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The actor of Quartet I, Alexander Demidov, is 47 years old, in his filmography there are about 20 works, he is actively engaged in work in the theater, composes and performs author’s songs, and has toured extensively and successfully. However, the artist’s personal life did not work out right away.

His parents divorced when Demidov was very young. Demidov stayed with his mother, who, according to him, was drinking, and the boy was left to his own devices, he felt like "nobody." Then Alexander’s father, Sergei Demidov, took his son to his new family. But even there, the future actor was not happy - he had twin sisters and parents - his father and stepmother - who gave all their love to their daughters.

“I felt that the sisters were loved more and I was stopping my dad from living,” Alexander said in Timur Kizyakov’s “When Everyone Is At Home” program.

The artist believes that it was precisely because of such a childhood that he did not immediately have his own family life. Alexander Demidov is married for the third time. The first time he married in the late 90's Svetlana Schwartz, a psychologist by profession. The marriage did not save even the birth of her daughter Sophia in 2000. For some time after the divorce, Alexander kept in touch with his daughter, but now, as Demidov admitted sadly, the relationship has waned. Despite the divorce from his second wife, the actor continues to communicate with his son Ignat, and even his current third wife Margarita managed to establish contact with the stepson.

Now Demidov says that he finally found personal happiness. They met with his third wife Margarita during the filming of the film “Faster than rabbits,” she first showed him signs of attention, and he reciprocated. The couple got married in 2013 and, despite all the gossip, are still together. Demidov talks about his love for his wife in every interview. The actor expresses gratitude for the fact that she is always there and helped him to establish relations with his mother, to cope with addiction. Alexander told why he used to drink often.

“Because a cold bed and a vacuum cleaner were waiting at home. Where to get energy? It dries up, and you start to fill it, because there is no love, there is no support, ”the artist said.

And the wife Margarita, according to Alexander, accepts and loves him in any condition. “She kisses my legs! I began to open up like this thanks to Rita’s love. Honestly, I was stunned, sometimes it seems to me that I do not correspond to such love, ”he said.


Alexander Sergeyevich Demidov - Russian theater and film actor, founder and member of the Quartet I creative team. The indefatigable energy and sense of humor of Alexander and his friends - fellow students of GITIS - was enough in the mid-90s to create his own theater, which became famous throughout the post-Soviet space. The actor not only pleases the audience with a brilliant game on the screen, but also participates in writing literary texts for quartet projects.

Life path, creative path, family.

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Name and surname:Alexander Demidov
Middle name:Sergeevich
Name in English:Aleksandr Demidov
Year of birth:1970
Birthday:22 of October
Place of Birth:Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg)
Occupation:actor, russian actor
Height:178 cm.
Weight:82 kg.
Eastern horoscope:Dog
Social network:InstagramWikipedia

Childhood and the family of Alexander Demidov

The future famous comedian was born in 1970 in the large Russian city of Sverdlovsk (now - Yekaterinburg). The family in which he grew up seemed the most ordinary. However, the home idyll collapsed at one point. _x000D_

Alexander Demidov - one of the founders of the Quartet And _x000D_

As Alexander Demidov himself recalls, he really didn’t even understand at what concrete moment his parents suddenly began to talk less often with each other and each became interested in their own life. At some point, the crack that split their family in two became too huge, and the parents announced to little Sasha that they were apart. By joint agreement, the seven-year-old boy remained with his mother, but life in the new family did not work out. Trying to establish her own happiness, the woman practically did not pay attention to her son. And at some point, Alexander Demidov simply began to feel a burden. _x000D_

He loved his mother, but he could not forgive her very, very long indifference and indifference. A few years after the divorce of the parents, the future actor went to Ryazan for the summer, where his father and grandmother lived. And since then has remained with them._x000D_

Looking a little ahead, we note that Alexander did not communicate with his mother for many years, however, having matured, he was still able to forgive her. Currently, they are seen quite often. However, in those distant years, our today's hero could hardly have thought that everything would turn out that way ._x000D_

He went to school, and in the evenings walked with friends, like any other teenagers. At some point in his life, classes in the theater also appeared. He regularly attended the theater club, which operated in his native school, and played a variety of roles in semi-amateur productions. Exactly - somehow imperceptibly - acting became an important part of his life. After graduating from school, Alexander began to make plans for entering the theater school and very soon decided to move to Moscow._x000D_

In the Russian capital, he applied to the pop department of the GITIS school-studio, in which he later began to comprehend the intricacies of the acting profession. Its artistic director was the famous actor Vladimir Korovin, who made a significant contribution to the formation of the creative style of the young actor._x000D_

Roles in the theater and cinema, filmography of Alexander Demidov

Alexander Demidov played his first cinematic roles as a student. In 1991, the young actor starred in the film "Five Abducted Monks", which brought him quite a big success. Subsequently, our today's hero several times appeared in films with episodic roles, and already in 1993 he became one of the organizers and creators of the now legendary Quartet I ._ x000D_

This project was a joint brainchild of four friends and four graduates of GITIS - Alexander Demidov, Leonid Barats, Kamil Larin and Rostislav Khait. They were the four who developed the main idea of ​​this theater. In 1993, the Quartet staged its first performance on the GITIS stage - “These are all cliches”. The production was a great success. Like, by the way, many other performances of the now famous collective._x000D_

As for Alexander Demidov, he participated in the creation of performances along with his other participants. He wrote texts, developed scripts, and often performed the duties of a producer. It is also noteworthy that the Sverdlovsk actor played both male and female roles on the stage of the theater.

Subtle humor, unusual style and amazing observation of the Quartet I participants very soon made the comedy project very popular in Russia. The theater team began to tour frequently. Performances have always been successful. However, theatrical performances have always been interspersed in the career of Alexander Demidov with roles in the movie._x000D_

So, separately from other Quartet members, our today's hero starred in the films Maximilian, Money, Adventures of the Soldier Ivan Chonkin and some others. The projects were successful, but the most famous actor nevertheless brought joint work with old friends. Together with Quartet I, he starred in the films Radio Day, Election Day, What Men Talk About, and What Men Still Talk About. Each of these films became a real hit of the Russian box office._x000D_

Alexander Demidov now

In recent years, already as an established and popular actor, Alexander Demidov has been working on several new projects. One of these is the group "Demidov I", with which today the actor often acts as a musical artist. The collective repertoire includes both songs of Alexander himself and joint compositions._x000D_

Alexander Demidov with his wife_x000D_

In addition, our today's hero, as well as other participants of the Quartet I, performs in the framework of the project “Another Theater”, which allowed famous comedians to play serious dramatic roles ._x000D_

Personal life of Alexander Demidov

A cheerful and open person, Demidov remains not only in the cinema and on the theater stage, but also in everyday life. The actor’s wife Elena and his only son Ignatius repeatedly spoke about this in their interviews. Opening the topic of the actor’s close and dear people, we note that Alexander Sergeyevich also has a daughter, Sophia from her first marriage.

Childhood and youth

Alexander was born under the zodiac sign Libra on October 22, 1970 in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg). In his family, no one was connected with the theater world. But his father, an employee of the criminal investigation department, was fond of art, later he found himself in icon painting. Parents separated when the son was very young. The boy stayed with his mother, but at some point felt unnecessary. One summer, Sasha went to visit his father and grandmother in Ryazan. He stayed there.

Soon, twin girls, half-sisters of Alexander were born in the father's family, and parents began to pay more attention to them. The boy felt redundant again. But Sasha had a hobby that saved him from heavy thoughts. There was a theater club at the school, which staged amateur productions. Already in childhood Demidov with pleasure went on stage. The acting profession firmly entered his life, and the guy no longer thought of further life without a game.

After graduation, Alexander Demidov went to the capital. He easily entered GITIS, where he chose the variety department. The future artist comprehended the subtleties of acting craft under the guidance of a talented tutor of the course Vladimir Korovin. In 1993, Demidov graduated from high school.

Photo: Alexander Demidov


The most significant in the creative life of Alexander becomes 1993. This year, the young actor, teaming up with GITIS graduates Leonid Baraz, Kamil Larin and Rostislav Khait, became one of the creators of a new project - the now-famous Quartet I theater. The theater team is directed by director Sergei Petreikov.

In the same turning 1993, Quartet I staged his first performance on the stage of the university theater, entitled “These are all cliches”. The production was a huge success and immediately brought fame to its creators and actors. From this moment, the project of four friends constantly ascends the ladder of popularity.

In the 90s, 3 more comedy performances appeared in the repertoire - “La Comedy”, “Acting Games” and “La Comedy - 2”. Quartet members become popular personalities in the creative circles of Moscow. Actors are invited to shoot clips for the groups “Combination”, “Agatha Christie”, “Bravo”, “Bi-2”, “Mumiy Troll”. In the 2000s, the Quartet I broadcasted on television: on REN TV - “The Show Is Good”, later - “Mind Games” on STS, “I Believe - I Don't Believe” on TNT.

In the productions of Quartet I, Alexander Demidov not only acts as an actor, but also writes texts, develops scripts and even produces new performances. Each of the productions is a brilliant game and piercing humor of artists. At first, the Quartet I performed only in the capital, but the increasing success of the project allowed its creators to begin touring, which were accompanied by constant success.


A cinematic biography of Alexander Demidov began at a theater university. In 1990, the actor starred in an episode of The Pimp Hunt. In 1991, appeared on the screen, playing the role of Vasya Kurolesov in the film "Five Abducted Monks." The debut turned out to be more than successful: both critics and viewers immediately noticed the until then unknown talented young man. Demidov began to regularly receive new offers from directors.

Alexander Demidov in his youth (frame from the movie “Hunting for a Pimp”)

The artist began to appear regularly in new film projects. In the mid-90s, he starred in the passing films "Your fingers smell like incense" and "12 and a half armchairs, or All the way around." Since 1999, Alexander played in the sensational films Maximilian about the life of a rural sorcerer, Money about the work of an advertising agency and Adventures of a Soldier Ivan Chonkin. But it was not these projects that brought the greatest fame to Demidov, but the adaptation of the Quartet I productions.

Domestic audience appreciated the work of the actors in the films “Radio Day” and “Election Day”, where in addition to the four friends from the Quartet, Maxim Vitorgan, Nonna Grishaeva, Mikhail Efremov, Evgeny Steblov, Valery Barinov also starred. The role of the head of the radio station went to the producer and host of Our Radio Mikhail Kozyrev. Alexander reincarnated as the hero Sasha, who is engaged in the promotion of creative advertising projects.

Alexander Demidov (frame from the film "Election Day")

In 2009, Demidov participated in the launch of the 4-episode comedy Phoenix Syndrome about residents of a provincial town. Popular actors of Russian cinema gathered at one stage: Olga Budina, Georgy Dronov, Galina Polskikh, Anna Ardova.

In 2010, the filmography of Demidov was replenished with work in the comedy "What Men Talk About." The film was such a huge success with the audience that soon the artists filmed a sequel called "What else are men talking about." Films became real hits of Russian distribution, collecting a total of $ 30 million.

Alexander Demidov (frame from the movie "What Men Talk About")

From the actor’s film works, the paintings “Faster than rabbits”, “Hello, I’m your dad!” And “Cagliostro Clock” can also be noted. The last film is a fantastic project by Mikhail Krupin about the heroes who found a watch in one of the old mansions outside Moscow supposedly belonging to the magician Count Cagliostro. The tape came out in 2014.

In 2015, work was completed on the comedy “I Remember, I Don't Remember!”, In which Demidov tried on the image of a doctor of medicine. In the New Year’s film "Wonderland" he was transformed into a former paratrooper.

Alexander Demidov (frame from the film “Cagliostro Clock”)

In 2016, the actor accepted an invitation from the creators of the comedy “Groom”. The film was commissioned by TNT, directed by Alexander Nezlobin, a resident of Comedy Club. The main characters were played by Sergey Svetlakov, Svetlana Smirnova-Martsinkevich, Philip Reinhardt, Olga Kartunkova, Sergey Burunov, Timofey Zaitsev. Alexander reincarnated as the character of Pokuchaev.

In 2018, Alexander Demidov and his colleagues in Quartet I again pleased fans with a film called “What Men Talk About.” Continuation ". This time the scene was moved to the Northern capital, where friends decided to take a break from everyday problems. Later on the stage, the artists celebrated the 25th anniversary of their successful creative activity with the release of the new performance “The Quartet”.


Recently, the artist and screenwriter Alexander Demidov has created several new projects. Fans saw him in a new quality - as a talented musician. Not so long ago, a musical group called "Demidov I" appeared.

Alexander acts in it as a singer, and musician, and producer. In 2011, fans saw the band’s new program, created in conjunction with another popular musical group, Beavers. Now the team of Alexander Demidov is called "Demido Band."

In addition to creating and performing author’s songs, Alexander Demidov became the organizer of the annual festival “Defender of Good Music” festival, where professional music groups, as well as actors realizing themselves as vocalists, are invited - Gosha Kutsenko, Pavel Maykov.

Another project of Demidov is the talk show "Alexander Garden", where he invites show business stars. Here, artists read poetry, perform new musical compositions, talk about life and work.

In 2016, Alexander Sergeyevich was awarded the National Prize of the Writers' Union, and a year later, at the "Poet of the Year 2016" award ceremony, he was awarded the prize in the Lyric nomination.


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