Ben Stiller - biography and filmography of the Hollywood actor and director


Name: Ben Stiller

Real name: Benjamin Edward Mira Stiller

Birthday: November 30 1965 (54 years old)

Place of Birth: New York

Height: 169 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Eastern horoscope: Snake

Career: Directors 45 place,
Foreign actors 348 place

Photo: Ben Stiller

Career: acting instinct and director's itch

However, Ben Stiller still appeared in the film: against the background of the main events of the film, a story unfolds about the lawsuit of actor Sam Sweet, who killed his twin brother. He was played by Stiller.

In the same year, Stiller - the main role of the young dad Mel Koplin in the comedy film David O. Russell "Do not wake a sleeping dog." Then the trio of Ben Stiller, Matt Dillon and Cameron Diaz delight viewers in the comedy melodrama "Everything's Mad About Mary," directed by Peter and Bobby Farrelli.


Ben Stiller is a Hollywood comedic and drama theater and film actor, as well as a director, producer and screenwriter. Popularity for the artist brought the paintings "Everything is crazy about Mary", "Night at the Museum", "Meet the Fockers" and "Exemplary Male". His directorial works - paintings "Soldiers of Failure" and "The Incredible Life of Walter Mitti" were noted by critics.

Childhood and youth

Benjamin (Ben) Edward Stiller was born in New York in November 1965. His father is the famous comedian Jerry Stiller, a Polish Jew by nationality. Mother - actress Anne Mira, Irish Catholic, who in her youth accepted the faith of her husband. At the time of Benjamin's appearance in the family, Amy's 4-year-old daughter was already growing up. Children grew up in a creative atmosphere and often watched their parents work on the set. It is not surprising that Ben and Amy chose the profession of actors.

After graduating from school in 1983, Ben Stiller became a student at the University of California, choosing a cinema department. But after 9 months, the guy returned to his native New York, where he began to attend acting courses.


Stiller's creative biography began on the stage. 20-year-old Benjamin attracted the attention of theater critics after playing in a play by John Guare called "The House of Blue Leaves."

In the cinema, Stiller made his debut in a 10-minute parody of Martin Scorsese's “Color of Money”. The short film was released in 1985 and is notable for the fact that Ben himself became the director of the tape. This work and a number of other short films by the artist were acquired by the American channel NBC. Benjamin, who removed these tapes and played them, noticed the directors.

The actor’s stellar debut on the big screen took place in 1987 in the famous Steven Spielberg painting titled Empire of the Sun. The storyline of the film tells about the difficult fate of a British boy who lived in a respectable area of ​​Shanghai and ended up with his parents in an internment camp. The picture was awarded a number of awards, and the cast received tremendous popularity.

Ben Stiller (frame from the film “Empire of the Sun”)

In 1989, a new period began in Stiller’s biography: after several appearances in the popular Saturday Night Live show, he received an offer to become a TV presenter of the MTV comedy program called The Ben Stiller Show. The artist takes on the assistants of two comedians - American actors Janine Jarofalo and Andy Dick - and throughout the year will amuse the audience with brilliant improvisations and entreprise.

In 1994, Ben continues to work as a director and actor at the same time. He puts on a comedy called Reality Bites. Filming took place in Austin and Houston and ended in just 42 days. The film’s storyline tells about four friends (Stiller played one of them) who studied together, and after receiving diplomas encountered previously unfamiliar difficulties in real life.

Winona Ryder and Ben Stiller (frame from the movie "Reality Bites")

Ben managed to show these difficulties from a comedic angle. The tape, although it did not receive awards, but the audience liked it. The star cast of the comedy ensured her considerable success, and for Stiller it was a successful debut as a director of a full-length movie. In 1996, Benjamin continued his directorial practice, removing the picture “The Cable Guy”. This is a black comedy and drama at the same time, where the main character was played by Jim Carrey. The director himself appears here a little.

The next starring role went to Stiller in the film “Something About Mary” (“Everything Is Crazy About Mary”), which he considers one of his best works. This is a romantic comedy of the Farrelli brothers, which tells about the hero Ted, who decided 13 years after breaking up with the girl to find her. The role of Ted brought Ben to the crest of fame.

Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston (frame from the movie “And Here's Polly”)

Comedy films in which the artist plays instantly become the highest grossing projects that are filmed in Hollywood. Among such films, the most striking ones are “Meet the Fockers”, “An Exemplary Male”, “The Girl of My Nightmares” and “Here is Polly” with Jennifer Aniston in the main female role. But despite the fact that all these projects brought the creators huge fees, Stiller got into the Golden Raspberry nomination for participating in them.

In 2006, the artist played a major role in the comedy Night at the Museum. The plot of the night watchman in the museum, where exhibits come to life thanks to a mystical tablet, gained such popularity that subsequently two sequels came out.

Ben Stiller (frame from the movie "Soldiers of Failure")

In 2008, a new comedy “Soldiers of Failure” appeared on the screens, directed by Stiller again. This is a parody of many popular Hollywood war films. Here, Ben not only starred himself, but also first appeared as a screenwriter. In this project, Stiller brought together a stellar cast of artists. The comedy was a huge success and received many awards, including nominations for the Oscars, BAFTA, Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild of America.

In 2011, Ben ends up in the main cast of the detective comedy How to Steal a Skyscraper, where Eddie Murphy becomes his partner. The hero of Stiller Josh works as the manager of the housing complex, where a major theft takes place. Josh is not lost, but collects a detective team to solve the crime.

Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy (frame from the movie "How to Steal a Skyscraper")

One of the best works in the filmography of Stiller is the painting “The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty”. Here, the Hollywood comedian acted not only as a director, but also as a leading actor. Hero Ben is an average clerk who leads such a quiet and boring life that even with the help of a consultant he cannot figure out what to write on a dating site.

The adventures of the hero working in the photo archive of the popular magazine begin with the loss of the picture intended for the cover of the issue. Walter Mitty goes in search of a traveler photographer, in which reveals forgotten talents, and visits exotic places. At the same time, Stiller played a more dramatic role than a comedic one. The film was shown at the end of 2013 and fell into the top ten best films of the year according to the National Council of Film Critics of the United States.

Ben Stiller (frame from the movie “The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty”)

After that, Ben did not give up comedic roles. In the same 2013, the actor appeared in the comedy Oscar Nomination ?! In 2014, he played the main role of Josh in a comedy with elements of the drama “While We Are Young”. The plot is tied around a married couple whose relationship is in crisis.

In 2016, Stiller returned to the role of male model Derek Zulander in the comedy “Model Male - 2”. The artist again appeared on the screen in the role of a fashion model, although his parameters are far from model (Stiller's height is 170 cm with a weight of 68 kg). Zulander has already lost popularity, so he agrees to help a special fashion detective (Penelope Cruz) investigate a series of celebrity killings in the hope of hype triumphantly return to the podium.

Ben Stiller (frame from the movie “Model Male - 2”)

In 2017, the actor played a major role in the comedy “The Status of Brad”. The hero of Stiller - Brad Sloan - considers himself a successful person: he has a house, family, work, and his son is even going to go to Harvard. Everything changes when Sloane finds out that former classmates have bypassed him in all life's successes.

Also in 2017, at the Cannes Film Festival, the tragicomedy “The Stories of the Mairovitz Family” was screened, in which a comedian played. For the first time in the film, two famous Hollywood comedians Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler appeared on the screen together, which their fans have been waiting for more than a year.

Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler (frame from the film "Mairovitz Family Stories")

A year later, the artist pleased the audience with the directorial project “Escape from Dannemore Prison”. A dramatic mini-series created in the thriller genre was presented on Showtime. The television movie used the real story that happened in 2015 in New York State.

Personal life

The personal life of Ben Stiller is several novels, each of which was covered in detail by journalists. At different times, the comedian's lovers were Jinn Tripplehorn, Janine Garofalo, Calista Flockhart and Amanda Peet.

Embed from Getty Images Ben Stiller and his ex-wife Christine Taylor

In the spring of 2000, Benjamin married. His wife was actress Christine Taylor, with whom Ben played in the films “Model Male” and “Bouncers”. The couple lived in the Hollywood Hills and raised two children: daughter Olivia, who was born in April 2002, and her son Quinley, who was born in the summer of 2005. The man’s best friend is actor Owen Wilson, with whom Benjamin starred in 8 films.

Embed from Getty Images Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson

In 2014, Stiller suffered a complex illness. Doctors discovered signs of prostate cancer in a star. Serious treatment was needed. At this point, Ben received powerful support from his wife, thanks to which he defeated the ailment.

In 2017, it became known that the marriage of the two artists broke up, while after the divorce, the ex-wife maintained friendly relations. The couple rarely appears on the streets of New York together, mainly communication takes place by phone. But sometimes the paparazzi manage to take a photo of the former spouses on a joint walk or capture the whole family during a trip to the theater.

Ben Stiller now

Ben Stiller is a famous philanthropist. His last donation was helping victims of the terrorist attack in New Zealand in March 2019, which shocked the whole world. Among American stars Ashton Kutcher, Judd Apatow, Chris Rock, Madonna also distinguished themselves. As a UN Goodwill Ambassador, the performer often flies to the world's hot spots. Now it is Lebanon and Syria.

Start of creative activity

Ben Stiller's acting biography dates back to 1985. The young artist began his career on the stage. At the age of 20, famous theater critics drew attention to him. This happened after the premiere of the play “House of Blue Leaves”.

Benjamin’s cinematic debut was a 10-minute parody of the tape “Color of Money”. A short film was released in 1985. It is noteworthy that the director was Stiller himself. This and other short films of the artist were bought by the popular NBC television channel in America. Soon, famous directors began to pay attention to the young actor.

His first full-length work was the film "Empire of the Sun" by the famous director Steven Spielberg. The plot tells about the difficult fate of a guy from Britain, who, together with his family, ended up in an internment camp. The film received many awards, and the actors who took part in the filming woke up famous.

In 1989, a new page began in the artist’s career: he was invited several times to participate in the popular program “Saturday Night”, and soon he received a proposal to conduct a humorous program “Benjamin Stiller Show” on MTV. The actor accepted the offer, Andy Dick and Janine Jarafalo became his co-hosts. Men during the year showed the audience antreprise and improvisation.

After 5 years, Ben again continued to work in the acting and directorial fields at the same time. He shot the comedy Reality Bites. Filming took only 42 days.

The plot of the film tells the story of four friends who, after graduation, face the difficulties of real life. Benjamin could show all these difficulties in a comedic genre. Although the film was not awarded, it was successfully accepted by the audience. This work was the debut of Stiller as a full-length director.

In 1996, Stiller continued his directorial career by making the film The Cable Guy. The picture simultaneously became dramatic and comedic. In the image of the protagonist, Jim Carrey starred in her.

The next bright role, Ben received in the film "Everything is crazy about Mary." The artist calls this work one of the best in his filmography. A melodramatic picture tells about the life of a young man named Ted, who decided after 13 years to find an ex-girlfriend.

Further career

After Ben Stiller played Ted, he became really popular. The comedies in which he was invited to appear immediately received positive reviews from authoritative film critics and viewers. All Hollywood projects with his participation became box office. Some of them:

  • "Meet the Fockers",
  • Exemplary Male
  • "Black and white",
  • “And here is Polly.”

The main role in the last film was played by the incomparable Jennifer Aniston. Despite the success of the films in which the actor starred, he sometimes got it from film critics. He was even nominated several times for the Golden Raspberry Award.

The next main role went to the artist in the comedy "Night at the Museum." The tape tells of a museum in which exhibits come to life at night. The film was a huge success, so two more parts were soon shot.

In 2008, a comedy film titled "Soldiers of Failure" was released. In it, Ben acted as an actor, director and screenwriter. The filming involved star cast. The comedy was an Oscar nominee, and also received several awards:

  • BAFTA,
  • American Actors Guild Award,
  • Golden globe.

One of Ben Stiller’s best films in recent years is Walter Mitty’s Incredible Life. The artist played the main role and became the director of the project. His character is an average clerk leading a boring life. He is not even able to independently create a profile for a dating site. His hero works in the photo archive of a famous publication. The story begins with the loss of the image that was intended for the cover. Soon, Walter goes to look for a photographer and during his journey reveals his forgotten talents.

This work is more dramatic than comedic. She was released at the end of 2013 and soon hit the top ten films of that year according to the Union of Film Critics of America.

Benjamin does not forget about comedic images. So, in 2013, the premiere of the film “Oscar nomination ?!” took place. A year later, the actor received the main role in the comedy-dramatic film "While We Are Young." The film tells about the life of spouses, in whose relations a serious crisis has ripened.

Last news

In 2016, the actor again appeared in the image of Derek Zulander in the continuation of the comedy film “Exemplary Male”. Benjamin’s character is a fashion model, although the artist’s parameters are far from being modeled. In the story, Derek is not as popular as before. Once he decided to help a fashion detective investigate celebrity murders. Zulander's goal was a triumphant return to the podium.

A year later, the artist was invited to the main role in the comedy “The Status of Brad”. Ben's hero is a successful person who has a loving family and good work, and his son plans to go to Harvard. However, the man’s opinion changes after he discovers that former classmates have achieved much more in life.

In the same 2017, at the Cannes Film Festival, the premiere of the tragicomedy “The Stories of the Mairovitz Family” took place. This picture was the debut collaboration of the most popular comedians in Hollywood - Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler. For many years, this tandem has been awaited by fans of artists.

Ben Stiller is a famous Hollywood actor who, during the period of his creative activity, managed to try himself as an artist, screenwriter and director. Admirers of his work are looking forward to the appearance of new works of the idol.

Short biography

Benjamin Edward Stiller (Benjamin Edward Stiller) was born November 30, 1965 in New York in the family of famous comedians Jerry Stiller and Ann Mira. From childhood, parents encouraged their son's cinema. They gave him a video camera on which little Ben was filming his first children's work. And when he was 10 years old, the boy starred in the television series with his mother, after which he decided that he would become an actor. After school, Stiller entered the University of California at the cinema department. The study did not stick, and after 9 months the young man returned to his native New York and enrolled in courses of actors. After a minor participation in several series, in 1987, the 22-year-old Ben appeared in the comedy “Pursuit on the Heels”, the television movie “House of Blue Leaves”, and the drama Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun.

In the same year, he shot his first short as the director of Pickpocket. Stiller’s second short work was a parody of Martin Scorsese’s film, The Color of Money. Ben himself played it, copying Tom Cruise, which amused the producers of the NBC television channel. They bought Ben's work for their popular television show. Ben continued to act with other directors (in the drama Fresh Horses (1988), in the action movie The Closest Relative (1989) and made his own movie (Elvis Story).

At the age of 27, Ben Stiller began to conduct a humorous broadcast on the MTV “Ben Stiller Show”. The program lasted a year and made Ben a popular comedian in America. But Stiller was not overwhelmed with invitations to the main roles in the cinema. At 29, Ben himself shot himself in his own comedy Reality Bites (1994), inviting Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke as partners. Two years later, he shot the black comedy The Cable Guy, which also starred as an actor with another comedian Jim Carrey. The situation has changed since 1998. Having pretty much roamed over the series, 33-year-old Ben Stiller appeared in the comedy of Bob and Peter Farrelli “Everything's Mad About Mary” (1998) along with Cameron Diaz. The film was a success - with a budget of 23 million dollars, the picture collected 370 million at the world box office. The triumph of the tape made Ben Stiller popular far beyond America. After this, Stiller finally began to shoot other directors in high-budget Hollywood comedies. Among the comedian’s most famous works are “Meet the Parents” (2000), “Duplex” (2003), “And here is Polly” (2004), “Bouncers” (2004), “Meet the Fockers” (2004), “Night” in the museum ”(2006) and its 2009 sequel“ Night at the Museum 2 ”,“ Acquaintance with the Fockers 2 ”(2010),“ How to Steal a Skyscraper ”(2011).

In May 2000, 34-year-old Stiller married actress Christine Taylor. In 2002, the couple had a daughter, and in 2005 - a son. Ben Stiller did not give up the directorial field. In 2001, he directed the comedy The Model Male, where he played a major role along with his wife Taylor and friend Owen Wilson. The film makes fun of men obsessed with their appearance. And in 2008, his comedy “Soldiers of Failure” was released, where Ben played with Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Cruise. The tape parodies Hollywood paintings of the war. In 2013, Stiller planned the premiere of another comedy with himself in the title role - “The Secret Life of Walter Mitti”, which tells of a modest man who dreams of fantastic exploits. The director is also busy working on the comedy “Help Me Spread the Good” and the drama “Chicago Seven,” which tells about the skirmish between opponents of the Vietnam War and the police.

Early life

Stiller was born November 30, 1965 in New York, in the family of comedian actors Jerry Stiller (born 1927) and Anne Mira (1929–2015). His father is a Jew whose family emigrated from Poland, and his mother is an Irish Catholic who converted to reformist Judaism after marriage. Stiller describes his family as non-religious, but they celebrated Hanukkah and Christmas, and he himself had a bar mitzvah. Parents often took him to various shoots when he was a child. He also has an older sister, Amy, who has appeared in many of his projects, including the films Reality Bites, Bouncers, and Model Male.

In 1983 he entered the University of California at Los Angeles in the cinema department. After 9 months of training, he dropped out and returned to New York, where he enrolled in acting classes.


In 1985, Stiller attracted attention to his role in the play "House of Blue Leaves" by John Guare. At the same time, he makes short films, one of his tapes - a 10-minute parody of Scorsese’s film “Color of Money”, where he played the role of Tom Cruise, in 1987 acquired the NBC channel for the TV show “Saturday Night Live”. He began to be invited to act in films.

Ben Stiller made his debut on the big screen in 1987 in Steven Spielberg's film “Empire of the Sun”. In 1989, Stiller appeared on the television show Saturday Night Live. In 1992, he began conducting a humorous program on MTV's Ben Stiller Show, while playing small film roles. He took Janine Jarofalo and Andy Dick as comedian assistants. A year later, MTV closed the show.

In 1994, Stiller directed the comedy Reality Bites, in which Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke played with him. In 1996, he directed the black comedy The Cable Guy starring Jim Carrey.

Without limiting himself to directing, Stiller decided to try himself as an actor with other directors. In 1998, starring in the movie Something About Mary, he goes to the peak of fame. Comedies with his participation begin to be released annually and become the highest grossing of all filmed in Hollywood. Among his most popular films are Meet the Parents, Exemplary Male, And Here Polly, Meet the Fockers, Night at the Museum, and the cartoon Madagascar conceived and voiced by him. Stiller is the only actor nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award in the “Worst Actor” category for all five films released by him in one year. The actor can be seen in many video clips, in particular, “Rollin '” of the rock band “Limp Bizkit”, “Closer” of the band Travis, as well as the “Tribute” of the band Tenacious D.


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