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15 stars who do not hide that they used the services of a surrogate mother!


Alla and Maxim had children born in 2013. At that time, the diva was 64 years old. Of course, at this age it is impossible to give birth. But Pugacheva and Galkin wanted to have common children, and that is why they went for it. Pregnancy was normal and healthy babies were born. To our regret, star dad was not disclosed the name of the surrogate mother and kept it secret. Such was the deal. For some time there were rumors that the surrogate mother was Elena Shirinina. But most likely it was another "duck."

Sergey Lazarev

For 2 years no one knew about the existence of his son. Everything turned out in 2016, and then, not from the singer himself, but from the paparazzi, who managed to photograph Lazarev at the moment when he was with his son. After this exposure, the public also did not know for a long time who the mother of the boy was. After some time, people learned that the boy was born into the world thanks to a surrogate mother.

Alena Apina

She was a star of the 90s. Celebrity tried to conceive a child for many years, but all attempts were unsuccessful. Therefore, she decided to find a surrogate mother. An interesting fact is that Alena found a woman from a provincial town, as she claimed that the environment is better there than in the capital. It is known that a surrogate mother received more than $ 20 thousand for the services rendered. In 2001, a girl was born to the singer.

Philip Kirkorov

At the moment, Kirkorov has two children: a son and a daughter. Kirkorov divorced Pugacheva in 2005 and has not lived since then. But he really wanted to have children, so he decided to find a surrogate mother who would give birth to a child for him. The age difference between his children is 8 months.

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1. Michael Jackson

If the legend of the pop scene, Michael Jackson, is not the first show business in the world to use the services of a surrogate mother, then he was certainly the first to admit it. In 2002, after a divorce from Debbie Rowe, the singer was determined to become a father for the third time. And the main requirements for the woman who was supposed to bear his child were health, intelligence and good eyesight. Well, as a result, Prince Michael and Paris have a brother - Prince Michael II.

Stars for surrogacy! Top 10 celebrities who used the services of surrogate mothers.

More than once news articles appeared on our website on the birth of the surrogate twins of the star couple Pugacheva and Galkin. Without a doubt, this topic caused a wide response in the media and provoked numerous discussions in society. Following this news, others came from the same sphere: either Milonov wanted to ban surrogate motherhood for gays, then Mizulin threatened humanity with death due to "non-traditional" methods of childbearing, comparing the birth of a "surrogate" child with a nuclear explosion, then Metropolitan Illarion refused "Surrogate" babies in baptism. Such a chain reaction clearly showed that, despite the almost 18 years that have passed since the legalization of surrogate motherhood in Russia, this phenomenon still causes some misunderstanding in society, and it is not yet open to talk about it.

The situation is different in the West. The world where the happiness of a single person is elevated to the absolute joyfully welcomes news about the birth of celebrity children from surrogate mothers.

We have prepared for our readers a selection of news about which celebrities, both in our country and abroad, resorted to the services of surrogate motherhood.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin

“Alla is an amazing mother - she swaddles, she feeds, gets up at night to them. She now has a lot of anxiety - the last time she was engaged in a child when Christina was born. But I know for myself that the most reliable protection is when a person has grown up in an atmosphere of love. When you grow up with this powerful shield of parental love, nothing is scary. The most important thing is that children grow up in love. ”

One of the most sensational news in Russian show business was the information that Alla Pugacheva and her husband Maxim Galkin became the parents of twins - a boy and a girl who were born on September 18, 2013 from a surrogate mother. The girl was named Lisa, and the boy - Harry.

Due to the considerable age of the prima donna of the Russian pop music - and she was no less than 64 years old - various rumors spread in society and the media about the impossibility of genetic relationship between Pugacheva and newborn twins. But as it turned out later, Alla Borisovna could certainly be the biological mother of the kids. 11 years ago, the couple had just started dating, but had not yet documented their relationship, Pugacheva cryopreserved eggs, from which, in fact, twins were born.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

“I am so happy that I have them. But I was criticized for that. And how! Why Matthew and I did not want to adopt children, why I did not try to give birth myself. Who knows what I tried and what not? ”

On June 23, 2009, twins Marion and Tabitha, born of a surrogate mother, 27-year-old divorced American Michel Ross, appeared in the family of American actress Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick. At that time, the couple had been married for 12 years, and although they had already raised their 6-year-old son James, the couple really wanted a second child. Unfortunately, all attempts by the star of "Sex and the City" to get pregnant on their own were unsuccessful.

Nicole Kidman (Keith Urban) and Keith Urban (Keith Urban)

“No words can express the incredible gratitude we feel for the woman who created this miracle for us.”

On December 28, 2010, a girl was born in the family of the famous Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman and country singer Keith Urban, who was brought in for a couple by a surrogate mother. The parents gave the daughter a symbolic name - Faith (Faith), which translates from English as Vera. At the time of the birth of the child, Nicole and Kit were 43 years old, and they already raised one child - the girl Sunday Rose, whom the actress gave birth to herself in 2008. In addition, the Hollywood star has two adopted children: 18-year-old Isabella and 15-year-old Connor, whom she and actor Tom Cruise adopted when they were married.

Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower

“I have five children aged 14 to 30 from three wives, my family can hardly be called traditional. But I am deeply immersed in the life of each of my children and try my best to listen to them and be a good father. ”

The famous actor Robert de Niro said this phrase even before the birth of his sixth child in December 2011 - his daughter Helen, who, like his two other children, was born from a surrogate mother. In 1995, De Niro gave birth to "surrogate" twin boys. Surprisingly, happy parents are not at all concerned about their age: the girl was born when De Niro was 68 years old, and his wife, a former flight attendant, and now actress and singer Grace Hightower, was 56.

Michael Jackson

“A child is a miracle in itself. They have a very developed imagination. It is very interesting to talk with them. They think not at all like adults. They have a clean mind, not corrupted by society, a different attitude to the world, other concepts of love, friendship. Nothing in the world gives me so much happiness as contemplation of joy on the face of a child. ”

This is perhaps the most famous "star" father, whose child was born from a surrogate mother. The happy event happened in 2002, after Jackson divorced his second wife Debbie Rowe. The kid was decided to name Prince Michael II. The name of the woman who delivered the child to the pop king has never been disclosed, and despite numerous speculations and rumors (for example, about the Norwegian Pio), it is still not known exactly. The main criterion for Jackson when choosing a mother for his child was the presence of outstanding intelligence. The applicant’s state of health and her nationality were of little concern to the singer. By the way, a scandalous story is connected with this child of Jackson: shortly after birth, the pop singer decided to show his son to fans right from the balcony of his hotel room. At the risk of the child’s life, Jackson easily moved him behind the railing, while being at the height of the fourth floor, causing widespread criticism in the media by his act. Jackson later apologized for the incident, calling it a "terrible mistake." Now custody of Prince Michael II, however, as well as other children of the pop king, received his mother Catherine Jackson.

George Lucas and Mellody Hobson

“My wife and I never had any prejudice about what kind of relationship should be. We allowed ourselves to trust our feelings and do what we consider necessary. ”

The creator of the cult saga "Star Wars" again became a father at 69 years old. In August 2013, George and his wife Melody (who heads the investment management department at Ariel Investments) had a girl named Everest. A child for an age couple was born by a surrogate mother. Daughter Everest is the first biological child of George Lucas and his 44-year-old wife, whom he married in June of this year. The age father has three adoptive children: Amanda's eldest daughter, Katie, whom he adopted after divorcing his ex-wife, and Jett's son, who is now 20 years old.

Recently, Lucas sold his film company Lucasfilm to Disney for $ 4 billion, transferring most of the money to a charity, and now, he said, is trying to spend more time with his wife and daughter.

Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic

“We always said that we would like to have two children, and we would like them to be close in age. Thank you very much to everyone who supported us during this difficult period. We are so happy that we finally became parents, we love our baby so much. ”

Before the birth of a child, the life of this couple - a popular TV presenter and a successful entrepreneur - was full of grief and disappointment. Juliana, star of the American television channel E !, has undergone more than one course of treatment for infertility, but she still could not give birth to a child. After a couple of years, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, as a result of the disease, she had to undergo a double mastectomy (removal of both mammary glands). However, strong in spirit, she did not leave thoughts about the baby and decided on a surrogacy program. In August 2012, Frenchwoman Dolphin gave birth to a pair of healthy babies, who were named Edward.

Caprice Bourret and Ty Comfort

“Now children for me are a whole world. It’s like I rediscovered myself. More recently, I was such a broken girl, and now I am the mother of two children. "I do not cease to thank fate for the wonderful kids sent to me."

The American model, actress and business lady Caprice Bure first became a mother after a surrogate mother gave birth to a boy. This story could be quite ordinary if the 41-year-old model herself had not become pregnant just a month after signing the contract with surrogate mother.

Caprice met her partner Tyu Comfort in June 2011, but the couple could not conceive a child. The model three times tried to get pregnant with IVF - to no avail. Then the doctors suggested surrogacy. Last fall, a couple found a surrogate mother at a California agency: she was a 34-year-old woman with four children of her own. Already at Christmas, the surrogate mother became pregnant, and only a month later Caprice discovered that she was also expecting a baby! Now a happy mother is nursing two healthy babies named Jack and Jett.

Cristiano Ronaldo

“With great joy I want to inform you that recently I had a boy. By agreement with his mother, who prefers to maintain her anonymity, I will single-handedly raise a child. No other information will be provided, and I urge everyone to respect my right to privacy and the right to it of my child, in any case, in such personal matters as this. ”

This is how the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo wrote on his blog on June 17, 2010, the day his son was born - Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. And although the footballer had relations with the Russian model Irina Shayk at that time, the surrogate mother gave birth and gave birth to a child (although the representatives of the footballer never officially confirmed this fact). The name of the surrogate mother and all the details of the birth of a child are kept in the strictest confidence. Now the 28-year-old football player is trying to spend all his free time with his son, and his mother and sister help him in his upbringing.

Sharon Stone

“Only a lot of children can be better than a child. I really like that I have boys, because I myself feel like a tomboy. But of them I am trying to raise gentlemen. They often come to chat with me before going to bed, we draw, discuss photos, new gadgets and computer games together. ”

Since we are talking about rumors and conjectures, then another great example can be the experience of a Hollywood actress and former model Sharon Stone. For a long time, everyone was sure that the 55-year-old star adopted all three of his children - the boys Roen, Laird and Quinn, because the press had long been aware of several Sharon miscarriages in the past. However, not so long ago it became known that the second son of Sharon, Laird, who was born in 2005, was born by a surrogate mother from Texas. At the same time, it remains unknown who became the sperm donor.

Ricky Martin

"I'm so happy! Whatever my children do, laugh or cry, for me it is a blessing. I don’t want to miss a single minute of their growing up, so I myself change diapers for my sons, feed them myself and bathe them in the bathroom, and put them to bed myself. ”

In August 2008, Ricky Martin had sons Valentino and Matteo, whom he had given birth to a surrogate mother. There was no other option to become a father to a popular singer who admitted to his non-traditional sexual orientation. As Ricky himself said, he is not familiar with the mother of his children and has never even seen her. He chose an egg donor from the catalog, based only on general information about her health and external data. The singer is determined not to hide from the children exactly how they were born.

“In my example, I want to show everyone that single people who want to have children can solve their problem. Of course, I understand that among my fans there were many who wanted to give me a baby. But where is the guarantee that tomorrow this girl won’t have the idea of ​​taking my child from me? ”

Not afraid of the burdens of fatherhood and Philip Kirkorov. The singer announced the birth of his first child, the daughter of Alla Victoria, on November 26, 2011, right from the stage, during one of the performances. Before the public recovered from the first shock, a year later, Kirkorov reported another big news, and again standing on the stage. On June 29, 2012, the singer announced that he had a son. A baby named Martin was also given birth to a surrogate mother.

Another famous single father - Valery Leontyev - experienced the happiness of fatherhood at 61 years old. The singer is so carefully hiding his personal life from journalists that the details of the birth of the child are still not known. The only thing that was found out was that the girl was born in October 2010, and was named Catherine in honor of the singer’s mother. According to unconfirmed reports, the girl was born a surrogate mother of Spanish descent. Now Valery Leontiev is raising a child alone.The artist divorced his wife in 2012, but, according to rumors, the crisis in his relationship with his wife began much earlier - according to the yellow press, they lived separately since 2006.

“I understood that a real marriage cannot be just two. I could not stand my first pregnancy. Wanderings by doctors began. So ten years have passed. And then one day my attending physician suggested having a child from a surrogate mother. Now, from the moment my daughter was born, I feel the onset of a new era in my life. ”

Another case of surrogacy in Russian show business is singer Alena Apina. She never hid that she and her husband, producer Alexander Iratov, used the services of a surrogate mother. Ksenia's daughter was born when Apina was 49 years old. A girl who was born in 2001 was born to a woman from a province for a couple.

“I had to make every effort, go through a lot of doctors, courses of medicines, injections, experience disappointment and pain - not only mental, but also physical. It was very difficult and it lasted not a year, not two, but seven years. But I did everything, because I knew - you should not miss a quarter of the chance to get such happiness - to have children. “My children are the victory that I am most proud of in life!”

Famous in business and social circles, Olga Slutsker, founder and president of the World Class fitness center chain, also resorted to the services of surrogate mothers to give birth to Misha’s son, and then to Anya’s daughter. A 48-year-old business lady said that she, like Alena Apina, went through complex medical procedures for seven years, trying to conceive a child. Desperate, the woman decided on a surrogacy program. The boy was born in the United States, he was born by an American Lucy, but his daughter Anya was born in Russia a few years later. Now Misha is 13 years old, and Ana 8, in their young years, both know two languages, are fond of playing the piano. The girl is seriously engaged in gymnastics and wants to learn how to fence.

Annie Leibovitz

“I went through a lot to create my family, and therefore it is important for me that I work during the day and return to the children in the evening. Now they absorb all my time - I try to do what I can, being a single mother. This is a huge job, and every day you feel that you have failed. We have to keep fists that everything will work out and they will have a good life. ”

In the life of one of the most talented photographers of our time, whom even Elizabeth II considers it an honor to pose, after a tragic and sad affair with the writer Susan Umbrella, who died of leukemia in 2001, there were only three wonderful children. Annie Leibovitz experienced the joy of motherhood very late, in October 2001, when she was 52 years old, her eldest daughter Sarah Cameron was born. Four years later, she found the strength to become a mother again, and in May 2005, twins Susan and Samwell, born of a surrogate mother, were born.

Favorite photographer of Vanity Fair magazine now very rarely gives interviews and even less often appears at social events. Now a happy woman spends much less time near the camera, she can often be found in parks or at the premieres of cartoons with her daughters, who have become the meaning of life for her.

Aki Mukai and Nobuhiko Takada

It is not easy now for the Japanese couple - the famous TV presenter Aki Mukai in Japan and her husband Nobuhiko Takada, a professional reseller and wrestler. After a serious operation, transferred in his youth, Mukai was diagnosed with infertility. The couple tried for a long time to have a baby, but after several unsuccessful attempts, they decided to resort to the services of a surrogate mother. In Japan, however, surrogate motherhood, although not prohibited by law, is practiced extremely rarely and, in principle, is not approved by either the state or the medical profession. The couple had no choice but to head for this purpose in the USA. At conception, Takada's sperm and Mukai's egg were used, the pregnancy was successful, and soon the surrogate mother gave birth to a pair of twin boys. The Nevada American Court of Local Law has recognized the Japanese as the legal parents of children. After that, the couple already turned to the Japanese authorities with a request to recognize them as legal parents and give their children Japanese citizenship, but was refused! After a long lawsuit, the Supreme Court nevertheless issued a final verdict not in favor of the parents. The judge refused to register the twins and issue them Japanese citizenship, recognizing the American birth certificate as documents contrary to Japanese law. Now the kids still have American citizenship, as they were born in the United States.

Elton John and David Furnish

“He is our son. Most importantly, he is healthy, happy and loved. I am sure that the birth of a child changes absolutely everything in life. This is the most exciting and great thing in the world. "

Elton John and his partner David Furnish have been inseparable for thirteen years. In 2010, the son of Zakharia Jackson Levon appeared in the family; he was taken out by a surrogate mother for the couple. After that, Elton repeatedly said that he wanted his child to have a sister or brother, in order to somehow compensate for the lack of maternal love. And at the beginning of this year, the dream became a reality: on January 11, 2013, Elton John and his husband David Furnish again experienced the happiness of fatherhood. The surrogate mother of the second baby was the same woman who gave birth to their first child. The wife decided to name the son of Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John. Surprisingly, the couple are now seriously thinking of having another child, a third. According to the singer, the birth of children turned his whole life upside down, and he regrets that he spent so much time in vain.

The fathers do not intend to hide from Zachary and Elijah the circumstances in which they were born, but they will never admit to anyone which of them is a biological parent for children. And to tell the kids the story of their birth, Elton John and his partner keep all letters from the surrogate mother, the results of medical research and other commemorative documents.

Tom Ford and Richard Buckley

The famous designer Tom Ford became a father at 51. Toddler Alexander John Buckdy Ford was born on September 23 in Los Angeles. Tom brings up his son with his partner, 64-year-old journalist Richard Buckley. This couple is called one of the strongest in Hollywood. Tom and Richard have known each other for 26 years. Even before the baby’s birth, Tom said in an interview: “If I have a baby, hardly anyone will notice it. Perhaps you will see him when he turns 18, but I will try to do everything to protect the child from the attention of the press. ” Well, Tom fulfilled his promise.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burke

“We approached this decision with full responsibility, having thought over all the details: financial, psychological, moral. This was not an accident, our children, long before their birth, were surrounded by great love. ”

In October 2010, the star of the series “How I Met Your Mother”, American actor Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Berthka became parents of twins: a surrogate mother carried a boy and a girl for a couple. The children were named Gideon Scott and Harper Grace. The actor noted that one egg was fertilized with his sperm, and the second with David's sperm. The couple knew the surrogate mother, but the oocyte donor remained anonymous for them, they relied only on medical information about her health and general external data.

2. Nicole Kidman

It seems that the Oscar-winning actress tried all the ways to become a mother. In a marriage with Tom Cruise, they adopted a boy and a girl, well, and in a marriage with Keith Urban, Nicole independently gave birth to a daughter, Sunday Rose. But, alas, all subsequent attempts to conceive another baby in a happy marriage were unsuccessful, and in 2010 Kidman admitted that her second daughter Faith, who had just been born, was born with the help of a surrogate mother.

3. Ricky Martin

The Latin American singer broke the hearts of millions of fans in an instant, announcing a change in sexual orientation, and not giving them a chance to catch his breath, shared another sensational news - he became the twin father of Matteo and Valentino. The boys, you guessed it, were taken out by a surrogate mother, whose choice Ricky Martin told Vanity Fair magazine:

“As soon as I saw her photo, I immediately realized - this is an angel! She is so clean! And I would give my life for this woman who gave my sons the opportunity to see this world ... "

10. Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin has always been sensitive to the memories of his father. He dreamed of having his own family. For some time he planned to adopt a child, but realized that surrogacy was the best option possible. According to some rumors, his cousin is a surrogate mother.

5. Elizabeth Banks

Many years of treatment and attempts to get pregnant have gone through the Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks, who today, together with her husband Max Handelman, have already raised two sons born to a surrogate mother. The actress not only did not hide this fact, but even publicly expressed gratitude to the women, thanks to whom Magnus and Felix appeared in her family!

6. Lucy Lew

August 27, 2015 for Lucy Lew was the day when all her dreams came true - thanks to the surrogate mother, the actress had a son Rockwell Lloyd Lew, which she wrote about on Instagram. By the way, at that time the star of “Charlie's Angels” was already 46 years old, she didn’t have a spouse and even a boyfriend, and doctors took the biological material for fertilization from an unknown donor.

7. Sarah Jessica Parker

Didn’t you know that our beloved Kerry Bradshaw is also a mother of many children? So, 6 years after the birth of the first son of James, Sarah and her husband Matthew Broderick thought about adding to the family, but, alas, they did not succeed. I had to call for help a surrogate mother and already in 2009 rejoiced at the birth of the daughters Marion and Tabitha.

“We did not even hope that we would have twins. For us, it would be great happiness and luck to have the birth of even one baby. Yes, our life at that moment was like a funny and touching comedy, ”the actress shares.

9. Tyra Banks

She did not hide that for a long time she could not get pregnant from her boyfriend Eric Asla and supermodel Tyra Banks. But already in September 2015, the beauty hinted that this would not prevent her from experiencing the happiness of motherhood, and after 9 months Tyra surprised her fans on Instagram with an exciting post and a photo of a tiny baby hat:

“He has my fingers and big eyes, and Pope Eric’s lips and chin. We are very grateful to the angel - the woman who endured our wonderful son, and we pray that this will happen to everyone who dreams about children! ”

10. Jimmy Fallon

It turned out that the private life of comedian and TV presenter Jimmy Fallon was not as fun as it seemed on the screen. For a long 5 years in a marriage with Nancy Yuvonen, they could not conceive and bear a baby. As a result, a surrogate mother did it.

“It was the most terrible and depressing period. And for a very long time we did not dare to tell someone about our problem with my wife. It remained only between us. But today we are ready to introduce our daughters Vinnie and Frances to the whole world! ”

11. Ellen Pompeo

For 12 seasons of the series “Anatomy of Passion”, the leading woman Ellen Pompeo managed to become a mother three times - having given birth to her daughter Stella, and then after 5 and 7 years to welcome the birth of another daughter and son using the services of a surrogate mother.

“It is amazing to give someone a child,” said the actress. “I will always be grateful to the woman who brought out my children. I accompanied her everywhere, held my hand and admired the embryo under a microscope. We prayed that everything worked out for us! ”

12. Elton John

Well, of course - this is another news about which the whole world spoke, or rather two. Yes, the same surrogate mother gave her sons twice to the great musician and his spouse, but with a difference of two years. By the way, at the time when Zachary and Elijah were born, John and David were next to the woman in labor, but today happy parents do not miss the opportunity to once again say thanks to the assistant mother.

13. Robert De Niro

The fact that you never knew for sure - it turns out that at the age of 52, Robert De Niro became the twin father of Julian Henry and Aaron Kendrick. The actor and his wife did not hide the fact that their sons were born and given birth to a surrogate mother. Well, after some time, and already married to his new wife, Robert De Niro became a father for the third and fourth time, without "outside help".

14. Jordana Brewster

The star of the movie “Fast and the Furious” and “Faculty” Jordan Brewster for more than six years in marriage with the producer Andrew Form tried to conceive a baby, but all attempts ended in failure. But the couple did not despair and found a way out - in 2013, a surrogate mother gave birth to his son Julian, and in 2016 another son - Rowan.


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