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Theo James is a well-known British actor, celebrity of the films “Another World”, “Divergent”, “London Fields”, etc. The following fans are interested in the artist’s loyal fans: who is Theo James’s wife, does he have children, how does Theo’s personal life develop James, as well as other details of his biography and creative career.

Theo James's personal life

As you know, Theo James is one of the most secretive personalities of British cinema. He has no personal pages on social networks where he could post his photos. Theo also tries not to talk about his personal life. He has never given official confirmation of this or that romantic relationship in which he was a member. The public knows the novel of the actor with a classmate at the School of acting Ruth Kearney, but the couple chose not to advertise their relationship.

After the film "Divergent" was released on television, loyal fans again spoke about Theo James's personal life. So, rumors began to appear on the Web that the actor was allegedly building an affair with actress Shailene Woodley. The reason for this was the ambiguous phrase of the artists that a certain chemistry had happened between them, which had a rather positive effect on his work. However, this novel, if any, turned out to be a secret.

In the photo: Theo James and Shailene Woodley

The most interesting

Already in 2015, Theo was spotted at a jewelry store with Ruth Kearney. The couple carefully examined the window with wedding rings. However, in this situation, the actor chose to remain true to himself and refused to comment on his personal life. Although in society, Kearney has repeatedly said that Ruth became Theo's wife. Theo James has children, is completely unknown.

Theo James and Ruth Kearney

It should be noted that the man has a very athletic form. He prefers diving, football and boxing. However, this is not all the artist’s hobbies. He happily strips tap dance, is engaged in choreography and dances modern jazz. On the Internet, from time to time you can find photos on which the artist is captured during the creative processes.

Theo James Biography

The biography of the actor began on December 16, 1984 in the English village of Oxford. The guy studied very well in a general education institution, in particular, he was best given humanitarian subjects. In his spare time, the future actor was engaged in basketball, danced hip-hop, and also talked with friends.

After graduation, Theo became a student at the National University of Nottinghamshire, where he received a bachelor's degree in philosophy. The guy did not even dream about the acting profession, therefore, he was not even going to become a student at a theater university. At the same time, the girl with whom the future artist was building a romantic relationship then asked him to take entrance exams with her. The guy learned the verse, told it at the entrance test and became a student at a theater university.

Theo James was first seen on television in the movie Passionate Woman. Also on the artist’s account is the multi-part project Downton Abbey. Later in the biography of the actor, such projects as “You will meet a mysterious stranger”, “War against all”, etc. appeared.

Theo James is currently

The projects in which Theo takes part literally every year become more significant. Currently, the actor takes part in the filming of fantastic films, serial projects, melodramatic films, as well as in films of other genres.

According to the actor himself, he likes to play a variety of roles, as this is what allows him to maximize his acting talent.

Height, weight, age. How old is Theo James

Height, weight, age. How old Theo James is the first thing his fans wanted to know after the franchise came out. Obtaining answers to these questions was not at all difficult. So, the growth of the actor is equal to the figure of 183 centimeters, his weight is seventy-eight kilograms, Theo is thirty-two full years today. According to the sign of the zodiac, the young actor is Sagittarius, and according to the Eastern horoscope - the Rat.

The young man was lucky, he can call his childhood rainbow and filled with a lot of happy moments, he got a lot of love from his parents, although Theo had a large family, he and four more children. Therefore, his parents became a real model for the young man, and in addition, of course, an excellent role model. In one of his interviews, the actor spoke about his parents as follows: “My parents are my most important inspiration. After all, they were able, despite everything, to bring up all five of their children well, filling them with love and giving only all the best they could. ”

Theo James biography and personal life

Theo James biography and personal life are an important part of becoming him as a person. As you know, everything in the world has a beginning, and Theo's life can be called just the beginning of his life - December 16, 1984. The boy was born in Oxford, the capital of Oxfordshire. As for the father of the baby, his name is Philip Thepticlis, and he is Greek in origin. At the time of the birth of his son, Philip worked as a business consultant. The boy's mother's name is Jane Martin, she is a Scottish woman, was employed in the field of the National Health Service.

The actor has absolutely no typical appearance for the Briton. He is the happy owner of dark hair, almost black eyes, beautifully defined puffy lips. The actor understands that thanks to this extraordinary type, he often gets all his roles, but he hopes that he retains them, thanks to how he plays, how he copes with the task set for him on the set. In school years, the guy was ordinary, listened to the same music as the rest, nothing particularly remarkable in terms of habits from his peers. In 2001, he received a bachelor's degree in philosophy. At that time, he had tender feelings in a girl who was interested in the scene. Once, they came to one of the auditions together, and here fate itself intervened: the girl was not taken, but the examiners liked the character of Theo. We can conclude: the young man became an fortunate accident.

Filmography: films starring Theo James

One way or another, but when the guy hit the screens, he never regretted his choice. The farther he starred, the more roles he received, the more it dragged him on. His first film role was episodic in the film: Passionate Woman, in 2010. Now, his acting filmography has expanded significantly, this includes films: “Downton Abbey”, “Overgrown”, “Another World: Awakening”.

But, a tipping point always happens unexpectedly. This happened with the career of Theo. The heyday of his career is now considered the same "Divergent", and after him employment in the continuation of the franchise called "Insurgent", the premiere of the picture took place in March 2015. Theo got the role of Tobias Eaton (instructor of those same phenomenon people), bypassing the main applicants for this role - Alex Pettifer and Jeremy Irwin.

Theo James Family and Children

Theo James family and children is still a closed topic. To date, the actor has not yet managed to create a cozy family world. Perhaps this is due to his busyness at work, or perhaps he does not want to rush anywhere, wanting to create a family like the one in which he grew up. Yes, there were loves in his life, but they have not yet led Theo to a happy happy end. Everything is definitely ahead, because such a handsome man will not be able to be ringed for a long time. Sooner or later, there will be one that captivates his heart. On the other hand, those fans who are crazy about Theo still have a chance to turn the situation in their own direction, to make the actor notice them. Fate is very multi-variant, and who knows who the choice of a star will fall on? And if so, time to lose is definitely not worth it.

Shailene Woodley and Theo James meet

Shailene Woodley and Theo James meet after The Divergent. The topic of personal relationships between the leading actor Shailene Woodley and handsome Theo was discussed for a long time and vigorously in all possible sources. No one could believe that there really was nothing between the actors, because on the screen they portrayed love so believably! A little later, the young actors were even awarded the prize as "the best screen pair." But, no matter how loudly the journalists trumpeted about Woodley and James’s romance, he only laughed off in an interview, saying that: “A very friendly atmosphere reigned on the set, it all helped us to get used to our roles even more. As for the relationship with Shailin, the most natural chemistry appeared between us at the site, that's all! ”We will have to believe the actor’s words, because there was no other confirmation of the novel between celebrities.

Theo James and the Girls

Theo James's wife is an unwritten count in his life. At one time, the actor was seen in the company of the beginning Irish beauty and also actress Rood Kearney. For a long time, the couple did not comment at all and did not publicize their relationship, and this can not be done in the world of publicity. This situation immediately gave rise to many diverse guesses, assumptions, rumors. A little later, singer Taylor Swift said that she considers James the “hottest guy” in Hollywood.

Her bold statement, too, was continued in the form of imposing a novel on him, and this was also not confirmed. Theo did not even bother to comment on these rumors. In 2015, journalists again returned to the discussion of a couple of James and Kearney, for they spotted them in one of the jewelry stores, where the actors were absorbed in looking at a window with rings. After this incident, the couple more than once fell into the sight of paparazzi cameras, they were often "caught" on joint walks in Central Park or just around New York, but the press never waited for official confirmation of the novel between young people. But, you can’t hide a secret all your life, sooner or later the press will nevertheless illuminate Theo’s personal life subject to all the canons.

Instagram and Wikipedia Theo James

Instagram and Wikipedia Theo James - but this information is completely hidden under cover of night. Theo has a personal Wikipedia page at: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/James,_Teo. The actor’s Instagram resource is somewhat launched, but his fans also quickly subscribe to the page. Page address: https://www.instagram.com/theojamesx84/. Who knows, maybe they want to finally see a bigger personal photo of the actor?

But, on Instagram, they are mostly professional and related to filming. Therefore, if you are also looking for a peppercorn, then it advises you to type a query in a search engine, something like this: “Theo James photo without a tattoo shirt,” the search result will certainly please you. Recent years Theo tirelessly called the "discovery of the year", "young talent", which, of course, flatters James. The public is crazy about having found their new sex symbol. The most fruitful year in his career was 2016, then at once four films with his participation saw the light of day. Isn't that a success? Isn’t this a complete victory? It is still too early to stop, these are only the first steps to fame, the first good luck, after which the next and next will surely follow. If we talk about the final part of the franchise, whose name sounds: “Ascendant”, then the world premiere happened in June 2017, anyone who wants to have the opportunity to appreciate Theo’s works.

The actor fell in love with the audience, because audience love is an insidious thing: it either exists or does not exist ...

Photo: Theo James

Theo James childhood

About his years of study at Aylesbury High School, James responded as follows: “I was an ordinary guy from the middle class, constantly listening to hip-hop and playing basketball. I tried to look much cooler than I really was. We had a whole group of guys, we called ourselves one team. "

After graduating in 2001, Theo continued his studies at the University of Nottingham, where he received a bachelor's degree in philosophy. At this time, he was in love with a girl who dreamed of playing on stage and persuaded her boyfriend to go with her to an audition school for acting. Fate decreed in a very ironic way: James was considered a “promising guy” and was admitted to the Bristol Theater School, and his companion remained overboard.


Theo James first appeared in front of viewers in the melodrama "Passionate Woman." Also on his account the role of the deceased Turk in the series of the first season of the popular series "Downton Abbey." The drama received high ratings of views, because the film took place in the era of the emergence of electricity, the beginning of the feminist movement and the unrest of the First World War. The television movie entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most critically-debated project. Among the awards received by the film are the Golden Globe, BAFTA TV Award, and Emmy Awards.

Theo James in the movie Passionate Woman

The actor recreated the image of a guy named Ray in Woody Allen’s comedy “You Will Meet the Mysterious Stranger”, which also played Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins and Naomi Watts. Such significant projects could not but affect the future filmography of Theo James, and soon the artist began to receive attractive offers for participation in larger roles.

In the horror film "Bedlam", the actor got into the cast along with Hugo Spear. Ghosts come to the protagonist of the series, who later attack the former hospital complex for the mentally ill. In the fantasy action movie Underworld: Awakening, Kate Beckinsale played the role of Deathbox, the vampire Celine, and James played her partner.

Theo James in the movie Lucky

By the way, for the role of the vampire David in the fourth part of this franchise, Theo specifically studied parkour, and also studied the skill of owning knives and whips. Film critics negatively commented on the film, but its budget paid off twice, and a year later the shooting of the next part of the franchise “Another World: Blood Wars” began in Prague. In the new film, Theo’s image was more detailed, which allowed James to show acting skills more clearly.

In 2013, the launch of the television series Lucky began, in which Theo played the main role of detective Walter Clark. To understand the features of the character’s work, James spent several weeks at the New York Police Department. True, the picture was moderate success and after the first season was closed.

However, Theo James was not too embarrassed, because he was already busy in a new project. In the same 2013, the actor signed a contract for shooting in the film adaptation of the cycle of books by Veronica Roth under the general name "Divergent". The success of the blockbuster led to the decision to continue working on adaptations.

In 2015, the Insurgent part was released, and in 2016 the release of the film Divergent. Beyond the Wall, which is an adaptation of the first half of the book Alligator. The third part did not live up to the commercial expectations of the creators, barely blocking the picture budget with fees. After that, they decided to shoot the final part of the film adaptation in the format of the series, but the leading actors Theo James and Shailene Woodley refused to play in the television movie.

Theo James in the movie London Fields

In addition to science fiction films, Theo’s repertoire includes the detective thriller London Fields, in which Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and Billy Bob Thornton became the actor’s partners.One of the main roles went to James in the black comedy War Against All, where he talked about two detectives Terry and Bob, who again and again fall into dubious situations. The main characters were played by Alexander Skarsgard and Michael Pena.

An interesting experience for the actor was his participation in the drama "The Benefactor", where Theo played the role of Luke, whose relationship with the girl Olivia (Dakota Fanning) collapses. In the film, Richard Gere appeared in the role of a philanthropist helping young people find a common language.

Theo James in the film “Tablets of Fate”

In 2016, Theo accepted an invitation from the creators of the Irish drama "Tablets of Fate", where he played the main character - Gaunt's father. The main character, Rosanna, has been in a psychiatric clinic all her life. But one day, Dr. Green finds the diary of a woman who opens the veil of secrets of her life. Rooney Mara, Eric Bana, Vanessa Redgrave also starred in the film.

Theo James's Career Start

Theo Jame got his first acting experience on the stage of the theater: in 2009 he made his debut in the play “Stars of Tomorrow”.

In 2010, a novice actor appeared on television in an episode of the series "Passionate Woman". The 25-year-old handsome got the role of Alexander Craisenowski - the girl's lover Betty, played by Billy Piper.


Even before Theo James became an actor, he tried himself as a musician. The young man mastered the art of playing the piano, guitar, harmonica and saxophone at a high level. In addition, thanks to his beautiful baritone vocals, he managed to become a singer of the English pop group Makora.

Later, Theodore and his friends organized his own team, which he named in honor of the tiger from the “Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling - “Shere Khan”. The guys sang only original songs: “Footsteps”, “Dust”, “No Sense”, “Distance”, “Straight Up” and many others.

The group performed on the stages of London clubs, and Theo James himself played the role of guitarist and frontman in the team. Unfortunately, at the end of November 2012, through the social network Facebook, Shere Khan announced that it was shutting down.

Theo James Now

The projects in which Theo James is involved are becoming more and more significant every year. In 2017, in the drama “Betrayal for Beginners,” the artist appeared in the image of UN employee Michael, who was leaving for Iraq with a peacekeeping mission. On a land scorched by war, a young man is faced with facts testifying to a conspiracy at the highest level. But Michael is forced to remain silent so as not to let his leader down and not jeopardize his beloved's life.

The film directed by Per Flew appeared at the box office in early 2018. Theo was lucky to play with Sir Ben Kingsley and Turkish Belchim Bilgin. In an interview, Theo noted that he was comparing his hero with Edward Snowden, in contrast to which Michael simply left his post and tried to forget about everything he saw.

Now the actor is shooting in a fantastic project by producer Ridley Scott “Zoe”. The history of communication between humans and robots is shown in a melodramatic manner. Scientists Zoe (Leah Seydoux) and Cole (Ewan McGregor) are developing androids that are friendly to people and are capable of emotionally attached to the owners. In addition to Theo James, Rashida Jones and Christina Aguilera also appeared in the film.

Life, family and career.

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Other celebrities named:Theo

Theo James is a very famous and popular personality in certain circles, since the charismatic guy is the idol of teenagers all over the world. It’s worth drowning that the handsome with a model appearance Theo took from his parents all the most wonderful, he is a brilliant actor, a talented musician, and also a great person.

The guy has a huge number of fans who can read information about personal and creative life on Wikipedia. The most interesting thing is that the young man does not have an official page on Instagram, as well as on social networks, so Theo James indicates that not all information regarding his person is reliable and relevant.

Theo James Girls and Wife

Theo James's girls and wife are a very controversial topic, with more speculation than truth. Since the British actor does not want to share details from his personal life with the media and fans, any information relating to this topic is only tentative.

One of the first and most famous paparazzi girls of Theo James was actress Ruth Kearney. However, perhaps they are together today, because young people are periodically seen together. At noisy events, they appeared extremely rarely. However, Ruth Kearney and Theo James recently visited a jewelry store together, which indicates the serious intentions of the couple and plans for the future. So while the actor is single, but perhaps in the near future one of the most enviable bachelors of Hollywood will become a family man and get kids.

Greek, New Zealander, Scot ...

Theo is the owner of a long, unpronounceable name: Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Tapticles, so he uses the abbreviated form of the first name and third as the stage name.

His paternal grandfather was Greek, he moved to New Zealand and met a local resident with Scottish roots there. Thus was born Philip Thepticlis, Papa Theo.

Relatives later returned to Europe and settled in the UK, so Theo himself was born in Oxfordshire.

Jane Martin and Philip Thepticlis have two daughters and three sons (Theo is the youngest).

The actor is very close with brothers and sisters.

A touching fact: Theo James admires his parents - after all, they were able to raise five children and were able to invest a lot in them.

When Theo was a schoolboy, he took part in many student performances - as an artist and as a musician.

I entered the theater school ... for fun

James is a classmate of Anthony Thomas (star of the TV series "Garbage") at the theater school, and together they starred in the short film "The Monsoon of the Night."

According to the artist himself, he entered the Bristol Theater School ("Old Vic Theater School") just for the fun of it. In addition, he has a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Nottingham.

Singer, musician, dancer and bartender

If Theo had not become an actor, he would have focused on a musical career.

He was a singer and guitarist in the London rock band Shere Khan (Sherkhan - tiger, character of Mowgli).

In November 2012, this group announced on its Facebook page that it was ending its performances.

Interesting fact: Theo James learned to play the guitar and harmonica, as well as the piano and later on the saxophone, as a child.

Theo has a very nice baritone, not without reason he was the vocalist in the group.

One of Theo's talents is dancing. Most of all he loves the step, but he can also depict ballet pas.

Before starting an acting career, James was a bartender.

He also worked at the National Health Service of England.

Started in television series

Theo's television debut took place in the mini-series The Passionate Woman: he played the heroine's lover Billy Piper.

James became famous after the small role of the Turkish diplomat Kemal in Downton Abbey.

Theo knows that often he gets a job just because of his attractive appearance, but he is trying very hard to give everything in order to prove that he is a good actor.

He believes that London is more boring and sedate compared to New York.

What and whom does Theo love?

The actor loves films with strong male characters - “Shine” with Jeffrey Rush and “In the Last Breath” of Frenchman Jean-Luc Godard.

Among his favorite actors are Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Robert De Niro.

The fact that James and Shailene Woodley are a couple is just gossip, they just portray the lovers very well on the screen! Theo James repeatedly emphasized this fact.

Theo is in a relationship with colleague Ruth Kearney.

Master of tricks and accents

To star in the film “Another World: Awakening”, Theo practiced parkour, and also received training in tricks with knives and lashes.

The actor knows how to speak with American, New York American, Australian, Scottish and South Irish accents - as required for the role.

When it comes to accents, James loves to adhere to the reprimand of his character and between takes - so as not to leave the image.

Fun fact: Theo James was somehow mistaken for James Franco: the paparazzi's annoying mistake!

His favorite scene in Divergent is the final fight.

During the filming of this film, a gust of wind slammed the trailer door - it hit Zoe Kravitz in the face. It was James who gave her first aid - he helped lie down and put ice on.

A pleasant fact for fans of Theo James - on the site of "Divergent" he shows himself to be a real man and refuses doubles.

In order to look worthy in this action movie, the artist worked a lot in the hall, pumped up muscles and mastered many tricks.

Filmography: films starring Theo James

Since 2009, James made his debut in a theatrical production, and the very next year - in the episodic role of the series “Passionate Woman”.

After that, the filmography of the aspiring actor was replenished with roles in the films and TV series “Downton Abbey”, “Overgrown”, “Another World”, “Rescue Point”, “Divergent”, “War against All”, “Tablets of Love”, “Zoe”, “ London Fields ”,“ Domino Effect ”.

The young man touted The Scent by Hugo Boss. Theo James' second great love is music, while he perfectly mastered the harmonica, guitar, saxophone, piano.

Theodore is the frontman of the Shere Khan music group, which was named after the tiger from Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. This band plays a strange mix of indie, punk rock, dance and rock, with Theo James singing in a pleasant baritone. This team suddenly broke up in 2012, the reasons for this were called a tight tour schedule and a catastrophic lack of time.


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