Little Big: band history, composition and music



Little big
basic information
Genrerave, funeral rave, rap rave
Years2013 - present
The country Russia
Where fromSt. Petersburg
TongueEnglish Russian
LabelsLittle Big Family, Warner Music Russia
CompositionIlya (Ilyich) Prusikin - vocals
Sergey (Gokk) Makarov - DJ, backing vocals, sound producer
Sophia Tayurskaya - vocals
Anton Lissov - vocals
the participants
Anna Cast
Olympia Ivleva
Jane Air, K>, Tatarka, Punkiss
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Little big - Russian rave group formed in 2013 in St. Petersburg.


The group first announced itself on April 1, 2013, releasing the clip “Every Day I’m Drinking” on YouTube.

Already on July 2, 2013 in the A2 club, they held their first public appearance at the opening act of Die Antwoord.

“In the history of Little Big there are a lot of accidents in general - they just filmed the video on April 1. It turned out that he fired. And everyone began to say: “Maybe you will make a group?” But there still couldn’t be a group if we hadn’t been invited to warm up for Die Antwoord. We are like: "Wow, wow, we have no songs." “But you have a month.” And we wrote six songs, shot videos, they parted. No one thought we would make money on these songs. It happened, ”recalls Ilya Prusikin in an interview with the Daily Poster.

The first album of the group With Russia from love was released March 17, 2014.

Throughout its existence, Little Big goes on tours in Europe and Russia. “Such rave music is really in demand. We did not invest a single penny in our promotion, we just shot a video and became known in Europe, ”Ilya Prusikin said in an interview with UTV.

On September 9, 2015, a video for the song “Give Me Your Money” was released with the participation of Tommy Cash, who is close in style to the Estonian artist. In parallel with the release of the clip, a pilot series of the mini-series American Russians appeared.

On December 19, 2015, the group released their second album - Funeral rave. He took 8th place on the Russian iTunes chart for the 52nd week of 2015 and fifth on Google Play.

On May 21, 2016, the band’s video clips were featured on Berlin Music V>. Big Dick - took first place in the Most Trashy category, and Give Me Your Money - 3 place in the Best Performer nomination. The Big Dick clip overcame 35 million views. The video is filled with sexual images and subtext, parodying advertising selling videos. Bam Marger on his website noted that in this video “you can see all the possibilities of human sexuality: from techno bits to many naked bodies and a wild number of analogies between food and sex.”

On March 31, 2017, on the eve of their fourth birthday, the band released the single “Rave On” and the music video of the same name. On August 25, 2017, the track “Nightlife” was released, recorded in collaboration with the German electronic band Eskimo Callboy. And in February 2018, the LollyBomb clip won the Best Music V> nomination.

On April 1, 2018, one of the vocalists - Olympia Ivleva - announced her resignation from the team. “For five years, we have come a long way together with Olympia - we shot 14 million-plus videos, played about 300 concerts, traveled through a huge number of cities in a heap of countries and managed to turn from a small YouTube project into a music group respected throughout Russia and Europe,” The official statement says.

May 8, 2018 the group released the first part of the album Antipositive and the clip “Punks Not Dead”, October 5 - the second part of the album Antipositive and the new Skib clip. In December 2018, together with Sergey Zhukov, the group released the clip “Boys Slam”. In February 2019, the single of the group "Skib>. A remix album was later released. Skib>.


One of the most striking and provocative Russian rave groups, “Little big” performs songs in English, motivating this with its desire to become an international group and glorify the country far beyond its borders. They do it.

“I have a super idea, I want the Russian group to become world-wide,” says frontman Ilya Prusikin.

The team’s viral clips on social networks gain millions of views and likes in a few hours. Fans fill the halls during concerts, no matter how much the tickets cost.

Music style

The team calls itself satirical art collaboration , which simultaneously relies on music, and on the visuals, and on performance. Little Big beats, jokes in its tracks and videos over various national stereotypes about Russians. All video clips are shot by co-founder of the group Alina Pyazok. Due to the fact that the group has its own production company (Little Big belongs to the creative association “ClickKlak”) and the experience of shooting videos, they release all their music videos themselves. Video clips of the group are grotesque and focus on viral distribution.

Due to the fact that the first concert of the group took place at the opening act of Die Antwoord, the band was immediately dubbed the “Russian Die Antwoord” and is often compared with this group. The music division of Vice Magazine also called Little Big "Die Antwoord's response from a Russian psychiatric hospital." Other critics point out that Little Big is a group with its own identity: the collective presents the listener with their own view of Russian folk songs and Russian culture.

“We have always been rock musicians and remain them. What we are playing now is a new formation of rock music. All our songs have a rock composition structure, not an electronic track. But at the same time, we loved rave from childhood, and combined these two genres, ”explained vocalist Ilya Prusikin in an interview with Berlin Visual.

“We just want to show people that they own their lives. Countries and governments are not as important as they think: a person can do what he wants, ”the group’s frontman Ilya Prusikin said in an interview with Noisey overseas portal about the group’s goal.

The collective has its own informal label - Little Big Family, which includes the Russian folk punk hardcore band The Hatters, the Russian rap artist Tatarka, the Russian band Hleb, LIZER, the Israeli rave group Orgonite.

"Little big" now

Now the group is at the peak of popularity. They have hundreds of concerts, albums, vibrant videos. In 2018, the album “Antipositive” appeared in the discography of “Littie big”: in March - the first part, and in October - the second. The music of the band was noticeably “heavier”, it brought to the fore a mixture of punk, rave and rap. On some tracks, an electric guitar sounds.

Little Big Group in 2018

Throughout the fall, the team was on a Russian tour in support of new records. Spectators from different cities heard in live performance the group’s favorite songs: AK 47, Real People, Mon ami, Punks Not Dead and others.

A new dance hit hit the 2nd disc, exploding the Internet and forcing fans to copy the trend movement from the Skibidi video. In the official group on VKontakte, “Little big” wrote that in 2 weeks the clip for this song gained more than 33 million views on the YouTube channel. On Facebook, more than 59 million, and on the official page of Mixmag magazine collected more than 642 thousand reposts.

Song "Skibidi" of the group "Little Big"

On April 1, 2018, Olympia Ivleva left the group. The girl wrote about the decision under the photo on a personal page on Instagram. The official comment from the group says:

“For 5 years, we have come a long way together with Olympia - we shot 14 million-plus videos, played about 300 concerts, traveled through a huge number of cities in a heap of countries and managed to turn from a small YouTube project into a music group respected throughout Russia and Europe.”

The vocalist in an interview explained her departure with the popular theory of the need to change professions every 5 years. She said that she thought a lot of time before taking a step. When she realized that she could not give anything else to the project, she made a final decision and left.

Now the group is on the wave of popularity. In September, the musicians performed the song “Faradenza” on Channel One in the program “Evening Urgant”.

Current state

On April 1, 2018, on the fifth anniversary of the creation of the collective, one of the most memorable vocalists left its composition - Olympia Ivleva. In an official statement, it was reported that over five years the group, together with the soloist, played more than 300 concerts, shot 14 video clips that were watched more than a million times, and also managed to grow from a small amateur YouTube project to the world-famous rave band.

Olympia herself explained her departure from the group, a recent popular theory of the need to change the profession every 5 years. Before taking this step, she thought about it for a long time. Realizing that she could not give anything else to the project, the vocalist left him.

In 2018, the group released the double album Antipositive. The first part came out simultaneously with the Punks Not Dead music video on May 8th. The number of views in a short time reached the mark of 3 million.

The second and last part of the record was released on October 5 of the same year. Then they released the Skibidi video, which in three days managed to overcome the milestone of 10 million views. After its release, a large international flash mob was launched, in which participants must “skibide”, that is, dance in the same way as actors and musicians in the video.

In February 2019, the single of the same name received platinum status. A little later, the team released an album with a remix of Skibidi, which included five tracks.

When recording the second part of the album, the group renewed its creative alliance with Tommy Cash. His result was the hit follow me.

In October 2018, the musicians took part in the television program of the First Channel “Evening Urgant”. There they performed one of their most famous hits - Faradenza. On December 30, 2018, they participated in the New Year special issue of the TV show “Blue Urgant”.

In December 2018, the joint video “Boys Slam” was released with Sergey Zhukov. To date, Little Big is the only Russian group that has been able to sign a global contract with the world-famous recording studio Warner Music Group.

Team composition

The founder and permanent vocalist of the group is Ilya Prusikin, known under the nickname Ilyich. In his biography there were many musical projects. He was born in the village of Ust-Borzya near Chita on April 8, 1985. The musician says that he has Jewish and Polish roots. In childhood, he moved with his family to Sosnovy Bor near St. Petersburg.

In 2003, he became a member of the emo rock band Tenkor. The team gained fame in informal circles and released several albums and videos. Prusikin also worked with groups:

  • St. Bastards,
  • Like a Virgin,
  • Construktorr.

On July 6, 2016, Ilyich married the singer Irina Smela, better known as Tatarka. November 26, 2017 the couple had a son, who was named Dobrynya. Ilya Prusikin and his wife post joint photos on Instagram and other social networks.

Since 2013, Little Big has consisted of two musicians from the St. Petersburg alternative rock band Jane Air - frontman Anton Lissov (Liss, who wears the mask of the Evil Clown in his videos) and bassist Sergei Makarov (Gokk). Also, the participants of the team were two short girls - Olympia Ivleva and Anna Cast. The latter in 2014 began a creative disagreement with the rest of the project, and she left the team. Two years later, Sofya (Sonya) Tayurskaya (Taiurskaia) came to her place. The composition of the Little Big group last changed in 2018 after Ivleva left.


Studio album releases:

  • Funeral Rave
  • "With Russia From Love"
  • "Anti positive"

  • "Dead Unicorn"
  • "Give Me Your Money"
  • "Rave On"
  • Kind Inside Hard Outside

Years of experience in maintaining a personal blog and channel on YouTube, which once turned out to be a famous cult worker who once woke up to unwind the captured tapes and earn solid capital on the shows and win the next audience of admirers of his talent. The project exists and thrives thanks to the team efforts of its partners. A faithful colleague in the filming kitchen, Alina is engaged in the production of viral videos created by the genius of setting and directing the tireless leader.

Symbols of the fatherland, invariably present in almost every fragment of the insane storylines of short musicals, amaze with imagination and fantastic sense of reaction of users of the leading video hosting. Millions of fans rush to browse the next novelty, released for review in the network space.

  • "AK-47",
  • "Faradenza",
  • Big Dick
  • "Life In Da Trash",
  • “Every day I’m Drinking,”
  • Dead Unicorn
  • Hateful Love
  • "LollyBomb",
  • Polyushko Field
  • "Public Enemy",
  • Punks Not Dead
  • Russian Hooligans,
  • U Can Take
  • Skibidi
  • “We Will Push A Button”,
  • "From Russia with love".

"Life In Da Trash"

"We Will Push A Button"


Outrageous and extravagant rave performers are known not only in their homeland; their tours in the Netherlands and France make a real sensation. Russian-speaking musicians with vodka and balalaika are in unprecedented demand. In November 2107, the heir to the main character of the illustrious rave team. Being true Ilya Muromets of the all-Russian show business, the world-famous daddy calls his little son according to the ancient custom of Dobrynya, rightly believing that the matured offspring will join the ranks of the old epic scenes.

Member Name: Ilya Prusikin

Age (birthday): 04/08/1985

City: St. Petersburg, Moscow

Family: married to Irina Bold, has a son

Height and weight: 1.65 m

Channel focus: humorous sketches and vlogs

Channel created: 10.01.2013

Number of subscribers : more than 770 thousand subscribers

Found an inaccuracy? Correct the profile

With this article they read:

Oddly enough, but for Ilya Prusikin, the personal channel on YouTube video hosting has become a passing springboard, which led to great fame. Although he has quite a lot of fans, but with other, later projects of the young man, he can not be compared. But first things first.

Ilya was born in the northern capital of Russia in 1985. In childhood, the boy was always distinguished by eccentricity and a desire to surprise others. As a child, he succeeded, but over time he honed his skills to the limit.

The first project the young man launched the show "The Great Rap Battle" in which various famous characters (starring Ilya Prusikin and Igor Eyt) competed among themselves. There was almost no similar format on YouTube hosting and the project quickly went uphill.

The next step of Prusikin was participation in the filming of this television series. It was called "Police everyday life." So far this is the only work of a blogger in the cinema.

But the real extravaganza in the career of a blogger has become Establishment of the Little Big rave group in 2013 . This team took the first step, of course, on YouTube video hosting and it was the April 1st release of a video called “Every Day I’m Drinking”.

By July, the group became so popular that it was able to perform in a real hall in front of real people. Ilya became not only the ideological inspirer of the collective, but also his frontman.

At the moment, “Little Big” is incredibly popular not only in Russia but also in Europe. In 2015, they even won prizes at the Berlin Music Video Awards 2016. Their song “Big Dick” won first place in the “Most Trashy” category, and the song “Give Me Your Money” took third place in the “Best Performer” category.

As a joke or seriously, the guys call their style “satirical art collaboration”. For the team, not only words and music are important, but also the visuals and shows that accompany it all.

By the way, when the first videos of the group only appeared on the network, Russians felt that the guys were against the policies of their native country and, in general, adherents of everything Western. Ilya claims that this is fundamentally wrong. The group loves Russia very much and has nothing against it, and the video is a satire that apparently not everyone understood.

Ilya Prusikin speaks simply about his work - this is inspiration for people. The young man himself does everything not for earning, but for the soul!

Ilya also has a joint project “ClickKlak” with friends where he now appears most often. Several popular shows go out there: Thrash Lotto, Give Bream, Dorisuyka, Mice and many others. In the video of the guys you can often see other popular video bloggers.The channel also:, Yuri Muzychenko, Irina Smelyaya, Andrey Smirnov (old).

Ilya has a lot of tattoos on his body, each of them means something to him, he filled some not in Russia, but during a tour of Europe.

Little is known about the blogger’s personal life, but fans are aware that Ilya is officially married . His wife's name is, she is also a video blogger. But the guys hid the relationship on the rollers before the wedding. Now they live together and in commercials with Ira, you can see their apartment.

In July 2017, Ira said that she was pregnant. In late autumn 2017, Ira gave birth to a boy.

Photo by Ilyich

Ilya has an unusual appearance; in videos he often demonstrates this. He leads Instagram, where he uploads personal photos and frames from the shoot. The guys do not show photos from the wedding, but their friends posted a couple of frames on the network.

Ilya Prusikin (Ilyich) - a veteran of the Russian YouTube scene, co-founder of the creative association KlikKlak, one of the authors of the idea of ​​the web series “Police Everyday Life”, the Constructorr project, the social show “In the Way of Things” and many other rating videos. Blogger, director, video producer, judge of rap fights Versus Battle, leader of the musical rave group Little Big, with the help of which Ilyich fulfills his old dream - to become a phenomenon of world musical culture and “pump the whole world”.

Childhood and youth

Ilya graduated not only from general education, but also from a music school in piano. As a teenager, he was fond of football, aircraft modeling and baseball.

In 2002, Ilya founded his first group - Tenkorr. The team worked in the "emocor" genre. Their first mini-album consisted of three tracks and was called "It Will Be Late." In 2004, the group presented a concert video for the song "How It All Began (K.V.N.)" and received a grand prix at the Leningrad Regional Festival.

A year later, their debut album “My Last Letter” was recorded, which included ten conceptual compositions, including “It Will Be Late”, “Pseudo Love”, “A World Without You”, “Metro”, “K.V.N.” Then videos were released on the tracks "Hate" and "Believe." In the latter one, at first everything looked like a traditional emo clip: there was a hero, a girl, suffering and a friend reassuring a guy. But then it turned out that he was suffering not by her, but by a friend ...

In the same period, Tenkorr recorded the new album "ROCK, baby!", Made a tour in his support, visiting about three dozen cities in our country.

Ilya Prusikin and Tenkorr - “Sex police”

In 2008, their new longplay “SEX POLICE” was released, which included 10 songs in the alternative rock genre.

In parallel, the musician managed to work with the bands Like A Virgin, st. Bastards, Construktorr, which the media called “either the most striking phenomenon in the cultural life of the country, or expressive crazy people.”

Biography of Ilya Prusikin

Studying music did not prevent the young man from getting higher education. He graduated from the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy at the St. Petersburg Institute of Culture.

Career development

In partnership with Vladimir Besedin, he launched the Guffy Gough Show project. They attracted other YouTube stars to his recording: Ilya Davydova (Madison), Ruslan Usachev, Arthur Galchenko (Sam Nickel), Vasily Rudenko (Vasya Ebashilovo), etc.

The show imitated children's entertaining and educational programs: sock dolls sang funny songs, but they were not devoted to studying letters and basic social concepts - Giraffe Rafik advised how to get out of the army, a drug cat taught how to become a rapper ...

Only 2 seasons of the show saw the light, as the creators switched to more interesting projects, but many songs from the "Guffy Guff Show" are still stored in the memory of thousands of spectators.

No less popular was the satirical show “The Great Rap Battle” (adaptation of the English-language project Epic Rap Battles of History), where famous historical figures fought in the format of rap fights. Topical issues and pressing social issues discussed in their course made us not only laugh, but also think. For example, in the battle Pussy Piot and Patriarch Kirill, Jesus Christ and Nikita Mikhalkov, Alexey Navalny and Vladimir Lenin could clash.

Great Rap Battle from Ilya Prusikin! Stalin vs Pavel Durov

In 2012, Ilyich became one of the directors of the web series “Police Weekdays,” and also played the role of Sergeant Kotov in it. His filming colleagues again became many video makers from Eva: Denis Kukoyaka, Vladimir Besedin, Sam Nickel, Ilya Maddison. The project was closed after the release of only three 12-minute series.

In 2013, Ilyich began working with the St. Petersburg video blogger, a member of the Successful Group, Eldar Dzharakhov. The result of their joint work was the creation of the ClickKlackBand association. In the framework of the project, Ilyich, Dzharakhov, Yura Muzychenko and other bloggers played jenga with a stun gun, fought in the pool with petroleum jelly in revealing swimsuits, gave each other "bream" and did many other crazy, but funny things.

Personal life

Until 2016, nothing was known about Ilyich’s personal life.

Fans suggested that the undersized (Ilya’s height is 165 cm) man meets the eminent rapper, Ira Smela. The reason for the speculation was that the girl repeatedly appeared in commercials both on the Klikklak channel and on Prusikin's personal channel.

Moreover, the frontman of the Little Big band is the ideological inspirer of the TATARKA music project, in which Ira is a key character. Contrary to popular belief, Cloud reps did not appear out of nowhere. The audience knew her before by DIY programs “Fashion Trashon”, “M / F” and vlogs called “Tatar Everyday Life”. By the way, the channel Smeloy on a popular video hosting has 577 thousand subscribers. Nationwide, a charismatic brunette was talked about at the end of 2016, after the “viral” video “Altyn” appeared on the net.

Rumors that circulated around eminent media personalities were confirmed on July 6, 2016, when a wedding ceremony for a star couple took place. Only close friends and relatives were invited to the wedding. But young people have not forgotten about loyal fans. Ilya posted a minute video on his YouTube channel, where he and his wife were captured at the time of painting.

The main stages of creativity

Little Big - Life in da trash

A year later, “Little Big” released their debut album “With Russia From Love”, which caused a stormy and very mixed reaction from the public, however, like the rest of the work of the team.

Due to the wide popularity of English-language clips on YouTube, the group became a welcome guest abroad and soon went on an international tour. Residents of France and Holland especially liked their work, where the musicians invariably waited for a warm welcome. “Little Big” became regular participants in prestigious European music festivals, where they performed on the same stage with such world-famous celebrities as Snoop Dogg and Skrillex.

In 2015, the world saw the second album of the group “Funeral Rave” (funeral rave), which guarded the fans of the band with its name. Many felt that in this way the musicians hinted at the end of their creative activity, but Ilyich quickly dispelled these assumptions. He said that this is how their musical style was dubbed in the foreign press, and in the immediate plans of the group to “pump” the whole world and make them talk about themselves in all corners of the planet.

Two very extravagant clips for the songs from this album were noted at the Berlin Music Video Awards: the clip for the song “Big Dick”, which is hypertrophied with sexual overtones, ironic over contemporary pop culture, and “Give Me Your Money”, which could be described in one phrase - "rural luxury." Next came the bright clip “Hateful love”, in the filming of which the photographer and model took part

A century after the October Revolution, a new Ilyich appears in the cradle of the Russian revolution. Arriving from the Transbaikal hinterland, a well-known young man in the district, Ilyusha, decides to conquer the St. Petersburg audience with extraordinary behavior and comes up with purely Slavic fun. Having laid out on the Internet, a fun short film with a clear banter over the domestic mentality, he achieves the first rapid success.

The video shoots like a landmark shell of the legendary cruiser, now abiding in perpetual fun. April Fools ’draw over satiated subscribers of the popular video booth draws the attention of the local party. A former baseball player and a graduate of the Institute of Culture are offered to urgently put together a team of buffoons.

Following the long tradition of the noisy furor of fairground entertainment, an enterprising blogger and graduated entertainer gathers a team of like-minded people who are ready to dance on stage to someone else's pipe, because the nascent company does not have its own songs. Having successfully worked on the opening act of Die Antwoord, the guys are getting scandalous fame. A pair of girls of small stature, standing out against the backdrop of freshly baked stars, contributes to the appearance of a name for an educated ensemble.

The wave of popularity causes an incredible surge of creative activity among newly-minted performers of satirical verses. They write a dozen simple texts under an exciting drum roll mixed with folk motifs. The Russian consumer of network entertainment products is instantly divided into two hostile camps. Some consider upstarts on the stage to be scoffing at the scumbags of the shrines, while others are inclined to believe that newcomers deliberately use satire in melodic accompaniment in a traditional national ornament for forced rapprochement with the masses.

The authors of the original compositions themselves publicly declare that such an approach to music is a reflection of modern society. They openly ridicule the prevailing behavioral stereotypes and the existence of a person from Russia. All tracks are accompanied by a colorful show with a visual series and hilarious recitative, ecstatic of many fans. Catching the crushing surf of hype, the children deafeningly jest over compatriots, presenting in a humorous manner the complex processes taking place in their native land.


Small people - that’s what we should be called, not “disabled people”. Or, for example, this is a terrible word for the letter "k". In Europe, it is unacceptable!

I have long been used to being in public. Television, tattoo shows, Fort Bo Yard, theatrical productions ... My artistic life began in the erotic theater Never Porn. It was a scandalous project: "Never porn is always art." Then - "Sado Opera". And now Little Big is, of course, the most sincere. Here I can not only “work face”, but also express myself. This is primarily my cry to society: "Hello! There are little people in the world. And they can even be pleasant, kind, and talented. ” There are many opponents. "What? How? Where did they come from? ”There are such categories of people who are negatively inclined towards us.

The social theme in Little Big is emphasized by the obvious texture of little people, so our cry is even louder. If in America small people are found at every step, then in Russian culture we are taboo. We are not. Our "ceiling" is a circus arena.


I hope that little people in other cities are inspired when they see Little Big. Their destiny is mainly to sit in four walls. The overwhelming majority of them unlearned how to communicate, grew up in boarding schools, their route is this: work - home. And they are convinced that they should not communicate with the outside world, which can offend. All these are complexes from childhood. I was lucky - my mother raised me differently. When I was born, they scared my mother, persuaded me to refuse. But she held on and was very proud of me, my every success, every step. I went to the yard kindergarten and pleased her with my exhibitions - I drew. Then I went to a regular school. I drove the ball with the boys, I fought - this must be passed. Mom strictly told me: “If you can’t learn poetry for tomorrow’s lesson, I won’t buy a German doll for you in DLT and I’ll give a belt.” Of course, in the end, I learned poetry and was one of the best! When they said bad things about me, I smiled. Today he will point a finger at me, and tomorrow he will come and ask for a toy ... But he got used to gain respect thanks to intelligence.

I felt the complexes only once - during my first love, about 15 years old. How so? He did not invite me to a slow dance, but my girlfriend! And I liked him! Very disappointing…

Relations with men are excellent. I don’t have female friends, but I have male friends. I am pleased with the spiritual communication that I receive from them. Now I do not have someone to whom I would cook pasta every day. But there are family plans, I take this very seriously.


I am a librarian by education. In 2007, she came to work at school, from an acquaintance - she once studied German there. I found out that there is a vacancy of a tutor. She smiled and said to the children: "Hello, I will work for you." At first, someone was whispering behind him. But years have passed, I already meet them in bars, they have grown into serious people and now they apologize to me for saying poorly: "Anya, I'm sorry." And I didn’t know about it!

The main problem of a small person is employment. Let you be thieves, cool, with five higher educations, but it is very difficult to get a job without acquaintances. Everything else is nonsense.

There are no problems with clothes now, you can buy anything. Second hand is a great thing. In Soviet times it was much more difficult. My mother even thought to open her own studio ... And now I bought, bent and wear. Properly dressed, you are already creating the image of a confident person.


My participation in Little Big is pure creativity. I sing, dance, perform a rave. We all discuss clip scenarios, lyrics, speak out, offer our ideas. Before Little Big, I was the leader - I opened a company that holds holidays. When she entered the scene for the first time, she felt exactly like any other person. For example, if you invite a miner to the microphone, he will feel uncomfortable, awkward. So am I. The stage image has been developed over the years. Here I am with you a Turgenev girl and go with a classic manicure. And tomorrow, on stage, I rip my hair and clothes. But these are two sides of the same person, they complement each other. Now I'm not interested in classics, opera, pop music. I want to experiment, rave.

When the Everyday I'm drinking video came out, I thought that my strict intelligent mother, a true Petersburger, would say: “Oooh, how could you?” And my mother surprised me: “Well done, I just went overboard with the bear” . But if we had not gone too far, it would be pointless.


You ask, what is the main problem of a small person in St. Petersburg. Wrong question. Everywhere there is a problem of people who are somewhat different from the rest: height, weight, race ... And the rejection of small people is around the world, I can clearly see it. Yes, I'm not tall, I understand that. But for myself, I never emphasized this. Each person has his own complexes, and tall ones too.

I had no problems finding a job. My life credo is not to look for difficulties in life, but advantages. Personally, this helps me a lot.

But there are things that do not fit in the head. I still live with this. I walk along the street and feel: for some reason, others are paying attention to me. And I don’t understand why. Maybe my clothes are dirty?

One of the most striking and provocative Russian rave groups, “Little big” performs songs in English, motivating this with its desire to become an international group and glorify the country far beyond its borders. They do it.

“I have a super idea, I want the Russian group to become world-wide,” says frontman Ilya Prusikin.


  • 2013 - Everyday I’m Drinking
  • 2013 - “We Will Push A Button”
  • 2014 - With Russia From Love
  • 2014 - Dead Unicorn
  • 2015 - Kind Inside, Hard Outside
  • 2016 - Big Dick
  • 2016 - Hateful Love
  • 2016 - Polyushko Polye
  • 2017 - Rave On
  • 2017 - LollyBomb
  • 2018 - Punks Not Dead
  • 2018 - Faradenza
  • 2018 - "Ak-47"
  • 2018 - Skibidi

I welcome guests and regular readers of the site website . So youtuber and musician Ilya Prusikin better known as Ilyich , first saw the light on April 8, 1985. Since childhood, he was a creative child.
Parents, having seen their son’s desire for art, gave him to a musical educational institution in the piano class.
After receiving secondary education, Ilya studied as a psychologist and teacher.
From adolescence, Prusikin was a member of various musical groups. One of the first was Tenkorr, which gained some fame in Russia. The team played the rock genre and even released several records.

Our hero also had experience working with groups like A Virgin, St. Bastards and Construktorr, who played in different directions - from grunge, glam rock to new rave and hardcore.

During his work as a musician, Ilya's groups sooner or later had to release video works for their songs. As a rule, the guys made most of the clips themselves, and it was from here that the desire for video maker appeared. Perhaps Ilyich’s first known work on YouTube’s video hosting was the “Guffy Gough Show,” made in collaboration with Vladimir Besedin. The project had a socio-humorous subtext and was stylized as a children's program.

Guffy Gough Show: Season 1 / Issue 1 (2011)

Later, inspired by the foreign series of Epic Rap Battles commercials, our hero launches the Russian version of The Great Rap Battle on the resource Thank you, Eva!

Prusikin was also one of the creators of the web series Police Weekdays, which featured top Russian video makers at that time, including Denis Kukoyaka, Sam Nickel and others.

Police Weekdays: 1 episode, 1 season (2012)

In 2013, he began working with a Success Group, creating a ClickKlackBand association with him, where guys rap on behalf of students who want to sound cool.

In the same year he created the rave band "Little Big". The peculiarity of the group is a satirical display of how foreigners see the Russian people. Little Big gained fame far beyond the borders of Russia, thanks to scandalous video clips for its songs, gaining millions of views on YouTube video hosting.

LITTLE BIG - Everyday I "m drinking (2013)

Ilyich - a real old-timer in the Russian segment of YouTube. Behind him, a huge number of completed projects, let us hope that this is not the limit for a talented Petersburger.

The creator of iconic Internet projects Ilya Prusikin fell in love with the audience because the 32-year-old intellectual is keeping up with the times, not afraid to raise acute social issues in his work, which are not customary in modern society to talk about.

The future scandalous video blogger was born on April 8, 1985 on the border of Russia and China - in Transbaikalia. Later, "Ilyich" (a pseudonym), together with his parents, will move to St. Petersburg. Contrary to popular belief, it is the cultural capital that will become a city of great opportunities for an ambitious guy.

In addition to the fact that Ilya loved to shock the audience from childhood, the network leader grew up as a mischievous, agile child: he played baseball as an outfielder, he was fond of football and went to the aircraft modeling club.

In addition, the parents, having discerned in their son a great creative potential, sent their son to a music school, to the piano class. From the biography of the Internet star, it is known that in addition to secondary and musical, Ilya has a higher education. The man graduated from the psychological and pedagogical faculty of the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture.

In 2011, a budding young man began to collaborate with a subsidiary of the label Thank You, Eva! Later Prusikin's projects will bring great popularity to the channel. Thus, the “Guffy Gough Show” (2012) and “The Great Rap Battle” (2012), stylized as a children's show, in which, through recitative, the powers of this world came into confrontation with each other, will turn out to be the highest rated on the video grouping platform. In reality, both programs exposed the social plagues of society and ridiculed the well-known vices of mankind.

A little later, in 2012, the young man will become a producer and part-time actor of the analogue of the series “Real Boys” - the Internet sitcom “Police Weekdays”. The brightest representatives of YouTube were filmed in the film of “blogging” production: a pioneer in the field of streaming, members of the rep group “Bread”, “General of the Pajama Army” Sam Nickel and many others. Despite such an abundance of youth idols per square meter, the series did not find a response in the hearts of young viewers, and after 3 episodes the hopeless project was closed.

A year later, with a friend on a YouTube video hosting site, a man creates a Klickklak association. According to the creators, the audience of Klikklak is guys and girls with an active lifestyle and a good sense of humor. On the channel’s page, there are such shows as “Give the bream”, “Baby thrash games”, “As you say”, “Shocking karaoke” and “Destroyers of experiments”.


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