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Ed Skrein
Ed skrein

Skrein, July 2015.
Birth nameEdward George Skrein
Date of BirthMarch 29, 1983 (1983-03-29) (aged 36)
Place of Birth
  • Camden, Greater London, England, UK
  • Great Britain
Careersince 2002
IMDbID 4534098
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Edward George (Ed) Skrein (English Edward George "Ed" Skrein, March 29, 1983, Camden, London) - English actor and rapper. Best known for his role as Daario Naharis in the third season of the television series Game of Thrones, Frank Martin in the movie Carrier: Heritage, and Ajax in the movie Deadpool.


Skrein appeared in the film Adverse Quarters and played the role of Daario Naharis in the third season of the television series Game of Thrones. He left the show to star in Frank Martin in the movie Carrier: Legacy. In 2015, Skrain starred in the role of Ajax villain in the movie Deadpool.

Swimming coach

Ed Skrein was born in the London area of ​​Camden on March 29, 1983. His childhood passed in the British capital - Camden, Haringey and Islington. The blood of Austrian Jews and British flows in Ed's veins. At the age of fifteen, he got a part-time job - was a swimming coach and gave lessons to his neighbors in the quarter.

Plan b

Skrein received a bachelor's degree (with honors) from the Central Saint Martins Higher Art School. He started as a rap musician and released three tracks, and in 2007, an album that was not in great demand. Ed has collaborated with Asian Dub Foundation, Foreign Beggars and rapper Plan B (Ben Drew). It was the music video of this artist that became Skrein's acting debut.

In 2012, the first full-length movie appeared in Ed Skrein’s biography - it was the thrashy low-budget thriller “Svintus”. In the same year, Ben Drew's film “Adverse Quarters”, a kind of criminal chronicle, a kaleidoscope of different fates, was released on the screens, and Skrein played one of the central roles in the film.

First Daario

Great success for the British was an invitation to the cult series “Game of Thrones”: in the third season, he received the role of Daario Naaharis, a representative of the Elder Sons clan, who fell in love with Daenerys Targaryen. However, soon Skrein was offered to star in the action movie "Carrier: Heritage", and starting from the fourth season, Daario was portrayed by his Dutch colleague, Mihil Huysman. This is the official version. And according to Skrein, he didn’t leave the show himself - that was the “behind-the-scenes policy”.

Indian kingdom

The reloading of the film “The Carrier” (again under Beson’s patronage, but without Jason State) turned out to be a kind of not very convincing feminist attraction, and Frank Martin (Skrein) was “on the premises” of fighting ladies.

Reviews about the new "Carrier" were critical, but he still managed to earn 72.6 million dollars, which is almost three times the budget of the film. Well, as for Skrein, he was convincing (for all the nonsense of the plot - sorry, Monsieur Besson, you are too clever with the script!).

Sadist Ajax

The main milestone of Ed Skrein’s biography for today is the large-budget Marvel comics, which caused great delight among critics and many viewers and raised 782.6 million dollars at the box office.

The lead role in Deadpool was played by Ryan Reynolds, his beloved girlfriend Morena Baccarin, and Ed Skrein became the villain Francis Freeman (Ajax), a sadist who set up cruel experiments in public.

Upcoming work

In late October, the actor got a role in the sci-fi thriller “Gateway 6” - along with Rhys Evans and rising star Sofia Butella, who recently flashed in the next “Startrek”. Now preparing for the shooting.

Together with Natalie Dormer (another actress of the Game of Thrones, whose character has already been dealt with), Ed will star in the thriller In the Dark.


Ed Skrein is a British actor and rapper. He was born under a happy star. On the account of the artist, participation in cult TV shows and films that appeared in his repertoire at the very beginning of his film career, thanks to which Ed quickly managed to conquer Hollywood. His favorite role is villains of all stripes, while in life a talented performer remains a modest family man who does not attract too much attention to his person.

Childhood and youth

Ed Skrein, whose full name is Edward George, was born in Camden, in one of the artisan areas of London. The ancestors of the boy became the British, Austrians and Jews. Together with his parents, he moved several times from district to region, while not leaving the city. After school, Edward entered the Central College of Art and Design named after St. Martin, who managed to graduate with honors.

In school, Ed was a sports guy, was fond of various types of physical exercises, and from the age of 15 even worked as a coach at a local swimming club. At one time, Skrein's friends were guys from criminal structures.

Ed himself was characterized by a quick-tempered temper, but the injury sustained by a knife wound saved him from the slippery slope. Later, the young man devoted himself to the modeling business, he quite successfully advertised products of famous brands.

Ed Skrein's musical career

Over the next few years, Ed tried to break through to the pinnacle of fame, but all to no avail. In 2007, he finally managed to release an album called The Eat Up.

A little later, the guy met with members of the A State of Mind band and recorded another album with them - Pre-Emptive Nostalgia. Thanks to this, the whole of Great Britain heard about him and it was no longer necessary to interrupt with insignificant earnings. Over the course of his short career, the rapper Ed managed to collaborate with many famous artists and even entered into a lucrative contract with the record company Dented Records.


Ed Skrein got his first experience with a movie camera in 2008, when he starred in the short film Michelle. But a full-fledged debut took place after 4 years, and the actor was immediately involved in three films: the psychological thriller Svintus, the police action movie The Flying Squad of Scotland Yard and the social drama The Unfavorable Quarters.

Roland Manukyan and Ed Skrein (frame from the movie “Svintus”)

Although none of these films brought him great popularity, it is nevertheless worth noting that Skrein played very diverse characters in all films, trying himself in various roles, and also demonstrating his potential to professional critics and directors.

This tactic worked, and in 2013 he was invited to participate in the legendary series “Game of Thrones”, which was a breakthrough for the actor’s creative biography. Ed Skrein, whose height is 185 cm and weight - 90 kg, appeared in the 3rd season in the role of Daario Naharis, lieutenant of the military organization “Younger Sons”.

Ed Skrein with long hair (frame from the series "Game of Thrones")

On the screen, the actor appeared with long hair, which not many viewers accepted with approval: there were those who saw coquetry in the curly ringlets of the young knight. But the relief torso of the artist, which he periodically demonstrated in the frame, greatly increased the number of his fans.

The series became the rating and most expensive project of the HBO cable channel, earned several international television awards, and a fan community was created among the fans of the film. Ed was fortunate enough to work on the same platform together with the leading actors Peter Dinklage, Nikolai Coster-Waldau and Lina Headey.

Ed Skrein (frame from the movie “Vikings”)

In the same year, in the filmography of the artist, work appeared in the thriller “Tunnel”, where Skrain played in the episode. The film dealt with a detective investigation of the murder of a political activist whose body was found in the English Channel. In 2014, Ed was invited to participate in the crime action movie The Tiger House and the adventure drama The Vikings. In both paintings, the actor appeared in the main roles of Callum and Hierra, respectively.

In 2015, “Carrier. Heritage ”, a prequel to the well-known series of action-packed action movies“ The Carrier ”. Skrain plays the role of the young Frank Martin, transferring viewers to events that take place long before the storylines of the main trilogy. To save his father (Ray Stevenson), the hero is forced to fight the Russian mafia. For the sake of this role, Ed refused to star in the 4th season of Game of Thrones, where the actor was replaced by Michil Heisman.

Ed Skrein (frame from the film "Carrier. Legacy")

In 2015, the shooting of the historical action movie Sword of Vengeance ended, where Ed Skrein appeared in a creative duet with Annabelle Wallis. In the same year, the actor reincarnated as the hero of Danny Rent in the black comedy "Kill Your Friends" with Nicholas Holt in the title role. The film was created based on the novel of the same name by John Niven.

The plot of the picture takes place in the 90s of the last century, so the creators were required to accurately reproduce the situation of those years, which they coped with perfectly. There are a lot of songs in the film performed by popular musical groups of that time - Oasis, Blur and Radiohead.

In 2016, the most long-awaited film from the X-Men series called Deadpool was released. This comedy fantasy action movie is also based on Marvel comics. Ed Skrein has a negative role for a man named Francis, who turns into the evil genius of Ajax, who has superhuman speed, dexterity and tolerance for pain, since his nerve endings are completely removed.

The actor, a fan of stories about superheroes, was very happy to participate in this picture. The film, which starred Ryan Reynolds and Morena Bakkarin, at the box office reached $ 780 million.

Ed Skrein and Gina Carano (frame from the movie "Deadpool")

In the same year, Skrein took part in the filming of the drama "Top Model" about the girl Emma (Maria Palm), who arrived from a provincial town in Paris to conquer the catwalk. Ed played the role of the successful photographer Shane White, in whom the main character falls in love.

In 2017, Ed Skrein received an invitation from the creators of the superhero action movie Hellboy. Revival of the Bloody Queen ”on the role of Major Ben Daimio. Fans of the comic, learning about the candidate for the role of a character with Asian roots, expressed dissatisfaction with the choice of producers.

Ed Skrein (frame from the movie "Alita. Battle Angel")

After reviewing the reviews, Ed decided to abandon the role, as he himself does not welcome the practice of Hollywood to "whiten" the characters. The actor announced his departure from the project on the Twitter microblog, as well as from the Instagram page.

In the same year, the actor began work on the main role in the thriller “In the Dark” (“Blind” or “Invisible”) about the poorly seeing pianist Sofia (Natalie Dormer), who became an involuntary witness to the crime. In addition to this film, Skrein starred in several more projects, including in the film “Alita. Battle Angel. " Here, the artist again managed to embody the image of the villain Zapana, who opposes the main characters.

Star dossier

NameEd Skrein
Date of BirthMarch 29, 1983
Place of BirthLondon, England
Zodiac signAries
Height1.85 m
Weight87 kg
Hair colorBrown hair
Eye colorBlue
HobbySwimming, the fight of the Krav Maga
OccupationActor, rapper
Family statusSingle

Difficult teenager: biography

Ed was born in London. He grew up a sports, but at the same time a difficult child. Like most children from insolvent families, Skreina was brought up by the street. He quickly realized: to survive, you need to have steel fists and endurance. Both of these components were present in the guy. Soon, Ed became one of the members of the London criminal gang. It is not known how his future life would have developed if he had not been stabbed and nearly died in 17 years in a street fight. Since then, the guy completely changed his worldview. He stood on the "bright side" and decided to devote himself to art.

At 17, Ed became keen on swimming. A year later, he received the certificate of an instructor - this was his first legal income. Skrein was engaged with three-year-old children. The actor, and now in his spare time, works with adolescents and actively trains himself. He is interested in martial arts and swimming. The Briton believes that sport is an essential component of human life. It not only strengthens the body, but also changes the way of thinking.

Ed radically changed his life and decided to take up his education. He entered the Central College of Art and Design and graduated with honors. The guy received a bachelor's degree and actively began to develop his acting skills. Getting into the world of cinema without connections and experience was not so simple. At the initial stage of his career, Skrein found application for his many talents in the music industry.

Having become famous, Ed did not forget his “problem” youth. Now he helps difficult teenagers and teaches them the basics of theatrical art and self-expression in the London charity “Big House”.

As a rap artist

In 2004, Skrein became interested in music. Like many tough guys from the suburbs of London, Ed was imbued with rap culture. Due to lack of money, he produced his compositions on his own. He wrote lyrics and music alone. His first singles liked the audience. He began performing in metropolitan bars and outdoor venues. In 2007, his first album was released. The texts of Skrane got their fans, and he became known within Britain. The rapper even recorded several songs in a duet with well-known British artists.

World of cinema: filmography of the actor and participation in the Game of Thrones

This is not to say that Skrein's career was developing rapidly. Like many young actors, Ed had a period of filming in short films and low-budget projects.

In 2008, he tried his hand at the short film Michelle. From that moment, the Briton understood - his vocation is cinema. In search of a role, the actor sent his videos to directors, went to auditions and hired an agent. As a result, such perseverance was rewarded handsomely.

At the premiere of "Svintus"

In 2012, Skrein took part in three projects at once, in addition, he was selected for the main roles. The psychological thriller "Svintus" and the action movie "Flying Squad of Scotland Yard" did not receive high marks from critics, and yet for Ed they became a good step in their careers. Skrein played diverse characters, it was an experience necessary for a novice actor. The criminal drama "Adverse Quarters" was warmly greeted not only by the audience, but also by critics. The talent of the Englishman was noticed by the producers of the HBO television channel, from that moment his career take-off began.

Ed Skrein belongs to the category of actors who are not exchanged for trifles. Ed takes part only in interesting projects. He admits that since childhood he dreamed of transforming into a person with supernormal abilities. That is why, at the initial stage, his filmography consisted exclusively of militants and criminal films.

In 2012, the textured guy was noticed by the producers of the world-famous fantasy “Game of Thrones” and invited to the casting.

Participation in the series "Game of Thrones" helped the Briton break into Hollywood

Skrane passed the tests and he, among many applicants, was selected for the role of captain Daario Naharis. Ed's appearance did not quite match his book prototype. Fantasy fans immediately began to sound the alarm - the merciless captain performed by Skrein was too gallant and sensual. And yet, in several episodes of the third season, viewers watched the actor play, but already in the next part of the series he found a replacement in the person of no less courageous Michel Huisman.

There were many rumors about the reasons for Ed leaving the Game of Thrones. Skrein claims that the behind-the-scenes games of the creators of the picture forced him to stop working in the series.The official version - the actor refused a secondary role for the sake of participating in the reload of the Carrier.

In 2013, Ed had a short working break. He starred in the short film "Golden Fish" and in several episodes of the series "Tunnel". The next year has become more successful. Two films were released at once, in which the Briton was involved as the first violin. Adventure and historical action movie "Vikings" and the thriller "Tiger House". In both films, Ed took on the role of the main antagonist. By the way, such images are fully consistent with the brutal appearance and charisma of the actor. The films became passable and were not appreciated by critics or viewers. Nevertheless, Skrein got the necessary experience for himself.

The picture was crushed by critics and it failed at the box office

In 2015, the actor was involved in three projects. He played a small role in the action movie Sword of Revenge. He then joined Nicholas Holt in the black comedy Kill Your Friends. In the same year, Ed's youthful dream came true, he played a superhero in a human form. Skrane reincarnated as the new Carrier, taking part in the prequel of the same name. The picture was weak and did not collect anything significant at the box office. After an apparent failure, the continuation of the story of fearless Frank Martin was in great doubt.

The aggressive image of the British impressed the producers of Deadpool and was invited to play the main villain of the film. In 2016, the picture came out in a wide rental and gathered huge box offices around the world. Francis Freeman "Ajax" performed by Ed received rave reviews from the audience and today it is one of the most striking images of the actor.

Shot from the movie Deadpool

For this role, Skrane was nominated for the MTV Moovie Awards in two categories: Best Villain and Best Fight. Ed won the victory with his colleague Ryan Reynolds in the category of the best screen fight.

In the same year, the British starred in the drama Madds Mattison "Top Model". The picture tells about the fashion world, with its temptations and pitfalls. Skrane reincarnated as the famous photographer and lover of the main character Shane White. The audience liked the picture, but the critics did not achieve much success.

Frame from the movie “Top Model”

While major projects of the actor are preparing to launch, Ed does not lose time in vain. He starred in the video of the young British band Ocean Wisdom.

Future projects

Ed Skrein’s career is developing very dynamically. After the success of Deadpool, he was invited to Hollywood with enviable constancy. Now the actor is subscribed to six projects.

A restart of the Hellboy started. Ed Skrein approved for the role of Major Ben Daimio. When the Briton began to familiarize himself with his image, he learned that his hero was Asian. The actor opposed the "whitening" of the characters. He believes that cultural and ethnicity is an important factor in identifying his hero. That is why the actor refused the role, which unspeakably upset his fans.

Married or single?

It is probably hard to find an actor among modern celebrities who is so protective of his personal life from the public. And today, despite the growing popularity of the Briton, the paparazzi never managed to find out whether he was single or married. Fans of the actor do not even know if his heart is free. The atmosphere of mystery around this topic Skreyn supports expertly. He is always alone at the premieres of his own films. At official events, he is alone or in the company of colleagues. Rumor has it that the actor is married and lives in a suburb of London with his family. There was information that he was single and raised his son on his own. The media suggested that Skrain is homosexual, but is not yet ready to tell the world about his orientation.

The media suggested that this is the civil wife of the actor

Ed Skreyn is a closed book for journalists in this matter. It is authentically known that the actor has a six-year-old son, Marley, by the way, Ed does not hide him from his fans, often spoiling them with cute pictures on social networks. In 2014, Ed even agreed to the child's participation in a joint photo shoot for the British gloss Motherland, and shared with readers his thoughts on paternity.

Photoset in Paris for Motherland magazine

Photo gallery: Ed Skrein in life as in a movie

Ed Skrein is an actor with great creative potential, has not yet fully realized himself in the movie, but his main roles are still to come. Despite its growing popularity in Hollywood, Ed prefers to remain a closed book for media representatives and fans. His personal life is a secret behind seven locks, and so far the Briton does not plan to reveal its details to the world. In the meantime, fans can only enjoy the new projects of Mr. Skrein.

Personal life

Despite the popularity and relevance in Hollywood, Ed Skrein does not want to move to America. Together with his family, the actor constantly lives in his native London.

Skrein's wife is not related to show business, she is engaged in the education of Marley's son. This is the only child of the couple, there is no information about other possible children of the actor in the media.

The acting career of Ed Skrein

For the first time, Skrein managed to get under the sights of video cameras only in 2008 along with the release of the short film "Michelle". Few people know about this movie, so it did not bring much popularity and crowds of fans.

The next time Ed appeared on television due to an insignificant role in the acclaimed television series “Game of Thrones”. It is difficult to evaluate his game, because he only briefly lingered in the frame. Despite this, after filming the guy was simply bombarded with offers.

Thus, in 2012, he could be seen in three films at once. For example, in the film "Svintus" Ed got one of the key roles of a cold-blooded killer. In the story, one of the two brothers dies, and in order not to lose his mind the second, Joe turns to his brother Svintus for help. Despite the fact that this unpleasant person is trying to avenge the death of a friend, this guy does not bother.

In May of the same year, Ed was again among the main actors in the movie "Adverse Quarters", which tells about different people who are faced with violence.

Another work of 2012 was a small role in the crime action movie "Flying Squad of Scotland Yard." In general, the film turned out to be dynamic, cruel and interesting. Despite the fact that critics and directors appreciated the work of the newly made actor, he still could not achieve the desired fame and popularity.

In 2013, Ed got a supporting role in the criminal television series “The Tunnel”. In the story, two French inspectors are trying to unravel the case related to the murder of an influential politician. Once at the crime scene, the bureau workers could not even imagine what secrets would come out.

Ed Skrane today

In 2014, Ed got a role in the short film “Screaming Soul: Poverty”, but then a key role in the historical action movie “Vikings” followed. In the story, a small detachment of soldiers was on the enemy shore. To survive, you need to get to the settlement, but for this you will have to cross unfamiliar and hostile lands full of deadly dangers.

A few months later, the actor starred in the crime thriller "Tiger House". Having turned into a criminal, he, along with his comrades, took his family hostage, but as it turned out, the daughter, if necessary, can “release her claws” and avenge relatives.

In 2015, Skrain played a minor role in the historical action movie Sword of Revenge. Then one of the key roles in the comedy thriller “Kill Your Friends” followed. The last work of this year was the image of a tough guy in the action movie Carrier: Legacy. It is noteworthy that Jason Statham did not want to reincarnate as a ruthless killer, but Ed for the sake of this role even refused to shoot in the television series "Game of Thrones."


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