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Elena Borshcheva
Birth nameElena Sergeevna Borshcheva
Date of BirthApril 11, 1981 (1981-04-11) (38 years old)
Place of BirthNalchik, Kabardino-Balkarian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, USSR
  • Russia
Career1999 - present time
IMDbID 5111520
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Elena Sergeevna Borshcheva (in marriage - Yushkevich) nickname - Elena Khulevna Santa Maria Gerra (born April 11, 1981, Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkarian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic) - Russian film, television and KVN actress of a humorous genre, poet. Member of the KVN team Pyatigorsk Team (2000-2006), a former participant in the Comedy Woman show (2008-2012, 2016).


Elena's parents met in Moscow as students. Her mother, Tatyana Vitalyevna Borshcheva, studied at the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, and her father, Panamanian Julio Santa Maria Gerra, studied at RUDN University. The couple soon broke up, Julio left for Panama, and Tatyana returned home to Nalchik, where Elena was born on April 11, 1981. Elena first found out about her father at only 10 years old, and met with him only in the 2010s in the Netherlands, where he received his doctorate.

In 1998, after graduation, she entered the Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, the faculty of Spanish and English. At the age of 18, she tracked down her father through the Panama Embassy. In 1999, she made her debut as part of the University KVN team “Bernardatzi Brothers”.

Since 2000, she played for the Pyatigorsk National Team, which later became the champion of the Highest League of KVN, the owner of the Summer Cup of KVN and other awards. Elena stood out for her non-standard appearance and high growth - 181 cm. In KVN she herself came up with jokes and numbers.

In 2003 she graduated from the university with a degree in Linguist. Teacher of Spanish and English. ” About a year she worked as a specialist in foreign economic relations.

In 2005 she got married. Then, with her husband, she moved to Moscow.

Since 2006, at the invitation of Natalia Yeprikyan, she took part in the club’s comedy project “Made in woman”, which in 2008 turned into the television show “Comedy Woman” on TNT. She took herself the stage name Elena Hulevna Santa Maria Guerra - named after her father.

In May 2012, after the expiration of the contract, she left the Comedy Woman show and decided to start solo projects. Elena began to lead the author's master class "How to develop a sense of humor." She organized the culinary and humorous show "Cook-ha," which takes place in Moscow restaurants. Conducts various corporate events.

She took part in several television programs: “Taxi” and “Eat and Lose Weight” on TNT, “Let them Speak”, “Fort Boyard”, “Big Difference” on Channel One, “Good Jokes”, “Thank God, you have come!” , “Stories in detail”, “This is my child ?!”, “Big question” on STS. She starred in a commercial of drops from the runny nose of Xylen.

In September 2014, Elena’s video for the song “Casting” was released.

On December 2, 2016, in the 46th issue of Comedy Woman season 7, Elena Borshcheva returned to the show for one issue.

Personal life

In 2004, she met her future husband, fitness trainer Valery Yushkevich. On July 2, 2005, they got married, and Elena took her husband's surname. March 15, 2007 they had a daughter, Martha. In the fall of 2014, it became known that Elena was expecting a second child. To get pregnant for the second time, the comedian and her husband had to resort to IVF. The girl, whom Elena Borshcheva called Uma, was born on April 1, 2015.


Elena Borshcheva was born on April 11 in Nalchik. She graduated from Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University with a degree in Linguist. Teacher of Spanish and English. ” She played for the Pyatigorsk Team, who later became the champion of the Highest League of KVN, the owner of the Summer Cup of KVN and other awards. Since 2008, she took part in the television show “Comedy Woman” on TNT.

After the expiration of the contract, she left the Comedy Woman show and decided to do solo projects. Since 2012, she has been conducting the author's master class “How to Develop a Sense of Humor”. Conducts various corporate events and weddings. Elena is a master at creating the right atmosphere, both at small events and at the largest. Since 2017, he has been the head of the KVN children’s team “How to develop a sense of humor”. Acts in films, plays in the theater.

2011 - “The Best Movie in 3D”
2013 - Parrot Club (voice acting)
2015 - “What Men 2 Do”
2016 - “All About Men”
2019 - Be Healthy (Short)
2019 - Robo (in production)

Elena has been married to Valery Yushkevich since 2005, the couple has two daughters.

How to develop a sense of humor

in the training program:
- humor as an instrument of social adaptation
- way out of conflict situations with the help of humor
- humor as a means to combat stress
- theory and practice of making jokes
- how to learn to see the "funny" in yourself

Have you noticed, sitting in front of the TV, how professional comedians joke easily and naturally? They wondered how they succeed. Nothing is impossible! You will learn how to get out of a conflict with a joke, through examples you will hear how a joke is born, how humor promotes social adaptation, relieves stress. And you will learn many funny stories from the life of Elena Borshcheva and her entourage! You will also laugh at yourself. And already at the end of the training you will feel happier, which means you will be more successful!

Well, you fruit!

busy in the performance:
Andrey Urgant
Elena Borshcheva
A. Stekolnikov
M. Gorban
A. Vasiliev

The roguish official Bibikov from a certain region “N” is in the capital to “solve” the problems that have arisen. The key to solving them in the form of two million tightly packed in a package is located in the hotel room safe and awaits the arrival of the right person. But the "poor" our hero could not even imagine that besides him and his assistant Zhora, Margo would be in the room. A stripper and klofelinschitsa, but in fact a student and just a beauty who really needs money to study.

Hell family

busy in the performance:
Elena Borshcheva
Vladimir Sychev
Leonid Leikin
Ivar Kalnins
Yana Koshkina

An eccentric comedy with an unpredictable plot, star cast, a sea of ​​humor, shooting and special effects. The amazing atmosphere of the performance and the unusual lighting solution immerses us in the equally scary and funny world of the once rich Adov family and its immediate surroundings. A very accurate and delicate satire today with its thirst for profit, virtual reality, plastic surgery, inhuman cruelty and pragmatic pragmatism, a satire on everything that sometimes prevents us from loving our dearest people - our loved ones, our family.

Borshcheva was born in the spring of the early eighties in Nalchik

The birth of the future star was preceded by an incredibly beautiful love story of a student from Nalchik and a student from Panama, Julio Santa Maria Guerra. As a result, Elena Sergeevna Borshcheva was born.

Her mother and father never lived together. After graduation, the pope of the future celebrity went to his homeland, and his mother remained in Russia. Somewhat later, matured Elena found her father. As it turned out, the man was also looking for his daughter. They met in Panama, and Borshcheva met her father's family and three half-brothers. But the girl did not want to stay in the country in which the parent lived.

Even at school, Elena Sergeevna was fond of the Spanish language. Therefore, after receiving a certificate, the girl entered the linguistic institute. But in her creative career, this knowledge was not useful to her.

Elena’s creative career began as a student

Initially, Borshcheva played at the university in KVN, but a little later a bright girl was noticed and invited to the Pyatigorsk National Team. This team later turned out to be the champion of the Major League. But most importantly, the guys from Pyatigorsk were shown on TV. Elena Borshcheva turned out to be one of the brightest and most memorable actresses of the national team, although initially she did not connect her future life with either KVN or television.

Spectacular appearance, as well as the manner of performance of the Russian artist Elena Sergeevna, were pleasant to the public. As a result, Borshchev, together with Slepakov, occupied a leading position.

The team collected a huge number of honorary awards, and also got rid of the prefix "vice" and went into free swimming

Regular tours strengthened the prestige of the Pyatigorsk National Team and allowed its most striking KVN players to begin a “solo” career. Twelve years ago, Elena Sergeevna Borshcheva received an invitation from Natalia Yeprikyan.

So KVNschitsa got into the “Comedy Wumen”, where her creative career went uphill. The girl chose the stage name, which is called, by its origin: Elena Santa Maria Guerra. Her joint numbers with Kravchenko and Medvedeva were incredibly famous and funny.

But unexpectedly for all six years ago, when the artist’s contract with TNT ended, Elena Borshcheva refused to renew the contract and left the project. Borshcheva decided to work solo.

At the same time, the only thing that fans were able to learn about the departure of the famous actress from the humorous program was that Elena Borshcheva decided to change the image in which she was known in this project. At the same time, the Russian actress understands that the audience will still want to see her in their usual way, and does not deny that she is ready to return to it from time to time.

In the spring of four years ago, the second daughter appeared - Uma

To give birth to a second child, Elena resorted to IVF. Borshcheva-Yushkevich likes to spend her free time with her family, as well as prepare delicious dishes and knit for her relatives.

At the end of 2016, Elena's fans received a New Year's gift. Borshcheva returned to the comedy show "Comedy Wumen", but only for one issue.

Two years ago, rumors appeared in the media that the artist was waiting for a replenishment in the family. At the celebrations, Elena was only in loose clothing, which hid the figure. After rumors of pregnancy, Borshcheva herself did not comment on these speculations.

But she knew about the rumors. Although Elena decided not to introduce certainty, the actress played on this hype. She posted on Instagram a photo with her children and her husband and wrote under the picture about the long-awaited addition to the family. But the dog became the new member of the family, which, as it turned out, had been asking the mother for the eldest daughter for a long time.

Photo: Elena Borscheva

Childhood and family of Elena Borshcheva

Lena's parents met in Moscow, when both had practice. Mom then graduated from the Timiryazev Academy, father - RUDN University. The full name of the father is Julio Santa Maria Guerra, he is Panamanian.

After receiving diplomas, my father wanted them to live in his homeland, Panama. Mom did not want to leave, and the young people quarreled. Father still left, and mother returned to Nalchik, where Elena was born. For this reason, Elena for a long time did not know anything about her father.

Many years later, already being a popular and famous artist, Elena Borshcheva applied to the consulate of Panama, trying to find her father. And she soon found out that he was also looking for her. The long-awaited meeting took place in the Netherlands, where today Julio Santa Maria Guerra lives with his new family and holds the position of Doctor of Science in Agriculture. On the father's side, Elena has three stepbrothers.

It is worth noting that the craving for their roots has always been characteristic of a young artist. Even in her youth, she became actively involved in Spanish philology. And therefore, after graduating from school, without hesitation, she entered the faculty of Spanish at the Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University.

Here she found many new friends, acquaintance with whom predetermined the whole future fate of Elena Borshcheva. As all readers of this article are surely aware, the life and career of “Elena Hulevna Santa Maria Gerra” was subsequently associated not with Spanish philology, but with humor and comedy television projects.

Career of Elena Borshcheva in KVN

In 2000, at the invitation of future teammate David Melik-Huseynov, Elena Borshcheva began performing on the KVN stage. It is noteworthy that from the very beginning the girl was rather skeptical about this undertaking and treated her only as a joke. However, the hobby very soon became something more.

A few months after her debut, the girl became one of the most prominent characters in the Pyatigorsk National Team, in which she performed at that time. The audience was attracted by her unusual stage role, a peculiar manner of presentation of the material, as well as a remarkable appearance.

It is worth noting that Elena Borscheva was loved not only by the audience, but also by other members of the team. In just a few months, the girl earned great authority in the team and began to act not only as an artist, but also as an author and director of stage miniatures.

Thus, the team of KVN “Pyatigorsk National Team” led by Elena Borshcheva and Semyon Slepakov very quickly began to climb to the heights of popularity. In 2000, this team became the winner of the Central Slobozhansky League of KVN, and two years later a late finalist of the Ukrainian League.

On the Kiev stage, talented KVN-schiki were noticed by producers of the Higher League, who soon invited young artists to take part in the Jolly KiViN festival in Jurmala, and then in the games of the Highest League of KVN itself.

The first serious success came to the team on the Moscow stage. Already in their 2003 debut season, the team reached the finals and became the club's vice champion. It was possible to get rid of the offensive prefix "vice" of the Pyatigorsk National Team as early as next year. The team for the second time reached the finals and this time confidently took the desired height.

Thus, in 2004, Elena Borshcheva and her teammates won the title of Champions of the Higher League of the Cheerful and Resourceful Club. However, this title did not become the last for the talented team.

In the general piggy bank of the Pyatigorsk National Team awards, there are two KiViNs in gold, one KiVin in bright, the Summer Cup of 2006, as well as a huge number of other awards of various denominations.

Having finished performing on the stage of the Cheerful and Resourceful Club, the team went on a “free swim” and toured for a long time in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus with comedy concerts. However, some time later, the leaders of the Pyatigorsk National Team began to actively work on other projects. And the team actually ceased to exist.

Career of Elena Borshcheva in Comedy Woman

In 2007, at the personal invitation of Natalya Andreyevna Eprikyan, Elena Borshcheva began performing in the new comedy show on TNT's channel - “Comedy Woman”. To some extent, this project was a logical continuation of the KVN-ovsky career of the artist.

In the framework of the “female” “Comedy”, the girl most often appeared in the same image as before on the stage of the Fun and Inventive Club. Her heroine - Elena Khulevna Santa Maria Gerra - is a bright and extraordinary character, an absurd and insensitive ugly athlete. Elena Borshcheva herself calls her "the embodiment of anti-sexual absurdity."

Yushkevich considers the joint show with Maria Kravchenko with the number “Bodyguard” and the number with Natasha Medvedeva, where they portrayed artists in Mexican sombreros, to be the most successful in the show.

After the first performances on the TNT channel, the artist's popularity began to grow at a double pace.The audience loved her, her colleagues on the stage appreciated, but in 2012, the artist suddenly refused to renew the contract with the TNT channel and started talking about a kind of solo project.

They wrote a lot about why Elena left, the versions were very different, including one that supposedly Borshcheva left with a scandal.

Elena had long dreamed of doing her project and believed that once in her life it would be so. In 2012, she faced a choice - to continue to work for her in a female comedy show or to engage in a solo project. The actress chose the second path, which she still does not regret. Participants in the show said that for them, the departure of Lena was not a surprise, since Yushkevich was long on this decision.

Elena also starred in such popular programs as “Good Jokes”, “This is My Child ?!”, “Eat and Lose Weight”, “Taxi” and others. Yushkevich organized master classes that she herself conducts - “How to Develop in Yourself sense of humor". In 2012, she was one of the participants in the Fort Boyard show, which was broadcast on Channel One.

Elena Yushkevich today

Elena Yushkevich went to Panama to meet her father and his family. She did not feel herself there, since completely different people live in this country, with a different mentality. Elena feels like a Russian person.

Lena says that she is often recognized on the street or in a cafe, so she can’t easily go nowhere without being examined, giggled, asked questions or asked for an autograph. The actress tries to treat this with humor, although, as she admitted, this does not always work out. But popularity sometimes helps. Once the actress was allowed to go to the exhibition of Picasso’s works without a queue through the back door just because they found out.

Elena Yushkevich dreams of visiting Spain. She has been to many Spanish-speaking countries, studied this language at the University, even taught Spanish courses, but she didn’t have to visit Spain.

Humor and creativity

The creative biography of Elena Borscheva began in her student years. At first, the girl acted as part of the KVN university team, but soon a bright actress was noticed and invited to become a member of the Pyatigorsk National Team. This famous team soon turned out to be the champion of the Major League, and then won the Summer Cup of KVN and many other awards. But the main thing is that the guys from Pyatigorsk, including Borschev, were shown on television.

Elena Borshcheva on the stage of KVN

Lena turned out to be one of the most vivid and memorable actors of the national team, although at first she did not connect her future life with either the KVN game or the television.

Notable appearance, manner of play, hilarious seriousness Borshcheva liked the audience. The girl was distinguished by her extravagant, not too pretty appearance - she was quite tall and lean (the artist's height was 180 cm, weight 60 kg), and the stage image only strengthened these features. As a result, Elena Borshcheva and Semyon Slepakov turned out to be leaders of audience sympathy.

The team collected many honorary awards, got rid of the prefix "vice" and went to "free swimming". Tours in large cities of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus strengthened the authority of the Pyatigorsk National Team and allowed its most prominent artists, including Elena Borshcheva, to begin a “solo” career.

In 2007, the artist from Nalchik received an invitation from Natalia Yeprikyan. So Borshcheva got into the TV show "Comedy Woman", where her career went to a new round. The stage name Elena chose what is called, according to her origin: Elena Khulevna Santa Maria Gerra. Borshcheva, who loves to play a trick on herself, called the created image “the embodiment of anti-sexual absurdity”. Her joint numbers with Maria Kravchenko and Natasha Medvedeva were incredibly popular and funny.

Elena Borshcheva in the show "Comedy Woman"

But unexpectedly for everyone, Elena Borscheva in 2012, when the artist’s contract with TNT ended, refused to renew the contract and left the popular project. She decided to develop a solo career.

At the same time, the only thing that fans were able to find out about the artist’s departure from the comedy show was that Elena Borshcheva plans to radically change her stage image and abandon the role in which the comedian played in this project. At the same time, the comedian understands that the audience will still want to see the artist in the usual way, and does not deny that she is ready to periodically return to him.

Subsequently, the artist also in an interview shared with the press that the decision to leave was not spontaneous. Elena Borscheva every day more and more realized that she did not want to be on the set of this show. Moreover, such discomfort is connected precisely with the creative orientation of the program, as Elena continued to maintain warm relations with her colleagues on the program even after leaving.

Soon, the audience saw their favorite comedian in the programs “Eat and Lose Weight”, “Good Jokes”, “This is My Baby ?!”, “Taxi” and others. She also took part in the Fort Boyard television show.

It is known that after leaving “Comedy Woman” Borshcheva began to conduct a master class where she talks about how to develop a sense of humor. And Lena organized the cookery show “Cook-ha”, which was held in the restaurants of the capital.

Among other things, the artist is often invited to lead corporate events.

The artist also tried her own strength in the music field. Elena Borshcheva recorded a song and a clip for the hit "Casting".

Elena Borshcheva now

In December 2016, fans of Elena Borshcheva received a kind of New Year's gift. The artist returned to the popular comedy show "Comedy Woman", though only for one issue. Elena Borshcheva appeared on television in the 46th issue of season 7.

In 2017, rumors appeared in the media that Elena Borshcheva was soon waiting for a replenishment in the family. At social events, the artist appeared only in loose clothing that hides the figure. After the rumors about the pregnancy of the TV presenter, Elena Borshcheva herself did not comment on these gossip.

But Elena, of course, knew about the rumors. Although the artist decided not to give a clear answer whether these speculations are true, Borshcheva played on this hype. The woman posted on Instagram a photo with her children and her husband, in the signature of which the artist announced the long-awaited replenishment in the family. But the dog became a new member of the family, which, as it turned out, had been asking the mother for the eldest daughter for a long time. This is a snow-white Bichon Frize breed named Stiles.

In 2018, Elena Borshcheva became a participant in the show “Channel One” “Stars under Hypnosis”. In the new TV show, hypnologist Isa Bagirov forces celebrities to use the hidden powers of consciousness, as well as radically change their mood and behavior right during the show. On the TV show, the artist was convinced that Elena was the mother of eight children, suffering from amnesia.


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