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Maxim Marinin is a famous skater who performed in pair skating and won everything that is possible. Together with their partner Tatyana Totmyanina, they became multiple European and World Champions, and also won the Olympic Games, and then completed their careers. But in the world of figure skating, they have remained and continue to perform in ice shows. But in his personal life, Maxim is still not officially married. This article is about life on ice and his civil marriage.

Maxim was born in Volgograd. He came to figure skating, like most, at the insistence of his parents, who wanted to improve the health of their son. True, he was then 7 years old and the boy did not think about a serious career in sports. At first he was a loner, but he did not succeed in jumping well. At 16, he moved to St. Petersburg, and a year later he became a couple with Tatyana Totmyanina. She remained his only partner on the ice.

At one of the performances in America, Tatyana was seriously injured: Maxim did not restrain the girl during support, she fell, hitting her whole body, including her head on ice. Everything worked out, but for Maxim it became a severe psychological trauma. According to him, there is a golden rule in figure skating - at any cost to keep a partner, at least by the hair, not allowing her to touch the ice.

Together they won almost everything in figure skating: 3-time Russian Champions, 5-time European Champions and 2-time World Championship winners, winners of the Olympic Games in Turin:

“The main goal and successful completion of a sports career is to win the Olympics. To get to this place, Tanya and I went a long and difficult way, like most athletes. We shared the joys of victory and the bitterness of defeat. And I never regretted, that my partner in sport was precisely Totmyanina, "said Marinin.

Well, then retirement. However, Maxim Marinin did not leave figure skating, as many skaters found himself in ice shows. Participated in almost all seasons of the show "Ice Age", as well as "Ice and Fire." Now busy in two ice performances by Ilya Averbukh “Romeo and Juliet” and “The Nutcracker”.

Another logical way that awaits any athlete is to become a coach. However, such a perspective does not particularly appeal to Maxim Marinin:

“In every possible way I delay the moment when it will be necessary to make a decision. On the one hand, I don’t see myself in anything else, on the other I can’t say that I want to do this. Coaching is really hard labor. other things, it immediately puts the family at risk. "

And Maxim has had a family for quite some time, and he treasures her unlimitedly. Maxim has been together with his common-law wife Natalya Somova, ballerina of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Theater for more than 10 years.

Two children are brought up in the family - a boy and a girl, but even their birth did not prompt Maxim and Natalya to formalize their relationship. Maxim himself says that he does not consider the stamp in the passport a prerequisite for the safety of the family. But he does not deny the fact that someday he will nevertheless play a wedding with Natalia.

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Born in Volgograd in the family of Viktor Yakovlevich and Tatyana Alekseevna Marinins. He began to engage in figure skating late - at the age of seven. When the boy was four years old, parents somehow saw an announcement about recruiting kids in the figure skating group at the Sports Palace and took the child to the section. But he did not like it - and his parents did not insist. However, a few years later he returned to the ice and began to train hard. Tatyana Skala became the first mentor, and his father was like a home coach, he helped his son in everything.
He won his first award in Nevinnomyssk at the Crystal Horse competition.
In the early 1990s, the figure skating school in Volgograd was closed. To continue my studies, I had to look for another city. On the advice of the director of the sports school, Mikhail Makoveev, at the age of 16, he moved to St. Petersburg and entered the school of the Olympic reserve. Due to his high growth, he was invited to pair skating, but for a long time he could not find a suitable partner.
Since 1995, he began training with Tatyana Totmyanina, whom she met at the Russian Championship. She became for many years a constant and only partner.
Since 1996, the couple was trained by Natalya Pavlova.
In 1997, they were included in the Russian national team. In 1999, they took third place in the national championship.
In 2001, they moved with Totmyanina to the United States and began to train under the leadership of Oleg Vasiliev. They lived in Chicago for five and a half years.
In 2002, they made their debut at the Olympics, but were only fourth.
In the fall of 2004, at the stage of the Grand Prix series, “Skate America” during the performance did not maintain balance with support and fell with a partner. Totmyanina received a serious head injury, which caused him to interrupt training and performances for a while. At the beginning of 2006, they again went on the ice and in the same year they won the XX Winter Olympic Games in Turin. After winning the Olympics, he left a big sport. In the same year, Tatyana Totmyanina and Maxim Marinin signed a contract to participate in the project of Evgeni Plushenko's “Golden Stradivarius Ice”, but unilaterally terminated the contract to perform in the ice show of Ilya Averbukh. In 2006, he performed in the ice show "Russia is Waiting", the producers and directors of which were the famous dance couple Ilya Averbukh - Irina Lobacheva. And in the same season he took part in the project of the First Channel “Stars on Ice” together with the sportswoman and TV presenter Maria Kiseleva.
In 2007, he participated in the project “Ice Age” paired with actress Olga Kabo, the next year, in continuation of the “Ice Age”, he paired with actress Olesya Zheleznyak, and in 2009, with ballerina Anastasia Volochkova. In 2008, a couple Tatyana Totmyanina and Maxim Marinin received the Crystal Ice Award in the Overcoming nomination.
In 2010, in the project of Channel One, “Ice and Fire”, he skated together with singer Natalya Podolskaya and took third place. In the same year, she performs in the musical on ice “City Lights”, directed by Ilya Averbukh.
In 2011, in the Bolero project, he was dancing with his wife Natalya Somova, a ballerina of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theater.
In 2012, he took part in the project “Ice Age: Professional Cup”. At various stages he performed in tandem with Tatyana Totmyanina, Tatyana Navka, Naomi Lang, Yana Khokhlova, Albena Denkova, Irina Lobacheva, Elena Leonova, Oksana Domnina, Margarita Drobyazko, Maria Petrova.
In 2013, in the next season of the "Ice Age" rides in tandem with Lyanka Gryu.
At the invitation of the choreographer and director Ilya Averbukh and the company “Ice Symphony”, Maxim Marinin played the role of the Wolf in the ice musical performance “Mom” based on the fairy tale “The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids” (2013).
In 2014, Maxim Marinin, together with Tatyana Totmyanina, took part in the new stage of the show “Ice Age. Professional Cup ”on Channel One as part of the Team Russia Team (producer and director of the project Ilya Averbukh). The competitions are divided into two stages: team and individual standings, as well as at the Olympic Games in Sochi.

The path to Olympic gold

Marinin was born in 1977 in the city of Volgograd. The boy was ill a lot, and as often happens, they decided to give him to the figure skating section. So, at 7 years old Maxim first went on the ice and never left him again. This age is considered quite late for the skaters, perhaps this is what influenced the fact that at the age of 15 Marinin hardly made double jumps, although his peers jumped with triple jumps. Then, after consulting with the coach, the athlete switched to pair skating.

Over time, he had to move to St. Petersburg, the city in which Maxim had a new partner Tatyana Totmyanina, and then to the United States to work under the guidance of the famous coach Oleg Vasiliev.

Together, through the falls and the ups, they went year after year to the pinnacle of sporting success.

Already in 2002, at the scandalous Olympics in Salt Lake City, their couple took 4th place, but even then it was clear that Totmyanina and Marinin would be leaders in the next Olympic cycle. Most of their brilliant victories accounted for this period. In the 2002-2003 season, they won all the starts, except for the World Cup, which obeyed the next year. Then there was a period that Maxim Marinin considered the most difficult for many years of a sports career.

Maxim Marinin and Tatyana Totmyanina.

At the Skate America Grand Prix in 2004, Tatyana Totmyanina suffered a terrible fall from one of the supports, and Maxim Marinin blamed only himself on this. In an interview, he will tell that the skaters have an iron rule, if there is a fall during support, then the partner needs to be held for anything, even for her hair, if only she would not fall on the ice. “This fall is entirely my fault,” he said. “I could not keep Tanya, although I was obligated,” the skater reasoned after what had happened.

Fortunately, the injuries of the athlete were not as serious as they could be, and Tatyana soon started training, but her partner could not work at full strength for a very long time. He received a severe psychological trauma, which now did not allow to roll programs with all the best. To recover morally, Marinin began working with a psychologist.

Then he could not have imagined that this whole sports nightmare that was happening to him at that time would help him find the love of his life.

Already in 2006 at the Olympics in Turin, speaking with brilliant programs, Maxim Marinin and Tatyana Totmyanina won gold. It was a convincing, unconditional victory obtained by titanic labor.

However, as Maxim later admitted, with a victory he felt the earth go under his feet. What he strove for for many years was achieved, and suddenly he felt that he was facing “open space”: complete weightlessness, the absence of anchors and landmarks. His family helped him cope with the devastation.

Personal life

When in 2004, Maxim Marinin faced psychological problems after the fall of his partner from support, he began to visit a specialist who introduced the skater to his fate - ballerina Natalya Somova. In an interview, the skater admits that as soon as Natalia looked into his eyes, his heart trembled and he realized that he had found a loved one.

The athlete has repeatedly noted that this girl played a significant role in restoring the skater's confidence in her own abilities, supporting in difficult days.

Maxim Marinin with his family.

In 2007, Natalya and Maxim had a son, Artemy, who, according to the skater, gave a new meaning to life after winning the Olympics in 2006. He again wanted to grow and develop, because now he has a new benchmark.

In 2012, the star couple had a daughter, Ulyana.

Maxim and Natalya have been together for more than 15 years, and the family can safely be called an exemplary, but officially they are not married. Marinin believes that for a happy family the stamp in the passport is not important, but does not deny that in the future he is going to legalize relations.

TV projects

Since 2006, shows with the participation of skaters have become very popular in Russia. Thanks to them, athletes became in demand after completing a professional career. Maxim Marinin is involved in many projects that reveal his talent and capabilities. So, immediately after the Olympic victory, the skater began filming in the show "Stars on Ice", which was then renamed the "Ice Age", and remained popular for many years. During this time, the athlete managed to ride with such stars of show business as Anastasia Volochkova, Zhanna Friske, Olga Kabo and others.

Marinin showed the best result with regard to ice shows in the project “Ice and Fire”, where his partner was Natalia Podolskaya, with whom they managed to reach the final and win 3rd place.

In 2011, the skater participated in the Bolero project, where he danced with his common-law wife Natalya Somova. They won the highest points more than once, but managed to win only silver medals.

Today, Maxim Marinin is still involved in many ice shows, where his partner, except in rare cases, is his beloved colleague Tatyana Totmyanina, with whom they joined hands 23 years ago to climb the heights of sports success

Figure skating

At the age of 20, Maxim Marinin became a member of the Russian team. For many years, Tatyana Totmyanina became his partner on ice. Their laid-back riding style, program complexity, performance technique and artistry fascinated spectators and judges. In 1999-2002, the couple took second and third places in the Russian figure skating championships. In 2004, they won the European Championships for the first time, and then twice more received gold medals at such competitions.

Twice, the Marinin-Totmyanin pair won the World Cup, and in 2006 was preparing to perform at the Olympic Games in Turin. Athletes prepared seriously - for more than 5 years they trained in Chicago. There was a year and a half left before the Olympics, when Marinin could not keep his partner on the set of Skate America. Tatyana fell on the ice from a height of two meters and hit her head. For Maxim, that fall was a serious psychological trauma.

In an interview, he said that he blamed himself because the skaters have a rule - grab your partner at least by the hair, but do not let her fall on the ice. Fortunately, Tatyana did not receive serious injuries during the fall and after two weeks she resumed training.

In 2006, Marinin and Totmyanina became Olympic champions. After this victory, the couple took a time out for a while, as they were involved in several television shows. Maxim Marinin planned to return to big sport, but could not agree on material issues with the Figure Skating Federation.


For the first time, Maxim Marinin appeared in a television show in 2006 - it was a program “Stars on Ice” on “Channel One”. His partner was Olympic swimming champion Maria Kiseleva. In 2007-2011, Marinin was a regular participant in the show "Ice Age". He performed with Olga Kabo, Olesya Zheleznyak, Zhanna Friske, Anastasia Volochkova.

In the second season of the show, an interesting event occurred: the couple Marinina and Zheleznyak did not reach the finals, but the skater still performed at this stage. Singer Zhanna Friske and figure skater Vitaly Novikov became a finalist, but Novikov could not continue to participate due to his employment, and Marinin replaced his colleague on the ice.

In 2010, Maxim Marinin performed in the new ice television show "Ice and Fire", this time the singer Natalya Podolskaya became the partner of the skater. The pair reached the finals and won third place.

Maxim Marinin and Natalia Somova in the show "Bolero"

In 2011, the skater participated in the Bolero show.

Maxim Marinin’s television appearances did not stop dancing on ice. He became a member of the “Show with Dolphins” on Channel One and, in addition to acrobatic studies, he had to master the profession of trainer of intelligent animals. In 2013, television shot the play “Mom” based on the plot of a tale of a wolf and seven kids: Marinin participated in this play.

But the skater also did not stop participating in the “Ice Age”. In 2013, Maxim Marinin skated with actress Lyanka Gryu, in 2014 - with actress Alla Mikheeva, in 2016 - with comedian and TV presenter Ekaterina Varnava.At the same time, in 2014, the figure skater in the program “Ice Age” became a rival to his figure skating partner Tatyana Totmyanina, who acted in tandem with the actor Arthur Smolyaninov.

The skater is not going to stop there, therefore, new projects on television with his participation are ahead.

Maxim Marinin now

At the beginning of 2018, the skater's creative biography was replenished with another ice show. Together with Tatyana Totmyanina, a permanent figure skating partner, the skater joined Ilya Averbukh's new show.

Tatyana Totmyanina and Maxim Marinin in the show “Together and Forever”

The production was called “Together and Forever” and turned out to be dedicated to the 2018 Winter Olympics and the international scandal surrounding these competitions. Russian athletes lost the right to speak at these games, which most sports and cultural figures considered injustice and the interference of politics in sports. Averbukh's new production is recognized to support athletes.

Performances with the new show were held in several cities of Russia: in St. Petersburg and Volgograd, Tyumen, Perm and Vladivostok. In addition, the skaters went on a tour to Bulgaria, where they performed in Sofia.

Maxim Marinin

In this production, the skater got a role unusual for ice shows: Marinin played the bookkeeper, lost in papers, who forgot about himself, started up, and because of this, he finally stopped monitoring his appearance. However, at the station, the character suddenly meets the barmaid, and this meeting changes the character of Marinin.

In a number of performances, the role of the barmaid was played by Tatyana Totmyanina, in the rest the actress Daria Moroz got the role of the heroine. Such a change was a necessary step. Shortly before the tour, the skater broke her leg. Although the woman refused to leave the show, it was difficult for the athlete to perform such an injury.


Paired with Tatyana Totmyanina:
▪ Bronze medalist of the championship of Russia (1999-2001)
▪ Silver medalist of the European Championship (2001)
▪ European Champion (2002-2006)
▪ Silver medalist of the championship of Russia (2002)
▪ Silver medalist of the World Cup (2002, 2003)
▪ Champion of Russia (2003-2005)
▪ Winner of the Grand Prix Series Finals (2003, 2006)
▪ Silver medalist of the Grand Prix series finals (2004)
▪ World Champion (2004, 2005)
▪ Olympic champion (2006)
▪ Order of Honor (2007)

After sports

After the Olympics, athletes took time out due to workload in various ice shows and expected to return to the big sport. However, they could not agree with the Federation of Figure Skating on monetary issues and closed the topic of return.

In 2006, he participated in the TV show of the First Channel “Stars on Ice” paired with three-time Olympic synchronized swimming champion Maria Kiselyova, in 2007 in the show “Ice Age” paired with actress Olga Kabo, 2008 in “Ice Age - 2” paired with actress Olesya Zheleznyak (continued to participate in the super final with Zhanna Friske), and in 2009 in the third season with ballerina Anastasia Volochkova.

From September to December 2010 he participated in the TV show of the First channel "Ice and Fire" paired with singer Natalya Podolskaya. The couple won 3rd place in the show.

In 2013, he participated in the TV show of Channel One Ice Age - 4 with actress Lyanka Gryu, and in 2014 he participated in this show with actress Alla Mikheeva, in 2016 in the project Ice Age - 6 paired with TV presenter and comedic actress Ekaterina Varnava.

Childhood Maxim Marinin

Maxim was born in Volgograd. In the family, both Maxim and his brother from early childhood, parents accustomed to discipline, but never physically punished. Often it was the prohibition of something or the deprivation of certain pleasures. The children were accustomed to keep things in order, and when during the summer holidays they asked to read a whole list of literature, there was no question of any breaks in reading.

The boy's father was the first person to teach him how to skate. The fact is that in childhood Maxim was often sick, so his parents decided to put him in the figure skating section. As soon as Maxim learned to glide smoothly on ice, it was already impossible to stop him. The skating rink has become his favorite place. He took up figure skating seriously at the age of seven. His coach was Makoveev. The boy really liked to go to competitions, to be in the "sports party" among those whom he had previously seen only on television. Maxim really wanted to become like them, to get into the world of figure skating. In solo skating, the young athlete did not succeed. In training, he devoted all his strength to sports, and this could not go unnoticed.

Already a sixteen-year-old athlete was offered to come to St. Petersburg to continue studying there at the pair-skating school. Maxim immediately agreed. By this time, he was already in many cities of the country and understood that he did not want to stay in the provincial Volgograd.

The athlete agreed, not even consulting his parents, he simply put them before the fact. Parents did not mind, as they well understood that this was a great chance for their son. The fact that Maxim switched to pair skating was a sure step. It was there that he was able to achieve high awards and excellent results.

Beginning of the career of a sports career skater Maxim Marinin

Training in St. Petersburg, Marinin entered, and then graduated from the Academy of Physical Culture.

The coach of the young skater was Vasiliev. Already at twenty years old Maxim entered the national team. For many years Tatyana Totmyanina became his partner. Both athletes and fans of this sport believed that the existing pair was the best among Russian skaters. Totmyanina always spoke of Maxim as a strong and reliable partner.

The couple was distinguished by their excellent skiing technique, an interesting, but at the same time very complex program with difficult elements. Skaters knew how to skate even a complex program at ease and easily. The free program was carried out by them in their unique elegant style, which their coach Vasiliev helped them find.

The pair took second and third places in the national championships from 1999 to 2002, but then until 2005 they were already champions of Russia. The title of European champions was awarded to children from 2002 to 2005. Well, they managed to become World champions twice. This happened in 2004, and then in 2005.

When the skaters were in Turin, where they defended the honor of Russia, they managed to become Olympic champions. After the victory, the couple decided to relax a bit, but they did not return to big sport due to a misunderstanding in financial matters with the Figure Skating Federation. They did not touch on the themes of their return.

Maxim Marinin today

The third season was in 2009, where the skater skated with Volochkova. A year later, he was invited to Ice and Fire. There he performed with Podolskaya, and they took third place. Work in this show continues in 2013. Marinin participates in it with film actress Lyanka Gryu.

With his common-law wife Somova, the skater participated in a new quality for him in the show "Bolero" - Maxim learned to dance.

Figure Skating Career

At the age of 20, Maxim Marinin joined the Russian national figure skating team. At that time, Tatyana Totmyanina was his colleague. They were a great couple with a sophisticated program and laid-back performance. For three years since 1999, skaters have won prizes in championships in Russia. And already in 2004, for the first time became European champions. Later, the couple twice more got gold at international competitions.

For more than 5 years, Marinin and Totmyanina have been preparing for the 2006 Olympic Games in Turin. They gave all the best in training. A year before the Olympics, at one of the training sessions, Marinin made a serious mistake, not keeping his partner. The girl fell from two meters and hit her head hard on the floor. Despite the fact that Tatyana did not receive serious injuries, Marinina was psychologically injured. Because the skaters have such a rule that in no case should you allow your partner to fall.

After a couple of weeks, the training resumed again. And finally, Marinin and Totmyanina in 2006 became Olympic champions in pair figure skating. After such a great achievement, the couple took a short break. And when Maxim Marinin decided to return to the big sport, disagreements arose with the leadership of figure skating in Russia.


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