Marsden, James


American actor James Mersden (full name James Paul Marsden) was born on September 18, 1973 in the town of Stillwater (Oklahoma, USA).

From sixteen he worked as an announcer on one of the local television channels. He entered the University of Oklahoma, but for a long time he did not have enough, and at the age of 20 he quit his studies and moved to Los Angeles, intending to pursue an acting career. read more

At the initial stage of his career, he works almost exclusively on television, playing inconspicuous roles in various television series, such as Blossom (1991 - 1995), Us Five (1994 - 2000), Beyond the Possible (1995 - 2002), television films " White Horror ”(1994),“ On the Edge of Innocence ”(1997),“ The Godmother ”(1997), etc.

The actor manages to attract the attention of film critics and serious producers by playing in the thriller "Obscene Behavior" (1998). After this role, things went uphill. Having secured success by his role in the paintings of the X-Men (2000), he no longer lacked roles.

Among the most successful paintings with James, released after 2000: “Route 60” (2002), “X-Men 2” (2003), “Memory Diary” (2004), “X-Men: The Last Battle” (2006 ), “Superman Returns” (2006) and “Hairspray” (2007).

Since 2000, married to actress Lisa Linda, who gave birth to his Son Jack in 2001, and daughter Mary in 2005.

Early career

James received his first role in 1993, in the television series "The Nanny", where he played the role of Eddie, the guy Margaret Sheffield (Nicole Tom). In the same year, he received the role of Chad Westerfield in the television series “Saved By the Bell: New Class” and one of the main roles in the television series “Five of Us.” James Marsden auditioned for one of the main roles in Primal Fear (1996), but Edward Norton eventually got the role. He could also play Shane in the movie Studio 54 (this role went to Ryan Phillippe). In 1998, he got a major role in the films Obscene Behavior and Gossip. He starred in 13 episodes in the television series "Ellie McBeal" (2001-2002).


In 2000, he was selected for the role of Cyclops in the movie X-Men. In the comics, his character is given more time than in films. His screen time declined with each new movie (especially in the movie X-Men: The Last Battle). However, his game was well received by critics. For this role, he was awarded the Blockbuster Award in the category Best Supporting Actor.

After his character died, he performed a cameo in the movie X-Men: Days of Future Past, as his other colleagues in the first film, Anna Paquin and Famke Janssen, did.


In 2004, he starred in the movie The Memory Diary, together with Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, James Garner, and Gina Rowlands, based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. In 2007, she starred in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical “Hairspray”, with the same name. His next role was in Enchanted

where he played Prince Edward. Then he got the main role in the film "27 Weddings", together with Katherine Heigl. In 2008, he received a major role in the teen comedy Sexdrive.

James also won the Teen Choice Awards in the Choice Movie: Comedy Actor nomination for his role in Enchanted and 27 Weddings.

In 2009, he received the main male role in the thriller “Parcel”, shot based on the story of Richard Matheson's “Button, Button”. In 2010, he starred in the movie "Death at a Funeral", shot on the film of the same name.

Last works

In 2011, appeared in the television series "American Family". In the same year he starred in the title role in the film "Riot of the Eared." Then he appeared in a remake of the film of the same name "Straw Dogs".

From 2012 to 2013 he starred in the television series "Studio 30", where he played the role of Chriss Kros, the guy (and later husband) of the main character Liz Lemon (Tina Fey). Further appeared in such independent films as “Robot and Frank”, “Hopeless situation”, “Bachelors” and “Cool like me”. In 2013, he starred in the movie "Two Barrels", where he played with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. He then starred in Lee Daniels' Butler, "where he played President John F. Kennedy. In 2014, he received the role of Jack in the movie "TV Host: Hello Again." In the same year, starred in the movie "Best of Me", replacing Paul Walker in the title role.

In 2016, James Marsden starred in the series The World of the Wild West as Teddy Flood, one of the main androids of the World of the Wild West, daily trying to save his girlfriend Dolores, and never reaching his goal.

Personal life

Since July 22, 2000, James has been married to actress Lisa Linda, the daughter of American singer and songwriter Dennis Linda. The spouses have a son and daughter - Jack Holden Marsden (born 01.02.2001) and Mary James Marsden (born 10.08.2005). James's wife filed for divorce in September 2011.

In 2012, he met with a model of Rose Costa for several months. The former couple has a son - William Luca Costa Marsden (born 14.12.2012).

Marsden, in addition to the profession of an actor, is also a successful model. For example, in the past when? he advertised the Versace brand.

Not everything was smooth

James Paul was born September 18, 1973 in the provincial Stillwater (Oklahoma). The Marsdenovs had five children: three sons and two daughters, but only James managed to glorify their surname, becoming a famous actor.

After graduation, James received higher education: his "alma mater" became the University of Oklahoma. A nice and sociable guy caught the eye of the creators of the series "Nanny". The debut in the sitcom gave Marsden a “ticket to life”. He realized that acting is very interesting to him. He was 21 years old, and he already starred in the full-length comedy "Mow the Lawn" and in the television movie about the mountain rescuers "White Horror".

In the late 1990s, the actor was already enjoying some popularity - in his filmography appeared more and more series (including The Godmother and Ellie McBeal) and films.

Some attempts have remained unrealized. For example, James did not manage to participate in the box office thriller "Primeval Fear." In this picture of 1996, Edward Norton starred in his place - and this was the beginning of the career of the star of the “Fight Club”. After 2 years, Marsden did not pass the test for the role of handsome bartender Shane ("Studio 54"), the creators preferred Oklahoma Ryan Phillip.

True breakthrough

The successes of that period include “Obscene behavior”, the drama about “difficult teenagers”, and the thriller “Gossip”. Very young Kate Hudson and Lina Headey starred in Gossip along with James. Marsden portrayed a sleek young bastard major. Several students, for the sake of the experiment, make a rumor about one of the girls' acquaintances - she supposedly gave herself up to a casual acquaintance after a noisy party. But gossip spreads too quickly, overgrows with strange details and circumstances that didn’t actually occur, in general, it grows like a snowball ...

The most successful work of the actor in 2000 was the image he created of one of the mutant people. This is a good character from the Xavier team, Scott Summers (nicknamed Cyclops). He has laser eyes, so he is forced to wear special safety glasses. This character could be played by James Cavizel, but for some reason refused, after that Marsden was approved for her. It was a real breakthrough: after all, Cyclops appears in almost all parts of the X-Men franchise.

Versatile talented

The fantasy thriller “Route 60” cemented James Marsden's reputation as a talented performer. His hero Neil Oliver suddenly became very interested in a girl who appears to him in fantasies. And although he has a bride, prospects for work have crept in, parents are trying in every possible way to support his beloved son, Neil goes on a journey full of surprises. He is sure - at the end of a mysterious track he will have a dream come true.

Participation in the cult melodrama “The Diary of Memory”, in another film adaptation of the comic book (“Superman Returns” - it was directed by X-Men director Brian Singer), in the sensational first season of the series “World of the Wild West”: the actor’s career can be envied.

And in the films “Hairspray” and “Charmed”, he was able to show his comedic gift and singing skills.


James Marsden is lucky. Bright appearance, high growth (178 cm) attracted the attention of the directors of the series "Nanny". The guy was invited to test in the sitcom, which he successfully passed. The series was a successful start for James. At the age of 21, Marsden has already starred in the movie Mow the Lawn, and by the age of 25 he has often starred in series.

James marsden

Among them are “The Godmother”, “Ellie McBeal”, “White Horror”, “Elegant Flower”. In the comedy "Mow the Lawn!" James transforms into the son of the main characters. In 1994, Marsden starred in the family melodrama "Us Five" about children who lost their father and mother in a car accident. James also appeared in the cast of the fantasy series Angel Touch. The actor lit up in the horror "Beyond the Limits of the Possible."

There were failures on Marsden’s career. One of them is the primitive fear thriller, which made a good fee at the box office. James Marsden auditioned for the role in 1996, but Edward Norton starred in his place. Another failure befell James two years later, when the actor was not approved for the role of bartender in the film "Studio 54".

The drama about difficult teenagers “Obscene behavior” and the film “Gossip” became iconic in the acting destiny. In Gossip, James Marsden had to play a sleek major. The plot of the film tells about the villainy of students who spread the rumor about one of the girls. It spreads quickly, acquires new details and speculation. James Marsden conveyed the image and character of the villain from the screen more than convincingly.

Worldwide popularity came to the actor in 2000, when Marsden starred in the role of Cyclops in the popular project "X-Men." Initially, this role was supposed to play James Cavizel, but he refused to shoot. Then approved James Marsden. For the actor, this was a real success, because his Cyclops appears in all parts of X-Men.

James Marsden in the movie "Diary of Remembrance"

The next major work was the thriller "Route 60", in which James played Neil Oliver. The hero of Marsden fell in love with a girl from his own fantasies, left work, a bride, a house and went on a journey along the highway, confident that a dream awaits the young man at the end of his journey. After this role, critics and viewers talked about the new facets of the actor’s talent.

James Marsden also starred in the drama The Diary of Memory, the thriller Parcel, the films Enchanted and Hairspray. In the last two projects, viewers were able to appreciate his comedic talent. In the 2000s, the actor’s filmography also replenished with work in the series “Studio 30”, “American Family”, “Lost Chronicles of the Vietnam War”.

In addition to the acting profession, James does not refuse offers to star in commercials. In his youth, the artist participated in an advertising campaign for the Versace brand.

James marsden now

In recent years, the creative career of the actor continues to develop. Every year, with the participation of Marsden, 1-2 television or film projects are released. In 2016, James starred in the rating futuristic Western World of the Wild West, in which he talked about the amusement park of the future, where people are given the opportunity to arrange a hunt for humanoid androids. The company James Marsden on the job site were Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton.

James Marsden in the series The World of the Wild West

In 2017, the artist starred in the sports comedy "On Wheels" about a doping scandal during an international bike ride. In September, the premiere of the political thriller with James Marsden's “Shock and Awe”, in which Milla Jovovich also played, was held.

Now, with the participation of James Marsden, the Enchanted-2 musical tape is being prepared for release, where Amy Adams will play the role of Princess Giselle from the wizarding world, and James Marsden will play Prince Edward again.

Bachelor with three children

In Marsden’s personal life, things are not as smooth. He was married once - his wife was the daughter of singer Dennis Linde, Lisa. In 2000, they registered a relationship, a year later they had a son, and in 2005 a daughter.

What was wrong with their marriage is unknown. But in 2011, James and Lisa divorced, and the wife was the initiator of the break.

For some time, the artist met with model Rose Costa, but they did not get married, but broke up, and very soon. Already after they ceased to be a couple (at the end of 2012), the Brazilian rose gave birth to the son of William from Marsden.


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