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Name: Isa Bagirov

Birthday: December 19 1983 (36 years old)

Place of Birth: Baku, Azerbaijan

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Eastern horoscope: Boar

Career: Media Persons 11 place

Photo: Isa Bagirov

Childhood and youth

Isa is a hereditary clairvoyant and psychic. The mother of a young man, Galina Bagirova, is familiar to fans of a mystical project on TNT's channel “Battle of Psychics” - a woman from Azerbaijan managed to get to the end of the eighth season of the television show. Galina got the magic gift from her grandmother Maryam, who was known as a strong witch, and her grandfather, a medium. Information about Isa's father is extremely scarce: the press only knows that the man held a high post in Baku and died early.

Isa Bagirov and his mother Galina Bagirova

Isa Bagirov celebrates his birthday on December 19, he was born in 1983. The young man has a sister Leila. There are two higher educations in the piggy bank of a psychic: first he received a law degree, then he entered the Baku Slavic University, where he mastered the wisdom of a psychologist. For several years he helped people get loans at the bank, and at the same time tried himself in business - he founded a construction company with a friend.


Bagirov’s unusual abilities showed up in childhood. To develop the makings granted by nature, my mother and piles of special literature helped. And when Isa was in high school, he became interested in feng shui with parapsychology. In 2010, with a full bag of knowledge and skills in the field of extrasensory perception, a man came to Moscow.

Hypnologist Isa Bagirov

At that time, Galina Bagirova, after reaching the final in the Battle of Psychics, already knew the whole country, people lined up for an appointment with her. Isa, together with Leila, joined the ranks of the center of parapsychology, where her mother worked.

Brother and sister became the authors of the unique “Mental Correction” methodology, which helps to remove internal problems in just one visit. Soon, the young hypnologist acquired his own army of patients, helping to get rid of psychological fears and addictions, as well as see the future and adjust it. The center of activity gradually moved to Israel.

Isa Bagirov

Bagirov does not stop improving his skills, constantly learning new techniques. Although he considers the main thing not theoretical knowledge, but practice. The man admits that although there is a scattering of hypnosis techniques, personally no one has ever managed to enter him into a trance.

The parapsychologist does not cease to remind fans that there is no mysticism in his activity, everything is understandable from a scientific point of view, just as long as the capabilities of the brain are poorly understood.

Work on television

Television broke into the biography of Isa Bagirov in 2016. It all started with the fact that the man decided to experiment on the YouTube site - he shot videos where he demonstrated the skills of a hypnotist without cuts, shared curious nuances in the field of NLP, gave an interview. The channel quickly gained popularity, and Isa was invited as an expert in hypnosis to the program “Secrets with Anna Chapman”. Here he demonstrated the wonders of immersing people in a trance right on the street.

Isa Bagirov in the show "Black and White"

Isu was waiting for true success in the audience in the mystical show “Black and White”, in which he managed to get to the finals as part of the team of “black magicians”. In the same year, a man was waiting for an invitation from the NTV channel to join experts on the television show Psychics vs. Detectives, in which experienced investigators and forensic experts measured their strength with people of extraordinary abilities. At stake was a major prize - 5 million rubles.

At the program, Isa Bagirov met with “colleagues” whose names already sounded loudly in the circles of the occultists - witch Elena Yasevich, psychic Vitaly Bograd, fortuneteller Aza Petrenko and others. After the failure of this team in two episodes in a row, the Azerbaijani hypnotist voted for his own exclusion from the show, explaining that he had invested enough energy in the project.

Personal life

Isa Bagirov prefers to remain silent about his personal life, although journalists still managed to find some details. On the set of the Black and White program, tender feelings flared up between a young man and a psychic Danae Ermolaeva, although the girl was married and raised a little daughter.

Isa Bagirov and Danae Ermolaeva

The couple was even closer to the tragedy that happened before the very end of the program. Danae fell under the wheels of a car and ended up in a hospital. Isa supported his beloved, often visited her. And when the girl got better, she took her daughter and left her husband for Bagirov. What is happening today on Isa's personal front remains to be guessed. However, in an interview, the man noted that he was not in a hurry to marry, although such thoughts were already in attendance.

“The ability to live and enjoy every day is the most important. And the rest will come, ”the psychic believes.

In life, does not use the skills of hypnosis, the more so does not use the ability to conquer girls.

Isa Bagirov in 2018

On the page on "Instagram" you can get acquainted with the moments from Isa's working life, as well as admire photos in which the TV star demonstrates excellent physical shape. Isa Bagirov - a follower of a healthy lifestyle, a frequent visitor to gyms. Friends consider the young man a humorist: he does not lose heart, no matter what happens, he knows how to see the positive in every moment.

Isa Bagirov now

In early 2018, Isa Bagirova was invited to participate in a new show with elements of mysticism “Stars under Hypnosis”, which is hosted by Maxim Galkin. The hypnologist uses psychotechnology to launch a person’s imagination to the fullest, so much so that he is ready to believe in the most incredible things. Star personalities are not afraid to undergo hypnosis sessions, Sati Casanova, Timur Rodriguez, Prokhor Chaliapin, Dominic Joker and others have already appeared on the show.

Maxim Galkin and Isa Bagirov in the show “Stars Under Hypnosis”

Amused the audience Svetlana Permyakova, who suddenly turned into a ballerina and went to steal pointe shoes from colleagues. Yana Koshkina seemed to have lost her hair, and Chaliapin shone in the role of a Bollywood star. The highlight is the fact that Bagirov’s “victims” do not know at what point and where they will go into a trance - this can happen on the street, at home, away.

Plus, even hypnosis-sensitive guests in the auditorium have a psychic spell. After filming Bagirov necessarily removes all settings from experimental subjects. Isa revealed the secret of the techniques used in the transfer:

“Suggestion is positive and negative. Anything can be inspired in a person. So, for example, and advertising works. The choice is imposed on us, and the state in which we make this choice is called "post-hypnotic suggestion."

Bagirov is happy to be invited to visit Russian television shows.

So, in February 2018, a man pleased the audience of the program “Evening Urgant”, where he showed the skill of hypnosis and the ability to read thoughts. Isa considers the hobby to be a part of the show, the construction company brings the main income.

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Name and surname:Isa Bagirov
Name in English:Isa bagirov
Year of birth:1983
Birthday:December 19th
Place of Birth:Azerbaijan, Baku
Occupation:hypnotist, parapsychologist, TV show participant
Height:180 cm.
Weight:85 kg
Eastern horoscope:Boar
Social network: Vkontakte Facebook Instagram

Childhood and adolescence

Isa Bagirov, who was born in Baku on December 19, 1983, claims that his mother, Galina Bagirova, is a hereditary Azerbaijani clairvoyant and psychic who inherited her gift from the witch grandmother Maryam and the grandfather-medium. Little is known about Isa's father: he was older than Galina, held a high post in Baku and passed away when the children, Isa and his sister Leila, were still small.

At a very young age, Isa felt the psychic abilities in himself and began to develop them with the help of his mother. He read a huge amount of special literature, in high school he was seriously carried away by psychology and feng shui.

After school, the young man became a student at Baku Slavic University, where he studied the specialty "Legal Psychology". After graduation, Isa worked for several years in the credit department of the bank, then organized a construction company with a friend. In parallel, he continued to study parapsychology, to which was added a fascination with hypnosis.


In 2010, Isa moved to Moscow, where he began to work in the capital's center of parapsychology with his sister and mother. Galina Bagirova by that time had already become famous throughout the country, becoming the finalist of the eighth season of “Battle of psychics” on the TNT channel, and there was no end to those who wished to get to her appointment.

Isa, together with Leila, conducted hypnosis sessions according to the method he personally developed, which he called “Mental Correction”. The man claimed that only one visit was enough for his clients to get rid of psychological problems.

To demonstrate his abilities to the general public, Isa posted a presentation video on YouTube that attracted a large audience. Since then, he has published on his channel recordings of programs with his participation, interviews and interesting facts about hypnosis and NLP.

In 2016, a young hypnotist first appeared on television. First, he was invited as a hypnosis expert in the show “Secrets with Anna Chapman,” and then he became a participant in the second season of the mystical project “Black and White,” led by Andrei Sokolov. This program not only gave Isa a meeting with her beloved girl, but also made him a real media star.

In the same year, the NTV channel invited Isa to the psychics Psychics vs. Detectives TV show, where he met such famous characters in occult circles as Elena Yasevich, Aza Petrenko and Roman Fad.

As the name implies, the participants of the show were divided into 2 teams. Both investigated the same crime, but with different methods: traditional and with the help of supernormal abilities. When the psychics team lost 2 episodes in a row, its participants voted “on the fly”. The nomination was received by Isa Bagirov and Astar Ward, and Isa announced that he was voting against himself, as he gave this project everything he could.

In early 2018, Channel One launched a new mystical project, “Stars under Hypnosis,” with Maxim Galkin as the presenter. Bagirov’s task is to introduce into the trans-stellar participants who, under the influence of hypnosis, will manifest themselves in the most unusual way. Timur Rodriguez, Dominic Joker, Sati Casanova and many other public figures expressed their desire to take part in the project.

As part of the entertainment show, mesmerized stars did the most unexpected things. For example, Svetlana Permyakova decided that she was a ballerina, and stole pointes from other dancers to become an prima, Prokhor Chaliapin imagined that he was a Bollywood star, and Yana Koshkina was suggested that she was bald.


The star of the show “Black and White” and “The Battle of Psychics” was born in the capital of Azerbaijan on December 19, 1983, in the family of a high-ranking official. According to the young man, the mother of the future specialist in subtle matters was a woman whose parents were considered the most powerful magicians with extrasensory abilities in their homeland - grandmother Mariam was a real witch, and grandfather had a high ability to communicate with the souls of the dead. Galina, the mother of Isa, inherited unique abilities from her parents.

For the first time, Bagirov came to understand his own eccentricity as early as 10 years old. Then he began, under the strict guidance of mother Galina, to develop his talents and delved into the study of special literature. The boy’s special attention was drawn to the doctrine of Feng Shui - the Chinese practice of home improvement, taking into account the emotional fields invisible to the eye. In high school, on the advice of his mother, he began to intensively prepare for professional psychology classes, which became fundamental in Isa Bagirov’s personal life and biography (photo).

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Study and career

After graduating from secondary school, a purposeful young man successfully passed exams at Baku Slavic University and became a student in the course of legal psychology. Along the way, a university student continued to re-read a lot of literature on the training of parapsychologists.

Getting a diploma did not guarantee a job in the specialty, therefore Isa Bagirov (see photo below), whose personal life and biography are inextricably linked with otherworldly forces and the desire for excellence, so the young man worked at the bank for some time. Knowledge of psychology and the ability to understand the intricacies of the human subconscious helped the man to get a good position in the lending department of individuals.

Most likely, the influence of the mother affected - by the time she moved to the Russian capital, Galina Bagirova became the winner of the eighth season of the Battle of Psychics. A woman who became a widow very early — the head of the family died when the children were very young and Galina brought them up herself — was able to realize her abilities by settling in the capital's Parapsychology Center.

Moving to Moscow

In 2010, the young man moved to the capital after his mother and sister. According to him, Leila also successfully helps people, since she herself has the same abilities as other relatives. Since Isa Bagirov is the author of a unique method of hypnotic correction of the human psyche, his sister participates in his work with his mother.

The guy began to demonstrate his achievements in the field of neurolinguistic programming on YouTube. These videos and patient reviews have gathered a lot of positive feedback online.


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