Wives, children and - revaluation of the values ​​of Michael Police


Michael Police

June 20, 2019
Birth nameMikhail Semenovich Policeitsamako
Date of BirthApril 7, 1976 (1976-04-07) (43 years old)
Place of Birth
  • Moscow, USSR
  • Russia
Career1985 - present
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Mikhail Semenovich Police officer (born April 7, 1976, Moscow) - Russian film and theater actor, singer, TV presenter. Member of the Public Council of the Russian Jewish Congress. The son of actress Maria Policeitsimako and actor Semyon Farada.


Born in an acting Greek-Jewish family.

Mother - actress Maria Policeitsimako, father - actor Semyon Farada. Grandfather - actor BDT Vitaly Police. First starred in a movie at the age of eight - in the film "What is" Jumble "." The credits were listed as Misha Farada.

He studied at a school with a mathematical bias. He graduated from music school in piano.

Personal life

  • the first wife is actress Olga Valerievna Lysak (born June 9, 1973), and her son is Nikita Policeitsimako (born September 28, 2001). Relations with the first wife did not work out. The son at age 14 moved to live with his father.
  • second wife since 2005 - Larisa Yuryevna Policeitsimako (nee Muratova) (born March 8, 1977, Rzhev). Her mother Tatyana Semyonovna worked in the passport office, her father is a former ensign. She graduated from the St. Petersburg School of Russian Drama named after Igor Gorbachev. In 2002, she organized the Triel Children's Theater, writes plays for her theater and plays in it. Daughters Emilia (born October 23, 2007) and Sofia (born November 15, 2010).

He has an older brother, Yuri, who lives in Johannesburg (from his mother’s previous marriage).

Theater roles

  • Mr. Dussel (Anne Frank Diary F. Goodrich A. Hackett)
  • Jomo (Lorenzaccio A. de Musset)
  • Tartaglia (“The Deer King” by C. Gozzi)
  • Benvolio (Romeo and Juliet by W. Shakespeare)
  • DJ Max (Radio Day, Election Day Quartet I)
  • Alexander Gachin (“Woman Above Us”, Contemporary Theater of Entreprise)
  • Smirnov / Lomov ("Little Comedies", Contemporary Theater of Entreprise)
  • Chair Stepan Koshevoi (“Baboon Riot” Sholokhov, Russian Song Theater)

Entrepreneurial work:

Acting dynasty

The actor says that he does not really remember his first experiences and compares himself-a little with his own children. The daughter of Police Emaco Emilia sometimes works with dad. When she started - at a very young age - he believed that the girl would quickly get tired and could not relax. But it was not there. Emilia quickly entered the rhythm and got tired no faster than dad.

By the end of school, Misha decided to go to acting, despite the fact that he had every chance, like dad, to graduate from a prestigious technical or physical-mathematical university (it is known that Semyon Farada graduated from Baumanka). From the first time, a talented boy entered GITIS.


Literally in the first year, Michael had his first strong love. At 18, he already lived with beauty Olga Lysak in a happy marriage. When the young man turned 25, the lovers decided to acquire offspring. The first son of Police Nikomo was born. However, a year later the marriage cracked at the seams: Olga found out that the charismatic husband fell in love with another woman.

That woman was Larisa, who a little later will become the second wife of the actor. And she will be jealous of a pretty spouse with exuberant curls and expressive eyes: Police officer Macau has Greek roots, which gave the actor an unforgettable colorful appearance.

It is known that the first wife could not forgive Misha for treason. Now they communicate a little. But after the divorce, Olga maintained a good relationship with her mother-in-law. Michael, on the other hand, did not stop providing and educating his son.

In the second marriage, the actor will have two daughters - Emilia and Sophia. In one of his interviews, he will tell you how happy that the children were born quite early - when he was very young. So the actor had the opportunity to see how they grow up, how to get families, how they give him grandchildren.

He recalls that his father found only the youth of the actor: Farada was over 40 when Misha was born. Nine years of father's disease fell on a young man. He recalls that he helped everyone and troubled everyone from his father, who loved and welcomed everyone, then many turned away. Learning that a fun and sincere actor had a stroke, his friends went away somewhere. Only the closest remained.

And when trouble happened, two or three people remained.

For Michael it was a big disappointment. Seeing how the people who once surrounded their family disappear, he went through a serious reappraisal of values. In an interview, Policeitsamako says that parents always had a lot of guests: up to 60 friends gathered in a four-room apartment that they bought to accommodate the whole large family, including grandmothers and a nanny. Someone constantly came to visit, poisoned bikes, smoked on the balcony ... and when trouble happened, two or three people remained.

Michael admits that he was greatly disappointed in human warmth and friendship and now believes that close friends should be only two or three. All the rest will be a fun background, while the talented person is doing well, but will run away at the first emergency.

A family

It is known that the actor puts family first in life. He even attended the second birth of the current wife of Larisa. He carefully protects the family, but at some point he seemed to forget about himself: when the actor’s weight reached 112 kg, he went to the hospital, where doctors after the examination warned the actor about the threat of a stroke.

Remembering dad, he immediately went on a diet and lost 25 kg. In the struggle for health, his wife supported him. Policeiomaco himself believes that he is too soft in nature and too much love for delicious food. But he tries to keep in check desires and achieve longevity for the sake of the family, for the sake of children and, of course, for the sake of new projects in the cinema and on television.



In 1997, immediately after graduating from the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (workshop of A. Borodin), Mikhail Politsimako was hired by the Russian Academic Youth Theater. On his account roles in performances: “Romeo and Juliet” (Benvolio), “The Deer King” (Tartaglia), “Anne Frank's Diary” (Mr. Dussel), “Lorenzaccio” (Jomo), “Martian Chronicles” (Walter Flu) .

In addition to RAMT, the actor plays in productions of the theater on Malaya Bronnaya, Quartet I, the Independent Theater Project, ART THEATER, Art Partner XXI, La Theater, Theater Marathon, Art Salon Theater, Oasis . Known for the role of DJ Max from Radio Day and Election Day.

Mikhail takes an active part in Vadim Dubrovitsky’s enthralling theatrical projects “Case in Number”, in “Lady’s Night” with Eshan Mamedov, with Leonid Roberman in “Little Scams of a Big City”. The dream of Policemen is to play Petruccio in The Taming of the Shrew.



Mikhail considers himself primarily a theater actor, despite the fact that he was remembered by most viewers on TV shows and television programs. The actor is pleased to act in films, although he notes that this is much more boring than theater: "Theater is a living thing. And cinema is a take, two, three and all, goodbye."


For movie buffs, Mikhail Politsimako is better known as a comic actor. He played his debut roles in the films: “Swamp street, or Means against sex”, “Childhood Themes”, “Old Nags”, “Down House”, several parts of the comedy “DMB”.

The first really big job for Mikhail was the adventure comedy Vitaly Mukhametzyanov "Hello, we are your roof!" (2005). The artist very funny played the role of the provincial businessman Kaprishchev.

Bright comedic talent was demonstrated by him in the tape of Alexei Rudakov's Day of Money. I also remembered the roles of Policeitsamako in David Keosayan’s melodrama Three Half Graces (Venia), Alexander Zamyatin’s comedy “Passion for the Cinema” (Grisha), and Andrei Konchalovsky’s painting “Gloss” (journalist). By the way, the actor agreed to withdraw from Konchalovsky, without even asking about the amount of the contract.

Murad Ibragimbekov's film "Three Girls" drew Mikhail to the plot. This fascinating black comedy is built around an investigation into the abduction of the famous painting from the Krakow Museum. Shooting, fakes, substitutions, chases, and, of course, love. The shooting took place in Baku. For three months, the actor, along with partners Sergei Frolov and Ravshana Kurkova, lived surrounded by Azerbaijani colleagues. According to the artist, he even managed to learn to sing and curse in Azerbaijani.

And Mikhail considers working with Vladimir Khotinenko in the films “Beyond the Wolves” and “72 Meters” to be the greatest success.

Often, the artist can be seen in the series. Among them: "Simple truths", "Who is the boss in the house?", "Starfish gentlemen", "Dasha Vasilieva. A lover of private investigation" and others.

The actor completely disagrees with those who call the "multi-episode" something secondary: "And the series can be good and high-quality if it is done in good faith by real professionals." Mikhail was delighted with what his friend Alexei Kiryushchenko, the director of “My Fair Nanny,” did. Although Policemymako in this popular picture got a completely invisible role.

In 2010, Mikhail Policeitsimako starred in the historical detective "Notes of the Forwarder of the Secret Chancellery." The artist shares his impressions of the shootings: “This is a very serious work of talented people - director Oleg Ryaskov, stuntmen, actors, camera work, stage work by Andrei Ryklin. These people do real, first of all, Russian cinema - at the world level. I just adore Ryaskov - what he does, how he thinks, how he builds, how much he has for it. I watched pieces of material - it’s impressive, honestly! I’m sure this film will be a definite bomb for fans of historical action.

I am the secretary of the English ambassador Henry Arnoville, a sort of schemer who, together with the main character, falls into various perturbations. These are fights, and explosions on the ship, and intrigue. I speak mostly English here - a lot of interesting dialogues, scenes ... I especially remember one beautiful scene that was shot in St. Petersburg: we and the main character, after a ship crash, leave the Gulf of Finland in clothes, wet ... "

In 2014, the fantasy series "The Secret City" was released. This is a film based on the book of the cult for science fiction writers by Vadim Panov, a film about "another Moscow", where there are magicians, witches and werewolves.

Michael says: “My character is called Bird, he is the manager of a local tavern. Bird is fat and half-winged, a cross between a man and a bird, a lover of women and socialites. He betrays people, sells information. My hero has a very cool costume - bright and colorful, like a parrot. The costume designer also made it convenient, for which he bowed low. It turned out to be a colorful little. When you read about Panov’s adventures, it’s breathtaking, it’s a real action. By the way, my scenes were shot very quickly, only days six.

Vadim Panov, author of the series of novels "The Secret City", is a very popular writer, he has a whole army of fans. After reading his saga, the producers ventured to shoot. This is such a good fantasy, fans of the genre should like it. The author’s fantasy immerses the reader in another world that we don’t notice in ordinary life. "

In 2015, viewers saw the family comedy "Breakfast at the Pope", where Police Police is not the main, but very important role. The actor says why he is interested in this picture: “Yes, it turned out such a kind film, in the best traditions of Soviet cinema. It’s not very similar to modern paintings“ Breakfast at the Pope ”. Firstly, it is about love in our crazy world, and secondly - about the family. And the film's slogan is this: if there is love, then, in spite of everything, people will be together, especially when they are connected by a child. By the way, the young actress Louise-Gabriela Brovina brilliantly played her daughter. Yuri performed the main roles Kolokolnikov and Katerina Spitz.I have a good picture in my picture, but the sky the great role of the head of an advertising agency where the heroine of Katerina works. "

In total, the filmography of the actor has about 80 films.


In his busy schedule, Mikhail Politsimako finds a place to work on television both as a host of programs and for filming in commercials.

Already being a well-known and popular actor, Mikhail conducted on the channel "7TV" the program "Charging for the whole country" together with the figure skater Maria Butyrskaya.

Later he became the host of “Morning on NTV”, then he simultaneously conducted two culinary programs on the Domashny channel: “Sweet Tales” and “Culinary College”.

In 2008, he took part in the television show "King of the Ring" on Channel One, for which he trained for six months. “Boxing is a great experience. First of all, it trains your courage. It is a tough sport, and I was lucky that I avoided injuries. During the preparation of the program, I began to lead a healthier lifestyle, trained three times a week with trainer Mark Ionovich Meltzer, "the actor admitted.

In 2010, he participated in the dance project “Hipsters!”, Where the stars of music, cinema, sports and politics beat popular dances from your favorite movies, cartoons, and video clips.

From April 2010 to September 2012 - the host of the talk show about health "On the most important thing" on the TV channel "Russia".

In 2013, the TV Center launched a family reality show with elements of the sitcom House Upside Down. Its main characters and leaders were Mikhail Policeitsimako, his wife Larisa and daughter Emilia.


Mikhail Politseymako participates in charity events for children. When asked why this is important for him, he answers: “Because there are very few people who selflessly and selflessly help children. I have been friends with Chulpan Khamatova since college, and she often organizes such events. Most recently, I took part in an action "Give life" - he sold toys in one of the largest supermarkets in the capital. With the proceeds, several children have already had operations that saved their lives. This is a big deal, and I'm proud to be involved in it. "

Photo: Michael Police

About the profession:

"Actually, this is a very difficult profession. Outwardly, it seems to be nonsense. Actually, the work is very difficult. Many say that acting is a female profession. I don’t know, for me it is plowing. I don’t know what’s easier: woodpile drag or play a performance on stage. It’s just the muscles that work there, and here your emotions. The person who leads a normal life, he uses emotions as intended, and we use emotions while working. In our soul - where she is, no one knows - there is muscle too, and it must be trained, otherwise it EET ".

“Just as a fish is used to living in water, so I am used to being behind the scenes or on the set. I don’t treat it like work and I don’t wait for it to end. For me, a performance is a way of self-expression, energy discharge even on physiological level. "

"For an actor, fame is not the main thing. The main thing is to engage in a profession and not exchange oneself. An artist can be popular, and then disappear into the unknown in a second - he will not even notice this moment. Therefore, I am impressed by people who, despite being famous, do not forget to say hello , they say "you" to others and don’t open the door with their foot. A successful actor is 40% of talent, what is laid down by parents and God, 40% of workability and 20% of luck. "

The early years, childhood and the family of Mikhail Police

Probably, being brought up in such an environment, Mikhail was doomed to become a famous actor from childhood. He studied craft with his grandfather, closely monitored the career of his popular mother, and also did not miss a single film with his father.

Thus, almost all the young actor’s childhood passed behind the curtains of various theaters, in dressing rooms and on set. However, in everything else, our today's hero was the most ordinary child. He learned to play the piano, and then independently mastered the guitar.

In addition, football was the main passion of his childhood. Despite the completeness, Mikhail played pretty well, and therefore for some time even seriously thought about the career of a professional football player.

However, at some point, the mother suggested that the little son try herself as an actor. Michael agreed and after graduation he took the documents to the theater university. Oddly enough, only at that moment our today's hero began to really get involved in acting.

Actor Mikhail Politsimako's career, filmography and roles in the theater

A new stage in the career of an actor began at the moment when he successfully graduated from GITIS. During this period, he began to often participate in various cinematographic projects, as well as perform with the troupe of the Russian Academic Youth Theater. At the very beginning, theatrical roles occupied a dominant place in the fate of the actor and prevailed over cinematic works. However, over time, everything got upside down. Subsequently, Mikhail Policeitsimako repeatedly criticized Russian theaters and the principle of their construction.

At some point, he began to play almost exclusively in film and television projects. The most successful works of the actor in this field were the paintings "DMB", "Beyond the Wolves", "Daria Vasilieva: a lover of private investigation", "Money Day", "Hello, we are your roof" and some others. He worked together with such actors as Stanislav Duzhnikov, Ivan Okhlobystin and others.

These films, as well as many other films brought the actor fame in wide circles, however, unfortunately, it was not necessary to talk about real popularity.

Subsequently, our today's hero continued to often act in films, but more often than not, as before, he played mainly secondary and episodic roles. The directors respected him, his colleagues appreciated him, however, the main roles in Mikhail Politsimako’s career were still very rare.

In total, our today's hero played more than seventy-five roles in films and television. And such performance ultimately bore fruit. Currently, Mikhail Policeitsimako is a popular actor who is known and loved in all corners of the CIS. And what, besides folk love, does a true actor need?

Career of Mikhail Policeitsimako as a TV presenter

In the role of a TV presenter, our today's hero first appeared quite late. Already being a well-known and popular actor, Mikhail began to broadcast “Charging for the whole country” on the 7TV channel (paired with figure skater Maria Butyrskaya). After the first successful work, the actor (or already a TV presenter?) Began to receive new job offers on television. So for some time he worked as a host on the Domashny channel, and also hosted the Morning on NTV program on the corresponding channel.

Mikhail Policeitsimako lost weight

However, Mikhail Policeitsimako became truly famous as the leading medical program "On the most important thing." On this project, our today's hero worked from 2010 to 2012.

Mikhail Policeitsimako with his wife Larisa and eldest daughter

It is noteworthy that before filming in this program, the actor himself experienced great health problems. His weight began to reach 112 kg, and doctors began to warn Mikhail about the high likelihood of a stroke. At this moment, our today's hero was forced to seriously think about his health. He lost 25 kg and began to carefully follow the recommendations of doctors in the field of healthy nutrition.

About theater and cinema:

"I consider the theater more productive for the profession of an actor. This is the main profession. Although acting is translated as acting, acting, but in reality you live by the logic of another person. Still, cinema is a one-time story. The meaning of the theater in to repeat, to repeat what you have already played many times. Therefore, the theater is much more professional. And the theater is much more interesting than the cinema. Because the theater is a search. And you are looking for a movie quickly. Because you came to the set a platform, even if you are prepared, invented something - and that’s it. tr is a constant search. "

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The star of the “Serf”, 32-year-old actor Milos Bikovic does not advertise his personal life. But as it turned out, the actor has a girlfriend, his compatriot, aspiring actress and student Barbara Tatalovich.

Mikhail Policeitsimako: actor biography, personal life

His father is the master of Soviet cinema, Semyon Farad. Mother, Maria Policeitsimako, also an actress, most of her life playing in the Taganka Theater. Grandfather - People's Artist of the USSR, actor of the Bolshoi Drama Theater, Vitaly Politsyomako.

From birth, Mikhail was surrounded by famous personalities, as were the sisters of Arntgolts - Tatyana and Olga. No wonder he decided to follow in the footsteps of relatives. Police officer admits that since childhood he has been closely following his mother’s career. He studied the secrets of mastery with his grandfather, did not miss a single film with his father.

Michael spent all his childhood behind the curtains of various theaters, on set and dressing rooms. Moreover, he was an ordinary child. He mastered the piano, independently learned to play the guitar, loved football very much. For some time, he seriously thought about the career of a football player. And yet, after leaving school, under the influence of his mother, he entered the theater university. Today, the actor does not regret his choice.

At the end of GITIS, Policeitsamako began to actively perform in the theater and act in films. Sometimes intersected with Tatyana Arntgolts. At first he preferred theatrical roles. But over time, the actor became disillusioned with Russian performances and devoted himself almost completely to cinema.

  • Beyond the wolves
  • DMB
  • Money day
  • Daria Vasilieva: lover of private investigation,
  • Hello, we are your roof, etc.

In total, the actor starred in more than 75 films, worked with Ivan Okhlobystin, Stanislav Duzhnikov and other famous personalities.

Already a mature Police Officer tried the role of a TV presenter. He began to broadcast "Charging for the whole country" on channel 7TV.

Michael admits that he was very loving. But now his heart is wholly owned by his second wife Larisa.

The first wife of Michael Police

The first wife was actress Olga Lysak (see photo). They met when he was only 18 years old. They met for several years, then got married. They lived in marriage for 4 years, their son Nikita was born.

Olga Lysak, a native of Chelyabinsk, born on June 9, 1973. A graduate of GITIS in 1997, has been acting in films since 2000. The filmography includes 25 films, among which:

Now Olga is the director of the theater, staging performances and plays about women's life.

Why did the marriage of the actors break up? Everything is trite - treason. When Olga was pregnant, Mikhail fell in love with another woman. He could not leave his family immediately; for some time he was still torn into two fronts. The woman noticed that Michael had somehow changed.

Now they are divorced, but their son is raised together. Mikhail and Olga decided to live next door so that the child could stay with his mother or father. There were no good relations between the former spouses, but they communicate very well with the former mother-in-law.

Second wife - Larisa Yuryevna Policeitsimako

With his second wife, Larisa Policeitsamako (maiden name Muratova), Michael met at the Youth Theater, where the girl came to audition. Young people immediately liked each other, after 2 months a romance broke out.

Michael at that time was married, and his wife was pregnant. Therefore, I could not immediately leave the family. But he could not refuse his beloved Larisa either. Soon the wife found out about the novel, followed by a divorce. Larisa with Michael did not pull, and got married in 2005.

The second wife, Politsimako, was born on March 8, 1977. She is an actress by training, and even managed to star in several films before the wedding. But now she has left this profession, organizes children's parties, runs the TriEl Theater.

  • Emilia - October 23, 2007,
  • Sofia - November 15, 2010

According to Michael, his wife is a fire. For the sake of peace, Larisa is ready to throw a grand scandal. Mikhail himself is busy at work most of the time, so the whole house is kept on it.

Larisa is jealous. She is suspicious of her husband’s fans, and if she sees that some beauty is giving him signs of attention, she loses her temper. Although Politsyimako himself claims that he notices anyone but his beloved wife.

Childhood and youth

On April 7, 1976, a son, Mikhail Policeitsimako, was born in a creative Moscow family. Bright memorable appearance of the boy was intended for the acting profession. At the age of 8, Misha had already acted in films, but his aspirations and energy were enough for dozens of images that he lived and lives on the stage of the theater and on the set.

The artist’s father is the famous Semyon Farad, his mother is Maria Politsimako, the leading actress of the Taganka Theater. The basics of the profession of Michael taught grandfather Vitaly, Greek by nationality. He served at the Bolshoi Theater, was awarded the title of People's Artist of the USSR.

Grandmother Eugene Fish, an actress of the New Theater, became famous as the first partner of variety shows by Alexander Menaker. There were many talented creative people in the house. Childhood Policeiomako passed behind the scenes or in the dressing room of the theater - parents often took their son to the shooting. Mikhail's creative biography was a foregone conclusion.

Mikhail Policeitsimako in his youth (frame from the film "Childhood Themes")

Misha studied at a school with a mathematical bias, attended a piano school of music, and independently mastered the guitar. Like many boys, he loved football. Completeness did not bother him, his mother suggested to follow in the footsteps of his parents. The young man thought and agreed.

After school, he applied immediately to all theatrical universities. VGIK, Schukinskoye, GITIS and the Moscow Art Theater School took the guy unconditionally. He didn’t go to Shchepkinskoye, as he himself said, “because of the non-Russian texture.” The choice fell on GITIS - I liked the atmosphere reigning in it.

Wife and children Police officer

From the very beginning of family life, Mikhail and Larisa began to dream about children. Emil's first daughter, born in 2007.

“After the birth of Miles, we decided not to stop there. In 2009, Misha's father, Semyon Farad, died. My husband was in a terrible state, and I, deciding to distract him, invited him to have a baby again. Michael seized on this idea. Surprisingly, I became pregnant almost immediately, ”Larisa recalls.

“Sonechka is very similar to my dad,” says Police. The resemblance caught my eye immediately after her birth. The same facial features, facial expressions. Just amazing. And from me, the girls inherited curlers and expressive eyes. ”

Police officer was next to his wife when she gave birth to daughters. “I did not even think to be or not to be. Without me, Larochka would have been hard. The first time was insanely worried. Day spent in the clinic. He slept there, ate, conducted telephone conversations. Together with the doctors, he shouted to Larisa, “Come on, come on!” In general, I actively participated. ”

The second time, Mikhail took his wife to the hospital at 7 in the morning, asked her not to give birth without him and went to a press conference. Arrived at 2 o’clock, she waited. “Both daughters were born before my eyes. This is real happiness. ”

In addition to girls, Michael's son is growing up from his first marriage, Nikita. The boy was born on September 28, 2001. He used to live with his mother, but from the age of 14 he wanted to move to his dad.

Having become a father with many children, Michael began to pay more attention to health. At 34, the actor weighed 117 kg, and the doctors sounded the alarm, talking about the high likelihood of a stroke. The actor had to completely change his habits.

Police officer admits that he always loved to eat delicious food. In his diet there were sausages and sausages. Refusing these dishes was hard. Food dreamed at night. But the wife of Larisa supported.

As a result, Mikhail lost 25 kg. Now he does not follow diets, but sometimes arranges fasting days for himself and follows the rules of a healthy diet. The technique was spied on by Zuckerberg's wife, Priscilla Chan.

“I try to devote time to children. But I have to work hard to feed my family, ”says Police.

Emil was very fond of the younger sister. When she cried at night, she ran to her faster than her parents and gave a pacifier. Emil’s older brother also adores. This is a serious, reasonable boy who has already managed to try himself in the acting field.

In the first grade, he played in the school musical Beauty and the Beast, then starred in the TV series School. “Nikita likes acting. I won’t be surprised if he will also act in films. It’s family with us, ”says Police.

“Of course, I try to pay more attention to my beloved man. But how, look how handsome he is. You have to always be on the alert. I can clearly see how women stare at him, flirt with him, ”says Larisa.

“Lara, what are you making up? You’re the most ... I’m laughing Michael. - My wife is very jealous, although I constantly say that she is the only one for me. Even the most beautiful and sexy women cannot compare with her. ”

About wife:

“I was incredibly lucky with my wife, I have the best wife in the world. Lara is a real heroine. I just work, and everything else is for her. She does her daughters and household chores, and she manages to take care of me. Sometimes she waits for me after midnight with dinner. She is my closest person, other women, in principle, do not interest me. Even the most beautiful and sexiest can not be compared with her. "

About children:

“I believe that children should have a childhood. I don’t understand parents who take their kids to endless castings, make them sit for hours in the corridors of Mosfilm or Gorky’s studio. Children should enjoy life, laugh a lot, have fun. Of course, I don’t I mean, the child must grow up a complete idler, but it is important that everything be in moderation. I had a very good childhood. Even though I had to go to a music school, which I simply hated! "

"It sounds silly, but I'm happy that my children have a young dad. Nikita was born when I was 25, Emilia - at 31, and Sonya - at 34. Now I am 37 years old, and I have some kind of reserve of time. I can be with them, put them on their feet and see my children in their thirty-seven. "

“A child can be sent to professional sports only if he has pronounced abilities. You can’t be forced to go to a section just to ruin his health there. Nikita recently began to engage in Greco-Roman wrestling - he liked it somehow. Although I I wanted to give it to boxing - he was engaged in this sport as a child. Emilia goes to music school and dances. She is hyperactive: she runs a lot, doesn’t like to sit still. Milya and Sonya are completely different. It’s amazing how common mom and dad are and a difference of only three years "But they could have turned out to be so different! Sonya eats all the time, as I did in childhood, and Milya, already five years old, is following the figure.

About father:

“Previously, my favorite holiday was the New Year. Dad's birthday is December 31, and we always celebrated it merrily, noisily, in a big company. And now it’s the saddest holiday for me. They say time heals, but I, thinking about dad, I still feel unbearable pain.

I miss him terribly, and every day I need him more and more. I regret that a lot between us remained unsaid, that I did not get enough attention to him. Dad madly loved life, courageously fought with the disease and absolutely sincerely did not understand why they did not want to cure him. And it still haunts me.I can’t come to terms with the fact that I couldn’t help him. "


The film debut of Policemymako took place at 8 years old, it was a role in the film "What is" Jumble ". Today, Mikhail has many works, most of which are episodes or supporting roles. The most successful acting projects are the films “DMB”, “Day of Money”, “Beyond the Wolves”, “Vorotyly”, “House somersault”, “I Know How to Be Happy”.

Mikhail Politseymak (a shot from the show “House somersault”)

In the adventure film "Hello, we are your roof!" The artist appeared in the main role - in the image of a businessman who fell into a debt hole. In addition to money, the hero loses his office and even his beloved woman. And all the wealth inexplicably flows into the hands of the painter, who makes repairs in his house.

The central characters of the actor in the psychological drama "Trust Service" and the historical detective "Notes of the forwarder of the Secret Office." In the melodrama War and Peace of the Torbeev Spouses, Mikhail and Alena Khmelnitskaya played a husband and wife on the verge of a divorce, who find the strength to start all over again, and in the film “Parisian” the heroes Politsyimako and Anna Barinova have already split up.

Mikhail Politseymak (shot from the series "Notes of the Forwarder of the Secret Chancellery")

Unlike some colleagues, Michael does not consider it shameful to star in the series. If the film is made in good faith, by professionals, there is nothing to regret. He delighted the artist, for example, with the sitcom My Fair Nanny, where he has an inconspicuous role. Filmed Policeimaco in "Simple Truths", "Who is the boss in the house?", "Knights of the Order of the Star."

In 2007, Mikhail Policeitsimako played a role in the film “Three Girls”. The actor agreed to participate in the film of Murad Ibragimbekov, without hesitation. Firstly, Policeimaco is friends with the director, and secondly, he was attracted to the idea of ​​comedy. The plot was built around an investigation into the abduction of a painting from the Krakow Museum. The shooting took place in Baku, for 3 months Michael lived surrounded by Azerbaijani colleagues, watching the life of local residents. According to the actor, he even managed to learn how to swear in Azerbaijani.

Mikhail Policeemyak (frame from the movie "Old Nags")

In 2016, the artist’s filmography was replenished with work in the comedy “Friday”, in which the main characters were played by Danila Kozlovsky, Anton Shagin, Katerina Shpitsa, Pavel Derevyanko, Maxim Emelyanov. The film was about a millionaire’s bet with competitors - whether he can work the night as a waiter at a nightclub. Michael got the role of the character of Lesha.

In the popular fantasy “The Secret City”, Police Officer reincarnated as the manager of a tavern nicknamed Birds. The character lives up to its name: it is a cross between a bird and a person, a mutant swam with fat. A sharp contrast with him is the financial analyst in the comedy Desperate Householder, who was left without work and forced to not only take care of the house, but also think about how not to lose his wife.

Mikhail Politsimak (frame from the series "Education and Walking Dogs and Men")

Another unexpected image is the Greek Foreign Minister in the comedy Servant of the People, in which Vladimir Zelensky and Andrei Danilko played. By the way, Michael himself is a quarter Greek and a Jew - three quarters. Aunt, nephew and sister of the artist live in Israel. In June 2017, with the participation of Policeimako, the premiere of the melodrama “Will I Love You, Can I?” With Anatoly Bely and Andrei Chadov in the lead roles took place.

The hero of Mikhail in the film "Education and Walking Dogs and Men", although it bears the name Nezlobin, but does not forgive mistakes. The head doctor of the veterinary clinic dismisses the heroine of Dana Abyzova. It’s for the better: a girl with a good heart settles in a shelter for homeless animals, and then finds her love.

Mikhail Politsyimak (frame from the series "Diver for Pearls")

The series “Diver for Pearls” is part of a series of detective stories in which Stanislav Bondarenko and Ekaterina Kopanova play key roles. Mikhail played in the film of the famous photographer, nicknamed Golden, whose photo shoots turn girls into stars. A man leads a vibrant lifestyle. And it is no coincidence that the iguana Lilo, belonging to the director of the picture, became a fashionable “accessory” that emphasizes glamor.

About last name:

“The fact is that my father’s real surname is Ferdman, Farada is a stage name. My parents gave me the last name Policeiomako at birth - so I’ve written down in the documents. I didn’t change it. Why? I’m proud to wear a hereditary theater "My grandfather is an actor of the Leningrad Bolshoi Drama Theater Vitaly Politsyomako, winner of the Stalin Prize. Surname Ferdman, I must say, has not died. Dad’s sister Zhenya and her children are all Ferdman’s, they live in Israel, in Haifa."

About your weight:

"At 34, I weighed 117 kilograms, that is, I could weigh all 150 now. I would be like three of me. I had to pull myself together. The physical form of a person depends not on diets, but on what is in his head. To part with I was very sad with some of the products, for example, since childhood I adored Coke, it was a real present for me, like for all Soviet children. Now I understand: soda is “hello diabetes.” I saw people on it they’re sitting around drinking all day, I’ve refused it, and still don’t eat chips, fast food, white bread, and sweets - I’m I don’t like growing up, ”admitted Mikhail, who managed to lose more than 20 extra pounds in a few months.


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