Kristovsky, Vladimir Evgenievich


Name: Vladimir Kristovsky (Vadimir Kristovskii)

Middle name: Evgenyevich

Birthday: December 19 1975 (44 years old)

Place of Birth: Gorky, USSR

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 78 kg

Eastern horoscope: Rabbit

Musical projects: Uma Thurman

Career: Russian musicians 596 place


In 1998, he assembled the punk rock band "View from Above", recorded several songs with the musicians and sent the cassette to record companies, but they always refused. Then there was another tape with three recordings. With her, the group became the winner of the Living Sound newspaper contest. Then the group broke up.

In 2003, together with his brother Sergei, he created the group “Uma2rmaH”.

He starred in several films.

Columnist of the Infomania program at STS.

The early years, childhood and the family of Vladimir Kristovsky

Since childhood, Volodya had a good voice and loved to sing. The boy raised his love for music with his father - Evgeny Visvaldovich, an amateur musician. Volodya always dreamed of becoming an artist.

As a teenager, the boy’s voice began to break, and for some time Vladimir didn’t sing at all. But the desire to be an artist did not leave him. For Volodya, an example was always the elder brother Sergey, who, as a young man, performed with his group and was successful. The brothers had an age difference of five years, and Vladimir tried to imitate Sergey in everything. He was very worried when his older brother beat him in various sports games.

Vladimir really did not like to study, and he was very reluctant to attend school. He liked writing poetry and picking music for them. But compared to Sergey’s songs, his poems seemed awkward, incomprehensible, “not like that.” ...

However, the younger Kristovsky used to get his way. At first, his older brother helped him with lyrics. Over time, Vladimir felt that he could not only write music, but also compose words on a melody.

The most memorable for Vladimir during this period were wonderful evenings, when Sergey brought his many friends home, and they sang their songs until late.

A family

The first wife is Valeria Kristovskaya (Roman). Four children (all girls): Yasmin, Stanislava, Miya, Uma. In 2013, Vladimir left his wife and married a second time. His chosen one - Olga Pilevskaya (Kristovskaya), a tableware designer and an employee of Vladimir’s PR team, is engaged in social networks. From his second wife, son Fedor, was born on November 4, 2016.

The beginning of the career of musician Vladimir Kristovsky

Volodya gathered a group of guys who performed his songs, and gave her the name "Top View". Vladimir brought the first demo of his songs to Moscow in 1998. However, the music was of a punk character, and not everyone perceived it the way the musician would like it to be.

Vladimir distributed the cassettes with his songs to all existing recording studios. The guy's expectations did not materialize. According to the conclusion of professionals from the Gala Records record company, what the guy wrote, speaking in informal vocabulary, was "completely sucks."

But this did not stop Vladimir. And after a while he recorded another tape with the new three songs. It was with these songs that Vladimir became the winner of the Live Sound contest, which was conducted by one of the famous newspapers.

Immediately after winning the contest, an article was published about the musician with the publication of his photograph. Vladimir was given the opportunity to record and publish an album in the capital's studio. But this time the hopes of the musician were not destined to come true. The country defaulted, which destroyed all plans.

The path of Vladimir Kristovsky to fame

Songs written in Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir brought to Moscow and tried to sell them. Among potential buyers there was also a little-known Tatu group. Nizhny Novgorod songs could be sung by Julia Volkova and Lena Katina. But, tape recordings of songs with a guitar were not in demand, and Vladimir had to return to his native Nizhny Novgorod with nothing.

In his hometown, Vladimir got a job at the Carambol club, where he sang his songs and accompanied himself to the guitar. The first fee he received by writing a national anthem for the restaurant was $ 300.

Kristovsky tried to assemble his own group, but the idea failed. Then brother Sergey came to the rescue, who already had a certain experience and enjoyed success. Senior Kristovsky invited Vladimir to speak together. They united in one group. The first performance that the audience saw took place in Moscow on the birthday of Vladimir, in December 2003.

Achievements and awards of Vladimir Kristovsky, “Uma2rman”

In October 2004, the brothers became winners at the RussiaMusic Awards ceremony in the "Best Debut" nomination. Around the same time, their first album “In the City of N” was released.

In 2009, the band "Uma2rman" became the creator and arranger of the main song of the popular series "Daddy's Daughters" and the author of the soundtrack to the film "Oh, Lucky."

In 2010, the brothers worked on dubbing the cartoon Squirrel and Arrow. Star Dogs

In 2011, the band “Uma2rman” released the fourth album “Everyone is crazy in this city”, for which it was presented for the “Muz-TV” prize in the nomination “Best rock band”. But, unfortunately, Uma2rmann lost the lead to the popular Mumiy Troll group and its leader Ilya Lagutenko.

In 2012, a group of Kristovsky wrote the text and voiced a new screensaver of the popular sitcom "Daddy's Daughters."

Personal life of Vladimir Kristovsky

Vladimir married at the age of twenty. His chosen one was eighteen-year-old Valeria Rimsky, a member of the KVN team of Nizhny Novgorod. At one of the KVN games, young people met. In 1995, the wedding took place. Four wonderful daughters were born in the marriage.

Recently in an interview with HELLO! the artist said that after 17 years of marriage, he decided to part with Valeria. The reason for the divorce, according to Vladimir, was that their relationship grew from a love relationship into a friendship.

Vladimir Kristovsky today

The younger Kristovsky is interested in cars, boxing and snowboarding. But Vladimir’s main passion is motorcycles. But everything related to air (airplanes, helicopters) causes fear.

Vladimir is calm about money. He believes that they are necessary, but you need to earn so much so as not to think that you will eat today.

In 2013, the premiere of an expensive and technically difficult music video for the song “Muse” took place.

Currently, the Kristovsky brothers continue to work on a new album, which will include songs such as Friday and Dance, Muse.

Childhood and youth

Vladimir Kristovsky was born in the capital of the Volga region, which then - in 1975 - bore the name "petrel of the revolution", in the Beketovka microdistrict. Vova is the middle child in the family of professional athlete Evgeny Visvaldovich and engineer Olga Vladimirovna: in addition to the popularly known older brother Sergey, the singer has a younger sister, Nadia, who has become a designer.

Vladimir Kristovsky in childhood and youth

As it turned out, the craving for creativity was transmitted to Sergey and Vladimir at the genetic level. The grandfather of the brothers, Vladimir Vladimirovich Kristovsky, is a sculptor known in Latvia under the name Wiswald Rapikis (Rapikas). Grandfather Wiswald sculpted, in addition to many busts of Lenin, the symbols of modern Jurmala - “The Globe” and a composition depicting the victory of the national hero Lachplesis over a dragon. Grandmother Seryozha and Vova revealed a family secret before his death.

Volodya did not like school - much more he liked to play music like a dad and compose poems like a mom. In the biography of Vladimir Kristovsky, there is participation in the children's VIA “Larks” and one-year training in playing the trombone.

Sergey Kristovsky and Vladimir Kristovsky

The star's assets include an electrician diploma and experience in a wide variety of professions - from an assistant to a gas welder to a seller and from a driver to a gas station operator. Especially unpleasant was the performance in his youth of the functions of a watchman and night orderly in a crowded Nizhny Novgorod morgue.

Even in the years of lack of money and exhausting work, the young man believed that he would become a famous musician. The first attempt to advance in Moscow, undertaken by Vladimir in 1998, was unsuccessful - all the recording studios in which Kristovsky took the cassettes with his songs called the guy’s work “suck”. Then Volodya performed compositions in the Nizhny Novgorod club “Cannon” and won the contest “Live Sound”.

Biography, show business, family.

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Name and surname:Vladimir Kristovsky
Middle name:Evgenyevich
Name in English:Vadimir kristovskii
Year of birth:1975
Birthday:December 19th
Place of Birth:Gorky, USSR
Height:185 cm.
Weight:78 kg
Eastern horoscope:Rabbit
Social network:InstagramWikipedia

Life experience of Vladimir Kristovsky

After school, Vladimir received the specialty of electrician. After some time, he became a student of a gas electric welder. Later I decided to master the hairdressing art, but he did not have the patience to work in this specialty. So all these professions remained unclaimed by Vladimir.

Where Kristovsky Jr. didn’t work: a night watchman in a morgue, an operator at a gas station, a driver in the Ministry of Finance. He managed to visit the role of an agent selling chocolate and lemonade, worked as a courier, a seller of household appliances, and even worked as a deputy director in one of the design companies. Going through one profession after another, Vladimir realized that his life’s business was music.


The wife was then the first and only. Faithful and wise Valeria married Vladimir at the age of 18. She supported her beloved throughout her life together. She whispered affectionate words, called talented, followed him wherever he went. Together with him, when luck turned to face Vladimir, Valeria moved to the capital. He was with him for 17 long years.

During this time, four charming girls were born to the spouses, inheriting their parental cheerful disposition and easy character. Vladimir and Lera gave them unusual names: Yasmina, Mia, Stanislav and, of course, Uma. Photos of the merry four from time to time fall into the press, including in scandalous materials.

Hard decision

In particular, one of the first notes that upset the singer’s fans was the news of the divorce of Lera and Vladimir, who were so suitable for each other. That was in 2013. Both spouses gave interviews to the press, each saying that divorce after 17 years of a happy marriage is an extremely sad event.

Everyone knew that Kristovsky had a muse - Olga Pilevskaya. However, even taking into account the new relationship, Vladimir was difficult to part with Valeria. He said that feelings did not go away, they simply grew out of love into a strong friendship. He was convinced that even after the divorce, the spouses would remain loyal buddies, but still for rehabilitation after a difficult decision he left for Germany, where he received psychological help.

No less worried and Valeria. It didn’t fit her head at all that such a loving and sincere man as her husband, after almost two decades of marriage, after four of the most beautiful and kind gifts in the world - charming daughters - could go to another woman. She experienced this shock for a long time.

New life

Between the two lights was Olga Pilevskaya. The feelings that flared up between her and the married man were hard to restrain. Love is different. The girl, as she could, supported her beloved and tried to establish relations with the delightful four Volodya daughters.

After some time, Kristovsky married his muse, but nothing was heard about Valeria's personal life for a long time. However, two years later it turned out that she did not live as a recluse: on the social networks of Vladimir's ex-wife, happy photos of Lera with a stranger and children appeared at the registry office.

Despite the outfit - both adults had jeans and shirts, it was clear who the bride was here. Valeria got married for the second time, however, despite the strong friendship promised by Kristovsky, she did not invite him to the wedding. Only the daughters of Kristovsky enjoyed the ceremony with their own eyes.

After both established a personal life, the couple really began to maintain relationships - after all, they have four wonderful children with whom dad often and with pleasure spends time. And in 2016, Kristovsky first became the boy’s dad. In a marriage with Olga, his son Fedor was born. “Now I have a whole hockey five,” the happy dad in social networks grabbed.


The Umaturman group, whose corporate style, according to the Kristovsky brothers, is “pop with elements of bard song and rock”, appeared in mid-2003, and the next year she performed at the opening of the Moscow film festival and received the Russian MTV award.

Listeners liked the combination of pleasant music and ironic texts - the author of both components of success is Vladimir Kristovsky. The role of Sergey Kristovsky is to create high-quality arrangements, play the bass guitar and some percussion instruments. Vocals are performed by both brothers.

Praskovya Girl from Moscow Region became the same meme as 20 years earlier the Stewardess named Jeanne. In addition to the “girl near Moscow”, Kristovsky was praised for the songs “Say Goodbye” and “Tennis Big,” and the music for the films “Night Watch” and “Daddy's Daughters”.

The poet effectively introduces interjections in lyrical texts in the most unexpected places. Twice Patricia Kaas herself sang along with the Kristovsky brothers, and Quentin Tarantino, the character of the “Umaturman songs”, favorably reacted to their work.

Vladimir Kristovsky - “Pigeons”

Volodya does not shy away from performing other people's songs, in particular, “Pigeons” by Sergey Trofimov and “Candles” by Andrey Makarevich. The group’s repertoire includes compositions by Oleg Mityaev and Alla Pugacheva.

Fans of the Kristovsky brothers sometimes wonder why the musical group changed its original name to “Uma2rman”. The reason for renaming is legal problems with the rights to use the name of a Hollywood star.


Vladimir made his film debut in 2007. In the adaptation of the play “Election Day”, the Kristovskiy brothers turned into the group “UPPERtormashki”, who performed the song “Transvestite Masha!”. In the series "Univer" Vladimir appeared in the 162nd series as a cameo - muse, a dream of a philological student Eduard Kuzmin (Kuse). Two years earlier, Kristovsky also played himself in the tape “The Family of Ada”.

Sergey and Vladimir Kristovskiy - Umaturman group (Uma2rman)

In the Russian remake of "Blind Dating" - the film - "Date" - the musician not only played the main male role, but also attracted all his daughters to the shootings. The girls played the children of the character Kristovsky. In the comedy melodrama "Klushi" Vladimir reincarnated as a brutal policeman Pablo, with whom the main character of the film Nastya (Elizaveta Boyarskaya) found female happiness

Ekaterina Klimova and Vladimir Kristovsky in the film "Date"

In a low-budget family fantasy “12 months. New Tale ”Kristovsky Jr. got the role of one of the months - Augustus (his elder brothers were such masters of domestic cinema as Bogdan Stupka and Andrei Leonov, dad from“ Daddy's daughters ”).

In 2015, the filmography of “Umaturman” was replenished with the detective mystical series “The Other Side of the Moon - 2”, in which the musician had to play a boxing trainer named Kovalev.

Vladimir Kristovsky now

The actor and musician is an indispensable participant in the main Russian events: it is known that Vladimir wrote the unofficial mundial anthem - “Everything for football.All for the match ”, a year earlier he responded to the next birthday of his native city with the song“ Nizhny Novgorod ”.

Sergey and Vladimir Kristovskiy in 2019

Back in 2016, Vladimir and Sergey Kristovskiy, together with musician Igor Butman, spoke to pilots at the Russian air base in Syria.

In 2018, the youngest Umaturman man baptized his son, a possible impetus for this event was a fire that happened in the house of Sergei Kristovsky, the investigation of which Vladimir took under his personal control.

Uma2rman - “Everything Will Turn Out”

On the eve of 2019, the singer presented a new song “Everything will turn out” in the TV show “What? Where? When?". Uma2rman is still in demand now.


Watch the video: Vladimir Kristovsky to Toronto. (April 2020).