarov in the title role and in the detective “Companions”.

Personal life

In her personal life, Anna Yakunina is doing well. She is a happy wife and mother of two adult children. Anna gave birth to her first daughter Anastasia in her youth, as a student. But life with his first husband Sergei Stegailov did not work out, the marriage broke up. The reason for the separation was the unwillingness of the spouse to take responsibility for the family.

Daughter Anastasia Stegailova

The eldest daughter of the actress has been living separately for many years. The girl did not follow in the footsteps of her famous mother. But she chose the profession of Anna's father and her grandfather - she is an artist.

The eldest daughter of Anna Yakunina Anastasia

Nastya graduated from the stage design department of GITIS and studies at the National Institute of Design. Anastasia has her own showroom, and the girl is very passionate about work.

Daughter Maria Svirid

In marriage with Alexei Svirid, the actress had a daughter, Masha. She was artistic as a child. Maria Svirid graduated from the A.A. School of Contemporary Choreography Shishkin.

Daughters of Anna Yakunina

After the girl entered the acting department of the Russian University of Theater Arts (GITIS). In 2011, Maria made her debut in the sitcom of the STS television channel “Unreal History”.

Daughter Yakunina Maria in the movie "Alive"

And in 2012, she appeared in one of the episodes of the series "Sklifosovsky." Now her career is "going uphill." Maria Svirid often appears in Russian films and TV shows.

Anna Yakunina and Maxim Averin - 20 years together

Anna Yakunina has a close friend - actor Maxim Averin. The girl has known him since the time when both played in the Satyricon theater. Once during a tour in Yekaterinburg, Maxim and Anna realized that they had a lot in common - so their friendship began.

On stage with Maxim Averin

The actress knows Averin very well and considers him one of the closest people in life. In an interview, Anna says that in life Maxim is a vulnerable person and different from the characters he plays in the movies.

Yakunin and Averin have been friends for many years

Anna's husband is calm about her close friendship with Averin. He is confident in his wife and is not jealous - for this, Yakunina is grateful to him. In addition, Averin has his own personal life and beloved girl, whom he, however, hides from the public.

The fate of man - Anna Yakunina

In 2018, Anna celebrated her anniversary. In connection with this event, the actress was invited to the program "The Fate of Man" on the TV channel "Russia-1". Yakunina spoke about the difficulties that she had to face in life.

Actress in her youth

At the age of 15, at the insistence of her mother, she got to the boarding school of the ballet school in Leningrad. It was not easy for her - the school had strict discipline and the girl lived in a room for 11 people.

“The regime was hellish. We constantly wanted to lose weight, to fanaticism. They didn’t eat anything. Once I fell into a hungry faint, ”says the actress.

Nevertheless, Yakunina managed, and now she recalls that time as the happiest in life. Anna also shared the details of the conflict with Konstantin Raikin. The girl decided to move from Satyricon to Lenkom, and her director did not like it. After leaving the theater, she did not speak with Raikin for seven years, but now they are talking again.

On the program "The fate of man"

Anna Yakunina also spoke about her first marriage, in which the girl had to take responsibility for the family while her husband tried to earn easy money in a casino.

“One evening he returned and covered me with a sleeping pillow - he decided to strangle me out of hopelessness. I was very scared, ”recalled Yakunin.

Now Anna is happy in her personal life. The husband is the closest person for Yakunina, and for her, the actress, by her admission, is ready for anything. In addition, Anna rejoices in the successes of her daughters. Both of them have already been realized in the profession and are doing what they love. And in the career of Yakunina herself, everything is fine - new roles are not long in coming.


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