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Yulia Vyacheslavovna Lipnitskaya - Russian figure skater, participant in the figure skating competitions at the Olympic Games in Sochi (2014), who received the title of champion in the command. Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation (2014).

Russian star of figure skating, Olympic champion Julia Lipnitskaya was born on June 5, 1998 in Yekaterinburg. The young athlete began her career when she was barely 4 years old. In early childhood, not being able to pronounce words well, the girl called herself "Olympic" instead of "Lipnitskaya", which later turned out to be a kind of foresight of her own fate.

Figure skater Julia Lipnitskaya

Mom raised her child alone, since her father left her before the birth of her daughter. Daniela Leonidovna brought the baby to a local school in SDUSSHOR Lokomotiv. The first coaches of Julia - Elena Levkovets and Marina Voitsekhovskaya - not only became idols and the best teachers of the girl, but also gave her the opportunity to continue her journey in one of the most beautiful sports.

Mom Daniela Leonidovna, who chose figure skating for her daughter, did not even suspect what success the little daughter would achieve in the near future. After all, initially the goal was to strengthen the health of the girl and engage in something useful and exciting.

Six years later, the Moscow stage of the biography of Yulia Lipnitskaya began. The athlete with her mother moved to Moscow. The reason for the move was high hopes, which lay on the skater. She learned everything that Julia could teach in Yekaterinburg.

Julia Lipnitskaya in childhood

The girl was identified in the Moscow Sports School No. 37. Julia was in the group to the famous Eteri Grigoryevna Tutberidze, who trains athletes in single skating. Helped in the preparation of the young athlete and Igor Pashkevich.

Photo: Julia Lipnitskaya

The childhood of Julia Lipnitskaya

The girl was born in Yekaterinburg. At four, her mother brought her to the skating rink and recorded her in the figure skating section, namely, at the Lokomotiv Sports School, where Elena Levkovets became the girl’s first coach.

Education lay on the shoulders of the mother, since Julia's father did not live with them, and she never saw him. Due to the fact that from a young age a little athlete took a lot of time to train, she did not attend school, but was on the so-called home schooling.

Yulia Lipnitskaya at international competitions

It is known that ISU allows athletes to participate in international junior competitions only from a certain age, which Julia just reached in the 2011-12 season. The debut took place in Poland at the Junior Grand Prix, where the athlete immediately became the champion. She won both the stage in Italy and the final in Quebec.

It is amazing that the victory in the final was won by Julia in both the free and short programs. Her main rival there was Polina Shelepen, who was seventeen points behind Lipnitskaya.

In the 2012th at the national championship, the figure skater was the third in the short program, but won in the free program. Thus, according to the results, she became a silver medalist. In the same year, she won the junior championship of Russia. And again, her main rival was Shelepen, who was behind Julia by more than nine points and took second place.

Preparing Lipnitskaya for the Olympics in Sochi

In Finland, the victory was again for Julia. She participated in the Espoo tournament, which took place in Finland. Thus began the preparation of the athlete for her first Olympics. This was followed by victories in adult competitions, first in China, then in France. It was in France that Julia not only won, she managed to get the maximum level and all kinds of allowances.

With so many victories, in the final of the Grand Prix, the skater did not perform, the cause was an injury. She also had to miss the national championship in 2013. In the second season of 2012-13, the athlete first went on ice after an injury, taking part in the Russian championship. On it, she became the fifth. After this, only victories followed again.

At the World Championships held in Milan, she stood on the second step of the podium. With such results, the skater approached the Olympic season.

Yulia Lipnitskaya at the Olympics in Sochi

The very first performance of Julia in the team competitions of the Sochi Olympics attracted the attention of the whole world. The girl won a brilliant victory, perfecting the program twice perfectly. It was she who brought the greatest number of points to the team result. Unfortunately, the performance in individual competitions was not so successful. There Lipnitskaya became only the fifth due to several falls. Nevertheless, in the history of the Olympics, she is the youngest champion, winner of a gold medal. She performed in the same team with such stars as Evgeni Plushenko, Maxim Trankov, Tatyana Volosozhar, Elena Ilinykh, Nikita Katsalapov and others.

In the 2013-14 season, a talented skater in the Grand Prix finals took silver due to the fact that the program allowed a blot. But at the European Championships, the result was an undeniable victory, while Julia was the youngest of the competing.


Julia’s problems began in 2016 at one of the stages of the Grand Prix series. She could not skip the program due to muscle pain and took last place. In the same year, the girl unsuccessfully fell and damaged her hip bone, as a result of which she could not get to the World and European Championships. After that, there was no news about Julia for a long time.

In 2017, information appeared that due to hormonal imbalances, Lipnitskaya gained excess weight, and after treatment the girlAnorexia has been identified. At the end of the same year, the mother of the skater told the press that Julia was finishing her sports career due to health problems.

Julia Lipnitskaya is the youngest European Championship winner in the history of figure skating.

What is Lipnitskaya doing now

Since 2018, the athlete has been treating anorexia in one of the clinics in Moscow. In addition, psychologists worked with her, as constant diets and health problems caused the girl to be depressed. As a result, Julia decided to finally give up professional sports and engage in personal life.

However, the interest in the already former skater from the media did not disappear: Lipnitskaya was invited to sports channels as a commentator and expert. Recently, information appeared that Julia was going to open her own figure skating school. In it, along with Lipnitskaya, coaches will be other famous skaters - Maxim Miroshkin and Elena Ilyina. The school’s office is located in Moscow, and the training base is in Tver. In 2019, the school is expected to officially open.

The example of Julia Lipnitskaya shows how dangerous and unpredictable professional sports can be. The girl had to end her career at the age of 18 due to serious hormonal disorders caused by severe physical and psychological stress. However, Julia was able to cope with her problems and will soon become one of the youngest figure skating trainers in Russia. Perhaps this activity will bring the athlete great success.

Yulia Lipnitskaya presented a luxury apartment in Moscow (video)

The Olympic champion received such an expensive gift from one of the real estate agencies. Now the skater will be able to move to housing in the south-west of the capital. Julia is already preoccupied with the upcoming repairs and is thinking through the details of the interior.

Julia Lipnitskaya surprised by the modesty of her home

Julia Lipnitskaya showed the room in which she lives in Sochi. It turned out she is distinguished by a modest decoration. The skater does not often talk about her personal life. Therefore, fans watched with interest the setting in which Julia spends her free time.

Julia Lipnitskaya admired the figure in a bikini

Olympic champion Julia Lipnitskaya presented a photo in a bikini from a holiday in Cyprus. In the pictures from the sea coast, which the skater shared on her Instagram, you can see what a magnificent figure an eighteen-year-old athlete has.

In Sochi, Julia Lipnitskaya lives in a hotel, fearing for her life

At the end of last year, Yulia Lipnitskaya left her home and moved to Sochi, where she had to start an independent life with all her everyday problems. Julia still lives in a hotel, feeling more secure there.

Julia Lipnitskaya advertises Adidas

Olympic champion Julia Lipnitskaya became a member of the Adidas advertising campaign and starred in the video of this brand. Sport16 is a project of the sports company Adidas. It consists of commercials reflecting Adidas' love for sports and inspiring athletes for new records and victories.

Julia Lipnitskaya ran away with her beloved

Young Julia Lipnitskaya, who conquered the whole world at the Sochi Olympics, has already grown up, and many will not recognize her. The name of the skater began to appear more often in secular chronicles than on the pages of sports magazines. This time, the girl made a commotion, escaping with her beloved.

Figure skating

Yulia has incredible flexibility and a good stretch by nature. It is these qualities that allowed Lipnitskaya to perform the most complex elements that adults and experienced athletes have been honing for years. By the end of 2009, the figure skater could have performed all triple jumps “perfectly”.

Julia Lipnitskaya in childhood on ice

In the 2009-2010 season, the figure skater took part in the Russian championship and entered the top five winners. The next season, in which Julia took part as an adult athlete, became also significant for her: the girl took 4th place.

In 2011-2012, the Russian woman visited the Grand Prix, which took place in Poland, and won it. After that, Julia began to win only prizes. And already in Italy, the skater again took the gold. Then there was a victory in Canada, where Julia showed herself worthily and managed to significantly get ahead of her main rival.

Soon, the Russian skater went to the Russian championship with the main goal - to win. Julia succeeded. The athlete deservedly received silver at this championship. The next step was the victory at the World Junior Championships. Lipnitskaya was able to win a gold medal and get ahead of the famous American, who predicted the victory.

Julia Lipnitskaya in training

Julia began to prepare for the Olympics in Sochi in advance. The first was the victory in the 2012-2013 season in the tournament, which was held in Finland. After that, the athlete won in China and in France already at adult competitions.

The victory in Paris was a double for the skater: Lipnitskaya was able not only to win gold, but also to get the maximum level. But in the Grand Prix finals, Julia did not perform. The young athlete was injured, due to which she could not go on the ice. The girl missed not only the final, but also the Russian Figure Skating Championship in 2013.

Only in the second half of the 2012-2013 season, the skater was able to take fifth place in the Russian championship. This was the first exit after the injury. After this tournament, the stellar period of the biography of Yulia Lipnitskaya began, the athlete again began to take prizes.

Julia Lipnitskaya at the Grand Prix in Canada

The world championship was a prize for the skater. Julia won silver in Milan. Of course, after the injuries that the athlete received, she needed some time for rehabilitation. But Lipnitskaya quickly regained her strength and entered the Olympic season again as a winner.

Competitions in Finland, which took place in the 2013-2014 season, brought Julia a victory. Canada Grand Prix - a new victory. In the Grand Prix finals, Lipnitskaya took second place due to a small mistake that she made in her program.

Significant victory of the athlete can be called gold at the European Championships in 2014. The skater not only received a gold medal, but also ahead of the main competitors by a fairly large number of points. The girl skated the program perfectly and deserved to win. It is noteworthy that in this championship, Julia's rivals turned out to be experienced colleagues who more than once won prizes. At the European Championships in 2014, the girl was the youngest.

Young Lipnitskaya receives strong support from her mother, who accompanies the athlete in all competitions. They are together when Julia wins, and when falls happen. Mom for the skater is the most important and main person, which Julia has repeatedly said in her own interviews.

Olympics in Sochi

The fact that Yulia Lipnitskaya at the Olympics in Sochi will represent her country was quite expected. The girl managed to achieve such results, which some athletes can only dream of. Lipnitskaya was the main hope of the Russian national figure skating team.

In the team figure skating competitions, which took place on February 6, 8 and 9 in Sochi, Julia Lipnitskaya became the Olympic champion. She won and skated both programs perfectly. It was Lipnitskaya who won the most points, which helped the Russian national figure skating team. The girl performed very complex elements in the performance and received all possible allowances. To date, Julia Lipnitskaya is the youngest Olympic champion in the country.

In February 2014, it became known that Yulia Lipnitskaya was awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation. This event was an excellent incentive for the athlete when, in the same month, the girl took part in the short program in figure skating among women. Russia was represented by two skaters - 15-year-old Yulia Lipnitskaya and 17-year-old Adelina Sotnikova. After a short program, Julia Lipnitskaya took fifth place, as she fell while playing the flip.

On February 20, 2014, the decisive rental was held - a free program. Julia Lipnitskaya performed to the music of the legendary film "Schindler's List." The athlete performed perfect jumps and unique spins, but a few moments before the final, the skater fell.

As a result, the 15-year-old athlete showed the fifth result in the sum of both programs. Adeline won the Olympics unconditionally, giving Russia the first gold in the modern history of women's single skating.

Julia Lipnitskaya and Adelina Sotnikova

Julia Lipnitskaya, who managed to achieve incredible success, is a very young girl. Therefore, fans and fans of figure skating were sure that ahead of Lipnitskaya was waiting for more than one Olympics.

Julia Lipnitskaya spins the first novel

Seventeen-year-old skater Yulia Lipnitskaya grows up in front of thousands of her fans. The girl turns into a beautiful girl, and for the first time she fell in love, which she herself reported. The athlete updated the status on her page on VKontakte. “In love,” she wrote.

After the Olympics

After the Olympics in Sochi, Julia Lipnitskaya did not rest on her laurels. The next season, the skater began at the Grand Prix stage in China, where she skated a short program and became the leader. But, unfortunately, the day after the success, an unfortunate fall occurred: the girl’s free program failed. In total, the athlete managed to gain a foothold in 2nd place.

Accumulated fatigue was the cause of an unfortunate defeat in Barcelona and Russia. According to the results of the free program, the girl was in fifth place at home and did not join the national team for the European Championship.

Julia Lipnitskaya started the new season at the Finland “Finlandia Trophy”, where she was able to take the 2nd place. Two weeks later, in American Milwaukee, the Russian woman got the 6th place at the stage of the Grand Prix series “Skate America”. At the national championship, luck again turned away from Julia: the girl was in the middle of the table. Julia was included in the Russian team as a reserve.

In November 2015, Yulia Lipnitskaya replaced her coach Eteri Tutberidze, Alexey Urmanov undertook to prepare the athlete for further competitions. Training took place in Sochi.

No matter how dark and light stripes alternated in the sports biography of this beautiful skater, Julia, undoubtedly, should have had a bright future. Not only Russian girl fans were sure of this, but also foreign fans of the figure skater's sports talent. For example, about the abilities of Julia Lipnitskaya wrote "The Guardian". The publication called the girl an unusually gifted skater and a rising star, who overshadowed even the famous Evgeni Plushenko with her skating.

However, after the Olympics, the skater's star began to fade away.

Julia Lipnitskaya was frightened of growing up

Julia Lipnitskaya, like all children, is growing up. True, the skater did not start from the wrong end, she changed her coach and image to look older. But when the girl began the transition period, she was seriously scared and even thought that she was sick.

First breakdowns

Several people surrounded by Lipnitskaya immediately associate many of Yulia’s problems with the fact that almost all of her youth was sacrificed to the Sochi Olympics. Eteri Tutberidze did not hide the fact that already at the age of 13 Lipnitskaya was emotionally exhausted by the wild pace of performances: the stages and the final of the Grand Prix, the championship of Russia, the championship of Russia, the world championship among juniors - moreover, between these starts she was actively corrected by jumping equipment and polished the slip.

The body went crazy, injuries fell: in the 2012/13 season there were seven or eight of them, and once Lipnitskaya hit her chin on the ice and got a concussion. In order to get to the stages of the Grand Prix next season, she forced a recovery and went to the Junior World Cup. Immediately due to high loads, a nerve pinched - I had to do additional injections.

All this was happening against the backdrop of a transitional age, some manifestations of which had to be restrained artificially. So, due to the complex hormonal background, Lipnitskaya was gaining weight very quickly, and in order to deal with these processes, she constantly drank Squizi for about a year — this is a protein-carbohydrate powder mixture that can be mixed in kefir. According to Tutberidze, sometimes Lipnitskaya ate only him.

According to two people surrounded by Julia, it was in the pre-Olympic season that she had the first psychological problems associated with nutrition. The pressure from constant restrictions shook the general state, and Lipnitskaya began to speculate on whether she needed figure skating at that cost.

Mom and Eteri Tutberidze asked her to suffer - and since the prospect of winning a medal at the Olympics was real, the persuasion worked.

But this did not affect Lipnitskaya’s thinking in a global sense. She later said that in the Olympic season she “endured” figure skating.

And six months after the gold, Sochi-2014 admitted: “Now I understand why some athletes end their careers after the Games. People are just sucked, all of them are extended. ”

Wild popularity and body changes

After the Olympics, real madness began. They wanted to name Lipnitskaya an ice rink in Schelkovo near Moscow. She was dragged to a social event where the producer of the Na-Na group, Bari Alibasov, asked terrible and embarrassing questions (“Will you eat?”, “Do you want to get married?”). On his birthday, the word “Congratulations” appeared on the wall opposite the training rink, posted by photographs of Yulia. Someone hacked into her social networks and tried to get into an iPhone. Once, a puppy was brought right on the doorstep of the apartment.

Unaccustomed to such attention, Julia clearly staggered. “I didn’t have the strength left - it was really hard for me. I am not a public person. At the rink, too, everything stopped working. At some point, I completely ceased to understand how to live and what to do. I didn’t care, ”she told Sport Express in an interview.

For the entire post-Olympic season, Lipnitskaya did not have a single absolutely clean rental, even in training.

But not everything is explained by psychology. Tatyana Tarasova during the Olympics in Sochi said that Lipnitskaya has problems with equipment that are not noticeable only at a particular moment, "while she is a child." When growing up - as they say in sports, when the center of gravity is shifted - the whole approach to the main elements changes, jumps change.

According to Sports.ru, one of the coaches who worked with Lipnitskaya, in the post-Olympic season, Julia could not gain an acceptable physical shape for a long time, and her jumping technique remained “imperfect”. As soon as physiological changes began and weight increased, the original base acquired special significance - and since there were problems with it, this led to constant falls. “I don’t know anything about claims to Julia’s technique,” ​​said Elena Levkovets, the first coach of Lipnitskaya in an interview with Sports.ru. - Eteri Tutberidze at the beginning of work with Yulia once told me: “Thank you for the child. She listens to everything, understands and immediately does it. ” However, Lipnitskaya herself confirmed that she had problems with equipment, because she had not learned the edge jumps correctly in Yekaterinburg.

In December 2014, Lipnitskaya took only 9th place in the Russian championship. This was followed by an unexpected statement that she was thinking about ending her career.

At that moment, Lipnitskaya’s entourage was already thinking about moving to another coach, but suddenly the Ministry of Sports intervened and the conflict had to be drowned out for a while. In January 2015, Lipnitskaya and Tutberidze were in talks with Deputy Minister of Sports Yuri Nagorny and Federation President Alexander Gorshkov - as a result, constant noise disappeared from the media. After a couple of months, Julia on the air of "Russia 2" even said that "rested from this curly."

According to Sports.ru, two managers working in the world of figure skating, Lipnitskaya’s environment was strained due to competition with Evgenia Medvedeva. At the same Russian championship in December, she took bronze, torn higher and, according to the relatives of Lipnitskaya, Tutberidze began to give her much more attention and care - as a more promising, morally stable and less capricious pupil. Tutberidze assures that this is not true, since he works equally hard with the whole group.

The appearance of an investor

At that moment, the most non-public character of this story already appeared in Lipnitskaya’s career - Petr Makarenko, the owner of the Telesport company (the largest player in the market of sports media rights in Russia, it owns the rights by example and the UFC). He had long considered figure skating a promising marketing area, but after the Sochi Olympics he was finally convinced of this. Now Telesport owns a license to search for partners for the Figure Skating Federation and various tournaments, but the owner of the company associated almost the main hopes with the brand of Julia Lipnitskaya.

As it became known to Sports.ru, Makarenko became a shadow investor in the skater - roughly speaking, he invested in sports development, so that later he could earn on its media. This was not publicly reported anywhere, and Lipnitskaya’s entourage called Makarenko the mysterious word “sponsor”. Elena Vaytsekhovskaya in the newspaper Sport-Express designated him as a “curator”.

In 2014, Makarenko called figure skating the leading Olympic sport in terms of advertising. He explained it this way: “If we compare conditional football and figure skating at the end of the Olympics, then figure skating showed tremendous ratings, tremendous interest to the audience, but it will definitely be different sponsors with football. Despite comparable numbers and interests. I would even say disparate ones - not in favor of football. The Olympics showed that sports events at their peak laid crazy audience potential. "

Lipnitskaya’s advertising potential was never realized. The only major contract she signed with adidas. According to managers working with the image rights of athletes, Julia’s fee was about 100 thousand euros per year.

The most memorable result of the collaboration was the video “Today will be mine”, which collected more than 3 million views on YouTube.

Another controversial point in relations between Tutberidze and Lipnitskaya is associated with this contract. Many skaters give coaches part of the advertising revenue (up to 10%) as a sign of gratitude for the success, because coaches do not receive large bonuses for Olympic medals. But nobody shared here, including because Makarenko conducted all negotiations only with his mother Lipnitskaya, and relations between the parties deteriorated.

Other major brands did not come to Julia: firstly, due to athletic performance after the Olympics, and secondly, because of the reputation of a difficult partner. Lipnitskaya was reluctant to make contact, her mother refused to participate in events, citing constant training.

Away from Tutberidze

Meanwhile, work with the team of Eteri Tutberidze continued in a very tense atmosphere. The surroundings of Lipnitskaya and the coach lost confidence in each other, a new conflict was inevitable. The athlete’s side was not satisfied with the version of the new program from Tutberidze: I wanted more drama and a powerful lyrical hero. As a result, in the summer of 2015, Lipnitskaya left for the United States, where Marina Zueva prepared three programs for her at once (short, arbitrary and indicative number). All expenses associated with the flight, accommodation and work of the coaches were taken by Petr Makarenko.

“It offends me when they say,“ Well, what are you, it’s not interesting, ”Tutberidze noted in an interview with Match TV. - I feel that it would be good, probably I was not mistaken in Schindler's List and Do Not Renounce Loving (the programs with which Lipnitskaya spoke in Sochi).

Upon returning from the United States to Russia, Lipnitskaya spent most of the time working with the group’s second coach, Sergei Dudakov. It was he who went to the Grand Prix stage in Bordeaux, where Julia for the first time in a long time skated the short program without any breakdowns. According to Eteri Tutberidze, she was informed by a call from above that in France it would be Dudakov next to Julia.

“In the past two years it has been like a game: I had to, in the circumstances proposed - how much I received Julia - try to prepare her for this or that competition. Suppose she doesn’t go to me for general medical care because she began to go to another specialist whom I didn’t see, I don’t even know what they are doing there, ”Tutberidze noted.

Julia answered this with the remark that in the Tutberidze group there was no organized work on the physical fitness area at all - only the new trainer found the underdevelopment of the muscular corset and weakness of the legs.

The physiotherapist who worked with Lipnitskaya in the summer of 2015 (that is, on the eve of the final break with Tutberidze), said that at that moment Julia was overtrained: “It was impossible to predict recovery from stress according to the state of all body systems.”

Including this explains the poor performance.

Around the same time, a man began to call Julia and Daniele Lipnitskaya. He lives in Israel, during the Sochi Olympics he saw the skater on TV and allegedly felt his own blood. Going into Google, he only reinforced this feeling: Julia’s mom turned out to be the same Daniela with whom he met in the nineties in Yekaterinburg.

Vyacheslav - as the man seems to be - became the hero of the "Male / Female" program on Channel One, which is led by Alexander Gordon and Andrei Arshavin's ex-wife Julia Baranovskaya. He said that Daniela Lipnitskaya is against any communication.

The producers of the "First" brought Vyacheslav to Moscow - and he and the cameraman walked to those areas where in the past they rented apartments of Julia and Daniela. All attempts to find the Lipnitsky were unsuccessful. Vyacheslav even glanced at the rink, where Julia had trained before, but obviously did not take into account that the last time she came there was about 2 years ago.

Julia reacted as harshly as possible: “A man who dares to call himself my father wanders in different programs. This person is an outright scammer. Even if he is namesake, then you do not need to customize the solution to the answer. And what he was talking about me - I just want to gag into his mouth. It’s impossible to listen to this! As for my father, I know very well who he is and where he lives. Therefore, I warn: if such cases recur, my “dad or relatives” will appear on the channels, obsessed with the desire to promote at my expense, then we will meet with them in court. ”

Vyacheslav responded with a statement of readiness to undergo a DNA test.


In November 2015, Lipnitskaya officially left Tutberidze to Alexei Urmanov, who moved from St. Petersburg to Sochi. There were still no other strong coaches who were not busy working with competitors in figure skating. It is important to take into account that after the Sochi Olympics, the competition in women's skating became unbelievable: Medvedev, Pogorilaya and Radionova became leaders and, while Lipnitskaya struggled with internal problems, made their programs more powerful.

The main reason for the transfer according to Tutberidze’s version: “Julia is very driven. Everything that mom said was the way it was done ”(quote from Match TV broadcast). It should be noted that the coach herself allowed Daniele Lipnitskaya to always be there - later this turned into an intervention in the work.

The main reason according to the version of Lipnitskaya’s entourage: an attentive and technical trainer was required, the main plus was working in a calm environment far from Moscow.

All costs associated with living in Sochi, again assumed the responsibility of Petr Makarenko. He paid for apartments near the Olympic Park, and food.

By that time, Lipnitskaya was overweight. According to a source surrounded by the skater, a rapid set of extra pounds was triggered by hormonal problems. This is indirectly confirmed by the words of Julia herself: “I used to think that the phrase“ getting better from the air ”is just such a turn of speech, but what happened to me reflect these words best of all. "I put a spoonful of honey in tea - get a kilogram from above."

According to coach Alexander Zhulin, at that moment Lipnitskaya lost her “phenomenal rotation” when jumping and began to intensively lose weight. She refused many products and after a few months already jumped out of old dresses. In February 2016, after the final of the Russian Cup in Saransk, Julia said: “In general, she drowned in blue”, “Black is already free, although it has already been sewn under the Russian championship.”

At first, this seemed like a cool sign: Lipnitskaya throws off unnecessary things, takes on form, hones her technique. “The jump got higher. Previously, I was very pinched in the air, and now a raised hand helps to maintain rotation, not to bend, ”Lipnitskaya said.

But later, active weight loss became a problem. Due to the old psychological trauma and new constant restrictions, Julia appeared a barrier to food. By the end of 2016, doctors revealed anorexia (the psychological type is when a person deliberately restricts himself in food, and then this develops into an obsession).

The last and scariest example of anorexia in Russian sports was the figure skater Yulia Antipova. She paired with Nodari Maysuradze and blamed her coach Natalya Pavlova for the disease: she allegedly monitored all the skater's meals and recorded every gram, while her partner constantly complained about Julia's severity. The trainer said that this is nonsense, as she simply demanded that the athlete lose 6 extra pounds and did not provoke her to radical methods.

Antipova weighed 24 kilograms, refused food and could hardly move - in this state, she was sent to an Israeli clinic. There, the skater again learned to eat 6 times a day, mainly protein foods were included in the diet: cottage cheese, yoghurts, eggs, tuna, chicken meatballs. The entire course of treatment cost more than 200 thousand dollars (now Antipova is completely healthy, you can verify this on her instagram).

Lipnitskaya also experienced something similar. In January 2017, she also flew to Israel, 3-month treatment was paid by Petr Makarenko. According to the representative of Telesport, the owner of the company was “help from person to person”. Makarenko himself declined to comment on the situation: “Even if I did something, I won’t tell you about it.”

All 2016, Lipnitskaya tried to return to the fight. And although there was already no chance of getting into the Grand Prix finals, on November 5th she still entered the Moscow stage to remind her of her update and prepare for the new year.

It turned out to be her last hire.

Anorexia was approaching - not just breaking all the movements, but already affecting the general power. “When you are too thin, you have no muscle strength. You simply are not able to jump and understand anything, ”said coach Alexander Zhulin.

It seems that this was precisely what Lipnitskaya faced. In the short program, she was dizzy. At the warm-up before an arbitrary, she brought her foot down - Alexei Urmanov intensively massaged her muscles before going out onto the ice, but this did not save either. At around 3 minutes 8 seconds, Julia stopped the program: her right leg practically did not obey. “There she is, thinness. Here it is, without salt, ”Tatyana Tarasova lamented on television.

It is symbolic that even in the last hire Lipnitskaya did not give up. She nevertheless rolled out and finished arbitrary - from those very 3:08, where everything broke off. Julia fell when landing with a jump, lost 6 points and took last place.

All the fans who were taken close-up television cameras sobbed. Lipnitskaya herself could hardly hold back her tears, twitching a scarf and a soft toy in anticipation of grades.

And then she went home, put the skates in the closet - and no longer put them on.

Almost a year later, on September 12, 2017, Julia said: “I am no longer drawn to the ice. That’s the whole story. ”

Personal life

With a move to Sochi, where an athlete is now training under the leadership of Alexei Urmanov, there have also been changes in the personal life of Yulia Lipnitskaya. The girl escaped from the custody of her mother and, as can be seen from the photos on the page on Instagram, now has time not only to prepare for further games, but also to relax.

Julia Lipnitskaya

17-year-old Julia spent time with her colleague Vladislav Tarasenko when he came to Sochi. According to media reports, the young athlete also wants to change the place of training and move to the southern city.

At the end of 2015, information appeared on the Web about the affair of the young figure skater with the athlete Moris Kvitelashvili. With a young man, Julia was introduced by a girlfriend - figure skater Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, world champion in 2015.

Training in Sochi, Yulia Lipnitskaya mastered the technique of visage, graduating from the Make-up ART Stylish beauty school. This skill is necessary for professional skaters to prepare for competitions on their own.

Julia Lipnitskaya on a horse

At home, the athlete has a cat Chop and Spitz Peach, which the girl gave fans. Lipnitskaya also does not miss the opportunity to ride horses - the athlete loves devoted animals from childhood.

We thought Julia Lipnitskaya skater, and she is a ninja

Seventeen-year-old Julia Lipnitskaya does not rest even in the summer and is preparing for the new season. The skater is set for victory and is hard at work not only at the rink, but also at home and even on the street. On the street she moves on a bicycle, and even furniture at home can serve as an object for training. And all in order to maintain his form for new victories.

Julia Lipnitskaya today

In early 2016, Lipnitskaya performed at the Russian Championship, where she took third place, in February 2016, Julia received silver in the final of the Russian Cup, held in the city of Saransk. Good luck smiled at the skater in March 2016. Julia Lipnitskaya won a gold medal in Innsbruck, Austria, at the Tyrol Cup.

But then again an annoying dark streak followed. In the pre-Olympic season in Bratislava at the Nepel Memorial, the performance of the Russian woman was not entirely successful. Having received the maximum number of points in a short program, the skater completed an arbitrary program with blots. As a result, the girl took 2nd place.

In October, it became known that Julia Lipnitskaya would not take part in the Grand Prix series in Chicago: the girl had an old back injury. Due to pain, the skater skated the program at the Rostelecom Cup, which took place in the fall in Moscow, with a long stop, as a result of which she lost points and became the twelfth in the list of participants. Collectively, it was decided to suspend Julia's sports career to restore health.

In the spring of 2017, in the closed account of Lipnitskaya on the Instagram network, new photos of the girl appeared, on which it was clearly noticeable that the girl was getting fat. Rumors about the pregnancy of Julia began to spread on the Web. In the comments, the girl categorically rejected fan speculation. As it turned out later, the skater gained weight after treatment.

On August 28, 2017, the mother of the athlete announced that Julia Lipnitskaya had completed her sports career. The 19-year-old skater made this difficult decision immediately upon arrival from Europe, where the girl was undergoing treatment for anorexia.

The famous figure skater Tatyana Navka commented on the latest news about the decision of Lipnitskaya, saying that there must be good reason for this. In support of Julia’s choice, coach Alexei Mishin and skater Evgeni Plushenko, who do not lose confidence that the athlete will return to the big sport with renewed vigor, have spoken.

Olympic champion in figure skating Yulia Lipnitskaya

Now Julia Lipnitskaya and her mother are arranging a new apartment in the south-west of Moscow in the Rasskazovo residential complex, which the athlete received as a gift from the founders of the Sezar Group holding.

Julia Lipnitskaya is no longer a girl

Julia Lipnitskaya radically changes her appearance. The Olympic champion no longer wants to be a girl, but wants to be a girl. And in all new programs, Julia will appear as an adult. Such a transformation was facilitated by Marina Zueva, a figure skating coach-choreographer, who decided to emphasize the girl's femininity.

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