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4atti aka tilla pseudonym of rapper Ilya Kapustin. Born June 4, 1990. This year will celebrate its twenty-seventh birthday. Member of the group "Mushrooms" and is the co-founder of the formation "Bridge" (video production, recording studio, clothing store.).

He studied in Kiev at the 78th school.

Chatti released his first solo album on June 4, 2011, entitled "Balls. Tricks".

In 2016, Ilya became a member of the "Mushrooms" group, which is now very popular among young people in Ukraine and far beyond the borders of the country. Their last song clip "The ice is melting" scored about 50 million views (presentation was March 10).

About the personal life of Chatti is not iaestno. On page vkontakte marital status "engaged"That's right. It’s better for a public person not to advertise their personal lives."


June 4, 2011 released the first solo album 4atty aka Tilla called "Balls. Tricks ”, the presentation of which took place on October 1 at the Xlib club crowded with visitors.

On October 4, 2011, the Most label was officially opened, which is a video production, recording studio, artist management and clothing store. In honor of such a significant event, one of the best concert halls in Kiev Crystal Hall hosted a concert with the participation of all artists of the label, led by 4atty.

Over the next four years, 4atty aka Tilla released four more albums: “I want all my friends to be”, “Quarterly Vol.1”, “Yes it will be,” “Conception”.

In 2016, Ilya Kapustin became a member of the newly made group “Mushrooms”, the founder of which is Yuri Bardash - producer of the Quest Pistols and Nerves projects. The new team also included Symptom NZHN and Kyivstoner, aka Correspondent Rainbow. The latter, incidentally, in February 2017 announced that he was leaving the group.

Members of the group Mushrooms on Instagram: photos

Mushrooms (GREBZ) - Ukrainian rap group, which became the real discovery of the music world in 2016. No one knew about the existence of such a team until the first video of the guys called on YouTube appeared Intro. In less than a month, over a million users watched it, and then it immediately became clear that rappers were moving in the right direction.

"Mushrooms" in full force on the set of the acclaimed clip "Great"

Each subsequent clip of "Mushrooms" became a YouTube hit, be it Cops or "Great". The arsenal of both videos has over 15 million views.

Well, the fourth clip of the guys called “The ice is melting” broke all records and in less than a month collected more than 30 million views! Moreover, he became a real hit of parodies, and even the channel “Evening Urgant” removed his version of the popular song!

IN composition of the Ukrainian group "Mushrooms" 4 participants are included: Yuri Bardash, 4atty aka Tilla, Symptom of NJL and video blogger Kyivstonwhose sketches traditionally decorate the videos of the guys. Perhaps, “Mushrooms” owe their popularity to the talented Yuri Bardash, because he is not just a soloist of the team, but also an influential Ukrainian producer who worked on the promotion of the groups “Quest Pistols”, “Nerves” and moon singers. Of course, do not forget about the other two talented rappers of the collective, Ilya Kapustin and Symptom Onzheon! But, if many are familiar with the biography of Bardysh, practically nothing is known about these participants of the "Mushrooms"! This is one of the main features of the guys, they practically do not communicate with the press, supporting their “shadow” image in every possible way, which further warm the fans' interest in their new songs ...

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Name and surname:Ilya Kapustin
Name in English:Ilia Kapustin
Nickname:4atty aka Tilla
Year of birth:1990
Birthday:June 4th
Place of Birth:Kiev
Eastern horoscope:Horse
Social network:Vkontakteinstagram

Biography 4atty aka Tilla (Ilya Kapustin)

4atty aka Tilla is the creative pseudonym of Ukrainian rapper Ilya Kapustin from the Mushrooms group. The artist is also a co-founder of the "Bridge" formation, under whose name a recording studio, video production and artists' management, as well as a clothing store, operate.

Ukrainian rapper 4atty aka Tilla


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