Martin, Steve


NameSteve Martin
Date of BirthAugust 14, 1945
Place of BirthWaco Texas
Zodiac signa lion
Height1.83 m
Weight91 kg
Hair colorGray-haired
Eye colorGray
OccupationActor, screenwriter, producer, writer
Family statusMarried, have a child

Stand up comedian

Stephen Glen Martin was born on August 14, 1945 in Texas in a poor family. The father's name was Glen Vernon Martin, and his mother was Mary Lee. His childhood passed in Southern California. At 10, he moonlighted at tennis courts at Disneylandselling travel guides. Then, having got used to it, he showed the tricks that he had learned at the Magic Shop, and strummed on the banjo. He also delivered newspapers, was a loader and a handyman.

Young Steve Martin

After graduating from school, Steve went to college, comprehending English literature and stage play. He then entered the Philosophy Department of the University of California at Long Beach, but dropped out at age 21. He realized that his true calling was to make people laugh. Martin begins to act in clubs as a stand-up comedian and seeks the favor of the public.

Screenwriter & Actor

Steve Martin is one of the few actors who began his career in show business on the other side of the camera. After the stand-up, he wrote scripts for the humorous programs of the Smothers brothers. At the end of the 60s, Martin was awarded an Emmy for this work. He was 23 years old. In the 70s, he tried himself as an actor and host.

And a smile, without a doubt, suddenly touch your eyes

Having achieved success on television, Steve decided to try his luck in the movies. He acted as screenwriter and actor in the short film The Scattered Waiter (1977). He then appeared in a small role in Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club. The film was dedicated to the legendary Beatles.

Steve Martin's trademark is gray hair. The hair of the actor turned white when he was a little over thirty.

Early work

In 1979, the comedian began to collaborate with director Karl Reiner. Their creative union was successful and brought Martin fame. The first sign was the supersuccessful comedy "Dork" (1979) about the adoptive son of a black couplewho found out the truth about his origin and went to conquer a big city. Then came such popular Rainer films as the parody Dead Dead Do Not Wear (1982), the black comedy Brains On One (1983) and the hilarious story about the transmigration of souls “All of Me” (1984).

But the gangster painting "Pennies from the Sky" (1981) was almost forgotten. Then Steve gets another major role in the lyrical comedy (Lonely Guy, 1984). His hero writes a book about his emotional experiences on a love front. As a result, he turns out to be a real bestseller.

In the 80s, Martin worked in the famous comedy show Saturday Night Live.

Best Roles

In 1986, Martin dressed up in a Mexican sombrero in the sitcom Three Amigos and became a vicious motorcycle dentist in the fancy Shop of Horrors. The following year, he creates the script for the film "Roxanne", where he also plays the main role. The touching love story of the beauty heroine Daryl Hannah and her overly nosed gentleman was a considerable success. For his screenplay, Martin received an award from the Writers Guild of America, and for his acting skills he was awarded the Los Angeles Cinema Association of Critics. If as an actor Martin appeared mainly in sitcoms, then in the status of a screenwriter he gravitated to melodramas.


In 1987, the comedian starred in the famous road comedy "Airplane, Train, Machine" about an unbearable companion. Martin broadens his image of a weird but good-natured guy by playing a sneak in Frank Oz's Inveterate Scammers in 1988. The comedy about the confrontation of two marriage scams became a cult.

Producers persistently see in Martin a successful businessman in a suit

A year later, the actor appears in the large “Parents” of Ron Howard (1989), where young Keanu Reeves and Joaquin Phoenix also played.

In 1988, Steve Martin made his Broadway debut in Beckett's absurd play, Waiting for Godot.

Father of the bride

In the nineties, Steve Martin’s affairs were no worse than in the eighties, although sometimes his roles seemed to be self-repeating. In 1990, he played a criminal in re-education in My Blue Skies. In 1991, the comedian produced his first film, Los Angeles Story, with Sarah-Jessica Parker.

One wedding equals two fires

One of the most successful films with Steve Martin was the bustling comedy Father of the Bridewhere he played George Banks, going through all the horrors of preparing for the wedding of his beloved daughter. In 1995, a sequel to this picture was released, for participation in which Martin was nominated for the Golden Globe.

Goldie and I - this is a turn

In addition, the actor appeared in the film almanac "Grand Canyon" (1991), departing from his favorite comedy genre. 1992 was marked by the first duet with the brilliant Goldie Hawn in "Housewife." Later they will play together in the film "Arrivals" (1999). Then Martin is dressed up in a sequin-streaked jacket in The Power of Faith (1992) about a fake preacher who has taken the true path.

Cool guy

Two years later, the actor played the robbed numismatist in Turn of Fate (1994). Having lost a collection of expensive coins, in return our hero acquires the meaning of life in the form of a little fidget falling on his head. Then, in the filmography of Martin, a rather sad Christmas film “Absolutely Crazy” by Nora Efron appears, where we are talking about the line of trust for suicides, which they intend to close right on holidays.

Will we play?

In 1996, Martin perfected his more than once used image of rogues in the exuberant comedy "Sergeant Bilko" about a dishonest military man who arranged for an underground casino in the service. He also played the unfortunate director who planned to shoot a blockbuster with a star (Eddie Murphy) without the knowledge of a star in “Cool Guy”, aka “Bofinger” (1999).

Films Zero

In the new millennium, the comedian began to slow down little by little. In 2001, he played a dentist in the detective comedy Novocain by David Atkins. In the story, after the visit of the mysterious client (Helena Bonham-Carter) everything goes awry. Comedy “House Upside Down” (2003), where the respectable Martin was torn by Queen Latif, was grossing box office success, as was the fun film “Wholesale Cheaper”. Here Steve again played the proven role of the father of a large family. By the way, in real life, the actor became a dad only at the age of 67.

In 2003, the actor led the Oscars.

One of the best films of this period was the subtle melodrama "Saleswoman" (2005), written by Steve Martin himself. The heroine Claire Danes can not choose between an exquisite businessman (Martin) and a young sloven (Jason Schwartzman).

Would you like to see my collection of stamps?

Last roles

Demand for Steve Martin began to fall after the release of the “Pink Panther” (2006) parody with Jean Reno and singer Beyonce, which then had not yet managed to become the main pop diva of the planet. The comedian played the unlucky inspector Clouseau, who does not see beyond his nose. This image was so superficial and vulgar that for the second part of the Pink Panther, the actor was nominated for Golden Raspberry in 2010.

Sea figure, freeze!

However, for the role in the series about the scriptwriters "Studio 30" with the famous comedian Tina Fey Martina was included in the list of candidates for "Emmy"so it's not so bad. In addition, the romantic comedy with a love triangle Meryl Streep - Alec Baldwin - Steve Martin “Simple Difficulties” (2009) was not only an impressive commercial success, but also positive reviews from critics.

In 2009, Steve Martin presented to the public his country album The Crow: New Songs for the 5-String Banjo, which received a special Grammy Award.

And I dedicate this song to Rainer

The last comedian role to date is retired businessman Stu in the comedy about big year amateur ornithologists in 2011. Jack Black and Owen Wilson also took part in the film.

Attention, now a bird will fly!

Personal life

Steve has repeatedly found his love right on the set. In the late 70s, his lover was Bernadette Peters, with whom he played together in his first successful film "The moron."

Steve Martin is not only a screenwriter, but also a successful writer. He publishes novels, short stories and plays. One of them, Picasso in The Agile Rabbit (1993), was set up on Broadway. And Martin's autobiography was noted in 2007 by Time magazine as one of the best in this genre.

At one time, an impressive actor married his colleague, British Victoria Tennant. Together they starred in the films "All of Me" and "Los Angeles Story." The marriage lasted 6 years. Then Martin met the intellectual Anna Stringfield, they officially registered the relationship in 2007.The writer gave birth to his first child in December 2012when she herself was just over forty. Steve Martin carefully preserves family happiness and does not tell the press anything about his personal life, so the name of the child and his gender are a mystery.

Steve Martin and Anna Stringfield


Steve Martin was born in Waco (Texas, USA) on August 14, 1945. As a teenager, an actor working part time at Disneyland tennis parks entertained visitors with various tricks and playing the banjo. Steve is educated at the University of California. For some time, the actor studied philosophy, but success in this field, to the delight of the fans, did not reach. One fine day, the actor realizes that it is comedy that is the work of his whole life. He takes his first steps in this direction, speaking in various clubs as a comic actor in the conversational genre. In this direction, Martin is making significant progress, two of his comedy albums A Wild and Crazy Guy and Let's Get Small receive the Grammy Award.

In the movie, Martin makes his debut at the same time as an actor and screenwriter in the short film The Scattered Waiter (1977), which was nominated for an Academy Award. In addition, in 1979, he, as an actor and one of the co-authors of the script, takes part in the work on the film “The moron” (1979). In 1981 he plays in the comedy Pennies from the Sky (1981) with Bernadette Peters. The picture was directed by the famous director and choreographer Herbert Ross. He is very popular with the collaboration with director Karl Reiner in the films Dead Do Not Wear Plaids (1982), All Me (1984) and Brains On One (1983). In most of these tapes, he took part as a screenwriter.

He plays the main role in the next film, shot according to his script, written on the basis of the play by E. Rostan “Cyrano de Bergerac” - “Roxanne” (1987). This picture brings Steve not only the love of the audience, but also an award from the Writers Guild of America for the best screenplay and an award from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association for the best role. Among other things, Martin was also the executive producer of the picture.

In 1988, Frank Oz’s popular film, Otpitnye Scammers, featuring Martin and Michael Kane, who made the actor an excellent couple, was released on the screens. With the other popular comedian John Candy, he starred in the sparkling comedy “Airplane, Train and Car” in 1987, and in 1989 in the family comedy “Parents” he works on the same set with Diana West, Mary Steenburgen and Rick Moranis.

In 1991, the film “Los Angeles Story” was released, in which Martin again appeared simultaneously as an actor, screenwriter and executive producer. Over the next two years, three more films will be released with his participation: “Grand Canyon” (1991), “Father of the Bride” (1991) and “Mistress of the House” (1992), for the role in the last two films, the actor receives an audience award.

For the role in the second part of the sensational picture - "Father of the Bride 2" (1995) - Steve is nominated for a Golden Globe. In 1999, along with Eddie Murphy plays in Frank Oz's film "Cool Boy."

In the 2000s, Martin starred in both author's and intellectual cinema, as well as in the comedies House Upside Down, Wholesale Cheaper, and Pink Panther, which had huge commercial success.

In 2001, 2003 and 2010, he hosted the Academy Award Ceremony.

Later, the most notable premieres with the participation of the actor were “The Secret of Joe Gould” (2000), “Saleswoman” (2005) and “Oh, Mummies” (2008). In 2007 he was awarded the Kennedy Prize. In 2009, two more works of the actor appeared on the screen: “Simple Difficulties” and “Pink Panther 2”. In 2011, the movie "Big Year" was released, where he played along with Jack Black and Owen Wilson.

Youth. Beginning of Steve Martin's career

The remarkable American comedian Stephen Glenn Martin, better known as Steve, was born on August 14, 1945 in the small town of Waco in Texas. The childhood of the future actor was not easy - Steve's family was not rich, and as a teenager, Martin began to provide for himself, working as a peddler, a loader, and a laborer. In the sixties, the guy became interested in cinema. He wrote television scripts, composed dialogues for comedy television shows.

Over time, the talented comic screenwriter was noticed by the famous Smothers brothers and invited him to write scripts for their show “Comedy Hour”. Among the scriptwriters, Martin gained fame - for his scripts he was awarded the prestigious Emmy television prize. In parallel with writing scripts, Steve studied art criticism and tried to appear as a comedian in humorous television shows.

Beginning of Steve Martin's film career

He made his film debut in the mid-seventies in episodic, inconspicuous roles in the films "Johnny Cash and His Friends", "The Scattered Waiter", "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Orchestra." In the last film, Martin played the temperamental role of Dr. Edison. This picture is perhaps the first in which Steve's multifaceted acting talent began to unfold.

After the "Club of Lonely Hearts ..." the novice actor and part-time professional screenwriter was noticed by director Karl Rainer, who offered Steve a collaboration that resulted in Martin writing four scripts of four films, in each of which Martin played quite prominent, large roles. In fact, it was Rainer who opened the viewer to a new Hollywood star - Steve Martin.

Steve Martin in the eighties

In the eighties, viewers saw new, no less successful acting works by Steve Martin: the irresistible Larry in “The Lonely Guy”, the insidious Fabio in “Pushers and Scammers”. This was followed by small, but vivid, memorable roles for the audience in “The Shop of Horrors” (Austin Scrivello), “Three Amigo” (Lucky), “Roxanne” (the role of C. Di Bales unusual for the actor), “Airplane, train, car” (fidget Neil Page). In 1989, Martin played a great role as the father of the family in the comedy “Parents” of the talented director Ron Howard. Again, the star cast worked on the same platform with Martin: Denis Dugan, Diane Uist, Mary Steenbergen.

Diverse roles were always given to Martin easily and naturally - it seemed he could get used to any image. Once again, it was proved by the movie “Otpetye scammers”. In Frank Oz's crime comedy, Steve appeared in front of the viewer as a dirty and disgusting bastard, the main character of the film Freddy Benson. The following work, in contrast to the previous one, clearly characterized Martin as a melodramatic actor - he worked wonderfully in this role in the Herbert Ross film “My Blue Skies”, playing surprisingly harmoniously in collaboration with Rick Moranis and Joana Cusack.


In the early nineties, Martin played a number of small but vivid roles in the Grand Canyon, Father of the Bride.Another major work is the sweet melodrama Los Angeles Story, where the actor got the main role of Harris Telemacher, a comedian on television who specializes in parody of weather forecasts and who suffers from an unrequited love for the charming British journalist Sarah (Victoria Tennan).

The plots and mastery of Martin's acting in these tapes raised Martin's popularity to, as they say, sky-high heights. At the same time, the filmography of the actor was replenished with several works in which new facets of his stage skills were revealed. Martin managed to play surprisingly reliably and truthfully both the serious Newton Davis (“The Mistress of the House”), the moral Nightingale in “The Force of the Wind”, and the strange, detached Brother in the comedy melodrama “Virus” (1993).

In 1994, Martin worked simultaneously on three film sets - in The Absolutely Wacky, Turn of Fate, and Father of the Bride-2. The following films were no less successful - "Sergeant Bilco", "Spanish Prisoner", "Arrivals", "Cool guy."

Steve Martin in the 2000s

A major milestone in the filmography of the actor was the work in the film "Saleswoman". The shocking melodrama-movie-potpourri, in which sixty-year-old Martin brilliantly succeeded in the role of a sexy dad, made a splash among admirers of the talent of the magnificent actor.

In 2006, Steve Martin starred in the Pink Panther project, playing the role of Inspector Clouseau. Followed by “Oh Mummies” by Michael McCullers, “Pink Panther-2.”

Filmography of the actor and Star Trek

After school, Steve Martin studied English poetry and acting in college. At the same time he participated in various theatrical productions. After some time, Martin met a novice actress Stormy Sherk, with whom he began an affair. It was she who prompted Martin to enter the University of California at a philosophy course. Steve, inspired by lectures on philosophy, decided to get the title of professor and abandon the career of an actor-comedian. However, at the age of 21, he drops out of school, as he realizes that it is comedy that is the work of his life.

Steve Martin began working in the stand-up genre in various clubs. In 1967, Steve, with the help of friends, got a job as a writer on the famous television show “The Comedy Hour of the Smothers Brothers”. Just two years later, at 23, Steve Martin received an Emmy Award for the comedy texts for the show.

However, Steve Martin's cherished dream was to get into the cinema. He got his first role in 1977 in the short film The Scattered Waiter. The script for the seven-minute film Martin wrote himself. This picture was nominated for an Oscar. In 1979, Steve Martin again acted as screenwriter and actor in the movie "The moron." The work was an overwhelming success: the film raised more than $ 100 million at the box office with a budget of only $ 4 million.

In 1987, Steve plays a major role in the movie "Roxanne", which was filmed according to his script. This picture brings Steve not only the love of the audience, but also an award from the US Writers Guild for the best screenplay and an award from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association for the best role.

For the role in the second part of the sensational film "Father of the Bride," Steve is nominated for a Golden Globe.

In the 1990s, Steve Martin became interested in writing. In 1993, he wrote his first play about the artist Pablo Picasso. The production took place in one of the theaters in Chicago, later performances were held in Los Angeles and New York. In 2007, Steve Martin published his memoirs, which TIME magazine called one of the best autobiographical books.

Throughout his life, Steve Martin was fond of playing the banjo. In 2002, he received a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Country Performance. In 2009, Steve Martin released his musical album The Crow: New Songs for the 5-String Banjo, which was awarded a Grammy jury in the nomination for “Best Bluegrass Album”.

And in 2010, Steve Martin established his own award for achievements in bluegrass and banjo. The prize winners are awarded $ 50,000 in cash, as well as a bronze figurine and the opportunity to speak with Steve at any event.

Childhood and youth

Stephen Glenn (Steve) Martin (full name of the actor) was born on August 14, 1945 in the provincial town of Waco in the southern United States (Texas), but his childhood passed in Southern California. The future actor grew up and was brought up in a poor religious family, his parents professed Baptism, so Mr. Glen Vernon Martin and Mrs. Mary Lee held weekly services every Sunday, and also participated in meetings at which they prayed and discussed the Bible.

Actor Steve Martin

Steve's father was not far from creativity, for example, during the Second World War in the United Kingdom, he played in the production of "Our City" together with Raymond Massey. However, his further career in the theater field failed. The actor recalled that Martin Sr. was severe, unemotional, extremely proud and critical of his son. And, although he gave the offspring gifts, the relationship between Glen and Steve went wrong: as a teenager, the future artist did not like his father.

Steve Martin in his youth

Since the Martin family did not live in luxury, young Steve had to make money with his own hands: the young man worked in the Disneyland amusement park, where he served tennis balls, and also entertained passers-by with tricks and playing the banjo string instrument. In addition, he worked part time as a loader and a postman: before classes at school, the future actor was delivering morning newspapers.

Steve Martin with a banjo

After graduating from a general education institution, Steve enters the University of California, where he studies philosophy. Perhaps in the future Martin would recite the works of Descartes or tell students about the general principles of John Locke's worldview, but to the delight of avid moviegoers this did not happen: Martin did not work out with a special form of cognition of the world.

Steve Martin in childhood and adolescence

Stephen thought about acting future by chance: the idea that he would become a successful comedian hit Martin, like thunder in the blue. Therefore, the young man began to realize artistic talent, acting as a standuper in front of a live audience on the stages of clubs and pubs. By the way, another famous American actor Michael Keaton began his creative biography in the same way. Later, Martin admitted that he drew inspiration from the works of other comedians: Charlie Chaplin, Jack Benny, Steve Allen, etc.

Comedian Steve Martin

In the 1960s, the actor began to get involved in cinema: he wrote scripts, and also composed various dialogs and skits for comedy shows. And, of course, the gifted guy was noticed by television producers who invited Stephen to the position of screenwriter for the comedy television program "Hour of Comedy with Sonny and Cher." The future actor has achieved significant success in this field, and for two albums (“Crazy Guy” and “Let's Do Some”), he won the prestigious American Grammy Award.

Steve Martin now

In 2016, Steve Martin, along with Kristen Stewart, Joe Alvin, Chris Tucker and Vin Diesel, played in the military drama “Billy Lynn's Long Journey in the Break of a Football Match”.

Steve Martin in 2017

It is noteworthy that this is the second film in Martin’s career, the plot of which is related to Thanksgiving (before that, in 1987, he played in the film “By Air, Train, Car”).


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