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The youngest fathers in the world


Shocking information appeared in early 2009. At the same time, a very interesting article appeared in virtually all the newspapers in Great Britain. It was about a 13-year-old boy named Alfie Patten. It is he, according to some reports, the youngest dad in the world. His girlfriend is 15-year-old Chantelli Steadmann. The girl gave birth to Alfie's daughter Macy.

According to reporters, the girl went on pregnancy and childbirth not just like that, but quite consciously. Chantelli Steadmann, they say, just wanted to become famous. And I chose the topic of conversation about myself - young fatherhood and motherhood.

However, the newly minted parents said they had never thought about fame. And now, when the whole world has started talking about a couple, they just want to try to build a happy family and provide their baby with a comfortable future.

However, a few days after the articles about the youngest dad in the world were published, correspondents began to learn interesting details. It turns out that a young resident of Britain was not so faithful to her father. Some young people began to claim to have sex with Chantelli. Therefore, theoretically, each of them could be the father of the baby. Journalists counted at least 12 young people.

After such statements, it was decided to conduct DNA analysis. He showed that in fact, the father of little Macy is not at all the 13-year-old Alfie Patten, who is already accustomed to the status of "the youngest dad in the world." The girl’s biological dad is a boy, a year older than declared - 14-year-old Tyler Barker. By the way, the young man said that he did not mind taking care of his daughter.

Nevertheless, the baby remained to raise 13-year-old Alfie. They decided to isolate him and his chosen one, Chantelli, from attacks by journalists. Especially for this, the court of England banned the publication of any information on the results of DNA analyzes in the press. But lawyers still failed to achieve a ban on the publication of these data in the print media. Therefore, any Briton could get acquainted with interesting facts.

The most interesting thing is that England bookmakers have already started betting on those who are actually the father of a small child Chantelli. By the way, completely different guys who were “more courageous than the named father Alfie” became favorites of not indifferent.

It is worth noting that the controversy over the title of the youngest father in the world continues. And in the UK, the number of pregnancies under the age of 16 is the highest than in other countries of the world. In 2006 alone, more than seven thousand girls became pregnant in the country who were not yet 16 years old.

Meanwhile, the five-year-old became the youngest mother in the world. girl.

The youngest dad in Russia

However, Russia is not far behind Great Britain. And in our country there are quite teenagers who become parents at a tender age. So, in 2011, a family from the village of Alnyash of the Perm Territory became famous. 15-year-old girl Anastasia gave birth to her cousin Mikhail. The boy at that time was only 14 years old.

As soon as Nastya found out that she was pregnant, she immediately decided to leave the child. But a full-fledged family with her brother did not work out. Misha refused his own child, and his family stopped helping his relative. Friends said that the son of Nastya Vadim was not from Misha at all. Moreover, as soon as the girl became pregnant, the former lovers immediately dispersed.

The oldest father in the world

In the Guinness Book of Records there is a record directly opposite. It contains information about the oldest father in the world. An Indian farmer named Ramjita Raghava, at the age of 94, picked up his newborn son. The baby was born to him by the 50-year-old wife of Sakuntal Devi.

Thanks to these passport numbers, Ramjita became the oldest dad in the world. The most amazing thing is that in 94, a man became a father for the first time in his life. The wife of the Hindu champion Devi gave birth to a perfectly healthy boy. Moreover, childbirth proceeded without complications in the most ordinary rural hospital of the village of Kharkhod. It is located 70 kilometers from the city of Delhi.

By the way, Ramjita Raghava spoke about how to maintain his father’s almost eternal health and survive to his advanced years. It turns out that in order not to feel discomfort with age and enjoy passport years for a very long time, you need to eat only half a kilogram of almonds every day. But not empty, but with butter and washed down with a mixture of three liters of milk. The oldest dad says that he is actually much more than a hundred years old. And this despite the fact that according to the documents he is only 94 years old

The oldest dad in the world in his youth was a fighter. And now he is sure that he will always be near his son and will see how the boy grows. Moreover, Ramjita Raghava claims that he will not be able to die just like that. A man, in his own words, will go to the forefathers only after being bitten by a black snake. And this is unlikely.

However, the most interesting statements of the oldest dad are yet to come. It turns out that very soon the record holder plans to have another child. Ramjit Raghav even invites journalists to visit after 10 years, so that they make sure that the man will look the same as now.

It is worth noting that Indian land is quite rich in the oldest fathers. Here the previous record was registered. In 2007, experts from the Guinness Book of Records recorded an amazing case - 21 children were born to a local farmer named Nanu Ram Yoga. At the time of the birth of the baby, the man was 90 years old. Ramjit Raghav broke this record for four years. And I don’t intend to stop on the achieved result.
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Incognito from New Zealand

The youngest father in the world is an eleven-year-old (at that time) boy from New Zealand. His name was not publicly disclosed, but it is known that a woman of thirty-six years old, the mother of his classmate, became the mother. A few months before pregnancy, they were in a romantic relationship. The student later admitted that he was not satisfied with this, but did not know how to stop them. After childbirth, the woman fell into criminal proceedings, and the child was taken away by social services. The fact is that under the legislation existing at that time, an adult woman was not forbidden to enter into a relationship with a teenager. After this story, laws were revised.

It all started with the fact that once a friend suggested that the guy take a walk together at school and have fun with him and his mother. The woman ended up treating the boy to beer, after which she was seduced. After several months of such a relationship, the child had the courage to inform the principal of his school, who informed the law enforcement authorities.

Sean Stewart

Another young father is Briton Sean Stewart. At the time of the birth of his son, he was a twelve-year-old schoolboy. The mother of the child - his neighbor and girlfriend - at that time was sixteen years old, she became pregnant at fifteen. According to Emma, ​​it could not even have crossed her mind that her partner was so much younger, because he looked like her peer.

The newborn was named Ben and decided to raise together, of course, not without the help of their own parents. Sean said in an interview that they are very happy, and they are doing well. But only three years passed, and the guy got tired of family life, as a result of which he abandoned his wife and child, stopping even remembering them. Together with this, as they say, he went into the scam: he began to steal and got into jail. Emma, ​​not particularly upset by the breakup, quickly got married. When she is asked questions about the father of the child, she answers very clearly that she does not want to talk about it so as not to harm the psyche of the child. She is quite happy with her new husband, they live more than in abundance.

Sean's quickly ended childhood was not an easy one anyway. His mother gave birth to seven children, all from different men, while not one of the fathers in the house stayed, leaving her to raise the entire mob alone. After the son went to prison, his mother married again and answers all questions about Sean confidently: "I do not know where he is now." Emma lived next door to mom and dad. The latter previously worked as an excavator operator, but for a long time sat without work.

Alfie patten

Also a Briton, Alfie Patten, at the age of thirteen, being only 120 centimeters tall, became a “father for a while”. In 2009, his fifteen-year-old girlfriend named Chantal gave birth to a daughter. Upon learning of her interesting situation, the "boy with a doll's face" was greatly confused. After all, he did not have the financial ability to support a child. Scarecrows and the alleged reaction of others. However, according to the boy, they wanted a child. And not only in words but in deeds: after the birth of a girl, adolescents anxiously looked after her. Parents also did not leave them in this difficult situation.

The imaginary idyll did not last long - only six months. Parents insisted on DNA testing, and according to its results, it turned out that Alfie was not at all the father of baby Macy. Upon learning of this, the boy fell into hysteria, sobbed and worried for a very long time.

The real father of the child was another teenager - fourteen-year-old Tyler. As it turned out, from the very beginning he was confident in his paternity, but did not want responsibility, and therefore remained in the shadows. According to him, he regrets the night spent with the girl and does not want to remember about it. The guy’s father was shocked by such news. And the baby has since been brought up by a young mother and her parents.

Misha Nikolaev

This list could not do without Russia. In 2011, a fifteen-year-old Nastya had a son from her own cousin, Mikhail. It happened in the Perm region.

When it became known about the pregnancy, the students immediately informed their parents, and it was decided to give birth and raise a child. However, after giving birth, Nastya and Misha stopped all communication.

According to the girl’s parents, this is due to the fact that Michael did not have the slightest desire to take care of the child. At the moment, the baby is brought up by the mother's family. It is not known whether the guy will take part in the upbringing of Vadim’s own son in the future.

Brother and sister for a long time lived together under the same roof together with Misha’s parents.


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Nathan Fishburn

Another British guy who became a father at the age of fourteen is Nathan Fishburn. He turned out to be much more responsible. A peer named April, who stated that she was very glad to have a baby, gave birth to a baby, even though the pregnancy was not planned. The same opinion is shared by her parents.

The couple named their son Jamie. Nathan showed his best qualities, supporting April in everything during pregnancy, and after birth he carefully looked after the baby. The guy and the girl are going to continue their studies, so that later they can find a good job, and not put financial burdens on their parents. So this is almost the only story in this list with a happy ending.

Alexander Lesnoy

Not bad everything turned out and a resident of Kharkov, Alexander Lesnoy. He became a father at the age of sixteen, which is officially registered in the list of records of Ukraine. The schoolchildren named their daughter Adelia and earnestly took up her upbringing, and in addition, they fully provide for themselves.

Sasha said that he recaptured a pretty girl from his best friend. Having learned that they will have a child, the couple decided without reason to decide to play a wedding.


Shem Davis

In this context, we can mention the youngest grandfather in the world. An unemployed Briton from Wales, Shem became a father early, at the age of fifteen, and his daughter pleased the birth of a grandson at fourteen. According to the 29-year-old Shem, he was upset because he did not want his daughter to follow his path, because this age is too early for a family. Nevertheless, he reconciled and now loves his granddaughter very much and is glad that he has become a young grandfather.

And his mother at 47 years old received the honorary status of great-grandmother. It is curious that her mother is also alive, so there are six generations in this family, which is very rare in our time. Shem profitably sold this story to the press to earn money. He has not lived with his daughter for a long time, but he is positioning himself as a caring father, and now he wants to become a caring grandfather, since he was little with his family at one time.

The UK has a very high rate of teenage pregnancy; in just one year, almost forty thousand underage girls became pregnant there, of which one eighth did not even reach 16 years of age. The most difficult situation in the Netherlands: 12% of all girls between the ages of fifteen and nineteen become pregnant there. Most of them do not have an abortion, but only a few decide to raise a child. But I want to believe in happy stories, where children will not suffer from the excessive youth of their parents, but will see only advantages in this.

Become a dad at age 13. The youngest fathers in the world

These teenagers were forced to abandon video games and get acquainted with the hardships of the "adult world". The reason for this is the earlier birth of a child, who turned their lives upside down. About how the youngest fathers live and how their fate changed after the advent of children.

He became a father at 12 years old. In January 1998, the story of 12-year-old schoolboy Sean Stewart thundered throughout the UK. The teenager became famous after his 16-year-old girlfriend and part-time neighbor Emma Webster gave birth to his son.

Emma became pregnant at 15, Sean at that time was only 11 years old. As the girl later admitted to reporters, she had no idea that her boyfriend was younger.

That year, Sean Stewart became the youngest father of Great Britain. The kid was called Ben. The young mother and father decided to raise the child together - with the help and under the strict guidance of their own parents.
True, after three years, the teenager got cold both to the girl and to the child and simply stopped seeing them. And a few years later, Sean's life completely rolled downhill: the schoolboy was caught stealing and was sentenced to several months in prison.
Emma, ​​however, did not long grieve over the break in the relationship and got married. The girl now answers briefly to journalists' questions about Sean: “I do not want to remember and talk about him. It can hurt my child. ”

A 13-year-old boy with a doll face became the father “at the time” at the age of 13 - this is what the British schoolboy Alfie Patten called tabloids in 2009 after it became known that he became a father.
Maisie’s daughter was born to a boy 15-year-old girlfriend Chantal.

When the child was born, unlike the aforementioned Sean Stewart, Alfie showed maximum responsibility and from the first days of his daughter's life began to carefully look after her. Parents of adolescents, in turn, agreed to help them in everything.

However, the little boy was never destined to fully master the role of the pope. Six months later, the student was shocked with the news - little Macy was not his daughter. This conclusion was made on the basis of a DNA test conducted at the insistence of parents of adolescents. As for the real father of the girl, according to the DNA test, he turned out to be another Chantal boyfriend - 14-year-old Tyler Barker.
After a serious conversation with his parents, the teenager admitted that from the very beginning he knew about the girl’s involvement in the pregnancy, but decided not to leave the shadow, as he was frightened.

After such a turn, young mother Chantal and her parents, who had become grandparents so early, took up the education of little Maisie.

He became a father at the age of 14. In 2011, a 14-year-old boy from the Perm region, Misha Nikolaev, had a son, Vadim, and Misha himself was recognized as the youngest father in Russia. The cousin of the schoolboy, 15-year-old Nastya, became the mother of the child.

Nastya lived with her cousin for several years under one roof, in the house of her aunt.

Upon learning of pregnancy, teens immediately told adults everything. At the family council, it was decided to leave the child. However, after the birth of the baby, schoolchildren abruptly stopped communicating.

According to the assurances of the girl’s mother and stepfather, this situation was due to the reluctance of the teenager to raise Vadim. At the moment, Nastya is engaged in a baby together with her mother and aunt. Whether Misha will take part in the fate of his own son in the future remains a mystery to women.

He became a father at the age of 14. Like Misha Nikolaev, the Briton Nathan Fishburn acquired offspring at the age of 14. True, unlike the Russian, he showed great responsibility. The role of the mother was made by a schoolmate of the same age - April Webster. The girl gave birth to a son, Jamie.

“The birth of this child was not planned, but I'm glad I became a mother,” said the schoolgirl after the appearance of Jamie.

April's joy from motherhood was shared by her parents. “At first we were shocked, but then we accepted it. And now they are very happy about the child, ”April's mother admitted.

As for the young father, the schoolboy did not abandon his son, on the contrary, he helped his girlfriend in everything during pregnancy, and after giving birth he promised to be always there.

“I am happy to be a father. I am ready to do everything for my child, ”Nathan told about his feelings.

At first, the teenager's parents did not hide their indignation, but later changed their anger to mercy and agreed to help raise the child. Young mom and dad, in turn, promised to finish school and continue their further studies.

And who is the youngest father in the world?

In 2014, this title was awarded to an 11-year-old boy from Auckland (New Zealand). The name of the young father was not called. It is known that the 36-year-old woman, the mother of the boy’s school friend, acted as a mother. The romantic relationship of a teenager and an adult lady lasted several months. As the student subsequently admitted, "he wanted to end this relationship, but did not know how."

After childbirth, the representatives of social services took away the child, and a criminal trial began against the woman.


Watch the video: 10 Youngest Fathers In The World (April 2020).