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Sergey Vasilievich Kuprik
Date of BirthNovember 7, 1973 (1973-11-07) (aged 46)
Place of BirthMoscow, RSFSR, USSR
The country USSR →
Years of activity1989 - present time
Singing voiceLyric Baritone
author song
urban romance
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Sergey Vasilievich Kuprik (born November 7, 1973, Moscow) - Russian and Ukrainian singer, musician. Honored Artist of Ukraine (2004), Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (2018). Soloist of the Lesopoval group (1994-2008). Solo artist (2009 - present)


Born in Moscow. He graduated from school number 626.

In 1989, he entered the Gnesins College at the pop department of the guitar class. He studied guitar playing with teacher V.K. Brand. Since 1992, he continued to study vocal classes under the direction of Professor Natalia Zinovievna Andrianova, head of the department of pop-jazz art at the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music, from which she studied most of the Russian pop stars source not specified 1474 days .

Creative activity

In 1994 he became a soloist of the group "Lesopoval". The first appearance on the stage took place on December 4, 1994. The group toured throughout Russia.

In 2008, after the death of the songwriter of the group, Mikhail Tanich, Sergey Kuprik left her, because, in his opinion, the group could not exist without the songs of Tanich.

In the same 2008 he graduated from the Lugansk Institute of Culture and Arts with a degree in show business management.

Since 2009, she has been performing solo, performing songs based on poetry by poet Vadim Tsyganov and music by composers Alexander Fedorkov and Alexander Morozov.

October 11, 2012 - presentation of the first album "White Swan".

November 27, 2014 - presentation of the second album "Russia - My Homeland".

March 7, 2017 - presentation of the third album, “How beautiful you are.”

December 21, 2018 - presentation of the fourth album “What is happiness. ".


At the end of school, Sergei submitted documents to the Gnesinsky school. In 1989, the young man was enrolled in the pop department of the guitar class. To get into the class of the famous guitarist, composer and jazz teacher Vladimir Konstantinovich Brand was a great success for Kuprik.

Three years later, he began to study at the pop vocal department, where teacher Natalya Zinovieva soon noticed potential in him. Thanks to her connections, Sergey was lucky to get to the audition with the already known musical group Lesopoval.

Later Kuprik recalled this event as follows: “Unfortunately, I was then an ordinary teenager with long hair, which is more suitable for a little-known rock band. Having talked a little, Mikhail Tanich, the founder, the author of the texts and the spiritual mentor of the group, said that they needed a serious man of about 35, who had already been in prison more than once, taught, so to say, a bitter life experience. I was considered too young for this role. ”

Music career

In 2008, Kuprik received a diploma in "Show business management", as he really wanted to professionally understand the promotion of the team on the stage. A few months later, he barely survived the departure of Mikhail Tanich. The death of the founder of the group made Sergey think about the future - the figure of Tanich meant a lot to Lesopoval.

Soon, leaving behind 14 busy years with the group, Kuprik decided to go solo swimming. Famous friends helped him in this - producer Vadim Tsyganov (husband of Vika Tsyganova), famous artist Alexander Fedorkov and composer Alexander Morozov.


You cannot confuse Sergey Kuprik’s voice with anyone. It is hard to imagine that Grigory Leps and Katya Ogonek tried to replace the lead singer of the Lesopoval group, however, the audience was associated with the group with only two Sergey - Korzhukov and Kuprik. The first one died tragically, and the second has been leading a solo career for a long time, but at every concert the hits of the 90s “I will buy you a house”, “Sit, boys”, “Mimosa branch” are mandatory.

Personal life

Sergey’s first marriage was civil, a son was born in him, who was given the rare name Neil. The contractor admitted that his father’s hot feelings never woke up in him. The young man lives with his mother in Latvia and also does not seek to communicate with the Kuprik family.

The singer met his second wife in America in 2006. Ekaterina was a journalist by her first education, and she practiced television in the United States. "Sawing" at this time came on tour, and the musicians were invited for an interview. The girl was hooked by Sergey by the fact that she had no idea what kind of group it was. Later, the couple exchanged phones and started a romance in the distance.

Sergey Kuprik and his wife Catherine

By that time, Kuprik had built a luxurious house in the Moscow Region and once invited Katya to see how he lives. The journalist was no longer able to leave. Sergei and Catherine only got married in 2012, and that was only because they tortured calls from the registry office, where the lovers had not been several times.

In addition, the unofficial position complicated the professional life, because the contractor's agreements were concluded in the name of his wife, and the opposite side had questions about what a stranger from a legal point of view has to do with creativity.

Sergey Kuprik

In the family, according to Kuprik, there is not even a photo from the celebration, everything happened so quickly. We returned from concerts in the Far East, put stamps and went to celebrate in Montenegro, where Sergei has another house. And in Russia, the couple started a small farm in the form of a rat, 4 parrots, 3 dogs and 2 cats. The couple has no children yet.

In his free time, Kuprik finds application in the skills of a carpenter, carpenter and woodcarver. He maintains his form in the gym, at one time he even lost 28 kg, following the advice of Maya Plisetskaya "Do not eat!" The hobby of the musician is radio-controlled aircraft modeling.

Sergey’s personal life and work are illustrated by pictures published on Instagram, on the official website and on the VKontakte group.

Sergey Kuprik now

The work of Sergei Kuprik is appreciated at the state level - in March 2018, the singer was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia. The news caught the artist during a tour of the Urals and Siberia, before which he traveled to New Zealand and Australia.

Sergey Kuprik in 2018

In the fall of the same year, Sergei, in whose work schedule hundreds of points on several continents, first visited Novaya Zemlya. The musician came to the severe northern archipelago at the invitation of the Russian Ministry of Defense to give a concert for the military. The power department noted the contribution of Kuprikov in support of the Russian contingent in Syria, having awarded them with medals of participants in the military operation in this Arab country.

Sergei Kuprik speaks to the military

In addition, Sergey participated in the celebrations dedicated to the Day of Moscow, the festival "Eekhh, Razgulay!", Held by "Radio Chanson".

The popular artist plans to spend the winter and spring of 2019 on a concert tour dedicated to two significant events - his own 45th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of stage activity.

The official group of singer Sergey Kuprik

It happened! With a full house, with a sea of ​​flowers and a storm of applause on the main stage of the country, in the Great Hall of the State Kremlin Palace, a concert of the Honored Artist of Russia and Ukraine Sergey Kuprik took place!

A significant day was held on the artist’s birthday, November 7, and the main gift was the completely filled 6000th hall, warm smiles, kind words and enthusiastic cries: “Bravo!”
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It was truly a landmark, historical concert in the biography of the artist, which Sergei will remember for a lifetime!

And, of course, this evening will forever remain in the hearts of all those present who were lucky enough to share his holiday with Sergei Kuprik!

According to the idea of ​​the director of the evening, People’s Artist of Russia and the main director of the State Kremlin Palace, Evgeny Glazov, everyone present plunged into the incredible atmosphere of a colorful courtyard, on Kuprika Street 46, which is especially symbolic, because on this significant day Sergey turned 46 years old!

Live sound, favorite songs, sincerity, sincerity, trepidation, tenderness, penetration and versatility! This concert has accumulated everything you can dream of!

Of course, congratulations were not made to friends and colleagues - Sergei and all the guests of the evening presented their hits: Mikhail Shufutinsky, Alexander Marshal, Igor Slutsky, Denis Maidanov, Dmitry Pryanov, Vyacheslav Myasnikov, Angelika Agurbash, and with Marina Devyatova the hero of the occasion performed a lyrical duet!

We congratulate Sergey, Ekaterina and all those involved in organizing this Event with Triumph!

Triumphing! Rejoice! Admire!

We share the first photos and we thank for the efficiency of the photographer, Lydia Samsonenko