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Relatives of the singer visited Russia

The Swiss singer and actress Florence Illi-Hvorostovsky told what filled her everyday life after the death of her famous spouse.

The second wife of Dmitry Hvorostovsky and his children Maxim and Nina flew to Russia from London to take part in the opening of the monument to the baritone in Krasnoyarsk. According to Florence, she was touched by the love with which the singer was treated at home. Indeed, in Krasnoyarsk there is an airport, an airplane, a theater, and even the whole embankment, which bear the name of Hvorostovsky. "Touching to tears!" - said the correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda. “Well, I have no more tears left after all.” - the widow reacted.

Florence Illi-Hvorostovskaya devotes all her time to home and raising children. "I go in for sports. I go to the gym to keep myself in shape. I have two dogs, I walk with them," she shared. Florence does not exclude the possibility that over time she will write a book about her late husband and take part in the work on the film.

The woman remembered that she and Hvorostovsky fell in love at first sight. The singer could not resist the beauty of the Swiss. “I often remember how he stood with his elbows on the wall and said:“ I have never seen such beauty. ”Dima courted him beautifully. And all his life, all twenty years he looked at me with his eyes in love, like on the first day of acquaintance. I always saw him in the hall, I saw him whispering: “Where is Flosha?” said Florence Illi-Hvorostovskaya.

Florence and Dmitry were considered the perfect couple. Despite the huge number of fans and admirers, they kept each other loyal and created a strong family. After the death of her husband, Florence did not shut herself up in grief. Recently, she published a photo from a nightclub and received a huge number of compliments in her address. Beautiful, breathtaking, sexy - the widow of Hvorostovsky continues to win hearts.

Recall, the opera singer died of brain cancer in November 2017. He was twice married. From 1991 to 1999, the singer was married to Svetlana Ivanova, they raised three children, including Maria, the daughter of Svetlana from her first marriage. Svetlana died in 2015. Dmitry Hvorostovsky and Florence got married in 2001, they had a daughter and a son.


Dmitry Hvorostovsky was born on October 16, 1962 in Krasnoyarsk. His parents, by the standards of the Soviet Union, had very prestigious professions: father Alexander Stepanovich was a chemical engineer, and his mother Lyudmila Petrovna worked in the hospital as a gynecologist. But the main hobby of Alexander Stepanovich was still music. The father of the young singer had a deep baritone, which Dmitry inherited, and played the piano beautifully. In the evenings, the Hvorostovsky family gathered in the living room, where Alexander Stepanovich sang with his wife, accompanying himself to the piano.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky in childhood

Dmitry Hvorostovsky began to sing at the age of four, performing old romances and folk songs. His idols were Ettore Bastianini, Tito Gobbi, Fedor Chaliapin and Maria Callas, whose records were collected by the boy's father.

When Dmitry went to a comprehensive school, which was literally in a neighboring yard from his house, his parents decided to send his son in parallel to study piano. Studying was difficult for Dmitry, he could not boast of good grades. In the tenth grade, the future singer was written with such an unflattering characterization that after graduation, Dmitry preferred not to recall his school years.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky in his youth

After receiving a certificate of secondary education, Hvorostovsky entered the Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical College named after A.M. Gorky to the music department. Then the guy was very interested in the then fashionable rock music style. He became the soloist and keyboard player of the Rainbow group, which played in various directions in restaurants and clubs in Krasnoyarsk. Dmitry sought to conform to the image of the rocker with both appearance and behavior: he was often a participant in fights and often went into hiding. At one time, the future singer even wanted to drop out of school, but changed his mind and successfully graduated from college, having received the specialty of a music teacher.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky in his youth

In 1982, Hvorostovsky entered the Krasnoyarsk Institute of Arts at the vocal faculty. He got into the class of the best teacher, Catherine Iofel, thanks to the intercession of acquaintances, since there simply were no empty seats in the Iofel group. The first two years of training were quite difficult. In fact, he had to be retrained from a choirmaster to a soloist, which pretty annoyed an impatient and hot-tempered guy. In the third year, things got better, and Dmitry Hvorostovsky began to understand his teacher literally. During the training, the student never missed Catherine Iofel's classes. In 1988, the singer graduated with honors from a music institute.


In 1985, Dmitry was invited to the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theater. First, the young soloist was entrusted with the performance of secondary parties. Soon, thanks to his unique voice and incredible talent, Hvorostovsky became the main voice of the operas of Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Guno and Leoncavallo. A year later, the young opera star became the laureate of the first All-Russian competition of vocalists, and a few months later - of the All-Union competition.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky in his youth

After graduation, Dmitry decided to focus on a Western listener and build his career in Europe. He actively participated in international competitions. In 1988, he visited France, making his debut on the stage of the opera house in Nice, and won the international competition, which was held in the city of Toulouse. In 1989, the singer went to the popular international vocal competition held by the British television company BBC in Cardiff, the capital of Wales.

For the first time in four years, a representative of Russian opera participated in this festival. Hrovostovsky performed his favorite parts from the operas of Tchaikovsky and Verdi, which won the hearts of listeners. One of the jury members even compared the opera singer with the legendary performer Luciano Pavarotti. Such high marks provided Hvorostovsky an undeniable victory and recognition throughout the world. Talked about him abroad and began to invite to perform in the legendary opera houses of the world.

In 1990, the singer made his debut on the stage of the Nice Opera New York theater in the production of The Queen of Spades by composer Tchaikovsky. Through this concert, Philips Classics, a record company with which he signed a record deal, drew attention to him. In total, the company has published more than twenty records, including both the singer’s solo programs and collections of arias from operas. The album “Black Eyes”, consisting of Russian folk songs and romances, has long been one of the most popular soloist creations in the United States and Europe.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky in the courtyard of a London house

In 1994, Hvorostovsky moved to London, where he bought a five-story house, and a few years later received British citizenship.

Hvorostovsky continued his performances in the best opera houses in the world. Every year, the singer tours around the world with his solo programs, and also participates in numerous festivals and concerts. Dmitry signed a new contract with another American recording studio Delos, which to this day publishes his albums.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky on stage

The opera singer also does not forget about his homeland. In 2004, Dmitry Hvorostovsky performed with a symphony orchestra on the main square of Russia; his concert was shown on national television channels. The singer toured the cities of the country with programs whose themes are closely related to the history and culture of Russia.

Hvorostovsky was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation and Honorary Citizen of Krasnoyarsk and the Kemerovo Region.


June 25, 2015 it became known that Hvorostovsky temporarily until the end of August suspends his concert activities in connection with his health condition. On the official page of the famous opera singer, a message was published stating that, in connection with a serious illness, Dmitry cancels all his performances until the end of August.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky discovered a tumor

Doctors gave Hvorostovsky a terrible diagnosis - a brain tumor. When exactly the artist found out about his illness is not known for certain, however, a week before publication, he was forced to cancel his performance at the Vienna Theater. The voice of the performer was not affected, but Hvorostovsky experienced problems with balance.

Dmitry was determined to defeat the disease.

Personal life

With his first wife, ballerina Svetlana Ivanova, Dmitry met at the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theater. The young singer was crazy about the dancer, who at that time was divorced and independently raised a child. This fact did not bother Dmitry, two years after the beginning of their romance, he moved her to his room in a communal apartment, and in 1989 they played a wedding. Many of the singer’s friends and acquaintances were against this marriage, because Svetlana had a reputation as a not too faithful girl.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky and Svetlana Ivanova

The couple moved to London, where in 1996 they gave birth to twins Alexander and Danila. Soon, the relationship of the spouses began to crack. Svetlana refused to learn English and help her husband with the development of his career, because initially he planned to make her his director. The couple began to move away from each other, and the famous singer began to gradually abuse alcohol.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky and Florence Illi

In 1999, Hvorostovsky during a rehearsal met the Italian singer Florence Illi. The girl instantly fell in love with a talented singer and began to make attempts to get closer to him. But then Dmitry was still married and could not reciprocate the girl. He filed for divorce in 2001. Svetlana sued almost all of his property from his ex-wife: a house in London, a car and an amount of 170 thousand pounds a year to support herself and her children.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky with his wife and children

Hvorostovsky was very seriously worried about parting with his once beloved wife, he had a stomach ulcer, and health problems began. But the help and support of Florence helped him get better and overcome the beginning problems with alcohol. In the same year, lovers began to live together. In 2003, the couple had a son, Maxim, and in 2007, the daughter Nina. Florence accompanied Dmitry on his tour, sometimes they performed together at concerts.


On October 11, in Komsomolskaya Pravda news appeared that Dmitry Hvorostovsky had died. MP Elena Mizulina expressed her condolences to the singer’s family on her Twitter account. After some time, the politician deleted the record, however, many media outlets picked up information, reporting the death of the performer.

Later, the director of Hvorostovsky denied the information, saying that Dmitry was at home. The author of the fake note, journalist Elena Baudouin, hastened to apologize to the singer and his family. According to Elena, information about the death of Hvorostovsky was confirmed to her by insiders.

"Hvorostovsky is alive! Oh, of course I am very ashamed to talk about it, but it’s my fault to spread the news about Dmitry Hvorostovsky and his alleged death. (.) An angry person posted on the Web, insiders confirmed to me, and I, as a journalist, I wrote, without checking for the first time in my life. God forbid, let him live happily ever after with our prayers. "- Baudouin wrote in social networks.

November 22, 2017 Dmitry Hvorostovsky died. After a long struggle with the disease, the famous artist died in Switzerland at the 56th year of his life. The poetess Lilia Vinogradova reported that Hvorostovsky died at 3:36 London time. The information was confirmed by the artist’s family.


Parents sold the apartment of Hvorostovsky for the installation of the monument

Continuation: “I must be strong for the sake of children!”: A piercing confession of the widow of Hvorostovsky

At the opening of the monument came friends of Hvorostovsky, children Maxim and Nina, widow Florence, parents. A bronze monument by Vladimir Usov (author of monuments to Colonel General Karaoglanov, spaceship designer Bushuev and Olympic freestyle wrestling champion Yarygin) was made and installed at the expense of Dmitry's mother and father, Alexander Stepanovich and Lyudmila Petrovna.

Dmitry Alexandrovich Hvorostovsky opera singer

Many people would be happy to participate in the creation of the monument, but parents refused to help. They personally met with the sculptor, approved the sketches, paid for the work.

The father of the singer admitted that there was not enough money and the family even sold Dmitry’s apartment. “Nobody lived in it, we inherited it, and Dima once got it from the producer,” Alexander Hvorostovsky explained to Dnipro.ru.

It is interesting that the sculptor began work on perpetuating the image of the great singer during the lifetime of Dmitry Alexandrovich, who loved dynamics, movement, the elements.

“Many monuments were seen, and only at Vladimir Ilyich Usov in the monument they felt that a person was alive, now he would do something, as he would start flying,” admitted Hvorostovsky’s father. - As a child, Dima liked to sculpt from plasticine, especially horses succeeded him. I even wanted to give it to the Surikov School, but then I still chose the music. "

The monument was unveiled to the demon’s aria “Don’t cry, child”, performed by Dmitry Hvorostovsky from the opera “Demon” by Anton Rubinstein. And then the Helikon choir sang the 140th Psalm, “Let My Prayer Be Corrected,” which usually sounds at Vespers. Guests of the ceremony could not hold back tears.

Recall that the artist’s memory has already been adequately immortalized - one of the artistic restrooms in the Helikon Opera Theater bears his name, and with the support of his close friends, a bust of Dmitry Hvorostovsky was installed in November 2018. In September 2019, a monument to Dmitry Hvorostovsky was opened in his homeland, in Krasnoyarsk.

According to the will of the singer, his body is cremated, and the ashes are divided into two parts. One of the capsules was buried at the Novodevichy cemetery, the second was delivered to the singer’s homeland, in Krasnoyarsk, and laid in the territory of the Institute of Arts, which now bears the name of Hvorostovsky.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky foresaw that he should get sick

Always fit, smiling Dmitry Hvorostovsky fell seriously ill in June 2015, information on the cancellation of concerts due to a brain tumor appeared on his official website. Dmitry Alexandrovich began a course of treatment at a London oncological clinic.

Today is the ninth day since the death of Dmitry Hvorostovsky, who until the last worked for wear

Dmitry Hvorostovsky was posthumously nominated for the prestigious Grammy Award for the album Sviridov's Vocal Cycle: Sailing Russia, recorded with the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra. Violinist Chingiz Osmanov recalls the last work with the famous baritone.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky nominated for the Grammy award posthumously

Russian opera singer Dmitry Hvorostovsky was nominated for the prestigious Grammy Music Award in the category "Best Classical Solo Album" for his performance for voice and piano to the poems by Sergei Yesenin "Descending Russia".

How Dmitry Hvorostovsky fell in love with Florence Illi

The story of the acquaintance of the spouses is worthy of a screenplay. In January 1999, Hvorostovsky sang "Don Juan" at the Geneva Opera.According to the director’s plan, the legendary seducer went on stage in the open Cadillac and then took turns kissing several girls.

Wife of Dmitry Hvorostovsky

“I no longer have tears after all. ", Said Florence Illi-Hvorostovskaya after the unveiling of the monument to the Russian gold baritone in Krasnoyarsk. Needless to say, that with the loss of the second wife of the eminent artist did not come to terms? But he continues to live on, as Dmitry bequeathed: “You must live for the sake of children. You are still young. "

Now, Florence's everyday life is taking care of the heirs, a gym, walking with dogs. Periodic trips - with family or friends: for example, at the end of August, the widow returned from Ibiza, and in February she visited Milan with a friend. House Florence remains hospitable - as it was during the life of Dmitry. “Maxim and Nina love when we have a lot of people for the New Year. I like to cook pasta, risotto. After Dima left, there were no less friends. Everyone supports us, ”said the widow of Hvorostovsky.

Florence wants to write a book about his wife in the future, and in the present continues to develop a fund named after him: a concert “Dmitry Hvorostovsky and friends to children” is planned for the end of October, which will be attended by Anna Netrebko, Yusif Eyvazov, Ildar Abdrazakov and other world stars of the opera scene . All proceeds will go to the treatment of children struggling with oncology.

Parents of Dmitry Hvorostovsky

Hvorostovsky’s parents did not connect their lives with the stage: Lyudmila Petrovna worked as a gynecologist, Alexander Stepanovich worked as a chemical engineer, but he loved music and played the piano. Mother and father discerned a unique talent in young Dmitry, helped develop abilities, and were always support. The death of the heir became a huge tragedy for them, significantly affecting their health. After the death of Hvorostovsky, his father quickly began to lose his sight - glaucoma - and the ability to move independently.

Parents of Dmitry Hvorostovsky (center). Photo: Government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory

Lyudmila Petrovna and Alexander Stepanovich live on a modest retirement and find solace in infrequent meetings with their grandchildren. “They love Squirrel sweets. We also treat them with dumplings. I always buy certain, their favorite. What else can we give them, besides ourselves and our love? How can we surprise them on our retirement? ”- said the artist’s father in the program“ Once ”.

The apartment in Moscow, inherited from Dmitry (he, in turn, received living space from manager Elena Nedosekina), had to be sold by Hvorostovsky - only in this way the parents of the star could help out the money to erect a monument to his son at the Novodevichy cemetery, which will open on October 16, on his birthday deceased performer. And the memorial in Krasnoyarsk, created with the money of the regional administration, is already ready - the parents, the widow and children of Dmitry were the first to see the sculpture.

Monument to Dmitry Hvorostovsky in Krasnoyarsk. Photo: Maria Lenz, kp.ru

Children of Dmitry Hvorostovsky

The opera singer was a father of many children. In her first marriage with the ballerina Svetlana Ivanova (she died in 2015), the twins Alexander and Daniil were born, and Maria, the dancer's daughter from past relationships, was adopted by Dmitry. The second marriage - with opera singer Florence Illi - gave Hvorostovsom two more children, Maxim and Nina. During his lifetime, the performer did everything so that his children from different wives became friends: the heirs of the star spent their vacations together, visited Dmitry and Florence in the house, went to rest.

This continued after the tragic death of Hvorostovsky. Last May, all the heirs and the widow of a man gathered in London to celebrate Mary’s wedding with Portuguese photographer Felipe Marx. Now the artist’s stepdaughter is twice mom: this autumn Leo was born, about which the woman spoke on the page on social networks.

Her stepbrother and sister - the eldest children of Hvorostovsky - rarely contact with fans of the departed star. It is known that Alexandra draws talentedly, Daniel plays in a rock band, and last summer his brother and sister graduated from universities.

The eldest children of Hvorostovsky: Alexandra, Daniel and Mary. Photo: Maria’s Instagram page

Maxim and Nina, the children of Florence and Dmitry, more often appear in public, accompanying their mother at charity and commemorative events, and on the Web, in family pictures. By the way, both heirs of the couple gravitate towards the stage: Maxim loves football, but dreams, like his father, of singing and is still trying to write music. And 12-year-old Nina is already engaged in vocals - and often with fondness recalls her adorable father.

Younger children of Hvorostovsky (Maxim and Nina) with their mother. Photo: official Florence Instagram page

Photo: Dmitry Hvorostovsky

Recognition and memory

The opera singer was posthumously nominated for the 60th Grammy Awards. Together with him, conductor Konstantin Orbelian became one of the nominees for "The Best Classical Vocal Solo Album" for the disc "Sviridov: Descending Russia", recorded on the verses of Sergei Yesenin.

During his lifetime, he was nominated three times for a Grammy - in 1992, 1994 and 2008. After death, the recording of George Sviridov’s poem “Descending Russia” in his performance was among the applicants for this award for 2017 in the nomination “Best classic solo vocal album” (the presentation ceremony of which took place on January 28, 2018 in New York), but the award was awarded was not.

In honor of Hvorostovsky, the asteroid (7995) Hvorostovsky, discovered by astronomer Lyudmila Karachkina at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory on August 4, 1983, is named.

In February 2018, the name of Hvorostovsky was assigned to the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theater, where the singer began his career. Representatives of the theater noted that the decision to rename the theater was “a landmark event, honor and great responsibility”, and the staff of the institution is proud of the new name.

Aeroflot aircraft, the Siberian State Institute of Arts named after Dmitry Hvorostovsky and the Prokopyevsky Regional College of Arts named after Hvorostovsky are named after Hvorostovsky. People's Artist of the Russian Federation D. Hvorostovsky

On November 22, 2018, in the building of the Moscow Helikon-Opera Theater, the opening ceremony of his bust was held in the presence of the singer’s friends and parents on the first anniversary of the death of Hvorostovsky. The initiator of the sculpture was Hvorostovsky’s friend, lawyer Pavel Astakhov, the project was supported by Igor Krutoy, Lilia Vinogradova, Dmitry Bertman and Konstantin Orbelian.

By presidential decree of May 31, 2019, the international airport Krasnoyarsk was named after D. A. Hvorostovsky.

September 23, 2019 in Krasnoyarsk, in the park on the lower tier of the Siberian State Institute of Arts, where one of the capsules with the ashes of a famous opera singer is buried, a monument to Hvorostovsky was opened.

On October 16, 2019, on the birthday of Dmitry Hvorostovsky, in Moscow at the Novodevichy Cemetery, a monument was unveiled on the grave of the singer. The author of the monument is the honored sculptor of Russia Vladimir Usov, who also worked on the monument, opened on September 23, 2019 in Krasnoyarsk. According to the Culture channel, “the singer’s parents, Alexander and Lyudmila Hvorostovsky, attended the ceremony, the widow of the artist Florence and the children, Maxim and Nina, came from London.”

Professional career

But that was only the beginning. In 1989, Dmitry Hvorostovsky received the Grand Prix of the international competition "Cardiff Voices". From that moment on, the whole of Europe spoke of a young opera singer. Hvorostovsky destroyed stereotypes about how an opera singer should look: an athletic body in a neat tuxedo and an ashy mane of hair even brought him a place in the ranking of the most beautiful people in the world according to People. By the way, Dmitry’s hair turned gray very early - the genes had fallen out.

Subsequently, the Russian performer received engagements in opera houses of world renown. His voice sounded from the stage of the Berlin and Bavarian State Opera, the London Royal Theater "Covent Garden", the Milan Opera La Scala, and the New York Metropolitan Opera. In the homeland, the St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theater, the Moscow Novaya Opera Theater and the State Kremlin Palace became the venue for the artist’s concerts.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky goes to hospital again

There was a message that Dmitry Hvorostovsky is again canceling his performances and will not be able to take part in performances in New York, which should be held in February. As it became known, the opera singer goes to hospital for treatment.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky told how he feels

Dmitry Hvorostovsky recently underwent a chemotherapeutic course of treatment for brain cancer and successfully performed at the New Wave music competition. The performance of the famous artist was a resounding success, because of which his wife even burst into tears. He also told how he was feeling.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky never fully recovered

The other day, Dmitry Hvorostovsky first appeared on the big stage after the treatment of brain cancer. The famous baritone performed at the Metropolitan Opera, where he performed the role of Count Di Luna in Verdi's opera Troubadour. She is considered one of the most difficult to perform, but not for Dmitry this is the most favorite game.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky planned new performances

In the summer, Dmitry Hvorostovsky discovered a brain tumor of the third stage, which shocked everyone. It is known that the opera singer was tormented by headaches, and coordination of movements was disturbed in connection with which all planned performances were canceled. But he is stubbornly struggling with the disease and is going to return to concert activity.

Dmitry Hvorostovsky is going to speak on the "New Wave" in Sochi

In early summer, the terrible news that Dmitry Hvorostovsky was diagnosed with a brain tumor thundered. As soon as the performer found out about this, he immediately began treatment, the first step in which was a course of radiation therapy. And, it seems, the treatment has yielded positive results.

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