Interesting Facts

Monument Chizhik-fawn on the Fontanka


The country Russia
TownSt. Petersburg
SculptorGabriadze, Rezo Levanovich
ArchitectBukhayev, Vyacheslav Borisovich
ConstructionNovember 19, 1994
Height11 cm
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Not far from the location of the monument, in the house number 6 on the Fontanka embankment, from 1835 to 1918 there was the Imperial School of Law, whose students wore green uniforms with yellow buttonholes and cuffs. According to a popular St. Petersburg legend, for the coloring of this uniform, reminiscent of the plumage of a siskin, as well as for the traditional fawn hats of college students, they called it “siskin-fawn”, and it was about them that the famous song was composed:

Chizhik-fawn, where have you been?
I drank vodka on the Fontanka.
I drank a glass, drank two -
Noisy in the head.

Neither the author nor the time of the appearance of this comic song is known for certain; the obvious contradiction to the legend is known from the correspondence of Pushkin's contemporaries: the parody “Gnedich, Gnedich! where have you been? In the Caucasus, I ... washed, washed a little, washed two, refreshed my head ”is already in the letter of A. E. Izmailov, written on November 16, 1825, ten years before the school of law.


There is a belief according to which, if you make a wish and get a coin on the pedestal on which Chizhik-Pyzhik is standing (the coin must certainly remain lying on the stone), then the desire will come true. For the newlyweds, there is another tradition: the groom must lower the filled glass attached to the rope to the monument and clink glasses with the beak of the siskin, without breaking it. This is the key to happiness for a young family.

The history of the creation of the monument Chizhik-fawn

In the house number 6 on the Fontanka embankment in 1835, His Highness Prince Peter Georgievich of Oldenburg, nephew of Emperor Nicholas I, the Imperial School of Law was opened. His students were nicknamed Chizhik-fawn, because the students' uniforms were green, and their buttonholes and cuffs were yellow, like the plumage of these birds, and they were called Fawn because of the fawn hats. True, as regards the second part of the nickname “Fawn”, there is an opinion that the students' bearing was demonstrative - pompous and therefore they were called Fawn. In their free time, law students wore ordinary clothes and secretly visited a nearby pub in the basement of the merchant Nefedov’s house (house number 14). So a poem appeared about law students

Chizhik-fawn, where have you been?
I drank vodka on the Fontanka.
I drank a glass, drank two -

The school was closed in 1918, and the poem-reader continues to live now.

In 1994, during the festival of satire and humor Golden Ostap writer Andrei Bitov proposed to establish a monument to this bird. His idea was realized by the sculptor Rezo Gabriadze and the architect Vyacheslav Bukhayev.

Interesting facts about the monument Chizhik-fawn

  • Since the installation of the sculpture, it was stolen seven times, but Petersburgers helped to find and return the bird to the Fontanka. Several times she was found at non-ferrous metal delivery points. The last time a bronze bird was never found, and according to the preserved model, it was cast again at the expense of one of the Moscow philanthropists, who loved the northern capital and wished to remain anonymous
  • Guides call the bronze bird the most stolen monument in the Northern capital. But, they say that the last time it was installed in such a way that it can be carried out only with the embankment

Chizhik-fawn - signs and traditions

The monument is especially popular with tourists and honeymooners.

  • It is believed that if you make a wish and throw a coin on a pedestal so that it remains there, then the desire will certainly come true
  • Newlyweds have such a tradition. The groom ties the filled glass to the rope, lowers it to the monument and tries to clink glasses with the bird’s beak so that the glass does not break, then the life of the bride and groom will be happy

How to get to the monument Chizhik-fawn

  • Take the metro to the Gostiny Dvor station, go to Nevsky Prospekt and follow the direction of increasing the numbering of houses to Fontanka. Then go along the Fontanka embankment on the odd side to the intersection with the Moika. The monument is on a pedestal almost at the very water next to the Panteleimonovsky bridge.

On the bronze board we read:

Born November 19, 1994
Golden Ostap festival
artist Rezo Gabriadze
architect Slava Bukhayev

A small bronze Chizhik-fawn fulfills the wishes of tourists and they say that if dreams are real, they will certainly come true.

Hermitage shelter

5 facts about Chizhik-fawn - the smallest monument in St. Petersburg

Petersburg is famous for magnificent palaces, parks, canals and, of course, monuments. One of the most beloved sculptures of citizens and tourists was the tiny bronze bird that appeared on the Fontanka embankment, almost at the very water. Throwing a coin on its pedestal, you can make a wish that will come true. This is a real chizhik

1. The bronze Chizhik-fawn is the smallest monument of the city on the Neva. Its height is only 11 centimeters, and its weight is not more than 5 kg. Its authors are sculptors Rezo Gabriadze and Vyacheslav Bukhayev.

Chizhik-pyzhik - one of the most beloved monuments of St. Petersburg Chizhik-pyzhik - one of the most beloved monuments of St. Petersburg

2. Students of the Imperial School of Law, located on the Fontanka from 1835 to 1918, were called fawn because of fawn hats. The yellow cuffs and buttonholes of their green uniforms resembled the plumage of a famous bird. According to urban legend, the song about the fawn, who drank alcohol, rather than a bird, but about the cheerful students of the Imperial School of Law. Within the walls of this building studied "Chizhik-fawn"

3. If you have any craving, then it will certainly come true if you throw a coin on a pedestal so that it stays there. It’s not so easy to get a coin on a pedestal from the embankment

4. The newlyweds of St. Petersburg support the original wedding tradition: the groom drops a glass of vodka tied on a rope so that he can carefully clink his glass with the beak of a chizhik without breaking the glass. In this case, the life of the young spouses will be cloudless and happy. The monument is so small that it is easy to miss

5. From the moment the monument was erected (1994), the Chizhik was stolen several times, moreover, it was found many times at color color reception points. The last time the bird was not found and was cast at the expense of the patron who wished to remain anonymous. Bronze chizhik more than once “flew” to unknown lands with the help of vandals

“In my soul there is so much emotion from this little bird! Near this charming monument the air itself is saturated with positive. I didn’t get a coin, so I’ll try it next time! ”- writes ElenaSp on social networks. For luck, a souvenir chizhik-fawn is brought from St. Petersburg

How to find Chizhik-fawn? The monument is located on Fontanka, near the Panteleimonovsky bridge, next to the Engineering Castle and the Summer Garden. To get to Chizhik, you need to get to the Gostiny Dvor metro station, take a walk along the even side of Nevsky Prospekt to Anichkov Bridge (towards increasing the numbering of houses). Then you need to go along the Fontanka embankment, past the circus to the Moika River. Monument Chizhik-fawn can be seen if you look down at the water from Panteleymonovsky bridge.

Short description

St. Petersburg has a large number of attractions, the reasons for the appearance of which cannot be explained in a nutshell. One of them - Monument to Chizhik-Pyzhik on the Fontanka, steadily attracts guests of the Northern capital, despite the fact that on the pedestal there is only a sculpture of a tiny bronze bird.


Song option rhyme appeared in 1838 and after 2 years has become extremely popular. The name of the author of the musical composition is not reliably known. But since then, plain melody used teachers when teaching music to children - Her novice performers play the piano with one finger. And the lyrics for young musicians composed "their own", suitable for children.

The motive of the song is among the well-known and recognizable in the Russian Federation. And although it does not belong to the rank of highly-artificial works, nevertheless, it is widely used in research on a computerized version of soundtracks.

It sounds a tune of a fawn-fawn in the arioso of King Dodon in The Golden Cockerel. The opera was written by Rimsky - Korsakov. Filmmakers also “quote” it. For example, L. Gaidai is the director of the comedy “Ivan Vasilievich Changes the Profession”. He included the motive in the bells episode. In the ropes of instruments on the belfry, the house manager and the namesake of Grozny-Bunsh were confused and “played” the “fawn-fawn”. The composition is also being performed in the film anthology “Merry-Go-Round” No. 17 and No. 19.

Where is


A feature of the mini-structure is its placement near the water. It stands against building No. 12/1 on a retaining wall at the bottom of the First Engineering Bridge. Nearby is the Mikhailovsky - Engineering Castle. And it is possible to see the Chizhik-Pyzhik Monument on the Fontanka, hanging from the parapet of the embankment.


  • Nevsky Prospect
  • Gostiny Dvor

How to get there

Get to meet the attraction on the subway train. Having reached the Gostiny Dvor stop, they go out onto Nevsky Prospekt and move in the direction of the increasing numbering of buildings to the Fontanka. Because they go along the embankment on the odd side to the intersection with the Moika.

The neighborhood is worthy of sculpture. Near are placed attractions:

From the berth nearby, those who wish to go for boat trips along the waterways of St. Petersburg.

Around Chizhik-Pyzhik on the Fontanka there are many legends. According to one of them, one must make a wish and throw a coin on a pedestal. Money from metal should fall on the base of the monument and stay there. Only in this case the desired will come true. Immediately hit the target fails. Therefore, knowledgeable tourists go to the bronze Chizhik-Pyzhik with a supply of coins.

Chizhik-Pyzhik Bridge

As such, the creation across the Moika River does not exist. There is the First Engineering Bridge, in the past - Summer. It connects the islands - the Summer Garden and Spassky.

Located between the Mikhailovsky Castle and the Summer Garden, the First Engineering is a single architectural complex with the Panteleimonovsky Bridge: it is adjacent to the Fontanka River. Since the time when the monument to the winged miracle arose here, The first Engineering began to be popularly referred to as the "Chizhik-Pyzhik bridge."

Interesting information about the Monument

The original version of the sculpture depicted a brass bird drinking water from the river. But its installation was prevented by its proximity to the water surface, already turning into ice in November.

Loved the little bird and the newlyweds. According to custom, the newly-made husband needs to tie a champagne-filled glass to the twine, lower it down to the monument and try to touch the bird’s beak, clinking glasses. Yes, so that the stack is not damaged. This promises a freshly married cloudless and comfortable life.

Since the bird settled near the water near the embankment, the sculpture several times left the pedestal due to banal theft. But they found her, once she showed up even at a point for receiving non-ferrous metal. After some theft, Chizhik-Pyzhik was not found. The bird had to be cast again, since its model was preserved. The Moscow philanthropist paid for the new birth of the celebrity of St. Petersburg. So he expressed his love for the Northern capital and at the same time did not want to make his name public.

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MetroArt. Nevsky Prospect, Gostiny Dvor, Mayakovskaya, Chernyshevskaya
Busrest "Summer Garden", No. 2 M, 46, 49
Tramrest Mikhailovsky Castle, No. 3
Route taxirest "Summer Garden", No. K-212, K-76

"Chizhik-Pyzhik, where have you been? I drank vodka on the Fontanka ... ”- this phrase from a famous rhyme is familiar to almost every inhabitant of Russia. But not everyone knows who Chizhik-Pyzhik is and where he is located.

The history of Chizhik-Pyzhik in St. Petersburg

Who and when came up with the famous poem, which later became a comic song, is unknown, but the traditional version of his appearance is as follows: the heroes of the work are students of the Imperial School of Law, which was located on the Fontanka Embankment in house number 6, from 1835 to 1918. It is believed that the nickname "Chizhiki" students received due to the coloring of their uniform (green with yellow details), and "Fawn" - because of fawn hats. Students were often seen in the tavern of the merchant Nefedov, where they, dressed in ordinary clothes, drank and had fun.

The monument to Chizhik-Pyzhik appeared in St. Petersburg in 1994, as the plaque says, the “parents” were the festival of satire and humor “Golden Ostap”, artist Rezo Gabriadze and architect Slava Bukhayev. The idea of ​​creating a sculpture was first expressed by the writer Andrei Bitov at the specified event.

What does the monument to Chizhik-Pyzhik look like on the Fontanka

Chizhik-Pyzhik is a small bronze bird on a pedestal. Despite the miniature size - its height is only 11 cm - the weight of the figure reaches 5 kg.

The location of the monument is interesting - Chizhik-Pyzhik along with the pedestal is attached to the wall of the embankment, and is clearly visible from the water or Panteleimonovsky bridge. From the Fontanka embankment you can see the bird only by leaning strongly over the fence, as it is installed close to the water's edge.

Legends and interesting facts

An unusual monument is associated with many urban legends and traditions. The most famous of them is very popular with tourists - it is believed that if you make a wish and throw a coin so that it remains on the pedestal, it will certainly come true. When the tourist season begins in St. Petersburg, a lot of people who are trying their luck almost always gather at the monument. The most experienced ones even give recommendations - which coins are better. This is not a simple matter, since the area of ​​the pedestal is small, then the coins most often bounce and fly into the water.

Many funny stories are also associated with coins that have fallen into the water. In the summer, there were repeatedly seen divers collecting money from the bottom of the Fontanka, and in winter, when the river is covered with ice, other fearless ones digging in the snow and breaking ice gather under Chizhik-Pyzhik. in search of prey.

The connection of Chizhik-Pyzhik with alcoholic beverages also gave rise to an interesting wedding tradition. For family life to be happy, the groom must clink glasses of vodka with a beak of a bronze bird. To do this, the glass is tied to a rope and carefully lowered.

The monument to Chizhik-Pyzhik is considered the most stolen in St. Petersburg.Since 1994, a small bird has been stolen 7 times! Thieves were not always inspired by the history or aesthetic value of the monument; more often it was abducted in order to be banally taken to a non-ferrous metals receiving point. It was there that Chizhik found indifferent citizens. After the last theft, the bird was never found, the sculpture was cast again and fixed so that now the thieves will have to take part of the embankment with them.

Chizhik-Pyzhik on the Fontanka

Tourists and residents of St. Petersburg are not accustomed to the fact that the symbols of the city are impressive buildings with a rich design.

In the top ten main attractions of the city, the Hermitage, the Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Alexandria Column, Palace Square, etc. set the tone. However, we must not forget that the atmosphere of the city is created, sometimes, by very small monuments.

For example, such as Chizhik-Pyzhik. The bronze bird became the hero of a song known to many far beyond Petersburg:

Chizhik-fawn, where have you been?

I drank vodka on the Fontanka.
I drank a glass, drank two -
Dizzy. It is fair to say that these lines are not dedicated to the bird itself, but to students of the Imperial School of Law, located nearby. Only hereditary noblemen were accepted into this closed institution, with their yellow-green uniform, which was supposed to be in accordance with the charter, they often wore a fawn cap, from which the nickname “fawn-fawn” came. The tavern in the house of the merchant Nefedov on the Fontanka often became the resting place for the pupils of the school. From these facts, as a result, a famous song was formed.

Chizyk-Pyzhik invariably gathers tourists on the embankment at the 1st Engineering Bridge.

If they are not intrigued by what such a small bird does at the water itself, then they definitely know the sign: luck will smile at the one who will throw a coin on the pedestal (the paradox is that this also requires a lot of luck!).

Perseverance in this matter leads to the fact that under the monument a decent amount of money is accumulated daily, up to 300 rubles. Another established tradition applies only to spouses: if the groom on a rope lowers a glass to the bird and clinks his beak, then this is considered to bring happiness in future family life.

There are other legends. So some people think that a coin on a pedestal will be spared the morning hangover. There is a legend that initially they wanted to install Chizhyk at the Belinsky bridge, but suddenly a drowned diver surfaced from under the water and people considered this a bad sign.

When they began to put Chizhik at the Panteleimonovsky bridge, a helicopter flew from above, which carried a cross for installation in the temple. And the audience realized that the place for the bird was chosen correctly.

The idea of ​​creating such a monument belonged to writer Andrei Bitov and the artist, as well as screenwriter Rezo Gabriadze.

In 1994, during the Golden Ostap festival, the monument was inaugurated. Since then, the bird has systematically disappeared from the pedestal: the modest monument was extremely liked by metal hunters and collectors.

Indeed height Chizhik-fawn - 11 cm, weight - 5 kg: the temptation to capture the famous figure of St. Petersburg is great! In 2002, after the next abduction, the birds did not manage to return and recreated.

By the way, Rezo Gabriadze is the author of another small, unusual and folklore monument in St. Petersburg, called the Nose of Major Kovalev and dedicated to the hero of the well-known work of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol.

Chizhik-Pyzhik: photo of the monument, history and signs

This wonderful monument to a small bird is located on Fontanka, in the heart of the Northern capital, not far from the house, which is located on 12/1 Fontanka Embankment.

Chizhik-Pyzhik in St. Petersburg (photo you see below) appeared on this place on November 19, 1994. The idea of ​​creating such a cute, small and funny monument belongs to the writer Andrei Bitov.

Rezo Gabriadze (Georgian sculptor) and Vyacheslav Bukhayev (architect) worked together on their implementation. The monument is completely made of bronze.

"Chizhik-fawn" on the Fontanka in St. Petersburg: how to get, history, photo

The sculpture "Chizhik-fawn" is one of the most popular attractions in St. Petersburg. Despite its small size, a popular character, regardless of the season, attracts crowds of curious tourists.

About fawn-fawn in St. Petersburg: history, address, where it is on the map

The monument to Chizhik-Pyzhik, the hero of the famous comic song, is located in St. Petersburg, at the foot of the First Engineering Bridge, not far from Mikhailovsky Castle. Chizhik-Pyzhik in St. Petersburg has long been a part of many excursion routes and invariably attracts crowds of tourists.

The urban legend of Chizhik-Pyzhik

A song about a little bird - a siskin, which has been known to every Russian since childhood, has long been a part of popular culture. For example, in the novel by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, the scientific cat Vasily sings her:

Chizhik-fawn, where have you been? I drank vodka on the Fontanka. I drank a glass, drank two -

Spinning in my head.

According to a popular legend, students of the Imperial School of Law, which was located in house No. 6 on the Fontanka embankment, were called fawn-fenders in the 19th century.

This institution of higher learning, founded in 1835 by Prince Oldenburg, the nephew of Nicholas I, was considered one of the most prestigious in pre-revolutionary Russia.

Among his graduates are composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky, leader of the Slavophiles Ivan Aksakov and founder of the science of paleontology Vladimir Kovalevsky.

Monument Chizhik-Pyzhik enjoys the love of residents and visitors

The official uniform of the cadets included fawn hats and yellow-green overcoats, which, probably due to their coloring, made them resemble siskins. There is an opinion that the second part of the nickname - "fawn" - came directly from the word "puff" - to be important. Such behavior could be expected from students of a privileged educational institution.

In the evenings, students, changing their uniforms for casual clothes, went to drink at the tavern of the merchant Nefedov, who was next door, in house No. 14 on the Fontanka embankment.

A century and a half has passed since then, in 1918 the School of Jurisprudence ceased to exist forever, but thanks to a poem by an unknown author, the image of Chizhik-Pyzhik became an integral part of urban folklore.

Former building of the Imperial School of Law, since 2003 the Leningrad Regional Court has been located here

Note! Not all experts agree with the opinion that the song is about students. For example, folklore researcher Vladimir Bakhtin discovered the similarity of these lines with an old village song about a bunny. Perhaps it was her motive that was taken as the basis of the song about Chizhik, and the main character, the hare, gradually turned into a bird.

An argument in favor of this theory is an old comic toast:

Chizhik rides in a boat. In the admiral's rank ... Do not drink vodka

For such a reason?

Traditions and Signs

There are several interesting beliefs associated with the monument to Chizhik-Pyzhik in St. Petersburg.

Mikhailovsky Castle in St. Petersburg

For example, tourists and residents of the city when visiting the statue of Chizhik decided to make a wish. For its execution it is only necessary to throw a coin so that it remains lying on a pedestal next to the sculpture, but in no case fell into the water. This is not so easy to achieve, so the bottom of the river under the bridge is dotted with coins that some enterprising townspeople like to collect.

Note! Another tradition concerns newlyweds who come here from all over the district to try their luck.

The groom must wrap a glass of vodka with a rope and lower it so that it slightly bumps Chizhik's beak, in other words, he should be able to “water” the bird and not break the glass.

It is believed that if successful, the newlyweds expect a long and happy life together.

How to make a wish near Chizhik-Pyzhik

Like all the "magical" sights of St. Petersburg, the monument to Chizhik-Pyzhik has the ability to fulfill wishes. But here it should be remembered that:

Keep in mind that a wish will be fulfilled only in the following sequence of actions: they threw a coin - it stayed on the ledge - only now we make a wish.

If the desire is burning and very much in demand, then you need to get on the bird's beak. Which is very difficult, since it is very small.

Another ritual is intended for newlyweds: a young husband needs to lower a glass of vodka on a rope and clink glasses on a pichuga's nose. If the glass remained intact and no vodka was spilled, the young family is guaranteed a fret and mutual long love.

That's all the "instructions" for the fulfillment of desires. A tourist can only find the 1st Engineering Bridge in St. Petersburg and throw a coin. Moreover, on the way you can try happiness and good luck with Cats on Malaya Sadovaya.

If Chizhik-Pyzhik is in place, then everything will be in order. But, unfortunately, the monument is often unlucky and with a certain frequency it disappears from its pedestal. What to do, hunters for famous sights have no conscience. But we hope that this will not happen on your vacation in St. Petersburg. Have a nice rest.

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Monument to Chizhik-Pyzhik (St. Petersburg - Leningrad Region)

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The original monument to the song hero, many dream to see, but it’s very difficult to find without knowing

The last visit to the city on the Neva River, thanks to the snowfall, managed to get a coin on the Chizhik pedestal. The monument is bright even if you haven’t had to search for it alone, there are always groups of people who are already engaged in searches or inspections.

In my opinion, complete garbage! Moreover, “Chizhik-Pyzhiki” is, I won’t lie, cadets of some school ...

A very strange monument, but a symbol of the city

Original, pretty. You can see, but it’s difficult) from the embankment you can see quite poorly after all.

Attraction of a difficult fate,) As far as I remember, they stole it at least 7 times. A whole flock is already being made.

God, how much have I left coins on this Fawn ..))) A place for lovers of excitement!))

Small but cute chizhik.

If you do not know what he is there, you will never see. Of course it's worth a glance, but nothing more.

A small and funny monument. Pretty tiny)))
It may be oddly located and the size is not impressive, but it is one of the “informal” symbols of the city.

I hit a coin! But the desire did not come true, sorry. 2 years have passed.

Let the small, but full-fledged monument. And a lot of people are going. To throw a coin, I had to stand. Whether the wishes will come true will help - I don’t know, but it’s definitely worth a visit.

A funny monument, not so much a bird as a famous song. Tourists like it. But it doesn’t touch me, but it makes me smile.

Very funny little bird memorial. If possible it’s worth a look.

it was not installed at all at home on 6 Fontanka Embankment (the former school of law), although in honor of the students of the school.The correct address is between the 1st Engineering Bridge and Mikhailovsky (Engineering) Castle, not far from the Summer Garden.

Building 12 on the embankment of the Fontanka River is also often called a landmark, but this house is located on the opposite bank of the Fontanka. You need to look for it “inside” the embankment, see photo on Wikipedia

and the monument is really small and its the same.

hard to see both from land and from water

With such monuments it is not boring to wander the streets. If you do not know where to look, you will pass by.

The immortalized (if they don’t completely soprut!) Stage in a person’s life (student, schoolboy, student)! And from some

EAGLES grow! Little, BUT a big allegory! Try it with a coin.

Steal it often have time to see))))

The bird is like a bird, but the design is original.

Quite nothing to himself, very original.

Visit - raise your spirits guaranteed! 🙂

Very pretty, but barely found) The coin didn’t hit ... we will try next time)

Accuracy training)) He is constantly stolen. Pretty.

In my opinion the most charming monument in the world! In the air next to him, it blows with positive and excitement! Personally, I had only one coin with me, of course I didn’t get it, but the joy of trying overwhelmed me :)

I do not share the custom of throwing coins, what else to do with it is not clear. And to see it is bad. It’s difficult to call it a monument.

We were four of us, one managed to get a coin so that it remained lying on it))) There were no boundaries of joy, it was probably somewhere around the 50th coin for four. How many of them are there at the bottom ...

Actually, looking at it is not particularly interesting, it is much more interesting to get into it with a coin, and make a wish. I just didn’t hit 🙂
But I made a bookmark in the navigator, the next time I get to Peter I will try again

Not impressed. Small, well hidden from view ...

We watched from both the bridge and the pleasure boat. Not even impressed by the children

Of course, originally - one of the symbols of Peter. From the song, but in fact it was not about a bird, but about students of the St. Petersburg Law School - they had yellow-green uniforms.

Chizhik-fawn, where have you been? I drank vodka on the Fontanka. I drank a glass, drank two - It made a noise in my head. Chizhik-fawn after a booze. I drank water from the Fontanka. We pumped this bird out only at the Botkin Hospital.

That's why it is so strangely located.

Nice little bird. It is located rather strange - high from the water, low from the legs.

It’s difficult to see it properly both from the water and from the embankment. So we can only talk about its originality. A bird is a bird. The monument to the hare at the bridge in front of the Peter and Paul Fortress, in my opinion, is much prettier.


Watch the video: "Pompous Siskin". The Smallest Statue in St Petersburg, Russia. "Chizhyk Pizhyk" (April 2020).