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Top 20 richest women in the world


Fortune 49.3 billion dollars

The granddaughter of the founder of L'Oreal in 2017 inherited a marital status and took the place of her dead mother, who until then was the richest woman in the world. Francoise Bettancourt-Myers, in addition to managing L'Oreal, pays great attention to charity, is the president of the family charity foundation, which supports science and art in France. Also the richest woman in the world has a degree in international relations between Christians and Jews, is the author of studies on Greek mythology and the Bible.

Alice Walton

Fortune 44.4 billion dollars

The daughter and one of the heirs (along with two brothers) of Walmart founder Sam Walton graduated from the University of Trinity in San Antonio, having received a bachelor's degree in financial and economic activity, and began her career in the company of her father. Later she founded her investment company and opened a bank. After her father died, Alice Walton closed the bank and started breeding horses at a Texas ranch. Engaged in collecting paintings and art objects, provides support to scientists and artists, became the founder of the Museum of American Art in Bentonville.

Jacqueline Mars

The state of 23.9 billion dollars

The granddaughter of the founder of the largest privately owned candy company Mars Incorporated, the third part of which is owned by Jacqueline Mars. After graduating from college and receiving a bachelor's degree, she worked in a family company, for more than 40 years she was a member of the board of directors of Mars Incorporated. In addition, the heiress of the corporation throughout his life takes an active public position, donates a lot to charity and is a member of several board of trustees, including the Smithsonian Institution and the National Archives.

Yang Huiyian

The state of 22.1 billion dollars

China's richest woman received most of the shares in one of the largest real estate development companies in the world, Country Garden Holdings from her father in 2007. Yang Huiyian has a degree and, in addition to managing the construction business, runs an educational company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Suzanne Klatten

The state of 21 billion dollars

The richest woman in Germany owns a 19.2% stake in BMW, as well as the sole owner of the chemical company Altana AG, which she was able to turn into a world-class pharmaceutical corporation. She has a master's degree in business administration and graduated from the International Institute for Management and Development. In addition to BMW and Altana AG, Suzanne Klatten owns the shares of several other companies.

Lauren Powell Jobs

The state of 18.6 billion dollars

Lauren Powell Jobs inherited shares of Apple and Disney from her husband, and she herself is the founder of the social impact organization Emerson Collective, which is engaged in charitable and investment activities, supporting reforms in education and immigration, and advocates for social justice and environmental protection. Powell Jobs is on the board of directors of several educational institutions, is the initiator of the project to create high schools with a new approach to education. The project cost is at least $ 50 million, and Emerson Collective takes care of the financing.

Abigail Johnson

The state of 15.6 billion dollars

After graduating from Hobart and William Smith College, Abigail Johnson received a bachelor's degree in art history and continued her education at Harvard Business School, from which she already graduated with an MBA degree. From that moment, Abigail Johnson began building a career at Fidelity, founded by her grandfather Edward Johnson and led by his father. She started as an analyst, later became an investment manager, from 1997 she held senior positions, and in 2014 became CEO of Fidelity Investments.

20. Alexandra Andresen

Billionaire, who recently turned 21 years old. The general condition is estimated at $ 1.2 billion. In 2005, for ethical reasons, the Andresen family sold the tobacco company, which was one of the largest in Norway.

18. Denise York

The richest woman in the world of sports, the owner of the American football team San Francisco 49ers. The cost of the team is estimated at $ 3 billion. Father Denise, who initially made his fortune as the owner of shopping centers, bought the team in 1977 for $ 13 million. Denise has been managing the team since 2000, her fortune is estimated at $ 2.5 billion.

17. Oprah Winfrey

TV presenter, public figure, producer of one of the best shows “Oprah Winfrey Show” Her fortune is estimated at $ 2.8 billion. She was recognized as one of the most influential women in the world, she took 9th place in this rating in 2005. Among the stars of show business, Oprah Winfrey is the richest in 2013.

16. Doris Fisher

Jeans made Doris one of the richest women in the world. The Gap company was based on previously accumulated $ 63,000, which was originally planned to be spent on the education of his son. Doris and her husband opened a store where they mainly sold Levis jeans. At the moment, it is an extensive network of stores. The fortune of Doris Fisher is estimated at $ 2.8 billion.

15. Juliana Benetton

Together with 3 brothers she founded Benetton. The history of the company started with a bright knitted sweater, which was knitted for one of the brothers. While color sweaters were a curiosity, this allowed them to quickly become popular. Forbes estimates her fortune at $ 3.5 billion.

14. Judy Faulkner

Founder of It at Epic Systems. The company was established from scratch in 1979. The company specializes in email. medical records and software for medical institutions. Judy’s fortune is estimated at $ 3.7 billion, but by the standards of the rich, she lives quite modestly.

13. Diane Hendricks

Diana had a difficult fate, she became pregnant when she was a teenager, for this reason she had to study at home. She later married and with her husband founded the construction company ABC. The state of Diane is estimated at $ 4.9 billion.

12. Sherry Brideson

The richest woman in Canada, is the largest shareholder of Woodbridge. According to Bloomberg, her fortune is estimated at $ 7.46 billion. A 1970 photo of Sherry speaking at the Canadian Social Security Conference.

9. Zhou Qunfei

She herself made herself rich. She dropped out of school, started working in a factory that produced watch glass. At 22, she founded her own company, which began the production of watches and screens for mobile phones. Zhou’s fortune is estimated at $ 9.2 billion. The richest woman in China.

8. Polianna Chu

It is obliged to be on the list of the richest women in the world due to the success of Kingston Financial Group, which was founded by her husband. The main activity of the company is the management of casino hotels. The state of Polianna Chu is estimated at $ 12.6 billion.

6. Loreen Powell Jobs

The widow of Steve Jobs has a bachelor's degree in political science. One of the richest women in the world, her fortune is estimated at $ 20.7 billion. She inherited her condition after the death of her husband in 2011. Share in Apple and Disney.

2. Liliane Bettancourt

Heiress of the Loreal Empire. Daughter Liliane Betancourt, became one of the richest women, inheriting her father’s fortune in the amount of $ 44.7 billion. Together with her husband, she founded the AIDS Center. She was awarded the Legion of Honor.

Sheikh moza

The second of the three wives of the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Kalifa al-Thani

This woman is considered one of the most stylish and beautiful first ladies in the world. But she, you will not believe, is the mother of seven children. Sheikh Moza does not sit still, taking an active part in the public life of his country, and does not hide that she has repeatedly performed plastic surgery.

Charlene de Carvalho Heineken

The richest woman in Holland

You probably already guessed by the surname that this lady is related to brewing - she owns 25% of the shares of the famous company. Charlene manages to engage not only in business, but also loves outdoor activities.

Ivanka Trump

Daughter of US President Donald Trump

Since childhood, Ivanka learned to count on herself, not on her father’s billions. As a result, she managed to become not only a successful businessman, but also an icon of style.

Charlotte Casiraghi

Businesswoman, granddaughter of Princess Monaco Grace Kelly

The Crown Princess of Monaco got the beauty of her eminent grandmother. But she didn’t be content with just that, she received a journalism diploma and took up politics and business.

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Gina Reinhart

Her father founded an iron ore mining company in Australia. Gina took over the company when she was in a serious crisis. But thanks to her non-feminine grip, Gina was not only able to raise the enterprise, but also lead him into the lead. Today, Reinhart is the richest woman on the Green Continent.

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In the latest lists of the wealthiest people published by Forbes, a record number of women have appeared. They occupy leading positions, manage companies and enterprises, create their own brands and brands. Some of them are seriously fighting men for influence in business circles.

We have collected for you information about the 10 most affluent women for 2019 according to Forbes magazine.

10. Charlene de Corvalho-Heineken

Charlene is 63 years old, and her condition totals $15 800 000 000. At Heineken, she is a member of the board of the corporation, just like her husband.

Charlene is the owner of the largest percentage of shares in the amount of 23%. He passed on to her as an inheritance from his father, F. Heineken.

The first Heineken brewery was founded a century and a half ago in Amsterdam, Holland. Since then, it has been developing successfully, supplying the market with more than 200 varieties of premium beer drinks for dozens of countries.

9. Abigail Johnson

She is 56 years old and her income is calculated $15 900 000 000. Abigail's main source of income is asset and investment management.

Abigail Johnson got the opportunity to own such funds thanks to her grandfather. Edward Johnson in 1946 became the founder of an investment fund.

Abigail joined the company in the 80s, graduating from Harvard. Initially, she got a job as an analyst. For the past few years, she has been chairman of the board of directors.

Today, the fund manages assets totaling $ 2.3 trillion, and Abigail, according to various sources, owns from 21 to 24% of the corporation.

8. Iris Fonbona

Iris is 75 years old and his well-being in $16 300 000 000 she got thanks to the mining industry.

Iris von Bona is the widow of Andronico Laxica, who became rich by founding an ore mining business and a beverage company. He owned the largest business empire in Latin America, which included mines, processing plants, banks, a telecommunications company, and beverage plants.

After his death, the entire fortune of 10 billion dollars and the business went to his wife and five children. They skillfully manage the inheritance, as Andronico always involved children and his beloved wife in doing business, and there was always work for them.

7. Georgina Reinhart

Georgina is 64 years old and her condition was $ 17.4 billion. She is from Australia and owns a major mining company, Hancock Prospecting.

After the death of Georgina's father, his business passed to her by inheritance, however, at that time the company was on the verge of ruin. Georgina managed not only to raise the company from her knees, but also to bring her into the market leaders.

For a long time she sued her own children, because according to Hancock's testament, each of the grandchildren was to inherit his part in the trust. With the help of the court, Georgina was able to postpone this decision right up to 2060.

She also owns 23 livestock farms in Australia.

6. Lauren Powell Jobs

Steve Jobs's widow is 54 years old, and her condition is assessed in $ 18.4 billion. Loren receives the bulk of the profits from Apple and Disney.

After her husband Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, passed away, all his shares went to his wife, Lauren Powell Jobs, and then she was a Disney shareholder with the largest 4% stake.

In 2017, it acquired most of The Atlantic and initiated several education programs in the United States.

At 36, she is considered the wealthiest woman in China. Your condition in $ 21.9 billion. Jan earned her share in Country Garden Holdings Ltd. This share 10 years ago passed from her father.

Yang’s path as a businessman was accompanied by ups and downs: in the first year, she brought her father’s firm to the stock market and increased her income several times, then lost half her fortune.

Several successful major transactions in 2018 significantly increased the income of Yang's family business, and the company focused on building a new generation of housing that fully meets the needs of people.

The Forest City project, which Country Garden Holdings is developing in collaboration with Malaysia, is estimated to cost $ 100 billion.

Mrs. Mars is 78 years old and her condition amounted to $ 23.7 billion. She owns most of the shares of Mars Corporation, which owns the production of everyone's favorite chocolates.

The history of the company began with her grandfather in his home, and today the company is the largest producer of chocolate products in the world.

In 2017, the takeover of the animal feed company was completed, and now Whiskas, Pedigree and other well-known names are also issued under the Mars brand.

Jacqueline got a job in her father’s company back in the 80s and was involved in the launch and promotion of new products.

3. Suzanne Klatten

Frau Klatten 55 years old and his income in $ 25 billion. she received thanks to BMW and pharmaceuticals. She bears the proud title of the richest woman in Germany.

Suzanne, together with her brother Stefan, have a 50% stake in BMW, and their value is increasing due to sales in the United States.

Klatten herself is the sole owner of Altana Pharma. Among other things, it has shares in companies involved in the installation of wind farms, the production of graphite, carbon and additives for the earth.

2. Francoise Betancourt Myers

Francoise is the heiress of L’Oreal. She gained the right to manage family affairs as a result of long lawsuits with her mother.

Francoise is 64 years old and her condition is $ 42.2 billion. Francoise and her brothers received the inheritance in 2017, but in fact managed the company since 2011, since Liliane Betancourt was declared legally incompetent due to senile dementia.

Today, Françoise controls not only the L’Oreal brand itself, but also a number of others: Maybelline, Garnier, Biotherme, Redken, Vichy, Lancome, - as well as a whole line of perfumes.

The most wealthy woman according to Forbes was Alice Walton. She is 68 years old and she owns a fortune $ 45 billion, which brought her a chain of popular supermarkets Walmart.

Alice is the one and only heiress of Sam Walton, who founded Walmart. Alice is constantly developing the company, introducing new products to the market.

So, in collaboration with Tasty, a line of kitchen accessories was launched, and several brands of clothes are preparing for presentation.

Walton is actively involved in the political life of the country, sponsoring various political figures.

Iris fontana

Fortune 15.4 billion dollars

The widow of Androniko Lukšić inherited with her children in 2005 after her husband the condition that her husband acquired by mining and producing drinks. The family controls two large Chilean business conglomerates.

Kwong siu-hin

The state of 15.1 billion dollars

Widow Kwok Tak Sengo, co-founder of Sun Hung Kai Properties, a multidisciplinary conglomerate listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Despite the fact that the company was managed by the sons of Kwok Tak Sengo, his widow is still considered the owner of the main condition.One of the richest women on the planet herself headed the company, when her sons could not share the post of leader.

Subject to change.

In connection with the divorce of the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, and his wife Mackenzie, it is possible that changes will occur in the list of the richest women on the planet this year. If former spouses stop at the option in which Mackenzie retains a 4% stake in Amazon, then with a fortune of $ 35.6 billion, she will become the third in the women's ranking and the 24th in the general list of the richest people in the world.

Forbes magazine constantly publishes ratings of the highest paid and most influential people in the world. Not so long ago, a list of writers who managed to become leaders in terms of income was published. Among the expensive writers there are well-known authors, as well as completely new masters of the pen. Someone was able to improve their well-being, and someone's income fell compared to last year.

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