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Their songs are played in “Day Watch” and “Paragraph 78”, tens of thousands of tour kilometers are behind, on the shelves and on sites on the Internet there are a lot of awards with the definition of “Best”. The Mumiy Troll group is already listening to the generation of children of the first fans, the documentary film “Seven Seas of Ilya Lagutenko” is dedicated to the biography of the collective.

Photo: Mumiy Troll


The roots of Mumiy Troll are in the childhood of the lead singer Ilya Lagutenko. A lover of psychedelic punk rock gathered a company of friends from Andrei Barabash, Igor Kulkov, Pavel and Cyril Babiy in the early 80s. The guys called themselves Boney-P and sang in English.

Ilya Lagutenko

Acquaintance with Leonid Burlakov led to renaming as “Shock” and changing the repertoire to Russian. Following Lena came his classmates - guitarists Albert Krasnov and Vladimir Lutsenko.

The collective has an exact date, like a human being, on October 16, 1983. On this day, the musicians came up with the idea to be named after the heroes of the tales of the Swedish writer Tove Jansson - Moomins. In 1990, at one of the concerts, Lagutenko called his colleagues mummies, and finally the first word was formed - "Mumiy".

Mumiy Troll Group

The group gained fame in their hometown and the Far East. In the mid-90s, Mumiy Troll fell apart for a while, while its members were looking for other sources of livelihood, in addition to music. Ilya ended up in London at the representative office of a Russian company.

Leonid and Kirill opened a music store in Vladivostok. Once their companion Roman Samovarov proposed to revive the "mummies." They decided to record the album in England - it turned out cheaper and better. But Lutsenko, who had a successful career as an engineer, refused to go, and as a result, studio musicians were recruited on the spot from the British.

The first composition of the Mumiy Troll group

Over time, through participation in one of the most unusual Russian groups went Yuri Tsaler, who played with Zemfira and Pavel Kashin, keyboard player and saxophonist Denis Transsky, bassist Evgeny Zvidenny. The only soloist, Olesya Lyashenko, performed with “trolls” for a year, went to Japan, but she did not give up music there either - she sang jazz in clubs.

The Mumiy Troll, announced in January 2018, includes, in addition to Ilya, drummer Oleg Pungin, bass player Pavel Vovk and guitarist Artem Kritzin. For the electronic sound of the group, Alexander Kholenko is responsible.


The first albums “New Moon of April” and “Do Yu-Yu”, although they were sold out, did not add fame to the “mummies”. The program directors of the television and radio channels did not complain, and the next one was Morskaya. On incomprehensible texts and sound that did not fit into the genres known at that time, hung the label of unformatted ones. The producer Alexander Shulgin was not afraid to take a chance, struck the “Mumiy Troll” rotation and shot clips on the compositions “Cat of the Cat” and “Leak”. A clip for the hit "Vladivostok 2000" opened the broadcast on the territory of Russia MTV channel.

Song "Vladivostok 2000" of the group "Mumiy Troll"

Until December 1998, the group released 5 albums. In addition to “Marine”, fans received “Caviar”, “Happy New Year, baby!” And “Shamor” in two parts. In the latter, in fact, the early work of “mummies” was collected in a new treatment: “Alien Guest”, “Black Hole”, “Beat Boom” and songs, the words of which are the first records.

The concert tour lasted for a year and a half, the musicians collected full houses. According to Seva Novgorodtsev, radio presenter of the Russian Air Force service, Lagutenko’s verses included “building space”, a philosophical, and most importantly, emotional load, which could not go unnoticed.

Song "Dolphins" of the group "Mummy Troll"

The song "Dolphins" entered the golden fund of Russian rock. And yet, Ilya believed that commercial success would have been greater if the publisher released albums, pausing and thereby fostering interest in the discs.

In 1999, Mumiy Troll, already in the status of a supergroup, took a break and sat in the studio. In February 2000, the discography of the collective was replenished with the album “Precisely Aloe Mercury” under the slogan “First Album of the New Millennium”. Clips were shot for the songs “Bride?”, “Strawberry”, “Without Cheating” and “No Carnival”.

The song "The Bride?" Of the group "Mummy Troll"

In 2001, the group represented Russia at the 46th Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Lady Alpine Blue”. The Russian-language version called Promises was included in the next album, Meamurs. After a couple of years with the Meamura Tour program, the musicians went on tour.

At the concerts, songs from the new disc “Book Thieves” were performed. The album was preceded by the premiere of the singles “Where am I?” And “Ursa Major”. The Mystery of Sound label has released an album in two collectibles and one mass circulation. Ilya Lagutenko starred as a cameo in the film of the same name by Leonid Rybakov.

The song "Dipper" of the group "Mumiy Troll" and Zemfira

The next round of tireless musicians around the country took place in 2005, this time in support of the album "Mergers and Acquisitions". In 2007, receiving an award at the MTV Russia Music Awards in the Legend nomination, Lagutenko announced that he was preparing to release a new album. They became "Amba" with hits "Bermuda" and "Ru.Da" and the participation of the Kuban Cossack Choir. A year later, another with the laconic name “8” came out.

The group dedicated a whole documentary film of the same name to the history of the recording of the SOS Sailor album. As you know, songs were recorded during a round-the-world trip on the Sedov sailing ship; musicians took only Russian-made instruments on the road.

Mumiy Troll Group

The disc was produced by Ben Hiller, known for working with rock bands Depeche Mode, The Horrors, Elbow. Ilya Lagutenko said that “SOS Sailor” is a tribute to Russian rock, clubs and music communities of the 80s that influenced his work.

In 2014, a version of the record was released containing the bonus compositions Pyrotechnics, It Seems, and Pirate Copies. The new album was given the name SOS Sailor Stay True Edition. In 2016, the documentary narrative of the sea voyage was shown at various festivals, and a couple of years later it appeared on the big screen.

Song “From a Blank Slate” of the Mumiy Troll Group

In 2015, the release of "Pirate copies" took place. In the video for the track “From a Blank Slate”, the daughter of Lagutenko starred. The record did not go on sale, but went along with the frontman’s autograph as a prize to the winners who correctly answered Ilya’s 25 questions.

On the Mumiy Troll website, in the Unreleased section, “I feel sad and easy”, performed with the Bravo group, performed a cover version of “Baby” and “Eighth graders” based on poems by Viktor Tsoi.

The main stages of creativity

In May 1985, the Mumi Troll band went beyond Vladivostok with the debut album New Moon of April. The title song, written in the words of Leonid Burlakov, sounded on dance floors outside Vladivostok. The Komsomol members of the university where Lagutenko studied, saw the political motive in the words of the composition and connected it with the April meeting of the CPSU Central Committee, and therefore recognized the team as “socially dangerous”. However, for 4 tracks out of 12, clips were shot that were broadcast on the local Tai-Chu TV channel.

From 1987 to 1989 while Ilya Lagutenko served in the armed forces, the performances of the “Moomin Troll” stopped.

May 2001 marked for the group the 12th place in the international Eurovision Song Contest, which provided Russia with the opportunity to participate in the show in the future. In addition to gaining a large new army of European fans, several foreign companies became interested in working with Mumiy Troll.

All 17 years (2001 - 2017) were filled with creative success and the search for new creative ideas, which, as time has shown, have always been brilliantly implemented. In 2012, the group went around the world on the Sedov sailing ship, recorded several more studio albums, performed in the crater of an active volcano. Then she received the MTV award in the Legend nomination, and released the documentary film SOS Sailor based on the recording of the album of the same name.

Collaborations with other artists

  • Creation - Mumiy Troll ft. DDT
  • Flow - Mumiy Troll ft. Gosha Rubchinsky
  • Utekay - Mumiy Troll ft. Wumeigyui
  • Ursa Major - Mumiy Troll ft. Zemfira
  • I feel sad and easy - Mumiy Troll ft. Bravo
  • Marine - Mumiy Troll ft. Sila sveta
  • DNA brand - Mumiy Troll ft. John varvatos

The Early Years (1981-1990)

The official date of birth of the Mumiy Troll group is October 16, 1983, although at that time the group had a slightly different name - “Mumi Troll” (without the final “y” in the first word).

Ilya Lagutenko founded his first group “Boney P” in 1981. The group played "psychedelic punk", it included classmates and friends of Lagutenko: Kirill Babiy (keyboards), Pavel Babiy (drums), Igor "Kul" Kulkov (guitar), Andrey Barabash (bass).

In 1982, Ilya Lagutenko met Leonid Burlakov, who came up with a new name for the group - “SHOCK”. Leonid brings the first texts in Russian (“You are the Cross” and “Chains”), and the group completely switches to Russian-language creativity. Burlakov himself sits down on cardboard drums, brings his classmate Vladimir Lutsenko (bass) and friend Albert Krasnov (guitarist). The group recorded a 40-minute album, some of the songs from which fell into the group’s first magnetic album (the recording was preserved and the rights to it belong to Ilya Lagutenko).

Studio work on the debut album of the Moomin Troll group began in late 1983. The debut album was named New Moon of April, the song of the same name, which became a big hit at fashionable discos in Vladivostok. The same song played a cruel joke with the group. In April, the next meeting of the CPSU Central Committee was held, and the refrain of the song sounds as follows:

"The new moon of April
lit the sky
but we don’t believe her anymore
she doesn’t bring us anything ”

Under the conditions of strict Soviet censorship, this made it possible to recognize the Mumi Troll group at the meeting of students of the Far Eastern University as the most socially dangerous (along with Black Sabbath).

The group is part of the Vladivostok Rock Club and, together with the Hop-N-Hop 121 Floor group, will debut at the Political Song Festival in Vladivostok. The performance is criticized for "inconsistency with the ideas of the festival." A little later, bass player Vladimir Lutsenko was replaced by Oleg Ponomarev, and as such, the band recorded the Sayonara magnetic album. However, the record was never released due to its poor quality, later most of the songs from it were re-recorded for the double collection “Shamor”.

For the period from 1987 to 1990, the group suspends its activities in connection with the service of the team leader Ilya Lagutenko in the ranks of the Soviet Army in the Pacific Fleet.

However, on June 27, 1987, the group held a concert on the stage of the Vympel movie theater in Vladivostok.

In 1990, the Decada studio was organized, on which an album is recorded in spring and summer Do Yu-Yu. In addition to Lagutenko, Krasnov and Lutsenko, the process also involved Oleg Ponomarev, Yuri Logachev and the multi-instrumentalist of Foggy Ston and Third Guard Evgeny Shift Zvidnyi, who played several bass, guitar and accordion compositions. Nevertheless, despite the presence of some future hits in the album, the material did not attract demand and shortly after the release of the album, the Mumiy Troll group disintegrated and was not active in the music field for six years.


The loudest, since it was politically motivated, was the scandal surrounding the Mumiy Troll tour in Riga. The group was accused of directing the organization of their concert on September 1, when a rally in defense of Russian-speaking schools in Latvia was held. Lagutenko categorically stated that such a coincidence has no ulterior motives.

Once on a tour during a flight from Kiev to Moscow, the drummer of the group was mistaken for a mobile phone thief. Bassist Eugene Zvidenny tried to intercede for a friend, but was beaten.


From 1991 to 1996, the leader of the group, Ilya Lagutenko, worked as a commercial adviser in China and London, but in May 1996 he decided to return to music and agreed to start recording the album Marine. The demo recording took place in London and was subsequently offered to the Russian Polygram and Soyuz studios, which refused to cooperate, as the proposed material seemed to their leadership “unformatted”. The reaction was logical: the music of the Mumiy Troll group at that time did not correspond to popular notions of pop and rock music. The material did not fit into the category of pop music due to the non-standard musical genre for the post-Soviet space. It was difficult to attribute the group to rock music because of the lack of social themes and the theme of the “Russian soul” in the lyrics, it also lacked a traditional strain and appeals to folk traditions, which was a standard set of the most popular rock bands of the time. Then Ilya Lagutenko called the style of Mumiy Troll “rockapops” - in order to stop the constant and meaningless discussions of journalists about the difference between pop and rock music, and thereby laid the foundation for a new musical style.

Nevertheless, after some time, the Mumiy Troll group received good media support in Russia. The head of Rec Records, Alexander Shulgin, finally made out Nautical commercial potential, as a result of which an agreement was reached on the release of the group's debut album on April 24, 1997. The success of the disc was determined not only by the musical material itself, but also by the talented and non-standard clips “Leak” and “Cat Cat”, shot by director Mikhail Khleborodov and cameraman Vladislav Opelyants.

Album Marine hit the top ten in sales, radio and television put in heavy rotation the songs “Leak”, “Girl”, “Cat Cat”, “Vladivostok 2000”, “Speed”, received a rebirth of the composition from early albums New Moon of April and Do you Yuadded to the album as a bonus - “New Moon of April” and “Do me for sure”. The debut success was consolidated by a successful concert tour, during which the composition of the Mumiy Troll group was formed (Ilya Lagutenko - vocals, guitar, Yuri Tsaler - guitars, Eugene “Shift” Zvidvenny - bass, Oleg Pungin - drums, Olesya Lyashenko - back vocals, Denis Transky - keyboards, saxophone).

The second album of the Mumiy Troll band was released on November 21, 1997. Caviarrecorded in August in London with sound engineer Chris Bandy. The presentation of the album took place on the radio "Maximum". Album Caviar contained very strong material, which allowed the group to repeat the album’s commercial success Marine. After 12 years, the album “Caviar” was recognized as the main album of the decade, which had the greatest impact on the next generation of musicians (Afisha magazine).

In 1998, MTV appeared in Russia, opening its broadcast with the Vladivostok 2000 video. The song "Dolphins" became one of the main hits of 1998. The clip for this song, shot by director Mikhail Khlebborodov and cameraman Vladislav Opelyants, received a prize for the best photo frame. At the 1998 FUZZ magazine award, the group became the record holder for the number of awards collected. On New Year's Eve, the video “Ranetka” of Riga director Viktor Vilks was first shown on the Russian MTV. A few weeks later, Ranetka reached the first place in the top 20 MTV and fell into the hot rotation of many radio stations.

On August 5, 1998, the double album Shamora was released. The songs collected in these two albums most successfully reflected the everyday life of Mumiy Troll from 1983 to 1990. Shamora is a collector's edition of rarities, most of which were previously captured on the New Moon of April 1985 magnetic albums, Do Yu-Yu 1990, and the Sayonar demos of 1986-1987. or performed at concerts.

After the release of the albums “Morskaya” and “Caviar”, the group went on the first tour “It is necessary”, which ended in December 1998 with sold-out concerts in DK Gorbunova. The tour lasted almost a year and a half. During this time, the group held about 150 performances in 100 cities. Performance in DK Gorbunov was declared "the last concert of the millennium."Due to the Russian economic crisis of 1998, the Rec Records company becomes bankrupt, and the group gets freedom from long-term obligations. Thus, management completely passes into the hands of the group members.

In the winter in London, Ilya Lagutenko will produce Zemfira Ramazanova’s debut album, in the spring she will intensify her activity “Leak Sound Recording”, where video tapes “At Mumiy Troll’s concerts” (live in DK Gorbunova) and CDs “Collections of completely different music U1 and U2” were released, which included the songs "Shamora" and "Three Times", performed by Ilya Lagutenko with Riga rappers from the group "Fact". In the summer, in the capital, “Mumiy Troll” plays as part of the “Moskovsky Komsomolets” festival on the outdoor venue of the Megahouse in Luzhniki. In the fall, the group goes to Japan, on a tour with the group of "Rose of Rose". The tour was supported by the leading Japanese state television channel NHK.

On November 8, the first single “Bride?” Was released, and on New Year's Eve from 1999 to 2000 - the second single “” was released. The appearance of the singles was supported by video clips, with the clip “Bride?”, Shot by Victor Wilks, for several weeks after the premiere led the Russian top 10 on MTV. This clip was presented at the exposition at the Museum of Modern Art in Gothenburg.

On New Year's Eve, the group starred in several Christmas programs, performing “Happy New Year, baby!” (In Leonid Parfyonov’s film “300 Years of the New Year”), the new hit “The Bride?” (TV-6) and a shocking cover version of the hit Alla Pugacheva "Million Scarlet Roses".

At the end of 1999, Radio Maximum and the heading for fashionable youth Megahouse of the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper summed up the musical results of the outgoing century. In the twenty best singles of the century were two songs of “Mummy Troll” at once: “Dolphins” and “Leak”. source not specified 697 days

The premiere of the video “” from the third album “Precisely Aloe Mercury” was scheduled for New Year’s Eve on January 1, 2000 on the ORT television channel. However, on December 31, 1999, ORT Channel Director General Konstantin Ernst canceled the premiere, explaining to the musicians that “there is a better message” - on this day, President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin announced his resignation and appointed Vladimir Putin as successor. The clip was later released on January 16, 2000.

On February 5, 2000, Real Records released its third studio album, Exactly Aloe Mercury. The album was recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World studio. The album contains four hits, each of which has an original artistic video version: “”, “My Singer”, “The Bride?” And “Without Cheating”. Thanks to the music videos for the songs rotated on the Russian MTV, this Mumiy Troll album has become a landmark for Russian music. source not specified 697 days In the transparent section of each of the officially released records, 13 artificial pearls, symbolizing each song of the album, were packed. source not specified 697 days "Exactly Mercury Aloe" was the band's first album available for free download. source not specified 697 days The album was supported by Mercury Aloe Tour.

On November 25, 2000, the “Extraordinary Mumiy Troll Concert in Gostiny Dvor” took place. source not specified 697 days


In 2001, the group represented Russia at the Eurovision song contest with the song "Lady Alpine Blue", where it took 12th place. After Eurovision, the group went on a tour of Denmark and Germany. In 2002, the single “Lucky Bride?” Was released in Denmark and Scandinavia, and the group made its most vivid northern trip - to Greenland.

Mumiy Troll was the first Russian group to support the organization PSI in 2001 in the fight against AIDS in Russia.


Meamura's album was released on September 1, 2002 in two color options - white and pink. The presentation of the album took place in the Luzhniki Sports Complex with the support of the Japanese group DASAIN. In 2003, the group traveled around the country with a new concert program "Meamury Tour", which ended with a big concert at the Olimpiysky Sports Complex. source not specified 697 days


In 2003, a feature film and the self-titled album of the Book Thieves group were released. The group composed several songs for other feature films, source not specified 697 days including The Night Watch, where Lagutenko played the role of a vampire.

In 2004, the soundtrack for the full-length animated film "Dunno and Barrabass" was recorded.


The sixth studio album "Mergers and Acquisitions" appeared in 2005. The name of the album was announced at an international business conference in Hong Kong. The album was recorded in Riga, London, the Dominican Republic and St. Petersburg. The album was highly appreciated by critics and received a prize in the nomination "Best Album of the Year" from Fuzz magazine. The album was designed by Artemy Lebedev. The album was supported by the Russian tour.

Mumiy Troll

Precisely Mercury Aloe 2020

On March 25 and 26, the Mumiy Troll band will give 2 exclusive concerts at the Mumiy Troll Music Bar Moscow as part of the anniversary of their third album, Exactly Mercury Aloe.

The release of “Exactly Aloe Mercury” took place on February 5, 2000, and was called “the first album of the new millennium.” The recording of the album material took place at the residence of Peter Gabriel Real World and other studios in London.
Show in full ... The album was released on CDs and tapes. Some design elements of the deluxe version of the disk were made in the form of pearl beads depicting drops of mercury.

5 clips were released for the album. “The Bride?” Is a video shot by Victor Wilks in the anime-play style of pop art, using innovative art technologies of the time, received more than one Russian music award, and subsequently presented at the exposition of the Museum of Modern Art in Gothenburg. “” was released on December 31, 1999, on the eve of the New Year and the new millennium. “Without cheating” - a clip built as an advertisement for a new perfume “Mercury Aloe No10”. "Strawberry" - live video from the MAXIDROM festival in Olympic. And “My Singer” is a costume video shot in Prague by Far Eastern director Pavel Ruminov.
For the album "Exactly Mercury Aloe", 4 singles were released. “The bride?”, “”, “Without cheating” and “My singer”. Before the Mummies of the Troll in Russia, no one had yet released singles before the release of the album.

Exactly Mercury Aloe was inspired by 90s Japanese rock, which the band met closely during their first visit to Japan, as well as 70s glam rock. After the “Sea” and “Caviar” it was a real reincarnation of musicians, a reflection of their new attitude. “Exactly Mercury Aloe” remains the only album of the group, from beginning to end recorded exclusively by the participants of the concert line-up of the Mumiy Troll season of 1998-99.

On March 25 and 26, Mumiy Troll will play only the album “Exactly Mercury Aloe” in the Mumiy Troll Music Bar. All songs from this album for the first time in the history of the group will sound live in one concert. To support the most j-rock album of Mumiy Troll, guests from the Land of the Rising Sun will arrive: Dj Toshio Matsura and culinary artist from Tokyo Masaaki Ioma.

Toshio Matsura is one of the founders of the United Future Organization (U.F.O.) project, the collective that started the Japanese club culture in 1990. For 12 years, U.F.O. released 5 albums, the tracks of them hit the music charts in 32 countries. After leaving U.F.O. Toshio Matsura began his solo career as a DJ and producer. He performs worldwide, writes soundtracks for fashion shows of world famous fashion houses. His interests are wide - he remixes to the music of James Brown, Astor Piazzolla, Gotan Project, etc.

The culinary artist Masaaki Ayoma will delight guests of the Mumiy Troll Music Bar with Japanese cuisine. Gourmets are waiting for the "Japanese dinner-fusion" of 7 dishes. Masaaki Ioma, born in Tokyo, began his career as a chef in Los Angeles at the Omino Sushi Restaurant. Then he worked for 15 years in the famous Hollywood sushi restaurant ASANEBO, became the owner of two Michelin stars, was awarded first place in the prestigious restaurant review Zagat. Masaaki Ioma has now returned to Tokyo and has taken over as the chef at Uohide Restaurant, as well as the chef and manager of SHIGETA EBISU Restaurant Holding.

For accreditation of concerts contact: [email protected]

Order tickets
March 25th:
March 26th:

A ticket does not mean booking a table. To book a table or purchase an invitation to a Japanese fusion dinner with Chef Masaaki Ioma, call tel. +7 (495) 510-58-48. Bar managers will provide detailed information on the availability of free tables.


In 2007, for the film “Paragraph 78”, Lagutenko and Brett Anderson recorded the song “Scorpio Rising”, which was filmed.

On July 7, the album “Amba” appeared. Together with the album, a new clip for the song Ru.Da. The video was shot in Hollywood by American director Antony Hoffman. At the fourth annual MTV Russia Music Awards 2007 music awards ceremony, the group received the MTV Legend special prize. This prize is awarded to groups and individual performers whose work has had a decisive influence on the formation and development of musical culture in Russia.

Best Mumiy Troll music videos online

The Mumiy Troll group, whose clips in the second half of the 90s was shown by all Russian TV channels, today has become one of the legends of popular rock music. The collective continues to record new albums, adhering to the direction set many years ago. However, videos shot for new songs on television rarely get and can hardly be compared with those that were at the very beginning of the creative path of the Vladivostok people.

Video for the song “Leak”

The “Leak” clip has become the hallmark of the Mumiy Troll group. With his appearance on the air, the ascension of Ilya Lagutenko to music tops began. The video shocked the viewer, and the appearance of the vocalist caused a lot of questions. However, the effect has been achieved. The director of the video “Leak” Mikhail Khleborodov. Filmed in 1997.

Clip for the song "Cat Cat"

Another name for the song "Cat Cat" - "That's all love." This was the second video for the song from the album "Marine". It was also directed by director Mikhail Khleborodov. By the way, the plot’s storyline is connected with the “Leak” clip - a girl trimmed by Ilya Lagutenko also appears here, and the atmosphere of the clip is similar to the one in the previous video.


On August 8, the album "8" was released. The material was created in three cities - Moscow, Yevpatoriya and Los Angeles.

The group performed the song "Kung Fu Masters" for the Russian-language version of the cartoon "Kung Fu Panda", a clip was shot for the song. Lagutenko voiced in the cartoon Masters Monkey.

Mumiy Troll was the first of the Russian groups and one of the first in the world to create its own social network source not specified 697 days


The first foreign official release of the group was released on April 7, 2009. The album Comrade Ambassador was released by an American company Syndicate together with the social network The advent of the Comrade Ambassador coincided with a large-scale tour of the cities of North America (more than 60 cities). The album includes songs from the group’s last two albums - “Amba” and “8”, as well as the Russian version of the classic hit “California Dreaming” (“California is dreaming”). All songs of the album are presented in Russian.


In 2010, the group released the album "Rare Earth" and went on a big tour of North America, Russia and neighboring countries. At the end of autumn, the group took part in organizing and conducting the Tiger Summit in Russia, and in December played two concerts in the Ice Palace and the Olympic Palace. In the summer of 2010, the group carried out a naval tour. As part of the Tour, the band's concerts took place in the cities - headquarters of the Russian Navy: Sevastopol, Kronstadt, Vladivostok directly on warships.

The Mummy Troll took part in the American SXSW festival in Texas and in the Mexican Cervantino and Zacatecas. The song “Dipper” was performed live by Craig Ferguson on CBS. The group released two singles in English “Paradise Ahead” and “Polar Bear”.

In November 2010, the group performed at the Mikhailovsky Theater in St. Petersburg as part of the Tiger Summit.


In 2011, the group continued to tour across Russia, in particular, the tour continues and reached Magadan and Kamchatka. The group performs in the crater of the active Gorely volcano in Kamchatka.

In 2011, Mumiy Troll and the Afisha magazine implemented the Do It For Me project. Young groups recorded their own versions of Mumiy Troll's hits of different years and shot clips on them. The result was a CD edition.

The “MuzPerelet” project was carried out on September 1, 2011: at 11 o’clock in Vladivostok time, “Mumiy Troll” performed on the central square of Vladivostok, started at noon from the concert venue to the airport to be in Kaliningrad on the evening of September 1 and at 22 o’clock Kaliningrad time give a concert on stage near the Kaliningrad House of Soviets. The record in the category “concert of a musical group held in the two most geographically extreme (West-East) cities of Russia on one calendar day” is registered in the Russian Book of Records.

In the fall of 2011, a book by Ilya Lagutenko and Vladivostok journalist Vasily Avchenko “Vladivostok 3000. A Tale of the Pacific Republic” was published. The authors define its genre as “fantastic movie story”.


In April 2012, the group recorded the first studio English album, Vladivostok.

In September 2012, the group released, with the support of the Russian Geographical Society, a series of books “Tiger stories” about the Amur tiger, consisting of three parts: “The poem on tiger cubs, the Tigress with Blue Eyes and the Good Jaeger-Okhotoved”, “The Tale of the Tiger, Ambu guarding” , “Tigers and us. How the Russian Far East and Far Eastern Tigers live together. ” The authors of the Primorsky Associated Museum named after V.K. Arsenyev and Lazovsky Reserve participated in the creation of the books.

In 2012-2013, the group planned to circumnavigate the Sedov sailboat.


At the end of January 2013, the group arrived in Vladivostok, where they were filming a video for the new song “The Fourth Trolleybus” (also just “Trolleybus”) from the upcoming album, which was scheduled for release in the summer. The idea for the clip arose in 2012, when the city was preparing for the APEC summit. Before filming the video, Lagutenko met with the mayor of the city, Igor Pushkaryov, who thanked the group for popularizing the coastal capital in Russia and the world, and awarded Ilya the distinction "For Merit to Vladivostok, First Class". For the filming of the clip, traffic on Okeansky Prospekt from the central square to the city hall was blocked, along which all the people who took part in the filming moved, and city trolley buses also took part in them. The premiere of the “Fourth Trolleybus” took place on March 29 in Chart Dozen; the premiere of the clip took place on April 15, 2013.

On May 14, 2013 the group released the single “Sharks or Spider”, on May 20 a video for this song was released.

An interview with Lagutenko on Rossiyskaya Gazeta appeared on July 4, where he stated that the first V-Rox festival would be held in Vladivostok from August 23 to 25, at which the new album would be presented. The working title of the latest record is “Brother-3,” with a total of 10 songs. On July 8, the premiere of the new song “SOS Sailor” and a video for it took place. On July 17, 2013, the group performed at the closing of the XXVII World Summer Universiade in Kazan with the new song "Malek".

On August 8, the name of the new album was approved - "SOS Sailor", like the single released in the summer.

On August 16, the single "Brother Tty" was released. The video clip was a video installation called "THE BEAST" by contemporary Chinese artist Lu Yang.

August 20 at the Yandex. Music ”released the 10th studio Russian-language album“ SOS Sailor ”.

At the end of October, during the autumn tour, the group left the guitarist Yuri Tsaler. In the fall, Artyom Kritzin, who previously played in the Pilar band, became the permanent guitarist in the group.

In December 2013, it was reported that Mumiy Troll will hold the final series of concerts at the end of the year, after which, according to Ilya Lagutenko, the group will cease its activities. Lagutenko later denied rumors about the collapse of the team.


At the end of March 2014, the site released a remix of the video “Leak 2” in three languages ​​- Russian, English (“Flow Away”) and Chinese (“Kuaizuokai”). On April 29, the group announced a new album - “Pirate copies”, the release of which was scheduled for early 2015. The song “It Seems” and the eponymous clip were also presented.The video for the song “It seems” was the first joint work of the group and Andrei Flakonkishochki. The composition itself was recorded while working on the SOS Sailor disc. Later, together with Andrei Flakonkishochki, clips were released for the songs "Moshka" and "Dolls".

In the summer of 2014, as part of a joint project with Google, the song and video clip “Pirate copies” was presented, and as part of the competition with Gibson, the song “Last Holiday” was presented. source not specified 697 days

On August 29–31, 2014, the second V-ROX festival organized by Ilya Lagutenko took place in Vladivostok.

On November 1, the new single “November” and a clip for it were released. The song was first played at the end of 2013 and was performed at several December concerts.

On November 25, a video for the new Vitamins song was released, directed by Lu Yang. On December 31, a Russian-language video for the song “Vitamins” was released, directed by Artem Loskot. source not specified 697 days


On January 15, 2015, another video was released from the album “Pirate Copies” for the song “From a Blank Slate”.

The release of the album “Pirate copies” took place on April 15, 2015. Presentations were held in Vologda, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

At the end of August 2015, the third V-ROX festival was held in Vladivostok.

In the fall of 2015, the group went on a tour of Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Great Britain, Ireland).


On March 1, 2016, Mumiy Troll released the second English album - Malibu alibi. Material for Malibu alibi was written during the group’s round-the-world trip on the Sedov barque and recorded in studios in Los Angeles, Moscow, as well as in China, Japan, Singapore and South Africa. The album includes 9 tracks.

In May 2016, at the Cannes Film Festival, the group presented the documentary film “SOS to Sailor” (Vladivostok Vacation at the foreign box office), filmed in 2012-2013 during a round-the-world trip on the Sedov barge. The film was produced by Ilya Lagutenko, the musicians of the group and crew members of the sailing ship starred. In June 2016, the film was shown to the general public.

In 2016, the group performs at the Russian festivals “Island of the 90s” (Yekaterinburg), Bosco Fresh Fest (Moscow), “Metallurgist Day” (Sayanogorsk), “Sibirfest” (Novosibirsk), “Prostor” (Khabarovsk). Among foreign performances - participation in the festival "Rock for Beavers" (Minsk, Belarus), Lemesos Rock City Festival (Limassol, Cyprus), Visual Japan Summit (Chiba, Japan), South by Southwest (Austin, USA), Far From Moscow Festival (Los Angeles, USA) .

In December 2016, the group released the Russian version of the song "Bring The Snow" from the cartoon "Moomins at Christmas" (Moomins at Christmas) of the Finnish company Filmkompaniet. In Russian, the composition performed by Ilya Lagutenko is called "The Winter Moomin Song".


On January 2, 2017, the music video for the song “Grilyazh (number 31)”, shot on December 19, 2016 during the Moscow premiere of the film “Yolki 5”, was published on the group’s official page on YouTube. This song (along with the songs “Do not part with your loved ones”, performed by a duet with singer Yolka and Sundae) was included in the soundtrack of the film.

In March, the group presented the single “I don’t remember why” from the upcoming album, which is scheduled for release at the end of the year. On March 29 and 30, Mumiy Troll gave big concerts at Crocus City Hall in Moscow, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the album Marine. As part of the show, almost all the songs from the anniversary album were performed, as well as many hits of the group and the new song “I don’t remember why.”

On June 15, 2017, “Mumiy Troll” released a new video “I don’t remember why.” The movie was directed by photographer Eliot Lee Hazel.

The new album of the group “East X Northwest” was released on February 18, 2018.


  • New Moon of April (1985)
  • Do you Yu (1990)
  • Marine (1997)
  • Caviar (1997)
  • Chamor (1998)
  • Exactly Aloe Mercury (2000)
  • Meamurs (2002)
  • Book Thieves (2004)
  • Mergers and acquisitions (2005)
  • Amba (2007)
  • 8 (2008)
  • Rare earths (2010)
  • Vladivostok (2012)
  • SOS sailor (2013)
  • Pirated copies (2015)
  • Malibu alibi (2016)

Current squad

  • Ilya Lagutenko - vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar, acoustics, songwriter, concept, tambourine, percussion (since 1983)
  • Oleg Pungin - drums, electronic percussion (since 1997)
  • Alexander Holenko (DZA) - programming, samples, synthesizer, arrangements (since 2013)
  • Artyom Kricin - solo guitar, backing vocals (since 2013)
  • Pavel Vovk - bass (since 2016)

Former members

  • Yuri Tsaler - guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, saxophone (1997—2013)
  • Eugene "Shift" Visible - bass, backing vocals, xylophone, keyboards (1997—2016),
  • Leonid Burlakov,
  • Cyril Babiy - keyboards (1981-1983)
  • Pavel Babiy - drums (1981-1983)
  • Albert Krasnov - guitar, keyboards (1982-1990, 1996-1997)
  • Denis Transky - keyboards, saxophone (1997-1999)
  • Olesya Lyashenko - backing vocals, vocals (1997-1999)
  • Vladimir Lutsenko - bass guitar (1982-1990)
  • Igor Kulkov - guitar (1981-1982)
  • Andrey Barabash - bass (1981-1982)
  • Stanislav Tsaler

Banknote "Vladivostok 2000"

In February 2015, the PROVODA advertising agency initiated the collection of signatures on a petition to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation with a request to issue a new banknote of two thousand rubles with the image of Vladivostok on it. The idea of ​​the initiative was the song "Vladivostok 2000". In response, the Far Eastern General Directorate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation officially announced that a banknote of two thousand rubles will not be issued in Russia, since the nominal number of banknotes of the Bank of Russia fully meets the needs of cash circulation. In August 2015, the Xinhua Chinese news agency published news about the official circulation of the Russian ruble on a par with the yuan in the border district of Suifenhe, reinforcing the news with an image of a banknote of two thousand rubles.

Ilya Lagutenko noted that the idea of ​​such a banknote seems to him a logical continuation of the song "Vladivostok 2000", which sings about upcoming new opportunities that are coming "cleaner times".

In 2016, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation announced a symbol contest for new banknotes of 200 and 2000 rubles denominations, the winners of which were Sevastopol and the Far East (Vostochny Cosmodrome and the bridge to Russky Island). The Far East was placed on a banknote of 2,000 rubles. Money in circulation appeared in 2017.

Mummy Troll now

The group’s creativity is also in demand in the cinema environment. “Vladivostok 2000” and “Leak” were successfully used as soundtracks in the comedy “Partner” with Sergei Garmash, Lisa Arzamasova and Ian Tsapnik. “Fantasy” was performed in the picture of Marius Weisberg “Grandmother of easy virtue” and the series “Margosha”. The musical melodrama “Bird” with the participation of Ivan Okhlobystin and Garik Sukachev could not do without “Moshka” and “Dipper”.

Mumiy Troll Group in 2018

In 2018, to the delight of fans, a new studio album “Mummy Troll” was released with the name “East X Northwest”. The year before, at a concert in St. Petersburg dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the album “Marine”, Ilya sang a song from the future disc “I don’t remember why” and announced the upcoming release. In June 2017, the premiere of the clip for this composition took place. The videos were also shot on the singles “Oh” and “Rep. for romance. "

The song "I don’t remember why" of the Mumiy Troll group

According to the press release, “Oi” is a kind of traveling song for the Toby doll participating in the V-Rox rock festival in Vladivostok. The doll was painted by another British friend of Lagutenko - the artist Gary Baysman, the author of advertising campaigns of famous world brands and heroes of the Disney cartoon "Teacher’s Favorite".

At the height of summer, Mumiy Troll will give concerts at major venues in Latvia, Belarus and Moldova.

Clip for the song "Vladivostok 2000"

The song "Vladivostok 2000" became not only one of the hits of the "Mummies of the Troll", but also the unofficial anthem of the city of Vladivostok, where Ilya Lagutenko came from. The clip was shot in the musician’s hometown in 1998. Director of the movie Anton Bormatov. The video used both concert filming and shots taken during the rest of the collective members.

The clip is not a song "Dolphins"

The composition "Dolphins" was included in the second studio album "Mummy Troll", called "Caviar". The clip of the same name can be called the most beautiful and atmospheric of those that were shot for the team headed by Ilya Lagutenko. The director of the video is Mikhail Khleborodov. The premiere of the clip took place in 1998. Over four years, the video has gained more than a million views on the Internet (data from the official Mumiy Troll channel).

Clip for the song "Ranetka"

The “Ranetka” clip is the second promo video for the “Caviar” album. He was shot by the then-fashionable director Victor Wilks, who also worked with Zemfira. The clip fell into the hot rotation of the Russian MTV, and the song itself was repeatedly broadcast on the radio, however, on the Internet for four years the video gained a little over a hundred thousand views.

Clip for the song "My Singer"

The clip "My Singer" is the closest competitor to Dolphins. The clip was directed by Pavel Ruminov in 2000. This is the only costumed video of the Mumiy Troll group, shot as a short film, the plot of which unfolds during the Middle Ages. Ilya Lagutenko plays the role of a convict who is led to the guillotine.

Today, Mumiy Troll videos in high quality can be viewed on the Internet. Ilya Lagutenko operates a channel on Youtube, where he uploads not only official music videos, but also other videos. The musicians made several clips for the songs from the “Pirate Copy” album, and most of them were shot on household appliances, that is, on phones.




Watch the video: The music behind Mr. Robot (April 2020).