How the beauties age: Monica Bellucci


Name: Monica Bellucci

Birthday: September 30 1964 (55 years old)

Place of Birth: Citta di Castello, Italy

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Eastern horoscope: The Dragon

Career: Foreign actors 50 place

Photo: Monica Bellucci


Monica Bellucci is an Italian actress and model. It gained popularity after the release of the films "Dracula", "Malena", "Irreversibility", "Brothers Grimm" and others. In 2016, she became a Knight of the Legion of Honor.

Monica Bellucci was born on September 30, 1964 in Italy. The hometown of the actress is Citta di Castello. The girl was born despite the diagnosis of "infertility", which doctors put the baby's mother.

Actress Monica Bellucci

Monica grew up as an only child in a poor family, her father's name was Luigi Bellucci, he worked in the field of agriculture. The girl's mother, Maotia Gustinelli, was an artist. At school, the future actress became a diligent student - she understood that the financial situation of the family is fixable, if you get an education.

From an early age, Monica Bellucci dreamed of a lawyer career and after school, in 1983, entered the Faculty of Law at the University of Perugia. Studying was not free, so the girl first got a waitress in a pizzeria, and from the age of 16 she began working as a model with Liceo Classico.

Monica Bellucci in his youth

Career model developed successfully, and soon Monica had to choose between studying at a university and the podium. The Italian beauty chose social life, abandoning the idea of ​​becoming a lawyer.

In 1988, Monica Bellucci left her hometown for Milan, where she signed a contract with the prestigious modeling agency Elite Model Management. It took a girl a year to become an illustrious model. She collaborated with Elle and Dolce & Gabbana.

Monica Bellucci on the catwalk

In 2001, Esquire Magazine’s published an article about Monica Bellucci - the model’s photo was on the cover, and the actress’s biography took five pages. In 2003, the star starred for Maxim magazine. Bellucci topped the list of hundreds of the most attractive women in the world according to Ask Men’s 2004. In 2011, the Italian became the face of one of the lines of the Oriflame company, and in 2012 advertised Dolce & Gabbana cosmetics.

Career model

In 1983, the girl wanted to enter the Faculty of Law of the University of Perugia, but had to abandon her studies because of the tight schedule.

In 1988, 24-year-old Monica moved to Milan, where she signed a contract with modeling agency Elite Model Management. A year later, Monica Bellucci already knew the representatives of the fashion industry in New York and Paris.


Being a successful model, Monica Bellucci decided to become also a movie actress. It first appeared on the screen in 1990.

The first projects were episodic roles in films of Italian production "Life with Sons", "Bandits", "Abuse". Bellucci received a significant role in 1992 - the actress was invited to shoot the film "Dracula", in which Monica embodied the image of the bride of the famous bloodsucker. Then she had the opportunity to work with Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves, Anthony Hopkins, Gary Oldman. This picture can not be called a breakthrough in the acting career of Monica Bellucci, but it was after this role that the girl was noticed in Hollywood. Directors began to call the actress in films more often, accelerating the girl’s creative growth.

Monica Bellucci in the movie Doberman

In 1996, Monica came a real success. For the role of Lisa in the melodrama "Apartment", she was nominated for an award called "Cesar" as the most promising actress. Then came the role in the action movie Doberman.

The next year brought roles in three films at once: “Stress”, “How do you want me” and “Bad tone”. In 1998, the actress appeared in the films "Compromise," "Desire," "There Will Be No Holiday," "About Those Who Love." A career has developed, the directors just showered the artist with offers to star in their films.

Monica Bellucci in the movie Malena

The most striking and memorable were the roles of Monica Bellucci in the films Malena, Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, Brotherhood of the Wolf. Particularly noteworthy is the girl’s play in the film Irreversibility. The scene with the brutal rape was played so realistically that during the show at the Cannes Film Festival some spectators felt unwell. Vincent Cassel could not stand it when he saw the tortured wife on the screen. Then the man ran out of the hall in tears.

The actress also starred in the films “The Matrix: Revolution” and “The Matrix: Reloaded”, “The Brothers Grimm”, “Secret Agents”, “Passion of Christ”.

In 2007, Monica appeared in the short film Heart Tango. The artist’s partner in the 7-minute video was actor Jose Fidalgo.

Monica Bellucci in the movie "That Summer of Passion"

Then an interesting role went to the actress in the film "That Summer of Passion." According to the plot, the artist Frederick tried everything in life that is possible. And only one slipped out of the hands of the creator - this is mutual love with his wife, who is constantly cheating on her husband. Then the man decides to commit suicide and begins to say goodbye to those who are dear to him. So viewers gradually get acquainted with the events that happened in the life of Frederick.

In the filmography of Monica Bellucci, there are more than fifty works. Talent allows her to act in films of completely different genres. The actress continues to work actively. She appeared in the frame of the paintings “Miracles” (2014), “Love and War”, “007: Spectrum” (2015).

The Italian is considered a model of the fatal woman in modern cinema. Monica has repeatedly received the strong roles of bright women: Cleopatra in Asterix and Obelix, Malena in the film of the same name, Mirror Queen in the film The Brothers Grimm, Persephone from The Matrix, and Bond's girlfriend in 007: Spectrum.

Despite her popularity, the actress is not spoiled for awards. In the artist’s personal fund there are two awards of the Italian Golden Globe and Silver Ribbon of the Italian national film syndicate. In the fall of 2016, the Monica Bellucci trophy collection was supplemented by the Legion of Honor, obtained from the hands of Francois Hollande.

Personal life

The personal life of the beautiful Monica Bellucci is not as intense as it might seem at first glance. Officially, the actress was married twice. The first choice of the girl was Claudio Carlos Bass, who worked as a model photographer. The couple registered marriage in 1990, it lasted four years.

Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci

Then the artist became engaged to the Italian actor Nicola Farron. Celebrities starred in the film "Life with Children". Lovers were considered the most beautiful couple in Italy. But on the set of the picture “Apartment”, the girl met the French actor Vincent Cassel. Initially, the future spouses did not like each other. Monica considered Vincent an arrogant upstart, and he thought of his partner as a stupid model. But soon mutual hostility spilled over into strong feelings.

Vincent Cassel called his beloved marriage three times, and all three times the fatal beauty refused. And once a man had a small accident. Then Monica was scared in earnest and agreed to become the wife of the actor.

After several years of married life, the couple had a daughter - Virgo Kassel. At the time of the birth of the firstborn, Monica Bellucci was 40 years old. The actress gave birth to her second daughter six years later - the girl was named Leoni.

For many years, the couple of Bellucci and Kassel was considered a role model, the joint life of the actors seemed ideal, they even starred together in several films. But in 2013, the world spread the news of the divorce of a star couple. Initially, fans did not doubt that this was another “newspaper duck”, but soon the couple confirmed the information.

Monica Bellucci with her daughters

Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel broke up peacefully, without scandals and high-profile statements. The irreversibility of the breakup of the star couple has been discussed for a long time by the press and fans who generated versions, built assumptions. Bellucci’s affair with businessman Telman Ismailov was called the probable cause of the divorce, but the rumors remained rumors. In numerous interviews, the actress spoke about her good attitude to her husband after the divorce, and that the children will always connect Monica with Kassel.

For 14 years of marriage, the former husband and wife lived in different cities. The press dubbed the marriage of actors "guest". Monica in an interview more than once mentioned that she and Vincent had an open relationship. But after the break, the insider shared that after so much time the actress was thinking about a family nest, and instead she periodically received information about her husband's infidelities.

Gilles Lellouche and Monica Bellucci

In 2017, it became known that the artist’s heart was once again occupied. Monica started a romance with French actor Gilles Lellouche. The new chosen one is a woman younger than her beloved for 8 years. The couple first appeared together at the Sidaction gala dinner in Paris in early 2017.

Monica Bellucci is a person who provokes the sincere interest of men and women. The refusal of the actress from plastic surgery and diets is surprising, but admires the fairer sex. The artist does not adhere to a specific nutrition system, but even after 50 she has model proportions of her figure as in her youth.

The Italian admitted that she could not deny herself pasta or pizza, and resorted to a diet if necessary for the role. Monica is indifferent to fitness, she prefers games with children, walks in the fresh air and yoga.

Monica Bellucci

Age and motherhood do not bother Bellucci, in September 2016 she again starred naked. The pictures were posted on the star’s Instagram account and on the pages of one of the Paris weeklies. Perhaps the exclusive acceptance of oneself is a secret explaining the demand for the artist in the profession.

Monica Bellucci loves Rome. She has repeatedly admitted that a woman is attracted to the energy sector of the city.

Monica Bellucci Now

In 2018, the release of the film "Necromancer" is expected, where Monica Bellucci is involved in the lead role. Together with the actress, Tess Hobrich, Ben O’Toole, Goran D’Klouet and others will appear on the screen.

In January of the same year, information came that the artist, along with Ben Kingsley, would star in the spy thriller Spider on the Web.

Actress Monica Bellucci

According to the plot, Kingsley's hero, Adereth, was considered one of the best agents in the world. But everything is changing, and now the authorities consider the man old and dismiss. And then the spy has a chance to show that it is too early to write him off when he goes on the trail of a supplier of chemical weapons. And while the hero hunts down Angela, the character of Bellucci, the leadership sends after the agent of young operative Daniel, whose role will be played by Itai Tiran.

Gradually, Adereth realizes that he has turned from a pursuer into a victim.

Directing "Spider on the Web" will Eran Riklis.


Young Monica began her career as a model. And she did it very well! In the photo of the 90s, the future star always looked very expressive.

Fashionable techniques of the sexiest women in the world: learning to dress stylishly with the stars

Even in her youth, Bellucci was not a fan of experiments with appearance: she never loved bright makeup and did not radically change her hair. However, why all this to a woman with such rare beauty?

Early 2000s

Monica can only be proud of her feminine figure. Such a risky leather skirt is not for everyone!

In the film Malena, Monica played the role of a girl with whom beauty played a cruel joke ... And how good she was in this movie!

High ponytail is one of the sexiest female hairstyles according to men. But Monica Bellucci he especially goes. Pay attention that the star is almost not made up, and her eyebrows look just perfect.

Straight shiny hair is Monica's calling card. From makeup, she prefers a shaded black pencil. Girls with brown eyes - take note.

Another classic hairstyle that Monica Bellucci often wears is a low bun and hair, divided into a straight part.

Bangs also go to the star, from time to time Monica wears it. Perhaps this is the boldest beauty act that the star decided in her life.

With age, Monica Bellucci began to highlight her eyes more - and this is completely correct, because, whatever one may say, her facial features need to be “refreshed” over time.

In the advertising of lipstick Rouge Dior - red color and the image of a fatal woman.

Monica Bellucci is constant not only in terms of hairstyle and make-up. The actress also loves feminine dresses with open shoulders and always emphasizes the neckline line.


But the tan is not very suitable for the sultry Italian. It seems to us that the dark skin tone makes Monica visually older. She is one of those who better hide from the sun!

Judging by the photographs of Monica Bellucci, the actress is not too keen on cosmetology. In this photo, the star is only 47 years old. It seems to us that with its capabilities you can look even better!

But on the cover of Vanity Fair, after a year, Monica was simply impeccable. Still, no one canceled the retouching ...

However, during her release at the festival in 2014, the actress looked like a queen. Dolce & Gabbana hairstyle and outfit do their job!

Monica Bellucci knows how to be feminine in everything, and it's not about the dress or long hair, it's about the look and grace.

Monica for many years - the main muse of the brand Dolce & Gabbana. She advertises clothes and cosmetics.

In this photo, our darling is 50 years old! For her age, she looks great, but we would still recommend visiting a cosmetologist: biorevitalization and mesotherapy work wonders.

This is how Monica Bellucci looks today, at 51. Bravissimo!

Italian movie star, fashion model

Monica Bellucci - recognized Italian movie star, fashion model. The big name for the actress brought roles in the films "Dracula", "Malena", "Matrix: Reloaded" and "Matrix: Revolution", "Passion of Christ", "Brothers Grimm", "007: Spectrum", "On the Milky Way", " Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra and many others. Monica is a laureate and nominee of many film awards, holder of the Legion of Honor. Monica Bellucci throughout her career was one of the most beautiful and sexiest actresses in world cinema, photos with a hot Italian beauty cause the constant interest of a male audience.

Childhood and education of Monica Bellucci

Monica Anna Maria Bellucci (Italian: Monica Anna Maria Bellucci) was born on September 30, 1964 in Chita di Castello (province of Perugia).

Father - Pasquale Bellucci - An emigrant from Balochistan (Pakistan) is an Iranian by blood. The real Iranian name of Monica's father is unknown. In Italy, he worked for a transport company.

Mother - Brunella Briganti - was an artist.

The future mother of Monica grew up in a strict Catholic family. However, contrary to all, she married a Muslim, and even a poor man. For many years, Bellucci had no children. And only in 1964, as they believed, a miracle happened - they had Monica born. Her mother was already 47 years old. Despite the fact that his father was a Muslim, Brunella baptized Anna Maria (Monica) in the church, since it was mandatory in Italy, it is known from the biography of Bellucci on Wikipedia.

Living and raising in a poor family, Monica early realized that the only salvation from poverty is a good education. And the girl did not spare her strength, she studied diligently. In addition to her native language, Monica Bellucci perfectly mastered English and French, and also learned the basics of Spanish.

As for appearance, in childhood, as her father told, Monica Bellucci was “ugly”. In addition, she was often cut under a boy, as her father believed that this strengthens her hair. And suddenly, around the age of twelve, Monica from an ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan. She became so beautiful that even on the street she had no access from her boyfriends. The girl was embarrassed, she sought to retire.

“All the other children went for a walk after school, like all teenagers.And she secretly ran home, because everyone was looking at her there and she was embarrassed. But I told her: “You need to get used to it. People will look at you like that for the rest of their lives. You must be strong. " And since then it has bloomed. She became strong, ”said the father of the actress.

Monica Bellucci's career as a model

In school years, Monica had a dream - to make a career as a lawyer. To earn money for studies, she began to earn money as a model. Therefore, at the age of 16, the girl was already walking along the catwalk at Liceo Classico, taking photos for magazines. The first successes on the podium, the following tokens, pleased the young and inexperienced model. She abandoned her childhood dream of a career in law.

In 1988, 24-year-old Monica moved to Milan, where she signed a contract with modeling agency Elite Model Management. A year later, Monica Bellucci was already well known by representatives of the fashion industry of New York and Paris.

Monica posed for the French Elle, starred in an advertisement for perfume Dolce & Gabbana. The video for the brand was shot by an Italian director Giuseppe Tornatorewho later directed Bellucci in his film.

Monica Bellucci's movie career

Having achieved success in a modeling career, Monica Bellucci decided to test herself in a new hypostasis for her - a movie appeared in her biography. Monica appeared before the public in episodic roles of the films “Life with Children” (“Adult Love”), “Abuse” and “Bandits” (1990).

And then in 1992, the famous director Francis Ford Coppola invited her to the role of Dracula's bride in the film of the same name. Although the role was small, Monica successfully coped with it, and after that she began to receive offers from directors from America and Europe.

Stunning success overtook Monica Bellucci in 1996 after the movie “Apartment”. For the role of Lisa, she was nominated for the Cesar Award. This was followed by the difficult role of a deaf girl - a bandit's friend in the film Doberman. In both films, Monica's partner was her future husband Vincent Cassel.

In the late 90s, Monica Bellucci became a member of the films "Stress", "How do you want me", "Bad tone", "Compromise", "Desire", "There will be no holiday", "About those who love." On the screen, the Italian actress was, of course, in the image of sexual beauty, however, Monica was not grabbing for the first roles offered to her. The actress tried to be selective. She wanted to fully reveal her talent in roles.

In 2000, Bellucci starred in the drama by Giuseppe Tornatore Malena. In fact, in this film she seemed to play herself - a dazzling beauty, for whom her unearthly appearance becomes both a gift and a curse. For this jewelry-filled role in 2001, the actress received the Audience Award from the European Film Academy.

As for the beauty of the actress, Monica suffered enough from envious persons: “People can forgive a person’s mind, even talent, but beauty can never,” said Monica Bellucci, her biography on the “Know Everything” website reports.

2001 brought her new success in the film "Brotherhood of the Wolf." Monica Bellucci's award was the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Role. Then there were roles in the comedy Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra with Gerard Depardieu. In this role, her crowned beauty was fully revealed.

In 2002, the director Gaspard Noe invited Monica to his rather provocative film Irreversibility, where the audience was shocked by the nine-minute rape of the heroine Monica, shown quite realistically. In this experimental drama, in which all events are shown in reverse order, her husband Monica was played by her husband Vincent Cassel.

There were also in the filmography of Bellucci the films Remember Me (2003), the drama Tears of the Sun (2003). And then the actress starred in the popular films of the brothers Wachowski The Matrix: Revolution and The Matrix: Reboot. Thanks to her participation in the film The Matrix, Monica Bellucci conquered Hollywood. In addition to sexual roles, Bellucci proved that she can prove herself in another role. After The Matrix, she played in the movie Mel Gibson "The Passion of Christ." It was a difficult role, in the film there were many difficult tormenting scenes. But the actress successfully coped with her.

In 2004, Bellucci played with her husband Kassel in the action-packed thriller Secret Agents. The next project, which was successful, was the fantasy film "The Brothers Grimm" (2005) Terry Gilliam, telling an alternative biography of the most famous German storytellers.

In a film by a famous French director Bertrand Blieu “How much are you?” (2005) Gerard Depardieu again became Bellucci's partner. FROM Catherine Deneuve in 2006, Monica played in the film "Brotherhood of Stone." The audience remembered the role of Bellucci in the Hollywood thriller “Shoot 'Em Up” (2007), as well as in the Italian melodrama “The Man Who Loves” (2008), where the Russian actress also played Ksenia Rappoport.

Monica Bellucci played with many European famous actors. In addition to Gerard Depardieu, there were Sophie marceau, Daniel Otoy.

Successful was the role of Monica in the movie "Sorcerer's Apprentice" (2010) with Nicolas Cage and “Love: instructions for use” with Robert De Niro, with whom the actress had long dreamed of acting together. In 2015, Bellucci became Bond's first mature woman (Daniel Craig) in the new part of the bond - “007: SPECTRUM”.

Interesting work awaited Bellucci and with the director Emir Kusturica. In 2016, the actress became a member of his military melodrama "On the Milky Way." Monica played the beloved of the protagonist, in which Kusturica himself reincarnated.

Recently, Italian actress Monica Bellucci played in an erotic scene in the American series “Mozart in the Jungle” (2014). 52-year-old movie star exposes herself in a scene with a hero Gael Garcia Bernal.

Mozart in the Jungle is a comedy-drama series filmed Roman Coppola based on biography Blair Tyndall "Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music." Bellucci plays opera singer Alessandra, Bernal, familiar from the films Bitch Love and Che Guevara: The Diaries of a Motorcyclist, conductor Rodrigo.

Roman Coppola did not doubt who to invite to the role of an opera diva. “She is Italian, she is certainly beautiful, interesting and dynamic,” commented the director, whose father, the famous Francis Ford Coppola, once discovered Bellucci as an actress in the film “Bram Stoker's Dracula”.

Monica Bellucci appeared in a small role in the continuation of the cult series Twin Peaks. Bellucci appears in the 14th episode in the role of herself.

In 2017, Monica joined the filming of the Necromancer sci-fi horror film. In January 2018, news appeared that Monica Bellucci will take part in the filming of the new spy thriller "Spider on the Web."

Monica Bellucci's sexy photos and nude shots

For a long time, Monica Bellucci successfully combined her career in cinema with the work of the model, photos of the Italians adorned the covers of the most famous magazines. Throughout the career of the model, Monica was shot by the most famous photographers, when in 2010 Bellucci selected 150 photos for the biography of the album Monica Bellucci, it included photos Peter Lindbergh, Helmut Newton, Giuseppe Tornatore, Fabrizio Ferry, Richard Avedon, Paolo Roversi, Ellen von Unvern, Francesco Escalara and many others.

Monica Bellucci was the face of the jewelry company Cartier, then her photos were included in the cult calendar Pirelli.

In 1997, Bellucci starred in a video advertising campaign for the lingerie brand Infiore, one of the clips was shot by the director of eroticism Tinto Brass.

Acting naked was not a taboo for Monica, in 1999 she posed naked for the Italian Max calendar (photographer Fabrizio Ferri). In February 2001, the American magazine Esquire posted on the cover photo of naked Monica Bellucci, covered in black caviar. Bellucci's candid photos taken by Fabrizio Ferri illustrated an article on five senses. Photos of naked Monica Bellucci in black caviar subsequently became her trademark and repeated more than once.

At the same time, the actress rejected the Playboy proposal for a photo shoot for more than $ 3 million.

In 2004, Monica Bellucci topped the list of hundreds of the most beautiful women in the world according to Ask Men’s.

Over the years, Monica does not lose sexuality and still pleases fans with frank photos. In 2016, the Italian film actress and model took part in an elegant photo shoot for the Italian magazine Grazia. Monica Bellucci once again showed that time was literally not dominant over her.

In February 2017, at 52, Monica again starred in a candid photo shoot. “By agreeing to shoot naked, the actress never ceases to amaze everyone. It seems that the elixir of youth was still discovered. True, only the Malena star bought it. The actress, with a gorgeous figure, posted on her Instagram a provocative shot in which she was completely naked. Instead of clothes on the body of Bellucci - only black caviar. A Belucci photo shoot was made for the Italian issue of GQ Magazine. For shooting, it took almost 750 grams of black caviar, ”the news said.

In May, the famous Italian actress became the face of the May issue of the Italian gloss “Vanity Fair” and again Monica Bellucci posed naked.

In an interview with the publication, Monica Bellucci shared with readers how she feels at 52. The actress emphasized that every age is beautiful and you need to remain yourself. She began to respect herself more and try to continue to remain beautiful. According to the actress, her attractiveness comes from the inside, and a woman can look sexy at any age. “Look around: age is no longer an obstacle,” said Bellucci in an interview with Vanity Fair.

The star said that she had never turned to the help of a plastic surgeon and considers this to be vulgar. Monica stands for natural aging and encourages women not to worry about this, because this is life.

A little later, Monica Bellucci posted on Instagram her photo with short blond curls. As it turned out, Bellucci decided on such changes for the cover and interview for Madame Figaro magazine. “Thanks to @richardgianorio for this great behind-the-scenes shot. We’re getting ready to shoot the cover for Madame Figaro, they made me a blonde, ”Monica commented on the new look.

It is worth noting that fans enthusiastically reacted to the unusual hair color of the actress. Most users agreed that the Italian star is beautiful both in the image of a brunette and in the image of a blonde.

Personal life of Monica Bellucci

From 1990 to 1994, Bellucci was married to an Italian photographer Claudio Carlos Basso.

On the set of the movie “Apartment” (1996), Bellucci met actor Vincent Cassel, who for a long time took the main place in her personal life. Monica and Vincent got married in 1999. The couple has two daughters, Virgo (born 2004) and Leoni (born 2010). In August 2013, Bellucci and Kassel announced a divorce.

“Monica and I are completely different animals. Perhaps this is the key to unraveling the duration of our relationship with her - almost 18 years ... And we never needed someone's approval ... ”, said Vincent Cassel.

They wrote that Monica spends most of her time with her daughters in Rome, and Vincent preferred to live in a Paris apartment, and then even settled in Brazil, which made a break in the personal life of the couple. Now Vincent Cassel has a new love - a young model.

In 2017, publishing one after another sexy photos for magazines, Monica Bellucci noticed that she has a new man. In the news of show business, Monica's chosen one is called an actor Gilles Lelouche

Photo by Monica Bellucci

For her rich biography, Monica Bellucci has been the face of the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana more than once, starred in advertising campaigns of other fashion brands, and is also often captured on the covers of various glossy publications. Below we want to offer to see the most popular photos of Monica Bellucci.

Italian Beauty - Monica Bellucci Photoset Monica Bellucci Photoshoot Monica Bellucci
Monica Bellucci for Dolce & Gabbana Monica and the new collection by Dolce & Gabbana Photoshoot of the new Cartier jewelry collection
Monica and lipstick ads from Dolce & Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana Photoshoot Monica for Harper’s Bazaar
Exclusive outfits on Monica Monica Bellucci for Dior Photoshoot Monica Bellucci

The actress was never shy of her body and was shot not only naked, but she was not even duplicated in bed scenes in movies. Below we offer a small selection photo of nude Monica Bellucci.

Pregnant Monica Bellucci Pregnancy Monica Bellucci Monica Bellucci's pregnant photo shoot
Nude Monica Bellucci Erotic photo session Monica Bellucci Monica Bellucci Retro
Monica Bellucci for Elle Monica Bellucci photoshoot for men's magazine Monica Bellucci nude

Well, to top it off, we suggest watching a video interview with Monica Bellucci.


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