Michael Douglas


Michael Douglas is an American actor and producer, winner of two Oscars. Almost every picture with his participation became an event and brought the performer prestigious nominations and prizes. As a producer, Douglas became famous after the release of the Oscar-winning drama "Flying Over the Cuckoo's Nest." The star today demonstrates impeccable acting form, playing the role of Hank Pim in the superhero Marvel comic book franchise.

Childhood and youth

On September 25, 1944, a son was born in the acting family of Diana and Kirk Douglas. He was called Michael. The father of the boy successfully made a career in Hollywood, today he is one of the famous performers of the "golden era" of the "dream factory". Later, Kirk Douglas played Spartak in the film of the same name by Stanley Kubrick. Mom starred in television.

Happy 101st birthday Dad! You are truly a living legend! Love michael

From childhood, the boy showed his indefatigable temperament. At age 14, Michael was expelled from school because his thoughts were about girls, not about school. And the behavior of the teenager by diligence did not differ. Michael Douglas was a typical representative of the “golden youth”: he either sided with the hippies, or wandered aimlessly through the streets and bars.

Parents identified the guy in a military school - by then his mother and father had already split up. Michael dreamed of continuing the work of his father and becoming a famous actor.

For the sake of a dream, he refused to enter Yale University, and chose the faculty of dramatic art at the University of California. At the university, Douglas met Danny De Vito, a friendship developed between the guys. Danny became not only a faithful friend of Michael, but also a work partner.

Kirk Douglas believed that his son should start acting in films no earlier than 25 years old, and before that time he needs to temper his character in the struggle for a place in show business. And so it happened: in his youth Michael had to deliver coffee in the cinema, work as an assistant director and assistant editor.


The creative biography of the actor began in 1972. Michael made his debut as Inspector Stone in the series “Streets of San Francisco”. After 3 years, Douglas became the producer of the film "Flying Over the Cuckoo's Nest." Michael acquired the rights to the film adaptation of the project from his own father, who staged a play based on the famous work of Ken Kesey, which was unsuccessful. Douglas Jr. got into the idea of ​​the novel, but the film’s budget limited its possibilities.

The Hollywood star was saving on everything, so he invited the untwisted artist Jack Nicholson into the project, and the real hospital for the mentally ill was chosen as the filming location. The premiere of the film exceeded the expectations of the creators. Her budget paid off 20 times, but the main surprise was awaiting the producer six months later, when the film was presented at the Oscars in 9 nominations, five of which became the winner.

In 1979, the “Chinese Syndrome” was released, in which Michael Douglas played one of the main roles and acted as a producer. In this film, the actor expressed his own opinion on the issue of nuclear disarmament, which was discussed for a long time on the sidelines.

Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner (frame from the film "Novel with a Stone")

In 1980, Douglas was seriously injured in a ski resort and was down for 3 years. During this time, the audience forgot it, but Michael subtly felt the mood and tastes of society, knew what to offer film enthusiasts. In 1984, he made a brilliant comeback to a great movie in the adventure film “A Novel with a Stone”. Then there was a continuation - “The Pearl of the Nile”, in which he played the hero-lover.

An important step towards the image of the “tough guy” was the role of the choreographer Zack in the film “The Corps de ballet”. Michael Douglas’s father always dreamed that his son would play a villain, and he was right. The role of stock market player Gordon Gekko in the film “Wall Street” not only glorified Douglas Jr., but also brought him an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

Michael Douglas (frame from the movie "Wall Street")

At the same time, Douglas’s filmography is replenished with two more vivid projects - the erotic thriller “Fatal Attraction”, which got into the top 10 best films of the year according to the National Council of Film Critics of the USA, and the Danny De Vito film “Rose War”, which brought Michael a number of prestigious nominations .

In the image of a “tough guy”, the actor appeared in the films “Basic Instinct” and “Black Rain”. These roles secured him the status of a Hollywood superstar. Charisma, acting talent and attractive appearance of Douglas (height of the artist 178 cm, weight - up to 80 kg) made him a favorite of a female audience. The film "Basic Instinct", in which Douglas's partner was Sharon Stone, raised $ 112 million.

Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone (frame from the film "Basic Instinct")

In 1993, the actor embodied the image, the opposite of the usual role of “tough guy”. In the thriller “Enough for me!” Douglas played an average layman who cannot stand the injustices of the world, grabs a baseball bat, destroys shops and paves the way for his daughter’s birthday, which the court forbade him to approach.

A year later, Douglas shone in the Barry Levinson project thriller “Exposure”, which took 11th place in the ranking of the highest grossing films of 1994. The partner of Michael Douglas in the film was Demi Moore. The most respectable role of the actor is the image of the American president in the film of the same name. But critics agree on one thing: Michael Douglas is better at images in which the character of the hero requires an ambiguous reaction. They call the paintings “Game” and “Traffic” successful works.

Michael Douglas (frame from the movie "The Game")

More likely a negative than an ambiguous character, Douglas plays in yet another picture that ensured his popularity, “The Perfect Kill.” The actor played the main role of the jealous and imperious Stephen Taylor, who, learning about the infidelity of his young wife, persuades her lover to commit the murder of an unfaithful wife.

The new millennium brings the actor a number of memorable leading roles. In 2000, Michael played as a university professor, who faced problems both in his personal life and in writing a book in the tragicomedy “The Prodigies”. For the role of a teacher, Douglas received the Sputnik Award in the nomination for Best Actor, Comedy / Musical.

Michael Douglas (frame from the film “Geeks”)

In 2001, the artist appeared in the role of a psychiatrist Nathan Conrad in the crime drama “Do Not Say a Word,” based on the novel by Andrew Clavan. Michael Douglas played a brilliant doctor, whom colleagues invited to consult other doctors about the treatment of the non-talking girl Elizabeth. For Conrad, this case seems trivial until the psychiatrist finds out that the life of his own daughter depends on the words of Elizabeth.

In 2003, the actor again returned to the role of “tough guy” and played the CIA secret agent in the comedy action movie “Wedding Party”. Agent Steve Tobias tries to catch his son’s wedding, and along the way, draws into his adventurous adventures his own matchmaker - quiet orthopedist Jerry, whose role was played by Albert Brooks. In the same year, the actor played a major role in the drama "Family Values", which talks about problems in the seemingly prosperous home of a successful businessman.

Michael Douglas and Kim Basinger (frame from the movie "The Guard")

In 2006, the actor was remembered as a special agent. In the crime thriller The Guard, Michael Douglas played the patriot Pete Harrison. He suspected that a double agent had started up among his colleagues, but did not manage to solve this problem when Pete was already accused of a crime and a double game. Harrison is forced to hide and at the same time seek a traitor to save the president’s life.

In 2007, Douglas plays in the popular tragicomedy "My Dad is Crazy." The actor plays the role of a crazy double bass player who leaves the psychiatric clinic and draws his own daughter into adventurous adventures.

Michael Douglas (frame from the movie "Reasonable Doubt")

In 2009, the actor played a major role in the detective drama Reasonable Doubt, a remake of the 1956 film of the same name. In the same year, Michael Douglas plays the role of an elderly businessman who has lost everything, who began to uncontrollably “drag around every skirt” in the melodrama Sexogolic.

In 2010, the actor returns to the role of merchant and former burglar Gordon Gekko in the sequel to the financial drama Wall Street. Money doesn’t sleep. ” In the new film, Gekko finds a student whose image is embodied by Shia Labaff, and thinks out a new ingenious plan in the conditions of the global financial crisis.

Michael Douglas and Matt Damon (frame from the movie "Behind the Candelabra")

In 2013, the actor played the role of the famous pianist Valentino Liberace in the biographical drama "Behind the Candelabra." In the same year, the actor appeared in the comedy "Star Peppers" about a bachelor party in Las Vegas, which already old friends decided to make. The main roles in the film were also played by Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline.

In 2014, the actor played in the melodrama "Here She is," showing how the life of the old egoist is changing with the appearance of her granddaughter, which grandfather did not even suspect. Also in 2014, Douglas appeared as Millionaire in the thriller "Game of Survival". During the hunt, Madek accidentally kills a man, the millionaire’s assistant wants to report to the police, which makes the two men the worst enemies who began the struggle for their own lives.

Michael Douglas as Hank Pym (frame from the movie Ant-Man)

In 2015, the actor joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, playing the role of Hank Pym in the ant-man comic blockbuster.

In the spring of 2017, the actor appeared on the screens in the action movie "Secret Agent", where he plays the role of a CIA employee, agent mentor Alice Racin (Numi Rapas). The hero of Douglas dies at the hands of terrorists, but manages to convey to his ward the necessary information. Orlando Bloom and John Malkovich also played in the film.

Danny de Vito and Michael Douglas (frame from the TV series "Kominsky Method")

A year later, the screen star starred in the next part of the superhero franchise "Ant-Man and the Wasp", where he again embodied the image of the inventor Hank Pym on the screen. The film brought the creators more than $ 600 million. Soon the movie "Planet of the Beasts" was released, where the American actor played the main negative role.

Michael embodied on the screen the image of the head of a large corporation, which is plotting the main character. Another work of the year is the main role in the comedy series “Kominsky Method”, for the performance of which the artist won the fourth Golden Globe award in his film career in the nomination “Best Actor in a TV Series”.

Personal life

In 1971, Michael fell in love with actress Brenda Vaccaro, whom he met on the set of Summertree. Their relationship lasted for almost 6 years.

In the spring of 1977, Michael Douglas married Diandra Lucker, who is almost half his age. She was the daughter of an Austrian diplomat and had nothing to do with the film industry. A year later, the couple had a son, Cameron. Their marriage lasted 23 years, in 2000, the couple divorced. The divorce proceedings lasted almost 2 years - Douglas paid Luker $ 45 million in compensation.

Embed from Getty Images Michael Douglas and Diandra Lucker

After breaking up with Diandra, the actor had short novels, until at the premiere of the film “Mask of Zorro” he met the actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. Middle-aged Michael Douglas fell in love with her at once and did his best to find favor. In December 1999, the couple announced their engagement, and in November 2000 legalized their relationship. Katherine gave birth to two children Michael - son Dylan Michael and daughter Karis Zeta.

In 2010, doctors diagnosed Douglas with laryngeal cancer. For almost a year he was treated and, as stated by the press, he had overcome the disease. And the wife could not stand the test: since 2011, Katherine has been suffering from bipolar disorder. Severe trials nearly put an end to the personal lives of Michael and Katherine. Since the spring of 2013, Zeta Jones and Douglas have not appeared in public together. In August of the same year, the actor announced that he was going to file for divorce because of the "global depression of his wife." But after 3 months, the couple reconciled.

Michael Douglas

American actor and producer.
Born September 25, 1944 in New Brunswick (New Jersey, USA) in the family of the famous actor Kirk Douglas and actress Diana Douglas Darrid (parents separated when he was 5 years old).

Already in his youth, the boy was notable for his childish fervor, so that at the age of 14 he was expelled from school, since the presence of a young womanizer was too worried about the female half of the school.
As a typical representative of the "golden youth", Michael for a long time hanging around idle. He bought a motorcycle and spent some time in the hippie community.

Studying at a military school, he dreamed of following in his father's footsteps and making an actor’s career. For this, he entered the University of California at the Department of Dramatic Art. In his student days, Michael made friends with Danny De Vito, with whom they subsequently starred in many films.

The father insisted that the son begin to act no earlier than he reaches 25 years. In his opinion, the hardships of the struggle for one's place in show business can be made only by tempering one's character. And Michael delivered coffee in the cinema, worked as an assistant director, assistant editor.

He made his debut on television in the series "Streets of San Francisco." In this film, Michael played the young, novice detective Steve Keller, and everyone liked not only the acting, but also extraordinary courage, since he performed all the tricks in the film. He learned to work on a computer, like a real programmer, when the circumstances of the plot demanded it.

In 1975, Michael decided to master the production business. He persuaded his father to cede his rights to the adaptation of the novel “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest”. Douglas produced this project, which became one of the cult films of the decade and was awarded four Oscars.

Spectator success came to him as an actor at the age of forty, in the adventure comedy "Novel with a Stone" (1984). Directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by Douglas, the film became one of the cornerstones of 1980s cinema entertainment. The image of a cynical and charming adventurer created by Douglas is an obvious comedic version of Indiana Jones. But the actor plays it so in its own way, so easy and relaxed that it became clear - a new star appeared in Hollywood.

In the second half of the 1980s, Douglas played, according to many critics, three of his most prominent roles - in the films "Fatal Attraction" (1987), Oliver Stone in the cult film "Wall Street" (1987) and Danny De Vito in the tape "War of the Rose" (1989). After that, he became one of the highest paid and sought-after actors in Hollywood. And in 1992 another film was released that became legendary - the psychological thriller “Basic Instinct”.

Reaching superstar status, Douglas played the most respectable role - the American president in the film of the same name. But much better he succeeds in playing roles not of pink romantics in love stories, but of characters at a break, requiring an extraordinary reaction, such as in the thrillers Game or The Perfect Murder.

In 2000, Michael Douglas divorced his wife Diandra, with whom they had been together for 23 years and from whom he had a son, Cairon.
His new chosen one was the young British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, the couple already have two children.

Academy Award":
1975 - Best film, producer ("Flying Over the Cuckoo's Nest")
1987 - Best Actor (Wall Street)

Golden Globe Award:
1987 - Best Actor, Drama (Wall Street)
2003 - Award for contribution to the cinema
2013 - Best actor of a mini-series or film on TV ("Behind the Candelabra")

Nomination for the Golden Globe:
1969 - Best Newcomer ("Hello to the Hero")
1974 - Best Actor on TV, drama ("Streets of San Francisco")
1989 - Best Actor, Comedy / Musical (War of the Rose)
1995 - Best Actor, Comedy / Musical ("American President")
2000 - Best Actor, Drama ("Geeks")
2010 - Best Supporting Actor (Wall Street: Money Does Not Sleep)

Nomination for "BAFTA":
1988 - Best Actor ("Fatal Attraction")
2000 - Best Actor ("Geeks")

Satellite Award (2000):
Best Actor, Comedy / Musical ("Geeks")

Nomination for the "Satellite" Prize (2010):
Best Actor, Drama ("Sexual Healer")

Honorary "Cesar": (1997), (2015)

Karlovy Vary (1988):
Special Prize for Outstanding Contribution to World Cinema

San Sebastian (1997):
Outstanding Personal Achievement Award

Screen Actors Guild Award:
2000 - Best cast ("Traffic")
2013 - Best actor in a television movie or mini-series ("Behind the Candelabra")

Nomination for the MTV Channel Award (1993):
Best Actor ("Basic Instinct")
Best Screen Duo (Basic Instinct)

Emmy Award (2013):
Best Actor in a Mini Series or TV Movie (Behind the Candelabra)

Nomination for an Emmy:
1975 - Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Streets of San Francisco)
1976 - Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Streets of San Francisco)
2002 - Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series ("Will and Grace")

Short biography

Michael Douglas is a well-known American actor and producer, as well as an honored winner of two Academy Award awards. Thanks to such films as “Basic Instinct”, “Wall Street”, “Perfect Murder”, “Enough For Me!” And the television series “Streets of San Francisco” gained worldwide fame. As a producer, Douglas became famous after the release of the drama "Flying Over the Cuckoo's Nest."

Filmography by Michael Douglas

At the age of 28, Michael finally made his debut as an actor. His first role was in the series "Streets of San Francisco", where he played Inspector Stone. At the same time, at the request of Michael, his father ceded to him the right to film the famous novel “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest”. This film received five Oscars, one of which was received by Douglas himself, as the producer of this picture.
Michael has always been a supporter of nuclear disarmament, and even illuminated his next picture on this topic. In 1979, “Chinese Syndrome” was released, which the actor not only produced, but also played a major role. The film caused a lot of controversy.
In 1980, Douglas was seriously injured, which was why he was forced to leave the film industry for 3 whole years.
But already in 1984, the world was again able to enjoy Michael's wonderful game in the film "Novel with a Stone." Then there was a sequel - “The Pearl of the Nile”, in which he coped perfectly with the role of a hero-lover.
It was the film The Corps de Ballet that showed the world that Douglas looks gorgeous in the guise of a "tough guy." Proof of this was followed by a role in the film "Wall Street", where Michael played the stock player Gordon Gekko, and received the Oscar and Golden Globe for this role. And also “Fatal Attraction”, “Basic Instinct”, “Black Rain”. These films assigned the actor the status of a Hollywood superstar.
Critics praised such films as The Game and Traffic. They agreed that Michael is very successful in roles in which the character of the hero requires an ambiguous reaction

In 2000, Michael Douglas starred in the tragicomedy Wunderkinds, where he played the main role of a university professor who faced problems both in his personal life and in writing a book. For this role, the actor received the Sputnik Award in the nomination for Best Actor, Comedy / Musical.
In 2001, the crime drama “Don't Say a Word” was released, the actor got accustomed to the role of a brilliant doctor and psychiatrist Nathan Conrad, who was invited by colleagues to consult on the treatment of the girl Elizabeth.
In 2003, in the comedy action movie “Wedding Party,” Michael returned to the role of a tough guy and played CIA secret agent Steve Tobias, who tried very hard to catch his son’s wedding, but not everything went as smoothly as he wanted. In the same year, the drama “Family Values” appeared on the screen, which tells about problems in the outwardly prosperous house of a successful businessman.
In 2006, in the crime thriller The Guard, Michael Douglas played the patriot Pete Harrison, who was accused of murder and double play. Now Pete has to hide and at the same time look for a traitor.
In 2007, Douglas plays the crazy double bass player in the famous tragicomedy "My Dad Is Crazy."
In 2010, the sequel to the financial drama Wall Street. Money doesn’t sleep, ”Michael returns to the role of merchant and former burglar Gordon Gekko.
In 2013, two films with the actor’s participation immediately appeared on the screen: the biographical drama “For Candelabra,” where Michael Douglas played the role of the famous pianist Valentino Liberace, and the comedy “Star Peppers”.
2014 was also a busy year for the actor, two films were released: “And here she is” and “The Survival Game”.
In 2015, the actor joins the Marvel cinematic universe, playing the role of Hank Pim in the comic book blockbuster Ant Man, and in 2018 the sequel Ant Man and the Wasp is released

Michael Douglas's Sexual Addiction

Michael Douglas was the very first to admit his inability to control his sex drive. In the early 1990s, he became famous as the largest womanizer in Hollywood. This addiction cost him marriage. His partner in the filming of the movie “Special Instinct” Sharon Stone admitted that during the filming she could not resist the animal’s excitement. Information about the lack of imitation of the hottest bed scene in the film is said by everyone except the director.
There is also evidence that Michael spent a lot of money on treatment for this "ailment." For the sake of his current wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, the actor was able to break with his past and become an exemplary family man.

“How pleasant are good deeds!”

73-year-old Michael Douglas with his 48-year-old wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and children spend Christmas holidays in Asia. At first, the whole family enjoyed the mysterious India, and now the turn has come to beautiful Cambodia. Catherine Zeta-Jones is constantly posting photos from this trip on her Instagram page. Apparently, both children and adults have a wonderful New Year time and visit world famous sights. According to Katherine, on this trip she realized the dream of her life. And the subscribers on the page of the actress with pleasure admire beautiful landscapes, and also have the opportunity to see the whole star family in full force. The Douglas family gave a Cambodian village a wonderful Christmas present: the construction of a well. Under the photographs in which 17-year-old Dylan and 14-year-old Karis pose, Katherine made a comment:

“The best Christmas present! Today we visited a well that we donated to families in Cambodia. Such a joy for us! ”

Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

A 74-year-old American actor and producer, Michael Douglas, has been acting in films for about five decades, but only now he has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The two-time Oscar winner arrived at the awards ceremony in the company of his relatives, who shared his joy. 49-year-old actress and wife Michael Douglas Catherine Zeta-Jones, who recently celebrated a birthday with him, supported the chosen one at the opening of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. The actor also invited to the event father Kirk, who will soon turn 102 years old, and his 39-year-old son Cameron, who was born in a previous marriage with Diandra Luker. Douglas did not hide his happiness - he happily posed with family. He’s been playing in films for almost 50 years, but only now his merits in the entertainment industry have been appreciated. Michael is pleased that the elderly father, Kirk Douglas, saw his triumph. He thanked the parent for his advice and inspiration, emphasizing that he was proud to be his son. The awarded artist separately expressed his gratitude to his wife, with whom he would soon celebrate the 18th anniversary of the wedding, and indicated that these were the best years of his life. At the beginning of the year, a registered star of 91-year-old Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida, who had long been waiting for an honorable award for her contribution to the development of cinema, was mounted in the cover of Hollywood Boulevard. And the actress Eva Longoria, who became famous for her role in the series “Desperate Housewives,” was awarded this honor at the age of 43 when she was in her last pregnancy.

Childhood and family

In 1951, Douglas Sr. divorced his wife, but Kirk and Diana maintained a good relationship, so their sons did not feel a lack of parental attention. Michael stayed with his mother, who did not try to restrain her violent temperament and too loose temper of her son.

Despite the fact that Michael studied well, he was expelled from school. The guy skipped classes, drove a motorcycle, drank and dared to teachers, not recognizing any authorities, except his father. Kirk was an ideal for him, because he, the son of a Jewish antiquarian, managed to get out of the very bottom of society and became a movie icon for all of America.

Career. Starry beginning

In the next picture, Michael starred in the company of Ben Gazarra, in the 1972 mystical drama Madman, he played a young doctor whom his late brother called and this bell was the beginning of unexplained events and terrible deaths in a small town.

In the same year, the young actor starred in the family film "Napoleon and Samantha," which became a classic of American children's films. The main children's role was played by the ten-year-old Jodie Foster, who was injured during the filming when a lion attacked her.

A multi-part crime detective "Streets of San Francisco" secured the success of the first paintings with the participation of a rising star. In the series, Michael played the young detective Keller, and he refused the understudy and performed all the tricks himself. Without waiting for the end of the first season, Douglas left the series in connection with the idea that captured him to become a producer.

Douglas Sr. was determined to play a major role in the film "Flying Over the Cuckoo's Nest," because he owned the rights to the adaptation of Ken Kesey's famous novel. It took Michael a lot of time and nerves to dissuade his father and insist on the candidacy of Jack Nicholson. In 1975, the picture won four Oscars and brought fabulous profits to the Douglas dynasty. Much later, in the autobiographical book Son of the Garbage Man, Kirk writes that he would give everything to the last cent to play this role instead of Nicholson.

Best Roles

In the same company, Michael starred in the breathtakingly funny comedy “The Rose War”, where he played the role of Oliver, with whom his ex-wife Barbara, who played Turner, shares the house. The role of the lawyer was played by Danny De Vito - it was his hero who found the dead spouses who crashed on the chandelier as a result of hostilities.

In the thriller with elements of the 1987 psychodrama “Fatal Attraction”, the actor played in a duet with Glenn Close, who terrorized the family of the hero Michael. The picture received an unthinkable number of nominations and awards and entered the top ten best paintings of the year.

For the role of Greco in the drama "Wall Street", which also starred Daryl Hannah, as well as Charlie and Martin Sheen, the actor received an Oscar.

The role of detective Nick Carran, investigating the murder of a rock star, in the 1992 thriller “Basic Instinct” is also considered one of Douglas’s most successful hits. His character is dominated by the charms of the heroine Sharon Stone, and does not seem to notice obvious truths. But no matter how clairvoyant the viewer is, the end of the picture is unpredictable.

Not often pleasing his fans with work in comedy projects, in 2003-2006 he played in the comedies “Wedding Party”, “Family Values” and “He, Me and His Friends”.

In the 2007 black comedy “My Papa Crazy”, the actor played a real psycho, who returned from the hospital, but never abandoned the obsession to find the treasure. The role of the daughter of an insane dad played Evan Rachel Wood.

In a political detective story with an unpredictable denouement “Reasonable doubt”, Douglas played the district attorney, who is trying to convict a young journalist performed by Jesse Metcalfe of crimes.

In Stephen Sodeberg’s thriller “Knockout,” the actor rallied a brilliant acting ensemble: Gina Carano, Ewan McGregor, Chaning Tatum.

The most unexpected way embodied by the brilliant Douglas on the screen is the role of the entertainer Liberace in the drama "Behind the Candelabra." As a lover, Liberace shone ... Matt Damon. How could it be imagined that two such brutal guys could play gay so reliably? Of course, because they can do anything.

In 2014, Michael appeared in the role of a cynical, seeking new entertainment rich businessman in the thriller "Game of Survival." The following year, he joined the actors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, playing the role of Hank Pim in Ant-Man.

Early life

Michael Kirk Douglas was born on September 25, 1944 in the family of actor Kirk Douglas and actress Diana Douglas. After the parents divorced, he lived with his mother, studied at a military school, but dreamed of following in his father's footsteps and for the sake of his acting career refused to enter Yale University.

Studied at The American Place Theater in New York.

In his student days, he became a close friend of Danny De Vito, with whom he subsequently starred in many films.


The first role that brought Douglas fame was the role of Inspector Steve Keller in the television series Streets of San Francisco (1972-1976). At this time, he persuaded his father to transfer to him the rights to the film adaptation of the novel "Flying Over the Cuckoo's Nest." Douglas produced this project, which won the Academy Award for Best Film of the Year.

Douglas always upheld the need for nuclear disarmament and decided to devote his next project to this topic. The film "Chinese Syndrome" was released in 1979 and caused a lot of noise. In addition to producing, Douglas played a major role in this film.

In 1980, an accident occurred with the actor: he crashed while skiing down the mountain. The continuation of the film career had to be postponed for three years, during which his name was pretty faded. Inspired by the success of Indiana Jones films, Douglas decided to return to the movie in an adventure film of this kind. The result of this strategy was the action movie "Novel with a Stone" (1984), which was very successful from a commercial point of view. Soon followed by the sequel - "The Pearl of the Nile."

In the second half of the 1980s, Douglas played, according to many critics, three of his most prominent roles - in the films "Fatal Attraction" with classmate Glenn Close, Oliver Stone in the movie "Wall Street" and his friend Danny De Vito in the film "Rose War". Having finished the decade as one of the highest paid and sought-after actors in Hollywood, Douglas in 1992 again attracted general attention with a loud and controversial role - in Basic Instinct.

Social work

In January 2015, Michael Douglas was selected as the winner of the annual Genesis Prize, which is often called the Jewish Nobel Prize. Douglas said he would donate a cash prize of $ 1 million to him for a charity that promotes communion and diversity in Jewish life. The artist called his fight against anti-Semitism, which he called "a virus capable of destroying all of humanity."


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