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Rating of the most expensive hotels in the world


Aug 27, 2018 2:32 p.m.

If you rest, then rest royally. Everyone who adheres to such a philosophy should be ready to pay huge sums for living in the most expensive hotels in the world.

Luxury hotels are famous for their amazing rooms, first-class service and beautiful views. Accommodation even in the cheapest rooms of such hotels is not accessible to many people.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

The name of the hotel translates as "Arab Tower." It is located on a man-made island. Built in 1999, it immediately became the highest - its height is 321 meters. As such, he remained until 2008. The hotel has a helipad and a chic restaurant. The view from the windows is amazing - the open sea on one side and magnificent Dubai on the other. The price of the most "beggarly" number is $ 1,000 for one day. Royal apartments are available at around $ 30,000 per day. If you are not shocked by this price, read the article further: there is something to be surprised.

Plaza Hotel, New York

From sunny Dubai, move to vibrant New York. The Plaza Hotel has a royal room, which costs $ 30,000 per day. There is a library there, as well as a beautiful view of Fifth Avenue. The room has three bedrooms, so you can definitely find a place to sleep. This hotel has one of the best reputations in the whole world - every rich person who has visited New York has stayed in it. If a wealthy businessman said that he didn’t stop at the Plaza, this would certainly have hit his authority among friends and partners.

Hotel Laukala Island, Fiji

Fiji is a paradise on Earth. It is so beautiful here that this place is becoming a favorite for most tourists. The cost of a luxury room is more than $ 30,000. Since the country is not very rich, and the room itself is not in great demand, the hotel management decided for this money to include a special dinner with one of the most expensive types of champagne, massage, as well as a free horse ride. As for ordinary rooms, they are much more accessible - you can find rooms for $ 200 per day.

Hotel Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

This hotel is famous for having a very popular casino, a reputable recording studio and two-story rooms that cost $ 40,000 per day. You will definitely not be bored at this hotel, because it is located in the world center of entertainment. This is a paradise for anyone who is willing to spend money in batches and not worry about their bank account. For 40 thousand "green" per day you will receive a personal butler, which is very nice.

Grand Hyatt Martinez, France

Only rich people live in Cannes, but even not one of them will be able to lay out more than fifty thousand dollars per night in a hotel. Nevertheless, if you decide to take such a step, you will not regret it, because in the suites and the royal suite you will feel like an aristocrat with a capital letter. Original paintings by great artists hang on the walls, and the view from the window will be such that you forget about everything in the world.

Grand Resort Lagonissi, Greece

At this hotel, the most expensive room costs more than $ 70,000 per day. This is not just a room, but a separate house with a gorgeous view of the sea, a helipad and first-class service. The house has two saunas, two bedrooms, two fireplaces and as many as twenty-four hours of enjoyment. This hotel is called by many undeservedly expensive, but there is never a shortage of customers in it, despite angry reviews.

Hotel President Wilson, Switzerland

This is not only the most expensive, but also the safest hotel in the world. The Swiss care about their customers because it is important for them to maintain the status of the most luxurious hotel. According to the management, chic should be felt in everything, therefore the only negative review that you can meet is the envious response of competitors. This hotel has everything a high-ranking person needs for happiness. For the presidential suite will have to pay more than $ 80,000.

All these hotels are too expensive even for relatively successful people. Of course, you can sell a car or apartment and stay in the suite for one day, but this will be a very dubious investment. The luxury rooms of the most expensive hotels in the world are designed for people who do not have to think about money at all.

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1. Switzerland, Geneva. Hotel President Wilson

The first place is traditionally held by the Geneva Hotel President Wilson. The style of the hotel is restrained elegance. There is no striking luxury and flashy gilded interiors, Hotel President Wilson is an example of impeccable taste in everything from the lounge to the locker room in the gym. But the main thing that high-ranking customers are willing to pay for is increased security measures. The hotel does not reveal its secrets, but guarantees absolute confidentiality and security. Gym, personal elevator, antique furniture and Lake Geneva in the morning haze, the view of which opens from panoramic windows - every detail is provided for guests. In the royal penthouse you can stay for a record 68 thousand euros. It is difficult to judge whether any comfort justifies such a price, but apartments are often empty. And for those who cannot afford royal luxury, the hotel offers standard rooms for 450 euros.

2. Greece, Athens, Grand Resort Lagoniss

Grand Resort Lagoniss is located on the Mediterranean coast in the Athenian Riviera. The rooms in the main building are gorgeous and luxurious, and their prices vary widely - from 300 euros per night in a standard room, to 1,500 - 2 thousand euros for renting a bungalow on the beach. But the main highlight of the hotel is residences and villas. There are only seven of them, for the night in the most expensive residence you need to pay 50 thousand euros. All villas have their own pool, sauna, personal chef.

A separate gift for guests will be the presence of their own musician, you can choose anyone from a violinist to a drummer, in such an interesting way the hotel guarantees a good mood. Seven corners of paradise cannot be booked through regular booking agencies or the hotel’s website - it is possible to settle here only by prior arrangement with the administration, and this is not surprising - guests who can afford such a vacation want complete anonymity and security.

3. France, Cannes, Grand Hyatt Martinez

Cannes would not have been Cannes without the exquisite Grand Hyatt Martinez on the Croisette. The hotel has almost a century of history and carefully preserves the traditions of impeccable service laid down by the first owner of the hotel - Baron Martinez. The decor is in the Art Deco style and cannot leave indifferent connoisseurs of real art - the walls of the rooms here are decorated with a beautiful collection of paintings. You can live in the splendor of classic French interiors at prices ranging from 175 to 6590 euros per room. But, as in any truly fashionable place, the hotel has its own presidential suite. The penthouse on the seventh floor has four bedrooms, two living rooms and dining rooms. On the terrace of 300 square meters. m there is a built-in jacuzzi where you can take SPA-procedures with a view of the French Riviera. The cost of a night in one of the largest European penthouses is $ 45,000.

The hotel is located just a 15-minute walk from the famous Palais des Festivals, so star guests are not uncommon - Sean Connery, Gerard Depardieu, Letizia Casta and many other celebrities prefer the quiet sophistication of Grand Hyatt Martinez.

4. USA, New York, Four Seasons

Four Seasons Hotel in New York offers the most expensive room in the Americas - the Tai Warner Suite. Both the room and the hotel itself have been leaders for many years in various ratings and hotel nominations. For the interior in a simple classical style, an extensive library and the services of a personal butler will have to pay $ 35 thousand per night. The cheapest room overlooking 57th Street costs $ 750 here, and the average price for a deluxe room with panoramic New York views is $ 1,545. The hotel has the usual range of services - a spa, massage parlor, gym, beauty parlor, conference rooms, two restaurants. The massage parlor of the hotel is one of the best and most expensive in New York; more than 20 types of massage are offered here - from acupressure facial massage to therapeutic therapeutic. Four Seasons is a classic fashionable hotel with perfect service. In addition, this is New York's highest-rise hotel and the views from the windows are one of its small but pleasant advantages.

5. China, Shanghai, Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental in Shanghai - the most expensive hotel in the Middle Kingdom. In their desire to be always and everywhere first, the Chinese have surpassed themselves - everything in this hotel is of the highest quality - room decoration, room design, technical equipment for conference rooms, a SPA complex and restaurants. Prices for standard rooms are quite consistent with the level of the hotel and range from $ 490 to $ 1,200. Presidential Suite is the pride of the hotel. There are no more rooms of this class in China, so the price is corresponding - you can spend the night in Presidential LUX for $ 26,000. Located on the 25th floor, the room is staggering in size - its area is 788 square meters. m, it occupies most of the floor and consists of two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a dining room and a bathroom of 50 square meters. m. The price includes the use of a unique wine collection and round-the-clock services of a personal assistant. The location of the hotel is ideal for those who come to Shanghai on business - it is located in the heart of the Pudong business district. At different times, the guests of Mandarin Oriental were Vanessa May, Kevin Spacey, Christian Louboutin, Jane Seymour and many other celebrities.

6. Fiji, Vanua Levu Island Group, Laucala Island Resort

The most secluded of the world's upscale hotels is the Laucala Island Resort in Fiji. There is nothing like this heavenly place anywhere else - 25 magnificent villas are scattered on a tropical island - you can choose apartments on the beach, in the mountains or in the wilds (perfectly safe) of tropical greenery. Laucala Island Resort - an island-hotel, all the service and comfort applies not only to living in apartments, but also completely to staying on the island - between the villas there are five restaurants serving dishes of any cuisines of the world, the most modern SPA complex, riding school drive, golf course, diving center. For real romantics, a small cruise to the Pacific Islands can be arranged at an additional cost. Each villa has a buggy for easy movement around the island. Here, tropical exoticism and modern technology complement each other perfectly. The cost of renting any villa is from $ 25,000 per day.

7. Bahamas, about. Paradise, Atlantis Paradise Island Resort

Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, located on about. The Paradise in the Bahamas is the largest hotel in the Caribbean Region. This is a whole mini-city that impresses with its size and grandeur. There are 4000 rooms of different levels alone, as well as 32 restaurants, a private water park, 10 tennis courts, a kids club, a golf course, a health and spa center, 11 swimming pools, a casino and a night club. The hotel is focused on family vacations, so the world's best entertainment and educational programs for children work here - the historical labyrinth, the largest aquarium in the Bahamas, a real scientific center for experiments by little inventors - no one will be bored.

The hotel even has its own underwater tunnel where you can watch sharks, ramps and barracudas. The tunnel is located in one of 10 lagoons, of course, also owned by the hotel. The most expensive accommodation here is in the rooms of the Royal Towers building, where the usual standard can be rented for $ 500, and on the top floor there is a magnificent Bridge Suite. The 900 sq. M room is located above the huge arch connecting the two towers of the hotel. Ten rooms and round-the-clock upscale service will cost the guest $ 25,000. The hotel is so luxurious and popular that there are always enough people wishing to rent a Bridge Suite - this is perhaps one of the most popular rooms from the TOP 10 most expensive hotels in the world.

8. Russia, Moscow, Ritz-Carlton

Moscow Ritz-Carlton opened in 2007 on the site of the former Intourist Hotel. The calm classic atmosphere that is characteristic of all Ritz hotels here is complemented by the traditional Russian style - folk patterns on upholstered furniture decorated with Karelian birch and Altai marble rooms, and the restaurants serve a rare golden caviar. The hotel’s SPA center deserves a separate story - dark walls with completely covered SVAROVSKI LEDs, a fountain in a bowl of gilded ceramics, the most extensive price list of services in Moscow. For those who never became a president or a Hollywood celebrity, a hotel room can be rented $ 600 to $ 1,200. And for distinguished guests, royals and millionaires on the eleventh floor is EXECUTIVE SUITE - 233 square meters. m. magnificent design in the neoclassical style, with a fireplace room, dining room, living room with a piano. dressing room, meeting room and a rich library. This is one of the few rooms in the world that has its own room with increased security and even autonomous power supply. The cost of this suite is $ 18,200 per day.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE

Due to its unusual shape and height, Burj Al Arab in Dubai has become the hallmark of the city. The hotel is built on an artificial island. A 300-meter-long bridge connects it to the mainland.

Transfer of hotel guests from the airport and back is carried out by helicopter. The hotel has 4 pools, a beach, a kids club, 9 restaurants. On the 26th floor is the Sky Bar. Thrill lovers will love it here. The walls of this institution are made of glass. During your stay there is an illusion of flight.

All hotel rooms are two-story. There are 202 of them here. Accommodation in any of them will cost from 1,500 dollars / day, and in the presidential suite - 15,000 dollars / day.

9. India, Jaipur, Raj Palace

Raj Palace Hotel is located in the Indian city of Jaipur. The fact that India is a country of contrasts is known to all, therefore the presence of the TOP-10 hotel in a country where millions of people work for 30 cents per hour does not surprise anyone. The most expensive room - Shahi Mahal Suite costs $ 17,500 per night. These luxurious apartments cannot be called a regular number - the suite is a six-room apartment with a swimming pool, library, cinema. On the large terrace there is even a place for observing the stars - there is a real telescope and an ergonomic chair. The decoration is in the national style and in luxury is not inferior to the palaces of the Indian Rajas. The hotel has a separate staff that discusses only these apartments, and the suite itself has a room for persons accompanying the guest. Interestingly, the hotel itself is small - a five-story building, built in the colonial style looks nice, but nothing more. Just entering the courtyard with a fountain, guests realize that they are in a real oriental tale. The simplest hotel room can be rented from $ 130.

10. United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Burj Al Arab

The famous Burj Al Arab in Dubai has long ceased to be the most expensive hotel in the world, but always occupies a special place in the ratings - this hotel has become a hallmark of Dubai, due to its height and unusual shape. Until 2008, Burj Al Arab was the tallest hotel, and now it is one of the hundred tallest buildings in the world. The hotel is located on an artificial island, it is connected to the mainland by a 300-meter bridge. Burj Al Arab has its own helipad and the hotel’s services include a shuttle service for guests from the airport. And there are nine restaurants, a kids club, a beach and 4 pools. The hotel restaurant "Oyster" is recognized as one of the best restaurants in the world. It is interesting that visitors are delivered there by elevator in the form of a submarine, and the restaurant itself has an aquarium with a capacity of more than a million liters. The thrill-seekers will love the Sky Bar located on the 26th floor - in the hall with glass walls a complete illusion of flight to the Persian Gulf is created. The hotel has no ordinary rooms - all 202 rooms are two-story, you can spend the night in any of them from $ 1,500. And the minimum price for which you can rent a presidential suite is $ 15,000.

Palms Resort (Las Vegas, United States)

Hotel Palms Resort in Las Vegas can be attributed to the "average" price category in our rating. To spend a day in it costs from 40 thousand dollars. Palms Resort is a whole entertainment complex with a casino and incredible viewing platforms overlooking the gaming capital of the world.

It even has a glass elevator with panoramic views. And the coolest issue is named after Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner and is called Hugh Hefner Sky Villa.

Laucala Island Resort (Fiji Islands)

The small island with 25 luxury villas is owned by the Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz, the founder of Red Bull. By the way, this island was sold to him by another billionaire Malcolm Forbes, the owner of the eponymous magazine about the most wealthy people in the world. To settle in one of the villas on the island, you must send an application, after which you will receive an invitation (or not).

Four Seasons (New York, United States)

This is perhaps the most famous world hotel. It was inhabited by American presidents and Hollywood stars. But he is famous not only for high prices (45 thousand dollars per night), but also for one of the best libraries in the world that stores rare copies of books.

Hotel President Wilson (Geneva, Switzerland)

The most expensive Royal Penthouse Suite here costs 68 thousand dollars. There is nothing superfluous in the room: 12 bathrooms and 12 bedrooms, as well as one rare Steinway grand piano. The price includes the cost of a personal elevator and a gym, a terrace with a view of Lake Geneva and the Alps, as well as personal security services. Bill Gates, Vladimir Putin, Michael Douglas and other famous guests stayed in the room.

But even this hotel for $ 68,000 a day is not the most expensive in the world, there is also a hotel in a submarine for $ 280,000 a day. You can see the photo here! Push

8. Paris, Hotel Plaza Athenee

The fashionable hotel is located on the street of French fashion houses and corresponds to their style. The hotel consists of eight floors that are in harmony with each other. The interior of the six first floors is a classic of the times of Louis XIV: expensive antiques, exquisite carvings on natural wood. The two remaining floors are in the Art Deco style.

There are 3 restaurants, 2 cafes, bars, a wine cellar, 4 halls for business meetings, a bar, and SPA in the constant access of guests. The hotel bar is popular in Paris, and the restaurant is awarded 3 Michelin stars.

Restaurant at Hotel Plaza Athenee

The most expensive room at this hotel is the Royal Suite. Its price is $ 27,000 per night, and the area is 450 m 2. In the suite: Jacuzzi, bathhouse, 4 living rooms, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a dining room. All rooms are impressive in size.

Royal Suite at Hotel Plaza Athenee

This suite is the epitome of what is commonly called luxury. Televisions disguised as mirrors and gold-embroidered furniture enhance the feeling of “royal comfort”.

7. Mauritius Island, St. Regis

The hotel is located on the island of Mauritius and is considered to be one of the most romantic in the world.

View of the hotel Regis

Here, each guest is offered activities related to outdoor activities:

  • surfing on the UNESCO World Heritage Peninsula,
  • pool,
  • fitness club,
  • tennis court.

The hotel also offers to visit the best SPA center in Mauritius, 5 gourmet restaurants and a private cinema. The place is suitable for a wedding or any other celebration.

The cost of a cottage on about. Mauritius reaches $ 30,000 per day. The villa has a jacuzzi, a personal chef and a private bar. The category of guests of the hotel complex St. Regis: people who love different types of outdoor activities.

6. Fiji, Laucala Island Resort

The tropical paradise or the Laucala Island Resort Hotel is more than a good place for a secluded ocean vacation. The hotel complex consists of 25 villas. All villas are modern versions of traditional Fijian homes.

Complex Laucala Island Resort

Bungalows are made entirely of natural materials.

Thatched roofs were built according to a certain technique with leaves of sago palm tree, mastiff tree, fern stalks and coconut husks, better known as magi magi.

The location of the villas is diverse. You can rent a villa on the top of Mount Navi, among tropical groves near private beaches or directly on the seashore.

A suite here costs about $ 40,000 and booking it is quite difficult. It is necessary to leave a reservation request on the site and wait for its approval by the owner of the complex.

Suite at Laucala Island Resort

The residence overlooks a private garden, a huge swimming pool equipped with torches in the best traditions of the island style from the windows of the bedroom and the living room. Massages, babysitting and cook services, horseback riding are also included.

5. Las Vegas, Palms Casino Resort

A distinctive feature of the institution is the casino, which is located on the territory of the hotel. There is also a concert hall, a Michelin star restaurant and its own recording studio. The hotel is famous for functionality.

Hotel Palms Casino Resort

The resort complex is popular among young people, because it is located in Las Vegas, where actors, singers, directors and models often relax.

The Palms Casino Resort has two nightclubs - Moon and The View, a sports center, a banquet hall. The complex is suitable for business travel and leisure.

Suite at Palms Casino Resort

On the top floors of the building is Sky Villa with panoramic bird's eye view of Las Vegas.

The cost of such apartments is $ 40,000 per night. Room rates include butler service, spa, dry bath, private glass elevator and balcony with stunning city views. Celebrities have repeatedly stayed in the suite.

Presidential Suite at the Hotel Cala di Volpe, Italy

At a price of $ 26,000 per night, the room offers prosperous guests three bedrooms, a solarium, a swimming pool, and a fitness room.

Each of the three bathrooms has a jacuzzi, shower and a huge bathtub made of local marble.

4. New York, Four Seasons Hotel

The 52-story hotel, located in a central area of ​​New York, is a great place for those who love shopping, entertainment and great food.

Hotel room rates start at $ 995 per night. But, the guests of the complex claims that the price here is consistent with quality.

The hotel is famous for its luxurious interiors, made in the Art Nouveau style. To create an original interior, one of the most talented designers in the world was involved - Frank Williams.

There are four glass balconies in the penthouse of the complex, which show the Manhattan guest in all its glory.

Four Seasons Hotel Suite

The price includes a steam rain shower, personal trainer and spa treatments, a garden restaurant, a library and a piano, a bar and an exclusive use of a Rolls-Royce car from 8 am to 11 pm daily. It costs such a pleasure just $ 45,000 per night.

Shangri-La Suite in Istanbul

For just $ 26,385 a night, you can occupy the entire top floor of Shangri-La Hotel overlooking the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul.

The room has three separate terraces that allow you to enjoy luxurious views of the Istanbul skyline.

Presidential Suite at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Shanghai

Mandarin Oriental's best suite costs around $ 26,450 per night. This is a one bedroom apartment with its own wine cellar and stunning views from the 25th floor of the Shanghai skyline.

Of course, butler services are provided here, and the registration requirements are not as stringent as in the case of cheaper rooms.

The guest can enjoy the room 24 hours from the moment of arrival, excluding checkout time.

Royal Suite at Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris

Royal Suite is the largest hotel room in Paris, with an area of ​​450 square meters. It costs $ 27,000 per night. $ 27,000, which could be spent on a full cycle of study in one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

The room has televisions disguised as mirrors, interior items embroidered with gold threads. Actually, they take such a huge amount for this gloss.

St. Regis Villa on Mauritius

St. Regis is the largest villa on the island of Mauritius. Its price is $ 30,000 per night. It has a jacuzzi, a personal bar, a private chef.

The villa specializes in confidential guest services.

Royal Suite at St. Regis, United Arab Emirates

At $ 35,000 per night, the Royal Suite in St. Regis is the largest hotel room in the UAE.

It has two floors, offers butler service and a private theater. In addition, there is a pool and a games room. From the window - a view of the ocean.

Royal Villa at the Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens

Royal Villa costs $ 35,000 per night.

There are two main bedrooms, each of which has marble bathrooms and its own steam baths, there is a butler.

There is also a private massage room, a heated pool and a private terrace with beach views. They say that Mel Gibson and Leonardo DiCaprio once visited here.

Penthouse Suite at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Martinez in Cannes

Price $ 37,500 per night in a Penthouse Suite room at the Martinez Hotel in Cannes luxury lovers do not mind.

It overlooks the Gulf of Cannes (from the terrace of the jacuzzi, of course), there are two king size bedrooms.

Oddly enough, in comparison with other rooms on this list, the list of amenities at the Grand Hyatt hotel does not consist of items describing a golden heated toilet, but such as, for example, free internet, a bathrobe, shower, etc., however, such modesty only fuels interest in the hotel.

Laucala Island Resort in Fiji

Despite the fact that a room in this hotel costs about $ 40,000, booking it is not so simple. You must first submit an application, and only after its consideration, the owner decides whether to allow you to stay here for the night.

Fiji is owned by the billionaire and owner of Red Bull. The hotel offers panoramic views of the island, guests are offered free massages, horseback riding along the beach. A private cook and a nanny are at guests' disposal.

Ty Warner Penthouse at Four Seasons New York

Ty Ty Warner Suite at Four Seasons in New York will cost you some $ 45,000 a night. The room has its own concierge, as well as a huge library.

Families with children can be accommodated here, but the only child who could stay here, judging by the rates, is Prince George.

The room has single rock crystal sinks, a rain shower, a toilet with a remote control, floors and heated seats. In one of the rooms, the interior elements are decorated with tiger eye stone.

Sky Villa at the Palms Resort in Las Vegas

For $ 40,000 per day, Sky Villa offers a private glass elevator, a glass spa, a huge balcony with city views, a dry sauna, and 24-hour butler service.

There are actually several similar rooms, but the most luxurious of them is called Hugh Hefner's Sky Villa. No wonder, it's Las Vegas.

Burj Al Arab in Dubai

Not a single rating of anything expensive goes without mentioning Dubai.

The difference of this hotel is that there are no cheap rooms at all, the price starts from $ 2,000 per night and reaches $ 12,000. And this does not include taxes and fees. This is the most expensive hotel in the world.

Facilities? You can rent a Rolls-Royce, Mercedes or a helicopter, but also use the services of a butler.

Alternatively, you can go to any of your four swimming pools or to your own private beach. This is a great place to show your complete contempt for the concept of moderation.

Shahi Mahal Suite at Raj Palace Hotel, India

$ 45,000 per night. Six bedrooms, a personal theater, a library, and private kitchen staff, but again, this is a gigantic amount in just 1 night. Which of us can afford such expenses? The room would be perfect for James Bond and his friends.

Royal Penthouse Suite at President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland

$ 68,000 per day is the most expensive hotel room in the world. Michael Douglas and Bill Gates stayed there. The room has its own elevator, gym, pool table.

Here is the most advanced security system. From the windows - panoramic picturesque view of Lake Geneva. Resting in such a hotel are true spoils of fate who are not used to counting money, but dispose of it at their pleasure.

Mandarin Oriental (Shanghai, China) and Shangri-La (Istanbul, Turkey)

In China and Turkey, there are two of the most expensive hotels in their countries and with the same cost per night. $ 26,385 per night in Presidential Lux and Shangri-La Suite.

The real pride of Mandarin Oriental, the hotel recognized as the most expensive in the Middle Kingdom, is this presidential suite. In China, there are simply no more. One bedroom apartment with an area of ​​788 square meters. m occupies almost the entire 25th floor of the building. It has two bedrooms, a living room, a dining room and a wine cellar (read - access to a rich collection of vintage unique wines). 50 sqm bathroom m. - a great place for relaxation. A personal assistant is attached, or rather, assigned.

For the same $ 26,385, only on another continent, overlooking the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, you can rent a Shangri-La Suite.

A hotel in Istanbul is almost the palace of the Sultan. There are crystal chandeliers, a marble staircase, silk panels and paintings by Turkish artists. But the most luxurious hotel room and the pride of Shangri-La is the one for which they ask for two tens of thousands of dollars. This suite fully occupies the top floor of the hotel, i.e. 366 sq.m. And only he can boast of three separate terraces. In addition to the amazing view from the outside, you can endlessly look at the living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom in marble, and you can look into the guest toilet. The services of a personal valet are a pleasant trifle.

George V (Paris, France)

$ 30,700 per night in the Royal Suite.

An outstanding representative of the Four Seasons luxury hotel chain George V in terms of the number of works of art is unparalleled among hotels in all of Paris. This was recognized by experts at Sotheby's. Therefore, antiques and very expensive furniture, as well as royal scope in everything, people will especially appreciate not only with good incomes, but also with good taste.

The room on the ground floor is 350 square meters. The walls of the spacious living room with marble fireplace and dining table are decorated with paintings by French artists of the 18th-19th centuries. The suite has a study, and two bedrooms with dressing rooms and bathrooms with marble decor. From the room, through an individual passage, you can get to the terrace with a fountain.

Atlantis The Palm (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

$ 35,000 per night in the Grand Atlantis Suite

This hotel is so famous and time-tested that there are always plenty of people willing to stay even in super-expensive rooms. Just say that the area of ​​this exclusive room is 924 sq.m! Luxury itself is the middle name of the royal apartments. Three bedrooms - each with bathroom, separate bath and shower, guest toilet, dining room with a gilt dining table for up to 16 people.

And the room has a separate entrance and elevator, special staff with a butler, cook and personal trainer. All this magnificence is complemented by a panoramic view from the floor to ceiling windows. The price includes spa services, swimming with dolphins, unlimited access to the largest water park.

Laucala Island Resort (Fiji)

$ 35,000 - 40,000 per night

This is not just a hotel, it is an island hotel. All service applies not only to living in apartments, but also to island stay. To get into the suite, it is necessary to fill out a preliminary application, and only after familiarization will a decision be made - to be or not to be your vacation at Laucala Island Resort.

Those who appreciate not only the high class of the hotel, but also privacy, will not find anything better. In addition to privacy, here you can get riding lessons and scuba diving, a full range of SPA-services.

By the way, a luxury dinner, a visit to the equestrian school and a massage session are already included in the price of expensive villas. Private cook and nanny - comme il faut.

3. Jaipur, Raj Palace Hotel

A hotel complex for those who want to feel like a sultan.

Two and a half centuries ago, the Raj palace was a royal palace, and today it is a fashionable hotel.

The palace also has the award of "the best hotel of the heritage of India" and takes 3rd place in the world for the price of rooms.

Raj Palace Hotel in Jaipur

Under the leadership of Princess Jaendra Kumari, in 1995 a group of 800 workers began repairing arched corridors, residential areas and courtyards of the palace. During the reconstruction, the historical grandeur of the palace was preserved, but everyday conveniences were also introduced.

Each elite hotel room is like a private museum. Such a distinctive feature makes the hotel the first palace complex in the world and attracts many guests.

The traditional Indian interior of the hotel makes you feel like a member of the royal family. Antique furniture and glass chandeliers enhance the sense of sophistication, while the palace's architectural style immerses guests in the 18th century.

Raj Palace Hotel from the inside

The apartments of the palace will cost no less than $ 60,000 per night.

How is this suite different from others? It houses a private theater and a room for astrology, where any guest (who lives in apartments) can admire the stars. Also included in the price of the room is a team of the best chefs of India, who will serve the guests of the exquisite apartments.

2. Lagonissi, Grand Resort

The hotel complex is ideal for people who like a quiet, peaceful vacation and are ready to give a couple of hundred thousand dollars for a cozy apartment.

Hotel Grand Resort

The complex is located on a green peninsula, which allows guests to feel the unity with nature. But technology did not bypass the island: there are all the amenities for living.

The hotel complex consists of many separate bays located on the seashore. Accommodation for all bungalows is extremely convenient: on the river bank with access to the beach to the water.

The hotel has a large number of services:

  • specially developed diet and children's menu,
  • guide and doctor services,
  • personal butler, massage and meals, without leaving the room.

The complex also has premium restaurants, spa, fitness centers, bars and bars, golf carts, minimarkets.

One of the restaurants of the complex

Apartments in such a hotel in Greece will cost from $ 75,500 per night. The bungalow has an open veranda, and the bedroom and sitting area are in the loft style (open plan). The royal house has marble and glass bathrooms. Views from the windows and the veranda allow you to admire the Aegean Sea and Greece.

1. Geneva, Hotel President Wilson

The most expensive hotel in the world reflects three main topics (according to its creators): water, nature and light.

View of Hotel President Wilson

The hotel opened its doors on May 18, 1962, and in 1989 the Tamman family became the owner of the palace. She invested 190 million Swiss francs in its reconstruction and reopened it in 1996 as the “New Hotel President Wilson”.

The hotel complex is located in the center of Geneva. The Barbier-Mueller Museum is a 15-minute walk from the complex, and if you walk another 5 minutes, you can be in the city center. There are also various shops and boutiques nearby.

The hotel treats each of the guests with care and provides them with a large number of services: free network access, currency exchange, dry cleaning, car and bicycle rental, room service, wedding services, airport transfers, as well as non-smoking rooms and allergies.

On the territory there are: restaurants (including a buffet restaurant), a poolside bar, a snack bar (where you can have a bite to eat as well as alcohol), a casino, a bathhouse, swimming pools and a jacuzzi, a spa, a tennis court and a golf course.

The Royal Penthouse Suite at President Wilson Hotel is considered the world's most expensive hotel suite, priced at $ 83,000 per night in 2019. The price of a room in the most expensive hotel in the world is fully in line with expectations, because the hotel suite is fully adapted even for the most demanding people. The room is also the most expensive hotel in the world per day.

The most expensive hotel room in the world has many amenities and services for people with children:

  • toys
  • specially designed children's menu,
  • babysitting services
  • video games
  • cots.

Also: personal elevator, minibar, pool table and private gym.

Why is a hotel room so expensive? Many argue that the complex is expensive due to its location. The guests claim that the room in such a hotel is no different from the room in any other expensive fashionable complex.

Palms Casino Resorts (Las Vegas, United States)

$ 40,000 per night at Hugh Hefner Sky Villa

The hotel welcomes its guests at the highest level. But even in Las Vegas, where it’s hard to surprise with luxury, Hugh Hefner’s The Sky Villa only raises exclamations. If you are ready to pay $ 40,000 for your stay, the door to the apartment with its own glass elevator, a Jacuzzi on the platform that hangs over Las Vegas, and a glass SPA center will open before you. Poker table, bar and waterfall included!

The rooms contain art objects that were picked up by the owner of the Playboy empire, Hugh Hefner. The apartments occupy two floors and are crowned with a glass roof. Here, not only the bed rotates, but the whole world. Around the guest with the prefix vip, of course.

What to consider when choosing a hotel?

First of all, you should calculate how much money the family is willing to spend on a trip and, based on this, look for a hotel by the following criteria:

  1. The presence of a transfer from the airport to the hotel. In an unfamiliar city and country it is very easy to get lost, so most hotels (BUT NOT ALL) provide this function for their guests. Do not ignore this service when choosing a hotel for your vacation, otherwise you run the risk of getting lost.
  2. Menu. If you do not like spicy dishes or dishes with an abundance of spices, and fly, for example, to Turkey, then it is better to look for a hotel where, in addition to traditional food, there are dishes of European or any other cuisine.
  3. Entertainment. Each hotel complex provides its services and it is very important to ensure that the hotel program has entertainment. The item is especially relevant for people who have children.
  4. Remoteness from the sea and sights. Also important is the hotel’s convenient location relative to the sights and the sea, because the resort needs to relax, and not walk in the heat.
  5. Reviews Always read the reviews of vacationers returning from vacation. It is better if they are on amateur sites or blogs, and not on the hotel website. So, you will approximately know what to expect from the hotel.
  6. Hotel interior, territory design. Everyone wants a pleasant stay. A beautiful hotel and the territory on which it is located will be a pleasant bonus for the guest.

However, you need to be aware of where you want to relax: at sea, in the mountains, at a ski resort, in a forest or in a city. And where only one person knows best - you yourself.

Four Seasons (New York, United States)

$ 45,000 per night at Ty Warner Penthouse

This number has repeatedly led in hotel ratings, and continues to hold the lead. In the nine-room suite, thanks to the panoramic glazing, the view of the city from the last floor of the skyscraper is simply stunning. But is it only this that can surprise and attract? The interior is made of Chinese onyx, the walls are covered with gold-woven and platinum products, the walls in the guest toilet are decorated with tiger eye stone. Chromotherapy in the bathroom, toilet with remote control, electric mirrors ... There is even a zen-style garden. Did someone get their hands on the huge library, which is located in the penthouse? Only his own butler of this miracle number knows about this. Another nice bonus - a guest on request is provided with a Rolls-Royce with a driver.

Grand Hyatt Martinez (Cannes, France)

$ 51,800 per night at Penthouse Suite

History and traditions - that's what the guests of this fashionable palace hotel are willing to pay a lot of money for. Martinez in Cannes is an embodiment of art deco style with such a guestbook that wealthy people are willing to pay only to touch the stars. And stars appreciate elegant interiors and comfort.

The luxurious penthouse with an area of ​​180 sq.m is arranged in the most convenient way: two bedrooms, a living room, where there is a place to work at a good desk, a dining room, two bathrooms, a sauna and a Turkish bath. The suite provides individually adjustable climate control.

But the most important thing is the 300 sqm terrace with a jacuzzi and a view of the French Riviera. Add to this two roof gardens, and you will understand why the number is estimated at fifty thousand dollars.

Raj Palace Hotel (Rishikesh, India)

$ 60,000 per night in Maharajah’s Pavilion

Not a number, but the embodiment of the luxury of the palaces of the Indian Rajas. A true oriental tale becomes reality for mere pennies. Moreover, everything is here - with the prefix "the most."

Four-level apartments are recognized as one of the largest rooms in Asia. They are interconnected by an elevator with gold panels. Here, in the chambers, there is a private museum with a throne and a collection of ancient Maharaja dishes, a real art gallery and one of the most grandiose crystal chandeliers in India.

Separate staff serves the dining room, its own kitchen and room for the spa.

A swimming pool, a cinema and a library will create an atmosphere in which each guest will feel like an especially important person.

Grand Resort Lagonissi (Athens, Greece)

$ 75,000 per night at Royal Villa

You can only settle here by prior arrangement with the administration. The pearl of the Athenian Riviera, the Grand Resort Lagonissi, is located so that guests have a gorgeous view of the Aegean Sea. But one species is not enough. The interiors of the royal villa, a private spa and a steam bath are also called upon to justify the highest price.

Each guest has their own beach and terrace: complete anonymity and security are guaranteed here. But personal chefs, trainers and butlers in the world of luxury will not surprise anyone. Therefore, the real highlight of the hotel was the presence of its own musician. You can choose both a pianist and violinist, and a drummer. All in order for a truly dear guest to smile.

Hotel President Wilson (Geneva, Switzerland)

$ 83,200 per night in the Royal Penthouse Suite

These days are the most expensive to stay today. But, despite the price tag, the royal penthouse is not empty. In fact, the room is the eighth floor of the hotel, so it is justified that the price already includes the services of a personal assistant, butler and chef.

And in just 24 hours you will need to have time to visit all 12 (!) Bedrooms with bathrooms, evaluate antique furniture, visit the gym and your own billiard room. And also - admire the panorama of the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva. It is a pity that there is no 25th hour! But the main thing is increased privacy and security: doors and windows are made of bulletproof materials.

Of course, hotels with sky-high prices for accommodation are much more. And it’s just right to publish lists of hotels in which you can stay and spend less than a hundred dollars with comfort and safety. Well, if you are nevertheless ready to spend the cost of an apartment or a house in a day, you are welcome!


Each hotel has features. In one hotel complex, esthete will be pleasant, in another - a gourmet will like it, and in the third - an ordinary lover to sleep in the sun.

It is important to understand that hotels in specific countries have their own characteristics. In France, most hotels correspond to a certain local “sophisticated” style, and in New York you are unlikely to find hotels with medieval furniture. So do not expect what is impossible for a particular region.

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