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Stephen Tyler
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Tyler in 2018.
basic information
Birth nameStephen Victor Tallarico
Date of BirthMarch 26, 1948 (1948-03-26) (71 years old)
Place of BirthYonkers, New York, USA
The country USA
Years of activity1960 - present
Singing voicetenor
Instrumentsharmonica, keyboards, drums, bass, mandolin, violin, flute
Genreshard rock, heavy metal, blues rock, country rock
AliasesSteven tyler
CollectivesAerosmith, Chain Reaction, Kings of Chaos
LabelsColumbia records
AwardsGrammy Awards (4 awards)
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Steven Tyler (born Steven Tyler, nee Stephen Victor Tallarico (born Steven Victor Tallarico), genus March 26, 1948 (1948-03-26), Yonkers, New York, USA) is an American singer, songwriter, musician and actor, best known as the lead vocalist of Aerosmith.

Tyler was also known for his addiction to drugs and alcohol in the 1970s and early 1980s. During his vibrant and dynamic performances, he usually went on stage in bright and colorful clothes, and microphone stands, with scarves tied to them, became his trademark. His name is in 99th position on the Rolling Stone magazine's Greatest Vocalists list. He is also ranked 3rd in the 100 Parader's Metal vocal charts.


Born March 26, 1948 in the city of Yonkers, US state of New York. Stephen Tyler’s ancestors on the part of his father (who was also a musician, but in the field of classical music) are of Italian and German origin, and on the mother’s side are Poles and English. Stephen repeatedly mentioned that his mother also has Ukrainian roots. His maternal grandfather, Felix (brother of the writer Florian Charnyshevich), changed his last name from Chernyshevich to Blancha. The second child in the family. Sister is Linda. Later, his family moved to Yonkers, where Tyler enrolled in Roosevelt High School. Has been expelled for drug use.

In 1970, together with guitarist Joe Perry, he founded the band Aerosmith. In the group, in addition to vocals, he plays several instruments at once: harmonica, keyboards, percussion, bass, mandolin, violin, flute.

He was married twice (from 1978 to 1987 on Sirinda Fox, from 1988 to 2006 on Theresa Barrick), he has four children. One of them is the famous actress Liv Tyler (daughter of Bibi Buell). Less well known, however, is also acting and acting as a model for another Stephen's daughter, Mia.

In 2007, Stephen signed an agreement with the game company Activision on the right to use the appearance and songs of the Aerosmith group in the game Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (2008).

In November 2009, in an online interview, Stephen Tyler publicly announced his departure from the group, but after 3 days, Steve denied this information during a speech with Joe Perry in his solo project.

In December 2009, he was treated for drug addiction in a rehabilitation center.

On November 9, he was invited to the Miss Universe 2013 contest, where he led the jury of the contest and performed the famous single “Dream On”.

Childhood and youth

The famous vocalist and instrumentalist hails from New York. The future Steve Tyler was born in 1948 in the family of a pianist. The future, because at birth he was given another surname - Tallariko. In the 70s, the leader of the newly created group took a creative pseudonym, sonorous and memorable.

Musician Stephen Tyler

Until the age of nine, Tyler lived in the Bronx. Then the family moved to Yonkers. The father of the future rock star got a teacher at a local music school. Mother worked as a secretary. Tyler's father was of German-Italian descent. Mother is Polish.

The musician has repeatedly noted that Ukrainian blood also flows in his veins. The maternal grandfather arrived in the United States from Eastern Europe. However, most likely from Belarus. The name of the great-grandfather of a rock musician is Chernyshevich. After emigration, he replaced her with Blancha. Among Tyler’s ancestors, there is an African American.

Stephen Tyler in his youth

As a child, Steve attended Roosevelt School. Years later, at the height of fame, the son of a humble music teacher will become the unchanging hero of newspaper notes. In the "yellow press" they will write about his personal life, musical achievements, and drug addiction.

Steve became addicted to illicit drugs in his youth. He was expelled from college. But Steve did not refuse from the means expanding consciousness even after: alcohol and drugs were considered part of the life of a successful rocker.

Stephen Tyler and Mick Jagger

Tyler was fond of music from an early age. Still, the son of a pianist. True, unlike his father, he was not interested in fugues and sonatas. The young man was attracted to hard rock. In 1965, the 17-year-old Steve went with friends to Greenwich Village for a Rolling Stones concert. Tallarico was struck by Keith Richards. Friends only talked about the amazing similarities between Steve and Mick Jagger.


Future rock stars meet in the late 60s. The meeting of Tom Hamilton, Joe Perry and Steve Tyler takes place in Sunapi. Young people are not related to Boston. However, later, when the group records the first album, the participants will be associated with the capital of Massachusetts. The explanation is simple. In Boston, young performers began their career.

Rock musicians did not go to fame for long. Soon already toured the country, released records, one more successful. In their free moments, they paid tribute to the traditions of true rocker life. That is, they used drugs and alcohol, which did not have the best effect on creativity.

Whitford and Perry left the group. True, the latter returned in 1984. In the late 70s, Aerosmith was on the verge of decay. Tim Collins, the band's manager, miraculously managed to keep the musicians. A new period began in Aerosmith's 80s. Musicians have achieved more than at the beginning of their journey.

The virtuoso play of guitarists and drummer, expressive songs and the powerful, slightly hoarse voice of the soloist - this is Aerosmith's formula for success. In addition, Tyler in the 80s developed a unique, slightly eccentric style of behavior on stage. It is unpredictable, incredibly plastic. The group became famous for several lyrical ballads. In the unusual, rude, slightly unbridled performance of the leader of Aerosmith, who has the widest vocal range, the songs found an unexpected sound.

The appearance of Tyler in the 80s, and now is far from the image of a handsome man. Height - 175 cm. Angular, thin, he became the object of desire of millions of fans of America and Europe. Steve Tyler is charismatic, behaving on stage naturally, at ease. If you add to this a bewitching voice, then its popularity is easily explained.

However, Tyler is not only a talented singer. He is a musician professionally playing several instruments. Neither alcohol nor drugs killed the talent of the lead singer of the famous group. The work of the leader Aerosmith was the starting point for musicians who became famous in the 90s and 2000s.

The first album, released in 1973, critics considered ill-conceived, raw. Musicians were accused of emulating Rolling Stone. Nevertheless, the debut album cannot be called unsuccessful. It included compositions that have become classics of the genre. An important event in the work of the group is the release of Toys in the Attic. After the release of the 3rd album, Aerosmith was put on a par with the brightest rock performers. The musicians recorded songs that became hits in the mid-70s and are not forgotten today.

After Perry returned, the group traveled again on tour and participated in grand festivals. Rock musicians recorded Done with Mirrors. Collins then proposed to the musicians. The group manager promised to turn them into the famous rockers of the 90s. But on condition - musicians should completely abandon drugs. In 1989, Aerosmith received a Grammy.

Collins kept his promise. In the early 90s, the "aerosmitovtsy" gained worldwide fame. Get a Grip includes songs that are still popular today. Crazy, Amazing, Cryin - ballads, loved by millions of fans, but criticized by experts. It was a successful project from a commercial point of view. The songs reached a peak of popularity after the release of clips featuring young Alicia Silverstone. In one of them, Liv Tyler played.

Stephen Tyler and Liv Tyler

In the late 90s, Walk This Way, a book of memoirs, was jointly created by the band members. It contains stories interesting for admirers of Aerosmith: the first success with the public, concerts, creative crisis. The book includes photos. On one of them is Mick Jagger, and behind him, in the distance, an unknown 17-year-old guy. Photo taken in 1965. The young man behind the rock star is Stephen Tallarico.

Steven Victor Tallarico

Steven Tyler is a real star of foreign rock of 70-80 years of the last century. And although more than forty years have passed since the founding of the legendary Aerosmith duo, their music is still incredibly successful, including among the young generation of rock lovers. However, what was the price of this success? How much did this unfading glory to the guy cost? Alcohol, drugs, countless novels, an indefatigable thirst for freedom. They were rebels and wanted to change this world, and now their songs inspire other rebels to storm their own sky.

Personal life

In the mid-70s, the musician began an affair with a young admirer of Aerosmith. In these relationships there was little romance and tenderness, but a lot of drugs. When the girl announced her pregnancy, Tyler insisted on an abortion. On this relationship ended.

Stephen Tyler and his first wife Sirinda Fox

As a result of a short affair with Tyler, Bibi Buell gave birth to Liv. The girl found out who her father was at nine. Bibi tried to hide the truth in order to protect the child from communication with the odious parent. Liv became an actress, in the late 90s starred in "Armageddon" - a film to which her father wrote the soundtrack.

Stephen Tyler and his second wife Teresa Barrick

In 1978, the musician married Sirinda Fox, who gave birth to a daughter, Mia. For Taylor, known for his inconsistency, it was a long marriage. It lasted ten years. Mia also became an actress and model, but not as popular as her older sister.

Stephen Tyler and his children

The second wife of the singer is Theresa Barrick. In this marriage, the daughter of Chelsea was born, taking the real name of the father, and the son of Taj. Steve broke up with Theresa in 2005. Soon, information appeared in the press about the romance of the rock musician with Erin Brady. The relationship lasted five years.

Stephen Tyler now

In 2016, Aerosmith lead singer announced the end of his creative career. The farewell tour took place in 2017. Officially, the band still exists. In 2009, a rock musician underwent a course of treatment for drug addiction.

Stephen Tyler in 2017

On a personal page on Instagram, a living legend regularly uploads photos of children and grandchildren, which creates the impression of an exemplary family man.

Stephen Tyler and Ann Preston

Whether Tyler is ready for another marriage is unknown. In 2016, the media appeared photos of the musician with Anne Preston, who is forty years younger than him. But the Aerosmith soloist did not inform journalists about any cardinal changes in his personal life.

Addiction to drugs

Stephen attended President Franklin Roosevelt School. He became addicted to music in his youth, as well as to illegal drugs. The pianist’s son connected his life with music, as well as with alcohol and drugs. The young man was even kicked out of college.

Stephen's youth was the heyday of rock music in Europe and the United States, which swept the young man and his friends. Stephen's amazing resemblance to Rolling Stones leader Mick Jagger. At one of the band's concerts in the mid-60s, many fans mistook Stephen for Mick. Perhaps this fact predetermined the future of the musician.

Creation of "Aerosmith"

At the end of the sixties, Stephen meets his future friends in the group - Tom Hamilton and Joe Perry. Together, they immediately created a successful team whose path to fame was quick and easy. The musicians immediately began to write hard music and lyrics. Tours, a million fans and the long-awaited fame fell on the guys. They paid tribute to the traditions of life of rock musicians and plunged into the world of alcohol, drugs and casual relationships.

Group crisis

After several years of controversy in the group reached its climax - Perry and Whitford left Aerosmith. The group was on the verge of collapse, but the team manager managed to keep it afloat. Tim Collins did everything for Aerosmith to get a new breath of fresh air and fame in the 80s. Joe Perry returned to the group. From this moment, the path of famous hits, glam and hard rock, metal began.

Photo: Stephen Tyler

The early years, childhood and the Steve Tyler family

Concluding the theme of the family of the legendary rock musician, we note that he also has a sister, Linda, who is two years older than him.

Stephen Tyler began to get involved in music as a child. In his school years, he performed with some semi-amateur groups (the most famous of which is the group “The Left Bank”). However, initially the love of music for Steve was just a bit of a pleasant hobby. He learned to play the harmonica, drums, bass, and at the same time cherished the dream of the profession ... jaeger, and also earned money in a bakery. In some biographical texts devoted to the early years in the life of a musician, one can also find information that in our youth our today's hero also wanted to become the president of the United States and give all its citizens the right to equal education.

However, Steve Tyler's personal relationship with the American education system was quite complicated. For a long time he studied at the Roosevelt High School (city of Yonkers), but some time later he was expelled from it due to problems with drugs and discipline.

After that, the future musician moved with his then beloved to Boston. But the relationship within the pair did not work out. Both lovers experienced problems with alcohol and drugs. However, the news of the girl’s pregnancy, or rather the abortion that followed it, put an end to the painful relationship. After that, the former lovers could no longer be in the company of each other and soon parted.

The stormy youth of Stephen Tyler

The real name of the musician is Stephen Viktor Tallariko. He began his life's journey in the American town of Yonkers, which is located in the state of New York. The boy's father was a successful pianist, so the future leader of Aerosmith from an early age grew up in a creative atmosphere.

Having received secondary education, the guy became a college student, but failed to finish school - Stephen was expelled. The reason for this decision was Tyler's dependence on various narcotic substances. However, the young man did not draw conclusions and did not exclude illegal drugs from his life.

Stephen felt a craving for musical creativity in early childhood. True, unlike his pianist father, the guy was indifferent to classical music, and was fond of hard rock.

Birth of Aerosmith

In the late 60s, Tyler met with young talented musicians - Tom Hamilton and Joe Perry, and in 1970 they founded the aerosmith musical group, in which Stephen took the place of frontman.

For three years, work continued on creating a debut album, but appearing on store shelves, the collection immediately brought fame to the collective. A year later, the musicians presented the second plate, and in 1975 - the third. Many of their compositions became hit and took the top lines in many charts.

Difficulties in a creative career

Despite the fact that Aerosmith successfully toured and assembled full concert halls, the group had serious problems arising from the musicians' excessive addiction to drugs. The members of the team did not hesitate to go out in public in an inadequate state and even disrupt the performances.

In the late 70s, the group was on the verge of collapse. The musicians were exhausted by the constant use of drugs and alcohol, and also began to conflict with each other. Tim Collins managed to save the group, who in the early 80s became the team manager. He persuaded the musicians to start taking illicit substances and plunge into work.The result was not long in coming and soon Aerosmith successfully continued their career.

Despite some problems, the group recorded and presented 15 studio albums, many of which became platinum. The team has existed for 49 years and all this time Stephen remains the permanent vocalist of Aerosmith. This legendary collective of musicians has not in vain gained worldwide fame, because everything is great with them - both the drummer’s game with guitarists, and Tyler’s unique voice, and high-quality compositions.

Stephen is the brightest member of the group, because he has long developed his own manner of behavior on the stage, which distinguishes him from all other celebrities. Moreover, Tyler is not only a talented vocalist, but also a multi-instrumentalist. The artist masterly owns a number of musical instruments, including keyboards, mandolin, guitar, violin, harmonica.

The rich personal life of the musician

The personal life of many rock musicians is striking in inconstancy. Stephen Tyler was no exception. In the life of the famous artist there were many romantic relationships, but in official marriage he visited only 2 times.

In 1977, Stephen first became a father - Bibi Buell gave him daughter liv. A year later, Tyler’s wife became Sirinda Fox, who took the place of his official companion for 10 years. During this time, the couple had a daughter, Mia.

For the second time, Stephen married Teresa Barrick, who gave him two more children - the daughter of Chelsea and her son Taj. This marriage lasted until 2005, after which Tyler again became a bachelor and returned to a loose lifestyle.

Stephen Tyler with daughter Liv

Despite a successful career, the musician could not completely get rid of the addictions. In 2009, Stephen underwent treatment at a rehabilitation center, but could not completely remove drugs from his life.

In 2017, the Aerosmith farewell tour took place, but millions of fans hope that the legendary team will still delight them with new performances.

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