Anastasia Stezhko: how a talented actress lives and who her husband turned out to be


Name: Anastasia Stezhko (Anastasia Stezhko)

Birthday: September 5 1989 (30 years old)

Place of Birth: Kaliningrad

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Eastern horoscope: Snake

Career: Russian actors 567 place

Photo: Anastasia Stezhko

Childhood and Star Trek

The girl was born in Kaliningrad in 1989. She was a very exemplary and inquisitive child, studied well at school, took exams “excellent”, earned a silver medal at the end of school. Most of all she loved literature lessons, was read by M. Tsvetaeva, I. Severyanin and B. Pasternak. At the same time I learned to play the piano.

When Anastasia received a certificate, she immediately went to conquer Moscow. She did not participate in the school theater, so she did not have stage experience, but she had great desire and perseverance.

According to the recollections of the actress, the entrance tests at VGIK turned out to be very difficult for her. But she overcame all difficulties and she was enrolled in the department of V. Grammatikov.

In 2010, Anastasia participated in the Miss Russia contest, where she managed to get into the final round and beat several thousand competitors.


The artist made her film debut with a small role in the series "Traffic light". Also played episodic characters in one of the series "Hour Volkova 5"And the short film"Origami ».

frame from the movie "Swap rings"

A year later, she was already given the main role in the film "Exchange rings". This melodrama was about a girl who, by the will of fate, was faced with unpleasant life tests: first, the father abandoned the family, and then the mother owed her boss a lot of money. Her cheerful character tried to cope with all the troubles and support relatives.

Critics left not the best reviews about the picture as a whole, calling it implausible. And most of the viewers thought that she perfectly shows the best in people, offering to be more cheerful and continue to hope.

But whatever the ratings, this role was the start for the star path of the actress.

She also appeared in the series "Save Boss", the films "My Eyes" and "Bonfire in the Snow."

She can also be seen in the fantastic picture “Dark world. Equilibrium"And the series"Veronica"With S. Zhigunov.

frame from the movie “Dark World. Equilibrium"

In 2013, Anastasia again received the main role in the series "First love"And one of the characters in the series"Angel or demon". The latest work attracted even more attention among the audience. Anastasia successfully played the demon Kira, who everywhere walks with Dobermans. This is a very bright and charismatic character, fighting on the side of evil. She considers the main character to be a serious competitor, very kind, not wanting to fight aggressively. Kira was interested in seducing the girl for aggression and cruelty.

The demoness fell in love with many young viewers who actively began to create around amateur works with her participation.

Personal life

The actress met with Cyril Zaporizhsky, a partner in the TV series "Angel or Demon." She was also credited with an affair with Sergei Chirkov, with whom she starred in the same series.

Anastasia believes in horoscopes, claiming that many of them in her life come true.

She loves to be photographed, but does not like to communicate with reporters.

In 2019, she married diplomat D. Starostin. The wedding was a secret, and of those invited, only a narrow circle.

Work, life and family.

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Name and surname:Anastasia Stezhko
Name in English:Anastasia Stezhko
Year of birth:1989
Birthday:September 5th
Place of Birth:Kaliningrad
Occupation:actress, russian actress
Height:176 cm.
Weight:58 kg
Eastern horoscope:Snake
Social network:Instagram

Last news

Anastasia’s career does not stand still. She starred in the film "Birch", the series "Painted happiness», «Policeman from Rublevka". It can also be seen in the films "Walnut», «This summer and forever», «Young wine"Series"Five minutes of silence". The paintings "Adoption clinic"And"Awakening».

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Biography of Anastasia Stezhko

Speaking about Anastasia Stezhko, I would like to use the well-known formula “Komsomol member, sportswoman and just beautiful”. The young actress is not yet 25 years old, and she already managed to star in a number of full-length films and conquer the audience with a rare combination of perfect appearance, intelligence, excellent acting skills and stunning charisma.

Anastasia Stezhko: childhood excellent pupils

Anastasia hails from Kaliningrad. She was born in early September 1989.

In an interview, the young actress recalls that in her childhood she was a real “nerd” - she carefully prepared for exams, passed all subjects perfectly and graduated from high school with a silver medal. Nastya was not faced with the problem of choosing a profession, since from childhood she saw herself in the role of an actress. Like many seventeen-year-old girls, after school she went to Moscow to enter the famous VGIK.

Actress Anastasia Stezhko is actively filming now

Now Anastasia recalls that the entrance exams to the university were a serious test for her. “Reading for someone, it’s very difficult to rediscover each time to others,” she recalls in conversations with reporters. But Nastya successfully overcame this barrier, not only entering the VGIK at the Grammatikov’s department, but also starring in several major films of Russian cinema.

The first successes of Anastasia Stezhko in the world of cinema, filmography

Anastasia Stezhko began her film career while studying at VGIK. In 2011, she appeared in one of the episodes of the series “Volkova Hour 5” and the short film “Origami”.

A year later, she appeared in a number of films: the mini-drama mini-series “A Bonfire in the Snow”, the film by Krasnov “Exchange Rings” and the comedy melodrama “Save the Boss”. In the film “Exchange rings”, Stezhko quite convincingly coped with the role of the girl Arina, whom life presents with unpleasant surprises: her father left the family without any means, the former boss annoys the mother, demanding a large sum of money - the situation seems insoluble, and life is hopeless.

The main character at the beginning of the film appears in front of us in the form of a girl who is not so easy to break household troubles. She tries not to give up and support her family. Working as a courier is not a way out, so the girl follows the advice of a friend who “never worked and never counted money” and is trying to find an old rich man who would solve her financial problems. Everything is not at all what she expected ...

Opinions were divided about this film: some viewers consider this film more than successful, because it makes people believe in the best sides of the people again. Critics say that the picture turned out implausible, it is banal and is intended only for a one-time viewing.

One way or another, it was this role that served as a launching pad for Stezhko to participate in more serious projects. For example, Anastasia played a major role in the puzzle series “My Eyes”, which was very unusual for Russian cinema. In addition, in 2013 we saw a familiar actress in an episodic role in the fantasy thriller Dark World. Balance ”, as well as in the series“ Veronica ”, where she worked on the same platform with Natalia Bardo, Sergey Zhigunov, Maria Mashkova and other movie stars.

2013: the time of the main roles of Anastasia Stezhko

Definitely Anastasia Stezhko was successful in the main role in the series “First Love”. She again played a beautiful, responsive, infinitely kind girl, whom life prepared for difficult trials. This is a film about the choice between “being” and “seeming”, between real feelings and falsehood. It touches on a number of problems of modern society, so it was very well received by the audience. It should be noted that in this work the character of Nastya was manifested in a new way: the image turned out to be very gentle, lively and touching.

Childhood and youth

Anastasia was born in Kaliningrad, where she spent her childhood. The whole family of Stezhko often traveled to the capital of Russia. Parents took their children to the Tretyakov Gallery, to the opera and ballet to the Bolshoi Theater. Thanks to the efforts of her mother, Anastasia learned to dress with taste, appreciate beauty. Since childhood, her idols on the screen were the Hollywood legends Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, on which she focuses today.

At school, the girl was an excellent student: she crammed all the prescribed lessons, responsibly approached her studies and was able to get a matriculation certificate with honors and a silver medal. Her favorite subject was literature, especially the young Stezhko singled out poets of the Silver Age - Igor Severyanin, Boris Pasternak, Marina Tsvetaeva. Until now, she periodically quotes lines from their works. In parallel with the secondary school, Nastya attended a musical piano class.

As a schoolgirl, Anastasia did not seriously think about her future profession, but in the last grade she decided to try to make a career as a film actress. Therefore, in 2007, she went to Moscow and submitted documents to the cinematographic university - VGIK. At the time of receipt, Stezhko had no stage experience, the emphasis was on charisma and great desire. Following the results of entrance exams, the girl was enrolled in the workshop of Vladimir Grammatikov.

In 2010, 3rd-year student Anastasia Stezhko took part in the Miss Russia beauty contest. With the help of the organizer of the Miss Kaliningrad show, Laura Lukina, who devoted a lot of time to preparing the girl, she managed to get into the final round, bypassing about 50 thousand competitors on the way.

Anastasia Stezhko: angel or demon

After participating in several film projects, Nastya was still able to gain fairly strong popularity precisely thanks to her main role in the mystical series “Angel or Demon”. A bright demoness named Kira plays on the side of evil, but does it charismatically.

She can handle any competition, for her there are no authorities and rules, she knows how and loves to kill. The main intrigue of the film is the confrontation between Kira and Masha, a girl living according to the principles of good and passive resistance. Of course, it was not without a love line, and the rivalry of two women with mystical abilities cannot leave the audience indifferent.

Perhaps this project will not be included in the golden fund of cinema, but it has gathered a considerable audience. Some young fans even write scripts and shoot their variations of episodes from the popular series.


The debut on the screen for Anastasia Stezhko happened in 2011. She starred in an episodic role in the comedy television series "Traffic Light", as well as in the short film "Origami" by George Danielyants. Next year, the aspiring actress was expected to play the first major role in her filmography - the character of Arina in the melodrama “Exchange Rings”, as well as secondary characters in the series “Save the Boss”, the thriller “My Eyes” and the melodrama “Bonfire in the Snow”.

Anastasia Stezhko (frame from the series "Angel or Demon")

After graduating from VGIK in 2013, the actress starred in the melodramatic series First Love, the fantasy action Dark World: Balance, the melodrama Second Chance and the mini-series Father in Law. Separately, it must be said about the mystical thriller "Angel or Demon." In this film, Anastasia played the role of the demoness Kira, who always walks with two Doberman dogs. The game in this series brought the young actress all-Russian fame.

In 2014, Stezhko had the role of Maria in the romantic comedy “House in the Heart”, as well as the central images of Victoria in the crime drama “Hunt” and Katerina in the television melodrama “Time to Collect”.

Anastasia Stezhko (frame from the series "The Law of the Stone Jungle")

In 2015, the actress turned into the main character in the 16-episode television series Flower of the Fern, and also took part as a supporting actress in the comedy melodrama Without Borders, the crime series The Law of the Stone Jungle, the tragicomedy Inspired, the drama Londongrad : Know ours ”and the comedy television series“ How I Became Russian ”.

Also in 2015, Stezhko played a major role in the detective drama Black River, based on the novel by Irina Melnikova “Unfinished Romance”. The actress presented on the screen a fragile Muscovite who lives in a Siberian city. A woman does not fly home from the taiga due to the loss of her husband, whom she has been looking for 2 years and is approaching a solution.

Anastasia Stezhko (frame from the series "Youth")

In 2016, the actress joined the crew of the popular sports series Youth. Anastasia played a secondary role of Elena Smolskaya. The actress starred in another popular series - the detective comedy "Policeman from Rublevka." Anastasia Stezhko played the role of administrator-cashier Lily Karaseva in several episodes of the 1st season.

At the end of 2016, Stezhko appeared on television in the role of Bonnie in the detective mini-series The Jackal. The plot tells about the confrontation of a gang of brutal robbers and a police team in the early 70s of the last century. The character of the actress got episodic, and the name Anastasia is not even in the credits.

Anastasia Stezhko and Alexander Petrov (shot from the series “Policeman from Rublevka”)

In 2017, the girl returned to the role of Lelik in the youth detective "The Law of the Stone Jungle - 2". This year was for the actress fruitful for the main roles. Stezhko introduced Yevgeny Pichugin, head of the special bureau group of the Investigative Committee, in the detective series Unknown. Under the leadership of Pichugina, the protagonist of the series works - the mysterious genius Shagin, whose role was played by Evgeny Pronin.

The mysterious Shagin possesses an abnormally high intelligence and unique memory, which helps him both ward off suspicions of a crime that the man did not commit and become a part of the investigation team. The problem is that Shagin does not remember his own past, and in the archives of the Investigative Committee there is also no information about the genius. The heroes of Stezhko and Pronin have to look for both the criminal and the details of Shagin's past life together.

Anastasia Stezhko and Evgeny Pronin (frame from the TV series “Unknown”)

In the same year, Anastasia Stezhko played the role of Lina in the adventure detective “Five Minutes of Silence” about the work of the rescue team of the Ministry of Emergencies in Karelia. The company in the frame was Igor Lifanov, Roman Kurtsyn, Anna Peskova, Arthur Vakha. The actress plays not only in major feature films. Stegko starred in the short social drama Thanks for the Coffee.

Also in 2017, the actress appeared in the 4-episode film "Josephine and Napoleon" in the role of Josephine. Despite the name with a biographical tint, the film showed a modern story about the confrontation between the chief designer of women's jewelry and the head of the jewelry company.

Anastasia Stezhko (frame from the series “Five Minutes of Silence”)

In addition, the actress played the main female role in the sports drama "Defense Prospect" and returned to the image of Lina in the 2nd season of the adventure series "Five Minutes of Silence." Anastasia played the main female role of Eli in the detective melodrama "Way Through the Snow." The heroine of Anastasia goes to another city to celebrate the New Year with her fiancé.The chosen one asks her to bring along a case with documents, which the heroine will aggressively try to steal.

With the participation of Stezhko in an episodic role, Andrei Zvyagintsev’s drama “Love”, which was presented at the Cannes Film Festival, and later received the Golden Eagle and Cesar awards, was released on the screens. The film tells the story of a married couple undergoing a divorce, for which a joint child suddenly turned out to be unnecessary. The main characters in the film were presented by Maryana Spivak and Alexey Rozin.

Anastasia Stezhko today

In 2013, Anastasia successfully graduated from VGIK. Now in production is the picture "Fern Flower", where the young actress got the main role. In addition, a tape called "Second Chance" is being prepared for release.

Rumor has it that Anastasia Stezhko and Sergei Chirkov are dating


In 2011, Anastasia Stezhko starred in the short film "Origami" and in a small episode of the multi-part film "Volkov-5 Hour". A year later, she played the main character Arina in the film directed by Yulia Krasnova "Exchange rings."

This was followed by the roles of Diana Morozova in the comedy "Save the Boss", Tatyana Galaeva in the series "Bonfire in the Snow", Kira - the demon girls in the mystical thriller "Angel and the Demon", Nastya in the TV project "Second Chance", graduate student Dasha Tsybizova in the melodrama " Dad in law. "

After graduating from VGIK, the demand for the young actress began to grow. She appeared in the series "Veronica. Runaway", where her partners on the set were Sergey Zhigunov, Natalya Bardo, Sergey Astakhov, Maria Mashkova and other celebrities.

The series “First Love” with the participation of Anastasia Stezhko was a success. Her heroine Marina appeared as a tender and loving girl.

In the melodrama of Alexander Baranov "Birch", the actress got the role of Ekaterina Kazakova. The film tells about the backstage of the world famous dance group.

The most interesting

Already after a while, roles in such films as “Save the Boss”, “Bonfire in the Snow”, “Angel and the Demon”, etc. followed. After graduation, the demand for the beginning actress began to grow significantly. She appeared in the series “Veronica. Runaway. " The series “First Love” was also a huge success, where the heroine of Anastasia Stezhko was a gentle and loving girl.

In the melodramatic project "Birch" the actress received the role of Ekaterina Kazakova. This project tells about the backstage life of the world-famous dance group. Also on television were shown with the participation of a young actress such films as “Time to Collect”, “Fern Flower” and “Simple Girl”.

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Anastasia Stezhko is currently

In 2016, Anastasia Stezhko took part in the filming of the youth series "Youth". In this project, she got a secondary role. Later, she could be seen in the detective comedy film "Policeman from Rublevka." Here, Stezhko appeared before the audience as the administrator-cashier. At the end of 2016, the girl appeared in the detective small series “The Jackal”. This project tells about the confrontation between police and bandits in the early 1970s of the last century.

Already in 2017, the girl began filming in the detective project "The Law of the Stone Jungle-2." This year, the actress is accustomed to consider fruitful for the main roles. Anastasia Stezhko played a major role in the detective series “Unknown”. Then she appeared in the adventure detective film Five Minutes of Silence, and also played the main role in the social drama Thanks for the Coffee.

In August 2017, the actress attracted special attention of fans, as she starred for the glossy magazine Maxim. The editors then recognized the actress as the queen of the screen and published in the publication photographs of a nude celebrity against the backdrop of nature. Photos of the artist did not go unnoticed, in particular, given the fact that the actress has almost model parameters.

Also in 2017, Anastasia Stezhko appeared in the four-part project “Josephine and Napoleon”. Despite the name, the film showed a modern story about the confrontation between the chief jewelry designer and the head of the jewelry company. In 2018, several projects were published in which the actress took part. Currently, the celebrity continues to act in films. At the same time, according to Anastasia Stezhko herself, she prefers not to remain in the shadow of one direction, but to act in diverse roles.


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