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Jake Gyllenhaal was born in the United States of America in California on December 19, 1980. Jake's father is director Stephen Gyllenhaal, his mother is scriptwriter Naomi Foner, and his sister is actress Maggie Gyllenhaal. From childhood, his parents demanded that Jake work every summer and provide for his own life, so he worked as a lifeguard on the water and a dishwasher in a restaurant. Since the whole family of Jake was busy in the film industry, from an early age, Gyllenhaal starred in different films. At the age of eleven, Jake first appeared in the movie City Dudes. In 1993, he starred in the movie Dangerous Woman, in 1994 in the Slaughter Department, in 1998 in the movie Homegrown. In 1998, after graduating from high school, Jake went to study at Columbia University in New York. But after studying for two years, he left there to pursue an acting career. He got the role of a schoolboy in the film “October Sky.” In 2001, Jake starred in the main role in the film “Donnie Darko,” which became a cult. Critics praised Gyllenhaal's game. In the same year, he received the main role in the film "The Guy from the Bubble."

In 2002, he played a role in the film "The Good Girl", where Jennifer Aniston became his partner. In the same year, he got a role in the movie "Moonlight Mile." He also played a major role in the film "The Day After Tomorrow". In 2005, Gyllenhaal began acting in three films at once: Proof, Marines, and Brokeback Mountain. For the role in the film "Brokeback Mountain," Jake was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. In 2007, Jake played Robert Graysmith in the film Zodiac. After that, he got a role in the film "Version", where his partners on the set were Meryl Streep, Alon Arkin and Reese Witherspoon. In 2009, he starred in the movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. One of the latest films starring Jake Gyllenhaal is The Brothers 2009, Love and Other Medicines 2010, and 2011 Source Code.

In 2012, a new film is expected to be released with his participation, “The End of the Shift.” In 2001, the actor met with singer Jenny Lewis, then with Kirsten Dunst. They were together with Kirsten for two years, after which they announced a breakdown, but still continued to communicate for another year. Throughout 2007, the press stubbornly discussed the novel by Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon. But the couple did not confirm the rumors until Reese finally filed a divorce from her ex-husband Ryan Phillip. Jake and Reese announced a breakup in 2009. This was followed by a short affair with Natalie Portman. In 2010, Jake was spotted with country singer Taylor Swift, their romance lasted only a couple of months.

Photo: Jake Gyllenhaal

Childhood and family

The name of Jake’s mother, Naomi Foner, appears on the list of scriptwriters for the feature films Isaiah’s Case, Wordplay, and Idling.

Moreover, as Jake recalled, parents had a different approach to storytelling: mom always painstakingly built the logic of the story, but father, laying down to sleep Jake and his three-year-old sister Maggie, composed improvised stories with an incredible plot, because of which the boy For a long time I was sure that chewing gum grows on trees.

His great-grandmother and great-grandfather on the part of his mother were Jews and emigrated to the United States from the Russian Empire. True, their actor no longer found in person. And on the father’s side, there are Swedish aristocrats in the Gyllenhaal’s pedigree, and the actor is also listed in the official register of the nobles of Sweden.

In the house of Gyllenhaal, free-thinking and creative personalities have always been guests. Jake's father rented a room in the house, and for some time it was rented by director Steven Soderbergh, and after him Ethan Hawke drove there. Jake’s godfather is actor and director Paul Newman, and his godmother is actress Jamie Lee Curtis, star of True Truth. Jay and Maggie went to school with another future actor Jason Siegel, as well as with the heirs of famous movie stars.

Born in such a family, the actor with all the desire simply could not stay away from the cinema. Jake played the first role at age 11, starring in the movie "City Dudes" in one episode with Billy Crystal. In parallel, he played in a school theater group.

Jake himself says that he was inspired by the film Federico Fellini's The Road (1954), the same one that at one time made Stephen Gyllenhaal become a director.

After there were shootings in the film Dangerous Woman, where his sister Maggie also starred, a small role in the comedy Josh and Sam, and in the year he graduated from school, Gyllenhaal played a minor character in his father's film about the dangers of marijuana business, the comedy thriller Homebrew .

Do not think that little Jake Gyllenhaal was the darling of fate. To form his son's masculine character and the habit of working, Stephen woke him at 4:30 in the morning and sent him for a run. A visually impaired boy, wearing glasses with thick lenses, was forced to play football, which he hated.

There were periods when Stephen and Naomi were left without work. They wanted their son to know the value of money, and insisted that he earn his living. Even before coming of age, Gyllenhaal Jr. managed to work as a lifeguard on the beach and a dishwasher in a restaurant.

At 15, he was supposed to undergo the Jewish rite of Bar Mitzvah, since his mother was Jewish, but he did it in a rather unusual way - he spent the whole day with his parents in a rooming house for the homeless, thereby demonstrating that the origin does not matter to him, and at the end of the evening he had a party for them.

Parents insisted that Jake and Maggie certainly get higher education, and not related to acting. After graduating from school in 1998, Jake entered the prestigious Columbia University, but his studies did not delay him, and two years later the young man abandoned the granite of science (unlike his sister, who became a bachelor of literature) and took up his acting career seriously.

Actor career

This was followed by failure: Jake was one of the contenders for the role of Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings and not only failed the tests, not realizing that the replicas should be read with a British accent, but also became the worst of all the colleagues tried out (as he was acutely informed casting manager).

Jake Gyllenhaal succeeded loudly after the premiere of the mystical thriller Donnie Darko (2001). In the center of the plot of the tape is a simple high school student Donnie, who becomes the central figure in a chain of strange events that inevitably lead to the apocalypse.

But three years later, the director of Donnie Darko, Richard Kelly, reissued the film, including in the screen time an additional 20 minutes previously cut during editing. This time the film was greeted much warmer, and soon it acquired the status of a cult. Got his share of fame and Jake Gyllenhaal.

However, the 2000s and without the success of Donnie Darko became a golden time for the young actor. In 2001, he got the lead role in the comedy Bubble Boy, and in the drama Highway that year, he worked with Jared Leto.

In 2009, the actor’s parents divorced after 31 years of family life due to Stephen’s betrayal. Although Jake and Maggie were already mature people, this event seriously affected their emotional state. Mom left for New York, where Jake decided to move, and his father remarried. Also, the divorce caused serious financial problems in the family, but the brother and sister became even closer.

So Jake realized that he needed to be honest with himself: “The truth led to divorce and caused great pain to many members of my family. But the truth is inspiring. ” The actor reinterpreted the views on life, which were perfectly expressed by the drama Brothers, released in 2009 (but shot back in 2007).

Height, weight, age. How old is Jake Gyllenhaal

In the 90s of the last century, the movie “Slaughter department” was released on world screens, in which our today's hero played one of the main roles. Since that time, his popularity began to grow incredibly. Fans know his height, weight, age. How old is Jake Gyllenhaal for everyone, since a man looks ten years younger than his real biological age. The celebrity is on the verge of its 40th anniversary. This date is incredibly significant. She talks about the viability of an actor in life.

Jake Gyllenhaal, a photo in his youth and now which allows you to find out what the artist is doing outside the set, is tall. He exceeded the 180-centimeter mark. The actor weighs 74 kg.

From his youth, the star of the world cinema devoted a lot of time to sports. He played american football, baseball. The guy swam well, was engaged in a bicycle. Now he likes to wander through the woods. In the future, the actor hopes that he can afford to buy a house in the country. It is here that his large family will live and future children will be brought up.

An artist can cook any dish. He impresses his friends with culinary delights.

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Jake Gyllenhaal biography and personal life

Jake Gyllenhaal's biography and personal life contains a lot of interesting information about our hero.

The baby was born on the last days of 1980 in a California maternity hospital. His mother, Naomi Foner, wrote the scripts. Father - Stephen Gyllenhaal made movies. Our hero is proud of its roots. His paternal ancestors came from England and Sweden. And my mother was born in America in a family of immigrants who came from Europe. The film actor calls himself a Jew. He follows the traditions of the Jewish people. The man has a sister who was born several years earlier than he.

From the age of 5, the guy quite often starred in films. At first these were episodic roles. Then he began to appear quite often in the lead roles.

In school, Jake was reluctant to study. At first he dreamed of becoming a lifeguard or a policeman. But then the creativity began to outweigh, so Jake became a film actor. In his student days, the young man helped one of his father's friends in his restaurant.

Jake became a student at Columbia University. But after the 2nd year, the guy quits school and is closely engaged in the development of an acting career. He is currently the star of world cinema. He acts in various films, takes part in show programs. Repeatedly, the actor received recognition from the American Film Academy. For his creative activities, the popular film actor received a large number of awards. In his piggy bank there are several Globus awards and as many as 5 Oscar figurines.

Our hero was in a relationship with the best actresses in Hollywood. The man appeared along with many beauties at social events. So far, none of them has acquired the status of the official wife of a handsome man. It is also unknown whether there are children of the artist. According to official figures, he has not yet become a father.

Filmography: films starring Jake Gyllenhaal

The birth of our hero took place in a creative union of two lovers, closely associated with cinema, so it is not surprising for anyone that in childhood he began to act in films regularly. At first, these were small roles. After the appearance of our hero in the movie “The Slaughter Department”, which appeared on world screens, in which he played Matt Ellison, Jake becomes popular.

Since the late 90s of the last century, the actor has been removed quite often. His filmography is replenished at a great pace. Films featuring Jake Gyllenhaal in the title role have been repeatedly nominated for the highest Academy Award. The artist won the Academy Award five times.

Jake is proud that he was able to play a large number of diverse heroes. The star of world cinema starred in "The Day After Tomorrow", "Marines", "Zodiac", "Brothers", "Prince of Persia" and many others. Some time after the shooting of “Enemy”, the actor starred in films that were met by professionals unfriendly. But the talented actor believed that this was a temporary phenomenon. And he was right.

Only a few years later Gyllenhaal was able to repeat the former success. He played in the movie "Under the Cover of the Night," which became incredibly famous. Then there were roles in "Living", "Okche", "Stronger." Currently, the star is shooting a movie about the Spider-Man. The film will be released on world screens in 2019.

Jake Gyllenhaal Biography

American actor Jake Gyllenhaal was born on December 19, 1980 in Los Angeles, in the family of director Stephen Gyllenhaal, who came from a Swedish aristocratic family, and screenwriter Naomi Foner, whose parents were immigrants from Russia. The whole family of the actor was engaged in cinema. Jake and his older sister Maggie Gyllenhaal from an early age played episodic roles in his father's films.

At the age of 11, Jake made his film debut - he played the boy Danny Robins in the comedy City Dudes. In 1988, after graduating from high school at Harvard University in Los Angeles, Gyllenhaal entered Columbia University, where his mother and then sister studied. However, two years later, the young man dropped out of school and devoted himself completely to his acting career. The artist first gained fame in the early 2000s after a number of such paintings as: “Donnie Darko” (2001), “The Guy from the Bubble” (2001), “Highway” (2002), “The Day After Tomorrow” (2004).

Jake gained wide popularity in 2005 after the role of a cowboy of non-traditional orientation in the film directed by Ang Lee “Brokeback Mountain", where the late Heath Ledger played the second main role. By the way, Gyllenhaal himself is the godfather of Matilda Rose Ledger - the daughter of Ledger and Michelle Williams. Also, the films: “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” (2010), “Source Code” (2011), “Enemy” (2012), “Left-Handed” (2015) and “Everest” (2015) also became very popular works of Gyllenhaal.

Star way

After graduating from high school in Los Angeles, Jake entered Columbia University in New York at the Department of Oriental Religions. But two years later, Jake dropped out of school in order to come to grips with his film career, though now he intends to finish his studies.

The first success came to the actor after the low-budget picture "The Good Girl", where Gyllenhaal was a partner of Jennifer Aniston.

Gyllenhaal took part in the casting for the main role in the film "Spider-Man 2", when the health of Toby Maguire aroused doubts among the directors. Nevertheless, Maguire was approved, and Gyllenhaal starred in the blockbuster The Day After Tomorrow, which raised $ 186 million at the box office. Later, Maguire and Gyllenhaal meet on the set of the Brothers drama about the Iraq war.

Jake played in theatrical productions. His debut took place in the play “This is Our Youth”, the story of three teenagers who steal $ 15,000 in old bills, and they only have one night to spend it. The play became a sensation of Broadway and was presented in London. For this role, Gyllenhaal was awarded the London Evening Standard Theate Award in the category "Best Actor Debutant"

After the presentation of the film "Brokeback Mountain" in 2005, there were numerous rumors about the sexual preferences of the actor. To this, Gyllenhaal reacted as follows: “The rumor about my bisexuality pleased me - this means that now I have a much wider choice of roles available. And I am open to any suggestions. Honestly, men have never sexually attracted me, but I don’t think I would be scared if this happened. ”

Jake Gyllenhaal - personal life

Sister Maggie introduced the actor to actress Kristen Dunst, with whom she starred in the film "Mona Lisa Smile" in 2002.Jake and Kristen were together for two years, but even after the breakup, they maintained a warm relationship.

Throughout 2007, there were rumors about the actor’s romance with Reese Witherspoon, although the couple completely denied their relationship. But after the final divorce of Reese and the joint trip of the actors to Rome, the couple still confirmed their relationship. They broke up at the end of 2009. Jake called Reese's reluctance to marry him the reason for the breakup. And Reese replied that she did not want to give birth to children from a heavy smoker. This is how cigarettes destroy not only health, but also love!

In 2010, Jake had a relationship with singer Taylor Swift, which lasted only a couple of months.

Family and children of Jake Gyllenhaal

The family and children of Jake Gyllenhaal are the subject of the future. The star regularly appears with various girls at social events, but so far she is not going to burden herself with marriage ties. The man recently said that only after 40 years it is worth thinking about his wife and children, which he will do in the near future.

The family of our hero is quite well off. His dad shot the most famous movies. He has received many prizes and awards in his life. The mother of the actor wrote the scripts for the films.

The family also grew up and the eldest daughter Maggie. Now she is one of the best film actresses. A woman is married, has a son.

Our hero is proud of his godfather. He baptized the daughter of his colleagues, with whom he starred in one of the films. Currently, Jake often visits the girl, gives her gifts.

Jake Gyllenhaal Wife

The movie star is considered one of the most enviable grooms. In different years, he met with the best beauties of Hollywood. First, the young man had a relationship with Kristen Dunst. They appeared together at various social events. In 2004, lovers began to live together. They spent all the time with each other. The media was full of reports about the imminent wedding, but this never happened. In 2006, lovers announced their break, while maintaining friendly relations.

Then, according to various publications, Reese Witherspoon became the lover of a handsome man. The artists themselves said that they were connected only by friendly relations. Perhaps this was dictated by the circumstances, since the woman was married.

Then the guy started romance with Natalie Portman, Taylor Swift and other beauties. But not one of them managed to ring this sultry handsome man.

Rumors began to appear in the press about the unconventional orientation of the star. Jake himself does not give any comments on this subject. In an interview, he also refuses to answer such questions.

After the release of the new movie with the participation of Gyllenhaal on the world screens, rumors immediately appear about his relationship with his partners. The actor himself laughs. He is glad that gives rise to various rumors.

Jake Gyllenhaal's wife must understand him. It is such a woman, according to many professional journalists, that will attract the attention of this fickle bachelor. Now the actor is not ready to think about this. He says that only now it has become clear to him which woman he can call his wife. But he refused to share his conclusions with the press about this.

Perhaps the wife of Gyllenhaal will be Margot Robbie. It was with her that our hero began to appear at social events. The media immediately told about their romance. In an interview, stars began to ask stars about the imminent wedding. But they are in no hurry to satisfy the curiosity of outsiders.

Instagram and Wikipedia Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal's Instagram and Wikipedia contain a wide variety of information. They give an idea of ​​this incredibly beautiful and talented artist.

Wikipedia lets you know about a large star family. It tells how Jake decided to pursue his career development. The page lists which movies the man starred in. You can also find out what roles he received awards for.

In social networks, our hero leads pages very actively. He uploads pictures, shares recipes with fans, and also talks about his plans for the future. The artist’s Instagram is replenished almost every day. Numerous subscribers wish our hero creative longevity.

Childhood and youth

American actor and heartthrob Jake Gyllenhaal was born on December 19, 1980 in Los Angeles, California. He was lucky with his family, perhaps it was she who predetermined his future biography. Jake's father is a director, his mother is a screenwriter.

Jake Gyllenhaal in childhood and now

Jake is the second child in the family, Maggie's older sister also later became an actress. Parents tried to raise their children strictly following aristocratic traditions, because the Gyllenhaal clan was known in secular circles of Switzerland.

For the first time, Jake starred in the film when he was 11 years old. The debut was the painting "City dudes." Then his father gave him small roles in other films.

Jake Gyllenhaal in his youth

A lot of blood is mixed in Jake, but he considers himself a Jew. At the age of 13, as befits Jewish boys, a bar mitzvah ceremony took place. Wealthy parents chose the abode of the homeless for this. They wanted their son to appreciate what he had, respected family values ​​and traditions.

In school, Jake Gyllenhaal worked part-time to travel with his family around the world. He already understood that money is earned by labor. He washed dishes in the kitchen of the restaurant, moonlighting as an overseer on the beaches.

Jake Gyllenhaal in his youth

After school, the guy entered Columbia University. This university was native to his family, because his mother and sister studied there at one time. But Gyllenhaal Jr. quickly got tired of studying - he graduated from the first course and left the university.

The guy decided immediately to completely devote himself to an acting career, and even with such parents, getting used to the Hollywood film industry was much easier.


After the first year of university, Jake was invited to play a major role in October Sky. He managed to accurately convey the character of the youth of Homer, who dreamed of building rockets. In the science fiction film “Donnie Darko,” the actor showed himself just as brilliantly. Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal played in pairs. The picture was not particularly successful at the box office, but after the release of the film on DVD, the artist began to grow rapidly.

Further, Jake Gyllenhaal's streak of luck ended - the pictures in which he was shot did not find a stormy response from the audience. Luck and success came to him after his role in the film "The Day After Tomorrow". The film raised $ 500 million at the box office.

A year later, all of Hollywood spoke about Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. The drama Brokeback Mountain, which tells about the same-sex love of two cowboys, touched on the forbidden, but such an attractive topic for the audience. Jake with all the depths of his acting talent showed the hero’s weaknesses and sacrifice, overwhelming his passions and thoughts that love has no gender.

Trailer of the movie "Brokeback Mountain"

The fame of the artist was strengthened by the military drama about the war in Kuwait "Marines", the detective "Zodiac" about the serial killer of the 70s. For the role of the policeman who revealed the abduction of children in the film "Prisoners", Jake was awarded the prize of the Hollywood Film Festival and was nominated for "Sputnik", and the film itself was included in the top ten in 2013.

Another result of Gyllenhaal’s collaboration with director and Oscar nominee Denis Villeneuve is the psychological detective “Enemy”, in which Jake played 2 roles at once - a high school teacher and an amazingly similar actor.

The political thriller Version, in which Gyllenhaal starred with Reese Witherspoon and Meryl Streep, is based on real events - the erroneous abduction and torture of a CIA of a German citizen of Lebanese origin.

Jake Gyllenhaal in the thriller "Version"

In 2006, Jake Gyllenhaal was nominated for an Oscar, but did not receive the coveted statuette. But he was awarded the BAFTA and other prestigious awards.

In 2009, the actor appeared in the film adaptation of the computer game “Prince of Persia. The sands of time. " Here, the attention of the audience was attracted not only by the acting or oriental flavor, but also by the naked torso of the “prince”. After this film, Jake began to appear more and more often in amateur Internet ratings of the best torsos in the cinema.

Jake Gyllenhaal in the movie Prince of Persia. Sands of the Times

The appearance of Gyllenhaal, which he achieved at the beginning of filming in the sports drama “Left-Handed”, became the envy of men and at times increased the female audience. With a growth of 181 cm, Jake increased muscle mass by 13 kg to his 77. But, shortly before this film, for the role of the paparazzi in the film “Stringer”, the actor lost 12 kg.

The performer of the main role of a professional boxer said that he spent 5 months in the ring, devoting 6 hours a day to sports loads. During this time, he mastered boxing skills both for the body and for the mind.

"You cannot play a boxer, just looking like a boxer, you must believe that you can exist in this world."

In 2015, Jake Gyllenhaal starred in the drama Destruction. He got the main role and embodied on the screen a subtle psychological image of a man who does not feel anything after the sudden death of his wife, but writes lengthy autobiographical complaints to a service company and feels an irresistible desire to destroy his apartment and life.

In 2016, Jake again played 2 main roles - in the main narrative and in a parallel plot - in Tom Ford’s drama “Under the Cover of the Night”, which critics called the aesthetic thriller. Amy Adams became his filming partner. The jury of the Venice Film Festival, Sputnik, Critics' Choice Movie Awards and Golden Globe noted the film's script, directorial work, performers of key and secondary roles.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams

In 2017, 3 films were released with the participation of Gyllenhaal, which critics predicted the status of blockbusters. The sci-fi thriller Live, in which, in addition to Jake, was played by Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson, tells about a Martian living creature that infiltrated the International Space Station.

Another fantastic film in the actor’s filmography is the South Korean “Okcha” about a genetically modified monster, selected to participate in the Cannes Film Festival. After appearing at the Gyllenhaall Film Forum in the company of a colleague Lily Collins, the media immediately created a new romantic couple.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Lily Collins

In the same year, Gyllenhaal was awarded the Hollywood Film Awards, and in 2018 - the nomination for “Sputnik” for displaying on the screen the image of the victim of the explosion at the Boston marathon in the biographical drama “Stronger”. The film about courage and fortitude, which did not repel the financial costs of shooting, received rave reviews from critics and recognition from the audience.

Personal life

Gyllenhaal's personal life is an inexhaustible source of hot news. After the premiere of "Brokeback Mountain," the newspaper talked about Jake's bisexuality: he too likely played a role. The actor did not refute these rumors and did not hide the joy that his talent was appreciated. With Heath Ledger, a partner in Brokeback Mountain, Jake had a real friendship - he baptized his friend’s daughter.

In 2001, Jake Gyllenhaal briefly dated Jenny Lewis. The following year, his sister introduced him to actress Kirsten Dunst. This novel lasted 2 years. This was followed by a series of short novels with partners on the set.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst

In 2007, the public discussed Jake's relationship with Reese Witherspoon, a colleague in the movie Version. The couple denied these rumors, but after the official divorce, Reese and her husband began to see the actors together more often, and interest in their relationship resumed.

This time, on the contrary, even after the separation, the press services of both celebrities claimed that the actors were still meeting.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon

This was followed by an equally discussed novel with Natalie Portman. As in previous and subsequent cases, it is difficult to say whether there was a relationship between the actors, or is it just an invention of the press and a PR campaign of film companies.

In any case, Jake gave several enthusiastic interviews about Portman, in which he complained about the difficulty of choosing a place for a joint dinner, since Natalie is a vegetarian. Portman, in turn, spoke no less warmly about Gyllenhaal.

In 2010, Jake was credited with an affair with actress Anne Hathaway, with whom he played lovers in the film “Love and Other Medicines” and starred in several joint, revealing scenes.

The artists did not comment on these rumors, but in the wake of the popularity of their likely relationship, they organized a bold photo shoot for the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway

In the fall of 2010, journalists already started talking about Jake’s new passion - country music performer Taylor Swift. They met for less than three months - on New Year's Eve, Jake Gyllenhaal was free, and the singer dedicated the song We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together to her ex-boyfriend.

Already in 2011, a new rumor appeared: the celebrity started a passionate affair with Dakota Johnson. In 2013, the press appeared a new version of the actor’s relationship. According to the paparazzi, Gyllenhaal began dating model Emily DiDonato.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift

Another partner of the actor is model Alice Miller. Lovers often appeared in public together and lived under the same roof, but soon "a cat ran between them." Rumor has it that Alice could not stand the test of distance when Jake flew off to shoot another picture.

Some sources claim that Gyllenhaal escaped because, unlike Alice, he was not ready for a serious relationship.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Alice Miller

Soon, in mid-2015, the press started talking about Jake's new romance, this time with Rachel McAdams. The reason for the rumors was that the actors often continued to see the two of them together, although the joint shooting in the film "Left-Handed" ended six months before.

Journalists got a lot of pictures of the couple in restaurants and on a walk. But Jake himself denied all the rumors, telling Ellen Degeneres in the program that he was not meeting anyone.

In the winter of 2016, Jake was seen in the company of Margot Robbie, an Australian actress who gained insane popularity a bit later thanks to the blockbuster Suicide Squad. Journalists noticed not only the gentle embrace of Jake and Margo, but also the expensive ring on the girl’s ring finger.

The press immediately filled with speculation about the engagement and began to read Margot's wife Jake. At the same time, the man denies the relationship, and Margot Robbie openly told reporters that, in principle, she does not intend to look for her husband in the acting environment.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Margot Robbie

According to the press, now the actor is lonely. In meetings with the daughter of producer Greta Caruso, there is no hint of a romantic relationship. Jake and Greta have known each other for more than 10 years, and Gyllenhaal has repeatedly emphasized that they are only connected by friendly relations. In an interview, the Hollywood actor admitted that he considers the main task in life to find the “right woman”. In the meantime, he remains one of Hollywood's most enviable suitors.

Jake is friends with Adam Levine, Peter Sarsgaard and Matthew McConaughey. He loves to cook, enjoys shopping and markets. Supports Edible Schoolyard, an organization that promotes healthy school nutrition. The actor does not shy away from social networks, communicates with fans on Facebook, photos and videos from which are duplicated on Instagram.

Jake Gyllenhaal now

Family drama "Wild Life" is the directorial debut of actor Paul Dano, with whom Jake worked in the films "Okcha" and "Prisoners". In the film adaptation of Richard Ford’s eponymous novel, Gyllenhaal and Carey Mulligan played a couple in distress. The film is narrated on behalf of the son. In this role, the rising Australian star Ed Oksenbuld made.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Tilda Swinton and director Pong Joon-Ho at Cannes in 2017

In 2018, director Jacques Odiar, who already received the Golden Palm Branch in Cannes, presented the comedy Sisters Brothers on the Cote d'Azur with the participation of Jake Gyllenhaal, Rutger Hauer and Joaquin Phoenix. The film tells the story of two assassins who wanted to get rich and change their bloody occupation, and in the course of the story turns from a traditional western into a psychological drama.

In 2019, the premiere of the movie based on the Marvel comics, Spider-Man: Away from Home, is expected, starring Tom Holland. Jake will play supervillain Mysterio.

Jake Gyllenhaal on the set of Spider-Man: Away from Home in 2018

Gyllenhaal's production company Nine Stories has taken on a remake of Danish detective tape Guilty. The actor plans to play the main role - a policeman transferred to the rescue service.


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