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5 youngest grandmothers in the world


It is generally accepted that daughters largely unconsciously copy the behavior of mothers. The situation in the family of the Romanian gypsy Rifka Stanescu confirms this statement as well as possible.

So, if Rifka herself gave birth to a daughter at the age of 12, then her daughter Maria did the same, only slightly ahead of her mother - she gave birth to a son at 11 years old.

After simple arithmetic calculations, it turns out that Rifka became a happy grandmother at the age of 23 years.

So, a new record holder has appeared in the world - the youngest grandmother. It is hard to imagine that such a record could ever be broken ...

Gypsy Rifka Stanescu is 23 years old; she lives in a Romanian village where gypsies historically live. She gave birth to her daughter Mary early, or even very early - Rifka was then only twelve years old.

However, Rifka herself was not shocked at all at that time - she insists that Romanian gypsies traditionally marry girls early.

Rifka Stanescu told reporters that she herself ran away from home at the age of eleven, ran away not alone, but with a young man who at that time was 13 years old.

Soon they already had their firstborn - the very Mary, who made Rifka a grandmother at the age of 23.

It is known that in gypsy families virginity is a necessary condition for marriage, and if a young husband sees that his chosen one is not a virgin, this is an occasion to cancel the wedding, relatives will understand. In turn, obligations are also imposed on men: if an ardent lover has not endured and possessed his beloved, then he can’t get away from marriage - this is the law. Dishonored - get married.

And Rifka recalled in an interview with reporters that when she ran away with her lover, her father just got enraged - he even attacked the newlywed with a knife, demanding compensation for the scolded honor of his daughter. He took Rifka home, but she fled again to be with her husband.


Officially, the record of the Nigerian woman, who was born at the end of the 19th century, is not fixed, but documented. A rich Nigerian took his wife a 7-year-old girl, who a year later gave birth to his daughter. Heredity took its toll and their daughter Zi gave birth to her first child, too, at 8 years old. Using simple calculations, you can determine that the youngest grandmother was 17.

A resident of the capital of India, born in 1956, became a grandmother at 24. She got married when they are still playing Barbie - at 10 years old, and a year later she gave birth. Her daughter, in turn, became a mother at age 13. And although quite a bit the Indian woman did not reach the record of a young grandmother, but she beat another - the youngest great-grandmother at 38 years old.

Corrie Rowland

The fact that only residents of third world countries give birth early is nothing more than a myth. There are young grandmothers in Europe. Even in prosperous Great Britain there lives a woman who was awarded the status of grandmother at the age of 33. She gave birth to her daughter at 16, and she gave birth to a son at 17. The woman admits that it is difficult to be a young grandmother. At one time, not only all friends turned away from her, but also her parents.

Everyone has his own record.

The Guinness Book of Records records various achievements: who jumps the farthest, who runs the fastest, who can hold out the most underwater, who is stronger than everyone, who is the tallest and lowest person in the world and so on. Numbers invented a great many. But Rifka Stanescu got into the Guinness Book of Records, because she is the youngest grandmother in the world. Her first grandson was born when she was only 23 years old.

Natalya Knyazkova

In Russia, a woman from the Nizhny Novgorod region distinguished herself. At the time of the birth of her grandson, she was 29 years old. Her daughter Anastasia gave birth to Nikita at 14. Natalya herself managed to have four children by her age.

Similar cases in the Russian Federation are not uncommon. In different parts of the country, cases have been recorded when girls gave birth at the age of 15, 13, and even at 11. Few of them in the future had a fortune.

Almost Romeo and Juliet

Rifka is a gypsy of Romanian descent. At the age of two, she was promised to the son of a successful businessman. Early engagement is common among gypsies. But when the girl turned 11 years old, she passionately fell in love with a 13-year-old boy who was trading in a nearby jewelry store. Upon learning of this, Rifka's father became furious, threatening his daughter with death if she loses her virginity.

In gypsies, as you know, the virginity of the bride is a prerequisite. If the groom makes sure that his bride was already with the man, he expels her in disgrace, the marriage is dissolved, and the girl’s parents are obliged to return the dowry to the groom.

But daughter Stanescu, along with his darling, despite the threats of his father, decide to flee. They secretly got married. They were received by her husband's family, and a year later, when Rifka was only 12 years old, a happy couple had a daughter, Maria.

After the birth of the granddaughter and after the groom's family paid a ransom for Rifka in the amount of 500,000 lei, her father calmed down and finally wrapped her son-in-law in a hug.


Obviously, in order to become a young grandmother, first you need to give birth very early. Every girl who became a mother in her youth can claim this title in the near future. Despite the difficulties, most women from the category of early births consider motherhood to be happiness and do not regret it. Often they show off their age. And children with such parents are very friendly.

Rifka Stanescu - officially the youngest grandmother in the world

Photos of the newlyweds quickly scattered in the world media. Their history was discussed not only on the pages of magazines, but also on television. A year later, the couple also had a son. The young mother worked diligently in raising children. From early childhood, she tried to impress Mary that motherhood too early was very undesirable. For a girl, this is not only physically difficult, but also limits her further opportunities for self-realization. “Learn first, and then give birth to children,” Rifka said to her daughter. But. Mary not only walked along the maternal path, but also outdid her. She jumped out to marry at 10 years old, even earlier than her mother, and gave birth to her first child when she was only 11 years old. So it turned out that the age of the youngest grandmother in the world is 23 years.

The boy was named Ion. He eats well and grows fast, his mother, having recovered after a fast delivery, goes to school again, and the youngest grandmother in the world is happy to nurse with her granddaughter. By the way, when Jon was 2 years old, his parents betrothed him to an 8-year-old bride.

Unofficial record

A certain Nigerian Mum-zi born in 1884 was given to marry a rich Nigerian as a child - at the age of 7 years. When a girl (or a small woman?) Turned 8 years old and 4 months old, she became a mother. In turn, her daughter gave birth to her first child at the age of 8 years and 8 months. Simple arithmetic will calculate how old the youngest grandmother in the world is: 17!

Officially, this record is not fixed, although documented.

Age is not a sentence

The title "The Youngest Grandmother in the World" may have a different meaning. Recently, women are paying more and more attention to appearance. Proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and body care turn into a real cult. Thanks to this, women retain youth and beauty for a long time. This allowed us to organize a contest of young grandmothers.

A prerequisite for the competition is that the participant has at least 1 grandson. But, watching the beauties on stage, it's hard to believe.

In an interview, young grandmothers argue that beauty and harmony are gifts of nature, but experienced plastic surgeons see the hand and scalpel of colleagues.

Sofia Rotaru

Sofia Mikhailovna became a grandmother at the age of 46, when in 1994 the son of Anatoly was born to Ruslan's son Evdokimenko. The second time a man made his mother happy six years later: the granddaughter Sofia was born.

Sofia Mikhailovna often goes on tour, so she rarely sees grandchildren, but, according to Ruslan, when the star has the opportunity to see them, he does it with great joy.

Posted by Sofia Rotaru / Sofia Rotaru (@ sofiarotaru.official) Aug 6, 2017 at 4:14 am PDT

“Letidor” fully agrees with Anatoly and Sonya. Despite the fact that Rotaru will celebrate its 71st anniversary in August, it doesn’t turn to call her grandmother.

Alena Babenko became a grandmother at the age of 43, when the son of Theodor was born to the son of Nikita and daughter-in-law of Salome in 2015.

- the actress recalled in an interview with Caravan of Stories magazine.

As Babenko admitted, the children were shocked by her choice of a name for the baby. Initially, together they decided to name the boy Ivan. But after birth, young parents announced that their son would be named Theodore, and the child became Ivan at baptism.

Posted by Alena Babenko (@ajanelena) Sep 29, 2017 at 12:02 pm PDT

When Alena posted a tender photo with her grandson on her Instagram, fans immediately flunked the star with compliments. Someone even said: “Len, you're not a grandmother here, but a young mother!”

Babenko thinks about how Theodore will appeal to her. The actress has not yet decided how good it is when grandchildren call you by name.

Alla Borisovna is one of the youngest grandmothers of Russian show business. The first grandson, Nikita, at 42, was presented to her by daughter Kristina (recall, Orbakaite became a mother at 19).

Later in the documentary “Alla Pugacheva - My Grandmother” (filmed in 2014), Nikita will tell:

Pugacheva is always active and very stylish, despite a bunch of worries and responsibilities: concerts, tours, the appearance of another grandson (Denis Baysarov was born in 1998), granddaughters (Klavdia Zemtsova was born in 2012) and the birth of her own children (recall In 2013, the Primadonna became the mother of twins Harry and Lisa.

By the way, the star has the status of "grandmother" only in fact. In life, grandchildren do not call her that. Once, in an interview with the newspaper, Denis Baysarov spoke about how grandchildren turn to their famous relative:

That's who, and Nargiz is most difficult to imagine as a grandmother in the generally accepted sense of the word. Agree, tattoos and shocking appearance do not fit well with this status. But Nargiz breaks all stereotypes in the bud - at 43, the singer became a grandmother. The grandson of Noah, who was presented by the daughter of Sabine to the star, the happy grandmother calls “my little prince”.

Publication by NARGIZ (@nargizzakirova_official) Sep 11, 2017 at 7:23 am PDT

The photo with Noah, which Nargiz posted on her Instagram, immediately divided the fans into two camps.

The first began to shower the star with compliments and affection: Stylish Grandma, Cool! Even the language doesn’t turn to be called a granny ”,“ It's hard to believe ”,“ Everyone would have such a grandmother! ”,“ Grandmother Nargiz. Is there a photo where she knits socks on her grandson or bakes pies? I would love to watch. ”

The second advised the star to change the appearance or at least grow hair. But, as everyday practice shows, appearance does not affect relationships with children, but rare visits can worsen the situation. This is probably why Nargiz tries to visit her grandson as often as possible (her daughter Sabina lives in the USA) and keeps constant contact with her relatives via Skype.

When you look at the photo of the former wife of Fedor Bondarchuk, it does not occur to you that this beautiful, slender model, actress and TV presenter is already a grandmother. Yes, not one, but two beautiful granddaughters at once!

The first time Svetlana picked up her granddaughter at the age of 43 (Margarita was born to the son of Sergei and his wife Tata in 2012), the second granddaughter Vera appeared in a stellar family two years later.

Publication by Sveta R (@ a030aa) Dec 6, 2017 at 10:11 am PST

Svetlana often visits her granddaughter and spends a lot of time with them. In an interview with Tatler magazine, she said that she knocked out the names of children and grandchildren on her fireplace. You yourself understand what the girls do first when they are visiting their grandmother - of course, they are exploring the fireplace!

At 53, the famous actress made her grandmother her eldest son Potap and his wife Angelina. Young parents chose an unusual name for their son - North.

Zhanna very warmly met her grandson and even gave him instructions on her page on Instagram:

Fans immediately began to write the words of congratulation to the actress: “What an unusual name, North. I wish your baby perfect health, and you have a lot, a lot of patience ”,“ What a delight! Another boy in your house ”,“ Very happy for you. The boy will have an amazingly beautiful grandmother. ”

Jeanne is a beautiful mother who raised one of two sons. She calls her daughter-in-law a daughter and shows very tender feelings for her. We are sure that the grandmother of Jeanne will be excellent.

Maria Shukshina first became a grandmother at the age of 45. In 2015, the daughter of Anna gave her a grandson Vyacheslav. And, as many fans of the star note, he grows up as a copy of his grandmother.

Maria is a mother of many children (she has four children - daughter Anna, son Makar and the twins Thomas and Fock). Of course, the actress is an excellent teacher for her children. But, as she assures herself, grandchildren are a completely different matter. Grandma is allowed to pamper them.

Posted by Maria Shukshina (@shukshina_maria) Jul 1, 2017 at 11:42 PDT

  • told Maria Shukshina in 2016 in an interview with Antenna.

By the way, Vyacheslav was looking forward not only to her grandmother, but also to her great-grandmother - Lidia Fedoseeva – Shukshina (Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, People's Artist of the RSFSR). Maria and Lydia thought that a granddaughter would be born, since girls appeared more often in the family. Therefore, they met their grandson with particular joy.

Emma Malinina is not only the wife of the famous singer Alexander Malinin, but also a serious business woman, candidate of medical sciences, gynecologist and head of a private clinic and pharmacy network.

At 45, Emma first became a grandmother. The eldest son Anton gave her the grandson of Plato, and five years later, the granddaughter Arianna was born in the Malinin family.

Fans do not get tired of admiring how skillfully Emma manages to combine work, motherhood, the functions of her grandmother and at the same time look her best!

The youngest grandmother in history

The name of the youngest grandmother in history is Mum-zi. She was born in Nigeria in the year 1884. At eight years and four months old, the girl became a mother, having given birth to a daughter. In turn, the daughter also gave birth extremely early. At that time, she was eight years old and eight months old. Thus, Mum-zi became a grandmother at only seventeen.

When the same-year Mum-zi were preparing for the graduation party, she was already engaged in the education of her grandson.

Early marriage and early motherhood

The title of one of the youngest grandmothers in the world also received Rifka Stanescu. At the age of eleven, she ran away from home to her lover. The young man was only thirteen years old. They merried.

Rifka became pregnant and at twelve already became a mother, having given birth to a girl. She called her daughter Maria. A year later, her son Nikolai was also born.

When Maria grew up, she decided to take an example from her mother. At eleven she became pregnant, at twelve she gave birth to a boy. He was called Ion. Rifka's daughter did not graduate from school, which is why the young mother was worried, wishing for her daughter a different fate.

According to the youngest grandmother, she wanted her daughter to achieve in her life something more than just motherhood.

Such early marriages among gypsies are not uncommon. Rifka said that when she was two years old, she was already engaged, but at eleven fell in love with her future husband, to whom she fled, contrary to the engagement and the will of her parents. The girl’s young husband, at thirteen, already worked as a jewelry seller.

Among European women there are also record-breaking grandmothers. It is known that in the UK one woman became a grandmother at twenty-six. In America, there is a woman who has become a grandmother at twenty-eight. She became a mother at thirteen, and her daughter gave birth to a baby at fourteen.

Young grandmothers of Brazil

Young grandmothers of Brazil deserve special attention. In this country for them there is a special beauty contest. Women participate in it, about which you cannot say that they are grandmothers. The age of the participants is from forty years. The competition is called Abuela.

It delights how these beautiful women look, how they look after themselves. They can be a great example of how grandmothers can look.

And who is the youngest mother in the world?

To become a young grandmother, you must first become a young mother. Every girl who has become a mother at a young age can claim the title of "young grandmother" in the future if her child continues the tradition she started.

The youngest mother in medical history is Peru native Lina Medina. When she gave birth, she was not even 6 years old.

Psychology of young grandmothers

Young grandmothers often boast of their age. Children of young parents are usually happy that they can communicate with them, as with friends, in the same language. Young grandmothers are full of energy and enthusiasm, they are still close in memory of caring for children, they understand the problems of a young mother, so such grandmothers often become the first helpers to their children who have become parents soon.

There is a reverse situation. Having become a young grandmother, a woman does not believe that she should devote herself to her grandchildren in adulthood, she has her own goals. Often, grandmothers explain this by the fact that they have already put the child on its feet and now can only take care of their own lives. Sometimes the emphasis on the word “young” is not put at all, and young grandmothers do not make the problem of the fact that they are now grandmothers. These women simply proceed from the situation in the family at the time of the birth of their grandson.

Psychologists advise young grandmothers not to worry about the fact that again and so early in the family there will be diapers, worries about a small child, again it will be necessary to get up at night. It is important to remember that, first of all, a newborn is not your child, but the child of your daughter or son. It is important to remember that it is not age, the main thing is the state of a young and cheerful soul.


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