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The most unusual pets of celebrities in Russia, Ukraine and the world


Despite the obviously busy schedule, many stars find ways to get animals and care for them. Stellar pets are always focused on. Everyone is interested in how celebrity favorites live and what they do. Stars support the "trend" and talk about their dogs and cats on social networks.

Sergey Lazarev, Daisy and the Fox

Sergey Lazarev actively supports the zoo protection movement and urges people not to buy pets, but to take them from shelters. On his pages on social networks, Sergei regularly invites subscribers to come to dog and dog shows and make best friends.

Unlike most humanists who make empty statements, Sergei follows his own philosophy. The first dog from the shelter was Daisy. After a while, a post appeared on Instagram stars, where he talked about great joy. Sergey took a second dog from the shelter and named it Fox.

Leonid Yarmolnik and Zosya

Leonid always lived surrounded by dogs. Dachshund Zosia was her favorite, without which Leonid could not live peacefully for a day. In the house of the star, dogs regularly appear who need help. In addition, Leonid volunteers, helping to collect food and medicine. Taking advantage of its own popularity, Yarmolnik helps disseminate information about animals that need a home.

Svetlana Bondarchuk and Fanny

Fanny is a labradoodle and a permanent pet of Svetlana. Why permanent? Because the star often picks up animals from the street and looks for families. According to the former spouse, Fedor Bondarchuk, Svetlana's sympathy is one of her strongest character traits.

In the apartment of the former couple, 5-6 animals lived at the same time, which for some reason ended up on the street.

Sergey Bezrukov and Polly

A pet and part-time actor, French Bulldog Polly has become a companion and best friend. The dog often accompanies the owner to work, where she is surrounded by attention and constantly treated. Polly loves goodies, especially fruits.

Once a dog ate so much fruit that it ended up in a veterinary clinic with a severe allergy.

Andrey Grigoryev-Apollonov, Ursula and Mays

The singer often boasts of two favorites at once - a dog of the Lhasa apso breed named Ursula and a chic cat Mays. Pets have a big age difference - almost 13 years.

Mays appeared in the singer’s family by accident. The wife and son went on vacation, and returned with a kitten, who himself came to the house and asked to eat. In addition to dogs and cats, the family has birds and aquarium fish.

Konstantin Khabensky and Frosya

Konstantin Khabensky is often praised on social networks, as he was one of the first (among Russian stars) to popularize outbred animals. The actor himself took the dog from the shelter. The pet was called Frosya.

For several months, Frosya turned from a quiet, slaughtered dog into a real beauty and a faithful companion. True, the dog never forgot her past life, she is afraid of the dark and really does not like to be parted from the owner.

Elvis Presley and his Kangaroo

The rock and roll king has been surrounded by animals all his life. In Who just didn’t live on his estate: monkeys, hens,

Elvis Presley and his Kangaroo

geese, turkeys, pigs, donkeys, horses and even a pair of kangaroos.

Information about where the Australians came from the singer varies. According to one version of jumpers, Elvis was presented by Hollywood agent Gordon Lee, according to another by Australian fans. True, the singer Kangaroo did not live long, after a while he donated them to the zoo in Memphis, Tennessee.

Mike Tyson and his tiger

At one point, a famous boxer just picked up and got himself

Mike Tyson and his tiger

tiger. With a big cat, Mike immediately found a common language. By the way, they even starred together in the film "The Hangover Party."

In honor of the parent

Shortly after Kylie's father, Jenner Bruce, became a woman named Caitlin, the daughter showed the public her pet - a white-gray rabbit. Kylie called him ... Bruce. Apparently, in honor of the parent. The 17-year-old reality star owns two Italian greyhounds, probably, she wanted something more miniature and pretty.

Mother and stepmother

Singer Katy Perry took a kawapu breed dog (this is a poodle crossed with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) to her cat with her nickname Butters. “My assistant is Butters’s real mother, and I’m his stepmother, because I don’t like to be woken at 7 in the morning,” the singer joked, bearing in mind that her assistant took most of the cares for the dog. But Perry ordered herself pajamas with prints-images of a pet, and is this not a manifestation of the hostess's love for the animal?

The heroine of crime drama

Another celebrity chose a interesting name for her cute pet - Taylor Swift. The repeated owner of the Grammy is crazy about her white plush cat Olivia Benson. Olivia is a character in the classic NBC series Law and Order. This role has been played by Mariska Hargitay for many years - the actress met her “namesake” when she went backstage during the next Swift concert. Taylor also loves to share photos of his Olivia on social networks - to the delight of fans.

New Kara toy

And the rabbit Cara Delevingne has her own Instagram page: after publishing only two photos of the pussycat within four hours, Cecil gathered more than 22.6 thousand subscribers! Delevingne is now very popular: in addition to success in the modeling field, she also has notable film roles. They didn’t have time to rent the “Paper Cities”, when another project with the participation of the British, “Peng: Travel to Netlandia”, starts. Touching Cecil is one of the cutest celebrity pets.

The modest Dubois

But the dog Hilary Duff is much more modest - Dubois has a closed account (duboisduff) and only 108 subscribers. Which does not detract from the love of the star of the musical comedy "Lizzy Maguire" and the melodrama "Cinderella Story" for his Bernese Mountain Dog. However, Dubois is not the only Hilary pet (but the largest one). Duff is still a doggie!

Grande Puppy Squad

The starlet Ariana Grande is full of ill-wishers: colleagues are annoyed by her rudeness and whims. But the actress and singer have a flip side: it turns out she loves dogs very much. Ariana keeps a brood of doggies at home. Grande called her sixth acquisition Sirius Black. Hmm, with these words, the brutal and disheveled Gary Oldman immediately appears, playing the role of the “Potteriana” hero, and here is a cute black ball of wool! On October 8, Ariana presented Strauss's “little angel” on her Instagram page - apparently he will be the seventh member of the puppy squad? Fans of the singer are delighted!

Bubbles, Chimpanzee, Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was very fond of animals. As a result, the artist’s warmest relations have developed with a chimpanzee named Bubbles, who, thanks to his master, has become a real media star. Bubbles, according to Jackson, was not much different from a person: he helped to clean the house (which, in the case of the size of the king’s estate, seems to be a joke), ate at the table, and with the help of appliances - a knife and a fork, and also visited the toilet all the rules of human hygiene. It’s hard to say whether it is so or not, but nature nevertheless took its toll - Bubbles began to behave aggressively, and he had to part with it, giving it to the nursery. Having lived with Jackson for almost 15 years, the chimpanzee has spent 15 years in the reserve with the name Center for Great Apes worthy of his person. Yes, Bubbles survived his master and, perhaps, often recalls him, especially since Jackson left him an inheritance of $ 2 million. And Bubbles has become part of the mass culture - films and cartoons are made about him, Jeff Koons creates a sculpture “Michael Jackson and Bubbles”, they even write memoirs for chimpanzees. Yes, in the year the pop king died in Britain, Bubbles’s memoirs, My Secret Diary: From Swaziland to Neverland, went on sale.

National Puppy Day

Another lover of dogs also starred in musical films (the most famous - “Cool musical”). This is Vanessa Hudgens, who loves taking pictures with her dog named Darla. The sweetest creation appeared in the actress in honor of National Puppy Day. “Such a happy holiday! I love my little Darla very much. We do everything together! ”Vanessa wrote on her Twitter.

Picked up from the shelter

One of Hollywood's most dedicated dogmaids is Kaley Cuoco. Recently, fans of the “Big Bang Theory” star were upset by the news of the actress’s divorce - she and her husband, a tennis player, decided to put an end to the relationship. But next to Kaylee there will be baby Rubin, which Kuoko took from the dog shelter. Despite his tiny growth, Rubin is already 5 or 6 years old. Kaley set a good example - after all, not only puppies, but also adults and already middle-aged four-legs, need care and participation.

Are Star Bullies Changing For the Better?

The cat Miley Cyrus has a very complicated name: Shanti Om Bi Bi. Ex-Hannah Montana introduced to her fans the beauty as a new member of the family and asked to register on the shantiombb page. They did not remain indifferent, and now the fluffy pretty lady has more than 140 thousand subscribers.

Rumor has it that Justin Bieber started a dog to get rid of the image of a "bad boy." Nevertheless, the singer became attached to the baby (Esther York) and spends a lot of time with her. We hope that the dog will not suffer the fate of Bieber's former pet, the Capuchin, who was confiscated at the border due to a mess with documents. Esther's popularity is gaining momentum - she has more than 485 thousand followers on Instagram and almost 31 thousand on Twitter.

Alexandra and Leonid Yarmolniki

Leonid and Alexandra always had dogs. They are full-fledged family members who can sit at the dining table and sleep with the owners under one blanket. Leonid has repeatedly said that he cannot imagine a family without a dog and is very sympathetic to people who are allergic and cannot get a pet. And about his beloved dog, the dachshund Zosyu, he said that he could not do without it for two days, so there was not enough communication. For several years now, the spouses have been the founders of the Hopeful Fund, which helps to attach animals, collect feed, medicine and other necessary things.

Sergey Lazarev

For more than six years, Sergey Lazarev has been living with the black and white mongrel Daisy, which the singer took home immediately after filming for one charity project. And more recently, Sergey took a second dog from the shelter.

“Friends, I have good news! I took a second dog from the shelter. Her name is Fox. So now I have two dogs. If you want to get a dog then do not buy, but take it from the shelter! There are many good, beautiful, kind and affectionate dogs! Come to the exhibitions that arrange shelters (I constantly post posts about various similar exhibitions), get acquainted with dogs and, if you like, take them home! ”

Svetlana Bondarchuk

The former husband of Svetlana, Fedor Bondarchuk, once admitted that the number of animals in their house could reach five. Svetlana is known for her touching attitude to dogs, she does not make a choice between purebred and not purebred and can pick up a puppy right on the street. Recently, on her Instagram page, she often shares photos of her favorite - Labradoodle for Fanny.

Vladislav Lisovets

Vlad has a gorgeous cat named Bandit: one eye is green, the other is blue. Vlad is sure that he has the best cat in the world. On the Lisovts page on Instagram, an unusual pet regularly collects thousands of likes.

Konstantin Khabensky

The actor took a four-legged friend from a Moscow shelter. A dog named Frosia was sitting in a cage and looked sick and scared. Now Frosya is happy, but still afraid of the dark, so they leave light in the apartment for the night.

Anastasia Volochkova

Nastya is a real woman, she loves flowers and cats. The beloved Persian cat of the Russian ballerina, nicknamed Lucky, even got her own web page.

The ballet cat Lucky doesn’t care what they say and write about him. He just enjoys life, enjoys and relaxes. And pleases with its beauty and kindness of loved ones. And we are alike in that. "

Reese Witherspoon Zoo

Back in 2010, actress Rizu Witherspoon, inspired by her friends' small private zoo, acquired two pretty donkeys, whom she called Honky and Tonky. “They are so obedient and sweet,” Witherspoon admitted in an interview in December 2010. And everything would be fine if not for the neighbors. They, unlike the star blonde, donkeys were not at all happy and periodically complained of constant noise. However, noise is a completely natural thing, considering that Reese has a whole menagerie in addition to the donkeys at home: two pigs, three goats, twenty hens, three dogs and her own pony.

Readers of "StarHit" for a month voted for the most exotic animal stars.

For some time now, keeping exotic animals at home has become fashionable. At the time of the famine of the nineties, many celebrities and just rich people lived crocodiles, snakes, poisonous spiders and other rare representatives of the fauna. Over time, they were replaced by tiny dogs with which the ladies came out, but this wave gradually came to naught. Now, exotic in every sense of the word, we can consider such animals that are not found in every second home, be it goats, like Evgeny Dobrovolskaya, or a learned raven, like Timofey Bazhenov. We present to your attention a rating of those representatives of show business who truly love animals and are ready to endure difficulties for the sake of this love, but at the same time pay with care and sincere love for their pets. For almost a month, StarHit readers voted on our site for their favorite stars and their pets. According to the results of the voting, Vasily Utkin and his raccoon became the winner. Read about him and the other nine heroes in the rating in our material.



PET: Raccoon

“Cats are interesting, dogs are faithful, and raccoons ... they are just cool! - said Vasily Utkin, the host of the show "The Big Question" on STS. - I bought mine in June 2013 in a nursery near Krasnodar. Now he lives in a summer house in an aviary. These animals do not respond to the nickname, ours didn’t react to our name in any way, therefore we call it simply - raccoon. These are incredible creatures, but you need patience to hold them. Only his desires are important to him. For example, a typical situation: I come, he walks, comes up to me and in the literal sense of the word searches - he rummages through his pockets. We also have a game: the raccoon allegedly attacks without biting hard, I knock it over. He is a wonderful guy, but a wild beast. ”



PET: Chinchilla

“She was presented to us a year ago, her daughter Ariela gave the new animal the nickname Mucha,” the rapper shared with StarHit. “They bought a big cage for chinchillas.” This is a funny creature. When we get home, Mucha stands on her hind legs and starts to joyfully jump. May be offended if you do not pay attention to her for a long time. Once Ariela let out a chinchilla for a walk around the apartment, carefully following her. But distracted and lost sight of. In search we turned the whole house upside down, looked a hundred times everywhere. Nowhere. And Mukha hid all this time on a shelf with soft toys, did not move and watched all this fuss. ”



PETS: python and snake

“As a child, I thought: who is bad in the fairy tale“ Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ”- a cobra that protects children, or Rikki-Tikki-Tavi who strangled them? Many are for the mongoose, but I feel sorry for Nagain. Probably, this is where my love for snakes comes from, - the singer admits to StarHit. “Now I have a royal python and a bamboo snake living at my place.” I bought them at a regular pet store.They live in a terrarium; I feed them only with mice and frogs grown in the laboratory. They do not perceive me as the owner, and they consider any movement in their direction as a threat. Although they are not poisonous, a bite is not a pleasant thing. The feeling that two dozen toothpicks are sticking into you at the same time. ”



PET: Dwarf Lori

A year and a half ago, friends gave the actress a dwarf lory. The animal was given the nickname Maidan. In the country house of Klimova, the nimble kid has a spacious aviary with toys. Maidan does not like tenderness, only someone wants to take him in his arms and cuddle, then runs away. His favorite pastime is to climb the curtains: the higher the better. Although the dwarf Lori animal is exotic, he does not have a special diet, he eats what he is treated to. It can be cookies and lettuce. The main thing is more. After all, despite the tiny size (adult individuals about twenty centimeters tall), Lori is very voracious.




“Wilhelm eats on schedule, in his diet only low-fat cottage cheese, milk and oat bran,” said the actress “StarHit”. - No fruits, they have glucose, but it is harmful. But either Willy is a very well-fed pig, or they deceived us - at eight months, he weighs 20 kg. He is a bully - tore books, wallpapers. I forgot about the fact that he has his own toilet. Our Newfoundland Winnie at first looked at the pig in bewilderment: “Why does this meat run?” Over time, they got along, Wilhelm scratches a dog with a penny behind his ear, and they both really like it. Keeping a mini-pig in an apartment is difficult, both for the animal and for the owners. Therefore, recently Willy moved to live with his mother in the country. "


Timothy bazhenov


“I got Yasha 13 years ago,” the TV presenter shares with StarHit. - He was presented with a chick to the daughter of an official. In the village where they lived, many migrant workers worked. And the bird learned to swear and insult its neighbors. Then this respected man asked to deliver him from the swindler. My raven quickly unlearned from a bad habit, began to utter meaningful phrases: "scratch your neck", "I do not want to work." Now he is in his prime, weighs 8 kg, wingspan - one and a half meters. Yasha lives in an aviary of 30 by 30 meters. I feed him chicken, cheese, apples, carrots. But most of all he loves rotten food. If you give a sausage, then Yasha will put it in a container of water. He will wait two days until she wanders and eats with pleasure. ”




The actress was presented with the first goat Katka three years ago for her birthday. She took the animal to a country house. Katya quickly got accustomed: she climbed onto chairs, tables and even cabinets, nibbled the legs of chairs. Therefore, I had to build a separate aviary. Soon the actress was expecting a surprise - the goat is pregnant! Kai and Gerda were born, and in the spring of 2014 they gave birth. They had a son, Besh. Neither Gerda nor Katya spoil the mistress with milk.




“The patron is fabulously beautiful - with white cuffs on his legs and a white star in his forehead, calm as a tank! - shared the actress. - He lives in the equestrian club "Joy" in the suburbs. I try to visit him once a week. I enjoy dressage. It is great to take a horseback ride through the woods in autumn - the leaves rustle under the hooves, and you rush at a gallop, and nothing at all - no problems, no fatigue, no fuss. It’s like I’m moving into another dimension. ”




“The youngest son has long wanted a turtle,” said the singer “StarHit”, “a year ago the godmother fulfilled his dream. Anastas was insanely happy. Gave a nickname - Cheburashka. I didn’t get out of the Internet for several days — I learned how to care, how to feed, how to bathe. But the son’s fuse has passed, and now the eldest daughter Dasha is mainly engaged in the tortoise. ”


MARINA Berezhnaya

PET: ferret

“Four years ago I went to a pet store for fish food, and bought a ferret,” recalls the lead singer of the Brilliant group. - Filareta requires warmth and affection, otherwise it may hurt to bite. She lives in a cage, but I often release her to stretch her legs. Half an hour is enough for her to walk, but she sleeps up to 12 hours a day. ”

Manual Mantis Dominic Monaghan

Exotic insects are almost a trend. For example, tarantulas are commonly purchased in home aquariums. But here are the mantises? Since 2012, the star of the Lost series has been running the Dominic Monaghan and Wild Creatures program on Animal planet, so it’s not surprising that he got along with a domestic mantis named Gizmo, a tarantula Wichitar, and a white snake Blink.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his tortoise

Leonardo DiCaprio and his tortoise

Leonardo DiCaprio is a passionate reptile enthusiast, as evidenced by his purchase at an auction of North American tortoise reptile breeders. Amphibian cost $ 400 /. Experts assured the star that his favorite will live 80 years.

Cobra and Octopus Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage spares no money for entertainment. In the recent past, the actor almost went bankrupt, carried away by collecting expensive cars and real estate, which, however, did not stop the star. Having failed with inanimate objects, Cage switched to exotic animals. The first two king cobras appeared in his house, and then the octopus.

All acquisitions cost the actor no less than 276 thousand dollars. Cage later told reporters that the octopus appeared in his house for a good purpose, the animal was supposed to mysteriously help the star cope with some role. Alas, pretty soon Nicholas was forced to say goodbye to his ocean companion - its maintenance cost Cage more than all the cars combined.

Turtle Leonardo DiCaprio

It would seem that the turtle is a very ordinary animal. Of course, if it is placed in a small home aquarium or box. The Hollywood actor decided not to be so banal. A visit to the American exhibition of reptile breeding professionals apparently pleased him very much, so DiCaprio immediately bought a turtle for $ 400, which weighs 17 kilograms!

And this is far from the limit, now this turtle is only 10 years old, and over the next 70 years of her life, the actor’s favorite can gain about a centner of weight! DiCaprio will have a hard time with her, who, let's face it, also does not get younger over the years.

Rupert Grint Minipig

The red-haired Briton Rupert Grint, known around the world for films about Harry Potter, seems to have completely succumbed to the charm of miniature piglets. Thanks to the long years of work of scientists on this breed, pigs do not grow larger than a small dog. Perhaps they cost about $ 1000 because of the labor invested in them?

However, many stars today buy minipigs for themselves, not caring about the price, and then go out with them for walks and even attend social events (which, incidentally, Rupert himself does).

George Clooney Pig

Not so long ago, a settled down heartbreaker before his wife had another great love. And, unlike his colleague Rupert Grint, his pig was not so tiny. 135 kilograms of pork nicknamed Max accompanied Clooney on the set, interviews and even at night during sleep (the actor allowed the pet to sleep in his bed). Clooney has a special love for pigs. He prefers them to all other pets. Once upon a time, when Clooney was just beginning to conquer numerous girlish hearts, he gave her a piglet to impress his chosen one. The girl did not appreciate such a manifestation of sympathy and ran away from an unlucky boyfriend, but could, by the way, become the wife of a future star. Probably since then, Clooney became more suspicious of the representatives of the opposite sex and marry, it seemed, hesitated at all. Once the actor even argued with his girlfriends Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfeiffer that he would not get married until forty years, at least. Both actresses lost miserably, and instead of his wife George got a real hog - a mini-pig, who lived with the star for several years in full contentment and died at the age of 18.

Sunny and Bo, dogs, Barack Obama

Actually, the president’s family planned to get a dog from the shelter - that would be more convincing and noble. However, one of Obama's daughters is allergic to animals, so the choice was very limited - only a hypoallergenic breed. The idea of ​​a shelter had to be abandoned, and the owner of the White House, on the advice of doctors, opted for the Portuguese vodka breed. Here, by the way, a present arrived from Senator Ted Kennedy - a puppy named Bo. Doggie for several years wore the proud title of the first dog of the United States, until the monopoly was violated by his own younger brother, named Sunny. Dogs eventually got along, which is not surprising, since they are relatives, and delight the family of Barack Obama, and at the same time the press with their photogenicity and spontaneity.

Floyd, the dog, Miley Cyrus

This dog of the Siberian Husky breed was the totem animal of both Miley and the army of her fans. “Was” - because Floyd died in April 2014. At the first concert after the death of the dog (it was in Boston), the singer naturally burst into tears, remembering her favorite, and devoted to Floyd a long felt speech. As a keepsake from the dog, there were numerous photographs and videos that Miley published on social networks. In fact, the artist immortalized her beloved dog by stuffing herself a tattoo with her name.

Max, pig, George Clooney

Huge sizes of pigs lived with Clooney for more than ten years, which made it possible for the actor (at that time fundamentally idle and generally actively polygamous) to joke that his relationship with Max was the longest in his life. No matter how strange it may seem — a man and a pig — Clooney’s affection for Max was really sincere and strong: the actor took a friend with him on set, walking between the scenes like a dog, allowed him to sleep in his bedroom, and was not shy about carrying him to friends on the weekend (using their personal planes for transportation). Moreover, George Clooney sometimes cherished friendship with Max more than women. At least, according to all-knowing sources, the affair with Celine Balitran, which could well develop into something very serious, ended after Celine, without thinking, declared an ultimatum: "I or a pig." The young lady clearly overestimated her significance, which confirmed Clooney's answer, which was not in her favor. Max died in 2006, and the next five years, Clooney was inconsolable. Until I met my future wife.

Doves, Mike Tyson

Actually, the pigeons also instructed Tyson on the true one, helped him choose his future career. This happened in adolescence, when one of the hooligans killed Mike's favorite bird, for which he received a strong face. Having taken a taste, Tyson began to engage in boxing, and then you know. However, obsession with sports (as well as aggression and a love of money) did not push pigeons into the background of Mike's life. He continued to breed them (in the estate of the athlete more than 350 birds) and now leads a reality show dedicated to pigeons. Animal rights activists are indignant, throwing the athlete with angry letters, but the enlightened Tyson does not respond. And the defenders do not risk being very active - you never know, you know. Still, Mike Tyson himself, it’s better not to run into him.

Chupette, cat, Karl Lagerfeld

This Burmese cat has been living at Lagerfeld for the past five years. Given to the master by the fashion model Baptiste Jabiconi, the cat has literally been bathed in luxury and bliss all these years. Chupette has her own servant - maids with the pretentious names of Francoise and Marjorie, a separate room, a personal Twitter account. The cat repeatedly appeared on the pages of glossy magazines, and in some of them - as the main character, relegating her master to the background. As for Lagerfeld, the eccentric designer does not grumble and is not jealous of the cat to such attention of the press, but, on the contrary, admits that if Chupette was a woman, he would certainly make her an offer.

Kitty Purry, Cat, Katy Perry

Kitty, like Floyd’s dog with Miley, turned into a real meme and a symbol that successfully works for the hostess’s brand. Cat Katy Perry, who debuted in the video for the song “I Kissed A Girl”, regularly becomes part of the set for the singer’s concert shows. In addition, Kitty can be seen in the animated video that accompanied the Prismatic tour. Perry takes Kitty with him to meet with fans, and sometimes the cat gets even more attention than the artist herself.

Turtle, Leonardo DiCaprio

We are used to the fact that his mother includes his actor’s inner circle, Victoria’s Secret models that are indistinguishable from each other, as well as true friends. But, as it turned out, not one Lucas Haas is alive DiCaprio: he has another affection - a giant tortoise. The animal was purchased at one of the exhibitions for $ 400, weighs almost 20 kilograms and is at the very beginning of its life path - he (she?) Recently turned ten years old. Given the fact that turtles live 80 years, this creature will spend with the owner all his days.

Hirst Shkulev Publishing

Moscow, st. Shabolovka, house 31b, 6th entrance (entrance from Horse Lane)

Kristen Steward and her wolf

Kristen Steward is clearly a fan of extreme sports and everything unusual. The actress started

Kristen Steward and her wolf

a mixture of a dog and a wolf. It is worth noting that such a handsome man can legally be kept far from in all US states where the actress lives. The “Wolf Dog” is called Jack.

George Clooney and his Boar Max

George Clooney and his Boar Max

The wild boar named Max lived with George Clooney for 18 years. The actor bought it for his girlfriend Kelly Preston. Subsequently, the lovers broke up (Kelly later married John Travolta), and Max stayed with George.

The actor did not cherish a soul in his pet. Boar often slept with him in bed, went to the parties with the star, and sometimes even accompanied him to the set.

George used to joke that he would marry Max if he could squeeze a 136-kilogram boar into his wedding dress, and his relationship with Max was the longest running romance in his life. The animal died in 2006.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his pony nicknamed Whiskey

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his pony nicknamed Whiskey

What would be unusual in a pony? They are held by many. But in the case of iron Arnie, unusual is

rather, not an animal, but an attitude towards it. Schwarzenegger often shares his breakfast with the animal. Once he even posted on his Instagram photo with a favorite, which he signed as follows: “If any of you notice that I lost weight, blame Whiskey for everything. Every morning she steals my breakfast ... "

Nicolas Cage and the Octopus

Kinkaju Paris Hilton

Everyone remembers a blonde in pink with a poor chihuahua under her arm. Apparently, small dogs are not the last squeak, so the heiress of a large fortune acquired a miniature bear. Kinkaju is a rare chain-tailed miniature bear from South America. In some ways, the animal resembles a lemur. However, according to the press, Hilton had to abandon the pet when he bit her in the arm.

Miley Cyrus and her Mini Pig

Miley Cyrus and her Mini Pig

The singer is known for her love of dogs, but once a more unusual animal appeared in her house - a mini-pig. In the pictures with her pets, Miley usually does not look like the naughty girl the public is used to seeing her, but kind and gentle.

Exotic animals in Russian apartments

Fashion for exotic animals has long climbed beyond Hollywood. In ordinary Moscow apartments, you can often find very unusual animals.

Miniversion. Minipigs, mini-rabbits, and who else will not come up with! The whole charm of such breeds is that they always look like cubs. And cubs are a synonym for endless tenderness. That is why they are so popular.Minipigs today cost around 30-60 thousand rubles, and mini-rabbits - from 3 to 8 thousand rubles. By the way, the smaller the individual, the more expensive it costs.

Raccoons. Raccoons are becoming so in demand that in the near Moscow region they even built the Raccoon House. In fact, this is an ordinary private cottage, only for a fee you will be allowed to go inside, have plenty to frolic with furry animals. But to cope with a raccoon to an unprepared person will not be so simple. Firstly, you can’t keep a half-wild animal in an apartment. He does not have enough space. Secondly, the raccoon does not get along well with other animals. Thirdly, it is a nocturnal animal, which is more accustomed to stay awake in the dark. Yes, and for this pleasure will have to give at least 30 thousand rubles.

Lemurs. It is believed that this animal is the most calm of all the exotic ones, not conflicting, not irritable and does not play pranks at all. Lemurs perfectly adapt to the Russian climate. Not picky in food and can live in an ordinary cage. Yes, and easily attached to the owner, even miss in his absence. The perfect exotic animal, in a word! There is a truth, one significant drawback: they are very actively marking the territory. And they cost an average of 50-60 thousand rubles.

Paris Hilton and the Kinkaju Teddy Bear

Paris Hilton and the Kinkaju Teddy Bear

Following the example of this star, blondes from around the world began to carry dwarf dogs in their purses. However, the girl once diluted her chihuahua squad with a more unusual animal - kinkaju. This is an animal of the raccoon family, and its name is translated from the language of the Central American Indians as "honey bear." From his mistress, the animal received the nickname Baby Love and a collar with diamonds.

However, apparently, diamonds could not replace the tropics of the teddy bear. The animal bit the mistress, because of which he was sent home. And after that, Paris had to be vaccinated against tetanus.

Reese Witherspoon and her donkey

Reese Witherspoon and her donkey

At the actress's ranch in the state of California, two donkeys live, Tonki and Honky. Neighbor stars, to put it mildly, are not happy with such a neighborhood. Residents love Reese, but many complain that her burros make an unbearable noise and drive them crazy. In addition to the noisy favorites, Reese also has 2 pigs, three goats, 20 chickens, 3 dogs and its own pony.

Sisters Kardashian, their mother Chris Jenner and chimpanzees

Once the girls thought that for too long their parent had not experienced the joy of motherhood. To Chris again had the opportunity to take care of the baby, they gave her a baby chimpanzee. The woman was very pleased with the gift. The monkey got the name Suzy and was immediately enrolled in the Kardashian younger sisters. Moreover, Susie also became the star of the family television show.

Vasily Utkin and his raccoon

A sports journalist and commentator, inspired by the book of the naturalist Gerald Darrell, dreamed for many years to have a nose. However, having studied the issue of keeping an exotic beast, I realized that there was no way to get along with his irregular working schedule. And got a raccoon. Vasily immediately fell in love with a new member of the family. The pet lives in a spacious aviary. From March to November, he leads an active lifestyle, and hibernates for the winter.

Ekaterina Klimova and the dwarf lory

Ekaterina Klimova and the dwarf lory

The animal was presented to the actress by friends. The animal received an unusual nickname Maidan. A spacious enclosure was arranged for him, where there is a snag and a cosmetic bag in which the pet is hiding. When a caring hostess lets her pet walk around the apartment, he climbs sofas and curtains with pleasure, and somehow, on New Year's Eve, he even climbed onto a holiday tree, which Klimova hastened to inform on her Instagram.

Jigan and chimpanzee

Jigan and chimpanzee

The rapper and his wife Oksana once presented their daughter Chimpanzee Ariela with her daughter. The girl is madly in love with animals, so she was very happy about the gift. In the house of the musician at that time already lived a rabbit and a dog of the breed Spitz. Dzhigan and Oksana love pets no less than their daughter. Sometimes in the house even playful competitions between animals are arranged.

Savannah Victoria Bonnie

Savannah Victoria Bonnie

A few years ago, Russian television presenter Victoria Bonya became the owner of the savannah - a cat, which is a hybrid of a domestic cat and an African serval. The girl acquired a rare pet in the states, it cost her almost 10 thousand euros. Choosing a name for a new favorite, she decided to consult with her fans on Twitter. We decided to call a cat of a rare breed Schumacher.

Sokolikh singer Kamalia

Sokolikh singer Kamalia

Ukrainian singer Kamaliya, who played a stripper in a Hollywood action movie, is a lover of exotic animals.
At Kamalia, a falcon named Leila lives at home. The company consists of 4 dogs - two Spitz and two poodles.
Also in the estate of the artist live owls and 3 parrots. Moreover, the wife of billionaire Mohammad Zahur has his own stable.


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