Russian actress Olga Ponizova: biography, personal life and interesting facts


Name: Olga Ponizova

Middle name: Valeryevna

Birthday: March 8 1974 (45 years old)

Place of Birth: Moscow city

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Eastern horoscope: Tiger

Career: Russian actors 782 place

Photo: Olga Ponizova

Biography of Olga Ponizova

Olga Ponizova is an actress who remains a mystery to many viewers. She rarely appears on television talk shows; her interviews rarely appear in the press. That is why in recent years it has been heard less and less.

But is it worth saying that our today's heroine has retired? Of course not. After all, the creative path of this wonderful actress is still ongoing. She plays on the stage of the theater and prepares new projects. So, remembering the brightest moments in her creative career today will be out of place.

The early years, childhood and the family of Olga Ponizova

Olga Ponizova was born on Women's Day - March 8, 1974. Moscow became her hometown, and therefore it was with this place that most of her creative career was subsequently associated.

In school years, Olga Ponizova managed to prove herself from various sides. At first, she studied “excellently”, then she began to lose interest in studying and simply “left the service”, listening to the teachers indifferently. Subsequently, the actress began to skip classes quite often. It is noteworthy that already at that time the actress had a rather special outlook on life - she believed that school was needed only to show students all possible disciplines, allowing them to subsequently determine their own professional orientation.

Perhaps that is why at one point, our today's heroine began to skip classes very often. After all, her interests did not lie in the field of school disciplines.

From a young age, the actress was occupied by a film school. In this place, she got the opportunity to communicate with interesting people, discuss current premieres and even put on her own performances. Olga Ponizova was crazy about the weightless atmosphere of creativity, which filled the classes at the school of the film actor, and therefore realized quite early that she wanted to play on the stage in the future.

Confidence in the correctness of the chosen specialty (and in itself) was also added by the first screen role of the actress - in the film "Did not agree on the characters." Olga Ponizova managed to get on the set for the first time in 1989, when she was only fifteen years old. Since then, our today's heroine literally lived in art. Forgetting about studying at a comprehensive school, she carefully prepared for admission to the theater university. And soon, this situation turned out to be winning.

Star Trek actress Olga Ponizova, filmography

Surprisingly, the adventurous nature of the actress did not in the least prevent her in her professional career - rather the opposite. Hearing about the actress's eccentricity, the director Victor Sergeyev instantly invited Olga Ponizova to audition for the main role in her upcoming film.

The actress agreed, and very soon, to everyone's surprise, she managed to appear on the screen in tandem with Alexander Abdulov himself. The painting “Sin. The story of passion ”turned out to be quite successful and became an important milestone in the career of the actress. The girl received the necessary creative experience, and also during the filming managed to travel around many wonderful places, starting from Novgorod and ending with the holy places of Israel.

After working together with Alexander Abdulov, the actress began to receive offers about the filming much more often. However, oddly enough, at some point I decided to retire briefly and concentrate on my studies. Only two years later, our today's heroine returned to the set again, playing one of the main roles in Dmitry Astrakhan's film “Everything will be fine”. This project brought her great success, but the actress failed to take advantage of the surging popularity. After graduating from high school, the girl got married and gave birth to a child. After this, the actress for three years left the cinema and art in general. However, home bustle very soon bored Olga. She began to feel that she could not live without acting, and therefore began to slowly establish contacts with the old world.

With the active support of Sergei Prokhanov, the actress soon managed to find a place for herself in the "Theater of the Moon", in which she subsequently performed for many years in a row. In addition, already in 1998, Olga Ponizova managed to get hold of a major role in the Belarusian-Russian TV series “Waiting Room”, which helped the actress regain her lost position. Mikhail Boyarsky, Vera Glagoleva, Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Mikhail Ulyanov, Nina Usatova and others also starred in this series.

After that, the actress organically alternated roles in film and theater. During her career, Olga Ponizova performed a huge number of wonderful roles, among which the most successful were the roles in Russian series.

Among her best works are such films as “I Will Decide Everything Myself” (1 and 2), “Two Fates”, “Lighter”, “On the Corner of the Patriarchs”, “Landscape with the Killing”, “Happy New Year, Dad” and some others. In addition, many of today's beautiful works have been played by our heroine on the stage as well. For a long time, her career developed without sharp ups and downs.

Olga Ponizova is currently

In 2003, the actress moved from the Moon Theater to the Moscow Theater of Young Spectators, where she performs to this day. Subsequently, she played in several new series and even managed to get the main roles in the projects "Adventurer", "You will always be with me" and "Dozen of Justice." However, despite this, in 2007, the screen career of the actress ended.

Once again deciding to choose a quiet and peaceful life for herself, the actress retired. And for the past six years he has been performing only in the Moscow Youth Theater.

Personal life of Olga Ponizova

The very early marriage, after which the actress almost left her work, remained the only one in the life of Olga Ponizova. Today the woman is divorced, but her ex-husband Andrei Chelyadinov helped her in every way in raising a joint child.

About the new actress novels, nothing is known. Answering a question about her personal life, the actress notes that in her soul there is no disappointment in men. Just caring for a child and a fast career always took a lot of energy. Therefore, Olga Ponizova herself chose loneliness.

In early July 2015, the only son of the actress, Nikita Chelyadinov crashed in a car accident. At the wheel of the car was his friend, who often violated the speed limit. This time he lost control, and the car crashed on the fence of the road.

Short biography of Olga

Olya was born on March 8, 1974 in a simple family in Moscow (Russia). In the family of the girl, no one was related to creativity and cinema. Mother is an economist by profession. In addition to Olya, the family has a youngest son, whose name is Denis. The parents of the girl filed for divorce when the children were still very young. Olya prefers not to speak and not to remember her father at all. The reason for this attitude towards him is unknown. Mother also never told children about dad.

The fate of Olga

Olga went to a regular school and at first pleased her mother with good grades. But over time, the thirst for study disappeared, because she asserted that cramming everything was an extra waste of time and energy. At that time, art took a strong place in the life and biography of Olga Ponizova. Personal life, from her point of view, should be arranged only after a career. In school years, the girl decided that she would go to an art critic. Young Olya did not think about the profession of an actress at all. In addition, Ponizova today does not like publicity much, despite the fact that she is a famous person.

Olya also became one of the students of the film school in Moscow, where she met many famous people who live art. For several years in a row Ponizova visited theaters, went with the group to closed screenings of films, discussed new films with like-minded people, read theater literature, studied cultural studies and philosophy. Olga Ponizova still put her personal life in the biography in last place.

Debut role in the movie

In the graduation class, the girl had already decided on the future profession and knew that she wanted to become an actress. In addition, at that time there was already one work in her arsenal: Olya starred in the film “They Did Not Match Her Character,” where she played along with talented and already experienced, well-known actors Alexander Lazarev and Ira Miroshnichenko.

At this age, few people manage to decide on the choice of a further profession. Our heroine was lucky to understand who she wants to be in order to give a small start to the fulfillment of her dreams. Then a career was in first place in the biography. Olga Ponizova was in no hurry to think about her personal life.


In 1991, Olga went to try his hand at the famous "Pike." She passed the contest without much effort. Together with her, Alexei Kravchenko and Amalia Goldanskaya studied. As in school, as a student, the future Russian actress Olga Ponizova was not an excellent student. Frankly, she studied poorly. She was often reprimanded for absenteeism, because the girl lived for her pleasure and did not like boundaries in any way.

Films with Ponizova

It was such a freaking freedom-loving creator of the film “Sin. A story of passion. ” Victor Sergeev (creator of this film) from the first trials will approve Olya for the main role.

After that, Olga Ponizova, whose biography and personal life is of interest to many viewers, began to receive interesting offers about working in the cinema. However, Ponizova again acted at the behest of the soul. This time she plunged into study and rejected any offers.

A few years later, the girl reappeared on the screens. She starred in the film "Everything will be fine" under the leadership of D. Astrakhan. Then again there is a lull in the filmography and biography. Olga Ponizova arranged her personal life: she got married and gave birth to a son. She devoted all her time to him. After a three-year maternity leave, the actress returns to the cinema. In parallel with this, she gets a job at the Theater of the Moon, and there she periodically takes the stage.

In 1998, the actress appears on the screens in the multi-part project "Waiting Room". She plays the main character, which is very pleasing to her fans.

Between 2000 and 2005 Ponizova starred in many films, which bring her even greater popularity. Among them are “Two Fates”, “I will decide everything myself”, “Happy New Year, papa”, “On the corner of the Patriarchs”. Olga calls the closest role of all these works to the heroine Inna Malakhova in the film "I will decide everything myself." According to the plot, Inna is a self-sufficient, strong and independent woman, who in life is Olga.

At that time, Olga Ponizova was in a difficult financial situation. She took a role in the film “At the corner of the Patriarchs” only because of this. Then it was very difficult to combine work in the cinema and additional part-time jobs. Film critics called this picture the best in the filmography of Ponizova.

At that time, in the biography of personal life, actress Olga Ponizova did not consider it an important component and devoted herself to a career at 100%.

Transition to the Moscow Youth Theater

In 2003, Olga moved to the Youth Theater in Moscow. She works there to this day. The reason for the change of place of work was a conflict with the theater management. The last films with the participation of film and theater actress Olga Ponizova are “You Will Always Be With Me”, “Adventurer”, “Dozen of Justice”.

Since 2007, Olga Ponizova again took a break in the cinema, as she decided to devote herself to work in the theater.

According to the actress, comfort in relations with colleagues and management is very important for her. In the previous place of work, this has not happened recently. She does not regret that she decided to leave.

Olga Ponizova. Children and personal life in the biography of the actress

The only man Olga was in family relations with is Andrey Chelyadinov. He is her first love. However, some time after the birth of the baby, the couple broke up. Olga’s ex-husband is the CEO of Russian Extreme.

After the divorce, Ponizova was not married and was not in a relationship. At one time, there were rumors that the former couple had a future together. Andrey helped and today does not stop helping his ex-wife, takes an active part in her life.

In the summer of 2015, a tragedy happened in the life of the actress: her only child, Nikita, did not become. He died in a car accident. According to some reports, the young man was sitting in the passenger seat, and an examination showed alcohol in the blood of driver Alexander Tikhonov. The car drove into a pole at high speed.

After the incident, Ponizova for a long time did not get in touch with the press and became isolated.

Olga today

It is not strange that the actress no longer acts in films. Huge mental trauma greatly affected the psyche of a woman. In 2016, it became known that Alexander Tikhonov was found guilty of Nikita’s death and will be punished with 3.5 years in prison and a fine of 60 thousand rubles.

Tragedy investigation

The media have repeatedly expressed the fact that a close friend of Nikita was under moral pressure during the investigation of the case. And the culprit Tikhonov repeatedly confused in the testimony. At first, he said that he did not plan to go anywhere at all, Nikita became ill, and he decided to take him to the hospital. Another time, he said that the car was stolen. The acquaintances of the culprit claimed that the guy never drank, much less drunk. However, there were people who saw Alexander with a suspicious white powder at one of the holidays. This suggests that he could be under the influence of drugs. An examination for the presence of such substances in the blood was not performed. No one explained the reason for this behavior. Ponizova sued for inaction.

The video recorder of the car in which the guys were traveling showed an excess of speed more than four times. At a norm of 40 km / h, they raced for almost 200.


Olga Ponizova is a Russian theater and film actress. Olga Valerievna Ponizova was born in a simple Moscow family on March 8, 1974. Among the relatives of the future actress there was no one from the world of cinema or theater. Mom worked as an economist. The younger brother Denis also grew up in the family. Parents divorced when the children were young. Olga never remembers her father.

Actress Olga Ponizova

Ponizova studied at a regular school. At first it brought good marks, then interest in learning cooled off. Olga believed that learning everything was a waste of time. Most of all, the girl was interested in art, and at the end of school, the future actress decided to study as an art critic. But to become an actress Ponizova in her youth did not dream. Olga still does not like publicity, the artist is a rare guest at events.

In high school, Olga began to attend the capital's film school. There, the girl met interesting people who lived in creativity, devoted themselves to a specific idea. Regular trips to the theaters and cinema center of VGIK for closed viewing of new paintings, discussion of films seen, literature on the art of theater and cinema, philosophy and cultural studies - these were the circle of interests that Olga lived in those years.

Olga Ponizova at the theater

Already by the end of her studies at school, the girl decided that she wants to become an actress and continue to revolve in the world of theater and cinema. In addition, behind the back of Olya there was already one role in the movie. The actress starred in the film Alexandrovich "They did not agree in character."This is a family drama in which a 15-year-old girl played together with film masters Irina Miroshnichenko and Alexander Lazarev.


In 1991, Olga Ponizova without much difficulty became a student of Schukinsky. The girl studied with Amalia Goldanskaya and Alexei Kravchenko. Ponizova was not an exemplary student, as before she was not considered a diligent student. The student often skipped classes and preferred to live according to her mood. But, as it turned out, it was precisely such a freedom-loving and jaunty character that was very suitable for the role of the main character in the film “Sin. A story of passion. ” The film's director Victor Sergeev approved Olga after the first audition.

Olga Ponizova in the movie “Sin. History of Passion

After the release of this picture, Olga Ponizova began to regularly receive attractive offers from eminent directors. But the girl suddenly acted again as they had not expected: she concentrated her attention on her studies. Two years later, Ponizova again appeared on the screens in the film by Dmitry Astrakhan "Everything will be fine."

After the release of the film, the artist again “disappears” for a while. After graduating from college, a woman gets married. Soon Olga gives her newborn son all her free time.

Three years later, Ponizova returns to the world of theater and cinema. A woman takes on the “Theater of the Moon”, where Sergei Prokhanov helps her get a job.

Olga Ponizova in the movie "Waiting Room"

In 1998, the actress starred in the main role in the joint Russian-Belarusian television series "Waiting Room". The release of the tape on large screens marked the return of Olga Ponizova to the world of cinema and reminded the directors of it.

In the first five-year period of the new century, Olga Ponizova starred in prominent and memorable films, the best of which are “I will decide everything myself”, “Two Fates”, “Lighter”, “At the corner of the Patriarchs”, “Happy New Year, dad”. The closest Olga was the role of Inna Malakhova in the film "I will decide everything myself." In this romantic melodrama, the actress played a strong and decisive woman.

During this period of her life, the actress experienced financial difficulties. Having played in the film “At the corner of the Patriarchs”, Ponizova later admitted that she participated in the film for the money, because then it was difficult to make a living for Olga. Nevertheless, this film will be called the best in the creative biography of the actress.

Olga Ponizova in the movie "Adventurer"

Olga herself, commenting on a similar situation, explained that she often refused to work. Such inaction led to the woman having to pay for her own independence in life.

In 2003, Ponizova moved from the “Theater of the Moon” to the Moscow Youth Theater, where she still serves. The latest paintings with the participation of Ponizova - “Adventurer”, “You will always be with me” and “Dozen of justice”. In these films, Olga starred in the lead roles.

Since 2007, the artist again took a break. Today, the Russian actress is concentrated on working in the theater.

Olga Ponizova in the movie “Dozen of Justice”

According to the actress, in life, the main thing for her is comfort in communication, because she constantly chooses the environment around her, trying to establish contacts for a favorable job. Olga is categorical in this matter, therefore, immediately breaks off relations with those who do not like.

Personal life

The artist’s first and only marriage remains an alliance with Andrei Chelyadinov, director general of the Russian Extreme television company. But the couple soon after the birth of their son Nikita broke up. Andrei helped his ex-wife and participated in the upbringing of the boy.

Olga Ponizova

In the summer of 2015, the life of 20-year-old Nikita ended: the only son of Olga Ponizova died in an accident. In the car, a man was sitting in the passenger seat. In the blood of his friend, who was driving, they found alcohol. The car crashed into a chipper.

After the tragedy, Olga Ponizova became isolated and does not talk to anyone.

Olga Ponizova now

In 2017, the actress turned 43 years old. Today, a woman does not participate in the filming of films.

Fans explain this decision of the actress as a tragedy in her personal life, because the death of her son was a real blow for Olga.

Actress Olga Ponizova

In 2016, the media reported that the perpetrator of the death of her son Ponizova would be punished. Alexander Tikhonov, who was accused of Nikita’s death, received a sentence of 3.5 years in prison and a fine of 60 thousand rubles.

The Russian media reported that during the investigative actions, Nikita’s girlfriend was under heavy pressure, and the perpetrator of the fatal accident more than once changed his testimony - he said that he had stolen the car, then claimed that he accidentally saw Nikita and decided to bring his friend to the hospital. Familiar recklessly unanimously claimed that he led a sporting lifestyle, did not drink alcohol at all, and he never sat behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated. At the same time, among the participants of the fateful party in the country there were those who found Tikhonov using drugs. Law enforcement officials ignored such information, did not take a drug test at the hospital from Tikhonov, and no one explained the reason for this inaction.

Olga Ponizova

Olga Ponizova: what is famous

As a movie actress, Olga became famous in 1995, playing a major role in Dmitry Astrakhan's film “Everything Will Be Alright”.

The naive and simple heroine, talentedly played by Ponizova, charmed everyone and even skeptics against soap operas and drawn scripts with wonderful appearances of handsome and wealthy metropolitan men in the life of provincial simpletons. In her heroine, one willy-nilly wants to see depth and breakdown, the actress talented showed the development of the girl’s inner world, in which the archaic foundations of the Russian hinterland and the standards of happiness and love accepted there began to crumble due to the appearance in her life of people who did not fit into the usual images and standards.

Olga Ponizova was no less successful, popular and in demand in the world of television series - together with Mikhail Boyarsky, she starred in the then-popular multi-part film “The Waiting Room”.

Olga is also known, remembered and loved as one of the brightest heroines of such series as “On the corner of the Patriarchs”, “Two Fates”, “Landscape with a Murder”, “I will decide everything myself” and many others.

Olga Ponizova: TV series and films with her


  1. Already at the age of fifteen, Olga made her debut on the movie screen. The director Nikolai Alexandrovich she starred in the role of Panteleeva in the family drama "They did not agree in character." The young actress was then lucky to work with wonderful artists Irina Miroshnichenko and Alexander Lazarev ...
  2. When Olga was in her second year at the Schukin School, the director Victor Sergeyev invited her to the main role in the adventurous and psychological melodrama “Sin. A story of passion. ” Her partner in the film was the famous Alexander Abdulov. He played a priest - the father of Agafangel, to whom the Lord sends a test in the form of a strong feeling for a young girl, incompatible with his dignity. The film was shot in Russia in Germany and Israel, in the monasteries of Novgorod, Valdai and Jerusalem.
  3. In 1995, Dmitry Astrakhan’s melodrama “Everything Will Be Alright” was released on the screens of the country. Ponizova organically and talented played in her the main role of a provincial girl named Olya. She lives in a small quiet town, is going to marry a guy whom she loves for a long time. Although ... does he love? And now their quiet and measured life is violated by the arrival of a millionaire with his son, an intelligent, handsome young man, a Nobel laureate.

It was a difficult time for perestroika people of art. Series for Olga Ponizova became a life buoy. When, thanks to Igor Livanov, she got into the series “On the corner of the Patriarchs”, the actress had five rubles left in her wallet. Creation? Well, what a creativity. She did everything they said. The actress does not hide her critical attitude to the series, admitting that she starred for money.


And yet, serials are different for serials. The series “Two Fates”, where Olga Ponizova played a good daughter to Sveta, was remembered by many viewers. Holding their breath, millions of people watched the ups and downs of the plot. For this role, brown-haired Olga had to repaint herself in a blonde, which somewhat disoriented the audience. Sometimes she heard on the street: “Oh, girl, and it’s not you who accidentally play in the film“ Two Fates ”? True? But in the cinema you are somehow bright ... "

The actress admits that she often does not remember the names of her heroines. Not plots and names remain in memory, but feelings and emotions from the filming process itself. The detective series “Landscape with a Murder” (in which the actress played the main role - the beautiful and mysterious Ksenia, the main suspect) was remembered by Olga for having happened to stand at the helm of the boat. All for real. The shooting took place in St. Petersburg, on the Neva. At first, Ponizova almost ruined the entire crew, stopping the little boat just a couple of meters from the bridge support. Then, nothing, she learned. You could even say ace became.

Often, viewers associate actresses with their heroines. Of course, this is an illusion. Olga Ponizova admits that she has little in common with the same Sveta from “Two Fates”. But about her other role - Inna Malakhova in the romantic melodrama "I Will Decide Everything Myself" - the actress once mentioned that her heroine, like her ... A woman of difficult fate, as she should be strong, but vulnerable, honest, but with business acumen .

Although the actress categorically disagrees with the behavior of her heroine: “I play a woman with two children, who suddenly discovers that her husband is a gangster, after which she breaks her entire previous life, and the ordeals begin. I can say that if I were in her place and found out that my beloved person, for example, killed someone, I think I would still continue to love him. Whatever he does. After all, Gippius said that when you love a person, you love him the way God intended him. ”

Family, husband, personal life of Olga Ponizova

Olga and Andrei got married in 1995. Olga met her husband at a meeting with friends, and without memory fell in love with him. The ex-husband of Olga Ponizova is Andrei Chelyadinov, a TV presenter and television director. Young people have been married for exactly 5 years, why the actress’s family life did not work out is not known. Olga always speaks warmly of Andrei, the couple has remained good friends. After the divorce from her husband, Olga never got married anymore. The woman says that she has no bitterness or disappointment in men, she just didn’t meet anyone like Andrey anymore.

The son of Olga Ponizova - Nikita Chelyadinov, accident

The son of Olga Ponizova - Nikita Chelyadinov was the only and beloved man in Olga's life throughout her life, after a divorce from her husband. Olga raised her son herself, she remembered how she did not like school as a child, how she skipped classes, so she allowed Nikita not to go to school when the boy did not want, with one condition - that he would learn all the missed lessons by himself. Nikita also chose the university himself, and his mother only gave advice. Olga wanted her son to grow up an independent and real man.

In 2015, a terrible tragedy occurred in the life of the artist: the son of Nikita crashed in a car. The guy was sitting in the passenger seat, his friend, who was driving, simply lost control.

The actress was beside herself with grief, did not speak with reporters, and did not want to discuss her tragedy.

Olga Ponizova did not give a single interview after the death of her son. Today the woman has already experienced the loss, she is trying to live on and is actively working in the Theater of the Young Spectator.

Olga Ponizova, theater

After the tragedy of life, Olga is finding it increasingly difficult to be alone. The woman does not want to be pitied, therefore she does not appear in television programs, does not appear in magazines and does not want to discuss her personal life. The theater and the audience that sees her on the stage is completely different - this is a real cure for pain.

“The theater is my hospital,” says the actress. - Each person should have a consumer of his feelings, otherwise the heart can’t stand it. This is a viewer for me. ”

According to the actress, the theater takes her out of reality, helping her to survive. After all, when a performance is in progress, no one in the world dies. During this period of time, everyone lives in a beautiful illusion, behind the fireplace of Pope Carlo. Someone needs a drug to create an illusion, someone needs vodka .... And Olga Ponizova prefers the theater. Although the theater and life for the actress are not at all the same thing. These are its two different poles.

Today Olga practically does not give interviews, films with her have not been released for about ten years. But the actress’s career did not end, she just gives herself all to the theater today, she is happy to play dramatic and comedic roles in front of a living audience.

Olga Ponizova: Instagram, Wikipedia, social networks

Olga has always been a very shy and private person. She never appeared at social events, led an inconspicuous personal life and did not communicate with other actors. Therefore, the actress has no pages on social networks and instagram. Both the wikipedia of Olga Ponizova and other sites that have her dossier have rather scarce information about the actress. The woman believes that in order for the audience to love you and come to performances with your name, it is not necessary to disclose the details of your personal life. In the end, the personality of the actor himself must remain a mystery to the public.


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