Vyacheslav Myasnikov


Vyacheslav Myasnikov
basic information
Date of BirthDecember 2, 1979 (1979-12-02) (aged 40)
Place of Birth
  • Lugovoi, Kondinsky district, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, Tyumen region, RSFSR, USSR
The country
  • Russia
GenresChanson, Ballad Song, Pop, Rock
CollectivesUral dumplings
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Vyacheslav Vladimir Myasnikov (born December 2, 1979, village of Lugovoi) - Russian film and television actor, comedian, participant of the Ural Dumplings show, songwriter, screenwriter.


Vyacheslav Myasnikov was born on December 2, 1979 in the village of Lugovoi, Tyumen Region. He graduated from the Ural Forestry Engineering Academy (now the Ural State Forestry Engineering University) with a degree in mechanical engineering. During training, he was the captain of the student team KVN "Guys from the felling".

"Ural dumplings"

In 1999, Andrei Rozhkov invited Myasnikov to the Ural Dumplings KVN team. As part of the team, Vyacheslav Myasnikov became the winner of the Highest League of KVN in 2000. Since 2009, together with Andrei Rozhkov, Julia Mikhalkova, Dmitry Sokolov, Dmitry Brekotkin, he has been working in the Ural Dumplings show on the STS channel.

Solo work

In March 2016, Myasnikov released his first solo album of songs, “I Go to Grandfather”, commenting on the debut: “I have accumulated a lot of material that differs from the format adopted in the Ural dumplings.”

The clip for the title track of the album hit the music channel RU.TV.

Less than a year later, he released his second solo album, Happiness. In the summer of 2018, Myasnikov released his third album of songs, “Dad, stay with me.”


Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Myasnikov - showman, the most singing member of the KVN team “Ural dumplings”, a comedian. Over the years, the artist’s creative career has grown in popular television projects, comedy films and TV shows.

Comedian Vyacheslav Myasnikov

Today, Myasnikov is known as an author of humorous songs, a producer of programs and a popular blogger.

Childhood and youth

Vyacheslav was born on December 2, 1979 in the village of Lugovoi, Tyumen Region. The village was in an inaccessible place in a harsh region. In summer, they reached him only by boat on the river, in winter - by AN-2 planes or helicopters. Therefore, one of the professions that the boy dreamed of in childhood was the specialty of the pilot.

The professional fate of the Glory was determined by himself from early childhood. As a child, the boy loved to record television performances of two pillars of humor - Yevgeny Petrosyan and Vladimir Vinokur, in order to memorize them and perform with these numbers at school mornings. Today Vyacheslav Myasnikov is perhaps the only comedian of the new generation who respects and appreciates the work of the pioneers of Russian humor in the stand-up genre.

Vyacheslav Myasnikov in childhood

After the parents gave the teenager the Minsk motorcycle, Slava became interested in transport equipment. The young man studied all the possibilities of a motorcycle and rode on it all year round.

Since there was no music school in the village, Sergey Anatolyevich Ponomarev, a school chemistry teacher, was engaged in music with the children. The teacher gave Vyacheslav a series of guitar lessons, explaining the essence of the creative process. The boy began to select his favorite tunes, and then compose his own songs. In high school, Vyacheslav improved his mastery of summer shifts in pioneer camps, when a young man, at that time a counselor, had to compose songs for children. Then Myasnikov mastered the adult repertoire.

Vyacheslav Myasnikov - “Dad”

Glory Myasnikov graduated from an ordinary high school with a certificate, in which there were only five. After that, the young man entered the forestry university with a degree in mechanical engineering, but Vyacheslav did not work in the main profession. While studying at the university, the young man improved his composing skills and even became famous among students, becoming the author of the University's Waltz, which is now performed at ceremonies of the Ural State Technical University. The knowledge acquired at the university is still useful to the humorist: Myasnikov loves cars and understands them.

KVN and television

The first humorous family for Vyacheslav was the KVN team “Guys from Sawmill”, playing for the Ural State Forestry University. The caveman debuted in 1996, and after 4 years he became a member of the team, which subsequently brought Vyacheslav all-Russian popularity. This team is called "Ural dumplings."

Member of the team "Ural dumplings" Vyacheslav Myasnikov

During the 1999 tournament for the Yekaterinburg Cup, teams from the UPI, the railway and forestry academies met on the same stage. The enterprising captain of the Ural dumplings Andrei Rozhkov suggested that the railwayman Sergey Svetlakov and Vyacheslav Myasnikov from UGLTU join the UPI team and take part in the games of the Highest League of KVN. In the same year, the Urals became winners of the second prize of the contest “Voting KiViN”, which was held in Jurmala. A year later, the “Ural dumplings” won the championship of the Highest League of KVN.

Over the next 6 years, the team received various awards at competitions among KVN participants and earned the love of the audience. At this stage of his creative biography, Vyacheslav wrote about 100 humorous songs for the Ural team. The tracks “New Year” (“Mandarin in my mouth”), “Song about a tattoo”, “Song about 10 days off”, “Evening zhor” were very popular.

"Ural dumplings" - "Because gladiolus"

To make KVN the main profession, and not leave the game at the end of the alma mater, is a risky decision. But Vyacheslav took a chance and today, together with the front dummies of Dumplings, performs at STS in his own television program, The Ural Dumplings Show. Among his comrades in the workshop are Andrei Rozhkov, Dmitry Sokolov, Sergey Netievsky, Dmitry Brekotkin and other popular Russian comedians. Together they make interesting, atypical humor, and Myasnikov is famous for musical numbers. In addition to television broadcasts, "Ural dumplings" constantly delight fans with fresh concert programs.

In the first half of 2013, Ural Dumplings took part in the television projects Zhenskoye - Right now, I! And Muzhitery. The programs were devoted to the behavior of men and women and were very popular with viewers. In the same 2013, Vyacheslav Myasnikov in the Pelmeni team became the winner of the Highest League of KVN.

Dmitry Brekotkin, Vyacheslav Myasnikov and Andrei Rozhkov at the premiere of the comedy "Lucky Case"

Vyacheslav notes that television work is very complex and multi-layered. Every concert that goes on air goes through “three degrees of purification” in Yekaterinburg and Moscow. Thus, the viewer sees only the best and the funniest.

The creative biography of Slava Myasnikov is not only KVN and “The Ural Dumplings Show”. The artist participated in several programs - “Show News”, “Big Difference” and “20 years in the test”. Also, the comedian starred in the TV series "The Unreal Story", which began in 2011, and "Valera - TV", which was released in 2012. In the film "Unreal story", the actor plays the solid role of Peter the Great. 3 times a visit to Myasnikov was visited by the crew of the program “So far, everyone is at home”. The fans of the comedian saw the first 2 issues in 2014 and 2016, the third - in March 2017.

Vyacheslav Myasnikov - “Food for Grandfather”

Over the years of participation in humorous projects, Vyacheslav has accumulated musical material that did not fit the format for comedy shows. Therefore, the author began his own solo career.

Among the popular songs of Myasnikov, the musical compositions “Moms”, “Grandmother”, “Once”, “Instagram” stand out especially. On the artist’s official website you can find songs from the studio albums Happiness and Food for Grandfather.

Vyacheslav Myasnikov - “Grandmother”

Soon, Myasnikov presented 2 more tracks - “Song about Dad” and “Lego by Oleg”. In 2017, the comedy “Lucky Chance” premiered, in which the artist played one of the main roles. A friend of his hero, a salesman from Yekaterinburg Valera (Andrey Rozhkov), becomes the owner of a winning lottery ticket.

To spend the money, together with his comrades, he goes to Moscow. Dmitry Brekotkin, Mikhail Trukhin, Olesya Zheleznyak and Olga Medynich also appeared in the film. In the press, the work of “Ural dumplings” received mixed reviews, but at the box office humorists managed to raise $ 2 million.

Vyacheslav Myasnikov and Andrei Rozhkov - the best numbers of "Merry evening"

If we talk about the attitude of Myasnikov to other workers in the humorous sphere, then Slava slightly does not like the Comedy Club because of vulgar and obscene humor. The artist believes that creating a number for "Comedy" is an order of magnitude easier than coming up with pure life humor.

With the departure of Sergey Netievsky from the post of director of the team (which he repeatedly disputed in court), the comedian group does not become calmer. In 2017, the next transformation has ripened in the Ural dumplings. According to Yulia Mikhalkova, the team in the first team continued to perform only in Yekaterinburg and on the STS channel. As for the on-site concerts, Dumplings were divided into the youth composition and the team of Rozhkov and Myasnikov. This situation upset many fans of the group, but the comedians remained adamant in their choice.

Vyacheslav Myasnikov and Julia Mikhalkova - January Crumple

In parallel, on the channel "Russia-1" Myasnikov launched his own project. He became the producer and presenter of the entertainment show "Fun Evening". The artist was preparing to launch the program within six months, wrote 112 sketches, picked up a young cast of comedians.

Personal life

As for personal life, there are few facts about it. Like the other Ural dumplings frontmen, Myasnikov is reluctant to share private details.

Vyacheslav Myasnikov with his wife

It is known that the team unanimously does not want to move to Moscow, so the Vyacheslav family lives in Yekaterinburg. The team believes that the Moscow rhythm of life takes up too much energy, which can be very productively spent in the creative direction.

As for the family, Myasnikov’s wife is called Nadezhda and she is an extremely pretty blonde. In her youth, the girl managed to get 2 higher educations - technical and economic. Young people met in 1999. The wedding took place 3 years later, at a time when the team of “Ural dumplings” was at the top of fame.

Vyacheslav Myasnikov with family

The couple has three children. The twin boys Konstantin and Maxim were born in 2010. The couple was waiting for their birth for a long 8 years. The babies were born prematurely, it took time for them to gain strength, so Vyacheslav with special responsibility monitors their health, showing the best paternal feelings. Later, the guys were assigned to the karate section, now they are already going to training camps.

On August 22, 2017, Vyacheslav Myasnikov once again became a father. The third son was born into the comedian’s family, whose weight was 4 kg and his height was 56 cm. At the family council, the boy was named Nikita.

Vyacheslav Myasnikov with his wife and son Nikita

The older children of the artist rejoiced at the appearance of the brother. On the day of discharge, Vyacheslav posted a joint photo with his wife and newborn on Instagram with the phrase:

“Well, guys. Congratulate me, Nadia and Nikita. I love you all. ".

Vyacheslav Myasnikov now

In 2018, Vyacheslav Myasnikov and Andrei Rozhkov presented to fans a new program “Your Dumplings”, which formed the basis of the author’s concerts of the famous duet. In the same year, the release of the comedian’s third album, “Dad, stay with me,” took place.

Vyacheslav Myasnikov - “Dad, stay with me”

Now the artist continues to publish new musical compositions on his personal YouTube channel, which he composes on relevant topics. At the end of the year, he presented the song “About an Important Aunt” against the backdrop of the scandal associated with the performance of the city official Olga Gladsky.

Vyacheslav Myasnikov - “About the Kuril Islands” (premiere of 2019)

In January 2019, he presented the song “About the Kuril Islands” to the audience. But Vyacheslav does not cease to please the audience with tracks on lyrical themes. He uploaded the song “Call to Mom” in a new arrangement, the humorous composition “About the Islands”.

Photo: Vyacheslav Myasnikov


He has a five-year-old sister, Larisa (now an officer in the internal prison service). My father worked on logging, my mother was a midwife, sent off-road calls at any time and in any weather.

Their village was in an inaccessible place in the taiga. To get to the mainland from there it was only possible by helicopter, in the summer - by boat on the river, and in winter by the so-called “winter road” - the highway, the operation of which is possible only at sub-zero temperatures.

Career at KVN

In 1996, he, a freshman, began performing in the KVN, later became the captain of the university team "Guys from the felling". In 1999, at one of the inter-university games, he met with Sergei Svetlakov, the captain of the Railway Institute team in those years, and with Andrei Rozhkov, who led the Pelmeni team. Assessing the talent of his rivals, Andrei suggested that Vyacheslav and Svetlakov go to his team. In the same year, a new team won the prize of the Voting KiViN competition, and a year later they became champions of the Higher League.

As a student, Vyacheslav not only gnawed at the granite of science and played in KVN, but also continued to engage in musical creativity, began to write his own songs. A sample of his pen occurred in a children's camp, where he worked as a counselor. It was a children's song "Road Again". Then he created more serious compositions. One of them is the anthem of the Ural State Technical University, which has since been performed at the solemn events of the educational institution.

After graduating, Vyacheslav did not work as a mechanical engineer, but continued to engage in creative activities: participation in concert performances, tours, television shows, in the creation of new comic numbers and musical compositions. At first, he, like other “dumplings,” had to endure lack of money, but over time, the situation changed for the better.

Since 2009, together with his colleagues - Sokolov, Netievsky, Brekotkin, Rozhkov - he began to appear regularly on the STS channel in the humorous original show “Ural dumplings” and delight the audience with sparkling kind humor.

All their projects were created collectively, without separation according to directions, themes, formats or genres. But Vyacheslav received the greatest recognition thanks to his magnificent musical numbers.

Over the years, he has accounted for more than a hundred songs written in a humorous manner, and many team awards in various tournaments. But, besides this, he had a lot of musical ideas that did not fit into the format of their performances. Therefore, he decided to simultaneously engage in solo work, which he called in an interview his hobby.

In 2015, he shot his first video for the song “We Are All Crazy”, in 2016 he held a number of recitals in Sochi, in Lazarevsky, in the Moscow Variety Theater, in the House of Culture of the Lensovet of the Northern Capital, and also wrote a hymn for the Yekaterinburg hockey club "Motorist".

In 2017, the musician presented to the public his new creations - “Daddy, stay with me” and “Oleg's Lego”. He also starred in the comedy "Lucky Case", which tells about friends who are terribly lucky - they won a lot of money in the lottery, after which they decided to run away from their wives.


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