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Name and surname:Yaroslav Dronov
Name in English:Yaroslav dronov
Year of birth:1991
Birthday:November 22
Place of Birth:Novomoskovsk
Height:182 cm.
Weight:73 kg
Eastern horoscope:Goat
Social network:VkontakteInstagramYoutube

Childhood and family

Yaroslav was born in the city of Novomoskovsk, Tula region. His parents are directly related to music - his mother sings beautifully, and his father is a professional guitarist. It is known that his great-grandmother once performed in the Orenburg orchestra, where Lyudmila Zykina began.

Yaroslav Dronov became a bright star on the show Voice

The boy began to sing very early: at the age of four he entered the children's vocal ensemble and six months later first appeared on the stage. From that moment, Yaroslav led an active concert activity and took part in several dozens of regional, national and international competitions, where he invariably received first places or Grand Prix.

Yaroslav studied at the first Novomoskovsk music school. At the age of fifteen, he became her graduate, after which he entered the music school at the department “Head of the Folk Choir”. As a student, he worked part time by singing in the restaurants of the city.

Carier start

After graduating from college in 2011, the young man made an attempt to enter the Gnesins Academy in the capital. Unfortunately, this attempt was unsuccessful. Nevertheless, a year later he again submitted the documents and this time went through the competition. There he began his studies at the faculty of pop-jazz singing. At the same time, Dronov began performing as part of the Red Sky music group.

"Factor a"

In 2013, Dronov took part in the third season of the Factor-A television project. Alla Pugacheva paid special attention to Yaroslav. The prima donna liked the singer’s bright character, she praised him more than once and gave wise advice, and according to the results of the TV show, the singer took third place and became the winner of the Alla Pugacheva Golden Alla Star Award.

Voice 3

In 2014, viewers again met with a talented performer - this time he became a member of the Voice program. At the casting, he sang the song “Looking out of heaven” by Bruno Mars, and at a “blind” audition, the vocalist presented the song “Know ". Two mentors turned to him. The competitor chose Pelagia. She considered her closest in spirit.

At the stage of “fights”, Zarif Norov turned out to be the rival of Yaroslav. He performed the composition of the band White Stripes "Seven Nation Army". After the performance, Dronov remained on the show.

In the “knockouts” the contestant sang in the top three with Alisa Ignatieva and Ivan Chebanov. He performed the song “God, what a trifle!”. The choice of song was done by Pelageya together with Dronov, trying to take into account his preferences. The result is a very interesting number. The stage of “knockouts” seemed to Dronov more difficult emotionally, although, according to the participant, he had practically no excitement. The fact that the performance was successful, Yaroslav felt even before the announcement of the results.

The most powerful performance of Dronov, the audience recognized the performance of the song "When I was Young" in the quarterfinal of the show. This composition was proposed by the contestant himself, and Pelagia supported the idea. During the performance, Yaroslav seemed to melt into the song. I must say that this was the first live broadcast in his life. At that moment he had no time to follow points, he just sang. The maximum number of points possible was a surprise for the artist.

Yaroslav became the silver medalist of the show "The Voice" (Alexander Vorobyev won). After participating in the project, the artist performed a recital in Crocus City Hall.

Personal life of Yaroslav Dronov

At age 15, Yaroslav met his future wife, Marina, and from 17 began to live with her under one roof. Marina is also a musician - she teaches at a music school in the department of "Folk Singing". In 2014, the daughter of Barbara was born in the family. However, the marriage was short-lived. At the moment, the artist is divorced.

Yaroslav Dronov and his ex-wife Marina

Yaroslav Dronov now

In the period from 2014 to 2017, Yaroslav Dronov was a soloist of the Hour Peak group, which included more than 1000 concerts in Moscow and Russian cities. In 2017, Yaroslav left the team and is currently engaged in solo work.

Since 2017, Yaroslav Dronov has been engaged in a solo career

Photo: Yaroslav Dronov

Yaroslav Dronov (cover) / Dances on the Glass - Maxim Fadeev /

"You can heal with such a voice. Both souls and bodies. It's some kind of unique. You start to listen to him calmly, and after a few minutes you understand that the voice of Yaroslav is shaman inside your body. He categorically must not sing silly and empty songs," is one of the comments under video. And with him I completely agree. Yaroslav has something in his voice that makes him believe.

Here's another video recently published

Yaroslav Dronov (cover) / Eagles or crows - Maxim Fadeev & Grigory Leps /

What else do they write about him? They write that he is married to a girl whom he met since 17 years old. Despite the large number of fans, she always hurries home and avoids noisy parties. In 2014, a daughter was born to Yaroslav. And he said in an interview: “Honestly, there are four women in my life! Who is it? Mom, grandmother, wife Marina and daughter Barbara! And they are always waiting for me. ”

True, he divorced his wife after some.

Yaroslav worked in the group "Rush Hour", which performs covers. Performs efficiently. Here, for example, is a cover with which he came to the show "Voice". In 2016, the group performed at Invasion


Yaroslav Dronov - Russian singer, finalist of the 3rd season of the show "Voice". Yaroslav Dronov was born on November 22, 1991. From birth, Yaroslav Dronov was ordered to make music. The thing is that he was born into a musical family: his great-grandmother soloed in the Orenburg choir, his father played acoustic and electric guitar, and his mother always sang well.

Singer Yaroslav Dronov (photo from the personal archive of Yaroslav Dronov)

His family lived in the Tula region, the city of Novomoskovsk.

“Although I study and work in Moscow, I still consider Novomoskovsk my home, where I still like to come,” the singer admitted.

Yaroslav Dronov always wanted to be a singer. From the age of four, he performed in the Assorti children's group, where he got used to the stage and quickly gained popularity among peers. After music school, he graduated from the College of Music with a degree in “Leader of the Folk Choir”, and in 2011 he tried to enter the famous Gnesins Russian Academy of Music.

The first time I didn’t succeed, but after a year the guy from Novomoskovsk became a full-fledged student of RAM, where he began to study at the faculty of pop-jazz singing. At that time, Dronov was a member of the Red Sky band.

Yaroslav Dronov in 2019 (photo from the personal archive of Yaroslav Dronov)

“This Moscow year was not in vain for me,” the musician recalls. “I sang in a restaurant, which allowed me to rent an apartment.”

In the period from 2014 to 2017, Yaroslav Dronov was the soloist of the Hour Peak cover band, which included more than 1000 concerts in Moscow and Russian cities. After the show "Voice", he gave a recital at the Crocus City Hall.

In 2017, Yaroslav left the team "Peak Hour" and is currently engaged in solo work.

Music and TV shows

In 2013, Yaroslav took part in the third season of the “Factor A” project. From the very first issues among the participants of the show, there were rumors that Alla Pugacheva ranked Dronov in the list of her favorites. Not one of his speeches passed praise and wise criticism of the Diva. The bright and charismatic character of the singer pleased Alla Borisovna.

Yaroslav Dronov in the show "Factor A"

In the project "Factor A", Dronov performed under the leadership of Roman Emelyanov. As a result, Yaroslav not only made his way to the final part of the competition, but also took third place. Moreover, the personalized “Star of Alla Pugacheva” went to him. This has become an excellent launching pad for the formation of a young singer's career.

In September 2014, the new, season 3 show of the Voice started, where Yaroslav Dronov also went. During the so-called blind listening, two members of the jury, Dima Bilan and Pelageya, turned to the performer at once. The singer performed the song “You Know”. The guy's parents did not suspect anything:

“If they knew that I would participate in the audition, they would be worried and nervous much more than me.”

Having the opportunity to choose, the musician decided to join the Pelageya team and said that before the performance he needed to concentrate and be alone:

“I can only concentrate when I'm completely alone. Many creative personalities need loneliness, and I am no exception. A couple of minutes alone with me - and I'm ready to go on stage! ”

At the stage of fights, Yaroslav Dronov appeared on stage against Zarif Norov with the song “Seven Nation Army” by the group “The White Stripes”. Participants gave one hundred percent. Their explosive performance left no one indifferent: the audience quickly started up and applauded for a long time. Alexander Borisovich singled out Yaroslav and said that the performance was “vile in a good way”.

Yaroslav Dronov and Zarif Norov - "Seven Nation Army"

Pelagia decided to leave Yaroslav. “He was the best,” she said. Zarif had to leave the project.

“Of course, I was very happy to learn that I was staying. At that moment, my emotions could be compared with emotions after winning the war. It was a real fight, ”the singer shared his impressions.

In knockouts, Yaroslav Dronov sang the song “God, what a trifle!”. The musician performed with Alisa Ignatieva and Ivan Chebanov. The singer no longer felt excitement during this contest and knew that the jury liked the performance, even before the announcement of the results. But, as Dronov himself admitted, emotionally this stage is harder than the others.

Yaroslav Dronov - "When I was Young"

During the quarterfinals, Yaroslav Dronov took the stage against Ilya Kireev and Anastasia Glavatsky. This was the case when Pelageya decided to take a chance and did not lose. In this live broadcast in the speech of Yaroslav, everything was new. Dronov made a folk song “When He was Young”. Yaroslav proposed this composition himself, and the mentor supported and developed this idea.

Spectators and judges were fascinated by the unusual vocals, presentation and improvisation of a member of the Pelageya team. The press announced this performance as the most powerful moment of the competition both from Dronov and other participants.

Singer Yaroslav Dronov (photo from the personal archive of Yaroslav Dronov)

Yaroslav Dronov was completely different, as a result, the mentors agreed that "no one expected this from him." According to the results of watching three performances of her own charges, Pelageya distributed the votes as follows: Yaroslav Dronov received 50% from the mentor, Ilya Kireev - 20%, and Anastasia Glavatskikh - 30%.

As the musician later admitted, Yaroslav disappeared into music at that moment and did not follow the reaction of the mentors and the audience, so the high scores and the victory in the quarter-finals surprised the singer. Viewers supported the opinion of Pelageya, sending Yaroslav Dronov to the semifinal of the “Voice”.

Yaroslav Dronov, Alisa Ignatieva, Garik Sukachev - “Olga”

Just a step away from the final in the Pelageya team were two participants - Yaroslav Dronov and Alisa Ignatieva. The musicians had to play a ticket to the decisive round. And again, Pelagia decided to introduce Yaroslav in a new way for him. Dronov performed Valery Kipelov’s song “I am here”.

Together with Alice and Yaroslav that day, Garik Sukachev appeared on the scene. As support for the Pelageya team, Garik invited the children to perform the song “Olga” together. This newly made trio became the decoration of the evening.

Yaroslav Dronov and Pelageya - "Not for Me"

When calculating the audience votes and the percentage of mentors, it turned out that Yaroslav Dronov is noticeably ahead - 125.6%, against 74.4% of Ignatieva. The right to defend the honor of the Pelageya team in the final went to Yaroslav. In the finale, the musician performed the song "Song of a Real Indian", as well as the song "Spring Will Not Come for Me" in a duet with his own mentor Pelageya.

Dronov did not become the winner of the project, lost to another team and took second place. Nevertheless, “Voice” brought popularity to the young musician. Yaroslav Dronov instantly won admirers in the show “Voice”: before concerts he was met with flowers, music forums and social networks were full of declarations of love, Dronov was invited to other prestigious projects.

Yaroslav Dronov in 2019 (photo from the personal archive of Yaroslav Dronov)

The musician, who began his own path in folk music, believes in fruitful collaboration with Pelageya, and in the future he dreams of collaborating with Max Fadeev, whom he considers to be an outstanding composer and arranger, as well as a wonderful producer.

The musical singing career of Yaroslav Dronov is rapidly gaining momentum. After the show "Voice" it becomes popular and popular. In 2015, Yaroslav performed a solo box office concert at Crocus City Hall.

The first performances and songs of Yaroslav Dronov

Dronov, being a student at the school, moonlighted by singing in a restaurant in the city. Two years later, he began to live independently. After graduating from college in 2011, the young man made an attempt to enter the Gnesins Academy in the capital. Unfortunately, this attempt was unsuccessful. Nevertheless, a year later he again submitted the documents and this time went through the competition. There he began his studies at the faculty of pop-jazz singing. At the same time, Dronov perform as part of the Red Sky music group.

Currently, the young artist is collaborating with the cover group "Rush Hour" as a vocalist. Together they traveled to many Russian cities where they performed with concerts. Basically, the guys perform cover versions, but plan to create something of their own.


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