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Eva Polna
Birth nameElena Leonidovna Polnaya
Full nameEva Leonidovna Polna
Date of BirthMay 19, 1975 (1975-05-19) (44 years old)
Place of BirthLeningrad, RSFSR, USSR
The country Russia
Years of activity1994 - present
Genresdance pop
AliasesJosephine Askoldovna Refrain
Collectivesrap group A-2, Guests from the Future
LabelsVelvet music

Eva Leonidovna Polna (born May 19, 1975, Leningrad) - Russian singer, composer and songwriter. Ex-soloist of the Russian group "Guests from the Future". The most rotated performer on radio stations in Russia and the CIS countries in 2013. Winner of nine Golden Gramophone awards. He writes comic poems under the pseudonym "Josephine Askoldovna Exalted."


Elena Leonidovna Polnaya was born on May 19, 1975 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg).

Father Leonid Alexandrovich Polny was a Pole, was a military doctor, as a child, Eva often went to Poland, to the city of Lodz near Warsaw. Mother Lyubov Nikolaevna Polnaya worked as a process engineer at one of the Leningrad plants.

In childhood, she was fond of science fiction, engaged in singing and dancing.

In 1991 she entered the Leningrad State Institute of Culture. N.K. Krupskaya, who graduated in 1996, having received the specialty "librarian-bibliographer", also having a second specialization "information management and marketing". After that I entered the St. Petersburg College of Arts.

Photo: Eva Polna

Group "Guests from the Future"

In 1996, she met Yuri Usachev, who at that time was looking for a vocalist for his own musical project. This vocalist was Eva Polna, and the project was called "Guests from the Future." She was the author of the songs of the group, the director of the entire show of the group “Guests from the Future” and the creator of the sketches of all the stage costumes of the group.

In the winter of 1997, the group "Russian Size" invited Eva Polna to the studio to record her new album. All parts of female vocals in the album “Dancing?” Are performed by Eva Polnaya.

The band's first performance took place on March 8, 1998 at the Titanic nightclub (now called Ray Just Arena). But, however, creative success did not follow.

The first album, “After Hundreds of Years,” was recorded together with Evgeny Arsentyev and in just one night. But the songs from the album were not particularly popular among Russian listeners.

Later, the group began to play in the genre of pop music. The first song written in this genre, “Run from Me,” became popular on Russian radio stations.

In 1999, having signed a contract with Evgeny Orlov, the collective recorded the second album - “Run away from me”, and in 2000 - the third album - “Winter in the heart”.

The hit of the collective is the song "Games". The clip for this composition, shot during a tour of the trip to London, received the greatest popularity. Some time after the release of the video clip “Games”, the group broke the contract with Evgeny Orlov.

March 8, 2003 “Guests from the Future” turned 5 years old. The public celebration of the anniversary took place on April 4 of the same year in St. Petersburg at the Yubileiny Sports Palace. It was the group’s first recital in St. Petersburg, and the first recital in Moscow took place on March 9, 2006 at the Maxim Gorky Moscow Art Academic Theater. Also in this theater, the presentation of the last album of the group - “Behind the Star” took place.

In March 2009, Eva Polna announced that Yuri Usachev left the group, but “Guests from the Future” did not cease to exist. The song "I Am Your Pussy" was written, on which a clip was shot.

Solo career

In 2009, Eva Polna announced the breakup of the group and the beginning of her solo career. At this time, she releases the song “Boys Don't Cry” and shoots a video for her.

In May 2010, the songs "Without Parting" and "Mirages" were released.

In 2011, the songs “Ships” and “I am not there either” were recorded.

In 2012, Eva Polna releases the single “The whole world in the palm of my hand”, which won first places in Russian charts. source not specified 1925 days .

In April 2013, the song “Silence” was released, and in the fall of that year, Eva Leonidovna conducted a concert tour “All About Me” in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Krasnodar. In December 2013, Eva Polna became the most rotated performer on the territory of Russia and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the song “The whole world in my palm” fell into the top three most rotated songs on the radio (according to the portal TopHit) source not specified 1925 days . In the same year, Eve took part in the One-to-One! Program on Channel One.

In March 2014, the premiere of the song “It's not you” took place, and on May 19 of the same year, the premiere of the singer’s first solo album, “Love Sings,” was premiered. The critic of “Time Out Moscow” Maxim Tuvim wrote about the work: “The bright, lyrical solo debut of the ex-participant of“ Guests from the Future ”, in which you can hear echoes of the work of the brightest pop artists of the Soviet Union (from Anna German to Alexei Rybnikov), easily the best Russian album of 2014 " source not specified 1925 days . On June 4, 2014, Eva Polna gave her first big interview on television on the TV show "Alone with Everyone" on Channel One. The singer also took part in the program "Live Sound" on the channel "Russia-1". In the same year, Polna became a member of the jury in the reality show "I Want to Meladze."

In November 2015, the single “Little” was recorded, for which a clip was shot in February 2016.

On February 14, 2016, a large recital by Eva Poln “Once again about love” took place.

In October 2016, the new song “Fantasy” was released, and in March 2017, at the solo concert in St. Petersburg, the premiere of the song “Megapolis” took place. In the summer of 2017, Eva in her Instagram account announced that she was working on a new album. In October 2017, in Moscow, she will present the new show, Deep Blue Sea. December 26, 2017, the premiere of the second solo album of Eva - "Phoenix"


Eva Leonidovna Polna was born on May 19, 1975 in the "city on the Neva." The father and mother of the future star of show business did not assume that their daughter would be professionally engaged in singing. Eva Polna's parents never had anything to do with creativity. My father (a Pole by birth) worked as a military doctor, and my mother worked as an engineer - technologist in one of the St. Petersburg factories. The real name and surname of the ex - soloist of the project "Guest from the Future" - Elena Polnaya. In a school with in-depth study of English, where she studied, the girl was distinguished by special diligence. As a child, Eva Polna eschewed communication with hooligans - peers, and from morning to evening learned the basics of the disciplines that she taught. The girl loved to read science fiction and showed interest in dancing and singing.

Student period

Having received a certificate of maturity, Eva Polna (age 44 years) decided to get a higher education by entering the Institute of Culture. Krupskaya on a specialty "librarian - bibliographer." After 5 years, the girl will be awarded the coveted diploma, and she suddenly wants to learn how to become a manager at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. It would seem that the chances that Eva Polna, whose songs everyone knew at the beginning of the zero years, would be engaged in creativity, were minimal. But in her student days, the girl is gradually carried away by dancing classes. She gets a job in clubs, where she takes an active part in dancing. Eva Polna (nationality: half - Polish, half - Russian) constantly visits the St. Petersburg club "Planetarium", where she demonstrates her choreographic abilities to the public.


To light dance tunes, Eva sang serious lyrics, which she wrote. She came up with stage costumes and put on a show. "Guests from the Future" quickly gained popularity. “You are standing at a traffic light, a car is rushing past, from the interior of which your song is heard, but you still do not have your own car, but you think:“ Yes, we did it! ”, She recalled that time. The first clip for the song “Run away from me” turned out to be provocative: two girls stand in front of the mirror and do not take their eyes off each other. “Just the magic of your lips for me lost the meaning, and you betrayed my madness ...”, Eve sang. The song became a hit.

“Guests” released three albums one after another, loudly celebrated the band’s fifth anniversary, and went a bit into the shadows. For Eve, it's time to take up personal life.

Secret romance

They never talked about their acquaintance in detail, but it was obvious that one day they had to meet: the lead singer of the duet “Tea for Two” Denis Klyaver and “guest” Eve. The romance that had begun was carefully concealed - not even their group partners knew about it. But it was already impossible to hide the pregnancy. In 2005, Eva Polna gave birth to a daughter, Evelina - while remaining single and keeping silent on questions about the father of the child. Klyaver was silent too.

As it turned out later, it was their general agreement: to keep Evelyn's origin secret as long as possible. Klyaver was the first to break the silence: when he went on the air of one of the TV shows, he publicly admitted that the daughter of Eva Polna was his. She was not ready for this. “Then Denis took the act as a betrayal,” the singer admitted. “We agreed that we would be silent about what happened between us eight years ago: yes, we met, a child appeared, but we did not get married, but broke up.” Denis officially recognized Evelyn as a daughter only when she was 5 years old. He said that this was a pure formality - he took part in the girl’s life without documents. Eve confirmed: they parted as friends, and Evelina always knew dad. Like her little sister.

Amalia was born during the only attempt by Polna to create a normal family - with businessman Sergei Pilgun. The marriage did not last long. “Frankly, it’s not easy with me. I am strong, self-sufficient and independent. But I need to be perceived as I am, ”says Polna. Obviously, her men do not always succeed.

After her marriage broke up, the group “Guests from the Future” also ceased to exist. At some point, Eva realized that it was easier for her to be an independent artist than to continue to drag on her already poorly functioning team. She thanked Yuri Usachev for years of success and sat down to write new songs - for herself. All past achievements are in the past. People did not believe that Polna alone would achieve the same popularity as in the group. But she did it. In 2013, she was recognized as the most rotated singer in Russia and the CIS, and the song “The whole world in the palm of my hand” was among the three most popular hits on the radio.

Build a solo career Eve helped her friend and director - Alexandra Mania. They spent so much time together that rumors soon spread that two women were connected by something more than just friendship. But Polna immediately denied information about the allegedly concluded marriage in the Netherlands. She resolutely suppresses any talk about her personal life, above all, taking care of children. “It’s one thing when the story concerns me, I have already overgrown with shells, as boxers and wrestlers say,“ got hardened ”, learned not to react to some things, considering them to be the costs of my profession. But when it comes to my children ... It’s not their fault that their parents are such popular people. ” She does not like to look back and does not believe that the best years of her career have passed. Ahead - all the fun! Eva Polna does not exclude the possibility that at the age of 70 she will have rave parties, study kung fu and paint. But now the work of her life remains unchanged - this is music.

Brief biographical data of the singer

  • Full names: Polnaya, Elena Leonidovna (passport data),
  • Born: Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), May 19, 1975,
  • Parents: Polny, Leonid Aleksandrovich (father), Polnaya, Lyubov Nikolaevna (mother),
  • Height and weight: 1 m. 72 cm, about 80 kg.
  • Education: higher, graduated from the State Institute of Culture. Krupskaya, majoring in librarianship,
  • Marital status: currently not married,
  • Children: two daughters, Evelina (father - Denis Klyaver), Amalia (father - Sergey Pilgun),
  • Occupation: singer, dancer, songwriter, poetess.

Childhood and teens

The father of the future famous singer, Leonid Polny, was a Pole by nationality, his ancestors were from the Polish city of Lodz, he was a military doctor by training. Eva Polna (then Lena Polnaya) often traveled to this city to her relatives as a child. Mom worked as a process engineer at the Leningrad plant. Just learning to read, the girl became interested in science fiction, and she also loved to sing and dance very much.

Eva Polna in childhood with her father. Photo https://www.instagram.com/polnaeva_official/

Eva, when asked about her childhood and about how she managed to avoid bad company in the “muddy” 80s and 90s, often answers with a quote from a song by Viktor Tsoi. “Whoever fled from school at fifteen will not understand a student of a cool special school,” and she studied far from a simple school, but with in-depth study of English. The girl was not an excellent student, but she studied well. As Polna later told about her school years:

“I did my hajj in my studies because I studied from morning to night.”

Polna decided to enter the university because (her words) “it was impossible to relax the buns, it was necessary to study further so as not to go to the wipers”. Then, on the basis of reputable institutes, additional faculties began to be created, and Polna referred the documents to this one to the faculty of library science. In addition to the diploma “librarian-bibliographer” from the Academy of Arts, she still has a second specialty with an intricate title: “Information Marketing and Management”. Studying at the academy, as Eva recalled later, consisted of “endless literature, history, two foreign languages, the history of antiquity - in general, it was very similar to the institution of noble maidens in the Smolny sample of 1998”.

The singer, both at school and at the university, was very responsible for her studies, even though she was a little "exhausted" after school. Here's how she voices her view on girls' education:

“You can, of course, not study, but go sweeping the leaves. They will even give you a room, but you will not go to rest in the Maldives, but in Serpukhov. There is another option - to revolve around a pillar in a strip club, and the peasants will stick money in your pants. But then it’s unlikely that a decent man will call for marriage! ”

While still a student, Polna began to seriously engage in dancing. By the way, in addition to the librarian and marketer, she is also a choreographer! With her friend, they arranged for dancing at clubs, often had to go to performances outside the city. According to Eva, her “boyfriendly strong data” came in handy - she means her good athletic form, which allowed her to dance for many hours in a row.

According to the singer’s stories, friends were looking for “cool” costumes for themselves or sewed them themselves. Eva really likes to remember the story about pantyhose: on the occasion of pantyhose, she got into the net, she cut them and did something like gloves, and “it was horrible, how cool, fashionable” (her words). The club where Eva stayed for a long time as a dancer - “Planetarium”, is one of the first institutions in the northern capital where young people could touch the “poisonous overseas culture” (again Eve’s words). She remembered a stuffy room full of "ravers in yellow jackets" and spinning blades of huge fans.

The turning point for Polna was 1994, when she was “accidentally brought” (her own words) into the “A2” group. At that time, she danced in clubs (mainly in the Planetarium) in the style of “go-go”, she was noticed and invited to this ensemble in a dance backing crowd.It took a girl who would sing along to the soloist, and without any hope the girls dancers were asked: “Can someone sing?” Eve offered herself, and as she says now, “it suddenly turned out that I was not only dancing, but still not bad singing. " She recalls her first group with great warmth and calls it “the fun of the children of the Leningrad intelligentsia”. For example, according to her, the soloist whom she sang along was from an intelligent Armenian family, an architect by education.

Eva Polna in his youth with Yuri Usachev

In parallel with A2, Eva began performing solo as a singer, and now she is the second step to future success: in 1996, Yuri Usachev paid attention to her. He planned to create a new project with a bias in the style of “jungle” and was looking for a soloist with an original voice and bright appearance.

Overwhelming success with Guests from the Future

A little about the history of the group where they invited Eve. Yevgeny Arsentyev and Yuri Usachev, when they worked on their first compositions, were known as “guests from the future” in the musical environment: their friends considered them very strange due to the fact that young people refused to “hang out” at night club parties. So the name of the future group was born, and probably it attracted Polna when Usachev invited her to become a soloist - she was still fond of science fiction!

Well-known DJs Fonar and Grove then took the collective to the big stage. It was they who proposed the idea of ​​the song “Time is sand - time is water” and with it presented the group in the club “Titanic”. On March 8, 1996, the ensemble performed this song for the first time on the club stage, and visitors really liked it. Encouraged by their success, Usachev and Arsentiev recorded the disc “After hundreds of years” in one night, but their hopes were not realized: the general public was not ready for the new musical style that “Guests from the Future” tried to convey to the audience. Polna says so about why they wanted to sing in the jungle style:

“Leningrad is gray streets, gray sky, constantly pouring water from above, well, a real dull dignity! Just the "jungle", it seemed to us, was what was needed for the city. "

Trinity (Arsenyev, Usachev and Polna) decided that it was necessary to change the style and start singing something more familiar to the then youth - the choice fell on dance pop. A new single called “Run From Me” instantly became a hit, and the group became famous and desired at club concerts. The song was played on the radio, an album is released under this name. To consolidate the success, the group calls for help to Yevgeny Petrovich Orlov, already a well-known composer and producer: for example, he just then began to “spin” “Otpetye scammers”. So the composition “Cry-cry, dance-dance” appeared, a video was shot for the song, and “Guests from the Future” was already recognized in person and on TV.

Guests From The Future - Run From Me

Polna talks about that period with a laugh, although, according to her, there was little funny, but there’s more than enough risk. They borrowed a thousand dollars “for promotion” - a rather large sum for those times, moreover, in the times of the 90s, in the light of the constant threat of the crisis, few people loaned money, especially to unknown artists. With this money, the trio rented a club, they hired dancers, Eva was engaged in costume design. “Eugene Orlov honestly told us that he doubted his success: unusual style, music not known to a wide circle of spectators, but the production chyuka took his own, he took on and did not lose,” Polna recalled later.

Some more details about the time when the fate of "Guests from the Future" was decided. “Eugene crumpled a plastic bag in his hands for a long time - he had a habit, when he thinks, of clicking his bumps on the bag. He clicked, wrinkled, and said, “I’m taking you guys.” Eve later emphasized many times that the “Guests” were not in fact a “producer” group: they came to Orlov, already having a ready-made program. And Orlov himself later called the band “the golden option for the producer”, when he could only “bring” the musicians to the big stage.

In 1999, the team officially concludes a contract with Evgeny Orlov and goes to conquer Moscow. The new album “Winter in the Heart” is released a year after Eve’s move to the capital and is instantly sold out. The group begins to tour the world: this is another famous video clip, “Games” - its “Guests from the Future” was shot in London. For five years, the team did not give up positions in the charts, becoming more and more popular, and on March 8, 2003, “Guests” celebrate their fifth anniversary, giving a grand concert in St. Petersburg. The next day, March 9th, they go to Moscow with this concert and present their new album, “Behind the Star”.

Alas, this album was the last for the trinity “Arsenyev-Usachev-Polna” - Yuri announces after the anniversary concerts that he leaves the “Guests from the Future”. However, Eva Polna supplemented Usachev’s statement that the group does not split up, but continues to perform in a new composition. Already without Yuri, the team first releases a song, and then shoots the video "I'm Your Pussy."

Solo career. What does Eva Polna do now

The success of the song and the video “I'm Your Pussy” did not save the team from disintegration: just a couple of months after the departure of Usachev, Eva notifies fans that the group “Guests from the Future” no longer exists. The singer herself writes the song “Guys do not cry” and proves to everyone that she can perform very well and “keep the bar” in popularity when she solo. This hit was followed by two more - “Without parting” and “Mirages”.

Eve not only sings: she is engaged in the directorial production in the clips for these songs, and also works as a stylist and choreographer, that is, virtually every clip is her entire author. Therefore, for sure, her next two songs, “I Don't Have You either” and “Mirages” immediately become incredibly popular. In 2013-2014, Eva Polna was officially considered "the most popular and rotated singer on TV and radio." At the end of 2013, the singer received the title of “most in demand in Russia and the CIS countries”.

A year later, Eva is releasing her own album, entitled "Love Sings." Here is how the famous music critic Maxim Tuvim described this disc:

“A bright and unusually lyrical debut. Easily, the best album of this year. " The fact that Polna did not lose popularity after the collapse of the "Guests", but on the contrary, became even more popular and beloved - weighty proof of her undoubted talent and originality. "

Eva’s solo case is characterized by the fact that since 2009 she has received many more awards than in the previous period, when she performed as part of “Guests from the Future”. These are the awards: “Golden Gramophone” (repeatedly), “Red Star”, Top Hit Hall of Fame in the nomination “For Contribution to the Popularization of Russian Music”. She continues to write melodies and lyrics herself: for example, in 2015 a song appeared, and then the clip “Little”, which also instantly became widely known.

Polna is actively touring the countries of the former CIS and abroad, she is often invited to various talk shows. “Alone with everyone”, “I want to Meladze”, “Live sound” - these are just some of the programs where she appeared, and she was always welcome. In October 2017, she presents her new show program, the Deep Blue Sea, to the court of admirers, and a month later her next solo CD, Phoenix, is released.

Eva Leonidovna says about her career that she is “not for wimps” (her words). When she is asked what “jungle” she was brought to during the tour, she laughs and answers: “Oh, there were so many bizarre places, because people are bizarre now, and they think that you can organize a concert everywhere, even in the open field in honor of holiday village. " She talked about concerts in the winter, when “the soloist is in the top, the girls in the dance are in short skirts, the microphone freezes to her mouth, and the audience in fur coats and hats” (quote from one interview by Polna). Or - their performance in Baikonur: "The city is surrounded by a grid and concrete slabs, tumble-field balls ride around." And always, in any situation, Polna is confident in herself, this is how she says about her character: “There were no difficulties for me and there aren't. Everyone can offend me, but not everyone can escape. ”

Eva’s successful performances, her enchanting (to put it another way!) Appearances on stage and on TV, on the Internet - this is the external side of her life. But there is another “battlefield” where Polna is constantly at the forefront of the battle. This is her overweight struggle. I must say that in her youth, the singer was not "thin", we recall her words about "strong boyish data." And with age, especially after the birth of two children, this problem has become even more acute. Eve periodically recovered, then sat on a strict diet, began to play sports. In the New Year's Eve of 2019, the singer pleased the fans with pictures from Italy, which she posted on social networks, where she can clearly see how she lost weight. She also wrote that she is preparing a new extensive tour, in a great mood and in great shape.

About personal ...

After the release of the video “Run away from me”, the audience had vague suspicions about the performer. Two girls, provocatively dressed, look at each other in love, and the words sound: “The magic of your lips has lost its meaning ... You have betrayed my madness ...” A beautiful woman, a talented singer, Eve kept her private life a secret for a long time, until 2005 she never “lit up” with a noisy romance, there was no information about her family: is there a husband, does she have children.

In 2005, Polna gave birth to her first daughter, calling her Evelina, but who the father of the girl was, nobody knew this for several years. As it turned out later, this was the soloist of the group “Tea for Two” Denis Klyaver: secretly from everyone he and the “guest” met, but they did not formally formalize the relationship, and then broke up. Then Eva said that Klyaver was aware of her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter, but they agreed not to divulge this fact. Again, in strict secrecy from everyone, five years after the birth of Evelina, Denis officially recognized his child as his own, and then ... at one of the television shows he publicly admitted that he was the father of the daughter of Eva Polna. The singer took this as a betrayal: “We have concluded an agreement to remain silent about this. Yes, we met, but then parted, there were no obligations. ”

Eva Polna with her daughters Evelina (left) and Amalia

Despite such a negative act of Denis, they remained friends. Moreover, Klyaver later stated that practically from the very birth of his daughter, he helped Eve financially, met with her daughter, and Evelina has known him as a father from birth. An indicator that the girl’s parents both take part in her upbringing is photos on social networks where they take Evelyn to school together.

singer with ex-husband Sergey Pilgun

Eve tried herself as a wife by marrying entrepreneur Sergei Pilgun. At the beginning of family life, everything went smoothly, Polna even several times publicly confessed her love for Sergey. They had a daughter Amalia, but the couple broke up. The reason, according to the mother of Amalia, is the "tough" character of Eve:

“I am self-sufficient, self-confident. I can’t be redone, but I must be perceived as I am. ”

But when Polnu began to "rinse" in the press in a "connection" with her art director Alexandra Mania, she was indignant at the point.

Eva Polna with her concert director Alexandra Mania

Information was published on the Life website that women allegedly live together and even have a marriage, either in Denmark or in the Netherlands. Full was determined to hold the site accountable “for the unthinkable moral damage to the singer and her loved ones” (quote from the singer’s statement).

Childhood and adolescence

Eva (real name - Polnaya) was born and raised in an intelligent Leningrad family. Her parents noticed the daughter's musical talent early and did their best to develop it.

From a young age, her father taught the girl good music, jazz often sounded in the house, and singer Ella Fitzgerald became an idol and role model for Eva.

Another passion of little Eve was reading - she loved science fiction and often presented herself in the cockpit of a spaceship. No wonder her musical group was called "Guests from the Future."

Eva did not really like school and went there reluctantly. She liked playing music and choreography much more than cramming algebra and physics. Therefore, the girl chose a humanitarian university and entered the library faculty of the Institute of Arts, which she successfully graduated in 1996. But she did not manage to work in her specialty.

Personal life

In 2001, Eva Polna came out as a bisexual.

The singer has two daughters:

  • Evelyn (born June 6, 2005) from singer Denis Klyaver
  • Amalia (born 2007) from businessman Sergei Pilgun. Brother Vyacheslav Yesenin.

According to some reports, Eva Polna married in the Netherlands with her PR director Alexandra Mania. Both women refute these rumors.


Eva Polna is a popular Russian singer, an ex-soloist of the pop group Guests from the Future, whose peak of popularity came in the late 90s. After the band broke up, Eve began to perform solo.

Eva Leonidovna Polna was born on May 19, 1975 in the city on the Neva. The girl grew up in an intelligent family, studied in an English special school, was, in her own words, an exemplary child.

Eva Polna in her youth

In her childhood, she was very interested in science fiction literature and even dreamed of becoming an astronaut. As a child, she showed a keen interest in music and dancing. Her idols were Ella Fitzgerald and Anna Pavlova.

In 1991, Eva Polna became a student at the St. Petersburg Academy of Culture and Arts. Five years later, she left the walls of the university, receiving a diploma of a librarian-bibliographer. Soon, Eva decided to add another diploma to the existing one - the St. Petersburg College of Art.

Project A-2

In 1994, Eva Polna began cooperation with the group "A - 2". Graduate of the Institute of Culture. Krupskaya performs in the rap team as a backing vocalist. Sometimes she accepted offers of cover bands to perform in rock clubs of St. Petersburg. But after some time, Eva Leonidovna realizes that she wants to expand the boundaries of creativity and come to grips with solo singing.


The creative biography of Eva Polna started in 1994. The girl appeared on stage with the popular St. Petersburg rap group "A-2". She acted as a dancer and backing vocalist. But a year later, Polna left the team. For some time, Eva sang rock ballads in various St. Petersburg clubs.

Eva Polna in her youth

The turning point for Eva Polna is 1996. She meets Yuri Usachev, who is just looking for a vocalist in her musical project. At this time, the star of a popular performer was lit. In the project entitled “Guests from the Future,” Eva was not only a soloist, but also a songwriter, creator of the stage costumes of the group and the director of the show.

The debut album, entitled “After Hundreds of Years,” the group recorded with Eugene Arsentiev in one night. But the disc did not gain popularity, as it was recorded in a jungle style unusual for a Russian listener. Therefore, “Guests from the Future” changed their direction to proven and reliable: since then, the group has been performing exclusively pop music. The very first song “Run from Me” becomes a hit. The fast growing popularity of the group begins.

Fame came to Eva Polne in her youth, after the song "Cry-cry, dance-dance". But no one knew the faces of the members of the group. It is for this - the promotion of the project - Yuri Usachev attracted the producer of the “Inveterate scammers” Evgeny Orlov. The group moves to Moscow and from that moment it becomes public and recognizable.

For “Guests from the Future” and Eva Polna new hits are written, clips appear. The group and its soloist are increasingly appearing on television. Fame fell on the group after only a year of stay in the capital, after the appearance of the second album "Winter in the Heart."According to music critics, Eve's best songs were recorded during her work with the group.

Eva Polna and Yuri Usachev, “Guests from the Future”

The greatest popularity brought Eva Polne clip for the song "Games". It was filmed during a tour of the group in London.

In early March 2003, the group turned 5 years old. The anniversary “Guests from the Future” was celebrated with a solo concert in his native St. Petersburg. The first solo album in the capital took place three years later, also in early March. Here, at the Gorky Theater, the musicians presented their third and last album, "Behind the Star."

In early 2009, the group announced the termination of its existence. The solo career of Eva Polna began. The singer immediately recorded the song “Boys Don't Cry”, which she subsequently shot a video clip. The very next year, the singer pleased the fans with new songs “Without Parting” and “Mirages”, which immediately became hits. The same happy fate awaited the song “Ships” and “I Am Not There, either,” which Eve presented to the fans in 2011.

In the fall of 2013, Eva Polna hosted a concert tour of the country, in the largest cities of Russia. At the end of the same year, the singer was recognized as the most rotated in Russia and the CIS countries. The song "The whole world in the palm of my hand" even falls into the top three most popular radio hits.

On May 19, 2014, Eva Polna will present her first solo album, Love Sings. It included compositions that were already familiar to the listener, such as “This is stronger than me” and “It is so important”, and up to this point unpublished. For example, the songs “It's not you,” “Without parting,” “Silence,” and others.

The critic of “Time Out Moscow” Maxim Tuvim wrote about this work: “The bright, lyrical solo debut of the ex-participant of“ Guests from the Future ”, in which you can hear echoes of the work of the brightest pop artists of the Soviet Union (from Anna German to Alexei Rybnikov), - simply the best Russian-language album of 2014. "

On June 4 of the same year, Eve gave an interview, appearing for the first time with such a sincere story about herself on television. She came to the TV studio of Yulia Menshova “Alone with everyone” on “Channel One”.

Polna is always a welcome guest in various music shows. The singer participated in the program "Live Sound" on the channel "Russia-1", and in the reality show "I want to Meladze" acted as a member of the jury.

In 2015, Eva Polna continued to work on new musical material. Eve recorded the single "Little", and later shot a clip for a new song. For this song, the singer received the Golden Gramophone Award.

February 14, 2016 Polna gave a recital entitled “Once again about love”, dedicated to Valentine's Day. This holiday, like no other, fits the work of Eve, whose main theme of songs has always been feelings. In the same year, another singer’s single was released - “Fantasy”, which, like many other compositions of the artist, quickly got a clip.

Eva Polna in the show "I Want to Meladze"

Exactly one year later, on February 14, 2017, the singer again participated in a concert dedicated to Valentine's Day. This time, Eva did not perform solo, but with other popular performers as part of the Muz-TV concert in the Kremlin. The actress appeared in a suit emphasizing the figure, and fans not without pleasure noticed that the singer had lost weight and began to look much younger than her age.

Eva Polna before and after losing weight

By the way, overweight is the eternal problem of Eve, she constantly wrestles with kilograms. By the way, for this reason, Polna fell into an extremely unpleasant situation. Network scammers decided not to miss the opportunity to make money on losing weight of the singer. On her behalf, they began to sell miracle pills on the Internet that quickly and painlessly get rid of extra pounds. Of course, there were plenty of believers who allegedly believed to be “recommendations”. As soon as the singer found out about this, she immediately hastened to urge people in no case to purchase these unfortunate preparations.

She assures that she achieves all the results in losing weight only through sports training and proper nutrition. In support of her words, Eva regularly posts photos from the gym on Instagram.

In the summer of 2017, Eva in her account announced that she was working on a new album. In autumn, the singer and composer presented a new concert program, called the Deep Blue Sea, on the stage of the Crocus City Hall concert hall. The special guest of the evening was singer Burito, whom Eva entrusted with singing her hit “This is Stronger than Me”.

And at the end of the year, her second solo album, Phoenix, was released. It included 13 tracks, including previously released Deep Blue Sea, Sci-Fi, and Megapolis, but they now sound new.

"Visitors from the future"

From the point of view of creative implementation, acquaintance with Yuri Usachev for Polna turned out to be crucial. The creator of the popular group “Guests from the Future” actively promoted St. Petersburg groups to the show business market and often initiated their own projects, which later became successful. Yuri Usachev was able to appreciate the vocal data of Eva Polny and invited the girl to participate in a new group. She liked the extraordinary name of the project - “Guest from the Future”, since she had been reading novels of a fantastic genre since childhood. Eva Polna, whose discography as part of a popular group has more than 10 albums, was pleased to respond to the proposal of Yuri Usachev and Evgeny Arsentyev.

The success of the Guest from the Future project was overwhelming. The album "Run away from me", released in 1999, became the band's calling card. The songs “Time is Sand”, “Not Love”, “I'm With You” in a matter of weeks were transformed into real hits, which took the first lines of domestic “charts”. In the biography of Eva Polna, dramatic changes began. Filming, concerts, participation in music programs on TV have become an integral part of the singer's life. To consolidate the success, the members of the “Guest from the Future” group offer cooperation to the famous producer Evgeny Orlov. He provided serious support to the musicians in creating the clips, which were regularly shown on television. Initially, he doubted the success of the project, since Eva Polna and Yuri Usachev chose an unusual music format, but subsequently changed their mind. Members of the “Guest from the Future” group turned to a well-known producer for help when they had already prepared the material and liked it to a wide audience of listeners.

In the late 90s, musicians conquered the capital, and the new album "Winter in the Heart" is in incredible demand among fans of the duet Poln - Usachev. “A guest from the future” goes on tour outside the country. Yuri and Eve record in the English capital a music video for “Games”, which does not go unnoticed by the fans of the group.

In 2003, Yuri Usachev and Eva Polna released the album "Behind the Star", which will be the last in their work. After the anniversary concerts, the creator of “Guests from the Future” announces the departure from the project. For some time, the group performs in an updated composition, but then Eva Polna states that she intends to pursue a solo career.

Creativity after the breakup of the group

Having decided to perform alone, the ex - vocalist of the project “Guest from the Future”, was able to prove to a wide audience that she was not devoid of talent for singing. The author’s song “Guys Do Not Cry” at times strengthened the popularity of Eva Polna. Subsequent hits - “Without Parting” and “Mirages” attracted the attention of fans of the group “Guest from the Future” to the work of the singer from St. Petersburg.

Today, Eva Leonidovna Polna is actively touring not only in Russia, but also in the countries of the former CIS. She takes part in television projects with pleasure, in the framework of which young talents who want to make music professionally are identified.


As part of the Guests from the Future group

  • 1997 - “After Hundreds of Years”
  • 1998 - “Time is Sand”
  • 1999 - Run From Me
  • 2000 - Winter in the Heart
  • 2000 - “It's Stronger than Me, Part 1”
  • 2002 - Eve
  • 2003 - “It's Stronger than Me, Part 2”
  • 2005 - More Than Songs
  • 2007 - Behind the Star


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