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Kravtseva Maria Vitalievna (nickname - MaryKa, born February 22, 1985) - Russian TV presenter, clothing designer, former Russian top model.


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Maria Kravtsova was born on February 22, 1985 in Moscow. Graduated from the Russian State University for the Humanities with a degree in PR.

As expected, Masha studied at a comprehensive school, always faithfully doing homework. When Masha was 12 years old, her mother sent her to Vyacheslav Zaitsev's model school. Zaitsev immediately discerned talent in the girl and left to engage in an adult model school for free.

At the age of 15, Maria graduated from the 9th grade, passed the 10th and 11th externally and completely devoted herself to the modeling business. Thanks to hard work, Masha’s career began to grow markedly. The first cover of Cool Girl magazine was 13 years old, then Peasant Woman, Oops!, Fit for Fun, then Harper's Bazaar, Playboy, XXL, FHM and others. Filming in video clips of popular artists, such as Hands Up - “18 Me Already”, filming in commercials, Coca Cola, 7 Up, M & Ms, Samsung, Snow Queen, Sports Master and many others. Not a single show at Fashion Week in Moscow was complete without the participation of model Masha Kravtsova. At the age of 16, Maria Kravtsova receives the title of 1st Vice-Miss Moscow-2001, takes part in many competitions, including the prestigious international-level competition Super Model of the World, in which when Some super-models such as Cindy Crawford, Stephanie Seymour, Linda Evangelista, Karen Mulder, Adriana Lima took part. Since 2001, Masha Kravtsova is the representative of the largest modeling agencies in Moscow, President, Point, Modus Vivendi’s, the legendary Red Stars. In 2002, Masha was nominated for the Ovation 2002 Award as the Best Model of the Year. From the same year to this day, Maria Kravtsova has been included in the "Top 100 Most Beautiful People of Moscow". Since 2002, Maria Kravtsova has been called one of the few Russian super-models.

Having achieved success in the modeling business, Masha began to look for something new. In 2005, Maria Kravtsova successfully debuted on MTV Russia as the leading music hit parade Euro-top 20 under the pseudonym MariK (short for MARIA KravtsA). The career of the model is gradually fading into the background, MariKi has more and more new programs on MTV. During her work on MTV, Maria Kravtsova conducted programs: “Elementary Sex”, “Night Flirt”, “Five in the Separation”, “Style Guide”, “Baboon Riot” and others. In 2010, she returned to MTV and hosted the Shopaholics program.

In 2007, Maria Kravtsova became the host of the show "Dancing without rules" on the TNT channel. In autumn 2007, Maria Kravtsova appears as a clothing designer, under her own brand “Masha Kravtsova”, releasing her first collection as part of Fashion Week in Moscow under the title “Yes .. Yes .. Yes .. More!” (Spring-summer 2008 season ) In the spring of 2008, Masha Kravtsova presents her second collection of clothes as part of the Russian Fashion Week fall-winter 2008-2009 season under the name ZiMarika. At the moment, Masha Kravtsova presented 4 of her clothing collections, the fifth is ready.

At the end of 2008, Masha Kravtsova won first place in the contest "Star Miss Russia". Now Masha Kravtsova is a TV presenter and designer, she also managed to try herself as an actress, starring in the television series "Kamenskaya", the series "Club", and in "The Best Movie", which did not bring her popularity.

Photo: Maria Kravtsova

Childhood Maria Kravtsova. Young model

Maria Kravtsova was born in Moscow. At three years old, the girl had to survive the divorce of her parents. My father came from a family, but my mother was never able to find a new man, investing all her strength and resources into her daughter. Whoever she did not work to provide her daughter with all the best: a hairdresser, a nurse serving in the district executive committee — such a load seriously undermined the woman’s health, but she did not give up.

Taking an example from her mother, Maria from an early age tried to take all the fruits from the tree of life. The girl was engaged in a dance studio, went to a music school, studied drawing and burning. It was hard to imagine how such a young person finds time and energy for numerous hobbies.

From childhood, Maria dreamed of defiling on the catwalk in bright outfits. As a rule, parents often oppose this desire, but Maria’s mother supported her daughter, did not dissuade and fear, and as a result led the 13-year-old daughter to a casting in the school of Vyacheslav Zaitsev models.

Throughout her student years, Maria starred in a number of commercials from well-known brands, as well as in Sergei Zhukov's clip “18 to me already”. In 2005, she became the host of the MTV Euro Top 20 music program. The television debut was successful - subsequently the model hosted such shows as “Style Guide”, “Five in isolation”, “Night Flirt”, “Elementary Sex”, “Baboon Riot”, “Shopaholic”, “Dancing Without Rules” and many others .

Having experienced the delight of playing on camera, she decided to learn acting. The beauty was quickly invited to episodic roles in the series “Kamenskaya”, “Club”, “Island of Luck”, as well as in the films “The Best Movie” and “8 First Dates”.

Marika Kravtsova: biography, childhood

Born in Moscow in 1985 on February 22. Her real name is Maria. According to the horoscope, she is Pisces. When our heroine was 3 years old, her parents divorced. Father quickly found another woman and started a family with her. Mom raised Masha alone. The woman disappeared from work from morning until late in the evening to ensure a decent life for her daughter. For several years, her mother changed several professions. She was a hairdresser, a nurse in one of the capital’s hospitals and an employee of the district executive committee.

Masha grew up an active and smart child. From the age of 7 she attended a music school and dance studio. And the girl herself enrolled in a circle of drawing and burning on wood. Our heroine took an example from her mother and tried to keep up with everything.

From an early age, Masha Kravtsova dreamed of a modeling career. At home, she put on her best clothes and defiled them on an imaginary catwalk. At 13, her cherished dream came true. Mom took her to the casting in the school of models of V. Zaitsev. The competition was great - more than 10 people per place. But Masha was able to pleasantly surprise the famous fashion designer. Vyacheslav Zaitsev appreciated her spectacular appearance, natural charm and high intelligence.

Modeling career

A teenage girl had to combine her studies at school, classes in circles and a dance studio with participation in fashion shows and photo shoots. But she was not going to abandon her goals.

In 2001, Maria Kravtsova won the title of Vice-Miss Moscow. After that, Russian and foreign modeling agencies literally overwhelmed her with offers of cooperation. She agreed with some of them. At various times, Masha collaborated with the following agencies - Modus Vivendis, Red Stars and President. Not a single fashion show in Moscow took place without her participation. Her photographs adorned the covers of various glossy publications (first Oops! And Fit for Fun, and after 18 years of Harper's Bazaar, Playboy, XXL and FHM).

Kravtsova often traveled abroad. She went on the catwalk with legends such as Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista and Andrian Lim.

Acting and television

Masha passed the program for grades 10-11 externally. After all, combining studies and modeling career was difficult. Kravtsova has a university degree in PR (public relations). The girl graduated from the RSUH.

In her student days, she participated in the filming of commercials. And the young beauty appeared in the video of Sergey Zhukov to his popular song “18 to me already”.

In 2005, Marika Kravtsova received the position of host of the musical program MTV Euro Top 20. She confidently stayed in the frame. Many viewers fell in love with her for her competent speech and a dazzling smile.

Until 2007, our heroine collaborated with MTV, conducted such programs as Style Guide, Night Flirt, Babi Riot and others. Then, representatives of the TNT channel made her an interesting proposal. It was Marika who they saw in the role of the leading project, "Dancing without rules." And Kravtsova agreed to cooperate. In 2010, the beauty returned to MTV.

As for Masha’s film career, she began in 2003. In the detective "Kamenskaya-3" she got a small role - the mother of "Joker". In the period from 2006 to 2007, Marika played herself in the comedy “Hello, I’m your dad!” And the series “Club” (seasons 1 and 3).

Kravtsova took part in the dubbing of the cartoon "Visit the Robinsons." One character spoke in her voice - Aunt Billy. The model and TV presenter also appeared in four Russian comedies - Plato, Lucky Island, 8 First Dates and The Best Movie.

Podium and TV

Understanding that you won’t walk on the catwalk all your life, Maria Kravtsova was looking for a new use for herself. She makes her debut as a host on one of the TV channels and appears before the audience under the unusual pseudonym MariK, which she willy-nilly had to choose in order to be different from the other Masha who worked with her. At first, Marik did not like the word, neither friends nor acquaintances of the girl, but then everyone got used to it. A television career for Kravtsova was also successful.

Despite the fact that she hosted many programs, among which there was one called “Elementary Sex”, as well as entertainment shows, Kravtsova did not think so. She said that she wants to try herself in a new role - a clothing designer.

Maria succeeded in everything, no matter what she undertook. The idea of ​​becoming a trendsetter was very bold with minimal chances of success. But for Kravtsova there are no barriers, and she takes up a new business. And although initially this step looked like a complete gamble, but everything went well. The TV presenter attracted even more attention. Then she will have many more collections and her own brand.

The broad creative nature of Kravtsova pulled her into the cinema. She starred in several small roles, among which there is the famous series "Kamenskaya". In one of the films she even played a prostitute. However, acting did not bring her either fame or popularity, and Maria continued to realize herself in other activities.

Clothes designer

At the end of 2007, Marika registered her personal clothing brand Masha Kravtsova. After that, the girl began to implement design ideas. In the spring of 2008, her first line of fashionable outfits appeared on the shelves of Moscow boutiques - “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yet!". Currently, she has released 8 collections of women's clothing.

Business lady

Kravtsova was able to turn her ability to cook different dishes into a business. She advocates good nutrition and widely promotes homemade food. For any lifestyle, Maria offers her own kind of menu where everything is balanced. The customer on the site can choose what he needs, and through the courier get food for the whole working day, it will only need to be warmed up.

It is very convenient for the client, especially when there is no time to cook yourself and look for the right ingredients recommended by nutritionists. Everything is thought out, it is better to consume carbohydrates in the morning, and protein - at dinner. This type of service quickly won regular customers and the new business for Masha became very profitable.

Maria basically does not buy her clothes. It goes in that which produces under its own brand "Masha Kravtsova". And this is not only advertising. Maria literally checks the quality of her products. Any woman can order on the Internet at affordable prices everything that she likes from the line of designer Kravtsova.

The presenter also became the author of her "Book of happy recipes," which she announced to all her fans. All tasters of her dishes presented in the book are alive and in good health, the former top model Kravtsova jokingly says.

Maria exposes all the events of her life, activity, recreation, playing sports on Instagram. Here she talks about many interesting and useful things. She learns what's new herself and informs her fans. For example, the fact that Panacota is translated from Italian means “cooked cream”.

Personal life

Marika Kravtsova (photo below) has always been surrounded by male attention. In her life there were several vivid love stories. But first things first.

Masha began her first serious relationship with hockey player Pavel Bure in 2002. The couple visited secular Moscow parties and rested at the best resorts in the world. Unfortunately, this novel turned out to be fleeting. The reasons for the separation of the hockey player and TV presenter are still not known.

Soon, our heroine met a comedian Pasha Volya. Resident Comedy Club immediately liked a slender and smiling girl. He did everything to get her location. Pavel Volya and Marika Kravtsova were married for several years. Their friends, colleagues and relatives hoped that everything would end with a magnificent wedding. But in 2011, the comedian and TV presenter broke up. They managed to maintain friendly relations.

A happy family

In 2012, our heroine announced the upcoming wedding. It became known that the future husband of Marika Kravtsova is a successful businessman. His name is Sergei. In the summer of 2012, lovers officially married. The celebration took place in Italy, without much chic and loud PR.

In June 2014, Maria presented her first-born son, Akim, to her husband. The birth of a famous model and TV presenter took place in the United States. Then he and the baby returned to Moscow.

In May 2016, Kravtsova gave birth to a second child. Our heroine and her husband dreamed of a daughter. And it seems that in the heavenly office they heard their request. The baby received a beautiful Russian name - Vera.


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Masha Kravtsova
Maria Vitalievna Kravtsova
Date of BirthFebruary 22, 1985 (1985-02-22) (34 years old)
Place of BirthMoscow
Citizenship Russia
OccupationTV presenter, designer, former top model
Awards and prizes