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10 most terrible and dangerous animals in the world


Some animals are so fleeting that your first reaction will be to rush to them and hug. Other animals can be so scary that one glance will be enough to understand that you need to carry away your legs (even if they are not so dangerous for people). The most terrible animals also do not have the same features. Some animals may look worthy of hugs, but we all know that they will tear us to pieces at the earliest opportunity. And then monsters appear, hiding in the shadows, watching and waiting when we turn the wrong way. Are you ready for this or not, here are the 25 most terrible animals that you should run from!


What is unique about a phryn, or a tow-legged spider, is that it is not really dangerous for people, but it looks so creepy that taking away legs is the only option.

24. The Tarantula Goliath


The goliath tarantula is the largest spider in the world. It can reach 30 cm. Already this fact alone should make you rush away from it. In addition, spiders are poisonous and can release thin hairs that leave marks on the skin that itch for several days. Plus, the spider has fangs that can bite through the skin of an elk.

23. African honey bee


Most people try to stay away if they see a swarm of bees in the place where they are, but the African bee is a completely different breed. They are invasive and much more likely to attack, especially in large numbers. If they consider you a threat, they will attack you.

22. Giant African snail


We know what you are thinking: “What, snail?” Although theoretically you can just get away from this giant eastern beast, the giant African land snail is not joking. It is not poisonous, but can transmit a parasite that can cause meningitis in humans. Better to move slowly away.

21. Tiger fish Goliath


Fortunately, land inhabitants like us don't have to worry too much about Goliath Tiger Fish. However, if for some reason you have legs knee-deep in the Congo River, you will want to run faster than the wind when you see this creature heading toward you. These fish are fast, they have sharp teeth and even feed on small crocodiles.

20. Crested Baboon


A crested baboon may not be the largest animal, being the size of a small dog, but their bizarre appearance and sharp teeth can make you think twice before approaching.


Representatives of the newly discovered species of primates of Lesul are similar to old people in a monkey costume, which in itself is creepy enough to make you stand up in his tracks and head in the other direction. They are likely to do the same, and you can pretend that there was nothing.


Tigers are beautiful and majestic creatures. They are also effective and predatory killers. According to Tigers of the World, between 1800 and 2009, 373,000 people were killed by tigers. And these are probably only the numbers that we know.


With a whalehead is not worth joking. It has a frightening-looking back and eyes saying “I want to kill you,” so you don’t need to be a genius to understand that it’s better to run if you meet him. Of course, usually there are no people on their menu. Mostly whaleheads eat fish and eel. Oh yes, and little crocodiles!

16. Japanese giant hornet


A Japanese giant hornet will fly to you and take no prisoners, and since it is the size of your palm, it would be wise to run away from it. It is believed that in Japan they kill 40 people annually.

15. The polar bear

Photo: 358611

They are very funny on the children's poster of Coca-Cola, but this image is misleading, these Arctic residents are aggressive, ferocious and without hesitation feed you to their cubs. According to a study published in the Wildlife Society Bulletin, cases of assault on humans are increasing.

14. Moth Lobster Caterpillar


If you did not feel trembling in your legs after you saw the caterpillar of a moth-lobster, you are a brave soul. As expected, its appearance is designed more to drive away predators than for anything else, but you should know that these tracks will be protected if necessary.

13. Green Anaconda


Look at the Green Anaconda and cry. This "hippo" can grow up to 8 meters in length and 30 cm in width. Anacondas prey on wild pigs, deer and even jaguars. No animal is theoretically too large for a snake to slowly squeeze, swallow and digest.


All you need to do is take one look at the molester, and you will wonder if you are alone on this planet. With giant claws and a terribly looking nose, he delves easily into the ground and, being almost blind, feels the way, touching everything around with his nose.

11. Amazonian giant centipede


The Amazonian giant centipede is the largest centipede in the world, reaching 30 or more centimeters in length. To top it all off, this terrifying nightmare has a powerful toxin that can kill most animals and seriously injure humans. They are also quite aggressive.

Photo: designerpoint

Do we really need to convince you that lions are terrible? You might think that they are harmless and shun people, but only in Tanzania can they kill up to 100 people every year. Over the years, several lions of cannibals have appeared who are prone to human flesh. They are fast, cunning, and pursue prey, like a serial killer. If you ever see a lion in the wild, hope and pray that you can escape quickly enough. The sad fact: you cannot do this.


A cousin of spiders and ticks, a scorpion is that terrible reptile - a caterpillar that you do not want to find in your bed. Firstly, because their appearance is terrible, but also because of their tail of the metasome body, at the end of which there is a poisonous sting.


Stork Marabu does not give birth to children, he eats them. You heard correctly. This bird is not exchanged for trifles. Natural scavengers, they eat everything. So think twice before approaching one of them.


While gorillas, as a rule, are peaceful and behave decently, if provoked, the situation can take an unpleasant turn. Gorillas are big, strong, and relatively fast, so you never want to dance with one of them. If they ever grab you, they can bite off a large piece of your flesh or drag you along like a rag doll.

6. Portuguese boat


Looking at a Portuguese boat, you will probably say that it is a jellyfish. But actually this animal consists of a colony of organisms. Despite this, the poison from his tentacles can kill the animal and cause an extremely painful wound to humans.

5. Komodo dragon


Komodo dragons are the largest, heaviest and most poisonous lizards in the world. They can also see at 300 meters. So they are likely to see you sooner than you have them. By the time you see the dragon, you should definitely get the hell away, or you will be his next dinner.


Named for the color of the inside of the mouth, Black Mamba causes a certain fear in anyone who hears her name or sees her in real life. She's fast, smart, and deadly. Two drops of poison of this snake can kill a person.

3. Crocodile Nile


Reaching 6 meters in length, these insightful and carnivorous descendants of dinosaurs boast sturdy hide, razor-sharp teeth, and, unlike alligators, prey on humans. Nile crocodiles are responsible for 300 attacks on humans per year.


Big eyes and long black fingers Ay-ah is enough to cause real horror. But this does not end there. He has sharp teeth strong enough to chew on concrete and one tiny, creepy finger that he uses to catch prey.

1. Grizzly Bear


Giant, vicious and claw-waving as if sharp knives were on his feet, a grizzly bear is a terrible animal that you definitely would not want to meet in the forest. If you saw the movie "Survivor", then you understand what we are talking about. Grizzlies can weigh up to 385.5 kg, and their maximum speed is 56.3 km / h. So good luck in the race.

9. Brazilian wandering spider

One of the biggest spiders in the world can not only kill you, it will make your death as humiliating as possible. When this spider bites a person, he has heart problems, cramps, and men have a painful erection that cannot go away without medical help.

When there are no people nearby who can be bitten, the Brazilian wandering spider prefers bananas, mice, insects and lizards.

8. European Monkfish

Terrible on the outside, and pleasant on the inside - this is how gourmets could describe this fish. The appearance of a deep-sea angler, nicknamed the monkfish, is terrifying, but its meat is white, tasty and boneless. Especially love him in France and the UK.

The monkfish has a retractable jaw and no ribs that allow him to swallow a victim larger than himself. However, for humans, this creature is not dangerous.

7. Taipan

The bite of a taipan, one of the ten most poisonous snakes in the world, is fifty times more toxic than a king cobra. If this scaly bastard bites you, you will only have about 30 minutes to get to the hospital before it is all over.


The black idiakant is a species of bioluminescent fish that live in the deep waters of the oceans. Females of this species have sharp, fangs and teeth, as well as a long antenna hanging from the chin, which contains photophores that produce light and act as bait that attracts prey. An adult female idiac can reach a length of about 60 cm and resembles eels. Males of this species are less intimidating than females. They are much smaller, without teeth and a mustache.

6. Ay-ah

In the photo - one of the most ugly animals in the world: “ah-ah” or “arm-legged”. The animal from Madagascar differs not only in appearance, but also in the way it searches and consumes food. He knocks on trees in search of larvae, and then gnaws a hole and takes out prey with a long middle finger.

Small fold muzzle

Small fold muzzle is a species of bats from the leaf-bearing family, distributed in South and Central America. These small bats have large eyes, a pointed snub nose and sharp teeth that give them a frightening appearance. Despite the fact that they look scary, small fold muzzles do not pose any threat to people. Their diet consists of insects and fruits found in rainforests.

Longhorn Saber Tooth

Long-horned saber-toothed is a terrible deep-sea fish with a large head, sharp fangs and protruding ridges. Its lower fangs are so long that the fish cannot completely close their mouths. Extreme living conditions at great depths complicate the search for food for this species. Adult saber-tootheds are aggressive hunters who, as a rule, suck prey in their mouths and then swallow it whole.

Large fangs allow you to keep prey (usually fish and shrimp) in the mouth. Despite the terrifying appearance, this relatively small fish (about 17 cm in length) does not pose a threat to humans.

5. Komodo lizard

The few most terrible animals in the world can boast that their mind is over 3.8 million years old, as is the case with Komodo monitor lizards. Previously, these animals were found in Australia and Java, but now (apparently, fortunately for people), their habitat is limited to four Indonesian islands.

With its large size and weight (3 meters and 70 kg, respectively), as well as aggressive behavior, giant monitor lizards are potentially dangerous to humans. When bitten, they can easily tear out a piece of flesh, causing massive blood loss and blood poisoning.

Several cases of attacks by Komodo island monitor lizards on people are known, which is why all the groups of tourists who want to look at these “land crocodiles” must be accompanied by huntsmen.


Tapeworms are parasitic flatworms that live in the digestive system of hosts. These odd-looking organisms have hooks and suction cups around their scolex or head that help them attach to the intestinal wall. The body of the worms is long and segmented, can reach a length of up to 6 m. Tapeworms are able to infect animals and people. People are usually affected by tapeworms when they eat raw or poorly cooked meat from infected animals.

4. Snail cone

“Well, can such a cutie be among the top 10 most terrible animals in the world?”, You may be outraged. “Of course it can,” we reply. And that's why. If you try to pick up one of these predatory snails as a souvenir, its harpoon-like teeth yell into your hand.

Some call this creature a "cigarette snail." If you are bitten by a snail cone, you will have enough time to smoke a cigarette before you die.

Interestingly, the venom of these snails, even living in the same place, is different in composition and degree of toxicity, which is not observed in other poisonous creatures. There is no antidote to it, and the treatment is only symptomatic.

Anglerfish or sea devils

Devils are a detachment of bioluminescent fish that live in the deep waters of the oceans. Females of this species have a luminous tip on a fishing rod hanging from the head and acting as a bait to attract prey. In some species, the glow is the result of chemicals produced by symbiotic bacteria. These disgusting-looking fish, have a huge mouth and terribly sharp teeth, located at an angle. Anglerfish can eat prey twice its own size. Males are significantly smaller than females.

3. Great white shark

The third in the list of the largest sharks in the world is the most aggressive and “philanthropic” among its relatives. From 1907 to the present, these massive jaws clamped and killed more than 220 people.

Here's a video of the scariest animals in the world showing the deadly capabilities of a white shark.

Terafosa Blond or tarantula-goliath

This spider is one of the largest spiders in the world. Tarantulas use their fangs to capture and inject poison into their prey. The poison dissolves the guts of the prey, and the spider sucks out all the necessary nutrients, leaving the skin and bones. They tend to eat small birds, snakes, lizards and frogs. These large, hairy, formidable spiders are quite aggressive creatures and immediately attack if they feel threatened.

They use hairs to make a loud noise to scare away potential predators. As you know, they bite people if they feel threatened, but their poison is not fatal to humans.


Howliodes is a genus of bioluminescent deep sea fish that live in tropical and temperate waters. These fish have sharp fangs and teeth with which they bite their prey.Their teeth are so long that they stick out when the fish's mouth is closed. Howliodes have a long spine extending from the dorsal fin.

Photophores are used to lure prey within reach; they are spread over the surface of a fish’s body. Howliodes may look ferocious, but their small size poses no threat to humans.

Giant isopods

The giant deep-sea isopod can reach a length of up to 75 cm. It has a rigid, segmented exoskeleton and seven pairs of legs that create an awesome look. This animal is able to curl up to protect itself from predators. It lives on the ocean floor and feeds on dead organisms, including whales, fish and squid. Giant isopods can withstand long periods of time without food.

Beech Forktail

The beech tail is a nocturnal butterfly with a rather strange appearance. It got its name from the fact that its defensive position, in the caterpillar stage, resembles a “fork”. These are harmless animals that use protective disguise to hide or confuse predators. When butterflies feel threatened, they take a defensive position, which misleads other animals as if it were a poisonous spider or other deadly insect.

The scariest animals. Madagascar hand-crank (ay-ay)

This rare representative of the detachment of semi-monkeys and the suborder of lemurs, found only in Madagascar, is rather even funny in its ugliness. An unusual name (ay-ay) a tiny animal received due to the sounds that it makes, sensing danger. An overseas miracle lives in bamboo forests, on trees, rarely going down to earth. The length of the body covered with black-brown hair ai-ai - up to 42 cm, weight - about 3 kg. Strange lemurs have thin limbs with long fingers, sharp claws, a fluffy tail and a large head with round eyes and bald ears. Hands are centenarians of the animal world, their life expectancy is 24-26 years. However, rare individuals survive to this venerable age. In their homeland, ah-ah is considered a harbinger of death and ruthlessly exterminated by the local population. Today, this animal is on the verge of extinction.

The scariest animals. Stargazer

Such an unusual name this creature, belonging to the family of moles, received for the organs of touch - 22 pink growths, tentacles of skin, which are on the muzzle and resemble a star. An unusual animal lives in the eastern part of North America, in moist forests, meadows and marshes. Animals do not fall into hibernation; they are able to dive under water and dig burrow tunnels up to 270 m in length. The mole has a small body, the length of which is 12-15 cm, and weight - 80 g. The tail, which has the property of increasing in diameter - not more than 8 mm, its starfish uses as a storehouse of fat. Oddly enough, these animals can be safely called the fastest predators. In just a second, a sensitive star process can detect up to 5 objects of hunting. It takes only a quarter of a second to eat prey from a tiny gluttonous mole.

The scariest animals. Nosach

Strange nosed monkeys belong to the monkey group and inhabit the rainforests of the island of Borneo (Kalimantan). Comical and ugly appearance gives the animal a huge fleshy nose. In males, it is much more than in females. Males use this sense of smell in the struggle for the attention of the ladies. In addition, the prominent nose of the stronger sex is filled with blood and increases in size when the monkey is irritated or wants to scare the enemy.

Nosachi are rather large animals, their body length reaches 150 cm (including tail), and weight - 24 kg. These representatives of the monkey order settle in small groups off the river banks. Amazing creatures are excellent swimmers, able to overcome more than 20 m under water. It is interesting that the island's aborigines often call these monkeys “Dutch”, as the colonizers of Borneo have the same large noses and large bellies.

The scariest animals. California condor

This bird belonging to the order of vultures of the New World is a relict species, whose age is more than one million years. Since the Pleistocene era, these huge birds have inhabited all of North America. Currently, the California condor is an endangered representative of the fauna world, it no longer occurs in nature. In 1987, the last 22 birds were captured and sent for breeding in the zoos of Los Angeles and San Diego.

California condor is a real giant. The length of his body, covered with black feathers, is 125 cm, and the wingspan of the huge wings is 3 meters. In flight, the condor is capable of speeds up to 90 km / h, using air flow to save power. Depending on the mood of the bird, the skin of its bald head is able to change color from bright pink to yellow.

The scariest animals. Sea Elephant

These marine mammals belong to the seal family and are its largest representatives, reaching a length of 5 meters. The weight of an adult male is 2.5 tons! In this case, the mass of only the skin is about 120 kg, and the fat layer is 665 kg. Females are three times smaller and lighter than males. A distinctive feature of males is a large fleshy outgrowth in the upper part of the muzzle, which can grow up to 28 cm. This kind of "trunk" is a resonator of reproduced sounds and attracts females during the rutting season.

In nature, there are 2 species of elephant seals, one of which lives in the northern hemisphere of the globe (the coast of Mexico and California), and the second in the southern (Antarctic). Animals migrate over vast distances - up to 5 thousand kilometers.

The scariest animals. Brownie Shark (goblin)

The next participant in the “Most Scary Animals” rating is the brownie shark. The only representative of the genus Scapanorinha lives in the ocean at a depth of about 1,000 m. For this frightening appearance, its long beak-like nose and jaws that move forward, this shark is also called goblin. The ugly creature reaches a length of 3.7 meters and weighs about 210 kg. The skin of the scapanorinch is almost transparent, and capillaries and blood vessels shine through it, which gives the fish an unusual pink color. The shark does not have a swimming bladder, its functions are performed by the liver, the dimensions of which are 25% of the total body weight.

The biology of this marine predator has been studied very little. The first individual was discovered in 1897 off the Japanese coast. Since then, only 45 specimens have been investigated.

The scariest animals. Purple frog

Amphibian got its name for the unusual purple color of smooth skin. This strange creature with a large, squat and almost round body about 8 cm long, short legs turned outward and a tiny head with a pointed nose resembling a pig stigma was discovered recently - in 2003. Nevertheless, his ancestors inhabited the planet 180 million years ago! A purple frog inhabits only in Western India in an area of ​​14 km2. The amphibian spends his whole life in burrows underground at a depth of 1.2-3.5 m, climbing to the surface only during the monsoon - for 2 weeks, when the time for mating comes. A bizarre frog is listed in the Red Book, and it is also included in the official twenty “The Ugliest Animals of the Planet”.

The scariest animals. Horseshoe bat

Unlike other bat belongs to the order of bats. Like all members of the family, the horseshoe is small (5-7 cm). The span of the wide rounded wings is 33–42 cm. The hind limbs have extremely sharp claws, with the help of which the animal perfectly moves upside down on the ceilings. On a horizontal surface, these mammals cannot walk. They feed on insects (flies, grasshoppers, butterflies, mosquitoes) and their larvae.

From other relatives, horseshoes differ not only in their amazing appearance. As you know, bats are capable of echolocation, generating ultrasound and receiving reflected echoes. These animals can perceive sounds with a frequency of up to 100 thousand hertz. However, the representatives of the family have different ways of creating and enhancing sounds. So, the horseshoe bat emits pulses having a constant frequency. For this, the animal uses nostrils surrounded by cartilaginous growths, a shape resembling a horseshoe.

The scariest animals. Naked digger

A real nightmare for those who are afraid of mice and rats. The appearance of this creature, located at the tops of the tops “The most terrible animals of the world”, causes only disgust: a hairless body about 10 cm long, covered with folded skin, a bow-shaped head and huge incisors protruding forward. This miracle of nature lives in East Africa, forming colonies underground.

The naked mole rat has several unique qualities. Firstly, the mammal has cold blood. It is able to adjust the body temperature to the ambient temperature. Secondly, a small underground resident does not feel pain at all and is able to live without oxygen. But the most important thing is that the diggers live up to 30 years, while not aging! Their body has a dual defense mechanism that controls cell growth. Hairless babies are even resistant to cancer! Scientists all over the world are studying this incredible property, since the same genes are involved in the human body as in a naked mole rat.

The scariest animals. Drop fish

Nature clearly wanted to make a joke when she created this ugliest creature in the world. The amazing structure of the body makes the fish-drop unlike any of the inhabitants of the sea. There is a disgusting creature in the ocean waters of Australia and Tasmania, at a depth of up to 1,200 m. On the body of this fish, whose length is 70 cm and weight is 10 kg, there are no scales, and the tail and fins are very small. A body without muscles and a swimming bladder resembles a gelatinous mass, as the body of the fish produces gel jelly. An amazing creature simply goes with the flow or lies at the bottom, waiting for food to swim in its open mouth.

The inimitable inhabitant of the ocean depths was dubbed the saddest fish on the planet. This was facilitated by round eyes, lowered corners of the mouth and a large nose, very similar to a human. And it is not surprising that a drop fish has long been at the top of the World’s Most Terrible Animals ratings.

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Nosy monkey

This long-nosed monkey lives on the island of Borneo, in Southeast Asia. They are born with a blue face and small nose. Changes in the color of the face and nose during life become more and more, turning animals into real freaks.

Besides being one of the ugliest animals ever encountered by humans, this creature has many strange features. Ai-Ai leaves only at night. He has big ears. The animal is found only on the island of Madagascar. The body and tail too long do not look very proportionate - and the worst thing is the bony fingers with sharp claws.


A wide, flat head and muzzle that can scare anyone. Most warthogs feed on plants and grass, using their wide muzzle to dig out roots. Warthogs move very quickly - with a threat, a wild boar is able to reach speeds of up to 48 km / h.

Big angler

For many years people have not used anglers for food - simply because they are too ugly. The giant mouth of the fish is full of sharp teeth, and it is caught in the coastal zones of the Atlantic Ocean.

2. Tiger

This large, powerful, and deadly feline is one of the largest land predators. By mass, the tiger is second only to the "bear brothers" - brown and white.

Tigers are one of the animals that does not mind eating humanity. The most famous cannibal tiger in history was the Champavat tigress. At the end of the 19th century, this Bengal tiger dragged and ate 436 people before the British hunter Jim Corbett killed him.

10. Madagascar hilt

Opens the ten most ugly living creatures madagascar hiltalso known as ah-ah. This is a very rare species of animals listed in the Red Book. It lives ay in the rainforests of Madagascar. In length, the animal can reach no more than 45 centimeters, and it weighs about 3 kg. The tail exceeds the length of the body and is 60 cm. Madagascar's small arm has huge eyes and no less big bald ears. The animal feeds on insects, which it extracts from the bark of trees with the help of claws.

9. Drop fish

Drop fish ranks ninth in the list of the ugliest animals. The habitat of these individuals is considered the coast of Tasmania and Australia, where they live at a depth of 600 to 1200 meters. In length, the fish can reach 30 centimeters. A feature of these sea creatures is the absence of a swimming bladder, which helps other fish stay afloat. Instead of a bubble, this function is performed by the gelatinous body of a drop fish, which has a lower density than that of water. These marine creatures rarely move around, waiting for the moment when the victim will swim by herself.

7. Satanic leaf-tailed gecko

Satanic leaf-tailed gecko refers to the most unattractive living creatures on earth. They live mainly in Madagascar. A feature of geckos is their protective coloration, which can change and adapt to surrounding objects. Adults can reach a length of more than 30 centimeters. Forest residents are exclusively nocturnal. They have huge eyes that do not have eyelids. To clean the organ of vision, geckos use language. Animals feed on insects, which are extracted from the earth.

6. The giant tortoise matamata

Sixth place among the most ugly animals in the world is giant tortoise matamata. These bizarre individuals are able to reach a length of 50 cm and gain in weight up to 15 kg. It makes the turtle unattractive with its triangular head with a proboscis and a long neck with numerous growths. Matamata is quite common, choosing stagnant water as its habitat. The diet of an individual mainly consists of fish. He loves heat very much, therefore he chooses reservoirs where water has a temperature of at least +28 degrees. Under suitable conditions, can live in captivity.

5. Goblin Shark

In fifth place among the most terrible animals in the world is a deep-sea goblin shark. The largest individuals of this species can reach 4 meters in length and weigh 200 kg. Such sharks are common from the Australian waters of the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. They live at a depth of more than 200 meters. They feed on fish, squid and crabs. Goblin sharks have sharp and long front teeth, and their posterior teeth are adapted to crush shells. Since the animal lives at great depths, it does not pose a danger to humans, since the chances of meeting the sea are negligible.

4. Monkfish

The fourth line in the list of the most unattractive animals is fish angler. A giant sea monster can reach a length of 2 meters, and weigh up to 57 kg. Monkfish refers to edible fish. Especially dishes from his meat are popular in France. The habitat of the marine line is quite wide, but most often it can be found off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The depth at which a sea creature is able to inhabit ranges from 18 to 550 meters. The animal eats mainly fish.The predator lurks at the bottom, and at the moment when the victim swims, swallows it along with water. Thanks to the hand-shaped pectoral fins, the devil can imperceptibly creep to the victim or even jump up, overtaking by surprise.

3. Sea lamprey

Opens the three most terrible animals lamprey. An adult grows up to 1.2 meters in length, and its weight can reach 2.5 kg. It has a cylindrical body with a round mouth funnel. Teeth are located on the tongue of the animal. Sea lampreys are classified as parasites that attach to fish. As a result, their victims die from an introduced infection or a large loss of blood. Parasites live up to 3 years. Place of distribution is the White Sea, the Adriatic and the western Mediterranean, rarely found on the east coast of North America.

2. Starbringer

The ugliest creatures on the planet include stargazer. The mammal of the mole family is able to scare away anyone who meets in its path with its appearance. It's all about the ugly growths on the face of the animal, which resemble together a star. Hence the name of the stargazer. These underground inhabitants grow up to 13 centimeters in length. The weight of an adult, as a rule, does not exceed 85 g. The growths on the face of the animal serve him as an organ of smell. With it, he determines the suitability of the product for food. Meet the starsman in eastern North America. Individuals lead an active lifestyle, both in the daytime and at night. They feed on earthworms, sometimes small fish.

1. The naked digger

Tops the scariest animals rating naked digger. The ugly rodent has a number of features: it is not sensitive to certain types of pain and has good immunity to cancer cells. Life expectancy is on average 30 years. The body of a naked mole rat with its tail most often does not exceed 14 centimeters, and they weigh no more than 80 grams. Underground animals have very powerful, developed jaws that help them bite into hard soil, and have a very keen ear. Naked wrinkled skin, on which there is practically no hairline, has a pink color, sometimes with yellowish tones. Their habitat is considered to be dry savannas and semi-deserts of Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia. The digger eats exclusively root crops and does not consume water. These rodents live in colonies, which can consist of 80-300 individuals. The length of the tunnel occupied by one colony is 3-5 km.

1. Coming crocodile

If you look at the photo of one of the scariest animals in the world, you will understand that you can get close to a combed crocodile only in a zoo. And then if the lattice is thick in the hand, and the crocodile is full.

Saltwater crocodiles are the deadliest large animals on Earth. In Australia alone, between 1971 and 2013, these largest reptiles on the planet killed 106 people. And in 1945, combed crocodiles killed a thousand Japanese soldiers on the island of Ramri. This attack even got into the Guinness Book of Records as the largest wildlife attack on humans.

With all the desire, combed crocodiles, one cannot live "peacefully and together." They are characterized by extremely aggressive disposition and fearlessness. Some of them attack larger predators such as sharks.

Saltwater crocodiles grow to a length of 5.2 meters, and the strength of their bite is the strongest nature in the whole kingdom. It reaches from 27531 to 34424 Newtons.

You will find even more ugly animals among the unusual animals of the planet.


The habitats of these reptiles are tropical climates. Crocodiles prefer to spend most of the time in ponds, but can calmly be on land for a long time. Salty sea or fresh river water - anyone can become the haven of this monster.

Crocodiles are dangerous to humans. In addition, they have excellent camouflage abilities. A predator can easily be mistaken for a chain of stones lying on the shore. One can not even guess at all that a pair of predatory eyes is watching a person from the river. This is facilitated by the arrangement of the eyes. Being completely in the water, a crocodile can easily observe everything that happens outside the reservoir.

These graceful and strong predators are capable of developing a rather high speed when chasing prey. They weigh an average of 100 to 250 kg. Lviv is not in vain ranked among the most dangerous animals. Cases of their attacks on humans are not uncommon. Lions cannibals really exist and live on the African continent.

The Bears

Bears are not all dangerous. So, a brown man can attack a person only in case of a threat from his side and with severe hunger. It is worth fearing him if the bear suddenly wakes up from hibernation. Such individuals are called connecting rods. They are really evil and dangerous to humans during this period.

If the previous members of the family are omnivorous and can easily get enough of the berry, then their northern counterparts are exclusively carnivores. A polar bear can attack a person only for a snack.


To the north of the equator you can meet wolverine. She lives in territories close to the Arctic Circle. In Russia, this animal is chosen by Siberian, Ural and Far Eastern forests and forest-tundra. Prefer deaf areas.

Wolverines are much smaller than the aforementioned predators. However, she is cunning, agile and very aggressive. Appearance is very attractive. This is a fluffy brown animal resembling a teddy bear. The body length of a wolverine can reach more than 100 cm (this is without a tail), weighs from 10 to 25-30 kg.

Since ancient times, people came up with the most terrible nicknames for this animal like the "devilish messenger", etc. Wolverine can make a big difference by climbing into housing. Meeting her on the same path is not safe. The animal can rush into battle and cause serious injury.


It would seem, what danger can be expected from a defenseless mammal? Meanwhile, there are breeds of frogs that carry mortal danger to humans:

  • The spotted tree frog is a small sized frog with multi-colored coloring. They live in the Brazilian rainforests. Allocate poison dangerous to other animals and humans. A lethal dose can even be obtained by touching it.
  • Kokoi - this species of frogs was chosen by both the American continent and the island of Madagascar. These are very tiny creatures - about 3-4 cm. But they are carriers of the most dangerous animal poison.

Scorpio Luyurus

This type of scorpion is the most poisonous. It is small in size. Habitat - Middle Eastern and African states. An insect bite provokes bouts of terrible pain. After a person loses motor ability (paralysis occurs) and - dies.

This is not the whole list of dangerous inhabitants of the Earth. The most terrible animals in the world are found in different parts of it. And not all of them have a frightening appearance and sharp claws. Some very tiny creatures can hurt, or even kill, with a small drop of poison.


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